Troubles with a Torx Security screw

This is a Tamper Resistant screw called Torx Security because it has a pin in the middle and a common hex driver can't go in. I need to take it out without having to buy a Torx driver (very expensive) and not knowing the size either (I guess 2/4" or 6mm). Thank you for your input!

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Anyone know how i can remove a Torx screw out without a torx driver?

I need to remove 2 large torx screws but i dont have the driver. any suggestions?

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A post on a site like Cool Tools or Toolmonger for a set of screwdriver bits which would cover most any need.

A lovely little while ago I saw a post on a site like Cool Tools or ToolMmonger (maybe even Engadget) for a set of screwdriver bits/heads which would cover most need. I believe the set even included some security torx bits. Anyone remember the post or know which set was being recommended?

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Broke a torx screwdriver in a recessed hex bolts. Removal?

So I was tinkering with the rear suspension of my new GT LTS bike, where I'm going to fit a monster 8.5x2.5 Fox RP shock in place of the standard 5.25x1 shock. When tightening it back up, I learned the meaning of "the right tool for the right job" I used a torx driver instead of a hex key, and it snapped inside. At this point, I don't know how to handle it. I've tried all unobtrusive methods that I know of. Melted hot glue, magnet, banging on the opposite side with a center punch and hammer.. nothing freed it. Problem is it's twisted, and that's holding it in. I figured i'd ask the pros for advice. Picture attached. I'm thinking I may have to drill it out, tap it with a left hand thread, screw that in, and screw the messed up bolt out. Then my only problem is finding a replacement.

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what kind of torx screw drivers do you need to open an xbox 360 controller? Answered

What kind of torx screw drivers do you need to open an xbox 360 controller? not the size just the type because mine wont fit because of the pins in the middle of the screw. please help?

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Because the edit page does not work well?

I wanted to ask why when I'm editing a step-by-step instructable, passing from one step to another to transfer the text of the previous step, not giving me a new way to edit text?Someone else is happening this thing? Thank you.

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Caution ,danger message

A cordial greeting to the whole community; I would like to ask if there is a standard formula to alert the who is reading to pay attention to the dangers of electric current while you perform a job and at the same time to arise from any liability from damage caused by an incorrect or incomplete understanding of instructions step by step. thank  for help  

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How to run Ardublock in Ubuntu

I wanted to ask a question to the community of instructables, hoping to solve my problem: I've been trying for a few days to integrate ardublock with arduino 1.5.8 within Xubuntu. All attempts that I made following the various indications,:   but I had no success! After changing the destination folder schetch and open the Arduino, again I get the message: "the schetch folder no longer exists. Arduino will use the default location and create a new folder if needed .... at which point Arduino stops talking about himself in the third person. " And finally the arduino opens usual way without integrating into the ardublock folder. I understand that this explanation is a little vague but if anyone from these clues can figure out the error I will be grateful; I remain waiting and ready to give further study to ask them about me. Thank you all for your attention   Torx

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How I Learned to Stop Worrying and NEVER shop at RadioShack

So, tips for building things that I've learned today:Have some strange piece of hardware that you're trying to take apart? Like that dead cell phone, for its pager motor? I just found the bristlebot project, and it's too cute. Also, I'm home for winter, and all that Highschool-Star left here was a pile of magnet wire, and some electrical tape. Not even a breadboard! (Ah well, thanks highschool-Star, for what stuff is here - Star-of-the-future gets none!).So, without a tiny Torx-6 screwdriver that I'm sure my family would use exactly once (I mean, that I would use exactly once), I drove to the nearest place and - did not buy one.I walked in, unscrewed the screws I needed out, and put it back on the shelf.$15, saved!Also, don't buy batteries at radioshack, ever. 3V coin-cells were the same price as 1.5-volters, and, at $6, all of them cost less than a frappucino at Starbucks. Six dollars! That's around $2 per VOLT, at best! So I left and went to the drugstore where two 3V coincells cost $2. Much better.

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