Butterfly knife-like pliers? Answered

Hi everyone, i got this idea while fishing, and couldn't open my pliers with one hand(i was holding a kinda big pike in the other one). what if you could just flip it open like a butterfly knife? but i dont know how i could loosen those rivets.... so that's why i need some help. Pictures: http://imgur.com/a/9JxPi

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Will metal salad tongs conduct electricity? Answered

Alright, so a group I belong to throws a themed party every year, and this year it's boardgames. I'm in charge of wiring up a life-size game of Operation, and I was trying to think of things to use as the tweezers for the bigger version. I'm trying to keep the whole thing fairly low voltage (12v), since kids will be using it and won't know better than to touch something conductive. My question is, will the salad tongs conduct well enough to complete the circuit for a buzzer and light to come on? If not, does anyone have a better suggestion? Thank you very much.

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Where can you get/make cheap forging tongs? Answered

I'm wondering where you can get or make easy tongs for forging. I do not have an arc welder, plasma torch or set of tongs to forge them with. I'm also only 13.

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how do you make out?

What do you do with your tonge when you make out

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I happened to find a 20' length of 1/2" ReBar in the woods behind my house (I have magical woods, i also found a 3' length of I-beam I use as an anvil). What kind of carbon content does it have (I imagine not terribly high) and would it be at all useful for making blades, or reserved for making tongs and trinkets (later down the road I'm going to make a caduceus) and the like.

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portable tv

I really would like to try and make a portable tv I am wondering if it was possible I have a decent lcd screen out of a car gps but the only markings on it are vdd , avdd ,vgh ,vgl, pol,vcom, gnd and there are some contacts that say q1 ,q2 ,q3 r0, and c1 I was wondering if somebody could tell me how to connect it to a chip and if it would be possible to make a receiver out of an old VCR

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Minecraft Pigs, Sea Creatures, Blueberry Hair Barrettes and More at Knox Makers @ InstaMorph Build Night

Members and guests of Knox Makers had a great time experimenting with InstaMorph during our Build Nights. First, we tried using InstaMorph with heat guns and magnetic metal shop trays because that is all that we had at the time. We figured out a few important things pretty quick: Metal gets hot. Metal heat guns stick to magnetic shop trays. InstaMorph sticks to EVERYTHING. This led us to important realizations: We need olive oil. We need to avoid magnetic shop trays for this purpose. Through experimentation, we figured out that putting colored thermoplastic pellets on top of InstaMorph projects and then gently heating can cause cool effects where the pellets melt into the InstaMorph in wild and beautiful patterns. We had fun creating sea creatures together, everyone felt comfortable diving into their own projects, and we even used the InstaMorph to craft our own set of tongs for crafting InstaMorph, because meta. We broke down and got hold of a digital induction warmer and pan made for it. This made things go more smooth. Or rather, more safe. We found out that the InstaMorph does OK at the recommended temperature at our sea level (approximately 265 meters elevation above the sea level), but it cools and hardens VERY quickly and is difficult to work with. Most of our participants actually seemed to enjoy the more dangerous heat fun method more than the digital induction warmer method. We did not try other methods and we suspect that noninduction water heating would have worked a little better. We had multiple Build Nights with the InstaMorph to give plenty of people in the community time to toy around with it and come back with their own ideas. We also had members and guests experiment during our Open Hack Nights and at other times. In all, we had a blast. We ended up with 8 different tutorials out of it all, and you can check them out here in this collection: https://www.instructables.com/id/Knox-Makers-InstaMorph-Projects/ We may add more over time, depending on interest. Thanks for reading!

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Use it Again! Contest Winners

Wow, there were some fantastic entries in the Use it Again! contest! Congratulations to everyone who entered- the quality and range of projects was quite astonishing.Have a pile of spring cleaning junk to repurpose? For inspiration just check out the winners below, then wander over to the PopSci group to see the other fantastic entries. We're planning to use some scrap bamboo to build trebuchet03's Pot Lid Organizer for the Instructables kitchen next week- what do you plan to make?Grand PrizeWinner will receive a Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT 8.0-Megapixel Digital SLR Camera, a brief profile in the How 2.0 section of Popular Science magazine, and a 1 year subscription to Popular Science magazine.Wireless home router with analogue utilisation meter by radiorentalFirst PrizeFive winners will each receive a laser-etched Leatherman Juice S2 multi-tool and a 1 year subscription to Popular Science magazine.Bookshelf of Encyclopedias by jessyratfinkHow to Make Your Own Prototypes : How to make your own Plastic Vacuum Former by sheekgeekRepurposed - Clock into Kinetic Wall Art by Tool Using AnimalTake Infrared Pictures With Your Digital Camera by sam noyounWallet made from a computer keyboard by zieakHonorable MentionTen winners will each receive Instructables stickers and a patch. UPDATE: Honorable Mention winners will also receive a year's subscription to PopSci!Build a Nintendo NES PC by hatsuliGreen Garbage Grabber, Trash Tongs, pick up tool by ToxictomLaterally driven speakers by J_HodgieMacpack by imanalchemistNaff Movie into DVD Spectra by DoWattReuse old printer ribbons by lennybScanner Parts Desk Lamp by jpitz31The Flying Scrooge: Ornithopter of Household Items by royalestelThumb Piano by BobsDogHouseVan de Graaff Generator made from junk by Sedgewick17Please give a big hand to our judges, who carefully read through over 80 projects before casting their votes. Thanks to randofo, jeffreyf, evy-wevy, trebuchet03, daenris, Maddhatter3, kiteman, technick29, Herrozerro, T3h_Muffinator, sam, ewilhelm, noahw, and John and Mike from PopSci.Winners, keep an eye on your inboxes- we'll contact you by personal message with instructions for claiming your prize.Original contest instructions are here.

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