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Toshiba p35 toshiba dc power jack

Hi, can anyone tell me how to replace the dc power jack on a Toshiba p35-S6112? Thanks

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Toshiba C55t-A5218

I have the Toshiba Satellite C55t-A5218. I couldn't get windows to come up, but later did. However when the laptop was doing a restart, it died and now it wont power up at all (with adapter or battery. Any suggestions. The adapter is producing 19 volts. I have also completed an ohm test on the power adapter cable in the laptop, all is well there. It wont power up with the battery plugged in. But I am uncertain if the battery is charged. Also I removed the memory to see if it was corrupt, nothing so far.  My email is

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Toshiba laptop charger

I now have 2 Toshiba laptops, a Portege M300 and a Portege M600. My M600 is secondhand, and didn't come with a charger, however i discovered that the charger port is smaller than the charger port on the M300. Will i have to buy a new charger or is there anything i can do? new Toshiba chargers are, I believe, AUD$96.

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Hp or Toshiba Computer Answered

That would be the best choice between an HP computer and a Toshiba with the same features and a price almost identical?

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Toshiba laptop screen?

Hi From Scotland Hope someone can help I am not a complete novice I do some repairs to family members desktops but never tried a laptop, so the its a Toshiba Satellite A200-27U the screen is black I have tried on a mionter and everthing  works fine so is it the Lcd or something else I could look any help would be welcome . Alibole

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Transformable Toshiba 815T PB phones

LinkThese phones are a promo for a show called Ketai Sousakan 7 that seems to be about transforming phones. *shrug*Now if they can just get those little missiles and machine guns on them like in the Transformers movie, THEN they would really kick ass. Or if they actually moved. or anything besides usable toys. Still an interesting concept.

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replace or fix power cord for toshiba laptop?

I have a Toshiba laptop that is only 1 year old and the power cord just simply stopped working after it fell to the floor from off the table. (adapter not the laptop). There aren't any breaks or tears in the cord. Do I need to replace it and is it okay to replace with a compatible power adapter I found on for half the price that Toshiba's asking? Is it possible to fix the cord?

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Toshiba has stopped making incandescent bulbs after 120 years

Lighting has taken another step towards energy efficiency as Toshiba stopped making incandescent bulbs yesterday. It will now be focusing more on other lighting such as LEDs. This is all great news as incandescents wasted a lot of energy as heat instead of lighting. Now with a greater focus on the energy-efficient options we can expect to see quality and efficiency improve as prices come down. Lights out on Incandescent Bulb Production at Toshiba via inhabitat / CC BY 2.0

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Laptop Keyboard

After a spill necessitated replacing the keyboard on my Satellite A135, about 1/2 of the keys, mainly on the left side of the keyboard, don't work. I can't seem to press the plastic ribbon cable of the new one into the connector far enough for it to engage all the pins. I tried reattaching the old keyboard, but can't press that cable in far enough either. There seems to be white mineralization on some pins in the connector. It's a very thin space, and barely accessible. How can I safely clean it off so the cable fits properly and makes contact with all the pins?

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Help With Toshiba Notebook Drivers? Answered

Hi I recently reloaded a Toshiba Satellite A70-S249 Notebook Computer. I reloaded it with the Windows disk but I am having trouble with finding the hardware drivers for it. I need drivers for most the hardware including the: USB Video Card  Modem Sound Card I have looked all over the internet and cannot find the drivers. I was hoping somebody could post a link to a website were I could download the drivers. I want the actual drivers not one of these programs that searches the internet and finds the correct drivers. Thanks.

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Toshiba Dvd Player Problem

This lady gave me an older dvd player (Toshiba SD-2150) and she had it hooked up at her house, but the cd started skipping about half way in, and it would contiunously cut out for 10 seconds then resume playback and then cut out again and so on and so forth. As you'll see in the pictures, I've taken it apart down to the laser assembly (only took me 10 minutes incase you're wondering). The apparent problem to me is something is wrong with the gear assembly that moves the laser head. When I turn it by hand, it moves freely for about half a turn then it feels like the gear is catching on something, and if I turn it harder it keeps moving, it's not stripped, but it almost "feels" like theres a hump in the gear or something. I keep looking at the gear and nothing looks wrong with the teeth or anything! I was just going to put 3-in-1 oil on it and see how that helps and put it back together.  Does anyone have any suggestions? *********UPDATE********* I tried many things with various tools I had sitting here to try and straighten out the one tooth on the gear with no success. However with the little bit of melting/bending I did and the 3-in-1 oil, I got it to catch on the gear less easily. After re-installing the optical assembly and testing it on my stereo with the cover off, it appears not to skip anymore, DVD's too. However, I'm still not confident in how long this "repair" is going to work. The best solution I think is to replace the smallest gear on the motor, but I cannot find one close enough.

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Wifi issues with toshiba, help? Answered

When I first bought this laptop the wifi worked at home- now it only work with other wifi (neighbor's, train station, school, friends, ect.) it hooks on to the network but says its limited with no Internet access. I commute to school and its a pain trying to find wifi to do home work! Help!!

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What is the best way to clean or wash the screen on a rear projection television.

The screen on my Toshiba model TP50G50 television made in 1997 needs to be cleaned. There are some streaks and stains on the screen and my attempts at cleaning it in spots seems to make it worse. Are there any specific cleaning products available that I can use to clean the screen?

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My Toshiba won't connect to the internet

Hii! I NEED HELP!! :S My Toshiba netbook wont connect to my wireless broadband! but everyone else in my family can! As well as that the internet icon has gone missing! Please helpp!

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i have a toshiba sattelite that i need to crack

I have a toshiba sattelite and i am locked out besides one limited account the default admin account is password protected it cant boot from a usb or a disc and i need to get on that freakin laptop......please help?

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anyone know whats wrong here? Answered

I got a toshiba tecra s10, but it isnt turning on. it doesnt run on battery (i dont know if its dead or what) and if i plug it on the charger all it does is flash the charging light. does anyone know what this means and how to fix it if i can?

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Toshiba Satellite A135-S4427 bad power socket?

My wife has a Toshiba Satellite A135-S4427 and at times when plugged in the "plugged in" light isn't lit and the laptop runs on battery. right now we have it on a wood table and not moving it and it stays running as plugged in. How can I determine if the problem is the power cord or the jack in the computer? if it is the Jack, can it be repaired?

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how to input fan for my Toshiba Satellite A100?

HI, friends  I had Toshiba Satellite A100 for one year, but now the laptop became very hot, so I bought a new fan from: I test it, it is good, but I don't know how to install it?  can anyone tell me the instruction? thank you.

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Toshiba laptop windows Vista computer updated to windows 7 wifi not working? Answered

I updated my Toshiba Satellite P200 -R2 Laptop to windows 7. It installed properly but there is no wifi driver. The laptop doesn't detect the wifi hardware in it when i do a plug and play. Is there a package i'm suppose to download off of Toshiba? Is there a laptop version of Windows 7 i was suppose to buy? If so can i just download the package for it?

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Can't remember the bios password Toshiba satellite laptop C75D-A7286

I have a Toshiba satellite laptop C75D-A7286 that i have forgot the bios password. I have tried the Esc and F2 start up as well as taking out the cmos battery to no avail. Any ideas ?

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Hi I have an old toshiba laptop.It was working fine yesterday and today it wont boot up. The screen stays black. Answered

It is a project computer that I use for the paralel port on the back. It has windows 95 on it. I have tried plugging in a desktop monitor that I have used with it before. Its is black too. So I know that it is not the screen even though it has several hours. Please ask questions if you think you can help me.

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yet another toshiba laptop question.? Answered

I have been using my Toshiba Portege M300 for 4 years now. Normally the fan is quite smooth and quiet, but it speeds up if the laptop gets hotter. This evening I thought the fan had a slightly different tone to it and was louder. Also, the speed didn't seem consistent; it seemed to move up and down randomly. Should I be concerned?

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iMac to Toshiba HDTV wireless problem. Answered

How do I manage to get Netflix, Hulu, etc from my iMac to my Toshiba HDTV wirelessly. I have a Trendent TEW-647GA adapter which brings my wifi signal to where my TV is sitting. But it doesn't have a connection so as to enable me to hook it to the TV.? The adapter would have been very useful if it had a HDMI connection capability but it doesn't. I am using ATT's 2 Wire modem which is connected to my computer with Ethernet and it also is a wireless modem. I am a newbie at this so any help at all is very much appreciated.

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Is it possible to connect a VGA cable to the LCD wires in a laptop? Answered

I have a Toshiba Satellite A505-S6965 with a cracked screen.  I have a desktop computer that is getting on in years and I would like re-purpose this laptop into a desktop. I currently use two monitors with this desktop and would like to continue this setup.  Is it possible to identify what wires do what on the LCD of the laptops monitor, then wire that into a VGA or DVI cable and make it work with one of these monitors? Thanks for any and all insight! *Update I counted the number of pins in the current monitor's harness that plugs into the laptop, there are 25 pins.  Hope this helps!

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Desoldering/soldering a geforce fx 5700 on a toshiba laptop?

I need help on Desoldering/soldering a geforce fx 5700 video card on a toshiba laptop?

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Making a temporary amp with mosfet?

I don't know how to make a amp for my 4ohm 125watt subwoofer? I got heatsink and some Toshiba mosfets.

Question by ShaneR66  

Xbox has weird colors on Toshiba TV? Answered

We have the 60GB white Xbox 360 plugged into our Toshiba TV. (model number- 23HLV87) When you turn the Xbox on all of the colors are messed up. EX- Blues are dark, whites are on the verge of grey, reds are green and some are so bad they are brown/black, and greens are dark. Does anyone know how to fix this?

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I have an old Toshiba satellite laptop with a bad motherboard; is there anything I can do with it?

The original problem was that the laptop wasn't getting power. The shop I took it to said it was the motherboard and that it wasn't worth the price of a replacement. So, I'm not 100% positive that this is the actual problem, since i declined repair, but that's what they said. Everything else is in good working condition as far as I know (including the power supply and battery--we tested those). I'm now running snow leopard on a macbook--I was hoping that the screen might be turned into an external monitor without using the motherboard, but i've seen all the answers about needing a controller and all, so I don't expect that. Still, getting any use from this thing would be great. Any ideas?

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I updated the BIOS version on my Toshiba laptop but I'm not sure if it worked. Please help.

Hello I have a Toshiba laptop and I noticed that I had somethings that needed updating.  It suggested a BIOS update to 3.5 and one to 3.6.  I typed some command code in and said I had BIOS 1.9.  I have had a few problems with my computer lately and thought this may help.  I chose the update to 3.6 and attempted to follow the steps listed.  It performed the update and restarted.  My next steps said, "While the "Toshiba" LOGO is displayed, press the F2 function key to start BIOS Setup.  Check the version of BIOS and press the f9 function key then enter to load setup details.  Press the F10 function key then Enter to save settings and exit.  The computer will automatically reboot."  The problem is that when the Toshiba logo popped up it immediately disappeared (before I could press f2) and the blue windows screen started to come up.  I waited a few seconds but the Toshiba screen never came back up.  I waited a bit more and the computer was loading like normal.  I figured I needed to do the function keys like instructed but it was on the blue windows start screen not the Toshiba screen. I restarted my computer and at the Toshiba logo I pressed f2 really quickly. A black box with white writing (command box, script box?) popped up and then disappeared so I never got to press the f9 or f10 keys.  Everything appears to be funcitioning well.  The only difference is that my homepage changed from Google to Toshiba (which I set back to Google) and for some reason when I open the internet it automatically opens 2 Google tabs instead of one.  I googled to see if I messed anything up with the BIOS update but can't figure anything out.  I found info on how to check the version and when I typed in msinfo32 it said I had BIOS 3.6 since 2012! My first code that I typed was NOT msinfo 32 and that code said I had version 1.9 prior to me doing this.   I'm not sure if I already had version 3.6 and the different code gave the updated version OR if I updated it and it shows an older date (the update was done today 2.24.13 so I'm not sure why it shows the date of 2012)  Does anyone know about this?  Did I mess something up?  Is it ok that I didn't do the f2, f9, f10 steps correctly?  By the way, as you can probably tell, I'm not "that" computer savvy so please explain it to me in simple terms.  Also I didn't know this would be complex prior to starting.  I thought it would be a regular update like my anti virus software etc.  I read (after the fact) that I should only update this if I was sure I could complete it correctly, but I had no reason to think I wouldn't be able to correctly update it.  Thanks for reading and I appreciate any help/advice you can give. Updated to add:  I was able to fix the 2 tab problems, now only 1 IE tab opens when I open a webpage.

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My laptop has no picture?

I have a toshiba satellite 200cds that my neighbor gave me. When i start it up you can hear it booting and the hard drive light comes on, but the screen has no picture. I tried plugging it into an lcd monitor and still no picture. It doesn't have a battery, could that be the problem? Any help with this would be much appreciated. Also the disk drive wont open, when i push the button it makes a click like its about to open, but doesnt.

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How much RAM does windows home premium 32 bit support? Answered

Hi, I have a toshiba satellite pro c660 with 2gb of ram installed. I want to upgrade this to 4gb. I still need to check that my CPU and motherboard will support the ram but for now I just want to know if my operating system will. I am pretty sure that I can olny install up to 4gb but I just need to make sure. Thanks for any help, david.

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Can I fix this Toshiba net-book? Answered

I put my net-book (Toshiba nb250) in my backpack, 4 beers, and took off.  I soon there after crashed.  Got up, rolled on, and then my back got wet..... I busted 2 beers!  So, there was not much I could do and Shcktop is high in sugar. Can I salvage this and what may my chances be?

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Problem with Toshiba satellite a135-s2386 ruuning Win XP, Keybaord and mouse pad freezes

I have a Toshiba satellite a135-s2386 ruuning Win XP, the laptop starts up well but after about 5 mins of runing everything i.e the keyboard and the touch pad mouse freezes. From that stage I can't do anything else until I force a reboot. Can anyone help please. Thanks?

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My toshiba wont turn on, the battery died Answered

 i plugged the adapter in, and now the adapter is like making a tiny but high pitched whine. any clues smart masses??? thanks a ton!

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What can I do to fix my laptop?

I have a toshiba satellite p100-st9772 laptop model no. PSPAGU-017017 given to me by my neighbor but it doesn't boot up. I took it to PC Geeks and they wanted over $300 to replace the graphics card, which thay said was the problem. The laptop turns on but there is no display on the screen. Does anyone know of a compatible video card that I can use. I have a teacher that will install it (computer maintenance teacher). If possible, I have a $200 amazon card from winning a contest that I could use and am willing to spend more if needed. Any advice is much appreciated!

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My Toshiba Satellite L500?has a problem,

My Toshiba Satellite L500?has a problem, it wont start it reaches the Windows Recovery page highlights Windows Repair NOT Start Windows Normally, then it brings a blue screen "..BIOS is not ACPI Compliant" N/B: Earlier I had ever replaced the hard disk and put the laptop on AND also the Keyboard is not responding (the NUM LOCK light flashes on start BUT even pressing F2or F12 brings a menu page but I cant move the Arrow keys) Many said it was the faulty charger or the old battery am using. Help me

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Old Toshiba Satellite receiver TRX-1520-What DIY projects to use for?

I have an old Toshiba Satellite receiver TRX-1520. I plugged it in, it works, but I don't really have any use for it. What DIY electronics projects can I use it for if I take it apart? It has all kinds of inputs/outputs, actuator, remote receiver and stuff...Here's a diagram of what the box looks like: you.

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The video card in my Toshiba laptop died. If I can get another one, what are the odds I can install it myself?

Toshiba Tecra, in use about six months when the picture went.  I've been told putting a new piece on a laptop motherboard is next to impossible, but I've fixed a lot of things that couldn't be fixed, so I'm skeptical.  It's been in pieces in my den for 3 or 4 years.  Is there a workaround for video output, like use the card from another machine?  

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i have recently installed windows 7 in my TOSHIBA A300 but there are problems with my hardware?

I have recently installed windows 7 but while the assistant manager says that the camera and the microphone are active I cant use them in msn or to record some sounds

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Wifi Home Network connection problems

Hello, I have a Toshiba portege m900 laptop. After a couple of years of connecting properly, it suddenly cannot connect to my home network. It just says Connections are available and displays the home network, but when I click connect, it eventually returns with "windows can't connect to ". Other wifi capable devices in the house connect normally, just as they have done before. The laptop can still connect to other networks that I have access to.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           When I start the troubleshooter it returns with 1) Windows cant connect to the hidden network , 2) problem with wireless adapter or access point 3) A network cable is not properly plugged and may be broken. I have been downloading large-sized files before the time I can't connect. Does it have anything to do with my sudden disconnection? Thank you for your help!

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how to connect laptop to tv?

My screen broke on my toshiba notebook. i wan to plug into my tv

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Need help with BIOS on a legacy free computer. Answered

I run a toshiba satellite 5205 series laptop (i know, it's old, but it was free). apparently it is legacy-free, which really annoys me. I want to change the BIOS mode to ACHI and do a couple other things with the BIOS that HWsetup won't let me do. Any ideas?

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i want to put wireless on my computer with a laptop's card? Answered

It is a toshiba sattalite laptop and a older computer

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