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Soccer team

How many people here play on a soccer team?

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Baseball teams.

Well does anybody cheer on a baseball team? I cheer on the New york Yankees. And just in case you don't know the Yankees are in the mlb (major league baseball).

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Creating a design team

Hello I am mrmimosizer  I am starting a group to make games with as it has always been a passion for me to do so. I already have 5 story ideas written down and am starting to learn programming and could use people to help make the dream a reality. To contact me  skype: mrmimosizer

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Dream Build Team

Who would be in your dream build team?  You have an idea, a plan. Now you just need to build it, perfect it, sale it. You can't do all of it so you need a team not a large team, but a good, no, brillant team. What people types would you need? You're the Planner/Mastermind, now name the other types you would need.

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Foundraising Teen Team

Hello! We are a Team of makers called the DIY guys. We are in four, four students, and our passion is to get home just to build things. We have built many projects, cool things, science things and other new technologies which can make the world change maybe a little bit. Our dream is to go to the Maker faire, but all of them were in America, and we live in Europe. Now we have the chanse to go to the maker faire 2014 wich will be held in Oslo, norway. The problem is we are students with no or little money, and we can't pay the airplane fly. We have found part-time jobs, but it still isn't enough to pay all that we need to present our team at the Maker faire, so we wanna ask YOU guys, to donate to us. Down here we will post a link, where you can donate to our cause. Every Dollar will make us happy! any ammount you want, we will be thankfull!!

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Join Team Deadlocked

Hello All, I Am wanting to Start a gaming clan for games of all types some are cod4, cod ,counter strike source, and other games that have Internet multi player. Except for world of Warcraft, I dont like that game. Pm Me If you Are In favor of The Creation and would like to join.

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Favorite Sport/Team

What is your Favorite Sport, and your favorite team?

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Airsoft team roles

IM attempting to create a airsoft team and I thought it would be good if all of us had our own roles. I have some but I am looking for more heres what i have so far Roles I have so far: sniper assault gunner suppressive fire grenadier/Door Kicker scout Designated marksman CQC Team leader

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IDEA - Review Team

Here's an Idea that's been on my mind for a while: A review team. I don't know how reviewing works, and would appreciate if someone could explain. The idea would be: If the staff alone (People on the about page) are the ones who have to review stuff that's been flagged, why not have a review team, like the feature team? It would just be to give that ability to someone. When that person is bored, they can just look around the stuff that's been flagged and dispose of it as is necessary.

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Go Team Earth!

I'm very proud of us, all of us. It truly takes a thriving economy to pull off something this immense and fantastically... itself. For there is nothing smaller. This is the biggest. We have pushed the envelope off the table and have gone outside the box and stomped it into the floor. The biggest ad in the worldKeep on striving, humans.

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Team Ball Concept

Dear all,first of all, hello to all of you, I'm new to this site, but I've already seen some wonderful things on here, and they are a true inspiration source for the projects I'm working on during my study as an Industrial Designer.I've got a question about a concept of mine, which I will explain briefly to give you an understanding of what I'm trying to create:When playing a sport, let's take football (by which I mean soccer) there's a ball. My idea is to make the ball represent the ball possession (or actually the ball passing between players) of the teams. For instance, you have a blue and a red team, and what I want to do is make the ball color almost entirely blue if the blue team is in ball possession all the time. This way people will be more stimulated to play with eachother, passing the ball to eachother instead of scoring goals individually.The way I want the ball to change color, is by making it detect when it's being kicked, by a football shoe (which has to have some implemented technology as well). So everytime it's being passed from one player to another of the same team, the ball will color more blue or red. I need some help with the technology as I'm totally new to this aspect, 1. How to make the ball change colors? (LED's, or optical fiber:, or any other suggestions?)2.How to make the ball communicate with the shoes?One thing I've been looking into is RFID - chips/reader,, and then make the RFID-chips with a very limited range, so that only when the ball (with the reader) is close enough, the reader will detect the chip.But this seems like a last option, and I actually want something better.What I basically want is that when the shoe and the ball touch eachother, the coloring will happen. The requirements are that the shoes, must contain unique information so that the ball will know on what team that shoe is, another thing is that it can't be fragile, as the ball will be kicked by the shoe.Now as I'm fairly new to technology, I don't expect to build something with the best technology possible. As I have to write a final report, I will just present the technology idea in it. But it would be great if I could actually show an interactive prototype version of my concept. Therefore, if you have any suggestions, please write down the best possible way to create this, and a probably less perfect way that I can demonstrate (I'm willing to learn a lot over the next few weeks).Thanks in advance!

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Need a Game Development Team

Hey all, I'm looking to put together a small dev team for an indie game project that I'm planning. I'm working from the ground up here, so just about every role is still open. Experience is a plus, but I really only ask that you know what you're doing. The project will be a 3D Sci-fi/Fantasy RPG with a unique style of combat that combines the strategic skill-based systems of JRPG with the real-time fluidity of Western games. I'll put the project on a crowdfunding site like Kickstarter after I have a team and the completed GDD, so some stretch goals might include expanding to MMO or VR. I can give more specific details if you have questions. Roles to Fill: Programmer (C++, Unity 3D) Artist Level Designer Composer Scripter/Writer Voices (maybe) I couldn't pay immediately, but payment would probably be a fixed amount or a percent of the crowdfunding. If anyone is interested or has any questions, let me know.

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Looking to put together a game design Team

Right now I'm in the beginning stage of putting together a space game something kinda like EVE or the kerbal space program. But I was looking to get some people together and to start creating a MMO game using herocloud or unity. Let me know if your interested.

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Eagle Squad, my new airsoft group

This is my new airsoft team, Eagle Squad. We need members. Please check out my site: Please join.

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How can we ask the instructables featuring team to have a look at our modified instructable? Answered

As I recently made an instructable and it wasn't featured, but now I improved it a lot, so how can I ask them to reconsider having a look at it?? I would really appreciate if someone of the feature team considered looking at this ible(my ible) and tell me how I can improve it so that it can be featured(Sorry if I'm creating any trouble). Thanks in advance!

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Biomedical engineering

Hi, My names Tom and I need a team of experienced engineers, biomedical engineers and programmers to try and design different biomedical devices. This will be a NON profitable team, so it would be more of a hobby than a job. But I will take anyone that thinks they will be helpful. Get back to me soon if your interested please, this would also be a great idea for students at universities or collages that want more experience. Thanks Tom

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Hi, I am new to your community and am thrilled by what I see. I'm an idea person. Can I get help create prototypes?

If I share my ideas how are my intellectual rights protected. How are the creators rights protected from being copied or used by someone else. Does this site have any legal protections in place. Most importantly, is there anyone out there that is interested in helping me or do you know where I can get this kind of help. It is not complicated stuff, I just don't have that kind of education or talent. Thank you, I look forward from hearing from "Y'all"!

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Game Design Team Needed

Hi, I am looking to create a multiplayer game with high detail, i will be looking for a team of five with experience in designing, modelling, texturing ,unity,coding and animation. If you have these skill then please post your skill, and I will get in contact with you. The details of the game will be revealed once you have been accepted to work on the project.

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N.J. air rifle Team

Does anybody know where I can join an air gun/bb gun team? I'm 14

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Team Fortress 2 anyone?

 Hello! there is a FREE copy of team fortress 2 up for grabs! just leave a comment. I will not ask you for any personal details (if you have a steam account) if you don't have a steam account, then I'll only need your email. if you are one of my subscribers, then you get priority over the non subscribers. (of course click subscribe and you are the first person, then you get priority! then it boils down to who will offer me more stuff such as 5star rating, other subscriptions from you own subscribers, patches, etc.)  now you may want to know why I am doing this. for my birthday present, a user on this site sent me a gift copy of TF2 on steam. he had bought the game a few months before, and it had came with a gift pass. (a full version of the game sent for free due to masses of sales. ) then, as it was still selling so well, I managed to obtain a gift pass for it. but I have noone to give it to. well thats that, and I do not own any of the stuff here, (except for the gift pass) I did not create TF2, I only play it. and to all of you geeks, then this is not an illegal copy, its fully licensed. Thanks for reading, and LEAVE A COMMENT IF YOU ARE INTERESTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Ponoko and Sparkfun Team Up!

Just announced on the Ponoko blog "Ponoko has teamed up with SparkFun Electronics to help make it easy for you to build custom electronics products using your online personal factory. This combines the digital making wizardry of the world’s easiest making system with a 1500+ strong electronics catalog from open source electronics supplier SparkFun." Read more

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Team Fortress 2 ping

Hi, I have recently received high ping on all servers in TF2, while other people get around 20, i get 220 ping. What is wrong with my internet and how do i fix my ping?

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Team up with Make Magizine

Dear Instructables, I am tired of going to so many different sources for great How Tos and DIY projects. This is why I am suggesting that you and Make Magazine should merger.  This way we could get the great content of both the open web content of Instructables and the the physicality of Make Magazine. I love both of you, but I also love a one stop shop. Sincerely, A FAN

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Making Game Designer Team

Looking For Game Designer Team. There already are 2 members of it. But we need help of course. We cannot keep it up by ourselfs. We would also be grateful for any kind of idea ! You need to have Skype, so we can chat while we are making the game itself. You must know how to use Unity3D. You can get it here:                           And of course at least basics of Modeling and Java Scripting. We are also looking for: - Art Director - Animator - Modeler Apply Format: Your Real Name: Your Real Age: Skills in Modeling / JavaScripting  - 1/10: Skills in Unity3d  - 1/10: Your Skype: Your English knowledge - 1/10: -------------------------------------------------- My Skype is: nejc.drobnic1 Contact me, and send me the apply and we will talk via skype.

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A HUGE Thankyou to the Instructables team!

Guys and Girls, it is with a big grin on my face that I would I would like to thank the Instructables team for awarding me pro-membership (albeit on a short term basis) for my two recent Instructables Chocolate Orange and/or Rum Truffles for Christmas! Christmas Pudding Chocolate sweets! I have been writing I'bles for some time now, and I get excited when I get that special 'Featured' email... But getting this little gift has brightened my day! Thanks everyone, if the incentive of Free Pro membership isn't enough for people to strive to writing great I'bles, I don't know what is! Thank you again Cheerio Jay

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UCs, Toyota Team Up

Toyota has donated two Priuses--one to the Institute of Transportation Studies at UC Berkeley and one to the Advanced Power and Energy Program at UC Irvine--for consumer research and upgraded electric car capabilities. The big news: a plug-in possibility that would allow for pure electric power up to 60 mph, a significant upgrade from the current 30 mph limit (after 30 mph, some gas is needed). A 7 mile commute could be done purely on electric energy, with no gas. Additionally, the universities will do research on people's reactions to charging their car and trying to gauge consumer preferences.This is not particularly new, but it could still be huge for the electric car community. Thanks to Tim Anderson for bringing this to our attention.Link

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Beautiful Team Fortress 2 Figure

The pyro character from Team Fortress 2 has been lovingly recreated by a fan and it has a real flame! Whether you're a fan of the game or not, check out the making-of pics of this figure as well as some of the maker's other creations. Link to pyro Link to list of figuresvia Neatorama

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Putting together a video game design team.

I'm looking for dedicated, creative, and active people who know their way around modeling, audio manipulation/creation, script and story writing and coding. I will not be paying anybody anything up front. Every game/app we complete will be split per-purchase. I'll be on Coding C#/Javascript I need somebody that knows their way around blender (3d modeling) I need somebody that can create sounds for us, the sounds don't need to be advanced by any means. I need somebody that has a very story-telling(ish) mind. I need stories written and dialog and scripts. I need somebody that can overlook the general development of the game and ensure that the overall goal is met and the content created is not stale. So i need 4 more people to complete a 5-man(or woman) team for video game development. I'm -very- serious about this. This is not just a hobby for me. Let me know if you are interested. 

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Assembling a Development Team (VC funding in progress)

I will keep this short and sweet. I am in the process of getting VC funding for my company/video game. I am taking emails on all parts of the development cycle. I will be using the Unity Gaming Engine for proof of concept and possible the complete game. Being that funding has not be secured yet this will be "pro bono". Please note that once funding is approved you will be offered a full-time position.  You will NOT be asked to do any work without knowing you will be offered a full time position. A non disclosure agreement has already been drafted and will have to be signed before any discussion about the game can take place. If you are interested please contact me at Again I am looking at all parts of the development process. If you do not know the Unity Engine that does NOT disqualify you as there are many parts to the video game developement process that exist outside of Unity. 

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Looking for group to work on a 3d video game

Looking to form a Team to help make a 3d video game. I've pretty much written everything (Script, level design concept , characters, story) so the game is ready to be made. I'm decent at 3ds max but I'm willing to use whatever program the group would prefer. The style of the game  is a open world post apocalyptic desert. Its a miserable place with few friends and many enemies. You'll play as a female protagonist with the persona somewhat of a western outlaw such as billy the kid. Its dark comedy, quirky humor, and gritty. The gameplay will be like a mix of red-dead redemption style of gunaplay and gadgets that help traverse and explore the world like the batman arkham series. What we will need is - Coders / modelers / and anyone else who's interested. I've put a couple of somewhat concept art so you can get a picture of what I'm looking for.

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I'm looking for a team to make videogames

Hi. I'm fan of videogames and from long time I want to create my oun. I'm not pro in anithyng, so I'd like to make a team to try to create an FPS/Sandbox game. I can speak English,French and Italian. I'll need basically a coder, how knows Java or other important coding languages, a 3D modeler, a 3D animator (or only one for bolth), and if it's possible someone how knows how to make all the sounds. If there's also a texturer it's really better. You'll need skype to can comunicate. I accept every level, but igest is your level and igest is the opportunity. Another thing is that you have to be a good boy. So you are all accepted and thank you.   

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What does it take to become a member of the community team? Answered

I would really like to be a member of the community team on instructables, can anyone tell me if there is a way to do so or is it just not possible for me? Thanks!

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So Team Fortress 2 Is Down

Since a few days ago many Team Fortress 2 Players have been experiencing a frustrating anomaly. Team Fortress 2 (and on occasion other source games) DO NOT WORK! This is very frustrating, opinions have been voiced that it is due to extreme server overload due to all the F2P people coming in by the thousands. This is not only frustrating but also unfair, ask one of my very good friends who actually pre-ordered Team Fortress 2, was a dedicated Gamer and Beta Tester but has now been demoted so much he can't even boot up the game anymore, while several F2P "gamers" had no trouble at all booting the game up. Does anyone else see a problem with this?

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Team Fortress 2 Is Now Free

As of the Uber Update for Team Fortress 2 the game is now free. Anyone can download it as long as they have steam (which is also free.) Whether this is heralding a new game release or valve is simply trying to give us a freebie I have no idea but it is still something worth checking out. Note: as it is now free their servers are jam-packed with people both playing and trying to download, I had a friend who had to wait almost 4 hours for his download to start and another 5 for it to finish. However do not let this deter you as the wait is worth it. P.S. Meet the Medic has (finally) been released and I would embed it on this topic but I have no idea how.

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Cocktails vs. Mocktail team winner?

 I counted 19 mocktails, does that mean the cocktail team won?

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New Group! K'nex Assault Team!

Check out the group I made. It dosn't have many members, but still, check it out! Look up K'nex Assault Team!

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Instructables team interview: Eric and Leah

Leah and I were interviewed by Eddie Codel of PodTech Network during the Web 2.0 conference. The original post is here and I've embedded the video below. Enjoy!

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Instructables team interview: Eric and Leah

Leah and I were interviewed by Eddie Codel of PodTech Network during the Web 2.0 conference. The original post is here and I've embedded the video in the forums here.

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how many people are on the ibles team and if i want to send the team where will i send it to? Answered

How many people are on the ibles team and if i want to send the team where will i send it to?yeh just wondring cus i want to send the ible team somethig=)

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Looking for Video Game Development Team.

Hello, my name is Christoffer Asp, I'am 19 years old and I'am developing a first person shooter game on unity on my own and have come to the point where i need to grow a bigger team. 1. i need someone too do the first person arms animations, so that means a good animator. (in any program, whatever works in unity) 2. someone to help me code multiplayer and all the other functions. to give you an idea about the game idea, this game is going to be like "rust" a online multiplayer, survival, shooter, building game. 3. a better 3d modeller than me. 4. sound designer. if you are good at anything of these things please contact me on my email and ill get back too you shorlty. remember, if you have ever wanted to get big in this buisness, then this may be your chance! my email is:

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Open Call : DIY Collab Teams

I'm working on my MFA for Design & Tech at Parsons in New York, and my thesis is on DIY collaboration teams. I propose a set of open source knowledge collaborations. The benefit will show when our innovations make it to the products we use daily. I envision the forum section as a discussion area, with the instruction set side being more of a workspace. I will also create a wiki to act as a collection of the innovations / knowledge gained from these projects. Why is this interesting? This community has a ton of potential, with users that have specialized skills in almost any industrial field. We already modify or create things as we see necessary, and teach each other what we learned in the process. I believe that if we could collaborate on focused topics there is no limit to the innovation we could produce. It doesn't make sense for product users to be left out of the design process. This is not a new idea, some of the best innovations and discoveries were made by users, not corporations. One of the benefits is that nobody would own the rights to any portion of the project, so it leaves open the possibility for further innovation from interested parties. The main theme here is interest; innovation comes from a community like ours where people are actually interested in what they do. The focus of my research is about the nature of participation within these mini-communities, however you probably know that I will not be able to just sit aside and observe. So within the next week I will be jumping in on a topic that I can contribute to. As for other topics that are proposed, I am more than happy to do whatever I can to help, and I will hook up with the teams to observe the collaborations. Anyone interested, and if so, what topic would you like to collaborate on?

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Looking for video game design team.

Hello. I'm looking for some individuals with at least a small amount of experience to start a group make 3D games on the unity engine. I would like to mostly make RPG shooters or RPG fantasy games.  What do we need: Coders- c#, Python or Java. Level design - Done in unity Modelers - Pretty much anything will work. Anything else you think we need. Level of experience needed: Very low, You just need to know basically what your doing.  If your interested or have questions just reply to this and ill try to get back to you as quickly as i can.

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i need to put together a game design team

I need to put together a team so if your familiar with blender. message me on facebook  if your not well work are way around it.

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Everybody has to check out my new airsoft team's website. We are now officialy FPS: 500. The website is check it out if you get a chance. Some pictures of the team will be added later.Visit My Website

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how do you get on the featured team?

I would like to know how to get on the featured team

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This week the highly anticipated High Line Park in NYC opened to the public for the first time.

This week the highly anticipated High Line Park in NYC opened to the public for the first time. The park was built on the remains of an abandoned rail system in New York City. Check out our video of the new High Line, with exclusive interviews with the design team including Lead Designer and Landscape Architect James Corner of James Corner Field Operations and architect Ricardo Scofidio of Diller Scofidio + Renfro who made this stunning new park possible.

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Does Anyone Run on a Cross Country Team?

Basically just read the title. Oh yeah, that picture is me and the rest of the boys CC team at our school. We got 1st place there. Yes, I'm in the picture...

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what i fill in 'Link to Team website' in Makerspace Contest 2016 - Team Entry form? Answered

We (our team) decided to participate in this contest but we stuck while filling the entry form.  i want ask you that whether they want us to make a team website or something else?  please solve our doubt regarding this...

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Minecraft Map: BuildBlocks PvP

Hello, recently I made a map called control point and I wanted to do something with the /scoreboard command. So here is the outcome. Team based Simple yet fun 3 different class-each with strengths and weaknesses 2 teams 10 lives to each player Players team and number of lives left displayed Each dead player is teleported to a spectate area Each team can build there base (Withing the regions) If your team uses all the resources your team loses No friendly-fire :D The objectives is to basically kill the other team and be the last one standing

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