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Carmine Tango font. . . . .

I was wondering if anyone has the "Carmine Tango" font file, or a link to where i could download it for *FREE*. You see my cousin needs it for her wedding invitations and its not on either of our computers, and neither of us feel like buying it for $50 (estimate). So could someone please help?

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How do I edit my, How to Tango .pdf document


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Iceblast! aka best fizzy slushy

Hi, i was wondering if anyone could help me. I have decided that as much as I love Iceblast (tango) that you get at the cinema, I can't keep buying them. So I have decided to venture into the  world of indistructables. The way I see it, it should be possible to recreate the conditions of a slushy machine with the following: Freezer A Motor A mixing stick a bottle to contain the pre-slush pre-slush(for testing will be juice) Basicly the motor will poke through the bottle lid stiring the pre-slush as it freezes. Can anyone offer any advice, precations or adjustments? thanks. :D

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Dance of the Scientists

So you think you can defend your research in front of a panel of experts? How about if you had to do it... with interpretive dance.No, this is not a joke. This is the first annual Dance Your Ph.D. Contest. Read this description and hit the link for videos of the dances....the diversity of the dancers was nothing compared with the diversity of their output. The graduate student category is a case in point. The first dance, Gruetzbauch's 30-second galactic tango, focused on one phenomenon: the capture of a galaxy by a larger one. Schraffl gave us raw data—a small scene from Il pittore parigino by Domenico Cimarosa—without analysis or metaphor. Sven Ramelow did a bit of both. His quantum physics Ph.D. title allowed him to make a play on words: The acronym SPUC is a homophone of a German word for ghost, and hence the scary sheet dance. Meanwhile, he used a laser light attached to his head to illustrate the strangely behaving photons he studies. (Very clever.) But then came Brian Stewart.No one was surprised when he scooped the prize. For one thing, Stewart wore nothing but a shimmering, translucent loin cloth. (That's worth a few bonus points in my book.) But the judges told me afterward that his dance stood out because it accomplished two things at once. Most importantly, "he connected with the audience," said Pastorini. "That is the purpose of dance: to create emotions." A big help was his choice of music a jazz interpretation of African Pygmy tribal music by Herbie Hancock which created an atmosphere of funky ancientness. Dance Your Ph.D. Contestvia Neatorama

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Instructables en Español... ¡Fantástico!

Señoras y señores, distinguidos miembros de la comunidad hispanohablante, mi Gente Latina: ¡TENEMOS INSTRUCTABLES EN ESPAÑOL! Como diríamos en Colombia: ¡Qué berraquera! Después de varios años, el sitio DIY (Hágalo Usted Mismo) más importante del mundo nos ha abierto una puerta, no sólo para que podamos tener acceso, en nuestro idioma castellano, a sus instructables más importantes; también para que podamos mostrarle al mundo todo nuestro sabor. Muchas personas querían compartir sus ideas, pero se veían frenadas por la barrera lingüística. Pero ahora, ¡no tenemos excusa para no crear! Por el momento, podemos publicar instructivos usando la aplicación de Instructables en dispositivos IOS y Android. Pronto podremos publicar también usando el computador personal. ¿Quieres unirte a la revolución? Si te gusta cocinar y quieres mostrar el pozole que hacía tu abuela, cómo hacer un ajiaco con pollo, un seviche o la receta para el choripán con chimichurri perfecto; si sabes hacer un sombrero de Charro o un sombrero "Vueltiao"; si puedes construir los robots más geniales o los cosplays más fantásticos; si ya tienes listos tus geniales diseños en CAD mientras llegan las impresoras 3D a nuestros países; si quieres dar unos tips de cómo bailar Tango, Cueca, Bambuco, Salsa, Merengue; si quieres conocer y estrechar lazos con la gente más creativa y "echada pa'lante" de Latinoamérica y España... ¡Éste es tu sitio!

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