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Installing Java on a Tom Tom One GPS.

Hello, many of you will be familiar with the Tom Tom One GPS. I wish to run a program on the device that is written in Processing (which, I'm given to understand compiles to Java). My question therefore, is how would one go about getting the Tom Tom to run programs that are written in Java. Thanks in advance.

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How can i make a tom for the drum?

I was thinking.... Why shouldn't i try to build a drum tom... Hope you can help me... cheers :D

Question by shorty_psp  

Puzzling Travels of a Tom-Cat.

  Here's a puzzle I came across recently.  I've changed the context to stop people googling the answer :- A big ginger tom-cat leaves his home at 8:00 one morning and goes trundling around the neighbourhood, pausing here and there to 'leave his calling-card', stopping for a brief nap or two in a particularly warm spot, walking along fences, running through unfriendly gardens (woof woof) and  finding a warm car bonnet in a garage at 6:00 in the evening for a rest.  Unfortunately, the owner shuts the garage door and the cat is trapped for the night. At 8:00 the next morning the garage door opens and the cat comes scooting out.  Over the course of the day he takes the exact same path he took the day before but in reverse.  He stops in different places, makes his mark in other places and takes his naps at different places along the way, arriving back at his own house at 6:00 in the evening for a well deserved meal. The question :- What is the likelihood that there will be a time and place along the route where he is at EXACTLY the same point on the route at EXACTLY the same time of day on both days?

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How can i mount my tom drum next to the floor tom?

I own a ludwig cs accent custom. I'd like to mount the mid tom next to the floor tom. Is it possible to mount without a clamp? If not what clamp would you use? Thanks

Question by DistantOverture  

I am building Tom McWire's Stepper motor controller, Where Do I wire everything up to? Answered

I am no good at reading schematics and I got the diodes, MOSFETS, and IC SOckets in place. I think I can figure out everything EXCEPT the steppers and the Light Bulbs. Also, what kind of motors do I need?  Thanks Oodles,  Zach

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How do you recess a Tune-O-Matic Style bridge into a guitar? Can someone maybe make an instructable? Answered

I am building a guitar using a fender neck and a Tune-O-Matic style bridge. I dont want to have an angled neck, so can someone give me detailed instructions on how to recess a Tun-O-Matic please? If someone could make an Instructable that would be even better, thanks.

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Toy-Story 3 lots-o huggin bear conspiracy.

So i finally watched Toy Story3.(which happens to be epic) But I happend to relate lots-o huggin bear to adolf hitler....Why?you might be wondering. Well here's my list of thing that support my thesis. Also this is sorta crazy..maybe im just over thinking this but it does all make sense. 1-The biggest indicator is the line "Things were fine until lots-o came along. and he made a pyramid and put him self at the top of it!" which is what hitler did in the 1930's by making germany a dictatorship. 2-Another thing i noticed is how:Big baby,the rock moster,and the bug. Were alot like the SS by doing lots-o's bidding no matter what. 3-SPOILER-Near the end of the movie when they get past the trash grinding thing. And lots-o was gonna hit the stop button. He didn't and the toys he didn't like(woody,buzz,etc.) were going to end up in the trash incinerator. Which made me think of the mass burnings of jew's during the holocaust just because hitler didn't like them. 4-I also related to quote by pricklepants(the clown)"Sunnyside is a place of ruin and despair, ruled by an evil bear who smells of strawberries!" To how the concentration are usually described in history books/storys. Also i related how the evil toys(hitler,SS)lived well in the butterfly room.versus how poor the good toys(jew's) were treated awfully in the catepillar room. And how they showed the kids doing all sorts of crazy things to buzz and the gang. Well thats all i have now but i plan on writing some stuff down the next time i watch it. So expect more...also i know this is a very far out there conspiracy but if you've seen the movie then perhaps you'll agree.

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With no response from Tom Mcwire, how to proceed?

No response to a request for a parts list. Without it, it is anything but "easy"?

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Name change

Im going to change my name to: Tom Buckey. just so you all know so you dont think its a faker ect. Thanks for reading

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How tom make your own Yeast Flocks? (As food complement)

Is it simply liquid fermented dow dehydrated at low temperature?

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Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X error message: HELP! Answered

When I click the little icon to run the program an error message pops up that reads "This application has failed to start because file D3dx9_39.dll was not found. Reinstalling this application may fix the problem. I installed it again and again and still the message comes. P.S yes it is a legal copy, I bought it for £20!

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Does it Possible to control 0.75 HP Motors with the Circuit designed by Tom McGuire CNC Controller?

I want to control All 3 axis motors(Each of 0.75 HP) with the CNC Controller circuit Designed by Tom MCGuire. Does it Possible to control 0.75 HP Motors with the Circuit designed by Tom McGuire CNC Controller.

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does mark hoppus still live in in san diego?

I know travis lives in la, im not sure about tom or mark.            -M 

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How do you get an answer?

Easy build cnc tom mgguire

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Diagonally cutting across a plywood cylinder?

I want to make a couple of identical circular wedged speaker enclosures by cutting a large drum shell (16in by 16in floor tom) in half diagonally and then capping the open sides with discs, what would be the best/easiest method of holding the shell in place and making an accurate straight diagonal cut?i have access to a maker space but i haven't been in since their recent refit so i'm not sure what cutting machines they now have...

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Tombuckey's Orangeboard

So my orangeboard broke : / so post comments here other wise i wont reply okay?

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Biomedical engineering

Hi, My names Tom and I need a team of experienced engineers, biomedical engineers and programmers to try and design different biomedical devices. This will be a NON profitable team, so it would be more of a hobby than a job. But I will take anyone that thinks they will be helpful. Get back to me soon if your interested please, this would also be a great idea for students at universities or collages that want more experience. Thanks Tom

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Can anyone help me build a drumset rack out of PVC pipe??I have the main idea but the side arms seem a little weak...? Answered

The Idea is to emulate the racks from electronic drums like Roland or Yamaha. I just can't seem to make a strong side bar to hold the floor tom. and any suggestions on what to use to hold the toms (like an L bracket) will be appreciated.

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Robot from PS2 controller?

Does anybody know of a robot that can be made from a ps2 or/and controller

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Sound activated switch

Hey, my friend is a drummer and he's trying to install LEDs inside each one of his toms that would come on when he hits the tom. He doesn't know anything about electronics so he asked me and I don't know much either so I'm asking all you awesome people at Instructables. What I want is a simple sircuit that will not cost me above £5 that will allow me to do what I mentioned above. I have a soldering iron and can solder stuff easily so I just need the parts and (preferably a stripboard) layout. He will be using a max of 16 red 2v 20mA LEDs in each tom so the circuit will have to be able to supply either approx. 32v 20mA if in series, or 2v 320mA if in pararell. So, any recommendations?

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Your ideas in print (or type or pixels)!

The scholarship contest isn't over yet, but some of your ideas are getting people interested. Check it out at Tom's Hardware!

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Gadget Category

I was wondering, Why isn't there a 'Gadget' catergory for Instructables? you reasons will be much appreciated.

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could anyone spare some help on Tom stepper board I have followed the directions and cannot get it to work help

I used a 12vdc power supply form radio shack and all the parts called out on the list and even went throgh the schematic and picture of the board to try to duplicate, I have since found i have blown the Zener Diode and have repalced it but I just cant get any action. please help

Question by jnjr65  

Free wood?

I'm planning on building a tree house so I need good quality wood but for free or as cheap as possible. Any ideas?

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Motor, top or bottom?

When building ball machines and such is the motor better at the top or bottom?

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Hamster-powered paper-shredder!

The hamster turns the wheel, the paper is shredded into the cage providing the critter with more bedding.Tom Ballhatchet(See the other projects there too)L

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pvc bow

I was wondering if you can make me a pvc bow, like the one in your video,and how much .I await your reply.  Thanks

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Question about airbrush

I have an airbrush, which works very well. I was wondering if I put some very fine sand in the pot, would this work as a sandblaster, for etching designs into glass? Thanks, Tom

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objective lense?

I broke the objective lense on my Kalart Victor overhead projector.  Looks like it is a 64mm, solid lense.  Anyone have one or know where I might find one?    thanks   tom

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why are block triggers bad??? Answered

If somebody makes a knex gun with a block trigger 95% of the time they have bad comments about the gun but WHY????

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PSN Names

Please write your PSN name below in the way that it is to be added say your psn name is "blue4EVER" dont write "blue for ever" (duh!)

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Going PRO?

I live in England and was wondering weather I can go PRO and if so how much does it cost?

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What is the most flammable aerosol spray( that is cheap) for use with a potato gun? Answered

I just need some sort of fuel to use to launch my potato gun?

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DIY electric drum set

Here's an easy way to make an electric drum set for about 150 dollars that sounds and works great. I am going to post instructions, but this should tell you enough. Get two rock band drum sets. Open the drums. They are easy to open. Just put your hand in the little gap about halfway through the drums and carefully lift up. In the center, there would be a circular area. Keep those clean. Buy nine of those tiny recorders that you press a button to play. They are about 4 dollars each. Record a tom 1 sound, a tom 2 sound, a tom 3 sound, a bass sound, a snare sound, a crash cymbal 1 sound, a crash cymbal 2 sound, a boom cymbal sound, and a hi-hat cymbal sound. Glue each drum sound inside the center of each drum. Glue the bass one underneath the bass pedal. Turn all the volumes on high. IT WORKS! All for pretty cheap.

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Why We Love Hiyadudez

Well for this forum I would like everyone to say why they joined this group. :) TB

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your new or upcoming machines

Pics videos or whatever you want just post something about your new machine

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PS3 names (online)

Your psn names please mine is: sir-buck1994 (no caps or spaces) DanGosling (caps where shown no spaces)

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X Marks the Spot

Many of you will know about International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Some of you will know that there's a national election in the UK soon. In the UK, Captain Tom has lost a bet, and has to stand for parliament. Why should this interest us as Makers? Because he is going to fix Broken Britain by sending a free roll of duct tape to every home! Excellent - #2 Son is desperate to turn 18 to vote for him. Have a look at his campaign site.  London-based readers can help with his nomination. Vote for Cap'n Tom! He has policies. He has experience. He has a duck on his head.

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Is it possible to make a home-made crash cymbal ? Answered

I`ve already made a hi-hat and I know how to make snare drum or toms,but I can`t get an idea how to make a crash cymbal :(

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What is the best technique for spinner fishing for trout in streams and rivers? Do you cast upstream or downstream etc?

Do you cast upstream or downstream etc? Any other stuff i will kneed to know.

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Laptop Monitor Into TV Screen?

My tv is broken (unrelivaent) would there be a way of using my laptop to play my ps3 on? (i have a dell insperon laptop

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Safety symbols for instructables

Hey guys! Just an idea; In the symbols section when writing an instructable, if we had a symbol for; Goggles, Ear Defenders and Dust Masks it could be useful to add to each step as simple safety advice. Anyway....     Just an idea :)

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Name Changing?

I have been on the name changing forum. I have suggested for my name to be changed from "tombuckey" to "Tombuckey"  I know its only one letter but I have requested it over 3 times and still no change? any reasons?

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How can I Convert old camcorder camera toa security camera?

I want to hot wire switch on camera so it comes on when 110 v. power supply is energized by a motion light switch.

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How do you make a group on Instructables? Answered

I carnt seem to find how to make a group because I really want to make a group. If you know how please explain

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