TARDIS toilets

There is a company in the Uk called Tardis Environmental UK, trading as "Tardishire"They use a red TARDIS image (probably without permission) - imagine your disappointment using one of their toilets? or not?!L

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Composting Toilets

I'm looking for plans to build a composting toilet. I want one like the commercial ones that use heat and have a finishing compartment. I would like not to have to mess with it for 6 months to a year. It is for my tour bus. I just need help and ideas on the composting mechanical part as I have the toilet it self designed Thanks

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toilet seat mold

Does anyone know where i can purchase or how to make a toilet seat mold?

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Toilet-humour competition

Simple: download the blank image, upload with an amusing caption. The theme is "Famous people on the toilet", so the criteria are: someone we've heard of, and something amusing. Examples attached. Thanks to everyone who has contributed, this has gone very well so far. L

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Space Toilet Broken

Out in space, no one can hear you scream when the one toilet breaks. That's the status on the International Space Station right now. Solid waste is being taken care of just fine, but liquid waste currently is having problems that is temporarily being served by a "bypass" solution while the astronauts wait for new parts to arrive this weekend along with a shuttle.This all reminds me of the scene from Apollo 13 when the engineers need to fix the filter with available parts. Maybe someday this too will get the Hollywood treatment. Link

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Repositioning a basement toilet. Answered

 We have a basement 1/2 bath, and the toilet was roughed in in 1979 when the house was built.  For some reason the water lines were run on an exterior wall, so we have to shut off the water to the bathroom every winter.  I would like to redo the bath and move the water lines off of the exterior wall, but to do so I would need to turn the toilet 90 degrees.  Is this possible?  I specifically wanted to know if the bolts that are holding my toilet to the floor would be repositionable (as in are they set in the concrete?) because if they aren't it would prevent me from turning the toilet, I would assume.

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Music-Inspired Toilets

The newest meaning of guitar or piano solo. Jammin' Johns--slogan: 'music to your rear'--is a company with a toilet design for the musically inclined.From their web site: After several years of research & development, Jammin' Johns presents our finest quality 'Studio Series'. The products are produced by a guitar factory that manufactures some of the most popular brands of guitars. The 'Studio Series' features our own newly designed ring with chrome hardware for low maintenance. All finishes are of the highest quality and are hand buffed.Even more impressively, the company boasts a famous list of clientele: WIllie Nelson, Dolly Parton, and Steven Spielberg have all purchased a Jammin' John. Thankfully, Spielberg decided against a very painful Jaws-themed toilet.Jammin' Johns via Neatorama

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build your own composting toilet?

How to do

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how do i whiten a nasty old toilet?

Bleach and kaboom, etc are not working.

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Leaky toilet water pipe?

My toilet is leaking from the water shut off knob under my toilet.Over night I have quite a lotof water in a container. I need to fix this leak but don't know how, or even whereto shut off the water from

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Getting a toilet bowl white again

Ok so I can't get the orange stuff off. Any suggestions. And yes I've tried CLR. Also if there are any suggestions on how to fix the worn porcelain  that would be awesome.

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How do you fix a whistling toilet? Answered

My toilet emits a high-pitched whistle or squeal when flushed.  This just started two weeks ago.  Of course, when the plumber was here, it didn't make the sound. help Janet

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water is leaking from the shut off valve of my toilet, how do I fix this?

I just noticed that water is leaking from the pipe that connects from the back of the toilet to the wall. right above the knob where you shut off the water.    I don't even know how to begin to repair this, any suggestions?

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can somebody please explain how I can change the flush un it on a two flush button toiley please?

One of the flush buttons has broken off my two button flush toilet, I cannot get a replacement for the button unit, aparently I need a complete assembly flush unit, and have been told by store I bought the original unit off I need to remove the complete toilet from the wall, I am hoping the flush assembly either just plugs or screws in rather than removing the whole water tank,

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anyway to mold acrylic at home? Answered

From online research i see that you need pressure to keep air bubbles out. it would seem pretty easy to build a pressure vessel and heat it up. i was just looking at the acrylic toilet seats on ebay and some sell for over $200. anyone ever attempted this? anyone know where to get the materials?

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I've got 13 oversize tp tubes what should i do with them? Answered

They are from school. someone was going to throw them away. they are now in my bedroom

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help with patent and prototype

I have been working on an invention/idea for the past year now. I can make a prototype if I really wanted to, if i did it would look like crap, and no one would buy it. Plus, I was told you do not need a proto type to sell an idea. It's a simple invention that you can use small plastic parts, and can be used in everyhouse hold. I have went to places like invent help and others, but no real help. They just want a lot of money to market it for you, and help you get a patent. I have no patent because, I have about 6 different models and don't really know which one is best for marketing, selling, things like that. I don't really know anyting about computers and the internet. I paid a lawyer to look up my ideas/inventions and so far there is nothing out there that is close? Looking for help or different ideas to market and patent my ideas?? any info would help, a lot of web pages for help costs thousands of dollars, which I do not have. I am a Plumber by trade from chicago, and I think it should be in every bathroom,I just don't know where to start. Email daaabears@yahoo.com Thanks nick go bears!!

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Toilet Paper Wedding Dresses

The 2008 Cheap Chic Weddings 2008 Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest was recently decided in New York's Times Square. The winner was Katrina Chalifoux who spent two weeks making her sheathed dress out of toilet paper. You can see all past finalists here, here and here.

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Portable raised toilet seat

We are in search for ideas and/or off-the-shelf solutions for a mobility and toileting issue in response to the following request: "When I go out visiting or out on a shopping trip I often find the toilet seats too low, so I would like to see if a portable raised toilet seat could be designed. All I can find are the raised toilet seats where the existing toilet seat needs to be removed and then the raised toilet seat needs to be screwed on. [A possible solution would be to] create an inflatable one that can be attached to an existing toilet seat with something like velcro and maybe have a stiff ridge that can be secured under the existing toilet seat." Happy to hear your ideas! About Tetra Tetra is a non-profit organization that recruits skilled volunteers to create customized assistive devices for people with physical disabilities. See our instructables group at: https://www.instructables.com/group/tetra/

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Thoughts on painting a toilet seat?

Hey folks! I wanted to tap the collective mind of the Instructables community on this one: We recently did a radical redecoration of our bathroom. One of the only things that wasn't touched so far was the toilet. Rather than getting a new (probably boring) toilet seat- I'd like to try painting the old one (I'm talking about the SEAT here, not the cover). Is it feasible for a long-term part of the bathroom, do you think? I've never really painted anything like this before- what paints / techniques would folks recommend? I was thinking of sanding down the surface, applying a rust-colored enamel (with some black patterns), and then a goodly amount of clear coating. Appreciate any thoughts (even if they are "Hey, that won't work- suck it up and sit on a boring seat like the rest of us"). Obviously any work will be documented and submitted to the site : ).

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Water-saving toilet hack

Toilets use fresh water, and lots of it.  Sure, you can buy a low-flow model, but you're still flushing with a (smaller) quantity of fresh, otherwise drinkable water. Gregorylavoie decided to get double use out of that water by hacking his toilet.  It's a neat, reversible modification: after you flush, you use the clean, incoming tank refill water for handwashing.  Your slightly soapy hand-wash runoff fills the tank, and is saved for the next flush.  It's a simple, ingenious way to save water with little to no effort. What do you think?  Would you try this mod on your toilet? This post has been sponsored by Pepsi. The Pepsi Refresh Project celebrates the people, businesses, and non-profits with ideas that will have a positive effect on our world.

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Toilet Paper Roll Ideas

I have a small but growing stack of toilet paper rolls and I'd appreciate ideas for what to do with them. I'm strapped for ideas after hitting an idea block.... asdgfasdf

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compost toilet for a camper van?

Want to explore the possibility of a small home built compost loo to fit in an 18 inch square space height of space 7 feet. considering dry compost method, poo only, using fine woodshavings as soak.

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how do i teach my cat to use the toilet?

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What do you call the way water leaves a toilet bowl when it's flushed? Answered

OK, it's a weird question, but I'm getting nowhere with google.  The Ibles community is big enough that someone here must know.  And why do I care?  I'm going to be buying a bunch (flock? herd? stand?) of toilets, and I want to know the term for the way water goes down the drain so I can communicate with  salespeople.  We all have experience with multiple styles.  Some swirl the water around making a bigger and bigger whirlpool that then then empties the bowl.  Some send a big jet of water from the front that blasts directly down the drain.  Some just fill up and then calmly empty the bowl.  Somebody designs toilets to direct the water one way or another.   There must be words to talk about this stuff.  Anybody know?  

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How do I make an attractive toilet paper shield to keep my 7 cats from shredding my TP?

Please don't tell me to "turn the roll around" or to lock the cats out of the bathroom. These are not feasible. The kitties shread the roll no matter position it is in, and we've got one litter box that MUST be in the bathroom. I have 7 cats, and they need a box in almost every room in the house. I've been keeping the current roll in the cabinet, but I'm getting pretty sick of having to hide the roll every time I go to the bathroom. There has to be a better way. I want ideas on how to make a simple, attractive, and durable cover for the toilet paper roll. I'm almost ready to go out and buy a commercial cover, but I think they are hideous -- great gargantuan hunks of plastic. Much thanks for ideas... Jamie, Boots, Mousie, Minnie, Domino, Beaners, Choppy, and Winston

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Ceramic toilet as a firepit? Has anyone tried this? Answered

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Auto Flush for Dual Flush Toilet

I'm looking to make a auto flush mechanism like this one: http://www.amazon.com/FlushMinder-Dual-Flush-single-flush-dual-flush-Accessory/dp/B00AP8UO9E/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid;=1431231167&sr;=8-1&keywords;=auto+flush. I haven't been able to find any kit like this for my dual flush WaterRidge toilet.  Anyone know how I would go about creating some kind of mechanism like this?   I have a cat that is toilet trained and I'm looking for a way to automatically flush my toilet.  Please let me know what you all think. WaterRidge Dual Flush Toilet: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=idlX-ZT7r0w

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How to build a self contained composting toilet like the commercial models for my tour bus?

I want to build a composting toilet with a finishing tray like the commercial units that I would only have to dump once a year. I need to know how the internal workings function. i will have solar heat piped into it to keep it hot.

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Toilet Makes the Super Mario Bros. Warp Pipe Sound When Press the Flush Handle

I thought the games forum might like my Warp Pipe Sound Effect Toilet. Please rate it and vote if you like!

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Which is the best glue for porcelain? Answered

Recently I dropped the lid of a toilet tank ( I'm a klutz!). I searched for the best glue to use to repair it and the only thing I have found is information for an epoxy to repair fine porcelain. I thought about using Liquid Nail® since it is used for construction but I would like to know if anyone knows a better product. Thank you once again for everyone's help.

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can you make toilet paper clothing? Answered

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What's the best way to move a toilet that is installed on a cement slab foundation? ?

I've remodeled my basement.  There is an existing toilet installed on the cement slab foundation in an awkward location along the wall and I would like to move it.  I only need it to move about 12" along the wall.   The 2 options I'm considering are (1) cut into the cement and extend the pipes with appropriate angle for drainage yada-yada-yada, or (2) raise the toilet and run the pipes below the platform but above the slab.  Just as a note here, there's no way I'm going to just have the toilet be raised like a throne by itself :-)  The bathroom is small so raising the whole floor isn't out of the question,  My question is at least 2 fold.  Is there a better way to do this without sacrificing the aesthetic of my new space?  If these are my best options can anyone provide some details around the best way to move it in the slab? Thanks!

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How to make a mummy costume

Hi, I am a public school teacher in the Atlanta area.  I am desperately seeking sites where my students can download free images.  squirrelnet directed me to your site for a toilet paper mummy.  However, I cannot use your great pictures there because there is a man on a motorcycle with his middle finger raised.  Is there any portion of your site where I can direct my students to a "safe zone?"  I don't think that picture, although cute for the adult crowd, is really necessary.  The other photos are spectacular.  Here we are, just public school teachers, trying to get a little help.  Don't condemn me for being "fussy."  I am the least fussy person you could meet, but keeping my job means finding safe stuff on the internet for my students.  And remember, most of you owe your jobs to a set of caring teachers. Optomistic teacher

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how do i get my toilet to stop leaking? Wax ring has been replaced. Bowl is not cracked. Water still leaks through.

To clarify... the leak is between the bottom of the toilet and the floor....

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Potty training seats to fit elongated toilet seat

Super easy and cheap fix to make potty seat fit elongated toilet seats!   Materials needed: 1/2" pvc pipe 7.5" long total length, rubber tape that sticks to itself (fixes leaks in plumbing pipes) and one child's toilet seat with hook slot at rear of seat. Cut 45 degree ends on each end of the pvc - or measure your toilet seat from underneath.  Put rubber tape on ends of pipe, tape pipe to toilet seat using the "hook" hole underneath - rotating pipe so that it "grabs" the toilet seat as shown on photo #2.  You can use a little longer pipe if you want - this just ended up being 7.5 inches for me - but you want to force the seat to be at the very front of the adult toilet seat.... Hope it works for others! Pam

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Toilets - Or better: How do you use one?

Ok, although we might not want to admit it but everyone of us sooner or later has some bodily functions that we take care of in private. For most of us the main difference between toilets, apart from the looks, would be wether it has a flat bowl or just water where everything drops in. The first type is mostly common in Europe while the "let it splash" type is used everywhere else - except of the Asian region. Check the attached pics for reference please. Which brings me to point of how to use a toilet... For a nice number two the western world prefers to sit down, some might even grab the newspaper but that's another story LOL In Asia however this concept is totally unknown and considered to be filthy and dirty. Here the prefered method to get rid of a number two is to squat - basically just a hole in the ground or a channel filled with water. For all those still struggling with the concept have a look here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d7KBbjtan9Q I don't want to go into all details but if are living in a area with a great percentage of Asians you will often find public toilets and those in restrooms of your favourite restaurant in an usunsable condition. After all it is not easy to stand on a toilet seat (seems to be hard to fold it up) and let the number two find the right spot on the way down. So apart from cultural differences I do wonder about this: If western toilets are considered to be filthy and dirty compared to squat toilets, how do you consider them with footprints and the rest colored in a stinky brown? Could someone make me a nice, non-offensive comic like picture that explains the use of western toilets and that standing on the seat is definately not the right way? Would like to use it at my workplace (boss is fine with it as long as it is not offensive in any way).

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Fun diy outhouse using a mattress frame & wine barrels

Spotted at a party, this easy to make outhouse / latrine complete with privacy and natural air freshener thanks for a bed of lavender.

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You know how in the northern hemisphere toilets flush forward and in the southern they flush the oppposite way?

What would happen if you were in a plane and flew over the equator while flying. Would it like stop and turn around. My friend asked me this and now im curious

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how long does the zombie makeup (toilet paper and latex) stay on your face without falling off?

I've heard that the toilet paper/ liquid latex combo starts to peel off/ fall off after awhile... is that true, if so, how long will it stay on before it starts to mess up?

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april fools day pranks

Here is a good one spray pam on a toilet seat and who ever sits down will be sliding around will trying to take a crap or you can put suran wrap inbeetween a toilet seat and the toilet do you guys know any good ones preferably for school

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Mini tesla coil? Answered

Is it possible to make a small tesla coil with a toilet paper roll for the secondary coil?

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Help needed with recycling greywater to flush the toilet!

We have a small shower and toilet room and what I'd like to do is use the water from the shower and store it in a tank so that it can be used for flushing the toilet. It sounds simple enough, but I'm new to building things like this so I have a few questions to ask the forum! 1. I've read that greywater can go stagnant quite quickly. Would this matter if it was only being used to flush the toilet? If it is a problem, is there a simple/compact/cheap way of filtering the water first? 2. You'd need to make sure that there was always enough water in the tank to flush the toilet, so there would need to a minimum amount in there that if there wasn't enough greywater from the shower available, that it would get topped up from the mains water. Would you use a float valve for this or is there a better way? 3. I'm not exactly sure where I would be able to position the tank. Either way I would probably have to use a pump of some sort, either to get the greywater into the tank or to get the water from the tank to the toilet. Should I just use a submersible pump or something else? Any other ideas or small projects that people have done would be great to hear about. Thanks James

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Motion Sensor Toilet paper Dispenser project

I have a project for school where i have to create a motion sensor toilet tissue dispenser kind of like a tiny paper towel dispenser i could put on a counter. I dont know anything about how motion sensors work or how i would make it work. I just need to figure out the price it would be to set up the motion sensors, gears and everything. Any help, such as links to parts or anything that would give me a better understanding of how to set up motion sensors and connecting them to gears and such, would be appreciated.

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Pneumatic Toilet Paper/Spud Air Cannon-

This is a project I'm wiling on with my little brother. I'm building a cannon out of PVC. I want it to be able to shoot four times without adding air again. So my idea was to make four chambers to store the air. Each chamber would have an individual ball valve. Then another ball valve where the chambers stem into the main body and barrel of the cannon. From the three inch PVC Im going to drop back down to 2"-2.5"  PVC for a more forced compression, then the barrel will be 4". I understand that PSI is a pressure measurement, however I'd assume that my PSI's wouldn't be able to exceed the lowest grade of PVC I build with? That would only make since.  The problem I'm having is, I'm not sure if any stores such as home depot or lowes has couplets that could couple 4" and 3" as well as 3" to 2". I also need to know what kind of pressure would I need to get to launch toilet paper into about a 10-15 foot height? Or would this just be a trial and error experiment?  Thanks for all help. It's much appreciated!

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