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Touchscreen Jukebox Answered

Any ideas about building a PC jukebox with touchscreen? There are a couple of suggestiong online but nothing that would really stand out. Thanks

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touchscreen watch

What if you made a touchscreen watch that plays music,movies,internet,email,apps,tells you how many internet bars you have,games,planner,usb,tv,and more that would be awsome

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Cable for touchscreen

Hi I have got my hands into a small 10.4" touchscreen but I have found that I miss a cable. I don't know where to ask but here. I have some pictures of the boards used and if addtional info is need please write. Thanks

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Palm TX Touchscreen?

 I want to use the touchscreen from my palm TX as a secondary, touchscreen computer monitor. Would somebody be up for writing me some instructions? Thanks. :)

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Add a touchscreen to a Laptop.

I have a Cr-48 Chrome OS developer PC with a Windows 7, Chrome OS, Android Honeycomb, and Ubuntu quad-boot. To use Android I use the trackpad, but I was wondering if anyone knows where to find an appropriate digitizer. It is a 12.1" screen with a 16:10 ratio. It would more than likely need a USB connection. The touchscreen would mainly be used for Android if possible, but also for Win7 & Ubuntu. I am very eager about this project. Please help!

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4 wire touchscreen

Hello, I'm currently trying to use a touchscreen that has 4 wires but 8 pins. I have a connector with 8 outputs, but I read some topics about touchscreens and everybody uses just 4 of them. So, right now, I'm using just 4 pins (It works with some noises) and my question is: If I use the 8 pins it will be better? If yes, how to connect them? Here is the touchscreen model: I'm putting the screen configuration as an attachment.

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Making a touchscreen using a webcam? Any softwares?

Is there any way I can transform my monitor into a touchscreen by using just a webcam that I can point to my monitor and detects my finger over it? Single touch would be OK.. I dont necessarily need multitouch feature.. I've heard about camspace free software ( project) but that detects any shiny objects which in turn you can use to control things like mouse cursor etc.. But I need "finger on the monitor" touchmotion and not just motion of finger in mid air.(which camspace does). if you can get what I meant...

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pls help

Last day I bought a 3.5 inch touchscreen from amazon it was written in the description that it was compatible with arduino uno which I currently have but when the screen arrived it was only compatible with arduino mega and I couldnt return. Is there any thing I can do with the screen to work with uno or should I have to buy an arduino mega 

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i wanna make a touch screen doorbell.

Working should be like this : Der shud be a touchscreen outside and the person who comes has to entr his name..when he does so his name flashes with a beep on another placed inside the house.

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does anyone know how to? dismantle a first gen ds?

Here a pic . there are small screws i cant get out with a normal screwdriver.

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WANTED: brocken or working ipod touches or any other touch screen device

I could use any thing with a touch screen.  in the Connecticut USA area. things can be shipped

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Would a stripped (backlight-removed) LCD pass IR light through?

I'm looking to create a desktop touchscreen interface.  I've seen the LCD projectors, but I was thinking that instead of creating a projector, just put a stripped LCD similar to an LCD projector: underneath an IR display like this: Beneath it all, I would put an IR converted webcam & a lamp.  The goal is to make it as compact as possible under the desk.  This design hinges upon the IR light from the touch screen passing through the stripped LCD.   Thoughts?

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4-wire touchscreen sensitivity

Hi team I posted this on the Arduino forum, and had a search through several electronics sites; perhaps there's also someone here who can suggest something. I have successfully hooked up my touchscreen to Max via Arduino; the code is fine, the circuit is fine and the Max patch is fine. I'm just wondering if it's possible to tweak the sensitivity of the entire circuit? When touching, one must press fairly firmly, otherwise any relaxation of touch, even with continued contact, results in a rapid fall to zero. In the Max patch, I'm using [sel 0]-> outR, after all the [serial] gubbins to help smooth some jitter. But is it possible to tweak the sensitivity, perhaps by using resistor values other than 10k. Hey, maybe even connect a variable resistor to allow realtime tweaks? Hmmm. Thanks Brendan

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Touchscreen for 14" widescreen laptop

Hello, I'm looking to turn an old laptop into a wall mounted terminal and I was wanting to use a touchscreen as the interface. Does anyone know any good vendors for a cheap 14" widescreen touch overlay or better yet instructions on how to build one? Thanks!

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How do I make a touchscreen that requires a stylus?

I want to either make a touchscreen or install one (though I don't know where I would source the parts for that).  Basically I don't want the touchscreen to pick up on my hand.  I have a Wacom Bamboo tablet which requires a stylus and that's essentially what I want here.  That would most likely be an inductive touchscreen, so I'd be interested in making something like that.  Preferably mostly see-through if possible. Basically: How would I make that (or where would I buy a raw element for something like that), and how difficult would it be to interface with that (i.e. via microcontroller). Thanks.

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'Hacking' old advertisement touchscreen from Avengers display

Can anyone give me some advise on how to go about using this for something more useful? It's a touchscreen micro-computer of sorts that has an SD card installed. On that card are several videos files that run automatically and upon touchscreen prompts. I'm thinking that it'd be nice to upload a video for the applicable season (think Halloween theme) and place it in my window so passers by can admire a scrolling video of something amusing. The SD card is a 4GB card and is only partially used (just over 3GB free)

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Is it possible to combine the DIY projectors AND the DIY touchscreen (which needs a projector) ? Answered

Is it possible that this project : use this projector ? (or similar ones)

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how much would $10 touch screen overlay for computer sell? Answered

I am developing a $10 touchscreen overlay kit, which would enable the user to turn his computer into a touchscreen much do you think it  will sell?and how can i mass produce it,like printing pcb etc.,also,how do i ship it?

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What on earth could I use this 'Lectern Commander' for?

I picked this up on ebay for 5 dollars last month, apparently it retails for a couple of thousand, but im yet to think of a novel way to utilise this guy. Here are some specs from the pdf file i found on this lectern site.The Lectern Commander is able to communicate both direct Infra Red and RS232Combines the best features of a dedicated key control panel and a colour touchscreen in a single unit - Fits directly into unmodified industry-standard lectern - Modular design allows integration of microphone sockets, lectern light etc. for special applications - 32 key digital matrix touch overlay - Flexible – can function as a stand-alone controller or in conjunction with any of the CommBox range of processors - Easy to program with standard Joey software, tools and library - Low power consumption allows operation on long low-voltage cablesKeys: 32, including 10 touchscreen keys Panel Type: Colour LCD, CCFL Backlight Panel Size: 4.0” diagonal Resolution: 320 x 240 pixels Brightness: 80cd/m2 (Typical) Contrast Ratio: 17:1 (Typical) Display Colour: 8 Colour Connectivity: IRBus (6.35mm TRS), IR (3.5mm phono), RS-232 (DB9). IR carrier frequency: 38kHz (industry standard) Power Supply: 12volts (Supplied by IR-Bus) Current demand: 100 – 200mA (depends on brightness setting). Standby current: 5mA. Enclosure: Steel, black powder coated Dimensions: 540mm x 80mm x 70mm hmmm any ideas???

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GBA Emulator for Touchscreen Mobile Phone?

Can you help me how to download a GBA Emulator for my touchscreen Mobile Phone? My phone is Cherry Mobile w1, i don't know how to download a gba emulator for  touchsreen phones.

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How do cell phone screen protectors affect touchscreen performance?

How do cell phone screen protectors affect touchscreen performance? 

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Help building a touchscreen controller to control 12vlt relays in a custom car.

I am new here and am looking for a little help on building a touchscreen controller that will control 12vlt relays that will open and close actuators and controll the air ride system. THank in advance.

Topic by onair4871  

Scavenging Smartphone Touchscreens for DIY Projects

Hi All, I'm trying to figure out how feasible it would be to harvest a touchscreen from an old smart phone (say, a $35 LG on ebay) and integrate it into a DIY electronics project (eg. an Arduino project). Are the connections just hopelessly convoluted inside the phone or do many phones have fairly sensible screens that can be re-used? Thanks in advance for any insight. Sean

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How to operate the Iphone's touchscreen with gloves on.

Now that it's 20 degrees Fahrenheit outside, I normally wear some thick gloves to keep my hands warm. But whenever I need to use my Iphone, I need to slip them off to operate the touchscreen. I heard that the Iphone touchscreen recognizes the electrical resistance of the skin to measure where you're touching it, but I don't know if this is true. I was wondering if there was any method to perhaps simulate the resistance of my skin on the fingertips of my gloves using some substance. The problem is, I don't what to use. Also, if what I heard was wrong, I would appreciate any other suggestions on how to use the touchscreen without taking my gloves off.

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horizontally mounted LCD for pen/touchscreen.

Hey, I'm looking for an LCD mount with a gooseneck. I'd like for the mount to be able to put the lcd panel flat down on the desktop for pen/touchscreen applications and back up vertical for the typical uses. I'm currently searchng, but would prefer something a little... slicker. Thanks!

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Changing old touch screen desktop into desktop monitor

So I have this seriously old touch screen desktop from FEC. I've been browsing around and found how to turn laptop LCD screens into monitors using controller boards, finding them by looking up the model number of the screen. I could probably use find the monitor stuff by myself, but when it comes to the touch screen interface, I'm clueless on what to look for. These are the pictures that I took of the boards and model numbers, and I'm assuming I would need something to either connect to the middle board, or something to replace it. I'm willing to take on the task, I just don't know entirely where to go from here as this is the first time I've really dug deep into something like this. The model number and barcodes are from the back of the monitor. At the end of the think white wire there are a ton of connections that go the the old motherboard of the computer. Is there anyone that might be able to give me a hand on what to find? Number on the large center board:............................RG9000PB0880   V1.0                              Below the number there is another number: 0821 Number for the small connector on the far right:.....RG9000PB0260 There's USB1 and AUDIO1 connectors on the large board in the center, and I'm assuming the long board at the bottom is power. mini-update: Could it also be possible to change the touch screen controller, run it into my computer via USB, and then find a controller for the LCD screen?

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Is it possible to make a touchscreen arduino device which displays one single android app?

The device should be able to connect online, so that it can update new releases of the app.  

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Capacitive touchscreen - easy to hack via Arduino?

I have successfully hacked a 4-wire resistive touchscreen overlay, via Arduino, but the touch data is very noisy (mechanical not electronic noise). I'm considering a capacitive screen as a solution: are such screens hackable, using just an Arduino and basic circuit-building skills? Brendan

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how to add the password lock and detecting the photo in your android app?

I am very happy to see your project video " Tracking and Controlling your car remotely using Arduino and Android", because i am searching long time for this thing only since i am doing the project exactly what you did but with some small modifications,the modifications which i made from your project  is i used touch screen based vehicle ignition that is, i connected the android app and vehicle like same as what u did but instead arduino i using 8051 micro-controller, so after the key injects to the vehicle android will asks for password and after verifying password successfully the engine will starts and in case of wrong password alert message will be send to personal mobile, and after that all things are same as your project, and finally i used to detect the photo also which you proposed in your project video, so i need your help in how to add this touchscreen password and image detection in the app...for your information i know the basics in developing android app so if i get the guidance(help) surely i will do my project successfully...we will develop the hardware and asm code for this project but struck up in the android app please kindly help me sir.

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Mod a Magellan GPS

So I recently got my hands on a Magellan Roadmate 6000t car GPS unit. It's pretty nice, and has a touch screen as well as tactile buttons on the sides of the screen. I don't really have any use for it as a navigation unit, since I know my city VERY well, so I am looking into making it into some sort of pda/minicomputer type of thing. Maybe not even for the Internet, just music, photos, etc. However, there is a catch. Whenever I turn it on, it shows a blue screen. This may be because it is run on Windows Mobile, and it has been disrupted, or because of a hardware failure. But when I connect it to a computer, nothing shows up. So I'm looking for ideas on what to do and HOW. Also, I have a Creative Zen Vision W that I think I might want to put win mobile or something similar on, but the GPS is the first priority. So, any ideas?

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Hp tablet display? Touchscreen monitor? Help!

As i was looking on ebay for a lcd display for a computer mod i found out that the there's a bunch of displays taken apart from old/broken hp tablet's. I've been thinking for a while know to set up a computer with a touch screen display to put in my ikea expedit bookcase ( was planning on hiding the computer behind the screen and so on. So my question is can you make an Hp tablet display working with a desktop computer?If yes how can you?If not, what would you suggest in terms of touch sensitive display? Is it cheaper to diy (i know there are some kits over the internet) i will mainly use this computer to control music, watch movies from my bed (it's right next to it) and controling the light of my room. nothing much, nothing fancy!Thanks!?

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2,4tft lcd to arduino uno

Hello guys , I'm making a gaming console for my school project with 2,4 TFT touchscreen and arduino UNO , i bought arduino uno and touchscreen LCD but without a shield , i searched on web how to connect them but i cant find a circut diagram for lcd without shield , can someone who know how to connect it make me a circuit diagram for it or just write which pin goes in which port on arduino , thanks , I'll attach picture of my LCD touchscreen

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Favourite Java-based mobile applications?

Having just got a Java-enabled semi-smart phone, I would like some (free) and good apps to go with it.. It is touchscreen (with no keyboard) so that might effect your app choice.. Something cool, maybe even useful. A media player would be good.. and a fun game.

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Where can I get a capacitive touchscreen overlay kit for my laptop?

My laptop is an Asus G72GX (very fast computer) that has a 17.3" screen with 16:9 aspect ratio. I would like to know where I can get capacitive (must be capacitive, resistive is old school and doesn't respond as well) touchscreen overlay kit. I've googled quite a a lot and though I've found some that fit my screen size, but they aren't capacitive. Since my computer runs both Windows 7 and Mac OS X Lion, it also needs to be compatible with Mac OS. -Thank you for you're help

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Creating a network of LCD screens that display 'room stats'?

My mission is to have my house automated, and in that process, in each room I want to have a touchscreen LCD monitor with a laptop mounted behind it displaying stats for that room (e.g temperature, weather, news, panic button etc). I've come up with a mockup of what the very basics of the UI would include. Each unit will be connected by wireless (or CAT6 depending if I can be bothered) to my main server, which will push all the data not collected by the sensors (e.g news). What would be the best way to design the UI and to link it with the various sensors involved? 

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is der anyting i cud do with a ds light with a broken touchscreen and a hinge? Answered

Oppps i kinda let my ds fall and my touchscreen and hinge snapped its da hindge withthe little charging lights on it i bought a new ds i instead sooo whoooooo

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How can I use an iPad touchscreen replacement for my homemade tablet pc ?

How about buying only the iPad-Touchscreen for use on a home made tablet-pc ? Wouldn't it be possible to buy just the glass with the multitouch sensor technology (as if you had an iPad with a broken front glass and wanted to replace it) and use it on a non apple product ??!!! Wouldn't it be cool to build your own "iPad" but with many features the real one does not have ? Thank you for your answers !

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I have a touchscreen module from a Lenovo AIO PC, can anyone help identify the pin-outs?

Recently I salvaged a 23" touchscreen display from a faulty Lenovo ThinkCentre M90z AIO PC. The PC has a faulty mainboard, but the touchscreen display is in perfect working order. I'm trying to use the touchscreen display for another purpose, but I am having trouble identifying the touch module and its pin-outs. For your information, the display is a Samsung LTM230HT03 The touch module is made by HannStar, it has the following markings on the back of the board: HannStar J  MV-4 94V-0  1 01 4 DATQ2TH34C0 REV:C TQ2M10400D1M 3FTQ2CB00W0 1.1.1207.2 On the front of the board is a PXI chip with the following markings: PAP7030GM -B U946QF2C As well as a smaller chip, which is marked as a MX-70G I've attached photos of both sides of the module as well as the label on the Samsung display. There are 4 connectors on the module, CON1 connects to the mainboard, CON2 and CON3 connects to the display, CON4 was not in use. CON1 has the following wire colours in order from pin 1 to 5: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Black. I will greatly appreciate any help or suggestions that anyone can give.

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lcd TD030WHEA1 3" LCD. i need the datasheet Answered

I need the datasheet. i want to connect it to an avr thanks Rendy

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Net book from a Pocket PC. Would like to build a netbook with a 7 inch touchscreen from a WM device (Axim X51) Answered

I use a Dell Axim X51, running WM 5.0, with an SDIO WiFi g card and use it mostly to read books using MobiPocket software. I'm wondering if it's possible to graft on a 7 inch touchscreen and use it as an internet tablet. I don't really need a keyboard, although that would be a nice addition.

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Developing a microcontroller with a LCD that can handle flash swf's

I have been getting into micro-controllers little by little... I also am going to school for internet design and I know flash cs3 and actionscript 3.0 ... I was wondering if there was a way to hook up a microcontroller with an LCD and some type of memory that wound enable it to run flash 9...or basically be able to run .swf files that I can load into it? preferably a touchscreen setup would make the design simpler, however im not sure how to tell flash to accept touchscreen that may not work

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How to use audio jack with 5" Raspberry pi Touchscreen? Answered

I've been building a portable pi recently and have finally gotten the touchscreen working... The only problem is that the audio is forced through HDMI instead of the audio jack, (my touchscreen doesn't have audio). I was wondering how I could edit the /boot/config.txt file to use the audio jack without messing with the display.                 /boot/config.txt code   GNU nano 2.2.6            File: /boot/config.txt                              # --- added by elecrow-pitft-setup Mon 18 Sep 16:41:00 CDT 2017 --- hdmi_force_hotplug=1 max_usb_current=1 hdmi_drive=1 hdmi_group=2 hdmi_mode=2 hdmi_mode=87 hdmi_cvt 800 480 60 6 0 0 0 dtoverlay=ads7846,cs=1,penirq=25,penirq_pull=2,speed=50000,keep_vref_on=0,swapx$ display_rotate=0 # --- end elecrow-pitft-setup Mon 18 Sep 16:41:00 CDT 2017 --- Thank you.

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Making a smartwatch

I want to build a touchscreen smartwatch which can use fitness apps and possibly pair with an iPhone 4s I need parts and a sort of howto guide to help. Many thanks for anything Andrew :)

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promethean board

My county just finished our new high school and we got the promeathean board and i really want to make a small device to interfaced them and screw with the board...i could put a touch screen on it and just use a pen and add bluetooth...promeathean accualy has a small board to let the teachers and students use and it has a software to install on to computer its connected to. im preety sure it is possable but i just need help i can buy a small touchscreen and i have a board in mind that runs off of a AMD geode prosseser and i also need to hook a battery to it Thanks for the help

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I work event photography and can't get people to stop photographing the kiosks w/camera phones Any ideas? LED? Software?

There must be something someone can come up with. I can't police every screen. It's hurting business by @20% let alone what the economy is doing to me. I use touchscreens for some systems and laptop screens for others so It must be universal. Some kind of anti photo film? would probably affect the touchscreen? Please help. Thank you for your ideas.

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Creating a Cell Phone (Kangaroo PC + 4G LTE module + LCD Touchscreen)

Good afternoon, all! As the title sums up, I am looking at the Kangaroo PC [1], which is a $99 battery-powered pocket PC, about the size of a cell-phone, with a tablet processor and a full Windows 10 OS, and I'm asking myself one question. Why is this not a cell phone yet?! Basically, I want to install an LCD touchscreen, a 4G LTE module, and some software. This project is similar to Raspberry Pi cell phones, in the sense that it will be DIY, and the new Microsoft Lumia, in the sense that it hooks up to a monitor for desktop. Does anybody have any advice, or know what direction to point me in? I am specifically asking for help with the 4G LTE module and maybe the LCD Touchscreen. I'm not sure what to get, where to get them, or how to install them. (I've searched and found miniPCIe and m.2 modules, so far.) Thank you!! [1]: (Newegg)

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Mobile phone screen

Hello,I'm wondering if I could connect any kind of lcd touchscreen on my broken galaxy s5neo mobile phone?Basically to turn it into a some kind of a tablet.Thank you for answers

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Digital photo frame

I want to make a digital photo frame with the ability to dictate the length of time each photo is shown and the ability to type words describing the photo that can be triggered by use of a touchscreen.  Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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