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Does anyone have a great Pork Tamales recipe, preferably with photograph instructions?

I already know how to make tamales, but I don't care for the deep red tamales. The pork tamales I prefer usually have an orangish to brownish hue in the meat. Also, I steam my tamales, but would also like to be able to do the boiling version, but have been unsuccessful. Have any of you tried the rice steamers for steaming? Thanks!

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Anyone know how to make healthy Candy Corn and/or Hot Tamales?

I am extremely fond of both Candy Corn and Hot Tamales. However, I wish that they didn't include such toxic ingredients, like "Red 40" and "Blue Lake 5". I would be grateful if someone could either post an 'ible or answer with a recipe.

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can anyone provide information in regards to a specific circuit?

I am looking for information regarding the circuitry for a plasma globe. I was hoping to reproduce the circuit, but I need to know everything I can about the wiring. Diagrams are preferred. Instructions, links to instructables, and links to other websites are useful; and power/amp/voltage ratings would be great. If everything goes well, I might just be able to make an instructable out of it!

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