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Broken thumbnail

See the screenshot. Using Android 4.1.1 on Samsung tablet 

Topic by Kiteman    |  last reply

Issue with thumbnail

A few days ago i changed my main photo on my instructables using the new editor, but the thumbnail didn't change. I have tried moving other photos around and changing it again but it made no difference. I am running windows 7 with Firefox and it make no difference with Internet explore or on another computer running XP. I have also tried changing it again with the old editor and that made no difference. Please help :)

Topic by benmurton    |  last reply

Broken Thumbnails :(

The thumbnails of 2 of my ibles have been broken for more than a month. Broken thumbnails get fixed evetually , so I thought these thumbnails might get fixed too but even after a month (or more) their still broken :(  I'm guessing that the thumbnails have been broken ever since I've changed the main images of the 2 ibles- Paper Lampshade and Satin Flower Jewelry. Is there any way to fix these broken thumbnails? I don't like seeing these broken thumbnails. I wanted to change the main images of some of my old ibles but now I'm afraid that they might end up with broken thumbnails! Need help!

Topic by Muhaiminah Faiz    |  last reply

Broken Thumbnail

I'm not sure if I'm the only one having this problem. The thumbnail of my last post is broken, see the picture below. Besides, I've updated the main picture of one of my ibles- Paper-Lampshade/ but it's not showing up in the thumbnail picture. The ible right below the braided jam buns is also having the same problem with its main image, the thumbnail picture of this ible- Bacon-and-Caramel-Cinnamon-Rolls/ is showing the wrong image (not the main image). Is anyone else having the same problem? Please let me know.

Topic by Muhaiminah Faiz    |  last reply

Centering of Thumbnail?

I cannot get the featured image (thumbnail) to center. The picture is standard format and already centered. If looks fine in preview and then when I save, the image shifts to the right. Any suggestions?'m using Windows & Chrome

Question by mtairymd    |  last reply

Thumbnail not changing image

Within the last couple of days, images with additional thumbnails in instructables do not change when a different thumbnail is clicked. They highlight on mouse-over, but don't change the main image view when selected. This only started recently. Firefox 10.0.2, XP SP3

Topic by Philbert D    |  last reply

Incorrect Thumbnail image

In my Quik Shawl (Chop) Stick the thumbnail image is incorrect.  I deleted that image from my library on Jan 5, 2014; before publishing the instructable today.  I had made many versions since I deleted the current Thumbnail image.  Yet it is appearing as the thumbnail.  I do not want that image as the first image seen.  The cover image should be the Thumbnail image. I am using Window XP. Firefox ESR 24.2.0 I just remembered during the editing of the instructable I clicked the Try The New Editor! button.  After I finished making edits and closed the instructable then went back in for edits I was no longer using the new editor.  Thank you in-advance for your help.

Topic by ezman    |  last reply

poor thumbnail quality

It seems like thumbnail quality is a lot worse than it could be.  it makes it a lot harder to appreciate the project listings, also these thumbnails show up on the front page of the site which doesn't seem to reflect well on the quality of the site and project. i took a look at some of these and the original photos that are perfectly good and sharp at full size are yielding blurry thumbnails.  i played with some sharpening options in imagemagick.  it seems like the site does get better image compression from the blurry thumbnails, but i think it goes to far!  as an example look at this project: the quality of the lead full size image is just fine.  the 75x75 thumbnail is 1.3k but the quality is really poor (see attached).  i re-thumbnailed  used a basic unsharp mask (should be available in any image processing package), and i get a far better image (also attached).  the new one is 2.5k - but really i think it is worth it.

Topic by dan  

thumbnails won't enlarge

When i click in the thumbnails in any instructable nothing happens. the same thing happens on my pc and mac. both are running firefox

Topic by tigerbomb8    |  last reply

Broken Thumbnail Image

Hi, I've just uploaded a video to the site and the thumbnail for it is missing. I noticed another user has been having the same problem, but didn't want to hijack their thread. Any help is appreciated.

Topic by Go Repairs    |  last reply

Thumbnails won't enlarge

Hi! I'm a new member to Instructables and used to log in using the Facebook account (which now is broken) and now none of the thumbnail pictures I click on will enlarge. I can see the small pictures but when i click on them, nothing happens. Would this be an account-specific bug? Thanks for any help!

Topic by astraley    |  last reply

Video Instructable Thumbnails

I recently started making video Instructables via YouTube. I've found it to be an excellent method of getting my how-to projects two different places at one time. However, I have noticed one issue. This site requires you to use a separate thumbnail. I don't take a picture every time I make a video, (sometimes I really can't) so I end up having to copy some online picture instead. Why can't we use our YouTube thumbnails for videos? I'd really appreciate it if this could become a possibility.

Topic by Chikpeas Brother    |  last reply

Thumbnail/preview not updating

In my last couple of instructables, I have decided after publishing that a different photo would work better as the primary photo. However, once published, the new thumbnail either a) doesn't update at all on the Instructables pages, or b) updates on the Instructables pages, but not when the link is posted elsewhere, like Facebook.  Is there a way this can be fixed?

Topic by susanrm  

Can I use a thumbnail from an online thumbnail maker?

I would edit it and add pictures to it, but it is an online picture

Topic by Cheesey125    |  last reply

I cannot get my desired thumbnail to be the actual thumbnail. Answered

So placed my desired thumbnail as the very first picture in the intro, but for some reason, the 4th image is being used. I have been working on the instructable for a while, and I assume that it is because for the longest while the 4th image was the first image and thus the thumbnail.  But now I have added more pictures before said picture, and it is still the thumbnail. I have removed it from the Instructable, but it is still the lead image. I have removed other images and rearranged them, but to no avail.  Will the thumbnail change when the site does an automatic update? Or should I be doing something else?

Question by Chimex14    |  last reply

Cover/Thumbnail Image not changing

I started my instruct able a while back with the a random first image that I used as the thumbnail for the entire instruct able. However, after coming back to the instruct able and creating a new thumbnail image the original thumbnail image stayed. I even deleted that thumbnail image from my image library yet it still shows up as the thumbnail when you search for my instruct able on the website.  I want to change the image you see when you search "Night Bike 2.0 by Adobi" from the one it currently has to the one below. Thanks!

Topic by Adobi    |  last reply

Centering the title thumbnail picture

I am unable to center the thumbnail of a published instructable. I can drag the picture around when publishing the first time but when it is published the photo is always moved off center. This seems to have only changed recently as I have not had this issue in the past.Any help or thoughts would be apprechiated! Thanks in advance.

Question by mattaw    |  last reply

can not add thumbnail to videos

I can add upload images but i can not open my library when i am adding file to video But here i have no problem.

Topic by i make shooting things    |  last reply

My thumbnail wont change

I entered a contest and the thumbnail visible to voters is of a random step.  How do I change this?  Usually it chooses your first photo automatically so I'm not sure why it didnt this time.  I even tried deleting the picture but there was no change.  Thanks

Topic by creativesocialworker    |  last reply

cant upload thumbnail for my video .

When i upload an embed video i can publish becoz i can upload thumnail.Can someone help me

Topic by Serge Savoie  

Uploaded picture thumbnail size: Microscopic!

Hi, first off, I am aware that I can hover the mouse over the picture to see it bigger. Would it wreck your servers to make the thumbnails bigger? I am doing an 'able right now that has over a hundred pictures. It is so frustrating to work with these tiny thumbnails! Even if I can see the bigger picture by hovering. There is a lag, and it's still confusing. I don't even think I can write this instructable like this.

Topic by tundrawolf    |  last reply

Something is wrong with thumbnail generator today

Something appears to have broken in the past couple of hours (it may already be fixed) involving the image thumbnail generator.  On the Recent Step-by-Step page, you can see two I'bles with essentially blank images (see below). Clicking into the I'bles themselves, it looks like the thumbnail generator just took a little piece off the upper left corner, instead of either scaling the original image (which is what it ought to do, in my opinion), or cropping out a central region. Once this bug is fixed, I think it would be considerate to the user community if the thumbnail generator could be re-run on any images uploaded in the interim.

Topic by kelseymh    |  last reply

One Front/Thumbnail Image Not Displaying

Hello, I have an odd problem.  On one of my submissions, the front/thumbnail image stopped displaying.  It was OK some time ago.  I have tried deleting the old image, re-uploading it and re-selecting it without success.  The image is perfectly visible in the "edit" page and image library - as well as on a computer outside of  The problem can be seen when searching thus:;=adeldor+acorn I don't know beforehand if it'll show here, but I'll attempt to attach the problem image to this message. Any advice appreciated! Cheers.

Topic by Adeldor    |  last reply

Preview thumbnail image not displaying properly

The preview thumbnail image of my new Instructable is all distorted and it isn't possible to make out what the image shows. Also, I can't find a way of changing the thumbnail image once it is published. It's chosen the first, yellow image, not the second clear image. Any help appreciated! Thanks, theRedBryophyte

Topic by theredbryophyte    |  last reply

How to see larger pics of Thumbnails

I've been trying to see the larger pictures of thumbnails in instructables but it doesn't work :( I would like to know what I should do to view them...... thanks :) ~Thundersword :)

Topic by Thundersword    |  last reply

I miss the thumbnail step-by-steps

I just want to grip how I miss the pop out thumbnails that used to be at the top of the page. I really don't like clicking over and over with next or view all just to see the video or finished "toy" on the last step.

Topic by robbtoberfest    |  last reply

Issues loading thumbnails in safari osX

Hello I have issues loading the big versions of the images in any instructable published since a couple of days. I was first thinking this was my rss-reader's fault, because in firefox it loaded fine, then I tried on safari (webkit), and it also didn't worked. On another computer, it didn't worked neither. Safari Version 5.1.2 (6534.52.7) - osX 10.6.8

Topic by tchou    |  last reply

"featured" banner obscures the thumbnail image

That banner that says "featured" might as well say "obscured!". Those little thumbnails are hard enough to see already. When you put the featured banner over it it cuts it off and hides a major portion of the image. Howabout putting golden radiance around the image, or angels with garlands, or something good? You guys are already covering the screen with a parchesi-monopoly worth of stuff, why do you need to deface my nice thumbnails? You own the screen all around my tiny thumbnail. Put your signage there where it increase the contextual information value of the screen instead of overwriting that image which is supposed to be worth a thousand words. By that calculus, that word "featured" is a net loss of 200 or so words. That featured banner sucks pixels!

Topic by TimAnderson    |  last reply

Thumbnails and Previews for Attached Gerber Files

It would be really nice to automatically create thumbnail images and renderings of gerber files attached to electronics projects (e.g. output from EAGLE, Pads, OrCAD, etc.). And, I can help make it happen.I would be happy to hook-up Instructables with my website's API for generating renderings of gerbers. Have a look at to judge its capabilities. Behind the web UI, I have a SOAP API available for "side-loading" files, and I host the images (but you're free to copy and save them), so it should be zero-overhead for's servers.He's a sample: me a line if this sounds good. I'm sure the readers (and authors) would enjoy it.Thanks,Lee

Topic by circuitpeople  

Solution (for me) to the "Thumbnails Not Enlarging" bug

Just sharing what worked for me (sorry if posting it as it's own subject is against the rules, I do so so those with the issue will easily find this). Adblock Plus is the culprit to our problems (as found by Kiteman, his find pointed me in the right direction). Simply updating your filter subscriptions will solve the issue. In Firefox: click on Tools, mouse-over Adblock Plus, select Filter Preferences, click Actions and choose Update Filters. All that's left is to refresh the page and all should be fixed (it was in my case, mileage may vary). I hope this helps you guys and gals who have this issue.

Topic by Hoopajoo    |  last reply

Project Icons Gone?

The little icons that mark thumbnails as "step-by-step", "video", "photo" or "collection" seem to have disappeared.  That's quite annoying...

Topic by Kiteman    |  last reply

Can't view pictures. :( Answered

Can't view all pictures. I mean i can't switch between the pictures that below the intructions, when i click on their thumbnails nothing happens. It worked fine before and then it just stopped working. Only happens when im logged in, but if im not logged in it tell me to log in instead of switching pictures. I tried using different browsers but all have the same problem. Does anybody know what might be the problem?

Question by utk4    |  last reply

Photography tutorial (get your work featured!)

One of the keys to getting your work featured is good photography. At the very least, a really good thumbnail, taken from your first Introduction image, helps bring casual browsers to look at your work, and is good for sharing via Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. This link focuses on a woodturning project, but has a lot of good advice useful for all Makers, including processing your images afterwards. Highly recommended to anybody who cares about their projects. LINK Via @TomsWorkbench Image from Three Seasons Woodturnings

Topic by Kiteman    |  last reply

Please make search page thumbnail sizes equal to profile Instructables feed thumbnail sizes

The subject says it all. If the profile thumbnails for Instructables (which are 230 x 230) were made the same size as those shown on the search page, i.e. 306 X 255px, that would be the best thing in the world. Because, if we want to have text on our thumbnails, they show up great on the search page, but poor on the profile page. Please?

Topic by Sarim Abbas    |  last reply

"image not available" in instructables; thumbnails won't enlarge

Large images not available in instructables--nothing shows except the message that they are not available. Thumbnails are there but I can't enlarge them. Some instr. are difficult to follow if you can't enlarge the thumbnails.

Topic by archerj    |  last reply

how to get thumbnails on wii usb loader

My wii usb loader works fine but have to hover over the blank icon to id the game. Im using wbfs manager, how do i attatch a thumbnail

Topic by roobydoo  

why cant i see thumbnail pics? Answered

I can not see the small pictures under each step, VERY ANNOYING.

Question by mgruwell    |  last reply

"image not available" in instructables; thumbnails won't enlarge

I can't see any of the main pics in any instructable, and the thumbnails won't enlarge. In many, I can't tell if it is something I want to do, or to save, because the images are  not there and the thumbnails are too small. When I download it to my PDF files, the images are there, but at that point I  may decide this one is not for me. Then I have to delete it. Too much trouble just to see if an instructable is one that I want to keep, or even to mark it a favorite. Thanks, Jo

Topic by archerj    |  last reply

The thumbnail image representing my instructable "survival fishing kit" is incorrect.

While creating my instructable I uploaded an unrelated image onto the introduction step.  I have since deleted this image but it remains the thumbnail that represents the project which stinks because people are going to get the wrong idea about what I made.  My instructable was recently featured on the home page and I hoped the issue would magically fix itself but it seems to still be the wrong photo.  The picture in question is of a circular brown wooden shape with a few fishing hooks in the middle, the picture that should represent the instructable is the one with the text survival fishing kit that shows the kit and the stuff that it holds.  Here is a link to the instructable; . The problem is easiest to view if you search the instructable or if you look at the featured instructables on the home page or in the outdoors section. Also I was wondering if the instructable could be refeatured on the home page with the correct picture so that can get a true sense of what the project is about.  I have this project entered in a contest and I feel that the bug has done me a disservice as people who may have potentially voted for my work might have missed it because the picture was misleading. Thanks for your time, and I look forward to your response. Best Regards, Matt

Topic by Matt Makes    |  last reply

Pictures On Firefox

It seems I cannot change the pictures on Instructables. I am running windows xp pro Service pack 3 on a fairly powerful Machine. I am running Firefox 9.0.1 with the latest versions of all major plugins (flash, java, wmp, vlc, etc...). However when I go onto any instructable, it seems I cannot change the pictures by clicking on the thumbnails... Tried it on about 50 different instructables, all have the same problem, tried everything i could think of to fix (disabling all extensions, restarting browser, restarting computer) EDIT: Seems only to affect Firefox, other browsers are working fine...

Topic by Michael_Bell    |  last reply

Homepage/search issues

The homepage no longer shows a background image behind the search bar. The search bar on the homepage doesn't show what I'm typing unless i highlight what i did type. And finally when i try searching for something the results page is full of nothingness where the thumbnails should be. This is a very annoying problem, i would like to search for the projects i want to as opposed to whatever is on the homepage. The site used to work perfectly on my computer but one day this issue came about and has not resolved itself. I tried everything to get this to work including disabling all my spam/ad blocker plugins and disabling my firewall with no results. i really want this fixed but i have run out of ideas for getting this resolved, please help!

Topic by pmk222    |  last reply

Clicking on the thumbnails doesn't work any more. What's wrong ?

I used to switch from one pictures to another on this site by clicking on the thumbnails untherneath them. Lately that doesn't work any more. What's wrong ?

Question by louis.m    |  last reply

How do i add thumbnails for videos. Its not working i have uploaded the file but i cant add it or flip over my library?

I have done it plenty of times before on ilables. Any one else have this problem?!?

Question by i make shooting things    |  last reply

All photos do not show

I created an Instructable today. It contains about 15 photos. Looking at the published page I only see the first set of thumbnails. I can't scroll to uncover more. Clicking a thumbnail does not enlarge it. Jim

Topic by jschrempp    |  last reply

Annoying image bug

When I am looking at my image library as I write up a project, sometimes the enlarged thumbnails follow me around the page, stick, cover what I am trying to do, and won't go away until I click on another thumbnail and persuade it to "stick" somewhere less annoying.

Topic by Kiteman    |  last reply

Search results

I miss the old Instructables Search results. I liked it better when each result had a thumbnail.

Topic by NunchakuMan    |  last reply

Intro and Step #1 on same page = weird?

I guess this isn't a bug, as it works as planned, but I do find it personally annoying that the Intro and Step 1 are on the same page, but there are separate thumbnails at the top for the respective sections.   When you click on the step 1 thumbnail, it just jumps down. I like clicking through the thumbnails as a way to see the overview of the project, and I always have to skip that step #1 box. I would personally put the intro + materials on the first page, then the start of the procedure (Step 1) on the next etc.  I don't consider the materials to be a "step".  Maybe it's just my OCD acting up.  Anyone else?

Topic by majomomo    |  last reply

Is it okay to delete and Republish an Ible?

I wanted to know if it's okay to delete and republish an ible. I noticed that I haven't entered one of my ible in any contests, besides I was thinking of editing it. As instructables is having a little problem with updating main images (showing wrong image on the thumbnail, broken thumbnails...) so I thought I'd delete the ible and publish it again. 

Question by Muhaiminah Faiz    |  last reply

Publishing Videos

Evrytime i do this it either gets stuck on the uploading page or when i upload a thumbnail itshows in the bottom left corner error on page?

Topic by sharlston    |  last reply