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Large Targets

Post links to large K'NEX gun targets here! Please post the link with an optional comment!

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Small Targets

Post links to small K'NEX gun targets here! Please post the link with an optional comment!

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laserlyte targets

Has anyone built a LaserLyte plinking can do-a-like?

Topic by tenex  

Medium Targets

Post links to medium sized K'NEX gun targets here! Please post the link with an optional comment!

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knex targets

Please anser yes or no to following questions: you want more knex targets? 2.would it be worth it to post my target? 3.would it be better to have more than 1 target on an istructable? 4.would you be willing to give ideas for me to put on to THAT instructable?

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shooting targets

Can someone figure a way of making targets like those shoot n see targets that show green paint wen hit or wen hit show some sign of being hit

Topic by soccerboi369    |  last reply

Archery Target

What would be a good way to keep layers of cardboard compressed without using glue so it would have enough friction to stop an arrow ?

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How to target a hyperlink

I've noticed lots of people haven't been targeting hyperlinks ever since the new editor appeared. I think this is becaue it's not intuitive, so here's a quick how to: If you just click the world icon with the chain and paste in your URL you get this. So to target your URL, type a name, highlight that with your mouse, then click the world icon and paste your URL will be linked to your target word. for example I type  ME Highlight it with my mouse and click the world icon and paste.

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Target for Bow and Arrow?

I need a good target for shooting bows. We tried 2" thick insulation stacked on top each other so we have a 4'x4'x12" target, but it's not what we expected. Guess we'll use it for a backstop when we find something that works for a target?

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Airsoft target floating

Hello.Y make the airsoft targets floating and didn t work...y make all like in the blog,it s somebody who make and it s working?Y trie whit a compressor and y don t now if it s to please

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Toxin-Targeting Plants

Plants in your home can do much more than make a room aesthetically pleasing. Certain plants can minimize or neutralize the damage of three of the most common household toxins: trichloroethylene, formaldehyde, and benzene. This chart from Good Magazine shows you which plants you can use to turn your house into a floral, detoxed home.Link

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Whats the best knex target? Answered

Yeah i want a decent knex target but i dont know which one?! Ill make any one so don't worry about difficulty,parts etc, please reply (also please make a link if you can) MM8

Question by MegaMetal8    |  last reply

LED lit knex target

Besides the name this has nothing to do with music. most people on instructables has well found out that there are two main groups of people on insructables( but there are a lot of people that like other things!). knex lovers and LED lovers(or electronic lovers). well i am a big fan of both and i found a way to combine them into one insructable. its a knex terget that light up using LEDs when you shoot it! i will post pics of it but i am having a hard time geting a good pic of it( you can only see the LEDS in a pic when it is dark and you can only see the knex when it is light.

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Best Knex Target for this knex gun? Answered

I am using this knex gun: What is th best knex traget for thi gun?

Question by Trisuniel    |  last reply

Killing Mosquitos with Auto Targeting LASERS!

Houston, we have bug zappers! No really, just this time with lasers! I was surfing through Hack-a-Day, and I came across this. These devices identify a mosquito by the frequency of its beating wings. Once identified, the device aims a laser and destroys the little blood sucker. That seems simple enough, so: Do you think that this could be accomplished by a DIY for under $100? think about, we may have a really useful Instructable on our hands.

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I need a schematic...

I need a schematic for a circuit using a 555 timer. I want a switch to activate the timer, which will provide 3 volts to a buzzer for one second, no matter how quickly the target is hit.

Question by XOIIO    |  last reply

homemade wireless controled pop up targets

I have shooting a range and i dont want to spend the money one buying a pop-up target system so is there anyway to combine computer circuits with metal to create pop-up targets  

Topic by mr.militarymaster    |  last reply

i like shooting targets with my slingshot in my garden but dont like picking up bb's that i shot any ideas? Answered

My mum dosent like it because we have a pet rabbit that could choke on the bb's

Question by sharlston    |  last reply

PDF Download opens up in wrong browser window

The target window for opening the PDF window is called "_new".  This isn't right - it should be "_blank" to open in a new window.  Using "_new" means that all PDFs opened open up in a browser tab/window called "_new" and so they all open up in the same window and overwrite each other if you open up more than one at the same time. Available target names are described here: Should be a quick fix!

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how to make air pistol for target & rats ty.

Hi. im 55, im still learning i have plenty of time ty.

Question by johnlagot    |  last reply

Batch file-Change the target directory to wherever the file is?

I need to make a batch file change the directory to wherever it is currently stored. I know how to use the "cd" command, but I don't know how to get the current directory of the file. Can someone please help?

Topic by metrogdor22    |  last reply

How to determine the target size for a specific sun simulator?

I am have to determine the I-V curves for a few solar cell samples. The sun simulator that I am going to use is PASAN 3b SunSim. My Questions are: What is the optimum solar cell sample size that I need to select? What parameters will be effects if the sample size is not optimized? The specifications of the external lamp are attached to this question.

Question by raishikoh    |  last reply

Where can I get a laser and a sensor? (preferably cheap) Answered

I'm looking for a laser that is button activated and a sensor that reacts to the laser. Basicly I want to put the laser in the barrel of a broken bb gun and make the button so that when you pull the trigger the laser goes off. Then I want to make a circle with the sensor in the center and when you hit it  with the laser you hear a sound. Now I am wondering where I can get a laser and a sensor that responds to it. the laser can be visible or invisible I don't really care. Also does the sensor respond to any laserbeam or is this specific? Thanks in advance, Michel

Question by MichelMoermans    |  last reply

Projecting a 'target' dot from the barrel of a toy Sherman tank

I would like to modify a 1:35 scale model tank (it's about 6-7 inches long) so that the barrel projects a dot on the wall and I can determine whether or not 'firing' the tank hits a target.A low-power laser would obviously project the dot, but there are two big problems: the risk of it getting pointed at someone's eye, and the logistics of mounting it in the chassis. Regarding the safety issue, that danger could be lowered by limiting the laser to a 0.1 second burst each time. That's still not safe enough for my tastes, so I don't know whether I'm willing to go that route. And as for the logistics, the turret of the tank will be full of servos, gears, etc., so the laser unit would have to be in the hull of the tank, with the beam channeled to the barrel somehow. Would a length of fiber optics do the trick? Does anyone have other suggestions for channeling the laser?It would be easier from an engineering standpoint to mount an ultra-bright LED in the barrel, but is there any way to focus that into a dot?And finally the target would have to be big enough that there's some chance of actually hitting it - I'm thinking the size of a quarter. I haven't found any laser/visible light receptors that big - any ideas?As an aside, I don't like posting questions without having done some legwork first - I have actually researched this, but haven't found useful info...Thanks!

Question by hawpond    |  last reply

can somebody show me how to mod a tech target gun to fire rounds from a longshot clip?

I am trying to plan a nerf war, and i want to be able to use longshot clips in my tech target gun

Question by narutomaniac    |  last reply

How do I build a catapult with HIGH ACCURACY target hit?

I want to build a catapult that will hit exactly 3 meters away in pinpoint ..!! And later adjusted so as to hit 4 and 5 meter away too..?

Question by lala114    |  last reply

is the daisy red ryder bb gun anygood for shooting targets and cans?

Does it work on air or spring? can it shoot pellets aswell? and will it puncture a can or a cardboard box?

Question by sharlston    |  last reply

where is the cheapest place to full scale airsoft AEGs? Answered

I want to get an AEG with a least 250 fps but don't know where to find one for under $60. can yoU HELP?

Question by nerfer    |  last reply

There are many Target vendor in Mbed site. But Platform vendor made platform boards with NXP chip only. Why? Answered

Hello, I'm Leo who is Korean and interest in Mbed platform. Anyway I am on checking Mbed platform in Mbed site. ( During check, I found that there are many Platform vendor and Target vendor. But Platform vendor (which dose not have own MCU) made platform boards with NXP chip only. I am wondering about why they make Mbed plaform with NXP chip only althought there are many other MCU vendor (target vendor). Is there any master who know about this? Thank you.

Question by iam_maker_leo    |  last reply


"Success is a moving target".

Topic by craftyv    |  last reply

What would people think of a new idea for a knex war? Answered

This game is called heavy cannon knex war you have a heavy cannon in the center of your yard. an one target a 12 inch cardboard box 4 ft off the ground on each side your side and your opponents side Players can only have a assault rifle the goal is to use the heavy cannon to hit a target on the enemys side but only one person   can use the  heavy cannon at a time if you get hit while using the cannon a member of your oppentents team can take the cannon and you must return to your side first one to hit the target wins the war.       IMPORTANT: THE TARGET CAN ONLY BE HIT BY THE HEAVY CANNON NOT THE ASSAUT RIFLES IMPORTANT: IF YO HAVE THE HEAVY CANNON IT CAN ONLY BE SHOT AT THE TARGET NOT OTHER PEOPLE

Question by superbestknex    |  last reply

6 multiservo random selection

Hi! I would like to create a project for the random selection of shooting targets. E.g. each target should show up and stay there for 5 seconds and if not shot down the servo should pull it back. Does anyone have the code required for random selection of servos and making sure they delay between on and off is 5 secs? Ideally the random component would ensure that all targets have an equal chance of being selected but only one at a time.

Topic by tomstell1111    |  last reply

Need assistance in building 2 devices to help with fencing academy

In the sport of fencing, like many other sports, speed and reaction are very important to us.  There are currently no training devices out there that we use to measure speed and reaction in our sport. There are two devices we'd love to have and use, but none of us are technologically educated to know how to build any of these, and hopefully these are simple enough that someone might offer some solutions. Project/device 1: Reaction Measurement We would like to measure a fencer's reaction to a stimulus.  The fencer must hit a fixed target (like a pad) when a stimulus is presented, for example, a light.  When the light goes on, the fencer must hit the target with the weapon (more specifically, the point of the weapon) and a timer will tell the fencer how long it took between the time the light came on and when the fencer hit the target. Note:  Potential problem: durability of the pad getting hit numerous times. Project/device 2: Speed Measurement More importantly, we would also like to measure the time difference between when the fencer hits the target and when the fencer's front foot leaves the ground in a lunge.  Ideal device would be some kind of pressure plate in front of the target, beneath the fencer's front foot.  When the fencer lunges to hit the target, a timer will measure the time difference between the fencer's foot leaving the pressure plate and when the target is hit. Please let me know if these devices can be made, is it even easy to create something like this...remember...I'm not tech savy!

Topic by guevarragv    |  last reply

If I have the pH and volume of 2 solutions, and the target pH of a combination of them, how do I calculate how much... Answered

 If I have the pH and volume of 2 solutions, and the target pH of a combination of them, how do I calculate how much I need?

Question by BretMattingly    |  last reply

intercepting text messages?

How do you do this without physical control of the target phone

Question by timwwood    |  last reply

GPS based Camera Tracker

I just wanted to check with the community out there to see if anyone knows of a good place to start building a tracking system that is GPS based.  essentially, a person or object will wear a gps device and there will be one placed on a camera gimbal.  I am hoping to create a way for an arduino to do the math so that the camera stays fixed on the target no matter where the target / camera moves. Any thoughts??

Topic by crashpilot    |  last reply

would a instuctable for how to make a paper mache cherry bomb be illegal and if not should I post one?

The main reason been so as I could get help off fellow members to refine the process. I would be using the resulting product for metal detecting for the recovery of buried targets in the goldfields where the ground is too hard to easily dig and on the beach if the target is deep?

Question by grentes    |  last reply

what the best place to buy tech decks and ramps.

Where target walmart toys r us were?

Question by nathanreynolds34    |  last reply

Sock Wars - Assassination by Knitting

Check out Sock Wars, a knitting-based game of assassination by socks.This sounds awesome, but I definitely don't knit fast enough to even try. (And I've never knitted socks!) Some of you might find it useful, though... looks like anyone can join from any country. Sign-ups close 3 May, assignments go out 9 May.From their info page: WHAT IS SOCK WARS?Sock Wars is the original and bloodiest extreme knitting tournament. If you are brave enough sign up to do battle you will be emailed a top secret assassination dossier on 9th May 2008. This file contains the details of your target and an exclusive, never-been-published-before knitting pattern with which to assassinate them.To kill your target you must knit them the pair of socks in the pattern (your weapon) and mail it to them. Once your target receives your parcel they are dead and must post their death on the "fallen comrades" section of the sockwars site.They must also immediately send you details of their intended target (who becomes your next person to assassinate) along with their unfinished knitting (which becomes your new weapon).All the while this is going on, someone has been assigned you as their target!Prepare to live in fear! Kill or be killed!

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how do I renew xbox live membership? Answered

I bought a three month xbox live card for Target, I read it over and over, but I can't find the manage account button anywhere, and the xbox website from load any page(but other websites work fine) Please answer before I go insane...

Question by Rock Soldier    |  last reply

How can I trigger an LED sign to turn on when an object is tossed into a bucket? Answered

I am designing a bucket with a small LED sign on it, and I want the sign to light up when people successfully hit a target in the back of the bucket. Everything has to run on battery power, and the entire product has to be mounted on a pole (which will be held in hand). I have considered motion sensors (Parallax PIR) and some sort of laser trip-wire (as one would find on a garage door system), but I am not sure how to implement either.  I have also looked into shock sensors, the kind used on some window and door security devices, however, I am not sure that the objects being thrown would be able to provide the shock needed (think toy cars, beaded necklaces and other small novelty toys). The sign will consist of up to 200 LEDS, and it would be nice to have it stay lit for a second or two before turning off again.

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Auto-Loading 10 Shot Rifle Review *By Ratchet and Clank*

Hey guys! Today, I'm going to be reviewing a 10 shot, auto-loading rifle by Bannana Inventor. Some notes before I start. -All credit goes to the builder, not me. -I'm rating on a 1 to 5 scale. -I review guns by request.(the dragonuv is up next) Ok. Now that you have that. I'll start the review. Handle/Gripping-3.8 The handle could have been a little slimmer. Plus there isn't really a good front grip-type-thing.(Yes. I had no word for that situation.) Range-4.5 Pretty good, especially for its size, and the fact that it is a magazine-fed gun. I got mine about 35 feet. Accuracy-5.0*** One word- Pinpoint. Power-3.0 It's power is restricted, since the bullet is so light. But for the bullet, it has some power. Body/weight balance-5.0*** Great balance throughout the gun. The body isn't flimsy. Stock is comfortable. But on a note, which was stated by The Jamalam, it was made by him and used on his storm guns. Credit goes to him. And now one word. AWESOMENESS!!! Reliability-4.0 Since the magazine uses blue 3-d connectors, you have that millimeter sized jut on the inside of the magazine. So, the magazine sometimes jams, but you only have to push up slightly on the magazine ram. OVERALL-4.2!!!!!!!!!! Overall, great rifle. Auto-loading is a good feature, and a true trigger pleases a lot of k'nexers. Take those, and you get a gun like this. One of Bannana Inventor's best. Review by Ratchet and Clank. Gun by Bannana Inventor Thanks for reading this review! I hope you enjoyed it! Good luck building this, becouse this rifle is a must in your arsenal.

Topic by Ratchet and Clank    |  last reply

There's high-speed photography, and there's high-speed photography...

High speed bullet photography is cool - the precision of catching the bullet flying through a carefully-placed target. But how about hitting a moving target?  How about hitting a single drop of water? Dutch photographer Alexander Augusteijn can do it, apparently using normal flashes, but with the timing controlled by computers. Lex Augusteijn Photography via PetaPixel

Topic by Kiteman    |  last reply

You can make me an api for an arduino project? will pay

Hi Gentlemen ! i'm a old timer shooter practicing longrange shootin' to extreme distances up to 3500yds. i do shooting on metallic target that bring some more funs than the traditional paper targets. of course at such distances you will not be able to spot any system using flashing Led indicator telling if you've have hit or not the steel target. of course we can use IP camera with wifi transmission. this we do already but this is not fully sufficient. so we plan to use an impact detector (well described on instructable just type 'impact detector and you' ll get it..) and transmit by wifi the info telling the steel target has been hit or not.our impact detector is to be connected via Ethernet RJ45 port to a 5.6Ghz routeur and so can anybody present us a project with an API for Android that will work efficiently on our smartphones or tablets only Androïd working? we designed our prototype around an accelerometer, a schock or vibration detector and a microphone.more details can be given of coursthe api needs to transmit the info sent by accelerometer, vibration sensor and mike.that's all we need at first. some more can be added....why not make an app that can be loaded on tabletwe have already design an outstanding system working with an HP IP camera that allow us to see the target as far as 6miles using a 5.6Ghz Wifi network. with hope to get some friendly contacts.sincerely yours, Al

Question by SHARPS1874  


We all want our guns to shoot far and to fire fast, but how much performance do we actually need? Makers of Oodammo pistols boast that they shoot 60 - 70 feet, but there is no way that you can reliably hit a moving target with a knex gun at that range with any weapon, especially pistols. A good weapon should be able to fire fast, and be accurate to say 30 feet. This would allow the said gun to hit targets ar range reliably. Think about it.

Topic by Fred the Penguin    |  last reply

slingshot ammo

I just got a new slingshot and I didn't get ammo. What can I use either for hunting, causing pain to friends, or target practice.

Topic by Thelonelysandwitch    |  last reply

Surgical Tubing? Answered

Does anyone know a place local (Target, Walmart, Home Depot) where I can buy this, or a water balloon slingshot? Please help and fast, I need this by tomorrow!

Question by KnexFreak360    |  last reply

Challenge: design a water cannon for deterring cats

The Cats page ( incorrectly states that 'Everybody loves cats'.  In fact, everybody does NOT love cats, particularly those whose resent their tendency to massacre the wildlife in our gardens. I'd like to improve the odds of survival for all the birds, amphibians and small mammals in my garden, but without causing physical harm to the cats.  I've tried scent-based cat repellents without success, and I completely reject the idea of indiscriminate noise scarers. I can't police the garden 24/7, so my preferred solution is a water cannon capable of detecting a cat and soaking it. To keep things simple, I'd be thinking of using mains pressure to power the water jet, and batteries to power a motion sensor (infra-red). To be useful, the design would need to: - hit targets within a user-specified arc and at varying distances - allow the user to configure the sensitivity of the sensor, so that cat-sized heat sources are treated as targets, but smaller mammals are non-targets - avoid being triggered by foliage disturbed by the wind. For extra credit, the design could: - use solar power instead of batteries - focus the jet at the target, rather than spraying mist over a large area

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