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I have an old GE corded phone... Is there anyway I can turn this into a cordless phone?

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blutooth telephone

Hi people who are smarter than me! I have been searching the great Google for the past while and I cannot find something that does this. I love the portability of cellphones and i love the look an feel of landlines (you cannot beat the look of a phone on a a desk. What I want is a device that connects to my cellular telephone wirelessly and that a landline can plug into. This means that it must supply about 40 - 60 VDC to power an old phone that DOES NOT HAVE EXTERNAL POWER SUPPLY so it could operate a touch tone phone from the 80's and 90's. When I get a call on my phone I want it to ring the phone. When I pick up the handset I want it to answer the call and allow me to talk to the person. When I place a call I want to be able to pick up the handset and then dial a 10 digit number and then it place the call through my cell phone. During the call I want to be able to press a number on the landline and for it to press that number on my phones keypad. when i put the handset down i want it to hang up. Is this even possible? can it be done? let me know! Thanks! scott 

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Cordless Telephone Bridge

I'm trying to figure out how (or if) I can use an old cordless phone as a tranciever, wiring in an rj11 jack to the phone's reciever to essentially make a cordless phone "bridge" so that I can use my desk phone in an area without phone cabling by plugging it into the cordless phone's reciever. I've tried the phone over power adapters and haven't had great luck with 'em, so I'm trying to think outside the box. Anyone have a suggestion or two?

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Telephone amplifier schematic? Answered

Hi, I saw this cool thing on Make; an instrument that picks up remote signals and makes noise. This link shows the original product: I hear the product is a telephone amplifier with a coil as an input. I would like to know if there is a schematic for the amp that someone new to electronics could work on. Its really interesting stuff. Thanks

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Telephone answering machine

I am looking for a machine that will allow people to call a telephone   number that would be automatically answered and relayed to a   louspeaker so that the call can be heard "out loud". This planned as   an analogue system but I am open to everything. The calls should be   limited to 3 minutes. alternative:   an app that would allow me to answer my calls   automatically (hands-off) and listen to the callers without touching   the phone. The calls should be limited to 3 minutes. This is project that is happening in mid-August 2013 in Palm Springs Ca. Usually in Europe I use a  Tiptel 540 SD  but these dont seem   available in the US. Any tips or help are welcome. see web link Yours electronically B. Maubrey

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What is the pinout for a telephone handset? Answered

I need to know which of the four wires that are in a RJ11 connector, is for the microphone and which ones for the speaker on a telephone handset. Thank you very much for your help.

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Telephone line power help? Answered

Found a cool video from kip kay where in he tapped free energy from phoneline to power LED lamp. I tested my phone line with a multimeter. The readings were as follows; Voltage - 53.8V (DC) Amp - 61.9 So the power running through the phone is 3.33 watts approx. So which resistors and circuits should i use to harness all 3 watts of energy from this secret source?

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Making a Telephone Function Without a Phone Line?

I have an old telephone desk set with a DTMF keypad. I was wondering if there was a way to some how get it to function without hooking it up to a telephone line, not to call people, but to make the DTMF tones, make it ring, and maybe be able to talk into the receiver. If you want to know why I would want to do this I'll just say I'm a musician, and I'd like to be able to run the phone into my mixer and use it like as an instrument. Also, yes I've seen the instructable about how to make a telephone receiver microphone, so no need to show me.

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Can a telephone be used to listen to conversations if only one phone is used? Answered

A friend by complete accident picked up the phone in her bedroom and realized she could hear everything that was going on downstairs in the living room . Thinking she had left the phone off the hook down stairs she went down to replace it back in it's cradle only to find that it was already in it's cradle. She has now found that by picking up the phone in her bedroom she can hear any conversation that goes on down stairs without anyone being aware. However the draw back is her phone is very often engaged even if both phones are in their cradles. She has phoned and had the line checked and was told there is a fault with socket. We are both baffled by this and how it is possible , I would love any feed back on this , the biggest in my mind is... has this been done deliberately by someone or is it just a fluke? Does anyone have the answer . Many thanks if you have taken the time to read this .

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Does anybody know what I can do with this??

I bought this thing from my friend, It is a Flitefone 6 cockpit control unit. It is made by Wulfsberg electronics, Inc. It has the regular telephone #s on the front a POT switch, and some wierd serial looking plugs on the back. Watch the video. Does anybody know what I can do with this?? Any help would be appreciated, Thanks!!

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big telephone receiver for cell phone

Friends, I hate talking on the cell phone; it's too small, especially when I'm talking from home. I keep a land line so I can chat for hours on a regular sized telephone. However, I'm moving next week and won't be able to spring for a land line. Can anyone help me use an old-time big phone receiver with a cell phone? Blue tooth maybe? Or perhaps attach something to/around the cell phone that allows me to hold it between my head and shoulder and talk into a mouthpiece that's near my mouth? Thank you, evil geniuses, all... xo

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Network connected telephone answering machine

I was hoping that SOMEONE made a telephone answering machine with a network connection so that it would do its thing like any other digital answering machine but the messages could be managed over my network. So I did a google search and it seems others have also been interested in such a thing - albeit the most recent queries being at least a year old. The answers were - "I already have that on Vonage" - sorry - don't want voip!! And various programs that would let your computer, with voice modem, do that including linux programs. Well - I don't have a full blown computer on all the time and am not likely to. And so I thought - how about a small computer - but don't have one - couldn't think of one ... And then I thought ..... Raspberry PI!!?? So small and low power that it could even be put in an old answering machine case and low power draw. Does anyone think its enough computer to do this?  Anyone up to inventing one?

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Home Telephone Hack needed for Hard of Hearing

Hi there, My uncle has a fierce case of tinnitus, and sometimes he can't hear the telephone ringing. He can talk on the phone alright, the ringing just messes with the perceptions of sounds usually associated with home phones ringing. So, he has a few phones hooked up around the house so he can try and hear the phone when it rings. its just a bunch of barely-functioning rotaries. Have you ever seen that scene in bicentenial man where the clockmaker and his wife are talking in the kitchen when the hour comes and all the clocks start chiming. A cacophony of alarm. That is kind of like how it is at my uncle's when somone calls. I would like to set up a visual alarm system for when somone calls. So, he has a few fairly loud rotary phones laying around. I'm sure he wouldn't mind if I took one apart along with one of his lamps. I just need to know where to screw, unscrew, solder, and smile. Thanks!!

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how to get good vocal recordings through telephone without feedback noise?

I'm a producer and I'd like to know how I can record my daughter over the phone into my ProTools studio soundcard,I have 1 mic

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Here is an idea involving a Bleutooth Headset

Hi, I was wondering if anyone ever had the idea to build in a headset in an old telephone (something with wood) so you can use it for your phone. I'm planning to do this this year. What are your thoughts? Dries

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How can I use landline phone to turn on my pc after n number of rings? Answered

A device will be connected to the landline phone and after a number of rings will push the power button on my pc.

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how can I decode telephone tone?

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Can a telephone carbon microphone be used with a computer? Answered

I want to use an old 50's telephone handset with my computer for making phone calls with gmail. I know the receiver/speaker will work, but will the carbon microphone work if connected directly? I seem to have come across a few things stating that it will work if connected directly and others that say that a battery or resistor or both is needed. Thanks for any info.

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Can you amplify and power a telephone keypad?

I have an old telephone keypad that I want to amplify, but I believe it needs a power source to do so? I've already used the telephone to make a microphone. I'm not looking for suggestions regarding making "songs" with the keypad, I can do that. I want to know how to amplify the keypad sounds.

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Sharing a home telephone line through the internet?

Hi geeks :) I have this thing in my mind that I want to put into practice. I don't know where to start. I searched couple of things in google but didn't get any answers to help me to start my project. I was thinking to use my uncle's second home telephone line which is not in use at the moment. The thing is that I live 10km away from his house and he has this thing that he is able to talk limitless to foreign countries :) So I'm wondering: is there anyway to connect or to reach my uncle's second line through internet? I thought maybe I can use the second telephone line by setting up the right equipment like creating two servers one at my uncle's house and one at my house. Any ideas are appreciated! 

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I need help creating a telephone network!

Hey! I was wondering if there's any clever people out there who can help me with my ambitious project. I'm doing some creative direction for an event and aim to create a telephone network within the venue. I want to put phones on tables and use the table numbers as the phone numbers... I also would like a way of recording everything thats said over the course of the night through the telephones? I have a very basic understanding of how these things work, I've made circuits before- but i am an artist, not an electrician so please be kind and explain to me like you would a child! I've got my hands on a load of old phones, so I just need to rewire them I guess?  Thanks!

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Name + number telephone save to MP3 player?

Dear All..  Please could you help me to know : It possible save name and number telephone from NOTEPAD or other from (my computer) to MP3 player ( please see my MP3 on picture) If yes  please show me where to find it on Google  and if easy please point me.Thank you so much in advance for your time and hope you will help me.                                                                  Best regards                                                                                lam

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Two wireless routers + two wired (not wifi enabled) phones = personal wireless telephone service?

Is it possible to take two wireless routers, the somehow connect two telephones and then create you own personal wireless telephone service?

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How to build a speakerphone? Answered

My current telephone lacks a speakerphone, so I want to build one.. Are there any schematics on this topic?

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Is a sony ericsson w810i handsfree's answer button momentary or what?

I'm trying to stuff a wired handsfree headset into a retro phone handset. i need to know if the answer buyyon on the headset can be replaced with somehting.

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Mail Fraud

So we canceled AT&T; service a few months ago, and we have been getting a bill from them every month since. Each month, we call, they apologize and tell us to ignore the bill. Today, the lady transferred us to another department which happened to be closed, ending the call. I know this is considered mail fraud...using the US Postal Service to unlawfully attempt to obtain money. Does anybody know of any resources for helping to write a letter to them that would explain that what they are doing is illegal, and threaten legal action if they don't stop immediately. So any templates for cease and desist letters would be great. Thanks!

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What would happen if...? Answered

I hooked 2 computers together with the telephone ports, or with the ethernet ports?

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Does anyone know how to hook up a 1930's wall phone to a modular cord? (so it's not fixed on the wall permanently)? Answered

I recently bought a Western Electric Model 202 with the original ringer box, and want it to hang on the wall, but be moveable, kinda like a picture frame. Thanks!

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how can i convert telephone into a bluetooth headset?

I like to convert by telephone into a  cordless phone or in  to a bluetooth headset......................can anyone help me pls

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Need help to hook up a TELEPHONE to computer SPEAKERS ,( or any other kind of speakers) Answered

I am working on an intercom system for the house, we have an extra unused phone line that i've closed the circuit on and energized so that the phones worked when they are plugged into the secondary jack. My plan is to go and get some junk phones at some sort of thrift store or something, and plug them in to work as the intercoms. Unfortunately with the set up that i've got, the speakerphone option doesn't work. So instead of using the speaker phone, I want to hook up the intercom telephones jacked into the secondary line to a seperate speaker to make a finalized intercome assembly. I've got clear sound on all of the phones and I have solved the interminable spontaneous ringing question, and now the only thing that i need to be able to do is to hook up the telephones to a speaker, any kind of speaker, but preferably one of the satellite computer speakers. I would like to know if this is even possible, and if it is it would be great if any answerer includes some suggested materials (if needed) and the procedure suggested for connecting the phone line to the speakers I would try this myself, but I have just spent over eight hours simply going through a trial and error to get the phone line energized in the first place. (by the way was instrumental in that) I simply think that this way, any answer would be more expedient than my own slow methods of clueless experimentation Thanks in advance

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Help with a momentary contact switch

Hi everyone. I'm currently working on a new Instructable, and I've hit a small wall. What I'm looking for is a momentary contact switch that closes for a second, then opens again on its own independently of the actuator -- and I can't quite figure out how to do it. To clarify, here's the operation: You lift the receiver (or handset, or whatever you like to call it) on an old telephone, and the buttons -- normally held down by the receiver -- lift up to create the contact so the telephone knows you've answered and the call connects. Well, this phone isn't going to be connected to the telephone network any more, but what I want is for a contact to be closed momentarily when you lift the receiver, and then opens again automatically on its own even if you haven't put the receiver back down. I also want the same contact to be made when you eventually do put the receiver back down -- so you replace the receiver, a contact is made momentarily, and then opens again on its own, even though the receiver buttons remain down. I hope that makes sense, and that someone has a bit of advice on how to achieve this. Thanks in advance! EDIT: Been continuing my research, and found the following: Can anyone confirm if this will achieve what I'm looking for? Thanks again.

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can I play mp3s through a telephone speaker? (80's model telephone, 1 8 jack) PLEASE REPLY ASAP!

 This is for a piece of art work, I'm running the mp3 with batteries, hidden inside a phone i want to attach the telephone handset speaker to the headphone jack which i can then plug into the mp3 (which is hidden in the base part of the phone) IF ANYONE CAN GIVE ME SOME SIMPLE ADVICE I WOULD BE VERY GRATEFUL!

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How do old-fashioned hand-crank telephones work? Answered

I was wondering how old fashioned hand crank phones work, in particular: Does the cranking provide power to the phone, or does it just ring the bell on the other end? I always thought that the cranking rang the bell on the other end of the line, and that the phone itself used a transformer to amplify the input from the microphone, without using power? Also, how do duplex coils keep the user from hearing their own voice through the speaker? Thanks!

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is it possible to connect an LED to my telephone wiring without cutting or putting out the dial tone?

I decided to tap LED's on the telephone wires,well to my amusement it did light up,but the thing is,as i was trying to connect to the DSL ,it wasn't working.I lifted the landline phone and there's no dial tone.

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how would i go about hooking an xbox 360 head set up to my corded home telephone?

Yeah i just think this would be kinda cool and iv been researchin but i can find anything all though i didnt look to hard any help would be apreciated the phone is so old that it has no speaker phone and id like to be able to use it hands free so any ideas the phone i have to work with is in the pic below

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Anyone familiar with the Phonebloks Project?

Anyone familiar with the Phoneblok Project? 

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Make a touch tone phone into an audio track player? Looking for info or a partner for this project!!!

I am an artist and have a project I've wanted to do for years. It involved taking a touch tone telephone and making it so audio tracks can be "dialed up" and played through the hand set. I've looked into Arduino but I have no programming or such skills. Does anyone have a good resource site/book I can check out to learn myself? OR is anyone out there interested in collaborating with me on this art project? I have more info if you are seriously interested. Thanks!

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Sound-powered/piezo-electric phone systems. can they be constructed from readily available materials?

1. Is it possible to use a set of telephone lineman's tools (butt sets) as components in a sound-powered (piezo electric) telephone system? 2. Any other information/resources about sound-powered voice comms systems appreciated.

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telephone books are being left by the hundreds in my area , are they of any use for crafts? Answered

 i am thinking of using them to make a bathroom toilet squat platform.  better for the body,  i am sure paper m ache is also a good use/ seeing hundreds in the area , hate to see them just recycled after all that energy to make and deliver  them.

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Right, Firstly im not sure if this is in the right part of this forum. Basically i want to make (or buy) a two way wired phone system and other end needs to ring upon picking up my end. I've searched here and online for something which will do this and i rememebr having a set of these when i were a kid. Now i have kids of my own i have built a wooden playhouse at the bottom of garden and would like to be able to ring from there to the house with only a pick up of the other end or something equally similar. IS THIS EVEN POSSIBLE! If anyone can post me details of how to make this or a website from which i can buy it from would be great been searching for weeks. Thanks

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how to make a telephone work from play house outside to kitchen?

I was once told about a father who was able to set up a direct line from the kitchen to the wendy house. So the child could have a hot line direct to mum.

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What is this? Answered

I recently got this "motor" in a box full of old telephone supplies. It didnt come with any instructions or anything on how to use it, which some of the stuff had. It looks like a giant motor. Any ideas? It says Teletype Corp on it, but I couldnt find any details on it anywhere on the internet.

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How do I create a phone network?

Hey! I was wondering if there's any clever people out there who can help me with my ambitious project. I'm doing some creative direction for an event and aim to create a telephone network within the venue. I want to put phones on tables and use the table numbers as the phone numbers... I also would like a way of recording everything thats said over the course of the night through the telephones? I have a very basic understanding of how these things work, I've made circuits before- but i am an artist, not an electrician so please be kind and explain to me like you would a child! I've got my hands on a load of old phones, so I just need to rewire them I guess? Thanks!

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How do you connect a wireless headset phone cord to standard stereo/mic jacks?

I need to know how to make a wireless headset function as a wired headset.  At the base of the charging station is a standard phone jack.  I need this phone cord split to where it will plug into the pink/green, audio/mic parts of a modified speaker phone.  There is already an existing cord where this was done, but the person who did it is no longer available.  In addition, they didn't put it on the 2 separate jacks, just one large audio jack.

Question by austinatc