How to use a solar panel without frying a battery when it's done charging?

I am curious to know if i need a component that will stop my homemade solar panel USB charger to stop charging a device when the battery is full. could the solar panels over charge the battery when it's full? Will the unneeded voltage just turn into heat? I also would like to know if I can hook multiple devices that each use 5v and 500MA with a solar panel that puts out 5v and 8 amps without slowing the charging speed. Im sorry if I can't phrase the question right... please try to decipher my description of my problem

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Can a "dead" rechargeable battery be resucitated?

I have a Filter Stream Ultra Dust Tamer 4500 that doesn't recharge.  Is there a solution; a replacement part; any help at all?  I really don't understand rechargeable batteries.  I think they may get fried if the transformer is left plugged in too long??  How long is too long?  I know this question applies to all rechargeable batteries with transformers, e.g., cell phones, portable vacuum cleaners, cameras and on and on.  Thank you.

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A little Distractor

I tried to post this to the iRobot Create group, didn't work the first time. Hopefully 2nd time is a charm:Well, it's been a while waiting for this, and It's not quite over yet. So I had this little idea to keep us a bit busy.In the group, which do you consider to be the top 5 ideas? The ones you would vote for if you were a judge? No particular order. Only rule here is you can't vote for your own ideas.So here are my top 5.1) loubard's Plant Gardiner2) zachinme's ChumbyBot3) StepsOfTheSun's Tennis Bot4) Kira_Koenig's Security Bot5) SolamenteDoug's Lion (cat) TamerBTW, a disclusion doesn't mean I don't like your idea. There are a few ideas here that I think are really cool. There are a few ideas I think are really cool, but out-of-scope for the Create. Either way, I hope you'll post up your top 5, I'd like to see how our personal thoughts compare with each other, and eventually the winners.Again, I wish everyone good luck in the contest!

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Scholarship Submission

I've been lurking arund the site for quite a while now thinking to myself what I would make with a robot of my own. I thought about what the Roomba did for freeing people up and keeping their surroundings in order. And then it struck me. I just moved into a very tiny apartment with my grad student fiancee and her two cats. While we are here in the studio, the kitties are mostly behaved. When we leave, all hell breaks loose. They fight each other, they tear up the furniture, and make a general mess of things. My entry would be a robot that would keep these two-faced cats in check when human supervision is absent. 1) Upon detection of couch scratching or a fight between them (using some microphones mounted in stereo), the robot would first approach the cats. If, after some period of time, they do not stop, an audible warning like a burst of white noise or "NO!". If it continues, the robot would then squirt a stream of water towards the offenders. 2) If the cats are behaving themselves and no misbehavior is detected for, let's say 90 minutes or so, the robot would praise the cats audibly and dispense a treat. I addition, one cat digs chasing a laser pointer, the other likes playing with string. So, there are other positive mechanisms in place to keep the cats occupied. 3) The robot would then dispense a log of the what actions it took and when once the owner returns. So there is some accountability for the robot overlord. There you have it, the Lion Tamer, I guess?

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