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being a teenager

What is it like being a teenager?

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Renegade Teenage Engineers

Now this is a collaboration.

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Getting Teenage Cash

I am 14 and currently living in South Africa. The problem with South Africa is it's major security issues. I could only do the "traditional" (Mowing lawns, babysitting) with family friends, but the problem is in South Africa all families earning above a certain amount are required to hire a maid and a gardener, so that removes all of the "traditional" methods of earning money.

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Ultra-sonic teenager deterrent

I've seen kits and plans online for ultra-sonic teenager deterrent devices but I can't imagine that they are all that complicated.  There is a large group of teenagers that hang out smoke, litter, stall traffic and make a great deal of noise across the street from my home.  I believe that having one of these devices and hiding it within range of them somewhere on my own house would be a great way to get them to disperse to somewhere else.  If anyone has made one of these devices and would like to share their design I would greatly appreciate it.

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Wanted Arduino Advice For Teenager

My son has expressed an interest in Arduino because he's in an after school group of "builders" in which a number of students are toying with Raspberry Pi. He was told that Arduino can be built using a ChromeBook - we don't own a Windows computer (only Macs). He believes that he could build using YouTube and other computer based research. Can someone tell me if Arduino is compatible with ChromeBook? With so many kits available, can you please advise one that will engage him for multiple projects and may even be used for growth but at the same time is not going to break the bank? Any advice is much appreciated!!

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Help with coursework, short survey on teenage drinking?

This is a short piece I am doing on underage drinking for a paperAge? How much of a problem is teenage drinking? (0 = No problem, 10 = Huge problem)Briefly explain the answer given above (optional) :…What age do you think is appropriate to begin drinking? What do you think the legal age to buy and drink alcohol should be? Do you think alcohol should be illegal?Yes/NoDo you think teenagers ‘binge drink’ more than adults? Yes/No

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i am trying to save up for a horse, but am not old enough to get a REAL job but am trying to make a lot of money, ideas? Answered

I am a teenage girl, i am trying to earn more money to get my horse:)  i hove horses and have been saving ever since i was 9... but i still would like to have a few hundred $ in savings before i get my horse, any ideas howto earn money? i love working outside or inside it doesent matter. i am a hard worker and dont care if my hands get a little dirty.. Please help! 

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how can a teenager start a business or store? Answered

All i need to know is how to get it started but i will accept any other information

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how can a junior teenager make money? Answered

K, well obviously, im a junior teen. i want to start making money early to buy a car when im older so i ont have to worry about a car later, and save for a house instead. my parents are over protective so going to someone elses house wont happen, but i mght be able to go to my neighbours's back/front yards. my parents wont pay me to do chores. i AM starting a small tutoring buisness but that wont set off for a while. any ideas?

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Why do teenagers get such a negative stereotypical view? Answered

Why do some people have such stereotypical views of teenagers? Yes I am 15, and a teenager, but that doesn't mean I'm going to automatically shoplift from your store, use illegal substances, or somehow break the law. I've had door security rummage through my bags, cashiers watch me while I browse, and staff asking me to turn out my pockets inside out.  I work at a shop myself, so I know how important security is, I am kind and courteous to other people, I don't smoke, drink or do drugs, I hang around probably the nicest kids you'll find at my school, and I try to avoid abbreviations like 'LOL' as much as possible, yet that all means nothing, just because of my age.  I will admit that there is a small minority of teenagers who do use illegal substances and get in trouble with the law, but this gets projected onto all teenagers via the media.  And TV shows such as 'Skins and 'Misfits' just add to the negative stereotype. Right, my venting is over, feel free to add any comments :)

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Whats a cheap and fun hobby that a teenager can enjoy?

Ive always enjoyed tinkering and building things in the garage and im always open to new things... because im a kid i dont have alot of money to spend on a hobby and id like to expand from the woodworking and cannon makeing hobbies i have already... just wondering what the instructables comunity had to offer!

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Tips on working/talking with teenage kids? (Teachers, parents... help!)

Specifically teenage girls. 10-13. Right now I'm helping teach an after school program for middle school girls. We teach them about being healthy - eating right, having good body image, exercising properly, etc. We have very few volunteers, but next week it's just going to be me and the site leader. I called my mom to ask for advice, and she laughed and said she never figured any of this stuff out, but if she thinks of something, she'll call me. :P We have 20-30 girls depending on the day. Any ideas for keeping them focused and on task? This is really my first time working with kids where I'm in an authority position, so I do need a little help and encouragement. Normally I'm just on the sidelines helping out and not stepping in and telling people what to do! Any words of advice? :D

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How to make money as a teenager (middleschool), not the usual ways that are babysitting and landscaping?

I want to know how to make quick cash and money. Not the usual ways that are babysitting and landscaping. There's already too much highshoolers and paid services. And if i try to sell at school, what would i sell, not just gum and school supplies, almost everyone carries gum. I was thinking puppy chow but would it be enough profit. Also not just online money making. Last thing don't give me a link to the guide by =SMART= i've read it but i need other ways.

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What are some cool activities to do with teenagers that they will find fun and interesting too?

I have a 15 yr-old son and a 13 yr-old daughter that my husband & I have difficulty in finding activities that all of us will enjoy together. We're on a very tight budget & that limits what we can do also. I'd love to hear any suggestions & ideas!

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what if your a kid?

Im a teenager and i dont have any tools

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How do I know whether or not by grade 8 crush likes me? Answered

I'm in grade 6 and I really like this guy but he's in grade 8 and I rarely ever see him. I only started seeing him more when he got in trouble so when I enter the school in the morning he's always there facing the door helping with the lunch "tickets" that I get everyday just to get his attention and even then it feels like he likes me but I'm not sure because he's always so emotionless around me and when I go to get lunch with my best friend, my crush only says hi to my best friend and looks at me I always feel he's eyes on me the only time we ever talked was when I first meet him I asked his name and he smiled and replied, the second was at lunch when I was laughing like crazy and he came up to us and started laughing too cause he over heard me saying something so weird and crazy to a friend of mine and everyone was like what, so yah I really don't know if he likes me or not?, I keep getting mixed messages and somethings it feels like he's ignoring me By the way I'm 5'3 and he's like 5'7 or 5'8 (I don't know why I added that in :>) and he's like the jock of the school, he's popular, cool, and calm and I'm well known around the school but I wouldn't say I was popular, I'm too confident for my own good and I'm not afraid to voice out my opinions and I think that me and my crush are a perfect match

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where is a good place to meet girls?

Where is a good place to meet girls for a teenager looking for a girlfriend

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People refer to this type of teenage dancing all the time, but i still haven't caught what it is! Someone please, if u know.... tell me! haha thx

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Looking for a cheap 3D printer

Hi! I am looking for a cheap 3D printer that is easy enough to set up for teenagers.Could anyone give me some suggestions?Thanks a lot!

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SKUNKPUNK turns 15!

Ok, This is a bit of a crisis. My oldest son, Skunkpunk, turns 15 today! I turned 37 last week. I'm feeling OLD. I only realized that I was no longer a teenager a couple of years ago, and now I'm having to deal with being a parent of a teen. For me, 15 was a big year. Learning to drive, my first serious girlfriend, etc. I'm not ready to deal with Skunkpunk's teenage-roller-coaster. So anyway, If anyone has any advice for us we could use it. I need advice on how to parent a teen, and he needs advice on how to survive the teen years.

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Instructables Build Day 5/31/13

It's time for another build day at Instructables!  I'm going to try to continue working on my Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Amigurumi patterns. What is everyone working on today? *Will update as I have images :)

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Anarchy and teens

What the deuce is with these teenagers and anarchy? Is pure evil and chaos what they want, and are attracted to? What the deuce do they want? I know most will stop being anarchists (not truly) eventually, but is it a trend, a cult, a what? Comments will be most appreciated my fellow insructa-users

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Sociology Research Assignment

I'm doing a research project for my High School sociology class and need to interview a couple of adults, I was hoping to find some more interesting people than my parents and teachers lol. I'm looking for people around their 30's and up, but feel free to post if you want to share anyways. All the questions are directed toward what you did when you were a teenager (however far off that may seem ;-) Birth year: 1. What slang terms were common/popular when you were a teenager? 2. What did you do for fun? 3.What were you concerned about globally? 4.What was the Dumbest thing you did when you were a teenager? 5.What did you want to be when you grew up? (did you even want to grow up at all) What did you become? 6.What was your Relationship with elders and your general view of elders? 7. What was your Favorite thing to do with your friends? 8. What was the biggest thing that was considered normal/accepted then but is now not considered normal/accepted now? 9. What types of cliques/social groups were there? (jocks, preps, band nerds ect.) 10. What was your first car?

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Are there any legit survey sites where I can redeem through paypal?

I have trawled through Google search results for sites that offer incentives for completing surveys, but can't be assured of what sites are legit or not, so do you know of any working sites?

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What kind of job can i get as a 13 year old?

I want to know how i can make money. Something other than the crap survey sites. Can i work as a helper in some super market or etc.

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Does anyone have homemade gift ideas for men? Answered

  I am looking for homemade gift ideas for men (and 1 teenager) that like music (metal rock), golf, and football. I want to make them something they will actually use. Any ideas appreciated! Thanks!

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hi im 13 and i find my room really boring, i need some cool craft ideas to put in and on my room. Answered

Cannot paint. im a teenager so nothing Childish. music is cool. my interests are anime music screamo naruto canada cooking. drawing

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Me and my friend are gonna start selling stuff at school (were in junior high). What should we make/sell.?

We honestly have no clue... Were both teenagers and we need money :O Also : What should we do like hand out fliers or buisness cards or i dont know... :O pleasee help :D

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Any ideas for fun summer camp activity to bring in money?

Hi, i'm a counselor on a summer camp for teenagers aged 17, but we have a really low budget - any ideas on getting them to do a really fun activity that could also bring in some cash? can we build anything, make anything to sell? cheers!

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Trade Me has closed down the account of a Wellington student selling bomb-making chemicals Trade Me has closed down the account of a Wellington student selling bomb-making chemicals through the website, and is also investigating the teenager over identity theft. Trade Me is same as Ebay. 

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Any recomendations for a small sailboat plans? Answered

I'v been searching for sailboat plans and have had a hard time fitting my criteria. I want simplicity and cheapness over everything. Iv built a small wooden boat once but no other marine building experience. I'm looking for under 10 feet and one person. Im a teenager whose doesn't have much money. Thank you very much.

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How to make popsicle stick bomb chains

I want to do a popsicle stick explosion (linked "bombs") with teenagers I work with but I can't find a pattern for the "units" that make long explosions. ? I've been loving the Stick bomb videos online and we have thousands of spare "craft sticks" to use in our afterschool programs.  Also, exciting words other than "bomb" and "explosion" to describe the chain reaction would be helpful.

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"Ask the Experts" DVD launch.

A few users may have heard about me speaking at a conference with some other youths to 350 people, this was the launch of a great DVD made to help teachers, counsellors, youth workers and many other people understand about bereavement from a teenager's or a child's perspective. It was a great project collaboration between Cruse Bereavement Care, Marie Curie Cancer Care, Macmillan Cancer care and Barnardos. I was on this project from the planning stage, after the grant from the Big deal lottery Fund had been approved. The project took us to the Share centre on a planning day followed by a weekend where we got all the footage for the final project. Not long after the same project took me to Westminster Abbey to speak to MP's and Lords about the state of government help and counselling for bereaved children and teenagers, that initiative was started by MP Alex Davey who was in the same position as a teenager and hopes to improve care for these things throughout the UK. The project was a great thing to do and I personally enjoyed the hoohah out of it. The end product is a great resource and I would really recommend it to any teacher or counsellor who deals with teens, it could help a lot of people, even the likes of clergymen and ministers. I'm not just saying this because I'm in it but that surely helps, it was received really well by everyone at the conference which broached many topics and had a lot of interesting material at it. We also did another youth panel though this time we were asked set questions about the project rather than the audience be able to ask. The DVD should be available from cruse soon, I honestly do think it's worthwhile...Some press about the launch... Medicalnewstoday.comPress release[

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how do i keep my face clear and zitless?

Im in high school and i think i take REALLY good care of my personal hygiene, but every now and then i get a HUGE sucker zit on my face and i cant look in a mirror without it lookin back. i really want to have clear flawless skin cuz i am a teenager and gross zits just arent attractive. ANY ideas of what i can use or do???

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How Stupid Can People Get? Answered

HOW STUPID CAN PEOPLE GET!!!!???? I have always wondered how stupid people can get, but i have never managed to work it out. because someone just says something stupider or does something that makes you wonder why they are still alive it been bothering me for ages, please help me can someone give it to me in numbers somehow?

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Landfill Harmonic

Hi all, I do not know where to post it exactly, in green, or music or tech... I want to share an amazing video. A teaser of an upcoming film showing a incredible experience where is happening in Paraguay a very poor country but very rich in human being! It's about an up-cycled instruments played by teenagers, landfill inhabitants and build-up up by her fathers from what they found in cateura's landfill. I love it! Landfill Harmonic film teaser from Landfill Harmonic on Vimeo. If you like it, please share in your social networks!

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Soundproof Theater

After playing Super Smash Brothers Brawl at a party in a sound proof room on a projection screen, I've been trying to convince my parents to do the same to one of our unused rooms. Build a "teenage hangout". It will be very hard to convince them to do this, the lower the cost, the better. Is there any cheap tricks do doing this (and still look nice)? Memory foam on the walls? Obviously the screen itself will take the most convincing, but if that fails I'll use our 60in TV (three years of begging at it's finest :D ). I might even make it into an Instructable.

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How can I make money quick? Answered

I really want to make money. It's spring when I don't rely on my parents to buy me birthday presents or friends. I don't rely on my orchard to bear fruit so I can sell them. I am just a teenager and my days here in Claifornia are just too frustrating. I live in the country. Yes, I can work for my dad to earn 2 dollars an hour, but everyday is 80-95 degrees. What else can I do to earn money?

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please could you give me ideas to make some cash Answered

Life seemed the best catagory for this question, Hi im 15 in december and i live in the north of england, i want to makesome spare cash so i can save up for a laptop, do you know what i could do? thanks Btw im never doin a paper round washing cars babysitting or anythng to do with dogs/cats.

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What kind of food, decorations and activites should I have at my end of the year party? Answered

There will be 20 or more people, we have a fire pit and a pretty big backyard with a lot of room. Things I have thought of doing include: Watching a movie Making s'mores in the fire pit Burning old school assignments Volleyball net and stuff outside Music and dancing Playing video games (like wii stuff and guitar hero) I also thought it would be fun to decorate the backyard with lights and give everyone glowsticks?

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How does heating water in a steam engine boiler create steam pressure? Answered

I am thinking of doing an instructable on Model steam engines, how they work etcetera, and I am need of a Physicist to explain how the steam in the boiler builds up pressure. I know how the rest of the engines work, but unfortunately I am a bit lost for knowledge on pressure. I could just look at wikipedia or another such website but that defeats the object of the instructable. The person who explains this best in a way a teenager could understand will get a collab on my Instructable, and subscribe.

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i am trying to save up for a horse, but am not old enough to get a REAL job but am trying to make a lot of money, ideas?

I am a teenage girl, i am trying to earn more money to get my horse:)  i hove horses and have been saving ever since i was 9... but i still would like to have a few hundred $ in savings before i get my horse, any ideas howto earn money? i love working outside or inside it doesent matter. i am a hard worker and dont care if my hands get a little dirty.. Please help!

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New York: Not exactly tourist-friendly

A British mother took her teenage daughters to New York as a Christmas present.Shortly after arriving, she was hospitalised with pneumonia.Social workers told her they would look after her daughters in a foster home, but:They were taken to an orphanageThey were strip-searchedThey were asked intimate questions like whether they had been abused or attempted suicide.They were required to shower in front of observing adults.They were split upThey were prevented from visiting their mother in hospitalThe Social Services have informed the mother that she is now under investigation.Is this a typical occurrence in the US?Or is it just New York?BBC storyAOL articleDaily News article

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Im going to start an instructable collaboration on how to make money, it will be geared towards kids and teenagers, people who cant/dont-want-to go get a job. Parts will be general money making ideas and some more specific to the summer months, And try to suggest creative ideas to instead of the average babysit, dog-walk and lawn mow. I am looking for some collaborators, so if you want to help out post a comment below and share some ideas. in about 3 days ill choose around 4-5 people to help! I hope there is some interest beacuse lots of kids ask these questions, hopefully it will be great ! Thanks, SMART

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Kiteman Recommends: This is True!

If you like Little Brother, you like this;I have been receiving This is True! every Friday for quite some time now. The author, Randy Cassingham, collates current stories from across the world that make you sit back and go WHAT? , laugh out loud and get outraged, sometimes all in the same article.This week's issue includes a child interviewed by the police after being snitched on by a librarian (a lot of comment on this one); an age restriction on teaspoons; a teenage thief caught after a trouser accident and a drug-smuggler refusing life-saving surgery.Have a look, enjoy, subscribe.Note: I am in no way affiliated to This is True! - I'm just trying to help one of the Good Guys get through the credit crunch.

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Could you avoid being fired? (TV opportunity for UK teens)

Sir Alan Sugar is to put a group of 10 teenagers through their paces in a youth version of The Apprentice, the BBC has announced.Junior Apprentice will feature five girls and five boys aged 16 and 17, who will be set a variety of business tasks to test their entrepreneurial skills.The winner will win a prize worth up to 25,000GBP* and tailored to his or her individual career prospects.The set-up is very much like the original version - losing teams end up in the board room, and one member gets fired.You don't need to have business experience, you don't need to be an academic high-flyer, you just need the will, aptitude and the sheer gumption to go for it.Apply via the BBC website."Adult" Apprentice website.BBC story*Why does the site still play Billy Suggers with the sterling sign?

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I Got to Meet Erik Beck!

On a trip to NY, I called Next New Networks and told them how I was a huge fan of Indy Mogul and would love to take a tour of the offices. I came in the next day and went to the floor that NNN was located on. My dad and I were greeted by the secretary and the co-producer, Ryan Nugent, led us to all the rooms of Indy Mogul, the green screen, the makeup vanity, the wall of props in which all of the props were displayed on the wall starting at the jetpack build. The highlight was when I was led into the room where Erik hosts the show and he was standing right there, I almost fell over! We talked about the show, I tried on the wolverine claws, and spun the wheel of prosperity! Erik also autographed a piece of paper and left me a note. On my way out, I was given an exclusive poster that only a few people are in possession of. It was the greatest day of my teenage life!

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what should i do?

Okay soo im only a teenager, but my really close friend who is also my age kissed me the other week and said he loved me, and then that night on msn he told me he really likes me stiill ( we have been out 2 times before) then i got my hopes up. but he has a girlfriend :/ then he told me to come for a walk in the morning with him; and i was like sure so we did and he kept kissing me, and later that night on msn he told me hes going on holiday and thaat he will sort everything out when he gets back , my friends are saying that he is just using for abit of action , cus his girlfriend lives a 20 minute drive away so im quite comfused.hes back from holiday tomorrow.; and i dont know what i should do.can anyone give me any ideas?PLEASE (:xxxxxx

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