can somebod y over can help me pls.?

I have 2 land line phone with one connection. Is it possible to connect in series .so i use in two different locaton of the same floor?

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Walkie-Talkie set at 80 Mhz,50m

Sir,i want to make a walkie-talkie set to work at 80 Mhz,over about 50 metres range.Can anyone provide the circuit diagram and oyher help?

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The operating frequency will be 49Mhz. what are the required components?

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how to make a simple walkie talkie with an operating range of 100meters?

I am about to make a walkie talkie and require each step for making it it should be of the operating range 100metres 

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walkie talkie circuit diagram?

Pls I need a simple circuit diagram of walkie talkie that I can use for my project with detail information. details and circuit can be send to my mail: Tanks

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Walkie talkie!!!!!!!help.........plss....

HI! I am an air soft enthusiasts and planning to buy my own walkie talkies but i guess i could build my own and it could be cheap!!!! I am electronic enthusiast....I hope somebody could help me about this appreciate your help.......thanks. sai

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Walkie talkie motion sensor?

Alright, so I'm sure this isn't one of those ideas that very many will get super excited about... but I was thinking it would be cool to take a walkie talkie and put a motion sensor or event a breakable laser beam on it. In detail, the idea would be while playing paintball or something similar, you could plant it somewhere... once someone went passed it, it would use the alert function on the walkie (I don't know what the proper name is for that button, but it's the one that makes the obnoxious noise when you press it).  This would allow everyone on your team to know when the other team had passed that point. So, how would I tackle a project like this?  As an electronics newbie am I in over my head, or is this something that I could handle with a little messing around?  Ideas? Thanks!

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Cell phone as walkie talkie

Does anyone know whether it's possible to re-purpose old cell phones as walkie talkies? I have some "old" phones (1X Tri-mode - 1.9 GHz and 800 MHz CDMA and 800MHz AMPS), and I'd love to be able to use them for our ski club as a short range back channel for communications in addition to the radios we use when we host races. I'm assuming we'd need to get some sort of base station, not sure where or how. There are probably some laws we'd have to comply with, assuming that something like this is even possible (I'm in Canada). I'd consider activating & using them normally, but the cell coverage on our mountain is very weak and unreliable, hence this post. Any ideas on how to get something like this started? Or is it a non-starter?

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Mounting Science Museum Walkie Talkies to bikes

Hello, I have two Science Museum Walkie Talkies and I was wondering if anyone had any ideas for mounting them to bikes?

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can a a cell phone be made into a walkie talkie?

I was thinking can a cell phone be modified into a walkie talkie ive got 4 or 5 old cell phones i know the power wattage is low but is there a way to retinker it into a walkie talkie? or a wireless intercom?

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Ski Helmet Walkie-Talkie Instructable Help

Hey, all! I'm new here at instructables. I'm majoring in Electronic Engineering Technology in college at the moment. Anyways, I was reading through the ( Build a Ski Helmet Walkie-Talkie; and I have a couple of questions. I posted on the topic, however, no-one has posted on it in quite a while, so I figure I'd post here. Basically, I want to use this instructable to make an Airsoft headset (more than likely 2-way). Here was my comment: "I know it's been a while since there was a comment, but I have a few questions. My friends and I play airsoft. I thought'd it'd be pretty neat if we bump-up the realism in the game with helmet (in my case a mask) to helmet communication. Now for the questions: 1. I may not be getting this, but how do you sync up the walkie talkie and the Xbox Live headset? I skimmed over your instructions, but have yet to try it. 2. Is it possible to have helmet-to-helmet communication? As in 1 Xbox headset to another Xbox headset, not to a radio. I would really only want just two headsets (for now, at least). I'm not really expecting this part to be possible with this current set-up, but any information you can give will be extremely helpful. I'm currently majoring in Electronic Engineering Technology, so I have a slight idea of what I'm doing. I thought that this would not only be quite helpful and efficient, but also great practice for the field I'm going into. Thank you for your time, Darryn" Any help on this project (and answering my questions) would be greatly appreciated! Darryn. 

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DIY Driveway Alert System Problem

I tried to make a driveway alert system, but it has a problem. I connected a walkie-talkie to a Radio Shack PIR Sensor using this reed relay. Essentially, when the PIR sensor detects motion, it outputs 5 V which triggers the reed relay and closes the contacts, which connects the two contacts on the walkie-talkie button, which sends a beep to the other walkie-talkie. Problem: It works as planned, except that after the motion stops and the reed relay disconnects the walkie-talkie button, it will inexplicably re-connect the walkie-talkie button after about a second, and will repeat this cycle of beeping every couple seconds indefinitely. The strange thing is that sometimes it will work just as it is supposed to, but other times it wont. Other details: The PIR sensor is powered by a 9 volt fed through a 5 V regulator so it gets steady voltage, while the walkie talkie is powered by the regular AAA batteries. I am a novice with electronics, so don't rule out that I may have made a simple mistake.

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Radios emitting constant hum? Answered

I have a set of walkie-talkie radios that I keep stored in their charging base, the base is unplugged and the wire is coiled, there are no headsets attached to the radios, and they are always off, they are motorola 23-mile range radios, this information might be relevant, but here's where it gets weird. For two days one of them would emit a constant hum for about 2 minutes, then stop, then it would start again about 30 seconds later. The hum got slightly louder as you got closer, but seemed to be coming from everywhere, making it very hard to track down,  . Remember, there was no power to either radio, and the power switches were off. Does anyone know how on earth this might have occured?Because this might make a fun prank if I can figure out how it happened

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Can my walky-talkie take 5 volts? Answered

I have a set of walky-talkies, and they have horrible battery life, so I was planing to use them as intercoms, one getting power from my usb port, one getting power from an mutilated cellphone charger (both 5 volts). my Walky-talkies are meant to use 3 AAA batteries. (4.5 volts). is this setup possible, or will it ruin my walky-talkies?

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Crystal walkie talkie range extender? Answered

Hey everybody, I'm modifying some old walkie talkies I have, and I want to extend the range but I'm not sure how to do it, though, because it uses one of those crystal transmitter components to output 49 Mhz. If someone knows how to extend range on radio crystals please let me know! Thanks in advance!!

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Walkie talkie mic and headphone 3.5 mm sockets

Iam wondering if I could get two walkie talkies (2 way radios but I prefer calling it walkie talkie) and add two 3.5mm jacks one for ear phones and one for a mic.  Using a splitter 3.5mm for the sockets, a 3.5mm mic and a 1m extension  for the mic so I can put the walkie talkie in a pocket. Can someone tell me if this will work please and any suggestions for improvements to my plan 

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how to make homemade walkie talkie ?

I want to make my own walkie talkie...  but i don't know how !! i have two speakers and mic ( from old TATA WALKY  wireless phone ) . i want a simple and easy to make circuit . or  what to do with these two.. ??  i want to make something special.....

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Fbi sleeve microphone frankensteined in walkie talkie

Drumroll's the world's (or at least instructable's) longest forum post! :D I want to solder a microphone (I ripped it out of an old telephone headset) to a walkie talkie's board in such a way that I can talk into that and have the walkie talkie pick up that instead of the input from the preexisting mike...I figured I would have to use the same old push to talk button, but I would sure like to be able to press a button near the mike to talk. I want to thread the mike up my arm, like a secret agent! The Where would I solder the microphone wires? Do I have to worry about burning/shortcircuiting my microphone or the walkie talkie? Is there any way to attach a talk button so it runs down my arm as well? Thanks!

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Can you make a wallet transmitter or something similar to work with a spy earpiece?

I was looking at this product and thought I could make my own transmitter for it instead of buying there inductive wallet transmitter Since I already have a walkie-talkie that I can program in unique frequencies I just need to build the wallet transmitter. Anyone know about this?

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I need help creating a telephone network!

Hey! I was wondering if there's any clever people out there who can help me with my ambitious project. I'm doing some creative direction for an event and aim to create a telephone network within the venue. I want to put phones on tables and use the table numbers as the phone numbers... I also would like a way of recording everything thats said over the course of the night through the telephones? I have a very basic understanding of how these things work, I've made circuits before- but i am an artist, not an electrician so please be kind and explain to me like you would a child! I've got my hands on a load of old phones, so I just need to rewire them I guess?  Thanks!

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How do I create a phone network?

Hey! I was wondering if there's any clever people out there who can help me with my ambitious project. I'm doing some creative direction for an event and aim to create a telephone network within the venue. I want to put phones on tables and use the table numbers as the phone numbers... I also would like a way of recording everything thats said over the course of the night through the telephones? I have a very basic understanding of how these things work, I've made circuits before- but i am an artist, not an electrician so please be kind and explain to me like you would a child! I've got my hands on a load of old phones, so I just need to rewire them I guess? Thanks!

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is there a way to hack my motorola walkie talkie to play music when no one is talking over the headset?

Hello, i'm trying to hack my motorola walkie talkie using a microcontroller to play music continuously from my iPod, and switch to the headset of my walkie talkie when someone speaks to me over the headset.  Has anyone done this before or have any suggestions or helpful links? My walkie talkie of course has a headset that has two prongs, one for audio out, and another in from the handheld mic that clips to my shirt.  I'm wanting to, like i said, use a microcontroller to sense when the audio is coming from the walkie talkie and mute the iPod, then continue playing again once my coworker has stopped talking to me on the communication device.  Any help?  I have the necessary equipment to program the microcontroller, but won't know the code or which microcontroller to purchase.  Please help? I've attached a picture of the type of walkie talkies i'm talking about, it's not the exact one, but you can get a better idea of what i'm talking about

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Wireless Push to talk button for walkie talkie

Hi all. I would like to build a wireless push to talk switch for use with my comms set up used for airsoft. I would like to be able to put the switch/button onto my rifle (wirelessly) so I can keep hands on when communicating on the radio. Having to take my hand off the rifle to push the talk button is a pain. The only ones I can find online are commercial and quite expensive. What I hope to do is build a simple wireless switch and modify the current PTT swith to be operated by the wireles one. Can anybody advise me how to do this? Circuit diagrams or hints? A site with ready made plans (wishful thinking) Cheers in advance from New Zealand

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Featured? Answered

 Do the instructables inspired from other instrucatables like the led throwie talkie by puckkining uses avr microcontroller so if i make a 'ible of the same talkie with pic12f683 and will it get featured if all the pics are good with gread documentation

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FEATURED? Answered

Do the instructables inspired from other instrucatables like the led throwie talkie by puckkining uses avr microcontroller so if i make a 'ible of the same talkie with pic12f683 and will it get featured if all the pics are good with gread documentation

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wireless speakers

I wanted to turn my guitar amp into a wireless speaker for my ipod and wanted to know if i wired an audio jack from the microphone connection of an old walkie talkie i have lying around and wired another to the speaker connection of another walkie talkie, if i plugged the one connected to the mic into my ipod and the receiving walkie into the guitar amp, would it work?

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can you convert a xbox headset into a push to talk headset for a walkie talkie?

I found some info about this on an instructabale but it was for an old headset, when I tried it on a newer one it didn't work and I ended up ruining it.

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Looking for advice on walkie talkies/2 Way Radios?

Hello, I looking to buy 2 walkie talkies/radios to start off with, Eventually upgrading to a system with 4. I've been looking at models like the Binatone Action 1000 which seem to have good reviews. I am UK based also. My rough specs are: 1 mile range in forestry/urban area Good battery life Headset option Screen if possible If you have any recommendations they would be appreciated! Many Thanks

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If I hook up a webcam to a walky talky (two way radio) or a wireless router could it be used as a wireless camera?

If I hook up a webcam to the microphone part of walky talky and attach a screen to the speaker part of the other one will it send video like an rc cam? Also if i hook webcam up to a wireless router could i watch it on my computer?Anothe idea of mine is athe bottom could you tell me if it would work

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Help me with nrf24l01 please

Do someone know how to make a wireless headset walkie talkie with nrf24l01 ? or anyone here have done this before? what are the things i need and things to do? teach me please I really want to make two (2) Wireless Headset Walkie talkies .any suggestion would be appreciated

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Radio frequency program for computer

I am trying to modify an old am fm radio, so that it can pick up transmissions from a walkie talkie. I know the frequency at which the walkie talkie operates, but I can not tell the frequency of the radio when I am adjusting it. Is there any computer program, or something that can tell me what frequency I have?

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Anyone know how to build a 2 way radio into your motorbike helmut?

Looking to take apart a set of 2 way radios (walkie Talkies) and put them into my helmet (and my Mates) so that we can comunicate on the road. Looking to have the "talk" button on the handle bar, the main body of the walkie talkie on the "dash" and then a wire running up to the helmet (with a disconnection piece) and then build the ear piece into the inside helmet. Any one got any ideas or has anyone done this before. I know I can buy them but here in South Africa they are very expensive. Thanks

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Can you use an Inverter IC chip to change two speakers automatically? Answered

I am making a snowmobile helmet that will have an Ipod and walkie talkie. I want my ipod to play the entire time, but once I get a message from my walkie talkie I want the music to stop. I was thinking of doing this by using the highs and lows of the two signals and put them through an inverter IC chip. I was going to use a 74LS04. My question is would the signals come out of the inverter as understandable signals and would this even work ? 

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Hi i need ur help?

I have walky taly set in little rang i want to up rang level. so plz 

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is it possible to make a remote control on and off switch from junks rc toys, walky talky and wireless doorbells?

I would to ask if it is possible to make a remote control switch just on and off function from the components of junk  remote control toys, walky-talky, wireless doorbells, junk cordless phone. sound activated toys. i would like to utilized those junks cause some components are still functioning. they just get junks because of broken casings.

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What is this audio jack called? Answered

What is the name or what kind of audio jack is this? It would be nice to know because I have a walkie talkie that uses this connection.

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How to connect a team of 5 on an open channel without a walkie-talkie?

I found that I can use Lora wireless tranceiver but I want a guaranteed way because I live in Lebanon, and I don't have any source of these equipment, so I need a working way to make the order and build my project here. Thank you

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How can I power walkie talkies (3 AAs each) using my vehicle cigarette lighter?

Motorola Talkabout T5200, 4.5V, uses 3 AA batteries.  I would like to build a power unit that would plug into the vehicle dc outlet / cigarette lighter and continuously power a single unit.  We use these on trips when we are follow one another or when we have multiple vehicles in a convoy but storing them with batteries in the vehicle for random use is problematic at best. This seems very doable but I sure don't know how and haven't been able to find directions online.  Thanks for the help!!

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Two way intercom design for tele-operated robot

Hi,I'm working on building a tele-operated robot that will be able to send signals generated by moving your arms and mapping these to the robot arms. I'm looking to add an intercom system to the robot that would allow for the operator to speak into a microphone and come out a speaker on the robot and a microphone on the robot so send audio that someone speaking to the robot generates to the operator.I've currently been looking into VOX circuits and walkie talkies but all walkie talkies I have seen require both sides to use a headset. It would be fine for the operator of the robot to use a headset but it would be better for the speaker and microphone on the robot to be out loud. Does anyone have ideas about how this type of system could be implemented? Could I replace the PTT button on a walkie talkie with a voice activated switch kit available online?Thank you.

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Are there any kits or instructions on how to build a DIY two way radio (Walkie Talkie)?

I am working on a  costume set of hearing protection for when I work at my farm. I am adding Bluetooth for music and calls, lights, and of course a 2 way radio because I do no get service all over and would like to be able to communicate with my wife at the house. So I originally looking into using and existing radio and just taking the circuit board out it but I run into a couple issues. The switches are printed directly on the board I'm not sure how I would add external buttons to that. Also I'm not thrilled with the size and they have more features then I personally need. I would like a unit that is small as possible that can send and receive transmissions on one of the 22 frs/grms station found on standard us walkie talkies. I would like it to power up when the headset comes on and I need it to have a Push to talk Button. As for range 1500 feet would cover what I need.

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I got a lot of electronics do you know anything I can do with them?

I have an old mouse walkie talkies earphones small radio circuit (FM only) laser pointer circuit bike inner tube bike tire one of those bicycle seat adjustment fasteners two springs an antenna a broken CD player along with resistors, speakers, LEDs, and battery holders from an old snap kit hope you guys can help!!! ignore the u-create, wheel, and gun in the photos I pawned them.

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How do I reattach the 3.5 mm jack to this PCB?

This is a PCB from a watch Walkie Talkie. I was a little rough trying to get it out of the case and broke the connection. it doesn't look like I did any damage but I'm not sure how to fix it. This is probably a common issue but after searching I'm not finding anything its probably because I don't know they right terminology to search for. There is an orange tape on the bottom on the legs coming off of the 3.5 mm jack, What is that for? any help would be greatly appreciated and I know this may be a beginner question but that is what I am so go easy on me.

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Wireless Communication Answered

I want to make some small cheap (possibly from toys) walkie talkies it would also be handy if i could attach some headphones(with inbuilt [eg iphone headphones] or seperate mic) im hopeing to have signel ~100-500m but anything will do.

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The Judging Criterion Originality n instructables contests?

I saw that there is judging criterion of originality in the instructables contests so , IfI take inspiration from other projects and execute it in a different way does it fulfil the criterion.Like if I Make a LED throwie talkie in a different way like if I use a different microcontroller  and different coding

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How to transmit audio through FS1000a TX/RX set? (Or other alternatives like PBX?)?

I have a huge bulkload of FS1000a TX/RX sets, and I need to somehow build a local 2-way audio system. It'll be something like a group of walkie-talkies, but I can transmit audio 2 way simultaneously amongst all the sets (rather than 1 way for walkie talkie). Is there any way I can inexpensively build 4 or 5 of those? Or, are there any alternatives? I've thought of modifying cordless phones but they can prove expensive, and I also don't have knowledge of building some sort of local-based PBX to connect all the phones together and I can dial anyone of them at will (on top of conference-calling all connected phones). Even if I can build a PBX its not that portable.

Question by arikyeo 

27MHZ 2-way radio? Answered

I need help building a 27MHZ 2-way radio, as the title suggests. I really want to build one so I can learn more about how radios work. And it has to be 27MHZ. I would also prefer the transmitter and receiver to be separate circuits, so there would be multiple uses for this. Thanks in advance, Dan

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what is the difference of the crystal 4 leads and 2 leads?

I want to make a simple AM transmitter, which is use a crystal with 4 leads. and i don't have crystal with 4 leads, i only have crystal with 2 leads, can i use crystal with 2 leads ?

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