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WiFi through Bluetooth?

If I have an iPhone that has internet access everywhere, can it transmit the internet to an iPad?

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Shoots through Cardboard

Hey um im guessings this to be new and also this is a nice gun you should build if you hhavent alrdy>

Topic by Knex Dude  

Cutting through a surfboard

My house is set relatively far from the road and I'd like a large address display. I was looking to punch out the numbers [5 digits] down the center of an old surfboard, but not sure about what tools to use to get through the resin and then the foam; without shredding or splintering it. I have variable band, scroll, recip and jig saws; and a variable speed Dremel. I'd like for it to be as detailed as possible [hard edges]. I'm of course planning to illuminate it. Any suggestions, recommendations, ideas would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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play Walkman through TV ??? Answered

Is there a way that I can play my WALKMAN through my TV or DVD/HDD Player. Can anyone help Pls.??

Question by hubby16    |  last reply

cutting hole through a book? Answered

Can anyone suggest a cheap effective way of curtting a 2-3 cm hole (any shape) through a book? Ideally laeving the froint and back covers intact.thanksJulius?

Question by julius100    |  last reply

xbox through gmail and aduino

I was thinking of way of playing xbox through gmail voice and video chat no software no changes  the way  i want  this to work is  by the arduino talking through the sound card on a player side to the xbox side(  through  gmail voice and and  video chat) arduino on xbox side will be hook up to a hack xbox controller (showing on photo) and have a USB to video thing which will give the player a view of the game play and the sound will be hook up to the computer(xbox side) so the player can hear what going on. hope people will like this and please be nice      

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Login Issues through Facebook

Yesterday I published 2 Instructables with my id. I was logged in through my facebook account but today I'm not able to log in. Whenever I tried to log in through facebook the pop-up message appears and it includes something went wrong message. And when I tried to post this issue they redirecting me to the login page. That's why I created a new id of my friend and add this post. Please help me out guys with such login issues in instructables

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Conductivity of heat through copper?

I have a piece of flat copper, 150 mm X 30 mm X 1mm thick. I put 50 watts onto one (150 mm) end, how much arrives at the other? so: Surface area: .00015 m2 Distance: .03 m thermal conductivity copper: 400 W.m-1.K-1

Topic by SolarFlower_org    |  last reply

Nylon through Jelly question

Hi, I wanted to make some eatable jelly balls and put them dangling from the ceiling on a nylon string that crosses them trough the center. I was thinking about using these double spherical mold for it;=1789&creative;=390957&creativeASIN;=B001AS44KI&linkCode;=as2&tag;=mcme-equipment-20 , but im pretty sure if I put a nylon string inbetween the molds the water would leak through it. If I can't in one consistent cast, what kind of eatable material can I use to glue the two half spheres?

Topic by DIAGONALLIS    |  last reply

Producing sound through electronics.

Hi, I want make something that produces a 'meow' sound. Like, for example a beeper produces a 'beep' sound for an alarm, but I wanted to make something that produces a 'meow' sound. I have broken many cars and have found that a magnet produces the sound. How is the magnet actually programmed to produce the sound. What is the circuitry involved? Can I make something like that? Thanks.

Topic by AkashdeepDeb    |  last reply

Heat transfer through cement

I have a garage on top of garage because my land is on a hill. The lower garage is all concrete all the way around including the ceiling. The floor in the upper garage is the cement from the roof of the lower garage. I want to heat the upper garage, but I know the floor will always be really cold because it is cement and the lower garage is not heated. The lower garage does stay quite a bit warmer than outside temps.My question is this, If I heat the lower shop, will the floor in the upper garage and the upper garage that is insulated be warm as well? Or am I better off just heating the upper shop and having a cold floor? I spend a lot of time in the garage and would like it comfortable when I am in there. ThanksJed

Question by jedidieah    |  last reply

fibre optics

Hello, Hope to find here some information about Optical Fibres. I am building an under water housing for DSLR. I want to use it just under the water surface. Controlling (through an air bridge) and exposure (through optical light guide) are on land. The question is about optical fibres. I need a 160 cm long Fibre Optic Lightguide. A 1/4 inch diameter guide costs near 200 GBP. When I would make one myself of 1/2 inch diameter, I could safe 75 % + the entrance surface is more than 3 times larger, which is important, since I will have to guide the light of a flash gun! BUT, I doubt wether such a diy bundle of 1,5 mm diameter plastic fibres from ebay will give me roughly the same or preferably more light output as/than a professional guide? How do these plastic ebay fibres compare to professional or glass fibres in terms of light transfer efficiency? Any suggestions? If not, then a reference to another forum where they might be able to answer my questions, would be much appreciated.

Topic by butterflies55555    |  last reply

Sharing a home telephone line through the internet?

Hi geeks :) I have this thing in my mind that I want to put into practice. I don't know where to start. I searched couple of things in google but didn't get any answers to help me to start my project. I was thinking to use my uncle's second home telephone line which is not in use at the moment. The thing is that I live 10km away from his house and he has this thing that he is able to talk limitless to foreign countries :) So I'm wondering: is there anyway to connect or to reach my uncle's second line through internet? I thought maybe I can use the second telephone line by setting up the right equipment like creating two servers one at my uncle's house and one at my house. Any ideas are appreciated! 

Topic by x-poke    |  last reply

how to do the card through window.? Answered

how can i do a card through window magic trick without having help and showing the audence the window?????

Question by voemaster    |  last reply

circuit to cut through plastic wrap

I can use a tungsten filament and only a 9v battery.i need the circuit to generate enough heat so as to cut through a plastic wrap.

Question by snehap22    |  last reply

Wiimote signal through an internet connection?

Has anyone ever tried sending the signal from a wiimote through an internet connection (using a laptop at either end with bluetooth capability) to sync up with another wii?

Question by Undaunt    |  last reply

Tv cable transmission through wifi Answered

I would like to transmit digital tv cable through wifi just by using resisters to bring the cable voltage down first. Then connect that to the correct polarity of  TX  on ethernet. Finally connect the RX of a bridge's ethernet cable to a cable amplifier finally to tv. Can I transmit digital cable tv this easily through wifi? 

Question by jbaker22    |  last reply

home appliances control through GSM

Plz help me this is my project i am working on it can any body tell me how does the circuit is working.

Topic by sg786    |  last reply

Contest Entry Won't Go Through

I have tried to enter my homemade snowmen into the holiday contest and it has not been added to the list of entries. It is on topic but i want to know why it isnt going through! It said to give it one buisness day and I have.  Others that were added today have been submitted.  Hoping I could get some anserws!

Topic by Conthodar    |  last reply

Listening with Stethoscopes through Glass Windows?

I'm writing a zombie apocalypse fiction story and in one scene, one of the militia has to eavesdrop on a survivor gathering through a padded window using a stethoscope modified to fit onto a walkie-talkie earpiece microphone (the type that's along the same wire as the earpiece). The stethoscope would be placed against the glass window. The eavesdropped survivor leader is using a loud announcement voice with no acoustic assistance, in the middle of, say, a 20m x 10m x 3m lobby. The sound would (theoretically) reverberate through the glass window and into the stethoscope, which would focus all that sound down into the mic, which is transmitted by the connected walkie-talkie to our actual listener that hears it several kilometers away through the second, receiving radio. Notwithstanding the padded window (since the character finds a hole) and assuming the transmitted signal isn't distorted at all, how bad would the audio fidelity be for the listener? Would you still be able to understand audible speech? Would listening with stethoscopes through glass windows even work?

Topic by nutsandbolts_64    |  last reply

Controlling Arduino through the Serial Monitor

Http:// I find I need to tweak parameters in my arduino apps and I don't want to have to upload the code over and over again.  This code snippet lets me open a serial monitor and adjust special parameters "on the fly". I hope you find it useful.  I use it in every one of my robots!

Topic by aggrav8d  

can magnetism go through Bronze? Answered

If anybody is near a metal shop and you know they have bronze can you see if the bronze will keep magnetism from penetrating the other side? You should take some light weight iron and a strong magnet and see if they attract.

Question by jbaker22    |  last reply

Security Camera that sees through clothing.

Reuters: LONDON--A British company has developed a camera that can detect weapons, drugs or explosives hidden under people's clothes from up to 25 meters away in what could be a breakthrough for the security industry. Link to Camera news

Topic by Goodhart    |  last reply

Control the stepper motor through the encoder?

Need to control my stepper motor through the encoder. I am using the encoder of an old mouse, but there is no specification of this component. I measured the tensions and currents of the phototransistor in the mouse circuit. And then, I I calculated the value of the resistor that will be connected at the collector of this component. The problem is when I am testing these components (IR LED and phototransistor) on the breadboard: the voltage and current are not the same measures the mouse circuit. My concern is damage the components. Do have another solution? I need to know the stepper motor position. I opted for mouse encoder, but it's something wrong. Maybe you can help. Thanks

Question by TaynaraO    |  last reply

Triggering a device remotely through bluetooth? Answered

Ok, so i was hoping to set off an electric match using two phones and bluetooth. i hooked an NPN transister up so that when low voltage is applied, it triggers the high voltage output which goes to the electric match. sorry if im paraphrasing here, i hope someone out there understands what im meaning to say. anyways, what i want to do is have an app that works through bluetooth to provide the low voltage i need through the usb which hooks into the npn transister. in other words, a phones usb triggers low voltage place on transister which then gives the higher voltage output. and it does so by using bluetooth to keep it remote. so again, bluetooth triggers usb, usb triggers low voltage place, then that place lets the high voltage go through. let me know if i need to clear up anything and im very sorry about the grammar but ive been racking my brain over this and its 4 am where im at, and i got no sleep. therefor-- too tired to correct spelling errors. any help is appreciated, thank you!

Question by XBLmonster    |  last reply

A No-See-Through visor for a Halloween costume?

Hai there! I had an idea for a type of robo-ish, army costume. I wanted a gas mask, with the visor tinted out, then a ring of red LED's behind it, but I didn't want my face to be seen, and i didnt want to buy a $20 can of window tint for a little visor when it might not even work. Anyone have ideas?

Topic by Justin Mai    |  last reply

Is my contest entry going through? Answered

I recently posted an Instructable for two contests two days ago, and it still seems to have not gone through. It does meet all of the requirements for both contests, yet I do not see my entry on the contest entries page. One of the contests ends in a week, and I am getting a bit worried that the Instructable won't make it before the deadline. I have read the answers some are giving here at Instructables, such as waiting for 1-2 business days or waiting until after the weekend or after major holidays, but I have not received any email or confirmation that my entry has been accepted for the contest. Should I be concerned, or should I just wait a few more days (since it's still New Year's)? Thanks!

Question by fluffylicious    |  last reply

cardboard music through mechanic oscillation ?

Hi everyone, i'm planning to build a big cardboard instrument. if you look at the attached .png you will find a very simple drawing of what i have in mind. i have some experience in programming dc motors with an arduino, but im not that well learned in physically building things. the motor should be fairly strong, the cardboard size will range from 2 meters to half a meter. any tips in the right direction are welcome! greetings, Rogier

Topic by rjupijn    |  last reply

Teaching Middle School Through Instructables

I am a junior high math and shop/technology teacher. For years I have been wanting to develop a math program that uses as much hands on as possible.  Like all teachers, I have developed a few projects, but just don't have the time to develop all the activities needed to cover an entire curriculum. I would love to correspond/collaborate with others (including non teachers). Email me directly if you are interested.

Topic by mikemckay    |  last reply

Learning Arduino Through Playing Cards

Check It Out: Let’s say you are 9 and you want to learn how to program … syntax is hard, and it is usually one of the issues I find when teaching. But also, language is problematic, not everybody speaks/reads/writes English and most programming languages are written in English … Arduino’s is not an exception. The guys at Complubot are into something interesting when it comes to learn programming. They are now in the third iteration of a cardgame (name to be decided) using the Arduino syntax.   I totally want a set, check them more out here

Topic by frenzy    |  last reply

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If you came here, you're probably** one of my followers. If you're one of my followers, you're probably interested in my Instructables. If you're interested in my Instructables, well... You get the point... If you're interested in seeing my projects in action, and more, Subscribe to my new YouTube Channel! Maybe these (deleted) embed links might decide to work one day... If you are on mobile or want to watch my channel trailer, Click here) Have an idea for a project that you think I can make? Post it here, or send it in a Private Message! If I win in an Instructables contest with your idea, I'll send you a FREE 1 YEAR PRO Membership! You can always contact me by Private message, though for something that's really important, you can send me an email using common sense and the period of this sentence, which contains my email address.   More links: Free PRO Membership Membership Giveaways My collection of my favorite projects My first I'ble My first featured I'ble My Twitter (haven't decided what I want to do there...) **(If you came here through the forums, this Forum Topic has been linked from My Instructables Page. Since I now have no Orangeboard, and have several different sites that I want to link through my profile page, I thought that I would do it like this...)

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Supplying power to the PIC12F508 through a transistor.

I'm trying to supply power to a PIC12F508 via a transistor, so it can turn itself off once it has finished working to save power. The Idea is for the push button to supply power to the chip, which sets GPIO5 high on power up, so turns on the transistor, allowing power to continue flowing to the chip after the button is released. The PIC turns on correctly when the button is pressed, but will not remain on, despite power being supplied to the transistor from GPIO5. Another possible issue is that while the chip works properly, it continues to put a high on GPIO4, lighting the LED while VSS is disconnected. I have checked that the code functions correctly, and have tested this without the additional lines from the programmer. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Topic by The Skinnerz    |  last reply

Bathroom Exhaust fan through window

I'm not really good with wiring things together(ie soldering, knowing anything about what volts needed or whatever but I'm willing to try), but I just moved to a new apartment.  The bathroom has a small sliding window above the shower, but no exhaust fan.  I want to very cheaply add a fan or couple fans(PC fans?), to the window that I can plug into an outlet and I would like to have a switch to turn it off and on.  I would even use batteries if I have to I don't really care.  It is right above the shower, so I'm guessing this is a risky thing to do. I'm sure it will get a little wet.  Has anyone done something like this before?  If not, any suggestions on what I should use?  Thanks so much for any help!

Topic by JohnGoodie    |  last reply

Making my way through 2012.

Hi everyone ! Since Jan. the 1st I decided to set myself up to a little challenge by "making my way" through the year. In 2011 I was really disappointed never to seem to find the time to make enough stuff, so I decided to try to make something - even a little thing - every week. So far so good, as this has forced me to work fast and not overthink projects, and also go dig in the backburner folder to look for ideas. So far I've got : Week #1 : A papercraft and duct-tape mask made after an Army of Two template ; Week #2 : A hand-knit red scarf Week #3 : Chess piece flash drives Week #4 : Mont Black pens, an update on Kingant's original instructable Week #5 : Hackerspace passports from passport-sized Muji notebooks (Instructable coming soon) Week #6 : Plaster mold of my face for a harder version of the mask in Week #1 Week #7 : Custom Wordpress theme for my blog, based on Hamasaki theme (I had lent my Dremel to a friend, which I needed for Week #8 - see below) Week #8 : Fixing and repainting a skateboard found on the street ! Week #9 : Foam mold of the plaster mold from Week #6 ! Week #10 : USB gamepad from original Xbox pad Week #11 : Magnetic blackboard for appartment door (joint project with Rvaya from 5sizes2small Studio) Week #12 : Home-made BookCrossing labels Week #13 : Coming soon ! Have any of you ever tried anything like that ? Anyone have advice for skills to pick up along the way, or fun projects to do ? I'll try to post as many Instructable as possible inspired by that little challenge in the meantime !

Topic by thirtythreedown    |  last reply

instructables makes me happy through posting

Instructables makes me happy through posting

Topic by delated-    |  last reply

how to set alarm of rtc clock by sending serial command

Hi! i am facing problem in my next task of the project which is to set the alarm time of rtc through my smart phone here is the code for this task  .. #include #include #include    virtuabotixRTC myRTC(6, 7, smiley-cool; int led=13; char h=8 ; char m=30; char s=0; void setup() {   Serial.begin(9600);   pinMode(led,OUTPUT); setTime(8,0,0,16,7,14);    myRTC.setDS1302Time(00, 00, 8, 3, 14, 7, 2014);} void loop() {   myRTC.updateTime();   // Start printing elements as individuals                                                                     Serial.print("Current Date / Time: ");                                                                   Serial.print(myRTC.dayofmonth);                                                                          Serial.print("/");                                                                                       Serial.print(myRTC.month);                                                                                Serial.print("/");                                                                                       Serial.print(myRTC.year);                                                                                 Serial.print("  ");                                                                                       Serial.print(myRTC.hours);                                                                                Serial.print(":");                                                                                        Serial.print(myRTC.minutes);                                                                           Serial.print(":");                                                                                      Serial.println(myRTC.seconds);                                                                           Alarm.delay(1000); // wait one second between clock display if (Serial.available() >0)   { h=;  //dont know how to make;// these three commands to;//work properly through proper  programming command    Alarm.alarmRepeat(h,m,s, morningalarm);  // alarm set through smartphone } else{ Serial.println('nothing have been sent'); }} // functions to be called when an alarm triggers: void morningalarm(){   Serial.println("Alarm: - turn lights off");   digitalWrite(led, HIGH);  } plz do help me out in this should i receive hour minute and seconds at a time serially and put them all together in alarm command so the alarm is set to a new time which is specified by the user through his smart phone

Topic by ash124  

Are there any Squier Teles with string through bodies?

 Are there any Squier Teles with string-through bodies? Is it possible to convert a Tele to a string-through body if they aren't already?

Question by adamgillies    |  last reply

How to use someone's computer through internet?

How to use someone's computer through internet?

Question by DELETED_kunal_smartfriend    |  last reply

does hydorchloric acid eat through wax? Answered

I am trying to make naruto style headbands out of stainless steel and i want to know if hydrochloric acid will melt through wax so i can apply the hydrochloric acid specifically to where i want it. i am planning to use about 1/16 inch thick stainless and have the acid eat through about half of it. if it does eat through wax is there any substance that it wont eat through? thank you for all of your help!

Question by Thor007    |  last reply

What chemicals can eat through resin

Does anyone know what chemicals can eat through resin? My dad gave me a strobe light which the timing was out on but the electronics were incased in resin so I can't access them. Any help would be useful

Topic by thermoelectric    |  last reply

Play an iPod through an EMUD Tube Radio

I have a beautiful shortwave/AM/FM/turntable EMUD brand (Germany) console stereo that I love. Currently, the radio's not working, but I think I can get that fixed. I'd love to add the capability to play my iPod through the speakers. The iPod doesn't have to be integrated into the stereo, it could be something where I just plug and play through the stereo's speakers - if that's possible. Any help? Thanks in advance.

Topic by smtownfun    |  last reply

ds lite connecting to a pc through wifi?

Hi, I'm wondering if you can connect a ds lite to a computer (pc or linux) through wifi.  When I put the ds lite in pictochat mode, and refresh the wifi connections on the computer, it comes up with "Other Network".  When I click on "Other Network" it asks for an ssid.  I have tried a couple things, like Chat Room A, and stuff like that, but it doesn't work.  Any ideas?  And is this even possible?  Thanks in advance. :D

Question by salomon1996    |  last reply

browsing without going through every page

This may not be a real bug but I think it's a flaw. How do I find where I left off browsing yesterday so I can start there today? I am not searching for something specific but wanted to look at all the entries in a particular (large) category.

Topic by JAGGIE    |  last reply

DIY Solar Cells through screen printing

I was wondering if anyone has seen the "plans" offered by on producing solar cells cheaply and at home through screen printing. They claim efficiencies of 12-14% can be achieved. I know most solar cells are screen printed, but I know the doping can be difficult. Has anyone seen/done this? I have seen the American patent held by a Japanese company that outlines the process. I didn't have much time to peruse it however. I did notice they were using correct terminology, but it was obviously geared towards commercial enterprise. Any thoughts?

Topic by bowakowa    |  last reply

How to input NUMBERS through Arduino serial.monitor ???

Hello ... I would like to ask, how can my Arduino read/store a number that I sent through the serial.monitor ??? For example ... if I want to say to Arduino, how fast it should flash a LED or how fast should a motor turn. So it reads, what number I write to the serial.monitor and then use it. I was trying to find the answer in arduino forum, but I could not find it. What I was able to find are these infos : 1. I have to check, if it is a number (from 0-9) or a character ... (I have no problem with that) 2. it has to stored and then convert to number Thank you in advance. Zholy

Question by zholy    |  last reply

Is it possible to survive a fall through the center of the earth? Answered

Okay, LOTS of supposing here. So lets suppose someone dug a hole through the center of the earth, and managed to cover up the sides of the hole with a magma resistant cover of some sort. You start out by getting one of the spacesuits from nasa and decide to jump in the hole. Would you survive? I know that a human in the open sky diving position will go about 200 km/h, and I believe a space suit can survive up to 250 degrees fahrenheit. Please tell me how you came to that conclusion because it's been killing me how to figure it out. And also please include any formulas that are used, they're good to know!

Question by a_traceur    |  last reply