Anarchy and teens

What the deuce is with these teenagers and anarchy? Is pure evil and chaos what they want, and are attracted to? What the deuce do they want? I know most will stop being anarchists (not truly) eventually, but is it a trend, a cult, a what? Comments will be most appreciated my fellow insructa-users

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Teen money problems

Hey I'm 14 and keep trying to make money but my "schemes" don't work out to well. Does anyone have any good advice for money making? Also does anyone know any places (major chain places. obviously u won't kno about my area but like McD, stuff like that) that would hire a 14 year old for a summer job? (btw I've read all the instructables so don't just say read the instructables b4 u post)

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I just discovered a curated aggregator that's full of fun crafts for teens and likely tweens.  Check it out: And they accept submissions to be featured if you're a teen making something for other teens or if you've got a project that would be great for their audience.

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Foundraising Teen Team

Hello! We are a Team of makers called the DIY guys. We are in four, four students, and our passion is to get home just to build things. We have built many projects, cool things, science things and other new technologies which can make the world change maybe a little bit. Our dream is to go to the Maker faire, but all of them were in America, and we live in Europe. Now we have the chanse to go to the maker faire 2014 wich will be held in Oslo, norway. The problem is we are students with no or little money, and we can't pay the airplane fly. We have found part-time jobs, but it still isn't enough to pay all that we need to present our team at the Maker faire, so we wanna ask YOU guys, to donate to us. Down here we will post a link, where you can donate to our cause. Every Dollar will make us happy! any ammount you want, we will be thankfull!!

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Shops popular with British teens?

For reasons known only to myself, I need to know of some shops popular with British teens. What shops do you guys on that little island like to go to? I kinda need to know actual shop names, I can assume you shop for candy, clothes, gadgets, and whatnot like us on the other side of the pond. Your quiz crazy pal,RocketScientist2015

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Craft gift ideas to make for a teen?

I'm wanting to make some gifts for my sister whose turning 15...i'm already going to make her a tutu that she wants..and to her surprise a soda tab belt...i was hoping for other ideas i can make..thank you!!!

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Teen Attempts to Circumnavigate the Globe

Some of you may know already, but 16-year old Abby Sunderland made international headlines twice, once for her journey to become the youngest person to sail around the world nonstop unaided and again when her boat ran into trouble in the middle of the southern Indian Ocean. Good news sources on the story can be found here, here, and here. This topic has been tossed about on all manner of online blogs and forums, but I wondered what your folks' thoughts were on the matter. Inspirational role model? Too dangerous? Alternatively, what can the maker community either gain from or contribute to this story? Post your thoughts below.

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I need help thinking of inexpensive projects for middle school students: arts, field trips, educational, whatever. ?

This is optional for them, but I want the kids to want to participate in these projects, so they need to be appealing. They can be fairly complicated, as we can do them over a period of time. The kids are 13-14 years old.

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Getting Teenage Cash

I am 14 and currently living in South Africa. The problem with South Africa is it's major security issues. I could only do the "traditional" (Mowing lawns, babysitting) with family friends, but the problem is in South Africa all families earning above a certain amount are required to hire a maid and a gardener, so that removes all of the "traditional" methods of earning money.

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Teens take pics from edge of space with a balloon

With a latex balloon, a camera, and some home-built electronics, four teens in Spain managed to get pictures from 20 miles up! The balloon was inflated with helium, the camera and electronics were attached and away it went up to 100,000 feet before it popped and returned to earth. The camera was still snapping away when the students picked it up 10km from the launch site.Team leader Gerard Marull, 18, said: "We were overwhelmed at our results, especially the photographs, to send our handmade craft to the edge of space is incredible."Completing their landmark experiment on February, the Meteotek team had to account for a wide variety of variables and rely on a lot of luck."The balloon we chose was inflated with helium to just over two metres and weighed just 1500 grams," said Gerard. "It was able to carry the sensor equipment and digital Nikon camera which weighed 1.5kg. Link

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Kids!! What makes you want to start the day??

Instead of letting the moms of the world plot against you, why not have YOUR say?

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How to make money as a young teen?

I am 14 years old and live in the US. I don't live in a neighborhood, so mowing lawns, housework, lemonade stand (etc.) is out of the question. I do however live near a gas station, that if after school, I can be dropped off at using the bus. Is that the best option for me? If not, then what is?

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Looking for a Crochet wolf hat pattern for teen, anyone have one?

Looking for a wolf hat pattern for crochet, I have searched everywhere. For teen boy. Thanks

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Great ideas to blast a teen out of bed?

I've posted my top 10 evil techniques, but I know there are more AWESOME ideas out there. I plan to update in a couple of weeks, and would love to include your ideas.  Let's all have some fun with this!  :-D

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xbox games?

Hey guys wondering what games are good for xbox 360 that are under teen i like to keep it respectfull 

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Any teens out there want to join my group pyro maniacs

Come join pyromaniacs.

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Can you make your avatar in teen second life an animal/vegetable/etc?

 I was playing on my Teen Second Life account and I saw a guy running around as a cat. Can I do that too? How? Any help is appreciated.

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Teen Guy Bed Room Ideas-No Sport?

Hi, I am 13 and I am wondering how to decorate my bedroom?? I have a rectangular room with all doors and wardrobe at one end, and grey/purpkleish walls with a eggplant feature wall. Beige non-replacble curtains. I have a massive metal 4 poster bed crazy thing. Which I LOVE! What shall I do? I also have a white/green retro dresser and dressing table, and some small wooden filing cabnets. I like the late 50's and early 60's. And pugs, definatly pugs. But, as I am in Australia there is no Wallmart or macys for me. But we DO have target! I am intrested in making 2 'zones' in my room. bedroom down the doorend, and longue(????????????/) down the other? What should I do??? Thanks

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Albany Public Library STEMpunk's Strawbees Build Night

In May of 2015, Albany Public Library STEMpunk hosted a build night inviting community members to come and experiment with Strawbees.  Kids, teens, and adults messed around and created a wide variety of projects ranging from costumes to airplanes to math aids.  We all had a blast, and created some Instructables along the way! Here are links to the Instructables created from our build night: Knight's Helmet Custom Lampshade And here are some pictures of some other creations we made! Also, the Knight's Helmet has gone in to have a life of its own in a web series being created here at the library by its creator.  The series is called Ulrog, and uses many other cardboard and Strawbees created costumes.  Check it out here!

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Why do teenagers get such a negative stereotypical view? Answered

Why do some people have such stereotypical views of teenagers? Yes I am 15, and a teenager, but that doesn't mean I'm going to automatically shoplift from your store, use illegal substances, or somehow break the law. I've had door security rummage through my bags, cashiers watch me while I browse, and staff asking me to turn out my pockets inside out.  I work at a shop myself, so I know how important security is, I am kind and courteous to other people, I don't smoke, drink or do drugs, I hang around probably the nicest kids you'll find at my school, and I try to avoid abbreviations like 'LOL' as much as possible, yet that all means nothing, just because of my age.  I will admit that there is a small minority of teenagers who do use illegal substances and get in trouble with the law, but this gets projected onto all teenagers via the media.  And TV shows such as 'Skins and 'Misfits' just add to the negative stereotype. Right, my venting is over, feel free to add any comments :)

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i need some money and fast Im just teen how can i do it?

Im saving up for art supplies and need about 50 dollars more by the end of May 

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How far can a healthy teen walk in a day? Answered

Im kinda just curious. im 15 male i do xcountry and i was wondering if 40 miles for 10 hours a day for multiple days is very hard. Any personal experiences?

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At Camp, Teens Blow Stuff Up, As They're Told

While some teens use their summers to learn sailing, archery or soccer, Brandon Meadows attends Summer Explosives Camp in Missouri to learn how to use dynamite."Some people like baseball, others like math -- I just like to set off bombs," he said. "I figure here, learning how to do it properly is better than messing around with it at home, right?"Meadows is one of 20 teenage campers enrolled in a weeklong explosion camp in the Missouri Ozarks. At the camp, high school students from as far away as Egypt and Hawaii shoot dynamite, TNT and plastic explosives.The camp's leader, Paul Worsey, a professor at the University of Missouri, Rolla, uses the camp as a way to attract new recruits into the unglamorous field of mine engineering. He recruits students to help carry on the industry, which is facing a serious personnel shortage."It's critically important," Worsey said. "These are our workers to sustain this industry going forward."So far, the camp is working. Meadows has already enrolled in the explosives engineering program at the University of Missouri at Rolla for next fall.

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Does anyone know good ways to make money? (As a young teen) Answered

I want to save up enough money to buy a 30$ dell axim x50 to turn into an e-reader, but I don't have enough money.  I do have a paypal account.

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SKUNKPUNK turns 15!

Ok, This is a bit of a crisis. My oldest son, Skunkpunk, turns 15 today! I turned 37 last week. I'm feeling OLD. I only realized that I was no longer a teenager a couple of years ago, and now I'm having to deal with being a parent of a teen. For me, 15 was a big year. Learning to drive, my first serious girlfriend, etc. I'm not ready to deal with Skunkpunk's teenage-roller-coaster. So anyway, If anyone has any advice for us we could use it. I need advice on how to parent a teen, and he needs advice on how to survive the teen years.

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How do you know if she likes you? (teens)?

Well, she sat next to me, played dominoes, jacked my phone and set the ringtone to permiscous boy(don't ask why i have that) wrestled(and i mean wrestled!) the phone out of my hands when i tried to set it back. i got it back an hour later when she left. i went to change everything back and her phone number was in my contacts. :) i've seen her once before

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HELP: want to make interactive checkerboard music player

I have this mini bluetooth speaker that is really awesome and the volume it is capable of is amazing. I was showing it to the teens I work with at a youthcenter while we were sitting at a table with a checkerboard/ chessboard design on it, The speaker was sitting in one of the squares while a teen controlled the music on my phone. When another teen asked why the music was changing, he jokingly said it was  because he moved the speaker to another square. That gave me an idea and the teens were interested in doing it. I want to make his joke true. somehow make it so that the speaker plays a different song for each square on the board in which it is placed. Very interactive and something that is easy to change the songs out for newer ones as time goes by. The problem is that I have no idea how to do this and I have no idea how to put it into terms I can use to search instructables for any exisiting projects I can learn from. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Help! want to make checkerboard interactive music player

I have this mini bluetooth speaker that is really awesome and the volume it is capable of is amazing. I was showing it to the teens I work with at a youthcenter while we were sitting at a table with a checkerboard/ chessboard design on it, The speaker was sitting in one of the squares while a teen controlled the music on my phone. When another teen asked why the music was changing, he jokingly said it was because he moved the speaker to another square. That gave me an idea and the teens were interested in doing it. I want to make his joke true. somehow make it so that the speaker plays a different song for each square on the board in which it is placed. Very interactive and something that is easy to change the songs out for newer ones as time goes by. The problem is that I have no idea how to do this and I have no idea how to put it into terms I can use to search instructables for any exisiting projects I can learn from. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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can a fully charged capacitor from a camera kill someone? Answered

I mean like a healthy teen to 30 year old

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Redecorating my room

I am re painting/redecorating my room. I need some ideas for colors I should paint the walls! Help!

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Parents too cautious

Do you guys think parents are too cautious? A normal parent won't let me do any of the stuff that I or any other teen on instructables do.

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Extremely urgent!! I need help figuring out how to connect an alarm to a PIR sensor! Answered

Skip to the second paragraph if you are short on time or get sick of me droning on.              Okay, so you've just done the first step in helping me, reading this.  Me and my dad are sick of having our pumpkins trashed on Halloween just because someone doesn't like our football team. (there are other reasons too but that could take a whole book and a month to explain it)  We live in a nice neighborhood where everybody knows everyone and things are pretty nice.  However there are some people in our neighborhood who just don't give a freaking crap what their kids do, and I'm sick of it.                         So I have a PIR sensor, Ladyada explaining how to use them, RadioShack, and Adafruit Industries.  I also have an extremely loud alarm that goes off when the circuit is broken.  I need some help figuring out how to make the PIR sensor break the circuit on the alarm.  I have included a diagram explaining.

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Could you avoid being fired? (TV opportunity for UK teens)

Sir Alan Sugar is to put a group of 10 teenagers through their paces in a youth version of The Apprentice, the BBC has announced.Junior Apprentice will feature five girls and five boys aged 16 and 17, who will be set a variety of business tasks to test their entrepreneurial skills.The winner will win a prize worth up to 25,000GBP* and tailored to his or her individual career prospects.The set-up is very much like the original version - losing teams end up in the board room, and one member gets fired.You don't need to have business experience, you don't need to be an academic high-flyer, you just need the will, aptitude and the sheer gumption to go for it.Apply via the BBC website."Adult" Apprentice website.BBC story*Why does the site still play Billy Suggers with the sterling sign?

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pivot preview

This is a preview of my movie,its got some blood in it so its rated teen or pg-13. im not sure if you can see it or not but tell me how you think!

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How whould you ask a girl out? Answered

As many teens many are less confindant about asking each other someone should make an instructable on it!

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Kids' Magic Tricks

Hi. I'm a recently retired Magician/Ventriloquist, now focussing on assisting young magicians and beginners on the road to greatness. In my Instructables, I'll be presenting videos on how a trick looks, as well as how the trick works. We'll be concentrating on easy to do magic with simple items, so there'll be no need to purchase expensive magical gear. I welcome your questions, thoughts and suggestions. The aim is to provide as much advice and information as you need. Whether you're beginner or advanced, please feel comfortable to contact me with your problem, good news or just for a chat. I also welcome parents of interested youngsters to contact me for any advice or information that may be required. My sole ambition is to provide help where needed, to progress magicians along their chosen path. Further detail on who I am and what I do can be found at:

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Good pranks to play while trick or treating?

I need one within three days so I can plan it need some ASAP

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how can a junior teenager make money? Answered

K, well obviously, im a junior teen. i want to start making money early to buy a car when im older so i ont have to worry about a car later, and save for a house instead. my parents are over protective so going to someone elses house wont happen, but i mght be able to go to my neighbours's back/front yards. my parents wont pay me to do chores. i AM starting a small tutoring buisness but that wont set off for a while. any ideas?

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How to Build an amplifier for cheap?

I am a 17 year old teen with little pocket money and a beginner. I want to make an amplifier which can amplify an 8 inch subwoofer, two 8 inch speakers and 2 tweeters.

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I have gone where no 13 and a half year old has gone before! (Not really, but you SHOULD see the pic)

Proof that the level of epic win I contain in my body is far greater than that of an average younger teen.

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Can anyone show me how to make wall decals for my teen daughters?

My daughters just painted their rooms with lime green and blue. I want to make decals that can be removed if they get bored with the design. I don't want to use nails to hang or glue. Any suggestions would be wonderful.

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I am wondering what a good project for me would be? Answered

I hate sports, I like minecraft, I'm big on engineering, I've already built a trebuchet, coilgun, and dual string stunt kite. What else is there to do?

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EMP and Solar Flare Protection

I uploaded the videos on Youtube: Make sure to look at the description below the video for more information on forums and links. Tell me what you think. Mac

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What att phone would you recomend? Answered

Im haveing trouble deciding on a upgrade phone. Im a teen that texts (that being the most important) and i was hoping of using it as my mp3. iv been debating samsung impression, lg vu plus, samsung mythic?

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