How do I get  real tiles/mosaics to stick onto aluminium cans? 

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Tile coat hook

Hi, I bought a small tile from a thrift store the other day and want to make it into a coat hook. Something similar to the attached image. Not sure how/where to start. Can anybody help? :_( z

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tile cleaner needed.

Hi I need your help in this.I have a problem at home.the floor tiles at the bathroom were stained due to no use for around one year.I've been trying hard to fix it but not so helpful.could you recommend some stuffs that i could get from market to deal with this headache. thank you arun

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How to make images on scrabble tiles?

Putting images on scrabble tiles to make pendants?

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Has anyone ever tried tiling the inside of a firebox on your fireplace?

My ventless gas fireplace has bland cream colored brick on the inside of the firebox. I would like to cover the brick with porcelain tile, which is supposed to be heat resistant. Has anyone tiled the inside of their firebox? Suggestions?

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Photos on tiles I'm wanting to place photos onto tiles?

I have many pretty photos of animals and scenes, as these are my own photos I would like to incorporate them into the home decor. I already have many framed and think tiles would be a good option. The end result being a washable surface. I am open to new suggestions of ways to display my photos.

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How to get old carpet glue off cerramic tile without causing harsh vapors?

How to get old carpet glue off cerramic tile without causing harsh vapors? 

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Any thoughts on what I can do with 30 (approx) 12"x12" stamped metal tiles(different colors, styles)? Answered

There aren't enough to use them as ceiling tiles on my back porch, and they are very difficult to cut.

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Can mirror tiles be painted?

I would like to paint the mirror back splash in the kitchen of the flat I'm renting. Is there a way to make it look good and not cheesy? Thanks!!!!!

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Old scrabble tiles wanted!

I would absolutely LOVE any spare scrabble tiles you have. I need them for I project and all I can find is: Scrabble kids, Scrabble stack and other word games. They have to all be specifically scrabble. If you have like a bag with a few lost and you don't want them anymore, PLEASE POST HERE!  Thanks in advance, HMice

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What can be made from the hard metal tiles?

 I was given these metal tiles after a store closed down that my friend owned.  Apparently, they are some sort of metal tile that go with a floor security sensor set-up.   Each tile is 3 1/2" x 3 1/2" x 1/4".  They are quite heavy as well.  I have approx. 300 of these tiles and was hoping to create something out of them, either individually or in small groups.  I think using too many of them on one item will simply make it too heavy.   So what do you think?  Has anyone came across these before or tried to work with them? Any and all ideas you may have would be greatly appreciated! P.S. I have a welder and can weld, although I'm not sure how it would turn out with these. 

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ceramic tiles and electrical outlets?

I'm installing ceramic tile as a backsplash in our kitchen.  My problem is my electric outlets. How do I make these flush or even with the tiles?  Thanks you, Stumped Mom!

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I want to make wall tiles out wooden blocks/paper - is decoupage best? How should I seal it? Answered

I have tons of vintage paper.. and tons of 4 x 6 wooden blocks - I want to make wall tiles... i sanded the tiles, and I think I should decoupage the paper to the tiles and then seal it??? Sound best?

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removing ceramic floor tiles?

How to remove ceramic floor tiles originally on concrete and then prepare floor for engineered wood

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Concrete/Tile over laminate?

I have a plain black laminate countertop in my bathroom that shows just about every drop of water with a nice white ring.  I was hoping to do a concrete or tile top but I'd like to keep it cheap by just doing it on top of the existing laminate.  Anyone know if this is possible? Thanks!

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18volt dc tile saw

I have an extra DeWalt 18 volt DC saw. I want to know how it would work if I wired it to a 12volt auto battery charger directly. I want to use it to make a slow speed saw, with a diamond saw to cut large pieces of glass. If my ideea works I'll submit it for an instructable project. As you can tell I am electronically chalanged, but I an in theropy for it(electronics for dummies] Thanks for any input jrags

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How can I make a mirrored mosaic outside without the mirror clouding?

I'm making gate post finials to look like disco balls (they won't revolve though, mores the pity ;-)   Is it possible to use mirrored glass outside without the silver backing clouding up and disintegrating?  I could use polished steel mosaics but I can't find any in the UK. Many thanks guys! Michelle

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What can I use as a Domino Tile Holder that is cheaper than buying a domino tile holder? Answered

I have a troop of Cubscouts. We want to "make do" with something super-cheap or that we already own. We're trying to find a substitute for the wooden or plastic domino racks/holders that can be purchased. Thanks!

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When laying self stick tile, is it a good idea to use glue to be on the safe side?

These are self stick tiles that come 10-12 tiles per box. Each tile is 1 square foot. This tile is cheap, running about $10.00 a box.

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I need project ideas for old roofing slate?

I recently inherited a crap load of old roofing slate that's roughly 10" x 14" x 1/4". I've already used it to edge the garden. I need some inspiration.

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I need a adhesive for ceramic tile that can be used outdoor

I need a adhesive for ceramic tile that can be used outdoor and it should be for a 'thin bed application' which means for adhering tile that is 1/8" to 1/4" thick.thanks a lot.

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Can I paint on shower tile?

I have a hardwater stains on my bathroom shower tile. I have tryed to cleen them but nothing.

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How to grout uneven glass tile?

I have installed glass "wavy" tiles around the walls of a bathtub/shower.  Each wavy tile is about 2.5" long with a square piece of marble between each glass wave piece.  They are arranged on a 12" square sheet of mesh in a basket weave pattern and each of the pieces are butted up next to each other (leaving no room for grout).  The person at the tile store told me that I didn't need to grout it.  However, given that it is in a bathtub that also used as a shower, I'm thinking it will need to be grouted so water doesn't get up under the tiles and loosen the tiles over time.  Three questions: 1) Do you agree that I need to grout?; 2) How do I go about grouting this wavy tile (it is very uneven... the lowest part of the wave of each tile is 1/8" lower than the top of the wave); 3) As an alternate to grout, is there a clear product I can put on it that will seal up the spaces between the tiles without ruining the shiny finish of the glass?

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Removing adhesive from vinyl tiles

I am having solid hardwood flooring installed in my first floor of my home. The existing flooring is currently 12x12" vinyl tiles. I am in the process of removing the tiles (using an iron). How do I remove the old adhesive that was used to put the tiles down? Is it necessary to remove even though felt underlayment will be placed under the hardwood? Thanks in advance.

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Unfinished Ceramic Tile/Pizza Stone

I've heard that you can use an unfinished ceramic tile as a pizza stone. I have not been able to find any unfinished ceramic tile anywhere. I figured a bunch of DIY folks like the ones here might know where I can get one. Does anyone know where I can get a 16"x16" unfinished ceramic tile? Thanks Rick

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Change search to list instead of tiles

The grid style search results page is very slow to read.  Can I switch it to list-style? Thx

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mosaic garden tiles with a sheep or a dachshund shape?

I would like to make mosaic garden tiles with a sheep or a dachshund shape. Anyone have good tips?

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How to clean and restore Linoleum Tiled floors?

How would you clean and restore Linoleum tiles.

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I'm thinking of tiling over my counter-top with ceramic tiles and also tiling over my linoleum floor (with anything).

Can I tile over these things without ripping them out? Any tips? The counter is wood veneer and the floor is linoleum tiles that have worn through to what looks like concrete in some spots. I'm pretty handy and I think I can do these things myself with the right tools, but I don't want to make any serious faux pas. I don't think I'm capable of or want to rip up the flooring an counter either. Thanks for your help!

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How do I make tiles using glass from wine bottles? Some will use outside.

I want to use the tiles for various projects, one of which will be a gazebo floor set into sand.

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will using muriatic acid to clean shower tiles harm porcelain tub?

Muriatic acid is a strong cleaner. If it his the tub, will it cause damage?

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I recently installed vct tile in a kitchen. The tiles are bowing up Any suggestions?

We installed the tile over a primer.  It seems to be bowing up in the center.  We weighted it down overnight but it is still not adhered to the floor.  Does it just take time?  Did we do something wrong?

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How can I make original art tiles that can go on a bathroom wall?

I've seen what was done as decoupage but this wouldn't work in a bathroom. Is there a way to transfer art to a ceramic tile that would be indellible to steam etc?

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What to do about asbestos ceiling tiles in an old house?

My daughter just bought an old house that has asbestos ceiling tiles.  What's the best route? Cover them with a sealant, add a new dropped ceiling or W H A T?   Help

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Grouting combination sheets of glass and marble tile on backsplash. Answered

My 12" sheets of marble and glass tiles (combined on same sheet) have marble tiles that are thicker than the glass in many spots making the finished surface uneven. How would I grout this uneven surface?

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How can you cool the roof tiles during summer?.

It is made of clay and concrete beneath the roof tile. Is pouring water the only way?.I need your suggestions

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How do you tile a bathroom wall that has a window?

We are tiling around our new tub and about 3/4 of the way up the wall. We have a window that is just off the tub, so the tile will wrap around about half of the window. We aren't sure what the best way to go about this job is. We have the green board moisture-resistant drywall up, and are planning to use a primer and then begin tiling. I need to know the best method for going around the window, which we plan to trim. Would we trim first and then butt the tiles up against the trim? Any suggestions would be very much appreciated!

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What is a good way to get tiling in Ubuntu 14.04??

I would like to change my Ubuntu desktop to have tiling like Windows 8... What is a good way to go about this? I would like to use unity, I don't want to use gnome unless I have to, although gnome is welcome.

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Im trying to cover a tile bathroom floor with self stick...i'm assuming i need to use mastic to fill in the grout lines and help the new stuff stick, but what do i use to take the sheen off the old tile to make sure it stays stuck

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