Internet Television

PCs and Television these days.  A quick look at how the Internet is taking over television. By connecting an Internet connected PC to your television, you can download TV shows, movies, etc. (How to connect a TV to a PC) DVI Cable S-Video Cable VGA Cable   TV is moving to the Internet, examples..;=1;=0     Web TV Sites (let me know if you know more!)     (Net TV Guides)

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vacuum tube television Answered

ive got an old working color vacuum tube tv, a Motorola quasar portable. im wondering if its worth any money or if i should just go ahead tear it open, and feast on its delicious inners it works fairly well with no discernible problems that i know of. i took a look inside and dident see any silicone. do people collect these or anything?

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Television to secret compartment

So, I have this old TV that is complete and absolute crap in my room just sitting there, looking ugly. So I got an idea that maybe I could turn it into something else on the inside since it's not super small and it would be funny. Anything would be cool, but I had a couple ideas: fridge bookshelf make the screen a cupboard door to the empty inside aquarium drawer etc

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Hello Instructables! My name is Nic and I work for Discovery Channel Canada. Our premiere show Daily Planet is current looking for any wild and crazy backyard inventors for our new fall season! So if you have a great invention and think you'd be good on TV, send me a private message describing your invention and a bit about yourself. We're focusing mainly in Canada and the United States but everyone from around the world is welcome! We're still looking and still hoping to hear back from more inventors!

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What is this on my television screen?

The info is in this instructable i made:

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My tv has no picture; what can I do to fix it?

My tv has one thin line of light across the middle and no picture ; but has sound .

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How do I fix a dell 50" plasma tv with no picture or sound?

I have power to the power board but no power to half the board from the transformers over.

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How to use tv board with monitor?

Hi. I have a t.v set whose picture tube has gone dead but its board ( I mean t.v kit )is in full working condition.Now i want to attach this TV board with monitor so that i can use my monitor as a Tv screen.Is it possible ? If yes, then how? Thanks.

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my older toshiba tv suddenly has a black square in the center of the screen. Is this repairable? Answered

Everything works. It turns on and I can see the shows behind the black square. It is on every channel. The sound still works too.  This is a big screen tv. One of the older ones that is as as big in back as it is tall. I remember years ago having a tv get a black line through the pictire and I was able to fix it by touching up some loose soldering. Any chance this could be that easy?

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How do I add video inputs to a television that doesn't have any?

How do I add video inputs to a television that doesn't have any?

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How do you communicate directly to video signal on a CRT television like this?

Here is this great artist who is sending 1-bit video signals to televisions to create patterns How is this accomplished? I've used a library for Arduino that allows for this but I think the artist is doing it in a much more fundamental way. Can you simply send an oscillation to the video in on a TV?

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How do I fix my tv?

My tv is no picture: but has sound

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National Geographic Television is looking for an experienced engineer or certified construction worker to host a new ten-part television series. The ideal candidate will have a diverse range of experience in one or more of the following industries: aviation, shipping, rail freight, construction, mining, or civil engineering. You don’t have to have an engineering degree, you just have to prove that: you have engineering experience, you love your work, and you have the ability to communicate that passion to others. Professional certification in welding, commercial diving, metal work, or electronics is desirable. The series will be broadcast on National Geographic Channels both in the United States and around the world in the second half of 2008. Send resumes and inquiries to by October 20 2007. Better still send a video of yourself on the job to World’s Toughest Fixes, C/O National Geographic Television, 1145 17th Street NW, Washington DC 20036.

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TV Size

I am wondering which tv is best to play video games and watch tv on a day to day basis either this one, this one, or this one.

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How can I make a TV CRT Monitor Picture Tube Degaussing Coil? Answered

My TV was stored too close to large speakers, and hence, a very distorted display. Also, any easy way to magnetically shield the speakers? (12" subs, three way mids/highs... floor standing cabinets 3' tall?)

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Help Please! What do i need to do? I want to connect my cable(w/out box) in to my dvd/vcr player (w/ in line recording)

TV model is RCA 27f554t DVD/VCR model is Maganvox ZV420MW8 My tv has no video output only audio. but i want the option of recording directly to dvd or vhs.

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Don't you just hate television?

Don't you just hate television?

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Broken LCD televisions - Is there anything salvageable? Answered

Hi. My 1st time viewiing this site.  You creative folk out there are AMAZING. I'm a grandma who has no technical training but am fascinated with what can be created by the human mind. I have a 32" and a 19" LCD TV. The 32" was water damaged and the 19" fell over on a brunt object .  The picture on the 32 is filled with stripes and blogs.  The 19" has 3/4 of viewing area - unviewable.  Should I save anything or just get rid of them properly? I used to save the old fashioned small appliances and stuff that got broken for my sons to take apart.  Thats too dangerous nowadays.

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Is there a way to broadcast analog television on a non-commercial scale?

Basically what I'm asking is if there is a way that I could broadcast a Television signal from my home, without having to build a station. I was wondering if there could be a way to modify a HAM radio system or something along those lines to broadcast the system, Or if there is some other means by which i could take a signal and broadcast it.

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How to hack LCD Computer monitor into an OTA-TV receiver and Accept RCA Composite signals? Answered

Hi!We have computer monitors at home which don't have uses anymore, Is there a way where I can turn those into an LCD tv like just a normal antenna and it will display OTA free tv signals? Or how can I turn it into a portable LCD Television where it can accept and display composite signals from my iphone 4 using my AV Composite cable (yellow RCA jack)? What extra things should I buy to convert them into more usable TV?

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Is there anyway I can get my (custom firmware) PSP to use a TV as a display?

I was just wondering if there was any selection of cables (and homebrew software) which would allow me to output to the TV. My friends enjoy watching each other play Patapon, but looking over shoulders is irritating after a while!

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My T.V. is acting strange

Since we first our T.V. a while ago, its been acting unusual. Every night at about 2:40, it changes inputs.  It did something similar to this before on a different T.V. , but on that one it would just go black for a second. The wierdest thing about it is that it does it at the same time every night.

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On-camera engineer or rigger in LA area

Engineer, Machinist, Rigger or really clever Tinkerer who can be themselves on camera for a new Spike TV show about warriors throughout history. Position would entail talking about and setting up tests for weapons in fight laboratory. May be asked about their opinion on certain show content. Need someone between 25-35 due to their viewing figures.

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I have a 46 inch LCD TV with a cracked screen. Is there anything I can make from the parts inside?

The TV is a Samsung LNT4661FX. The screen is cracked due to impact damage, there is no picture, however the sound works fine. I haven't thrown it away yet because I was hoping to use the parts inside to make something. Anyone have any ideas?

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50-800Mhz VHF TV Signal Transmitter for receiving TV Channels on Chinese Mobile Phone?

I have got a cheap Chinese Mobile Phone which has got Analog TV reception through an antenna it catches signals on the vhf band. My area only has two wireless analog channels, all other channels come through an analog signal through coaxial wire from the cable operator, when i place the cell phone few inches from the coax cable it gets almost  all the channels otherwise it gets only the single channel. I am looking into making a transmitter or signal amplifier + antenna to boost the coaxial signal so that i can tune into the channels within a short range i.e the room. The signal coming through the cable is PAL BG VHF 50-850Mhz.

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Infomation about rear projection TV problem.

Hi Folks. I know there are some very knowledgeable people out there so I hope you don't mind if I pick your brains for some info ;-) I have a problem with our Toshiba 46WH08B rear projection TV. Yesterday I noticed that there is a distinct blue shadow around the images at the bottom of the screen this appears for about a 1/4 of the way up the screen the middle is fine as is the top right hand side but the same blue shadowing appears at the top left. I have tried adjusting the convergence but as the centre of the screen is ok this does not really help. I have done quite a bit of web searching on this & have an idea as to what the problem is but was hoping that there may be someone with some real knowledge of TV repair that could confirm my suspicions. I don't really want to call out a TV repair man yet as I don't really want to get stuck with a bill just to be told it's beyond economic repair. Thanks in advance for any help folks. All the best. Nostalgic Guy.

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What is the best way to clean or wash the screen on a rear projection television.

The screen on my Toshiba model TP50G50 television made in 1997 needs to be cleaned. There are some streaks and stains on the screen and my attempts at cleaning it in spots seems to make it worse. Are there any specific cleaning products available that I can use to clean the screen?

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What is the best way to move a 170 lb. television off of a four foot high shelf it is sitting on?

We have a big Sony Trinitron that is sitting above the fire place in a recessed area that is about four feet off of the floor.  The TV is 42" screen and is extremely front end heavy.  I know that we could always just push it off and let it crash, but we'd like to keep it if possible. 

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Can anyone tell me how to hook up my Commodore 64 to a TV?

I have a C64 without the monitor, but it can connect to a TV. However, I didn't get the cable with it, and can't find the solution. Help greatly appreciated!

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What's something creative to do with my old 4:3 TV set?

I've got an old 26" standard definition TV. Nobody will buy it, and it feels like a waste to throw it out. Any ideas for turning it into something cool? I was thinking of removing the tube and making it into a fish tank or a terrarium...

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Can you use the cables from your dish to hook up an antenna

I am switching from Directv to a TV antenna...can I just hook the coaxial cables that are currently hooked into the Directv dishes over to the antenna? Or do I have to run all new cable?

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Vertically Adjustable TV Wall Mount

I am in need of a vertically adjustable wall mount that would hold a 32" LCD TV and raise/lower the tv with 12-24" of travel. I live in an apartment and am on a tight tight tight budget, so I am trying to dual purpose a TV to be both computer monitor and bedroom television. My problem is that when the TV is sitting on the desk, I have to look between my feet to see it from the bed. It just isn't comfortable viewing. If I were to mount it at proper viewing height from the bed, I would be craning my neck to see it. I have scoured the internet and the only mounts they make like this are as expensive as another TV.  I am a novice at this kind of thing, so the simpler and cheaper the better. If I could mount some sort of track to the wall and use a heavy pin to set the height or something like that, that would be an idea. Any help would be much appreciated! Thank you,  Sean

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Does someone make a wireless receiver that I can plug into a CAT5 cable input?

My Sony TV is internet capable but does not have a wirless receiver, it does however have a CAT5 input.  Does someone make a wireless receiver that I can plug into my CAT5 input?   I don't want to replace the TV and I'd rather not run a cable through the house. The TV is a Sony Bravia and I have a Lynksys 802.11g router.

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Would I be able to extend an amplified antenna's range with a satellite dish?

Hi all, I have a small portable T.V. that will only work when tethered to a converter box. I noticed that when I attached a rabbit ear antenna to the "TV OUT" port on the box, I was able to get signal from the box wirelessly from a few feet away. I had a crazy idea that if I bought an amplified antenna, replaced the LNB on a satellite dish with it, and aimed it at the satellite closest to Earth, I would be able to have the converter box signal bounce back to the T.V. Is this even possible?

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An Amateur Television Down Converter. Do they exist. Answered

I've read on Wikipedia where it states "ATV transmissions can be viewed by setting a television to cable input and attaching an outdoor 70 cm antenna. For more sensitive reception, some users may use a purposely-built ATV down-converter." How can I build one or can you find it. I could probably get an old cable box but it suggest that you can build a down converter for the purpose of receiving Amateur TV on your television.

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Best and Worst Television Show of All Time?

I saw the other forums and I decided to create this one. What do you think is the best show of all time? What do you think is the worst show of all time? Why?

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MAKE: television debuts on public television this weekend!

MAKE Magazine, now on the tube!Saw the post on BoingBoing, and thought, might as well relay this over to instructables. SHOW DESCRIPTIONMake: is the DIY series for a new generation! It celebrates "Makers" -- the inventors, artists, geeks and just plain everyday folks who mix new and old technology to create new-fangled marvels. The series encourages everyone to invent, revent, recycle, upcycle, and act up. Based on the popular MAKE magazine, each half-hour episode inspires millions to think, create, and, well, make. Broadcast feed starts January 3, 2009, at 7 p.m. Eastern time.I haven't found a link to which stations will broadcast, if anyone does, say something, I'll add it.LINK

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Design Assistance Humbly Requested! Mylar + Flatscreen TV + Frame = Stealth TV Goodness

I am in the pre-panning stages of a project in which I would like to make a false over-the-mantle mirror to hide an LED TV using mylar on a motorized roll to pass over the television.  I will be building a frame and really need some brainstorming help with a starting off point for fabbing the mylar into a false mirror.  Parts, ideas, etc.  from a very simple, mechanical-tension model to more complex, electrically motorized design would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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TV Remote Project? Answered

I've got an old TV remote. I'm pretty sure it works, though I no longer have the TV. It doesn't work with my new(er) tv. I really don't want to throw out this remote....any ideas for something I could do with it?

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Sandra Betzina and Power Sewing on View From the Bay

If you live in the Bay Area, this is your chance to see behind the scenes of a live television broadcast! ABC Channel 7 invites you to be in their studio audience, on Monday, January 11, 2010 when local celebrity, Instructables member, and sewing powerhouse, Sandra Betzina will be appearing on “The View From The Bay”. Sandra will be discussing her new Learn to Sew series, which has its own group right here on Instructables! So join the group, check out the show, and as a special bonus, every member of the audience will receive a FREE one-month subscription to the Power Sewing WebTV Show!!!! Tickets for the show must be reserved in advance. Audience doors open at 2:15pm with a cut-off time of 2:30pm, the show is live from 3-4pm.   To reserve your seats please call the ticket request line at (415)-954-7733 or visit and click on “be in our audience” and fill out a ticket request form.

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How can I repair/replace an arcing flyback transformer? Answered

I got a free TV off FreeCycle, a Magnavox 51MP6100D/37 (same thing from Philips with a better site). When powered on, there is no picture, and the flyback arcs...I can hear the sparking, and there's a blue glow from inside. Could this just be a buildup of gunk that a shot of electrical cleaner might fix, or would repair require replacing the whole flyback?

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Real life Magic Wand for your TV

The coolest TV remote ever! The "World's First Magic Wand," can now be yours. This universal remote comes with a built-in accelerometer which allows it to perform "13 magical functions" with which to amaze your friends. In fact, it works with IR sensors to engage with almost any device that can be remote controlled. Too good to be true? Check out the Kymera Magic Wand's charmingly addictive website and order yours today! Supplies are limited, so don't delay.

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Are you a fan of Top Gear? - BBC Casting for new car mod show

Are you a fan of the show TOP GEAR? BBC Worldwide Productions has a new car customizing competition series that is casting in Southern California! We are looking for teams of two to transform their own ordinary cars into the most extreme madcap vehicles, before putting them through their paces in off the wall and outrageous challenges. You bring the personality and car, we'll do the rest. All you need is a great personality and a great story about your car, and you'll have a chance to win ultimate bragging rights and a cash prize. To meet with casting directors in July, email the following information on both you and your teammate, reply to: - Names of team members - Occupations - Hometown - Brief description of your relationship to each other - Brief description of your relationship to the car - Photo of each team member - Photo of the car

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