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LED Tea light

I am new to this, so I hope this comes across clear. My wife keeps buying holiday decorations that have to have tealight candles burning in them, but is scared to leave a candle on in the house. While i was at the local craft store i saw the typical LED tea lights, but i would like to make my own using red LED's. I would like to make it a little more complex by adding a sensor so it turns on when it is dark.To take it one step further i would like to have some of the more permanent ones to recharge via a small solar panel, like this:;=12269I have all the tools i need (solder pen, solder, heat shrink tubing, heat gun, ect) I just do not know to start.

Topic by Mournbringer  

Why is green tea healthier than black tea? Answered

I dont see why one would be healthier than the other yet i hear all the time that it is. anybody know why?

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Tea steeping device that automatically steeps tea for a set time?

You should be able to set the time in minutes. The tea leaves (perhaps in a large tea ball) are removed/withdrawn from the water after the set time. I was thinking of have the tea ball suspended in the water by a weighted cantilever arm and when the set time expires, the arm is released and the tea ball is lifted out of the water... Any ideas? Thanks!

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what is the limitation of milk tea?

I want to know the limitations of the milk tea.

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Do You Enjoy Tea?

Just wonderin'. How many of you folks enjoy drinkin' tea? I know lots of peeps like coffee, but I find it somewhat disgusting and it's unhealthy. So, how many of u peeps like tea?

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How to brew tea for Kombucha?

I have the materials to make it but have never done it before. Can someone walk me through how to make 2 gallons of  tea and apply the scoby after the tea is room temperature. I have general knowledge but need confidence to do it with out a hitch.

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N2 TEA Laser Challenge!

CHALLENGE: To build a functional N2 TEA laser with readily available parts. There are plenty of websites where people describe the laser that they built, but I have never seen anyone on instructables who has done this. Please, just make something! Good luck!

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What to do with large tea chests? Answered

I have got several large tea chests which were given by a neighbour to me I would like to get some ideas what I could transform them into, any ideas would be appreciated, thank you.

Question by welshwaters    |  last reply

how does this tea container work? Answered

My parents have had it for as long as i can remember, and then a bit more, its branded by Tetley, and as i recall, it is some sort of limited edition container, there is no date stamped on it anywhere, its made by Royal Winton. when you poen the lid, the container will play a tune, and its only when there is light visible by the bottom of the lid, if you set the lid on a flat surface or turn off the lights, it stops singing. which brings me to the question: how does it know its open, how does it make noise, and, most confusing, how has it managed to keep working even though its at least 20 years old? surely if it ran off of a battery it wouldve burnt out by now, right?

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Using Worm Tea as Hydroponic nutrients? Answered

Would that work? I want a totally organic hydroponic system, and using worm tea sounds like the best solution. I know I would have to dilute it, but how much, and does it provide everything the plant needs?

Question by Rotten194    |  last reply

Whistle for Tea Kettle? Instructable anywhere?

Hoping for help from the bright and zany folks here. I'm going to ruin my beloved Revere stainless steel kettle. I keep putting it on the stove to boil water, getting sidetracked by a project and forgetting about it until the water boils dry and I am seriously cooking that metal. You see there is no whistle to remind me it has come to the boil! Has anyone created a homemade whistle for a tea kettle or would someone consider creating such an instructable to help out this poor soul? My kettle and I would thank you!

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How to Make a Milk and Tea Vending Machine?

I am thinking of building a DIY tea vending machine. On a one Press the machine should dispense a hot milk tea

Question by ArvindhS3    |  last reply

how do you make weed tea?


Question by curtisk    |  last reply

Which type of decaffeinated green tea tastes the best?

I like green tea, but am really caffeine-sensitive (one cup of green tea with 15-20 mg of caffeine will easily give me 3-4 hours of awareness past my normal bedtime). I have no plans to decrease my sensitivity, but instead would like to find a brand or type of decaffeinated green tea that retains as much of the flavor as possible. Do you have suggestions? Salada "naturally decaffeinated" gea tea is ok, but there's got to be better.

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Any ideas what I could do with medium sized tea chests?

I have seven medium tea chests and would like to make use of them, either for an oustside project or inside the house but I just can't come up with anything, any suggestions or ideas?

Question by welshwaters    |  last reply

What ingredient in this tea makes it taste sweet? Cinnamon? Cloves? Nutmeg? Answered

Bengal Spice tea made by Celestial Seasonings tastes sweet when brewed without a sweetener.  It's so sweet you could convince a taster that a fair amount of sweetener was already added to their cup.  The listed ingredients are:  cinnamon, roasted chicory, roasted carob, natural spice and vanilla flavors with other natural flavors, ginger, cardamom, black pepper, cloves and nutmeg.  The box lists 0 calories and 0 grams of carbohydrate indicating no sugar.  Further, since the second infusion also tastes sweet, I doubt they "neglected" to list an ingredient such as sugar or stevia, which would tend to fully dissolve in the first infusion.  What ingredient is making the tea taste sweet?  Why isn't that ingredient used to sweeten other drinks?

Question by ewilhelm    |  last reply

This came with a matching teapot. What is it?

Part of a Chinese or Japanese tea service?  Can;t find this particular item anywhere on line.  Has a small spout with a hole.

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Hi!  I am interested in making kombucha and was wondering if anyone knows if it can be made from store purchased refigerated kombucha?

Topic by chele2010    |  last reply

how do you make weed tea?

Question by curtisk    |  last reply

is red diamond iced tea good for you?

Just wondering cus I drink it allot and I know that tea is supposed to be good for you

Question by vince 09    |  last reply

Swap: my tea envelopes for ... surprise me!

I'm offering a big fat bag full of tea envelopes to someone who is willing to send me... something fun. Make me an offer and see if I'll bite. I probably will. I'm in the Netherlands, but this offer is international. The envelopes are empty: there is no tea included in this offer. Many people like to use these colourful envelopes to make stuff, like cards. The picture is only a sample. The envelope you'll be getting will really be fat. There will be different tea brands present, and different flavours, but also many of the same brand and flavour so you can make a pattern. You'll find mainly Dutch and German brands. Any takers?

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How many tea should I add in

How many tea should I add in

Question by s3615625  

Arizona Ice Tea 1 gallon containers.

The Ice Tea in 1 Gallon plastic containers are Bake in. I am sure there is a way to remove the color. If anyone knows how to remove them please let me know.

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Tea tins, What should I make?

I have about 50 of these empty tea tins at home and I want to do some sort of cool craft with them. Any suggestions? The tins are all about 4x4x4. I really appreciate the help.

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What determines the max output of a Nitrogen TEA laser?

I was thinking about building a TEA laser, using nitrogen from the air. Like many others, I want it to have a really high (peak) output level (high enough to ionise air). What's the limiting factor for the amount of power I can put into it? Does the air "saturate" or something when there's too much current going between the electrodes? How come you can't connect it directly to the HV power source, but you have to have a spark gap/capacitor to fire it? So would it work on AC? Thanks

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How can I fix the tea stain patterns left on flattened tea bag so it can be light/colorfast?

I drip-dry a used tea bag (the folded sachet kind), then open it carefully, detach the stapler, string and label, remove the tea and flatten it wide. On the surface is the pattern left by the tea-stain. What kind of mordant or fixing agent can I use to preserve but not disturbing this pattern on the process? I will appreciate any help and suggestions.

Question by arnel8a    |  last reply

What can I do with 1-Gal. Arizona Tea jugs? Answered

I have a bunch and I'm sure they could be used for something awesome.

Question by stronglad    |  last reply

fermenting Kobucha tea /drink how do I get started on Kobucha? Answered

Starter for "kobucha" is it easy and what are the ingredients ?

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Has anyone ever recycled the tea light candle containers into craft projects?

I have 1000 of these small tea light candle containers, and was wondering if anyone ever recycled them into any craft projects (except new candle holders)???

Question by ermaanni    |  last reply

Whats the best kind of tea i can get at H.E.B, walmart, or Walgreens

I live in the stonch military town of Ft.hood/Killeen, so its a pain to find any artsy fartsy any thing, even good tea. and all we have (as far as i know) are these big corporation based stores (THEY'LL STEAL YOUR SOUL) so whats my best shot at getting some nice, fresh, injoyable, tea, with only these locations to choose from. -any instructables on good tea making? much love: grossgrowth

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[newsletter] 17-Foot Gandhi, BBQ Tips, Sweet Tea...

July 10, 2008 Sign-up for this newsletter: function openSubscribePopUp(src){ var emailValidate = /\w{1,}[@][\w\-]{1,}([.]([\w\-]{1,})){1,3}$/ if(emailValidate.test(src.value) == false){ alert("Please enter correct email"); return; }"/newsletter/newslettersignup?email=" + src.value,"newslettersignup1","status=yes,scrollbars=yes,resizable=yes,width=420,height=250"); } Welcome back! The Robot Contest ends this weekend! Make the most of that extension we gave you, add some finishing touches, enter your Instructable by Sunday night! The Horny Toad Invent-a-Sport Contest starts today! Win lots of cool clothes from Horny Toad by sharing your own original sport or game.The winners from the BBQ PDQ Contest have been announced. See who won!There's now an Instructables page on Facebook. Become a fan, post on the wall, and even upload some pictures or videos. Four Square Chair by wholman RC truck robot conversion by OracsRevenge Best FREE Things to do at Disney World by woofboy111 BBQ: Fall Off the Bone Beef Ribs by Mr. Rig It Smashed Mutant Octopus book "shelf" by Sunbanks Night Stand Charging Station Lamp by drocko BBQ Hero - slow cooking, smoking, and sauce bars by dave spencer DIY Force Sensitive Resistor (FSR) by kylemcdonald Southern-style Sweet Tea for Summertime by reno_dakota How to Climb a Tree (with prussiks!) by stasterisk Glass Dining Room Table "Etching" by Code128 Bumcamping in Japan by TimAnderson Win cool clothes from Horny Toad! Get published in the Instructables book! See who won! Build a thruster for a submersible or ROV by Kajnjaps Pulled Pork by Ticking-Timebomb A New Desk... From A Dresser by MercuryCrest 17-Foot Tall Cardboard Gandhi by delappe Now go make something awesome, and I'll see you next week! - Eric Sign-up for this newsletter: function openSubscribePopUp(src){ var emailValidate = /\w{1,}[@][\w\-]{1,}([.]([\w\-]{1,})){1,3}$/ if(emailValidate.test(src.value) == false){ alert("Please enter correct email"); return; }"/newsletter/newslettersignup?email=" + src.value,"newslettersignup2","status=yes,scrollbars=yes,resizable=yes,width=420,height=250"); }

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What are your best secret tips for perfect 'cha?

What are your best tips for making that perfect batch of kombucha? Have you ever tried adding your own flavors?

Topic by scoochmaroo  

what does that have to do with the price of tea in china? Answered

I've been wondering this for a long time! XD

Question by www139    |  last reply

Any ideas what to build with large tea chests?

I have got five large tea chests which I would like to transform into something but have got no ideas. Any suggestions are very welcome, thank you.

Question by welshwaters    |  last reply

How do you make a good compost tea ?

I would like to make a wonderful brew for my vegetables to thrive on and introduce nitrogen to the soil.

Question by niceribs    |  last reply

Has anyone thought of 'brewing' tea in the same way as beer? Answered

I know that tea leaves are sometimes used as a yeast nutrient in other drinks but I was wondering if you could get a "stronger" and fizzy ice tea thing going on?

Question by jokerlz    |  last reply

How you do make dandelion tea? What are all the steps?

I have no idea how to make dandelion tea. Can anyone help me out?

Question by paintthetownred    |  last reply

Funny Video

A friend of mine made this funny video about a tea party with a lunatic. Watch it! Tea Party Hijinks

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How to age Paper

I have added the first instructable for aging paper, I would think that this project would be more popular on the site. Heres the link:

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where would I get a hold of a tea tree plant? Answered

The "official" name is Melaleuca alternifolia, but it's what people make tea tree oil out of. I want to get ahold of one of those plants. (I live in the US)

Question by oldanvilyoungsmith    |  last reply

Is it practical to build a TEA Nitrogen Laser with at least a 10 Joule pulse? Answered

I am building an Electrolaser and I have decided on using a TEA Nitrogen Laser, but I am not sure what the specifications of a laser powerful enough for it would be.

Question by john7z7    |  last reply

How do I make real english tea-cakes? Answered

When vacationing in Britain I had teacakes in a café. They were these round pieces of bread with raisins in them and tasted of cinnamon among other things. Does anyone have a recepie? Can't get that taste out of my mind.

Question by omnibot    |  last reply

How to make thai icetea??

Its kind of like chai, and served cold.  Was wondering if anyone has the ingredients.

Question by shawneegeek    |  last reply

Looking for a Mother!

I'm looking for a kombucha mother culture and maybe some starter brew to start my own batch! I live in SF. Anyone have some to spare? After my first successes, I'll have some to share too!

Topic by scoochmaroo    |  last reply

How can I make my own green tea extract?

This question could go under both "Health" and "Pets" but I chose this one as the most relevant. I drink alot of different types of tea (black, green, red, white, herbal, you name it) so I have alot of supply around. And recently my poor little kitty was diagnosed with a cancerous soft tissue sarcoma in his hind leg. One of the many things our Veterinary Oncologist has suggested to us is supplements of green tea extract daily (as it has shown positive influence in human studies of survival rate with different types of cancer). It wouldn't hurt to give it a try. So the more detailed question here is, how can I make my own concentrated liquid green tea extract without over steeping the tea and breaking down the molecules of the beneficial antioxidants? And as far as dosage goes I have a general idea of how much extract to give (about 30 mg per day) if it's pure (like in a drugstore capsule). Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated.

Question by Asura-Valkyrie    |  last reply

Recipe for tapioca pearls? Something that doesn't require an oven...(but no bubble tea)

I have a 400g packet of small (2mm diameter) tapioca pearls that I would like to use up. I have a gas stove, no oven, no microwave so I'm looking for some kind of stew or salad recipe,  or just anything that I can cook on the stove top.

Question by BlueberryCrazy  

How to add suspension to a food trolley to prevent spillage of food and tea?

I am an A level Product design student and I am designing a food trolley for a person with grip and stability issues.  One of the biggest problems with current models is that when they go over the slightest bump or carpet runners/plates e.g. and they will spill and tip whatever is on them. This is a massive problem if the user is carrying hot tea or their dinner, increasing clean up work and generally reducing the quality of life of the user. I cannot think of a relevant method for stabilising the food tray/drink holder without drastically reducing the overall function and massively increasing cost while still allowing the trolley to support the user while they take their food from the prep area/kitchen to the eating area.  A few Ideas I have had:  large pneumatic wheels (solid rubber in most other examples), Some sort of spring suspension, Pistons, A counter weight... I have tried researching stabilisers for cameras but they don't seem to be relevant. Help with research keywords would also be useful as its difficult to know what to look up. Another problem I'm addressing is the aesthetics of the product as most examples just look like hospital equipment not everyday furniture. Currently I am siding on wood as the main material for the frame, If anybody has suggestions that would be better than boring tubular steel I am still in the early stages of development and would appreciate inspiration!

Question by bcavaciuti    |  last reply