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Pan / tilt base

As some of you alredy saw im trying to make a Wired pan and tilt base....but im a bit a novice in all this.... MayB someone have plan or can make an instructables (or mayB there already an instructable on it and i didnt see it) on how to make a Wired pan / tilt base that would support the weight of a standart mini Dv Camcorder( not because im using a camcorder is just the same weight :P) and that would turn slowly thxKoax

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Pan Tilt Face Detection

HI I'M GETTING THESE ERRORS IN VC++ 2010, HOW DO I RESOLVE THIS? 1>facedetect.obj : error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol "public: void __thiscall Tserial::disconnect(void)" (?disconnect@Tserial@@QAEXXZ) referenced in function _main 1>facedetect.obj : error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol "public: int __thiscall Tserial::connect(char *,int,enum serial_parity)" (?connect@Tserial@@QAEHPADHW4serial_parity@@@Z) referenced in function _main 1>facedetect.obj : error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol "public: __thiscall Tserial::Tserial(void)" (??0Tserial@@QAE@XZ) referenced in function _main 1>facedetect.obj : error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol "public: __thiscall Tserial::~Tserial(void)" (??1Tserial@@QAE@XZ) referenced in function "public: void * __thiscall Tserial::`scalar deleting destructor'(unsigned int)" (??_GTserial@@QAEPAXI@Z) 1>facedetect.obj : error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol "public: void __thiscall Tserial::sendChar(char)" (?sendChar@Tserial@@QAEXD@Z) referenced in function "void __cdecl detectAndDisplay(class cv::Mat)" (?detectAndDisplay@@YAXVMat@cv@@@Z) 1>c:\users\auvsi2014\documents\visual studio 2010\Projects\facedetect\Debug\facedetect.exe : fatal error LNK1120: 5 unresolved externals

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Im looking to make a joystick controlled panning and tilting camcorder?

I work at a company that does video taped conferences, and its one person working a sound system, a recording device(captures video and audio, as well as slideshows) and a video camera. It can get kind of hard to work all 3 devices at the same time depending on where i can actually set up. I would like to use a joystick or something similiar, any ideas for the best options to do so?

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looking for digital read out in degrees for tilt sensor 0-90 degrees ( tilt table left and right tilts)

Small tilt sensor  shown on this website or other sensor  ..want to try to use on small tilt table ..would be nice to have digital readout in degree,s ( the more accurate  the better .. battery operation ok, or input volt 115vac, 60hz  ok ,,small is good thks ...sille

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How to tilt a bed / linear actuators?

I'm thinking about making an alarm clock that literally gets me out of bed! The alarm clock would start tilting the bed to one side, untill i either get out of bed, or fall out of bed :) I was thinking of using linear actuators on one side of the bed to do the tilting. Does anyone here have any experience with linear actuators? How strong are they, and where can I buy them cheaply? Any other ideas on how to tilt a bed? Cheers - Chr

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tilt sensor controlled by wireless remote

Hi: I would love to make a tilt sensor that can be placed inside something of value (since I'm a musician this happens to be a guitar case:), so that if someone picks up the guitar case, it would activate a loud alarm. It's easy enough to come up with a design for a tilt switch (maybe a ball bearing inside a tube), but it would be really nice if I could arm the circuit with a wireless remote. Any suggestions? thanks

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How does a Tilt Swith Work?

I am looking to make something which a group of Cub/Scouts could use while working together as a team. eg::- a Small circuit board that has a Tilt Switch / Motion Sensor on it which triggers a Audit and Visual alarm to let them and others know they have moved it. Please help Cheers Sandy Cubs Scout leader with no knowledge of this subject

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Some help with camera tilt/rotating?

I am trying to make my own Pan and tilt timelapse device, to use with my camera (such as an Emotimo TB3). I want the design to be pretty feasible, but I want this to be fairly professional (in case I can market the idea.... idk about that but maybe I might be able to at some point). The problem with my design is that I want it to be pretty small and lightweight, so having the camera mount above the head seems like a good idea - (like this) However-that takes the camera away from the axis of rotation, increasing the strain on the motor (not a huge problem), but my main concern is that having the camera rotate off-center from the axis would cause issues, say, if the rig was used for gigapixel photography.  The other option is to mount the camera in line with the axis of rotation, but that causes a much larger design (which would look somewhat like this) So from someone who knows more about cameras than I, If I took a camera and used it in gigapixel photography (which would be the rigs second use), would having the camera rotate out of axis create problems in stitching, etc??

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attiny85 tilt switch dc motor

Hello my project consists of an attiny85 with an led a dc motor a tilt switch and  a button. the button changes the pwm values and the led goes to the same values to know the strength of pwm.  the tilt switch will activate the dc motor at the corresponding pwm speed based on how many times the button is pressed. here is my code const int inPin = 3;         // tilt switch or button to trigger dc motor const int outPin = 1;       // dc motor const int buttonPin = 2; //button to change pwm const int ledPin = 0; // led to know the state of pwm int pwmvalue = 255; int buttonPushCounter = 0; int buttonState = 0; int lastButtonState =0; int LEDstate = HIGH;      // the current state of the output pin int reading;           // the current reading from the input pin int previous = LOW;    // the previous reading from the input pin // the follow variables are long's because the time, measured in miliseconds, // will quickly become a bigger number than can be stored in an int. long time = 0;         // the last time the output pin was toggled long debounce = 50;   // the debounce time, increase if the output flickers void setup() {   pinMode(buttonPin, INPUT);   pinMode(ledPin, OUTPUT);   pinMode(inPin, INPUT);   digitalWrite(inPin, HIGH);   // turn on the built in pull-up resistor   pinMode(outPin, OUTPUT); } void loop() { buttonState = digitalRead(buttonPin); if (buttonPushCounter == 1) {   (pwmvalue == 255);}   if (buttonPushCounter == 2) {   (pwmvalue == 180);}   if (buttonPushCounter == 3) {   (pwmvalue == 110);}   if (buttonPushCounter == 4) {   (pwmvalue == 70);}   // compare the buttonState to its previous state   if (buttonState != lastButtonState) {     // if the state has changed, increment the counter     if (buttonState == HIGH) {       // if the current state is HIGH then the button       // wend from off to on:       buttonPushCounter++;           } else {       // if the current state is LOW then the button       // wend from on to off:           }     // Delay a little bit to avoid bouncing     delay(50);   }   // save the current state as the last state,   //for next time through the loop   lastButtonState = buttonState;   // turns on the LED every four button pushes by   // checking the modulo of the button push counter.   // the modulo function gives you the remainder of   // the division of two numbers:   if (buttonPushCounter % 0 == 0) {     analogWrite(ledPin,pwmvalue);   }   if (buttonPushCounter % 1 == 0) {       analogWrite(ledPin,pwmvalue);   }   if (buttonPushCounter % 2 == 0) {       analogWrite(ledPin,pwmvalue);   }   if (buttonPushCounter % 3 == 0) {       analogWrite(ledPin,pwmvalue);   }       int switchstate;   reading = digitalRead(inPin);   // If the switch changed, due to bounce or pressing...   if (reading != previous) {     // reset the debouncing timer     time = millis();   }   if ((millis() - time) > debounce) {      // whatever the switch is at, its been there for a long time      // so lets settle on it!      switchstate = reading;      // Now invert the output on the pin13 LED     if (switchstate == HIGH)       LEDstate = LOW;     else       LEDstate = HIGH;   } LEDstate = HIGH == pwmvalue;     digitalWrite(outPin, pwmvalue);   // Save the last reading so we keep a running tally   previous = reading;   } is my code written correctly for my purpose is there anything i could have written better? its compiling without any problems andni havn't been able to upload because i ust back into arduino and im waiting for my attinys to come in. thank you guys for reading.

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How can you make a tilted lift? Answered

Illl get a picture.              

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Advice for a simple bluetooth and tilt sensor device.

Hi! I'm new to electronics and want to create my own simple Bluetooth device. Basically I want to create a device with a screen that I can control using an app on a phone.  I'm planning on using a 3-axis accelerometer too, just to learn more about how those work and play around with some tilt options.  I'm working with a friend that is an EE student, but we still need some advice to get started. Basically I want to use a phone app to update photos or videos displayed on the device.  Also, I'd like to create a small program where I can tilt the device and move a ball on the screen.  Right now I know I need a Bluetooth module, a screen, and a 3-axis accelerometer but I have no clue which kind (there are so many choices! especially for the Bluetooth modules!).  We have somebody that will do the programming for us, so we just need some direction as far as the electronics go. Also, should I use something like adruino, or should we look for more experienced engineers to design it for us.  We'd rather learn how to do it ourselves though, and we don't have enough money to pay for a professional. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!  I'm starting to get very interested in electronics as a hobby, and would love to learn how to start doing these things! Regards, Patrick

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Arduino/Servo Pan/Tilt: What pins?

I am new to electronics, not to mention micro-controllers. I & my son-in-law, have both bought Arduino boards. I have the Mega2560 & he bought the Make Ultimate Micro-Controller Pack with Netduino & Uno R3 (on sale at Micro-center for $14). I have found several servo libraries/sketches for controlling 2 servos, however, I can't find any actual schematics, eagle files, layout drawings, instructions on how to wire the motors to the Arduino! Can some one help??

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Tilt shift lens for point and shoot (with filter mount)? Answered

Hey i was just wondering if you could make some sort of tilt shift lens for a higher end point and shoot (like panasonic fz100) that has a 52mm filter mount, or do you have to have a DSLR with interchangeable lenses. Thanks in advance :)

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V-22 osprey tilt rotor aircraft model

Hi i'm new to rc planes and drones so im making a model of v22 osprey tilt rotor aircraft i'm using the following components Arduino Mega 2x 2217/6 2300 kv brushless motor 6x micro servo for surface area control 2.4 ghz tx/rx fsct6b 6dof for stabilization i need help in controlling the bldc motors and servo by arduino mega using the 2.4 ghz tx/rx 

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accelerometer based mouse, what happens when tilted

I got a free dual axis low g accelerometer from freescale, the output voltage is proportional to the g forces, I also have a ton of free PICmicro chips with I2C and A/D converters. I want to make a mouse just basically for proof of concept. I was thinking about how to program it, since I want to tell the computer the "movement since last request", I would need to calculate the speed using the g force reading (9.8m/s2 = 1g)if the mouse is moving at a constant speed, the g force would be 0, and the speed would be the same as the last reading, also, gravity affects the reading if the mouse is tilted slightly, increasing the speed even if it is not moving at all, so I was thinking, if the mouse was tilted, and then balanced again, the speed would remain the same, causing annoyance to the user. this is the problem i would like to solve.Is there a space efficient way to make a accelerometer not affected by tilt? if not, is there any tricks I can use (such as detecting unusually uniform g force and automatically go into "joystick mode")? I have been thinking about using a thumb button to zero the speed (while held down, the mouse can also do "super precise mode" which means one pixel per half second no mater how fast), is the thumb button the way to go? how about sensor to see if there is contact with a surface? or four IR rangers to detect tilt while above a surface?side note: does anybody have a datasheet for ata1060xa? its a optical mouse sensor with built in 27mhz RF transmitter made by @lab, and they don't share datasheets.oh and head on over to cypress for free wireless usb modules (2.4ghz i think, multiple channels) if you are interested in cheap RF, i have two with 50 meter rangeinfo on mouses and keyboard serial interface found here

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.2002 200HP outboard Power Trim/Tilt Problem Answered

I replaced the trim motor last year.  Yesterday I find when pressing the up/down buttons, no response.  All I hear is a clicking coming from both Siemens relays.  Does this clicking indicate that they are both working and breaking the series ground contact like they should.  If yes, what do I look for and check next??   If no, do I just replace both relay's??   Thank you all very much for the help because I need to get back on the water. BassinJim

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Oodassault pistol V3.3 review

Ok, TD wanted me to do a review, here it is.STRUCTURALHandle: 9Very sturdy, 5 layers.Main body: 9Very sturdy, 5 layers.Magazine: 7It holds together, but you could break it off fairly easily.OVERALL: 8.3COMFORTHandle: 9.5Very comfy. For me that is. Don't argue with me about it, everyone's different.OVERALL: 9.5PERFORMANCERange: 8.5Pretty good with two used #64's. Around 45 ft. flat, 55 ft. 45'd.Magazine capacity: 9.5Just about the highest you'll get in a pistol.Reliability: 7Sorry, but if you don't put your hand in front of the magazine, it almost always breaks the tan rod off. Other than that, it always works.Trigger: 9Very nice. Never breaks, simple, holds a lot of pressure.OVERALL: 8.5In the end, I'd give it about a 9. Give or take a few decimals.Nice job TD, I'll look forward to future projects by you.

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Tilt / folding bed - I want to build a timber tilt / folding double bed that folds up to look like a cupboard.

Hi everyone, I want to build a timber tilt / folding double bed that folds up to look like a cupboard. Does anyone have instructions on how to build, especially the spring mechanism? Thanks Ken?

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Im looking to make a joystick controlled panning and tilting camcorder?

I work at a company that does video taped conferences, and its one person working a sound system, a recording device(captures video and audio, as well as slideshows) and a video camera. It can get kind of hard to work all 3 devices at the same time depending on where i can actually set up.I would like to use a joystick or something similiar, any ideas for the best options to do so?I asked this earlier this week and it would up under photography. for any assistance

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I am building a 1/6th scale working tilt train and I am want to use small air bag suspension to make it tilt on corners.

The real tilt train only tilts 5 degrees each side of level for cornering but it uses a different method of controlling the tilt which may be too difficult in 1/6th scale so that is why I was thinking of the airbags as they are also on the real train. I am also looking at putting a video camera in the loco cabs with monitors in each carriage just like the real ones.

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Greetings I would like to 3d print 2 rings to be used as adapters for tilt shift photography . one of the rings would act like a fastener for the camera and the other would be the housing for the lens. A bellow (not 3d printed) placed between these 2 rings will act as a medium for tilt and shift. The issue is i am not sure of the measurements for the nikon d90 model mount and AF Nikkor 50mm f/1.8D lens The attachment  outlines the rough design for printing Thanks in advance. Za fer

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how can wire up my pan tilt motors( which are reversible dc) with the stop switches, ??? Answered

I recently bought a pan tilt head on ebay that did not come with a controller the motors are 12v reversing motors they work fine, it also has stop switches for pan and tilt. Ok so the stop switches stop the camera from going too far one or the other so when i wire them in to the power wire to stop the current when the camera goes to far that works but because of the reversing motor i cant use either switch to start  the motor again . what is the cheapest way to do this Thank you for reading.

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Does anyone have a plan for a BMX sidecar? I have seen one on Fantasy Factory that tilts with the main bike.?

I have seen one on Fantasy Factory that tilts with the main bike. Also it appeared to be a bolt on unit.

Question by RonnyPerez  

How can I control a tilt-pan servo using my pc or arduino?

I am looking to control something like this Using my PC or arduino so that I can get to to preform a random scrolling type of pattern, I want to mount model spot lights to them so I can use them in a model city scene. I know this is possible, I just have no real idea where to start. Thanks!

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Can you guys think of any recommend instructables that uses a basic on/off keyswitch, an IR emmiter or a tilt switch?

I have a on/off keyswitch, a IR emmiter and a tilt switch lying about gathering dust. Im looking for something cool to do with them; It doesnt have to invole all the components. Can you think of anything cool to do with them or recommend a instructable that uses them?

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How do you go about turning a faux drawer under your kitchen or bathroom sink into a tilt-out drawer?

I have faux drawers under my kitchen and bathrooms sinks and would like a little extra storage for small stuff. I have seen these tilt-out drawers in some homes and would like to know how to go about converting my faux drawers to the tilt-out variety.

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can anyone teach me servo 101 simply? Answered

i want to do a pan/tilt head to put a light on top (probably leds) ive read on the internet that servos are controlled via pwm, is there any simpler ways to controll it with a potentiometer? i can build this circuit no problems, its just to know

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Surveillance Camera System?

Automated pan/tilt surveillance system. Camera will be mounted under/inside a clear dome. Want to add Infra-Red spotlight. If light is mounted inside the dome with the camera, I'll have reflections from the inside surface of the dome causing a problem for the camera. Can't find a "non-reflective" spray coating but even if I do, it will affect the camera view (fuzzy picture) Anybody have any ideas ?

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Getting an ESC to work with arduino

Hello every one, I need to know if its possible to communicate between an ESC and an arduino. I would like to use a tilt sensor measured by the arduino to control a brush-less motor through an ESC. I'm not sure if this is possible but if so what would be a good way to go about doing it? Thanks for any help

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Bandsaw blade put on the other way?

Howdee..I need to cut wood with a bevel the opposite way of the way a bandsaw table tilts...the only way i could see this happening is if i install the blade the other way round and cut from the other end as my bandsaw does not tilt both ways...would anyone know if this can be done? cheers 

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how to build simple programable 2 function ( head pan and tilt) pilot figure for rc airplanes

Hi, I'm completely new to animatronics bot have been designing, building and flying RC airplanes for 40 or more years, I need some help with a project, namely, I wish to build an animatronic pilot figure for a large 1/3 scale airplane and would like it to be programmable so that once it is turned on, it will carry out a series of movements over and over until switched off.    These would be a combination of head pan and tilt that I could program into the system, the mechanical side of things is simple enough, a 2 servo camera gimbal but I need help with the electronic side of things..............can anybody help ??? 

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Motorized/electric vertical blinds?

I have some vertical blinds in my living room that are manually driven via a cord to tilt the blinds and another cord to open or close the blinds. I wonder is there a conversion kit to open/close and tilt them electronically via a remote control? I have found some kits from hundreds of dollars to thousands, but know I could find one or build one for way less. Any thoughts or ideas?

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I want to control a RC Rock Crawler 4X4 truck with Wi-Fi in place of the radio control? ?

I have a RC "radio control" 4X4 Rock Crawler Truck that I have mounted a AIRSIGHT Wi-Fi camera with pan and tilt that has a 360 degree range of about 150 Feet from my wireless router, I want to use the pan signal from the camera to control the steering and use the tilt signal for forward and reverse. The truck will not need a speed control as it moves very slow anyhow. It has a normal servo for the steering and two 12 volt DC motor's for the front and rear drive's.  I have a Arduino UNO and a 2A Motor Shield that I bought for the truck but this will be my first project of this type and I need help. Also I will not need the camera to pan or tilt but I thought it would be easy to cut the wires to the pan and tilt motors and use them for my signal wires for steering and forward and reverse, also I can drive the truck with the camera software from any PC or tablet.  Thanks for any help!   

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Help please: dc motor

Ok so im wanting to build a remote control pan/tilt head for a relatively large camera (canon XL2). I've started off using a few 12 volt motors that came from a car window opener, but i've found these motors to be rather loud and bulky. Does anyone know where i might find some dc motors that are quiet and small but can still be able to pan/tilt 8 pounds of camera?

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How do I control two servo motors?

I am a beginner in this area, but been looking around on google for info on servo motors. What is the absolute simplest way to control two servo motors (for a video camera pan and tilt head), from the same unit? I don't want to go wireless (radio controlled), but instead keep it wired. Is it even possible to control pan and tilt with one single joystick? I could really need a beginners tutorial on this... Thanks for your answers!

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Ideal motor for my project? Answered

So I am building a pan and tilt boom rig for a camera. I have the basic idea down but I was wondering if I should use servos or stepper motors. My biggest concern is that when I stop the motor turning at any given angle, It won't rotate back down due to gravity. I am using arduino to process and a joy stick to control which motor turns and which direction. Also, as some additional advice, I was wondering how to control the speed with the joy stick, it runs off potentiometers. 

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Robot neck design?

I dont know if anyone is familiar with the Star Wars Old republic T3-M3 Droid. I have just stated building a full size replica of this Droid but could do with some advice on the neck mechanism. The head is going to be reasonably heavy but I want it to be able to pan, tilts and rotate reasonably fast. I have looked at using servos to control the pan and tilt and motor to rotate or i could use linear actuators. Does anyone have any ideas on how I could build a simple but effective system, or even better have any working models of drawings I could look at to get some inspiration, I have builders block.

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I am working on a ball machine and when the ball dumps off onto the changer it doesn't tilt so the ball doesn't roll...

... off the changer. what can i do to fix this? P.S. I tried shortening it already.

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Desk chair with bicycle shock?

Can it be done? I want the shock to be used for the tilt back mechanism. Any suggestions on how it can be accomplished?   I want it to be suitable for up to 150kg (currently I'm at 100, and I'm trying to shed some weight. Thank you all in advance 

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how can i fix my broken pc adaptor pin?

Please i used my pc and i tilted it to see the authentication number and my laptop went off because the pin got broken,how can i fix this?

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How can I fix these two Ipod Touch apps?

I have tried reinstalling them, that did not work. For 2xl Supercross the tilt steering will not work, and for madden 2010, as soon as my player gets the ball he dives and wont get up.

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Light-up Shoes - NEED HELP!

I am trying to make a pair of shoes that light up when the wearer is either moving or when pressure is applied. I am using EL wire and a driver to power it.  At first I was using a tilt switch taped on the outside as a prototype.  The method worked great, except the spot on the shoe ended up being too stressful on the component and the lead snapped of the tilt switch. Any suggestions on how to make (or where to buy) a motion or pressure activated switch that is compact and cheap that would close the circuit when desired pressure or motion is applied that would open when the wearer is at rest?  If it is a pressure or bending switch I will just place it on the inside of the shoe. Thanks.

Topic by skilks  

Read a Joystick in Processing?

I am making a Bluetooth controlled spy robot. I need to be able to read the joystick to control the robot and the little analog stick to control the pan/tilt system. I am not that fluent in processing, so I don't know if there is a joystick command or do I have to use a library.Thx

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Garden Tractor Front end loader/Bucket

I am looking for ideas for a DIY front end loader/bucket for a Craftsman T80 Garden Tractor/Lawn Mower. I would prefer a 12 volt system with electric lift and electric tilt on the bucket but am very flexible on ideas.

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Position of gyro and iPhone during calibration?

I have a gyro and using an app on the iPhone (tilt meter).  My question may be basic. But does the gyro sit ontop of the phone, while the phone is standing up (see attached) or is the iPhone laying flat (display up) while the gyro is ontop of the phone?

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How do I reflatten a warped record player? Answered

How do I reflatten a warped record player's plastic part that the record turns on??? I bought a record player at goodwill & got it home,plugged it in & it looked like a tilt-a-worl. how can I get it flat aging???

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Brushed DC motor HP requirements for Longboard? Answered

So I have 2 brand new tilt/trim pump motors and thought about making a set of matching electric longboards since products like Boosted Boards seem to have become fairly popular.  I am not too sure whether the tilt/trim motor would be strong enough though, they are a decent size motor though.  But it got me thinking what size is required for an electric longboard? The main problem with the tilt/trim pump motors is that I can't find specs on them anywhere, just specs for tilt/trim pump assemblies they are off of, but nothing about the motor itself other then SAE J1171 Marine rating.  Because of this I thought of buying another DC motor to do the job.  (Picture of tilt/trim motor) The constraints for me is that I have a couple 12 - 24v 100A motor controllers already, for brushed motors only.  As well, I want to just pick up a couple cheap $40 12v, 24AH Sealed led-acid (SLA) batteries from the local Ace Hardware and run either a 12v or 24v motor.   Options on eBay for affordability purposes range from 12v, 24v, 90v and 180v dc, obviously 90v and 180v are out of the question.  Looking through the 12vdc and 24vdc motors, there are many fractional HP motors available.  I was looking at something like this;;=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT Running 1/4 HP at 24v, would 1/4HP be enough though?  I know electric motors HP ratings are lower then petrol engines, a 6.5HP petrol go kart runs about the same as an identical kart with a 1HP electric motor. If that isn't enough I am thinking a 2/3HP motor from Holley might be better?;=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT Wondering if someone has an idea for sizing.  I know lots of eBikes and Chinese electric mini bikes and things have 500W motors, so roughly 2/3HP, so I can't imagine I need more then that.  As well I don't want it to go too fast (fear of speed wobbles) but if anyone would have an idea of sizing that would be super helpful!

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Build automatic elevating platform?

Hey, didn't know if anyone could help with this: I need to build a motorized platform for my tripod, that would automatically raise and lower itself, so I can get different vantage points as the motorized tripod head will pan or tilt. What's the easiest way for me to do this? Thanks for the help in advance!

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Book light switch?

Hi. I have a shelf, directly attached to the wall with a light switch at the back (see attached diagram). I'd like to use a tilting-out book as an on/off switch a la cliche mystery secret-room-door-opener. Any ideas for how to do this? Oh...just found this example: Thanks!

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Digital pictures merged to holographic - like image?

A souvenir vendor took two digital pictures of me and my husband, merged them on a computer, printed the interleaved (?) image, then adhered a piece of acrylic with vertical lines (scratches?) to it.  The result is like a hologram in that you see the two different images as you tilt the (acrylic overlaid) photo. How can I make those?

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