Slow orangeboard - not a bug, though.

There was a good idea in another topic to use your OrangeBoard as a note-pad for on-going projects. That reminded me: My orangeboard is very slow.  It's not a bug, it's size (1100+ comments). Is there any way of speeding it up? Apart from going through all 1100 comments, deleting them one at a time, that is...

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can't enter contest even though instructable not published

I'm trying to enter an instructable into the woodworking contest but it says I'm not eligible. I confirmed that i hadn't published already so now I'm very confused. Can someone help?

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what is this i found it at an yard sale and though it looked cool?

  i don't know what it is but if you can help me find out it will be greatly appreciated  got it from an old military guy selling stuff on the side of the rode and he said he made it but he did not remember what it was made form an old fishing box thanks agine

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Can anyone send me a patch, even though I'm not a PRO?

I'm not a PRO,can anyone send me a PATCH? I'm 'sk8er man', if that helps.

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Why can't access the internet even though i'm connected to the wifi?

My netbook's model is SAMSUNG N148 Plus. comment for additional details because i don't know what details to give you

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Why do 'shortcuts' not appear even though I've highlighted them? Answered

When I go into shortcuts and highlight all my preferences they do not appear between 'You' and 'Logout' like the instructions says, what am I doing wrong?  Yes I am saving them.

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How to make a robot arm which can move though specific path?

pls help me  to make a robotic arm which moves though a specific path.

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Why is it that even though I'm a pro member many features are not available to me

I have been a member of Instructables for many years and have always been reticent about posting here. This is simply because as I do not live in the USA , even though I am British I seem excluded from many activities here eg competitions forum groups etc. I know rules and regulations may be varied between nations but  I always thought the world wide web was a place to celebrate skills wherever they arise on the planet  . I do off course accept that any obstruction of such freedoms is a denial of that freedom but does not authorise  surely freedom to partake in abetter world..... ho hum rant over any thoughts good people

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how can i make a good stopmotion? Answered

Ok im gonna try and make a stop motion with legos and other stuff but i have not done a stop motion before and dont have windows movie maker even though i should have it

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Food Science Challenge closed, even though it's not midnight on May 7th yet??

To whom it may concern: The official rules of the Food Science challenge state that "Entries for the Contest must be received by Sponsor by no later than 11:59 p.m. PT May 7". However, I am unable to enter my instructable even though it isn't midnight yet!! It is currently about 8:30 p.m. PT, so I should still have 3.5 hours left to submit my instructable. I've entered instructables last-minute for contests like this before and I haven't ever had any issues, so why is it different this time?  Could somebody please let me know if I'm missing something, and if not how should I go about rectifying this issue and getting my entry in on time? I'll also be sending this to, but that email takes several days to be answered so does anyone have a better method of getting in contact with Instructables staff quickly and easily? Thanks in advance,  Chris

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does anyone know how to make a wooden stash box ,not too simple though? Answered

I want to make it out of wood. i want it to be hard to figure out cuz my lil brother is really good at figuring this kinda stuff out.

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Sypranic 8 round revolver 2 in work still - though S8rR Modern is out!

It's still a work in progres, the previous moddel didn't work corectly, so you'll be geting the basic idea structure Project Python - AKA S8rR Modern - check the origonal S8rR for it. - should be up by 2PM eastern time. modern is simply a difrent version of the origonal not a big improvement. that the V2 will be baised on and improving the modern (kinda like when you take someones gun strip it down to what you like and build a new thing around that to somthing you like) sorry about any wait I like my things to be quality/origonal rather then quanity and cheap

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Why do I still get emails even though I have unsubscribed to everything?

I have unsubscribed to all emails.  Everything is unchecked.  But I still get the emails.  Why?  It's really starting to make me angry.

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Should I be L Lawliet from Death note for halloween even though I'm a girl?

I've seen people cosplaying as L, but I can't find a girl doing it. I really like the series Death Note, but I'm afraid I can't pull off being L for Halloween. I can act like L pretty well, but I dunno if I can look like L. (I'm asian though, so that might help) I have long black hair and slight bangs. But I wear glasses. Any suggestions?

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Can't publish my project to First Time contest, even though date range is okay

I created a new instructable, my first time, on Sept 10: I tried to enter the contest for "First Time Author": However, but I get a pop-up message "You haven't published any eligible instructables yet." - and my only option is to create a new instructable. Which would not be my first time :) So although there are still seven days left in the contest, and I'm logged in, and my project was created within the date range - I can't enter the contest. Frustrating! Any idea what I'm doing wrong here?

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Making fireworks in China

Watch this video quickly; it's apparently not supposed to be there, and the owner is working on getting it removed. Neat stuff, though. Doesn't exactly look like a fun job, though...

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it is not a question but PLEASE send sistergldnhair a get well message. even though u probably dont know her Answered

She just went though a really tough surgery and it is just a nice thing to do. 

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What is a good knex rifle to build even though I don't have a lot of pieces and no hinges?

I'm looking for a good knex gun to build but I have no hinges and no balljoint connectors and I don't have a whole lot of pieces but I could still build something, but what's worth building?

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alt+libray member doesn't exsit, error 400?

   Viewing others accounts are possible, though it seems I cannot look at alt+library's profile. It says: ERROR 400: no member: alt library.    Though the account's name is alt+library.

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New Transformers

I though I'd share my new buddies.

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Anyone know a good Camcorder?

I'm looking for a decent HD camcorder, for mostly tripod use. I want something I can put in my bag though. I'm not particularly interested in 'flip' camcorders though. Thanks! P.S. if anyone's selling, let me know

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K'nex gun with new type of hopper bottom

The pics pretty much explain it (this where made with bricksmith, a free lego digital building program, though u can download knex parts, though it is messing the ball joint connectors, ball joint, chain links, and black Y thingys)

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Computer Help?

Though I do program and will take the certification exam in a few days, I need some technical help.  I drew a picture in charcoal and though I don't have it any more, I do have a picture of it on a digital camera.  How do I upload the picture to my computer? (My computer is an Apple MacBook)

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comments capchita won't appear? Answered

When i attempt to reply to comments and click "post" it says please enter the capchita thingy it still doesn't appear though even after refreshing!! irritating! 

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Marshmellow Shooters!

Marshmellow. xkcd. 'nuff said.Seriously though, I wonder if he means ewilhelm's shooter?

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I can't delete pictures in my image library even though they're not being used, but it saying that they're being used.

I cant delete/remove a lot of pictures in my image library because it said it's being used, even though I know they're not being used at all. I need help...

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How much voltage is required to glow 9 led's.Even though i am using 15 volts they hardly glow.? Answered

I am using 15 volts, still they don't light up .OR if there are other methods to supply voltage please help me (not the joule thief please).

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Bye guys...

Well, I might be off for a little while. Just though I'd let you guys know...

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My Art In Illustrator

I made this in illustrator last night. Is it good? kinda grungey though...

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pdf images

Just today, I am no longer able to see images in pdf versions of the instructable, the images are still there for individual viewing though!

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Is this possible? Answered

It looks cool, but it's fake. i want it though

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My sites I made these 4 friends: None of these are done!!! goto them though. the top 2 are good.

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Pitchforks and denial

I felt an urge to blog. Though some of you may find the content or tone offensive, I do not apologise.

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Contest submission broken

I submitted a hack ( to the ThinkGeek contest last night, and another ( this morning. Only the second gave me any confirmation email or anything of the sort though. The first Instructable doesn't show up on the contest site, but, on the Instructable, it has the ThinkGeek hacks logo at the top. Any suggestions? I am thinking that it is because they are named similarly (though they are completely separate).

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Would it rust? Answered

Would the metal used for aerial be able to have water running though it, for a water gun, Thanks.

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What happened to barrax? Answered

The knexer. He stopped posting the middle of last year and has a line though his name. What happened to him?

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Better Than MLCad?

I have something better than mlcad, for modelling knex. Its only 2-d, though

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I'll enter when.....

I'll enter when my led's get here... I have a good one though!

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i need to make a case for a tablet, i though of abs plastic, or carbon fiber, any sugestion would be good, thanks?

I´m trying to make a tablet out of a old laptop, going to put a touchscreen, so keyboard won't be needed, so i just have to mod the current case or make a new one, the laptop is a siemens fujitsu amilo pro v2000, i also don't need the cd reader. i´ll need to plug a usb touchscreen, but the connections part is all set up, so the problem now is the case and the os, any help will be apreciated, if the project takes off, i´ll make my first instructable, help please, and forgive my english please, i'm portuguese

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sort of relevant to us

Http:// exhibition for art made by engineers...hardly any time left to submit though, maybe someone out there is interested.

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See the Classes you are enrolled in

You should be able to see which classes you have enrolled in!. It doesn't seem as though there is a way to do this.

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Ide goda kold inda mide node....

Mide sinudses id all clogged up. As long as this doesn't go into my chest (like it did for my wife), I will be able to survive the next few days.I really hate sinus infections though, don't you? Anyone out there fall victim to the latest round of stuff going around? ...but this is how I feel about now though....

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Images in the Instructions

To whom this may concern, an administrator or another customer/user of this site, I have a free account, and i know that i can't do things like download pdf's, though i didn't have a problem going through each page and read online, though now, i'm unable to see the multiple images concerning each section of instruction pertaining to the demonstration of the instructions, My questions is: has the free account been demoted by taking away the image viewing privileges?

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Is there a Arduino code that can read the subjects emotions?

Hello there! I was just wondering if there was a Arduino code that could possibly read the person, who is using it's, emotions? I am trying to build an animatronic suit that also doubles as a costume. I wanted to make the ears move due to emotion but I haven't been able to figure out any code that could accomplish this though............. Hopefully I can figure out something though!!!

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The First Mini Knex Gun

This is the first mini knex gun that I know of on this site I am not going to post though.

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knex kodachi

A kodachi is just a small katana (i designed it so u could swing it (i hope) though i dont know cause i havent physically made it)

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does anyone know how to make a beer hat??

I wont drink beer though mabye coke or somthin.........

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pro membership

Even though I have a pro membership,I keep getting prompted to sign in and then, each step of an instructable is in a little box.  Can someone please help?

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