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can you fix a wet iphone 4?

With my mind on something else I very very stupidly(i KNOW I KNOW)put my almost brand new iPhone 4 into the washing machine. Its been drying for 3 and a half days but still wont turn on. My new plan is to put it in rice,leave it in the airing cupboard overnight and try plugging it into my laptop in the morning. Any other advice?

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Movie made with iPhone 4

The new iPhone has just been out for a few days and someone's already made a short film with it. Shot and edited entirely on an iPhone 4 over 48 hours, "Apple of My Eye" is a gripping tale of ice cream and model train nostalgia. Check out the video below to see the movie and some behind the scenes footage.

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iphone 4 search not working

Whenever i try to search something on instructables i cannot type anything, it is increasingly annoying to have to google search "instructables ...."     whatever i need to search and find a link, plz fix

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I have replace my Iphone 4 screen?

Following the steps- problem is now the screen works (it switches on) but… the touch screen doesn’t work what part have I attached incorrectly???

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What is this tool?

The item came from a tinkerers garage. He worked on cars, rv’s, campers and electronics.  the only identifying information is red tape on the box that says made in Austria. Thanks nks

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DIY Milled iPhone case? Answered

I am taking a class in automated manufacturing this year in school, and thus have to do a few projects requiring laser cutters/cnc mills. So I thought as kind of an extra project, it would be cool to make a case for my iphone 4. So the question: is it possible that I can mill myself an iphone case, probably out of wood (I prefer aluminum/stainless steel but that might just scratch the heck out of the phone), and if so, what type of wood should i use (I am clueless... not a carpenter :D ), any ways, any thoughts, or maybe someone has tried it before? Just though it would be a cool project if I could make it happen...

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Iphone IR nightvision

I have been thinking of using my iphone 4 as an IR nightvision device. I have read that some of the Iphones have IR blockers built in. Does anyone know if the Iphone 4 can see IR light, and if it cant is their a way to make it? Thanks

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Can someone make the bone horn for iphone 4?

Can someone figure out a way to make the bone horn for iphone 4, for ipod 4 with a good material?  

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Can two iPhones (4) be charged with one charger?

If one were to solder together two USB charger cables into a Y (a single USB jack leading to two iPhone 4 charger plugs) would this work to charge two iPhones/ipods, or would it cause issues?  thx! R

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What is this tool used for?

The slots align and are approximately 1/4-inch in diameter. The smaller piece has rollers and slides across the flat piece.

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Is there windows program that makes apps for the iPhone 3 and 4?

Hi, i'm running a Windows Vista service pack 2 PC and i'd like to develop apps for the iPhone and the programs interface is close to the same function as Game Maker, Visual Studio and Dreamweaver MX 2002, it has got four modes that are avalible and it MUST let me select 1 of them every time i start the software and it should be a lite or beta of the software so that i can have it forever and buy it if i like it and i'd like to have these requirements: Normal app maker mode: able to build advanced software has all the formatting of Visual Studio Panels for inserting objects Buttons Web Browser formatting (web pages are viewed inside this) Comment box adder Title box adder Radio Buttons CheckBoxes  

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A Good Multi-Tool

I am trying to find a nice multi-tool that include the following features and not too expensive (less $100). EDIT: I meant less than $100. Pliers Wire Cutter Saw File 3" Knife (non-serrated) Scissors Can Opener Bottle Opener 2-3 Flat Screwdrivers (Large, Medium, Small) Phillips Screwdriver I like the look of the SOG PowerLock S60 ($50) with a replaced blade ($8) (1/2 serrated to straight) because of the geared pliers, the replaceable/interchangeable parts, the 1/4" drive and all the tools I want. Can anyone recommend tools that would fit for me?

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Curious tools to identify.

Hi all. A few weeks ago I was visiting my cousin and we ended up going through a tool box full of things left to him by his father we came across two that we were at a loss to identify. The first is a brass cylindrical container about five inches long by 3/4" diameter with what I can only describe as a gouge attached to the inside of the screw down cap, it is blunt and shows no signs of ever having been sharpened so I'm fairly sure it wasn't meant for cutting. The second has a few clues of it's own with a manufacturer name and a part registration number, it also has what looks very much to me like a small cutting wheel similar to the kind you would find on a glass cutter, the small section with the words "British Made The Ideal" slides along the slot it sits in and the tip at that end is a sharp point. Any ideas folks? Thanks in advance. NG.

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I want to make a iphone 4 compatible 9v charger. How would I simulate an apple charger? Answered

I went to ladyadas website, but I don't understand exactly how one would do that.  I am using a switching 5v regulator for more efficient power.  Please no circuit diagrams because I don't understand them, unless they have explantions.

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iPhone 5 Charger lighting pin layout?

Does anybody know the correct way to wire up a circuit to charge a iphone 5. I remember the old circuit set ups for the iphone 4. Have they stayed the same or have they changed?

Question by Kante Tech  

How to make an iPod Touch 4g look like an iPhone 4? Answered

Hi, I have a. iPod Touch 4g 32gb White and I kind of want to make it look like an iPhone 4, mainly just because I like the feel and look of them but don't have the cash to purchase one. Right now I have a cookiecase, which is pretty nice, but it makes it to thick.  Any ideas how I can do this? I was thinking maybe a type of clay, mold it onto it, slip a metal band onto it and paint it, but I dont really want it to be permanent...

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how to unlock iphone 4g using jailbreak ios6 4:12:05 or using gevey sim with saved shsh blobs ?

How to unlock iphone 4g using jailbreak ios6 4:12:05 or using gevey sim with saved shsh blobs

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how to unlock iphone 4g using jailbreak ios6 4:12:05 or using gevey sim with saved shsh blobs ?

How to unlock iphone 4g using jailbreak ios6 4:12:05 or using gevey sim with saved shsh blobs ?

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Most Requested Mods and FUTURE Features for iPod/Phone

Post YOU ideas for mods or future features here: Mild: 1) better battery life 2) built in speaker 3) Bluetooth 4) WiFi WILD: 1) HDMI output 2) SATA connectors for TB Drives 3) Optical audio Out 4) 5.1 Audio ERCK

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Problems with instructables on iphone 3g

Ok, the following bug was experienced on the iphone 3g while i was connected on a 4 bar edge connection. I logged into and replied to a comment with superjustin 18. or at least i tried. the first time i tried to reply, the safari browser closed automatically and i was taken back to the home screen before the text box showed up. the second time, i could type a reply and i hit "post comment", but while it was loading, the browser quit again, and i was taken back to the home screen. however, a quick check under my computer shows the comment made it through safe on both counts, when i reopened safari, i was logged out, even when i checked remember could this please be fixed soon? thanks if you can!

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linux on polaroid pmp350-4 mp3 player?

I am trying to re-flash and put linux on this mp3 player. The ultimate goal is full sound and photo/video support with touch screen interface, using an alternate OS other than the one provided by polaroid. I would like to use this to read text documents as well. ---- --- I was going through some of the old gadgets in my house and found that I still had an old polaroid pmp350 mp3 player. It has a touch screen and I thought to myself "hmm... google android..." or "rockbox..." This is a cheap peace of hardware, and even though google android is out of the question, I was wondering about flashing it with custom firmware to allow it to run some other operating system. It has a touch screen which would make it quite fun to play around with if only there was a way to expand its current capabilities. So I thought I would put up this thread to see if somebody more clever than I could figure out how to re-flash this thing and install linux, OR if somebody could point me in the direction of materials that might be used to do such a thing. The main issue is going to be getting an OS to run on this unsupported hardware. I am going to be doing research in the meantime to find out how to get linux on this device, because I think it would be a really cool hack to show off to friends. *Update* Have written polaroid for info regarding technical specifications, also asked if they might be able to provide a rom flashing tool* If anybody wants to give this a shot, let me know how it turns out. Peace and love.

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Altoids Tin Can Charger

Hi, ive made an Altoids tin can charger awhile back and it chargers all my devices but my iphone 5s? Its charges my iphone 5, 4, 4s, and every ipod. What circuitry do i need to allow my charger to charge my iphone 5s? Right now i have a 5v regulator and 2x 200ohm resistors off the positive lead into the positive, data -, and data + connections. Should i add capacitors on the inputs and outputs of the 5v regulator?  The only reason i build my own chargers is because i take long trains rides and flights and i use my rc car 5000mah battery that can last me a week, i put all the circuitry in an Altoids can to hold it together.  

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Help a newbie- wiring of iphone 3 plug to USB

I have a Sol solar charger for an iPhone 3 that has become unusable do to battery damage.  I want to replace the batteries with one of the many Instructables here.    The Sol uses an output jack that has 6 wires and plugs directy into the iPhone 3.  My question is-can I convert this 6 wire plug to a 4 wire usb plug to then charge the iPhone from this USB port?

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DIY Waterprrof Iphone case.

Hello, I have an iPhone 5s and want to make a durable waterproof case for that, specifically for white water rafting. So I have an outline plan and want your inputs if I am doing something wrong or if you have a better suggestion. 1) Get a plastic box in which iphone cases come (some thing like this but which is strong 2) Get a rubber seal and fit it exactly for the size.$_35.JPG 3) Make a wrist strap with some elastic and make a holder for iphone with it.       This holder is needed to keep the phone in place on hand and when I want to take the pic I can easily get it off, shoot and put it back. 4) Fish wire.      This will be used to connect the actual phone case and wrist strap so if I drop the phone it still remains with me or use a retractable cable to make it more professional. So far this is my idea, what do you guys think about it ?

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Explore 'RECENT' and 'FEATURED' not working on IPHONE or IPOD TOUCH

Hello!  I've been having problems on my IPHONE and IPOD for few days now.  The RECENT and FEATURED shows old Instructables.  Under 'FEATURED', I get 'SHOP TOOLS' from 2008.  Under RECENT, I get 'DUCT TAPE PROJECTS' from Jul 2013.  Not sure if this began after the last update or not.  It won't refresh.  I tried deleting and reinstalling the app with no luck.  Help!  (FYI - my IPHONE and IPOD TOUCH is still under the prevous OS)

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Resistor Calculator for electronic enthusiasts

Hi to evebody. I would like to share a tool which was developed for my own needs. For some time I recently need to obtain not standard resistor values with rationed precision from standard E24 series of resistors. Unfortuantely I don't find really good and convenient tool to do it. Finally I decided to made Resistors Finder for iPhone. I did my best to create simple, nice and convenient user interface and fast searching algorithm. Resistor Finder was just released yesterday on App Store. If you want a  free copy please PM me for promo code. Only 10 promo codes available. It will be nice to hear some feedback from you all. Any suggestion, critics and feature requests are welcome.

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iphone 4g wifi problem? any suggestions? Answered

Hey there guys i have a water damage iphone 4g and i revived it and everything works god but the wifi! if u turn it on it will just load and load and load and load. or sometimes it wont even show. i tried going to settings>general>and reset network and still doesnt work, i reoot it and restore and all that other stuff and nothing, i also bought a wifi antenna ribbon thingy but still nothing any suggetions?

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How to convert DVD to iPhone (Windows)

1.Download the [url=][b]DVD to iPhone[/b][/url] software, install and run. [img][/img]2. Insert the DVD you'd like to convert to your computer's DVD drive.3. Click 'File' menu and 'Open DVD', or directly hit 'Open DVD' button to load the DVD. Set the profile to be iPhone 480*320 mpeg-4 video which is the default DVD video quality.[img][/img]4. Click around in the DVD's menu to set up DVD playback as you like, select the subtitle and audio sound tracks etc, then begin to play the movie through the software by click the play button.5. If want to set more functiones, click ‘More options’, then it pops up like following. That is all. [img][/img]If you'd like to record from certain time point, or want to change some parameters like 'output format', 'video bitrates', 'frame rate', 'audio bitrates', please click 'No' button to close the window. When everything setted as your need, then click ‘Record it’ button. Done, just so easy![url=][b]DVD to iPhone[/b][/url]

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Band, Miter, jig or scroll saw: the "goto" tool

Hi, I was wondering what people use for prepping materials to fit on small workspace spaces. I am interested in using machinable materials like acrylic, lexan, delrin, hdpe, machinable foam, polystyrene, brass and aluminum. These materials are usually easy to get in the right thickness and width, but the length could be 4'. I need to slice them down to sizes no more than 5.25" long to be used on a small cnc machine (5.5"x4.5"x1.25" build area) What do you think, or have experience with, that solves most of your needs? Thanks, Andy

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iPhone app typing fields not working

Hi. I just downloaded the Instructables app to my iPhone 4 running iOS 6.1. When I try to log in, I am unable to select the typing fields to enter my username and password. I tap and tap and tap, but nothing happens. I've tried restarting and reinstalling and got the same results. Any help? Thanks.

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Simple Hand Tool Right?

Hello All, There is a tool that costs about $500 that hopefully can be made for a whole lot less.  It's a chiropractic actuator (See Image).  If you have never see one of these tools in action before, you squeeze up with your fingers and down with your palm, which will plunge the top part of the tool into the bottom part of the tool (kinda like a toilet paper roll holder type of action when pushing the two ends together).  The top part of the tool goes down about 3/4 of an inch (while the bottom part of the tool stays stationary the whole time) and then somehow sends a hard tap to the end of the mechanism (maybe like an internal mechanism simulating something like a hammer coming down a nail or something). It's driving me nuts!  How can a tool this simple be so expensive!?  Anyone have any ideas on how to make something like this, maybe there is a tool that can be modified to do this that is out there already, or maybe there is something else that can simulate the action of this tool without breaking skin, bones, etc :) Thanks for reading and thanks in advance!!!

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How to drill a 4 inch hole in concrete

The walls at our new place are 6 inch thick concrete (it's an old Naval base) and we needed a few holes for vents. I've hammer-drilled through concrete to sink anchors, but a 4 inch diameter hole is a little intimidating -- until you have the right tool. Here's a few pictures of the right tool. I only watched, so I don't know the finer details, but I thought people would appreciate just seeing the tool. The work flow went something like this: 1) hammer-drill and sink anchor to attach machine to wall 2) turn on machine; insert earplugs 3) wait It took quite a while, and that drilling noise reverberated throughout the whole place!

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Can uploaded photo's be turned? They are all upside down, and on my PC they are looking fine.? Answered

I did take lots of pictures with my iPhone 4 and they seem to be upside down in some programs/sites. But on windows explorer and picasa they seem to be ok. I want to use them to create an instructable about woodturning, but all uploaded images are upside down. Can they be turned around on this site? Thanks!

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Problems Jailbreaking and Unlocking Original iPhone?

I have an original iPhone that I want to unlock for use with T-Mobile, as well as jailbreak.  I have tried multiple jailbreaking/unlocking tools, and when I point them to the IPSW for the iPhone I always get some version of:  "This is not a valid 4.0 IPSW."  Sn0wbreeze's "F0recast" program says that the phone is jailbreakable and unlockable, and that it's running 3.1.3 firmware.  I believe it's been updated to iOS 4.0---I put it into recovery mode and connected it to iTunes, and it updated it.  I do not have an AT&T SIM card.  Anybody know what to do? 

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トップApple社のiPhone 4ケース:SwitchEasyオデッセイ

IPhone4の4を取得するためのSwitchEasyオデッセイ小文字混合 今までにあなたの個人的な新しいiPhone 4 4​​の罰金のケースを見つけたときに、いくつかの他の所有者が期待する属性はもちろん最善を覚えてみてください。 あなたのケース、そのマシン上の大規模な、最高品質の保険 あなたがすべてのあなたのiTouchの新しい世代のサイズを作成しないようにしたい薄いパターンのiPod 4 スタイリッシュな あなたは要素をすることができ、プラスのケースの結果として、取り出すのない動作するように片手でアクセス あなたが約かなりの数の基本的な原則はちょうど私の携帯電話ケースの間に表示することを選択する男性と女性のアドバイスを求めた後に大量に発生する様々な成分であることができる。 このようなものは、通常、よりスマートフォンが感じているというよりも、その目的に加えて、有効性に関係し、また最も簡単な方法は、アイテムがあなたのオファーに検知し緩和されている。 これらすべては、同様に、事項である傾向がある。 いくつかの民族が信頼できることは非常に困難シェル型のタイプを選択し、汎用性の高い個人は非常に屈曲可能な迅速なゴルフグリップパターンを優先。 様々なケースがよく、おそらくそれは添付のいくつかの並べ替えの助けを借りて、いくつかの異なる運搬の選択肢を持っている多機能ケースを含め提供し、かつ/または非常に簡単/添付します臨時だけでなく、完全にユニークな点の結果として知ることができる たくさんより有用摂取量をもの携帯電話を許可するマシンを切り離す。 スタイルは、ケースの面で非常に優れた具体的な事は、それが再びはるかに焦点を誘惑することができ、さらにはPCには、好ましい、個人の好みに変身。 その範囲内で動作するタイプのケースは、SwitchEasyオデッセイアマルガムケースです。 このケースに関して、初期の問題は、細工された手法になります。iphone4sケース ルイヴィトン完全に異常な3ピースの製造と一緒に新しいものの製品は、あなたの個人的なiPhoneの4S 4のための最高のカバレッジを提供します。 3ピースの製造が手ごわいポリカーボネート外層、セクションを返すので、スコアと繊細なプラスチックから製造しても、ミドルケースに入れた文字を避けて貼り合わせ、いくつかのポリマーを持っています。 あなたのケースの製造に、穏やかな本質的なケースに入れた文字が非常に困難に外装カバーで力低減を与えることを実行します。 あなたのケースの床部を加えて、それが容易に提供しており、幻想的な、安定したトラクションを提供し、それは間違いなく結合した、非常に傷のつきにくいポリマーによって覆われてもとして主な理由は、排他的である。 それはいつのスタイルを調整することが可能ですので、ユーザーはあなたの再びテーブルのカップルの独特のトーンを取得します。 自分でケースが頻繁に/黒、赤または多分白/グレーになります。 原発ギフト包装のもの自機を経由してアプリケーション熟練支援真ん中ケースに入れた文字にある間、外のカバーを通してそのケースポップコーン中。 設備の人の作品は完全にすべての異なる要因にに影響を与える、カバーされ、加えて、手で強くあり続けることでしょう。 あなたはケースに管理しても、この楽器の特性誰にでも簡単にフリップオープンアクセスを含んで維持し続けなければならない。 あなたの個人的なitouchの新しい世代のiPod 4のための最も本当に深刻なセーフガードの回答に加えて、特定の外観、についての販売は確かにSwitchEasyオデッセイ複数のケースである。 パターンを用いて自然の素晴らしさに加え、優れた安全対策。

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Can I put an ipod in an iphone case? Answered

Hello, I could not find a cheap case for an ipod touch that has a solar panel and a battery in it, so I want to put my ipod in an iphone case. I have a ipod touch 4g, and I am hoping that I can just use some sugru to fill in the extra space. Does this seem like it will work well with the case in the link?

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What are the basic tools I need?

I have a list of the basic tools I will need for this. If you can add anything that would be great. 1.LEDs 2.Wire 3.Duck Tape 4.Soldering Station 5.Persision Screwdriver 6.Razor Knife 7.O-Rings 8.Springs 9.Batterys 10.Needle Nose Pliers 11.Clamps 12.Screwdriver Any other suggestions would be great. Thanks.

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I have an iphone 4 with a mophie juice pack air case, whats the best way to mount it to my handlebars on my bicycle?

I'd like to be able to see my GPS app and be able to change the music playing through my portable speaker so id like to have it centered or close to center on the handlebars. I also have a mini speaker that id likely just velcro to the bars next to the phone. Any ideas?

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iphone external backup battery DIY with old nokia batteries as cells? Answered

I wanna charge my iphone via diy backup battery made from old nokia cells or ipad battery or even couple of iphone 4 batteries i have a step up board and a cheap backup 18650 battery board wich one should i use and how should i connect the batteries with the battery board or without

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hacking bluetooth

How can i get a Bluetooth hacking software that doesn't require pairing codes and works with iphone 4?

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solder tips save

Hello,everybody,do you need any tools?do you have ever repairing your mobile phone or cell phone? Now in here,you can do that,you can DIY your phone,bakutools is what your best choice,if you need that, contact with me,my mail ,come one,do not miss it,here have all the tools what you need,you can serach my images that i uploaded here,thank you.

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Precision hand cutting tool for wood? Answered

I have a scroll saw in my garage that's been sitting there for ages. Without going into my sob story about my whole situation, let's say the reason why I wanted to use it is because I'm dirt broke and wanted to craft gifts, and I spent a bit of money fixing it up just to find out it won't power whatsoever. So now I'm looking for a way to cut wood precisely, possibly by hand. I've been working with wood about 3/4" thick, but I may go thinner for my own sanity if I'll be working by hand. Any recommendations? 

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Share Your Space: Week 4 Winners!

From Our Share Your Space contest, here are your week four winners! Tool Winners: IW5 Industries ChrysN Pro Membership Winners: pizzidave solidsnake86 mhkabir Nostalgic Guy Udon Poseidon83 MechEngSk rwoelkers Computothought Aeolus Thanks to everyone who entered.

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IPod touch to external monitor?

I'm building an all inclusive ipod touch case, including solar panels, external speaker, stylus, rechargeable battery, etc. However,  I was looking at an 8 by 4 inch monitor that would enable me to at the very least watch videos on it. I'm sure it's possible, because the touch has cables capable of taking its 30 pin signal and converting it to rca for connection to a standard tv. The real question then I guess would be, is there any chance of me being able to hook it up to a touchscreen one and/or be able to have it display the springboard instead of just dedicated video out signals. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

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