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The Racker Rifle 2013

So I decided I didn't like my Racker Rifle that much anymore.  Mostly because it had one or two broken parts.  So I took TheDunkis's idea that he pitched to me on the original ible of using hinges for an even stronger trigger.  Turns out I could fit the new trigger mechanism in perfectly into the old gun body, so the gun from the outside looks almost unchanged.  The good thing though is that the trigger no longer uses a broken part and it is even stronger. The other change is that it has a modified SwagBoss handle on it for the ramrod, but I've had that on their for a while.  Thanks to The Foofinator. The internal picture is like 95% right, I tweaked one or two things after I took that picture before I put the whole thing together.

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A Small Improvement On TheRacker's Kne'x Gun

TheRacker and I were talking in KIChat and he said he wasn't happy with his Knex gun. The pin couldn't hold a lot of bands because he couldn't use one of KK's pins. This was because of a KK pin wasn't long enough to hit the bullet from the mag. We were thinking of ideas that could be done to fix it. We both had the idea of moving the mag back a little compacting the gun and making it compatible for a KK pin. This is the result. I didn't find it needed to build the rest of the gun, I only built the part that mattered.

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DarkOwlKnex's Project Update Six; Review of The Racker Rifle

It's been a while since I've made a forum topic, but here it is: an overview of what I've been doing lately. First order of business, I've built a pistol with a sliding trigger.  It works very well: the sliding trigger has never failed, and it gets pretty good ranges for a single shot.  The only problem: I am using terrible bands, which I'm sure is limiting the power, unfortunately. Some of its features: It has a bullet lock. It gets great ranges. It has a sliding trigger. It has a comfortable handle. It isn't a turret pistol :P For the second order of business, I have built TheRacker's Racker Rifle with the new trigger shown here.  I modified it a little, but a lot of things remain unchanged.  I have decided to review it. I. Design Elements Trigger: 10/10:  The best element of the gun.  It functions flawlessly and was my main reason for building it in the first place. Barrel: 8/10:  The main part of the barrel was fine, but the place where the turret was supposed to catch on was a bit iffy, as the y-rod that it was supposed to catch on could fall off easily and turn a little bit. Stock: 7/10: It was a bit flimsy, but it was aesthetically pleasing in terms of piece usage. Pin guide: 3/10: Here's the worst part about it.  I know I don't have the original pin guide in the picture, but there's a good reason for that: after one #64 size rubber band, the pin guide simply would not work.  It bent and moved and wasn't secured to the barrel in any way, causing quite a problem.  I took it off and modified the barrel, but when the picture was taken, I was experimenting with an alternate pin guide. Handle: 8/10 The original handle was a bit simplistic, but seems, from appearance, to be very comfortable.  I modified mine quite a bit. Turret: 0/0: As it isn't TheRacker's design, and it is the basis for all turret guns, it's pointless to rate it. II. Functional Elements: Aesthetics: 10/10:  It is a very aesthetically pleasing rifle, and there's not much more you can ask for. Innovation: 9/10: The trigger is new and that's much more innovative than a lot of other guns that have been posted. Piece Consumption: 10/10: TheRacker Rifle was built with piece consumption in mind.  It is definitely worth a build if you don't have a lot of pieces, but you want a nice rifle. Power: 9/10: For a pin rifle, it was quite powerful.  It can always be better, though. Durability: 7/10: Everything is very sturdy, except for the stock.  If dropped on the ground, not many things would break. Overall rating: 81/100 = (Approximately) **** / ***** (Four out of five stars.) -DarkOwlKnex   ,     ,  (O,O) <(IIIII)>    I    I

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DarkOwlKnex's Project Update Three

I've been doing a lot of stuff the past week.  I have to memorize songs for band, do summer homework, yada, yada, yada.  But, as always, I've found time for K'nex, and this is what I've come up with.  If there's enough interest in any combination of these, I'll post accordingly. The first picture is of the 'collaboration project' I had with Dr. Richtofen.  X3  It really wasn't a collaboration...  It was really me looking back through Dr. Richtofen's many successful attempts at a non-shooting Walther PPK and trying to make them shoot.  When I was finished building, I realized something: there was no firing pin for the gun that would make sense; the red rod was too short (it didn't reach the end of the barrel) and the black rod was too long (it stuck out the end).  I could've used a red rod firing pin and jammed the bullets down the barrel, (it was a singleshot) but I thought better of it.  I'd say at least 50% credit goes to Dr. Richtofen for that project.  The second picture is just a random little pistol I made out of boredom after scrapping the PPK.  it was cute and compact, but the next day, after I woke up at three in the morning because I couldn't sleep, I had a revelation...   What if I used the type of trigger off of The Racker Rifle (link below) on a mag in the handle gun, and positioned it just perfectly as to have the trigger block behind the handle.  I'd then give it removable magazines like on Blue Mullet's K'nex Handle Removable Pistol (link below).  The last three pictures are the result of about an hours work so far; I may update again soon. (Oh, and the Elvis mouse pad is my Dads, not mine; my Dad's a big fan, obviously.) The Racker's The Racker Rifle: Blue Mullet's K'nex Handle Removable Pistol: Thanks for viewing! UPDATE:  The big pistol thing is now named George, and I have pictures of it completed structurally, and internally.  It is now in Pre-Beta. UPDATE/NOTE: The internals you see in the last picture won't work, sadly.  I've updated it so that it now functions.

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DarkOwlKnex's Project Update Four

The days since I've posted my last forum topic feel like forever.  In that time, I've published four contest entries, gotten featured for a guide about K'nex, and have started a collaboration with nerfrocketeer.  Which reminds me: I have to send him that one picture, but that's besides the point.  I have two new and updated things I'd like to show you.   First order of business, I'm building a TR8 turret pistol.  I know what you're thinking: DOK, are you seriously building another turret weapon?  Well, yes, I am, but this one's is special: it has a new trigger.  I've had this trigger concept bouncing in my head for a while.  It, again, uses The Racker's Trigger on his Racker Rifle as a part of the mechanism.  The other part of the mech is a simple, sliding piece that pushes into the Racker Trigger (I'm going to call it this from now on), pushing it upwards and freeing the pin.  One of the things that I love about it are the sights.  They look really cool in my opinion, and I think they are the best sights I have ever made.  At the moment, I'm going to call it Scorpio  because its looks remind me of a scorpion.  I realize that their is already a real life gun nicknamed Scorpion, so I'm going to call mine Scorpio.  And, obviously, I haven't mounted the turret yet, but I will do that later. Second on the agenda, we have The Prophet V2.0.  It now has a slightly different turret and front end; it's enough to make it perform a lot better, although it functioned very nicely before. That's pretty much it, but I'd really love to hear what you guys think about these projects: valid constructive criticism, tips, advice, and the like are greatly appreciated.  I'd love it if you guys would leave a comment, and thanks for viewing!

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S2 Bolt Action Pistol Review

When joined Ibles, I knew that I didn't have any guns ready to upload, so, I decided to post some reviews, being that I already had some  guns built. The S2 pistol by  Sharir1701 seemed to be a logical choice, so I grabbed some blue rods did a little bit of testing. Please realize that even though I have just joined the site, I have a wide range of experience with knex guns, such as the ZKAR, TR8, Racker Rifle, and many of Red Book of Westmarch's replicas. In this review I am not going to do the ratings on a scale of one to ten, because Knex guns differ so much. Say you have a gun that shoots 70 feet. You give it a eight out of ten, because that is great range. However, the SRV3 shoots 500 feet, so 70 feet is NOT eight out of ten any more. Due to that, a truly honest review would rate even very nice guns quite low, due to the fact something will probably is better. If you don't understand this, that is OK, because I do, and I am the one writing the review. Also note that this one has Sharir's pin guide holder thingy. Anyway, let's jump right into the review! RANGE:  Frankly, this gun does not live up to Sharir's claim of 100+ feet. I only got 65-70 angled using two size 117 bands, which is still great range for any gun. Sharir says that it will only get that range with three bands. Sometime ago, I used 3 and did not 100 feet. I don't remember what exactly I got with three, but I am sure it didn't get past 75-80 feet. RELIABILITY: This is one of the gun's good points. Knex bolt actions don't have a great reputation for being reliable, but the S2 works nice and smooth. When I decided to review the pistol, I thought it would be nice to test the reliability and give ya'll the numbers. Here they are. I put the gun through two hundred rounds, and it had: 3 failures to fire, 4 failures to load, the pin guide broke twice, the bolt broke once, and the chambering rod popped out of the bolt twice. Now this sounds REALLY bad. However, the pin guide issues, the chambering rod issues and the failures to load were my fault.  The pin guide and chambering rods broke when I was jerking the bolt back too vigorously, and the rounds that wouldn't load were because I was manually  chambering the round, instead of having a return band chamber it. after I added the band, no trouble. ROF: Now this is one part I didn't really test. It charges slower then a ZKAR, but faster then most pin guns. It is good enough for most uses in a Knex war. COMFORT: Pretty comfortable. The handle is quite good, and I think it would be even better for someone with larger hands then mine. The problem is that there is not really a good place for your other hand to go except for the magazine, which doesn't make the best handle. To be truthful, it is kinda awkward to hold. It is too big for a pistol, but doesn't have a stock like a rifle. (Ok, you COULD use the pin guide holder as a stock, but it doesn't work that well) CUT PARTS: The gun is fine when it comes to these. There are several recommend, but you only need one cut gray rod for the chambering rod. ALL IN ALL: This is an awesome gun. not too many pieces,  looks kinda cool, and is fairly accurate. The ammo is blue rods, and i have a couple hundred of those, so it works great for me. Range seems about right, and it is very fun to shoot. In a war it would do pretty good, but the ammo is hard to find in the grass. The mag is a bit small, holding around 13 rods due to the mag pusher taking up quite a bit of space in the mag. This, a TR8, and a ZKAR would make a fine war arsenal.

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