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ac too dc

Is there a way to convert dc too ac power?

Topic by minecraftpotato    |  last reply

Too much rain

It has been raining the past 3 or so days where I am, off and on. I need sunshine to finish up my instructable. This isn't fair, haha. i need to take pictures and video and then i can publish it, but as of now, its raining today, and supposed to rain tomorrow and the next day i think.

Topic by Spectrace    |  last reply

Too many spy?

Is it just me, or does kipkay (and a lot of the maker community in general, but I noticed it most with kipkay) have a suspiciously creepy amount of spying makes. For example:'s others, but I can't find them

Topic by guyfrom7up    |  last reply

Too many layouts!!!

I am getting a little annoyed by how the layouts are always changing. And I bet a lot of other people  are too. I got an idea that there should be a poll, showing all of the previous layouts, and maybe a few new ones, where the Instructables community could vote and pick their favorite one. Leave a comment on what you think about this, or give some other suggestions...

Topic by zascecs    |  last reply

Parents too cautious

Do you guys think parents are too cautious? A normal parent won't let me do any of the stuff that I or any other teen on instructables do.

Topic by starwing123    |  last reply

Too much power? Answered

I made a knex rifle that blows connector ammo in half. With three rubber bands. By blows in half, I mean the connectors split in half. Is this too much power? What should I do?

Question by rec0n    |  last reply

Too many redirects.

Having problems with opening select instructables on iPhone running 5.00. I get an error: "Page cannot open. There were too many redirects." (paraphrased) These instructables work from my Mac, using both Safari and Firefox. Here is one 'bad' site: Anyone else having this issue??

Topic by JJP_    |  last reply

Too much current Answered

I built a hotwire device to cut foam insulation. If I connect it directly to a 12 volt battery, it gets 'way too hot very quickly--the hotwire turns red almost immediately. However, if I connect the device to a wall charger rated at 5 volt/2amps, it works fine,if a little too cool for a good cutting speed. What's happening here?

Question by suncoaster    |  last reply

Too Many Groups!!!!!

In some categories there is too many groups. For example if you look up knex on groups you get 11 pages of result. There is about 20 results per page so its over 200 possible knex groups you could join. What do you think?

Topic by Masterdude    |  last reply

Bike too big

Hey all, I need some DIY help. I just rescued this road bike from a woman whose father was a racer, I love it but its just too darn big. I ride it comfortably standing, biut getting on it is quite risky. Any suggestions? I lowered the seat. I don't know what else could be done, but I'm hoping!!

Topic by itsdori  

Too many forums

There are too many forums. Here are some popular forums I've found. Please list more forums and we can create a master list of them.forums

Topic by starwing123    |  last reply

Apes are People, Too

Spain's parliament has voted to give the rights to life and freedom to apes. Keeping apes for use in circuses, television commercials or for filming will be forbidden. Zoos are still OK, but many will have to improve their conditions in the future to keep apes.Right on. Link

Topic by fungus amungus    |  last reply

Resistors are too warm

Hello,I am building a multi-touch surface using the FTIR method and after the surface is powered for about 10 minutes there is a heated smell in the room, I have noticed that the resistors are very warm and that a couple have started to brown or burn. I really need this table to be able to be safely powered at least 18 hours a day.Here are my specs:LED's:I am using 88 Infrared LED's (T 1 3/4 INFRARED LED, )--8 LED's per series--forward voltage of 1.5v --forward current of 100mAResistors:I am using 2, 10 ohm 1/4 watt resistors parallel (so 5 ohms) with each of the 11 series'Power Supply:The power supply output's 12 volts DC and 1.2 ampsWhen I calculate using it says I only need 1ohm 1/4 watt resistors, I haven't tried this yet but it doesn't seem to me that this would rectify the situation. My guess was that I need 1 watt resistors, but the calculator didn't seem to agree.Any thoughts as to what my problem is? is it safe to go with 1 ohm 1/4 watt resistors? or do I need 1 watt resistors? Any help would be very appreciated, thank you!

Topic by hapticdata    |  last reply

Too Bad It's Too Late for Stuff on a Stick

Just found this by way of the latest Probably Something You Would Like post on the blog:

Topic by billhorvath  

is it bad?

hey, i just read something on gizmodo about how many ipods you owned, i picked over 8 in the poll, is it bad i've owned 15 ipods and they all worked? and still work? except the hard drive in 2 of them.

Topic by Yerboogieman    |  last reply

Learning to crochet. Is it too hard? Answered

I always wanted to learn  to crochet. But I freak out because I think it's too hard and keep thinking that I can't learn it :( . So I need a total beginner's guide to crochet and please tell me it's not that hard! Can anyone please help? 

Question by Muhaiminah Faiz    |  last reply

Is there such a thing as too many keywords? Answered

I understand the value and importance of keywords, but I also loathe redundancy. lol... should I just get over my loathing? 

Question by bajablue    |  last reply

Is this motor too good to be true?

 I am doing research on motors for electric bikes, and I was wondering, is this motor too good to be true? As far as i know, no one has incorporated it into a bike or scooter. Ive mostly seen it in hobby applications. Anyway, I was wondering, am I missing some crucial part or fact that would make this unsuitable for a bicycle power source? thanks.

Question by kiffer360    |  last reply

Intro picture too dark

My instructable is published now but the picture I see when I click on Explore=>Recent is very dark. When I open the instructable the picture is right. Here is the URL: Thank you JRV31

Topic by JRV31    |  last reply

Spam is getting too much

I usually flag the upcoming spam as I find it but for the last few days the numbers of foreign spam is increasing on a daily base. You can't really tell which onces you already flagged and I can't be bothered with them anymore. There was talk about filters in regards to asian languages, seems someone forgot to install them....

Topic by Downunder35m    |  last reply

Zelda games are too frustrating

I am currently attempting to play Legend of Zelda Windwaker. I am at the art where I must obtain the second triforce shard. It sucks, because I find myself constantly having to look at online guides, which aren't very helpful. Am I crazy to say that Windwaker is one of the most frustrating games ever?

Topic by Medrephobic    |  last reply

Compound Freezer too cold?

I have been looking into making liquid nitrogen and I have found one DIY method.  It uses a small cryocooler.  I wondered if it would be possible to use multiple stages of coolers like those used in a freezer.  So basically you take all the stuff off of a two or three freezers, or more, and you use them in a series to get progressively colder.  The first compresses the coolant which is then decompressed cooling the hot side of the next step down to freezing temperatures.  Is this possible with your everyday freon which is already in these systems, or do you need to get a better coolant, and will this even get cold enough to liquify nitrogen? 

Question by    |  last reply

too many volts to an LED

I have an LED that is supposed to take about 2.8 to 3.4 volts.  A single 3v coin cell works great.  However, if I use two or three of those batteries, it gets ULTRA bright.  My question is, what harm is this doing?  Risk of burning out the light, causing heat, other bad things???  What exactly would happen over prolonged use?

Topic by aliasjanedoe    |  last reply

Contests are becoming too specialized

Lately I've been seeing more and more contests which require expensive, specialized tools (mostly 3D printers) in order for you to make something that is eligible. I wish we would have less of this type of contest, or at least have people utilize tools other than 3D printers. How about a milling/turning contest instead of endless 3D printing-related contests? I'm just worried that many of the contests are inaccessible to the average instructables user, and also getting a bit bored of contests which involve 3D printers.

Topic by TheNecromancer13    |  last reply

Bacon problem (too dry)? Answered

I have had some trouble cooking bacon. When I bought thick sliced bacon, my roommate stored it in the freezer (I think this was the problem?). The next day I had to moved it down to the normal side, took like 3 days to become pliable. However, when I try to cook it, it become so dry but I don't know why. Here's what I did, I left the slices on the pan (without heat) for 10 mins, then I cooked on medium heat, flipped till they became golden brown, then I pick them up by chopstick and leave it in my dish. First the bacon still have a little grease on it, so it's glossy; but a few moment later, it turn bone dry, no grease, no gloss, no nothing. Can anyone tell what my error was? I'm still new to bacon so sorry. PS: I wasn't able to take any picture cause my roommate ate them all because he was too hungry....

Question by Shizen    |  last reply

Love a girl but is it too late?

So, I've had a crush on this girl for about 2 months now and I love the hell out of her but have never had the guts to tell her how I feel. I'm now on holiday and i've just heard shes got together with one of my best mates from my friend who knew my feelings about her, to be honest I feel like I've been run over by a brick wall and feel so upset and regretting not telling her how I felt.. I still love her so much but no idea what to do now as I was planning on telling her after I get back from my holidays... whaat do I do?

Question by Lewis Smith    |  last reply

Censorship going too far!?

Is there a reason Instructables is deleting comments and replies without a note or considering to grow a backbon so we get answers?You recent site upgrade has offended and disappointed long standing users, now you add insult to it by deleting their comments.I call this censorship and it should not happen.In the deleted posting was nothing offensive, nothing wrong - the only thing in there highlighted the utter disappointment of the user.What comes next next? Deleting accounts of users who prefer to have an opinion that differs from the official viewpoint?What are you so scared of?If you do major changes you have to consider that not everyone likes them.As it looks now you have a hand full of users liking the kids look and features while the rest of the community is disappointed to say it nice.Deleting their comments in this regard won't fix the problem, it only adds to it.

Question by Downunder35m    |  last reply

PSA: Too Good To Be True? It Is!

I received an email today offering a great job for what appeared to be an Australian Auto Dealer as a Regional Assistant. Basically the job consists of accepting customer's payments to your bank account and you forward, less 10% of what you received via Western Union. The web address they gave for the job position is (notice how it's in Hong Kong). This is a fraud! Yes, you would receive the money, and make the 10%, but you would be participating in a Libyan Identity Theft Ring. In a short time, you will be caught and you will be fined or incarcerated for fraud. They don't care because they'll find another sucker tomorrow.What the job actually consists of is laundering illegally acquired money. Since the money actually stops at your bank account, you're liable! Don't let these thieves use you! This is literally an attack on the people of the U.S. stealing Billions of dollars every month from fellow citizens. Please, don't help them.

Topic by LasVegas    |  last reply

How do i fix this plumbing issue?

My shower throws off very little hot water. The cold water is almost shut off when I shower. I had a new hot water heater installed. The water is hot everywhere it should be except in the shower. Does anyone have any suggestions? I am obviously plumbing challenged.

Question by luckylynnea    |  last reply

The madness!

I just realized all the topics i just CreatedXD1 Why Do People have(had) Birds in there avatar?2 Why does Kiteman Have an ocean in his avatar?3 Why does Kiteman Have a Leaf in his avatar?4 Why does Everyone have the same thing in their avatar?5 Why does kiteman Have old Pictures in his Avatar?6 Why does kiteman Have his old avatar back?Too bad it ended, I could have broke a world record on posting so many related topics in the same week XD =P

Topic by ReCreate    |  last reply

what does this wire belong too? Answered

What is this ?

Question by hellmaster993    |  last reply

New Sticky-Headding is too big

The new sticky-heading takes up too much screen.  I would rather it be much smaller or not there at all. Thanks for your time, Ted

Topic by TedRobotBuilder    |  last reply

You all talk too much...

Why else would the number of Forum threads have just hit 10,000?

Topic by Kiteman    |  last reply

Notes From Too Much Travel

A good friend of mine wrote up his travel tips here at Notes From Too Much Travel. It has all sorts of tips around rental cars, using cell phones internationally, how much water to drink on a plane flight, and stuff to keep in your travel bag.

Topic by ewilhelm  

Problem with Logging Out Too Quickly

I've noticed that the site is logging me out in just a few hours, or even an hour, versus the day or more that the cookies used to keep me logged in in the past. Is this an annoying new feature or a bug? Thanks!

Topic by susanrm    |  last reply

Shift register too slow for multiplexing?

Hi, I'm trying to figure out working with shift registers. I bought a couple of 74HCT4094's, hooked them up through my breadboard to a small matrix with some LEDs and my Arduino. Without multiplexing everything works fine, but no matter what circuit I build (changing wires, resistors, transistors, even the Arduino code), when I start to multiplex the LEDS clearly 'flicker' (is that the correct term?). Is it possible that some shift registers are 'too slow' for multiplexing with Arduino?

Topic by Huibgeboers    |  last reply

navigation buttons below comments too

I'd like to see previous/next page buttons below the comments section, in addition to at the top of the page and at the bottom of the instructions. Generally those two are sufficient, but occasionally one wants to read all the comments, and it's a tiny bit irksome to scroll up to find the buttons.

Topic by azurelunatic    |  last reply

unpublished but too old for competition, what?? Answered

Iv been working on this instructable, trying to get the instructions just right,as it has been a complicated build and harder to explain. then i spot the lomography competition,and i think perfect, i try to enter it, to my great disappointment ,but im told its out side of the creation date range, i would have thought it would have been the published date that was this a glitch?. any thoughts anybody.

Question by crazyg    |  last reply

Too many electronics sitting around

I have too many electrons sitting around and was wondering what all I could make with them? Heres the list to what I have: a brand new 2wire wireless router 2700hg-b a dead creative zen stone 1gb 2 old digital cameras - 1: sony cyber-shot dsc-p52 - 2: hp photosmart 435 64 mb sd card 16m MMC 4 cellphones - 1:Samsung Qwest SPH-A880 - 2:Sony Ericsson W300i - 3:LG PM225 - 4:Sony Ericsson Z520a (all have batterys not sure if they work though) old xbox 400w power supply usb external floppy drive im sure there is more stuff ill add it in later if I find anything else

Topic by JRauck    |  last reply

Too much Sugru in 'ibles diet

Hi guys... Ok, I was posting this asa comment, then I remembered the "be nice" rule and thougth about setting things in a positive way. AIM: I like instructables a whole lot. I come here EVERY DAY for inspiration and help in many things. So I whant it to remain the nice place I think it is, full of creative people that solves everyday problems and improves lives of other with the power of theyr brain and hands. In order to keep this I thing it is important to keep things "brand free". COMPLAIN: There are too much questionable sugru instructables around, Let's face it. Some of them are real innovative and clever, but much of those are daily and"not that usefull" at all. The point is: aren't those qualifiable as COMMERCIAL ADDS ?? I mean... I like that thing, but are we sure that there is nothing irregular going on? Thanks

Topic by EmcySquare    |  last reply

power wheels too much power?

So here da ting. i got a little 6v power wheels quad at a yard sale for dirt cheap. i figured hey why not ill work on it a little and make it nice. long story short, i ended up with two 18v harbor freight batteries hanging on each back fender like military ammo cans and it looks awesome but now its a little too scary to let my son ride it. i would like to put a voltage regulator on it to turn it up or down depending on how well he can ride it and how safe i feel he can be. most of the ones i have found can barely handle 2 amps. where can i get a regulator to handle the load continuously. p.s. this is the last part i have to figure out before i can make a full instructable.

Question by snowfox222    |  last reply

Puma's robot likes toasters too!

So Puma has a holiday shopping ad where a robot is slaving over a sewing machine, while products scroll across the screen. I wonder if anyone at Puma checks out Instructables? I didn't realize that robots universally loved toasters. I like their ad, but I don't think their line-up of products is very cool. They could be doing better on the design front. I would be curious who they think their target audience is for this ad.

Topic by lebowski  

Stepper motor voltage too low? Answered

I'm getting started with Stepper motors and I got one on ebay, it's MINEBEA NEMA23 2.5V/1.8 AMPS 1.8DEG/STEP (model# 23LM-C045-01H). I'm a bit confused by it's low voltage. Am I reading it correctly, it's 2.5Volts?  Stepper driver that I have requires at least 8 Volts (it's Arduino with rugged motor driver shield), so is it safe to drive with motor with voltage of 9 or 12 volts?  How would one drive such motor at 2.5VDC?

Question by bratan    |  last reply

When Design Goes Too Far

Here's an image that's been making the rounds today. It's a bed that breaks down into four pieces that can then be interlocked with the floating bookshelves to form some sort of padded wall/bookshelf. It's just a design concept and not meant to be produced (I hope), but even so it's quite a case of a design looking for a problem. A few shelves on the wall will have a lot more storage for books and you can then store a futon or an inflatable mattress underneath. And do you really want your mattress displayed on the wall?

Topic by fungus amungus    |  last reply

Too Short for an Instructable- free water

A friend showed me this trick at Safeway. If you are thirsty, but either 1) Don't have money on you or 2) Don't want to buy a whole bottle just for a few sips, most food stores are required to give free water to anyone who asks. There will be no signs advertising this fact. Simply walk up to the counter (we did this at a small Starbucks stand by the bakery) and politely ask for a drink of water. My friend received a clear plastic cup filled with water and ice, no charge. Then I walked up and bought a Dr. Pepper, not free of charge.

Topic by Spl1nt3rC3ll    |  last reply

Too much voltage or will the current limit it?

According to the circuit I need about 6 volts input to run a luxeon star LED. As I understand it, the regulator takes about 3v leaving 3v for the LED and will will provide a fixed current of 320ma which is just fine. My question is, can I use a higher input voltage such as 12v without affecting the luxeon star? Although the current output is fixed, will the output voltage rise as the input voltage rises and burn out the LED?Image reference

Topic by Richard21    |  last reply

Problem with too much window condensation

I have double pane, insulating glass house windows that collect condensation during the winter heating months. The condensation is not between the panes, it is inside the home. The water builds up and runs down onto the wood frame causing rot. It occurs only on the bottom inch or two of the window. The home is in Northern Wisconsin where it is commonly 20 deg F outside and 70 deg F inside. The interior humidity is controlled and not excessive. Aside from setting the interior humidity to desert-like conditions, how can I remove the moisture and prevent further damage to the frame? Desiccant bags? Solar powered fans? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Topic by kwschofi    |  last reply

RF Module signal is too weak

Hello everyone! I am trying to build an arduino RF remote control to clone my remote control for my wireless sockets. I bought this RF module from ebay;=item20cb2af2a8 At first I thought it was damaged because I wasn't getting any signal from the reciever. After many tries I touched the reciever with the remote and suddenly I got the codes (I want to recieve the codes, save them and then re-transmit them with the arduino). The same goes with the transmitter - the only way it works is when I hold it against my wireless socket. It means that the codes work but the signal is way too weak. I tried hooking it up to different power sources- Arduino 5V, Arduino 3V, 12V 1000mA Adapter, and the original battery of the remote that states 12V 23A. I tried making an antenna but nothing really works.. please help! thank you..

Question by Tzabary    |  last reply