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identify terminals of a 4 terminal battery? Answered

I have an old mobile phone with a 4 terminal battery the end terminals are labelled "-" and "+" but the middle ones are labelled as "CF" alongside negative terminal and "VF" labelled alongside positive terminal. what do these two terms mean and why are they there? battery is 350mAh 3.7V battery. i dont have a multimeter but i checked the resistances between terminals (using an LED) as terminals                      LED brightness                                             Remarks + & -                          (more than normal brightness )                  no resistance + & VF                       ( normal brightness)                                     some resistance + &CF;                        (less bright )                                                   more resistance in the image from top to bottom alongside golden color terminals labelling is as -            (in picture as P-) CF VF +          (in picture as P+)

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Linux Terminal Basics

I was wondering if anyone would be interested in an instructable teaching the basic the the linux terminal? comments appreciated

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terminal in ubuntu 11.04?

I type in my password enter entering a command but nothing shows as I type. Any ideas?

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Usb terminal block?

I am a very serious Dart Player who has been fortunate enough to be able to stay at home and play internationally,  I am sharing my Desktop computer located in another room, by using a VGA, Splitter. Im trying  to limit the number of cables and mess with completing this task. So if was to run a long extension usb cable from Desktop,  is there away or can i terminate the source (coming from the Desktop, Adding a terminal block to connect all wires to the same corresponding splice and be able to) Run 2 usb cameras and a keyboard without any lag? I would be glad to show you pictures when i  can, Because it is prettu insane. Thank you Joey

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Connection terminal annoyances?

I bought a tiny remote controlled helicoptor that connects to the controller to charge up, but where it joins up doesn't have a good connection and it doesn't charge well because of it, what would you recommend? The picture is the exact same one as I have.

Question by Kryptonite  

Updating 1980s X Terminals? Answered

Okay, so I've been trying to solve this problem for quite a while now, and I've simply run out of ideas. In my father's optical store, all of the POS computers are X Terminals. They are all connected to a main server in the back. The server is connected to a device which is kinda like an ethernet hub - on its a box with 16 RJ-45 jacks, and a cable coming out of it which connects to the server's parallel port. Each of the jacks are connected to a small adapter cable (filter? crossover cable?) and that cable has an ethernet cable coming from it into a patch bay on the wall. I'm almost completely sure that the cable is *not* carrying a tc/ip signal, because the back of the hub-box-thing explains that each of the wires in the cat-5e cable are assigned to carry specific parallel port signals. So, I'm pretty sure we have a parallel connection running over cat-5e. Also, I'm pretty sure the server is running red hat Linux, which is running an x-11 emulator. Anyway, from the patch bay, all the signals continue through Ethernet cable until they reach the terminal. There, the cable is plugged into an RJ-45 to parallel adapter, which then plugs into one of the two parallel ports on the back of the terminal. What I'm trying to do is to replace all of those huge, old and ugly X terminals with newer computers and monitors. I've tried connecting the parallel connector on the adapter to various computers and trying a bazillion programs, but I can't seem to emulate an x-terminal. So, any ideas?

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RPi2: OSMC Terminal Issue

I am trying to make some changes to OSMC through the terminal, but there is an issue with the login portion of it. When I quit OSMC, and wait for the boot screen, I hit Esc, and it goes into the terminal. Next, the login. I enter "osmc", then its to the password. But, it refuses to let me type anything in when I get to this stage. If I hit enter, it tells me that my password is wrong and then it goes back to prompting me to login. After about 15 seconds, it just continues to boot into OSMC. Why on earth will it not let me enter a password, and how do I fix it?

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Electrons flow from positive terminal to negative terminal inside a battery? Answered

If a bulb is connected to a battery, then in the bulb the direction of current is such that it flows from negative terminal of battery to its positive terminal. Whereas inside a battery electrons flows from positive terminal to negative terminal. How is that possible? If this is true wont it look like saying that a battery has infinite life time as battery discharges via bulb but charges inside by itself.

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Would like to terminate pro-membership

Hi, I would like to to terminate my pro-membership. I find that I am not using it nearly as much or if at all as I anticipated. Thank you! 

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A fake terminal for your school, friends for family.. Who don't know what they are doing.

#!/bin/bash COMMANDS=" Commands Are: \n\t  ping: Send ICMP ECHO_REQUEST to network hosts.\n\t  nc: Arbitrary TCP and UDP connections and listens. (use to send text or a file to your friends)\n\t  request: To request a program or a real shell.\n\t  help or h: Echo this Help.\n\t  clear: Clear the display.\n\t  exit: Close this fake terminal.\n " echo -e $COMMANDS while true do  echo -ne "\033[1;33m`whoami`\033[1;37m@\033[1;32m`hostname`\033[1;37m:\033[1;31m (press h for help) \033[1;36m$ \033[0m"  read COMMAND  case "$COMMAND" in   ping )    read -p "What do you want to ping? " SERVER    ping -qc1 $SERVER    if [ $? -eq 1 ] ; then     echo "$SERVER is not avalible.. "    else     echo "$SERVER is avalible.. "    fi   ;;   request )    read -p "What do you want to request? [program|shell] " REQUEST    case "$REQUEST" in     program )     ;;     shell )      /bin/bash     ;;     * )      echo "Can't request for $REQUEST.."    esac   ;;   clear )    /usr/bin/clear   ;;   exit )    exit   ;;   help|h )    echo -e $COMMANDS   ;;   * )    echo "$COMMAND: command not found "  esac done Give it a name:     mv whateveritwas [] Make it work easer via:     chmod +x [] Now you can use via:     [ ./ ]

Topic by james.mcglashan  

Serial terminal emulation help, please? (again...) Answered

Before you read below, read this: I've finally gotten around to setting up PuTTY to work with the serial line. Communication is fine, I'm pretty sure I have the baud rate and everything set up correctly, but I still have one problem. The POS program has a login phase, which works perfectly. However, right after the program itself starts and finishes spitting out its splash screen, copyright information, etc., problems start emerging. Putty doesn't seem to be rendering formatting correctly, or maybe not at all. Whenever text needs to be highlighted, or there need to be shape characters like ┌, or ┤, all I see in the window is garble like this: ae&ae;&ae;&ae;&. Also, no line breaks are given. How should I fix this? Should I change a specific setting in PuTTY? Should I be using a different program? ***More information about the original terminal, more specific examples and screen-shots will supplied shortly.*** Kind-of update: Wait, what? So apparently, those two characters above give the same garble on html as on the terminal. They are supposed to be ASCII characters 218 and 195. Note that these are part of the extended ASCII codes (I just realized that). Does PuTTY have an option support ASCII characters 128 to 255? In the character encoding pane of PuTTY setup, I've tried every encoding available. Do I need to type in a name of an encoding manually?

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Do capacitors have positive and negative terminals?

What are electrolytic capacitors? In what way they are different from normal capacitors? The charge on a capacitor depends on how i connect it to battery,but electrolytic capacitors have one long and short terminal to differentiate between positive and negative terminal. Why?

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Single terminal of battery alone connected to earth. Answered

I took a 12 Volt battery and connected its positive terminal to one end of LED bulb with enough series protection resistor. Then i connected the other end of the LED bulb to earth (soil with moisture outside my house). I did not connect negative terminal of the battery to anything. I expected the bulb to glow. But it did not glow until i connect the negative terminal also to ground. While there is potential difference between earth and battery why dont current flow through bulb when i did not connect negative terminal to earth.  I have attached the photo of the battery that i used.  I am sure that LED's were working properly and battery had enough capacity to provide current.

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which is the positave terminal on a dewalt 18 volt battery?

Dewalt battery terminals are not marked, I need to know which is which

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wiring a 5VDC 3A plug into a Screw Terminal block

I have wired a 5VDC 3A plug into a Screw Terminal block to be my source of power but when I put any wires into the block, attach them to the speaker, turn it on there is no power. What am I doing wrong?

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When will robotics be advanced enough for me to build a terminator?

Since reenacting ALIEN was a bust, this should be better.

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Building a (Terminator) T-1000 Endoskeleton arm. Help?

I want to make a (terminator) T-1000 endoskeleton arm. I'd like it to be as realistic as possible, and I also want to articulate it using either servos or hydraulics. What would be the best way of going about this? I have a passion for animatronics and I'm desperate to do this, but information on the net seems very thin!

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Does anyone know how to fix wire terminals?

Ok, so i was putting a new grip on my m15a4, and when i went to plug the wire terminals into the motor, The one on the positive wire snapped in half! I tried buying a new one at Radioshack, but the retard at the store told me to bring it in, just to see what was wrong (after i explained what the problem was)! Bringing an airsoft gun into the mall isnt the brightest idea ive ever heard. to make a long story short, i NEED to learn how to fix terminals, and dont have the right parts! PLEASE HELP! Wiring is the ONE THING i have no idea how to fix!

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what this 4 wire switch could be (with 8 terminals)? Answered

Im trying to get a switch to put between 4 wires to simple switch on/off I came up with this diagram i made up anyone know of it

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How do you terminate the shingles a pyrimid roof?

I have built a pyrimid hip roof. All 4 sides are equal size and they come to a point. I have shingles now all the way to the top but I am not sure how to cap the darn thing. None of the hardware stores know how. When I finish the ridge shingles how do I cap them so water can not get in? Any pattern I can cut to fit?

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Help! Terminal Artist's Block Is Eating My Brain

Does anybody have any tips or techniques for breaking out of  a spell of artist's block? I've been somewhat uninspired for a couple of months now, and it's making me crazy. I'm dying to create something, but every time I go out to the studio, I just wind up staring at the tools & materials for an hour or so, getting frustrated and leaving. I've tried just starting to work in the hopes that the materials would tell me where they wanted to go, but the results have been less than satisfying. If it's helpful, my current areas of interest are kiln glass (with an emphasis on recycling old bottle & window glass) and copper enameling. What have others done to get out of a creative slump? Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

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Do you have to be "paired" for a bluetooth terminal communication ? Answered

If I have two bluetooth devices, running as SPP or AVRCP, and they HAVE been officially paired at one point - so presumably each knows of the presence of the other, can you create a communication channel, if they are not now "officially" paired ? I have a device  which can run SPP , but which can only store 4 pairing profiles, but which I would like to use with up to 40 devices - and if it can't I need to work out how to work around it..... Steve

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I need to replace the end of dell inspiron 2650 power cord. There are 3 terminals. What goes to the third terminal?

I understand on a pin connector that the braided wire is ground and the insulated wire goes to the pin, but I'm not sure if the 3rd connector on mine was jumpered or to which one wire. It broke to badly to be able to tell on the old one.

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How to make a Warhammer 40,000 Space Marine Terminator Suit?

I see on Youtube plenty of Space Marine suits but none of the elite Terminators, if someone could respond with some useful information on making one l would be grateful. Respond with any advice or how to's, please. They look like this:

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Tips for assembling and painting Space Marine Terminator miniatures for a newbie?

So I might be getting some Warhammer 40K Space Marine Terminators, and they'd be the first models I've ever collected, and I was interested in some advice on how to properly assemble and paint them, along with any additional detail work that can be done to make them look better. I've attached an image on what the squad looks like fully assembled and painted, color scheme and attachments are not related to what I plan on making them.

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unable to send commands to Roomba560 using 'Realterm' terminal program?

Hi, I am doing my academic project using Roomba560. I have a Roostick to connect the Roomba to desktop system. I have downloaded the Realterm terminal program to send commands to Roomba.What ever command (eg 152 5 137 1 44 128 0 to drive 300mm/s straight) i gave the roomba , it is just start cleaning. i couldn't figure out what the problem is with roomba or Realterm. could any one please suggest a solution to my problem and also are they any terminal programs that you could suggest to send commands and control roomba.

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Which way does electricity flow? Answered

Does it come from the negative terminal of a battery, or the positive terminal?

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How to connect several LED arrays together?

I came across a selection of identical LED torches in my house and was wondering if it would be possible to connect them together to make some form of DIY bike light? I was hoping to connect two or four of them together. One of the torches was completely duff so i dismantled it to have a closer look at its innards. They run off 3 AAA batteries, so that's 4.5V each. There are nine LEDs on each array but I can't see any resistors. I think the negative terminal battery pack is connected to the casing of the light as there are solder points on the array that aren't directly connected to any of the LEDs. On the highlighted picture: Red - Positive LED terminal Blue - Negative LED terminal Yellow - Where I believe the +ive LED terminal to conect to the -ive terminal of the battery pack through the casing. If more information is needed, just let me know and I'll see what I can do. Any help you guys and gals could give me will be greatly appreciated, cheers.

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Can i make a serial cable for the 3com superstack3 switch?

I have gotten a lend of a 3com superstack 3 48 port gigabit switch, but i dont own a cable to connect the terminal RJ-45 port to my serial port. Is there any way to make my own cable, or set it up using a web browser.

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I Need work with L300 Terminal (n-computing) and U.are.U 4500 Fingerprint

I have problem I using terminal L300 with U.are.U 4500 Fingerprint but Fingerprint not responding in this L300 Terminal We need to work with both equipment in the computer host this fingerprint working well I need help for activate both equipment  thanks

Topic by JorgeRdz7310  

How do I wire a 6 circuit terminal block for lighting a stoplight?

3 light traffic light we want to at the very least light up. three light,yellow,green..with two wires each. one being white and one corresponding with the color light... (tealish for green, orangish for yellow, red for red). there are other wires (brown,yellow,white and red) that also came inside the unit, all hapazardly attatched to a 6 circuit terminal block with "cinch" written on the back my friend and I bought this at a flea market and arent sure if components are originial or what else we would need. any help would be great. 

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How do I wire a three-terminal piezo buzzer to make it sound?

I salvaged a piezo sounder from a CO detector.  The sounder (EFM-290ED rated at 9V) has 3 pins rather than the two I am more familiar with.  The pins are labled G, F, and M.  I have tired applying 9V across all combinations of the pins but haven't had any luck maiking it sound.

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How do I convert spade terminal volume control to something else??

I removed this circuit board from an old ipod dock I was about to trash but wanted to keep the innards for something. I'm connecting this to some other speakers but don't know how to convert the volume control. Right now there are two silver, plastic caps with a screw in the bottom of them. The screw runs through a spade terminal which is soldered onto the circuit board. When you tap one of the caps it raises/lowers the volume until you stop tapping it. I want to convert this to something different, preferably a volume knob of some sort. I'm not very versed in electronics, just been messing around for a couple years making simple stuff like lamps, etc so please help a noob. Any suggestions are welcome. I'm not even sure this can be converted but thought I'd ask because I'm fresh out of ideas. Thanks a lot. 

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Is it possible to make an OS for an old computer that's similar to DSL?

I was wondering if it is possible to make an system for an old computer. And if so, what is the easiest way? edit: i just Wikipedia-ed it. i want to make an OS similar to DSL (Damn Small Linux) but just a little more simple. and OS as in something that you would boot strait from grub or something like that. not an emulator or command prompt like CMD. even more info: What i want to do is take an old computer (i.e. Apple 2E) and wipe it and put my own OS on it.

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i connected two terminals of capacitor and they produce the big spark is the capacito still works? Answered

I connected two terminals of capacitor and they produce the big spark is the capacitor still works...or it get destroyed ......the capacitor is from flash of camera???

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How to wire a 3 terminal socket ( i believe they are called 2 way sockets

I would like to put led mini lights inside of a liquor bottle lamp that i bought, my question is how can I connect this to a 3 terminal socket so i would be able to turn on just the mini light, or just the lamp bulb or both at the same time.

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Easiest way to reattach small wire between 2 AA rechargeable battery terminals? Answered

This is on a path light that uses 2 AA 1.2v NiCd rechargeable batteries. It's a small black wire(ground?) that ran from terminal to terminal. Hoping there's a cheaper way besides soldering, as I'd have to purchase all materials for a one time use. If soldering is my only option, I do own a little 503 pen torch but would need instruction on torch soldering along w/ materials needed. Appreciate your time and knowledge, thank you. 

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Should somebody tell Arnold?

Because there may be problems with the Terminator franchise...:-)

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Im repurposing my atx power supply to be a bench Psu. I need help with code please?

In this project. I want to use an arduino mega, 2 lcds, and 6 acs712 current sensing modules and 2 Lm2596 dc step up/down module The set up I have in mind is like so; arduino is powered by ATX stand by power (IF possible) there is a push button which turns on the programing to start the monitoring and also grounds the ATX and GReen wire to supply power to all the rails. This set up will calculate Voltage and current printting them on the lcd's. The constant voltages will be printed on on lcd and the variable voltages on the other lcd. Ive written most of the code. I just want it to make sense. I've added a picture, which my project is based on.. the difference are, im not using I2c bus for lcd, im measuring current, and im printing info on two different lcds. thanks for the help. here is the code #include #define PWROK_PIN 4 // change to w.e pin i end up using connected to green? investigate #define PWRBTN 2 // closing push buttom connection makes it high #define PWRTRANS 6 /*-----( Declare objects )-----*/ // Variables will change: int PWRSTATE = HIGH;         // the current state of the output pin int buttonState;             // the current reading from the input pin int lastButtonState = LOW;   // the previous reading from the input pin // the following variables are long's because the time, measured in miliseconds, // will quickly become a bigger number than can be stored in an int. long lastDebounceTime = 0;  // the last time the output pin was toggled long debounceDelay = 50;    // the debounce time; increase if the output flickers // initialize the libr with the number of the intface pins double sensePinVthree = A0; double sensePinVfive = A1; double sensePinVfivesb = A2; double sensePinVtw = A3; double sensePinVrone = A4; double sensePinvrtwo = A5; //The current double sensePinIthree   = A6; double sensePinIfive   = A7; double sensePinIfivesb = A8; double sensePinItw  = A9; double sensePinIVrone = A10; double sensePinIVrtwo = A11; //setting up default or naming variables. double Voltsthree; double Voltsfive; double Voltsfivesb; double Voltstw; double VoltsVrone; double VoltsVrtwo; double Currentthree; double Currentfive; double Currentfivesb; double Currenttw; double CurrentVrone; double CurrentVrtwo; LiquidCrystal lcd(12, 11, 5, 4, 3, 2); LiquidCrystal lcd2(12, 10, 5, 4, 3, 2); //remove this if not working or glitchy void checkPowerOK(){   // when green is grounded   if (digitalRead(PWROK_PIN) == HIGH) {     lcd.setCursor(4, 1);     lcd.print("ON ");     lcd.setCursor(9, 3);     lcd.print("hello");   }   else if (digitalRead(PWROK_PIN) == LOW) {     lcd.setCursor(8,1);     lcd.print("OFF");   } } void togglePower(){ static unsigned long last_interrupt_time = 0; unsigned long interrupt_time = millis(); // If interrupts come faster than 200ms, assume it's a bounce and ignore if (interrupt_time - last_interrupt_time > 500) {    // set the power:   digitalWrite(PWRTRANS, PWRSTATE); //trans is pin 6 } PWRSTATE = !PWRSTATE; last_interrupt_time = interrupt_time;  } void setup() { analogReference (DEFAULT); pinMode(PWRBTN, INPUT); pinMode(PWRTRANS, OUTPUT); attachInterrupt(0, togglePower, RISING); digitalWrite(PWRTRANS, PWRSTATE);     lcd.begin(16, 4);   lcd2.begin(16, 2); // Print a message to the LCD. lcd.setCursor(0,0); //take this out if monitor buggy lcd.print("Bench PSU");// this code be fine lcd.setCursor(0,1); lcd.print("Monitor  V1.0"); lcd.setCursor(0,2); lcd.print("ICE"); lcd.setCursor(4,3); lcd.print("ROBOTICS"); lcd2.begin(16, 2); // replace with the date_time function lcd2.setCursor(0,0); lcd2.print("Hope 4 the best"); lcd2.setCursor(0, 1); lcd2.print("prep 4 the worst"); delay(3000); lcd.clear(); // wipes old message lcd.setCursor(5,0);  lcd.print("Building the Future"); lcd.setCursor(0,1); lcd.print("since   2014"); //Inset the time function somewhere in here lcd.clear(); lcd2.clear(); //lcd.createChar(0, blockChar);     Voltsthree=0; //setting my variables to Zero   Voltsfive=0;   Voltsfivesb=0;   Voltstw=0;   Currentthree=0; //Setting current to Zero on this Lcd   Currentfive=0;   Currentfivesb=0;   Currenttw=0;       VoltsVrone=0; // doing the same but for second lcd   VoltsVrtwo=0;     CurrentVrone=0;// same for current   CurrentVrtwo=0; } void loop () {checkPowerOK(); // check to see if power ok   Voltsthree = ((analogRead(sensePinVthree)) /218.0) *5; // or 7 aalso the 218.0 value will chaange to mine specific   if(Voltsthree <0){     Voltsthree=0;   }   Currentthree =(((analogRead(sensePinIthree)) / 212.0) -2.55) / 0.6666667;// why 0.667   if(Currentthree <0) {     Currentthree=0;   }   Voltsfive = ((analogRead(sensePinVfive)) /218.0) *5;   if(Voltsfive <0){     Voltsfive=0);   }   Currentfive =(((analogRead(sensePinIfive)) / 212.0) -2.55) / 0.6666667;// why 0.667   if(Currentfive <0) {     Currentfive=0;   }   Voltsfivesb =((analogRead(sensePinVfivesb)) /218.0) *5;   if(Voltsfivesb <0){     Voltsfivesb=0;   }   Currentfivesb =(((analogRead(sensePinIfivesb)) / 212.0) -2.55) / 0.6666667;// why 0.667   if(Currentfivesb <0) {     Currentfivesb=0;   }   Voltstw =((analogRead(sensePinVtw)) /218.0) *5;   if(Voltstw <0){     Voltstw= 0;   }   Currenttw =((analogRead(sensePinItw)) / 212.0) -2.55) / 0.6666667;// why 0.667   if(Currenttw <0){     Currenttw=0;   }     VoltsVrone =((analogRead(sensePinVrone)) /218.0) *5;   if(VoltsVrone <0){     VoltsVrone=0;   }   CurrentVrone =(((analogRead(sensePinIVrone)) / 212.0) -2.55) / 0.6666667;// why 0.667   if(CurrentVrone <0) {     CurrentVrone=0;   }     VoltsVrtwo =((analogRead(sensePinVrtwo)) /218.0) *5;   if(VoltsVrtwo <0){     VoltsVrtwo = 0;   }   CurrentVrtwo =(((analogRead(sensePinIVrtwo)) / 212.0) -2.55) / 0.6666667;// why 0.667   if(CurrentVrtwo <0) {     CurrentVrtwo=0;   }   //1st line   lcd.setCursor(0,0);   lcd.print("                "); //clear the line 1st line   lcd.setCursor(0,0);   lcd.print(Voltsthree);   lcd.setCursor(5,0):   lcd.print("V");   lcd.setCursor(7,0);   lcd.print(Currentthree);   lcd.setCursor(14,0);   lcd.print("A");     //2nd line   lcd.setCursor(0,1);                  // clear and print second line   lcd.print("                ");   lcd.setCursor(0,1);   lcd.print(Voltsfive);     lcd.setCursor(5,1);   lcd.print("V");   lcd.setCursor(7,1);   lcd.print(Currentfive);   lcd.setCursor(14,1);   lcd.print("A");     //3rd line   lcd.setCursor(0,2);           // clear line 3   lcd.print("                ");   lcd.setCursor(0,2);   lcd.print(Voltsfivesb);     lcd.setCursor(5,2);   lcd.print("V");   lcd.setCursor(7,2);   lcd.print(Currentfivesb);   lcd.setCursor(14,2);   lcd.print("A");     //4th line   lcd.setCursor(0,3);           // clear line 4   lcd.print("                ");   lcd.setCursor(0,3);   lcd.print(Voltstw);     lcd.setCursor(5,3);   lcd.print("V");   lcd.setCursor(7,3);   lcd.print(Currenttw);   lcd.setCursor(14,3);   lcd.print("A");     //1st line   lcd.setCursor(0,0);   lcd.print("                "); //clear the line 1st line   lcd.setCursor(0,0);   lcd.print(VoltsVrone.);   lcd.setCursor(5,0);   lcd.print("V");   lcd.setCursor(7,0);   lcd.print(CurrentVrone);   lcd.setCursor(14,0);   lcd.print("A");     //2nd line   lcd2.setCursor(0,1);                   // clear and print second line   lcd.print("                ");   lcd.setCursor(0,1);   lcd.print(VoltsVrtwo);     lcd.setCursor(5,1);   lcd.print("V");   lcd.setCursor(7,1);   lcd.print(CurrentVrtwo);   lcd.setCursor(14,1);   lcd.print("A");   }

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How do I wire this AC motor to a UK plug? Answered

When wiring this 220V, 60rpm AC motor to the mains, it turns perfectly with the live and neutral wires connected to terminals 1 and 2 and with the earth wire disconnected from terminal 3, however it does not turn when the earth wire is connected to terminal 3. How do I resolve this when wiring it to UK mains?

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what is this electronic part called? Answered

Hello, I got a cheap alarm from the dollar tree store, is one of those for windows and doors that one part goes on the door or window and other part to the frame, when you open door/window the alarm goes off. I found a electronic part inside that I want to use in a project but I don't know what is called, when I unsoldered it, it looked like a capacitor but at the bottom has 4 straight terminals, each terminal was connected to the coil. I pilled the coating and the inside looks like a coil, by now you can tell I don't know much of electronics and english is not my first language, but I am trying to learn. I just want to know the name of it so I can buy some more for my projects. I put some pictures of what it looks like. In the side picture you can see the terminals but I bent them trying to unsolder them. in the picture where you can see it from the bottom the red arrow points at the 1 of the straight terminals and the blue arrow points at glue that is located at the bottom of the terminal. and in the third picture you see it from the side but I removed the plastic that was covering it and you can see that each of the terminals are connected to the coil. Thank you for your help

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I need help wiring a 12VDC SPST lighted on-off rocker switch.? Answered

I want to install a 12VDV SPST lighted on-off rocker switch to turn some lights on and off on my model railroad. The switch has three terminals and one is marked "light". I am going to use a 12VDC (wall wart) adapter as the power source. How and where do I attach the wires correctly? Obviously, one terminal is positive and one is negative but what do I attach to the "light" terminal?

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The circuit using mc3479 is getting short when i connect the terminal of the coil to my circuit but motor still runs.

The circuit continually gets short circuited the minute I connect the stepper motor terminals to my driving circuit which incorporates a MC3479 chip. The motor however runs smoothly, however my power supply keeps indicating a short circuit preventing me from adequately controlling the stepper motor.

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208/240 transformer question

After having several (like 4) thermostats fail in a 6-year period, it finally dawned on me to check the voltage from the transformer and I found it to be a bit over 28 volts. My condo building has 208V service. The transformer in my air handler is a 208/240V one and was wired to the 208V terminal. I removed the wire from the 208V terminal and connected it to the 240V terminal and then found the voltage to be 24.2V. So I have possibly solved the problem of the thermostats failing but my question is, will this cause any damage to the primary (or secondary) of the transformer? Thanks in advance!

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How do I fix my car stereo ground wire? Answered

I installed my new stereo and it won't work. The fix-it hotline told me to touch the ground wire to the negative batt. terminal, and the red and yellow wires to the positive terminal. The stereo worked, meaning the ground wire coming from the dash is probably bad.?

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Voltage: In search of a better analogy than water

I need to come up with a good analogy to describe the concept of Voltage. Water seems to be the most common analogy, but it seems to fail in some way. Here is a good water analogy that I found, but it still leaves questions that I cannot answer.The Lake Analogy: No force is pushing or pulling on the water inside a lake, so nothing moves. If it were possible to lift up on one side of the lake and tip it at an angle, gravity would pull on the water and it would flow. We have created a gravitational potential difference. The side that we lifted up on now has a higher potential than the lower side. Gravity will always cause water to flow from the point of highest potential to the point of lowest potential. The higher the difference between these two potentials, the more electrons will flow; the greater the current will be.Electricity is the same. When we attach a battery to a copper wire, the battery’s internal chemical reaction has created an electrical difference in potential. The negative terminal of a AA battery, has a higher potential than the positive terminal, so electrons will flow through the wire from the negative terminal to the positive. In this case, each coulomb of electrons will have the potential to do 1.5 joules of work as it passes through the wire. QUESTIONS: Does Voltage Push or Pull Electrons? The negative terminal of a AA battery repels electrons. This pushing force is what moves the electrons. However, we also know that electrons are attracted to a positive charge. So, are the electron being "pulled" by the positively charged battery terminal while being simultaneously pushed away by the negative terminal... or... does the negative terminal push the electrons away to a certain point, when the positive terminal begins to pull on them?With water, the only force is gravity, which is a pulling force. But with flowing electrons, it seems like the water analogy would require a pump there is only a pull, and no push. I guess... if you use a water pipe instead of a lake, and you use a water pump as an analogy for the battery, the end where the water is pushed out of the pump would be the negative terminal, and on the other end, water is being sucked into the pump, so that would be the positive terminal. But could you say that the sucking action of the pump is pulling the water towards that end, or the pushing action of the negative end is pushing the water towards the positive end? or Both? If so to what degree, and when? Meaning... as a water molecule is pushed out of the pump, is the sucking end already acting on and affecting the molecule, or does the sucking action only exert force on the water molecule at a certain point? It's all a real brain bender to me. Does anyone else know of a rock solid voltage analogy, or how I can improve this one?

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