Comment Tracker

This is sorta a bug, more likely bad programming When a comment is deleated, it doesn't neccesarly delete the comment If someone posted person information and deleated it, you can just go back through the comment tracker and read it what needs to be fized is that the comment tracker to deleate it too

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Trackers on vehicles?

How can i go and play in my (trackered) company van, with out the boss knowing? I don't think blocking it (if that's possible) will do, because they will think there's a problem, and get it seen to. If the answer is take it out, or part of it, and leave it at home, so they think the van is there, that would probably work, so, i look forward to your answers. Oh yeah, and if you can think of a way they will pay for the fuel, while i'm out playing, i'm all ears LOL.

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Comment Tracker

When I check my homepage, I notice that by putting my mouse over the "Youv" I get a small menu of options. One of the options is "Comments." When I have new comments, it will say "Comments (x)." I really like this feature, I find it useful, but I am having a problem where it will say "Comments (2)," but I have only one new message. This is not a very urgent bug, nor am I sure it is even a bug, but it would be much appreciated if it could be fixed or amended in the near future. Thanks.

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problem with the comments tracker.

I receive notification form the instructables robot via eMail, but they don't appear on the comment list.

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Comment Tracker Bug

Whenever I go to instructables, the first thing I do is check to see if I have any new comments. For some reason, there are always these odd question marks in diamonds right in the middle of the comments. This has happened since I joined instructables back in may 2008, I just haven't poster about it until now.. Any ideas as to why this happens? I use Firefox version 3.5.7 on one computer running Windows 7 Home Premium, and 3.5.9 on another computer running Windows XP Home Edition SP3. It seems that it happens on whatever computer I use, although I haven't tried on Macs yet. See the computer for the example.

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Auto Solar tracker

Need a DIY plan for maintaining the most sun exposure for my solar panel projects. Saw one a few years ago using a bottle of propane gas. Anybody out there have any ideas?

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Dog gps tracker?

Hi, is anyone aware on an instructable teaching someone how to track a dog?  I don't want it to track in real time (if it could that'd be fine, but I want to go for cheap and light)  I want to plug it into my computer and have it tell me where he went.  If this is possible can you send me a link?  For bonus points, an Ible' on how to hook up a mic. to record things.  Thanks -Kieran

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Solar PV tracker that can be built by kids

I am looking for instructions for a group of 12 year olds to use to build a small device that is capable of tracking a light source the way that solar PV panels can be made to do. Only one of the kids has (minimal) robotics experience, so this would have to be a very entry-level project. There are some great projects on this site but they are way beyond our capabilities. Any help would be appreciated!

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Automobile cd player aux. port installation.

I drive a 1999 Chevy Tracker, same as the Vitara.  I'd like to play my mp3 through the OE cd player.  Any hints in installing an aux port as there isn't one on this older player?

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Need someone to draw me a cool blueprint for eye tracking device

I need a blueprint for a desk mounted eye tracker, I have some specs I need met ....I need someone who understands this and may have input on how to make the idea better.

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GPS based Camera Tracker

I just wanted to check with the community out there to see if anyone knows of a good place to start building a tracking system that is GPS based.  essentially, a person or object will wear a gps device and there will be one placed on a camera gimbal.  I am hoping to create a way for an arduino to do the math so that the camera stays fixed on the target no matter where the target / camera moves. Any thoughts??

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GPS tracker for a kid watch

Hello everyone ;  I want to do a watch to track kids with GPS , And I want to know what kind of GPS tracker I will use , the approximate price of the project , or any other information that can  help me  .  And thanks :) ^-^

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2003 chevy tracker help?

I got a chevy tracker 2003 2 door convertible 4 calender engine with a prndl(aka automatic transmission ;) and i have a few questions that i need to be answered... the first question is that im adding a sub but that the easy part the problem is i want to keep the car as stack looking as possible. there are some spaces ware buttons/switches/dials/nobs could of been i got some photos of the areas ware i need switches to be i numbered the ones i didn't know in blue and the ones with red leters are the ones i'm not there if a switch was sapos to be there or that how it sapos to to be and the ones with yellow ( ! ) is ones that are there. if you know what one of the switches are put "(*)" replacing the star with the number or later of the space and what it is next to it. the secant thing i need answered is that i have this plug at the front of my tracker that apparently hooked up to nothing idk what it ther for or if i need to plug it back into somthing i couldent find anything about this plug on the internet and i'm thinking that it could be an add on that you could buy from the dealer but if that is true i'm not shure. if you know what the plug is for put "plug;" and write what you think it is.?

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home made tracker and shooter.possible?

Hello.need help in making a home made tracker and shooter.suppose there is a rectangular compound(4 walls) and this tracker is on the ground(say in the middle).a friend of mine(whoz in the neighbourhood) flies a helicopter or a RC aircraft into this compound of mine.outrite intrusion!:P...this tracker SHOULD detect this intruder and fire a home made rocket at it.given that the height of this intruder is 3-4 km but it CAN intrude from ANY direction.the tracker should track it ,lock it and shoot it to do all to prepare whole of this system.thanks alot.have been thinking on it for about 4 months now.still unable to come up with something WORKABLE and easy to BUILD?

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Arduino GPS Tracker Help?

Hey guys, I'm using a arduino uno r3, an adafruit ultimate gps shield, and a 16gb SD card. I have the Adafruit GPS Library and the "friendlier" SD library which is in the details for the shield online. Whenever I try to use any programs on the arduino and shield at all, it says: Ultimate GPSlogger Shield Card init. failed! Any way to fix this so I can start receiving and logging the GPS data?

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Weight Watchers Points Tracker

I'm not really sure how useful this is going to be to people, but as it's helped out several friends, I figured I'd share it here. <<>> A good portion of my immediate family and their significant others have been doing Weight Watchers.  My mom and girlfriend kept asking me when I was going to do it to.  Hoping I might get out of it, I told my girlfriend I'd do it to so long as she kept track of all my points.  She agreed, and so I was stuck. (To be fair, I agreed to Weight Watchers as opposed to any other diet as it seems more of a “how to eat properly/lifestyle” kind of thing as opposed to a “diet” kind of thing, so it also peeked my curiosity.  Like, “How much SHOULD I be eating compared to what I have been?” (Answer: A lot less)  To express this point, you don't have to lose weight while on the program, you can adjust how much you eat to gain, lose or maintain whatever weight you want.  It's kind of interesting to realize the amount of food intake it requires to affect your body.) After a month of letting my girlfriend track my points, I decided to do it myself.  I wasn't going to learn anything about what I was eating if I didn't take part.  Soon after I started tracking, I realized I needed some kind of automated system that I didn't have to constantly add, subtract and keep count of for days at a time.  All of the information was already stored in a fairly easy to follow spreadsheet my girlfriend made, so I decided to add a few formulas to keep track of things a little easier. To put simply, this spreadsheet keeps tabs on what you're eating, how many points it costs, and determines how many points you've used/have left for the day and week.  Like I said, I'm not sure how useful this is to anyone else, but I figured there'd be one or two people out there that might enjoy. <<>> Please let me know if you have any questions...I edited the files a little bit in hopes that it makes more sense.  Feedback is always appreciated. Who this is for: If you want to try weight watchers, or currently use weight watcher, but don't want to pay them, this might help you. If you want to count your calories in a point system, this might be for you. (This is essentially a glorified calorie counter.) If you want to keep track of what you eat, this might also be for you, though it may not be in depth enough. What this isn't: This doesn't tell you how many points things are worth, that's your job. A quick guide to points: Every 50 Calories = +1 Point Every 10 Grams of Fat = +1 Point Every 5 Grams of Fiber = -1 Point (you can't go below 0) (and don't forget to keep an eye on serving sizes!) This doesn't tell you how many points you should shoot for.  Again, your job to find out If you want to lose weight, there's guides online to figure out what it should be. If you want to gain weight or stay the same, figure what you need to do to lose weight, add five or ten points to that and see what happens. This doesn't track Workout points. I don't believe in them, I don't use them, I didn't add them. What this is: You enter in what you eat. You enter in how many points it costs. It will tally everything for you. Tracks Weekly Points which are bonus points that tally though the week These are a buffer in addition to your daily points They count down throughout the week (you don't want them to go to zero) ...use it for a couple of days and it should start making sense. What you need to do to make the most use of this: Download the appropriate file and put it in a place that's easy to access. I use different computers depending on where I am, so I also downloaded Dropbox and put this in a folder that's shared with all of my computers. Figure out how many points you should eat and enter that in the ??????? field on the spreadsheet (see the attached picture). Enter in what you eat, as you eat it, and see how things go. If you use this, and your weight changes, ten pounds more or less, make sure you re-figure out how many points you're allowed to eat. Voila! Now you don't have to pay $17.00 a month to a website to track your points for you! Attached you'll find the Open Office and Excel versions of the same file.  Choose what suits you.

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Anyone got an idea for a simple GPS tracker please

A friend of mine  lives out in the countryside (about 25+ miles away from the nearest village). His dog occassionally goes off on the trail of Deer etc. Normally it stays around the farm but every now and then off it goes when we are all working and not keeping an eye on it. I was wondering if there is a simple/robust GPS tracker that could be attached to the dogs collar (a bit like the dog tag metal disks that are available to put the owners name and address on)? My idea is that the owner could look on his PC or mobile phone to see whereabouts the dog has got to and then go and get her. If anyone has any suggestions they would be very much appreciated, Bernard UK

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Reuse of old mobile

I am using a mobile phone  tracker site to track my car in case it is stolen.  I wanted to adapt the old mobile phone by stripping it down to essentials to ensure that the sim signal was still running but there was no need for the display / keyboard.  Is there an instructable or website that offers advice on how to do that? The phones are old nokia phones so not worried if they get trashed.

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Need help with Follow Bot

I'm working on a bot that I would like to follow me around. It's going to be bluetooth controlled. Looking for advice on how to make it follow the bluetooth device it's paired to, or another device like a RFID tag. Any help is appreciated. 

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measuring my cat's activity

Hi guys, I'm trying to create a little gadget to measure my cat's activity throughout the day by measuring its steps and sleep. I can attach a regular fitness band around its neck but I've got no clue as to the algorithm to go along with it since cats obviously don't move the same way our wrist or arm would. Any ideas? Thanks for the help!

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RFID Tracking?

Someone posted a question asking about RFID tracking and didnt get a good response. I also have not found a simple answer to my question on Google. So I figured I'd re-ask the question in hopes of a better solution. In short, friends and I go disc golfing pretty regularly and losing discs is always stressful (obviously we are not pro's so the occasional disc will go into the wood or tall grass etc). I thought wouldnt it be great to stick a tracking device on these discs to help find them. RFID's being small enough to just stick them on and not sacrifice too much in performance to the disc, i figured that would be the best way to go. Question here: Is there a practical way to track rfid tags? basically just a device capable of telling you when the signal is getting hotter or colder. Thanks, DJ

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heliostat and sun tracker basic program

In the late 1980s, I designed, built and programmed a computer-controlled heliostat. Its mirror reflected sunlight into my living-room, making it much brighter. It worked excellently with almost no attention for many years, until a neighbour's tree grew and blocked sunlight from reaching the mirror. The computer was a Commodore VIC 20, which was old even then, and had only 4.5 kilobytes of memory. The program I wrote, in Commodore BASIC, fitted into that space and handled all the control functions. It even included a few "bells and whistles". For example, at night-time the mirror was automatically parked face downward to reduce the buildup of dust. That particular program would work only on a VIC, and I haven't seen any of those for many years. However, I have recently taken the astronomical and trigonometrical parts of the program and made them into a new program which I'll append below. It calculates the position of the sun in the sky, as azimuth (true compass bearing) and angle of elevation, as seen from anywhere on the earth at any time on any date. It also calculates the required orientation of a mirror if it is to reflect sunlight in any desired direction. With the addition of some code to enable the computer to control motors, this could become the software for a computerized sun-tracker or heliostat. I'll append two versions of the program. The first is in QBasic, and contains quite a lot of explanatory comments. The second version is in a very generic BASIC, and has been tested on many implementations of the language. It even has line numbers! Personally, I prefer the QBasic version. The coding is more elegant. However, the generic version is likely to be useful to more people. It's public-domain. Use it for any purpose, even commercially. Enjoy! dow ' SunAlign.BAS (Version for QBasic and similar dialects) ' Calculates position of sun in sky, as azimuth (compass bearing ' measured clockwise from True North) and angle of elevation, as ' seen from any place on earth, on any date and any time. ' Also calculates alignment of a heliostat mirror. ' David Williams ' P.O. Box 48512 ' 3605 Lakeshore Blvd. West ' Toronto, Ontario. M8W 4Y6 ' Canada ' Initially dated 2007 Jul 07 ' This version 2008 Jan 13 ' All angles in radians except in i/o routines DegIn and DegOut DECLARE SUB C2P (X, Y, Z, AZ, EL) DECLARE SUB P2C (AZ, EL, X, Y, Z) DECLARE FUNCTION Ang (X, Y) DECLARE SUB DegIn (P$, X) DECLARE SUB DegOut (P$, X) CONST PY = 3.1415926536# ' "PI" not assignable in some BASICs CONST DR = 180 / PY ' degree / radian factor W = 2 * PY / 365 ' earth's mean orbital angular speed in radians/day WR = PY / 12' earth's speed of rotation relative to sun (radians/hour) C = -23.45 / DR ' reverse angle of earth's axial tilt in radians ST = SIN(C) ' sine of reverse tilt CT = COS(C) ' cosine of reverse tilt E2 = 2 * .0167 ' twice earth's orbital eccentricity SN = 10 * W ' 10 days from December solstice to New Year (Jan 1) SP = 12 * W ' 12 days from December solstice to perihelion CLS Menu: PRINT "1. Calculate sun's position" PRINT "2. Calculate mirror orientation" PRINT "3. Calculate both" PRINT "4. Quit program" PRINT PRINT "Which? (1 - 4)"; DO S% = VAL(INKEY$) LOOP UNTIL S% >= 1 AND S% <= 4 PRINT S% IF S% = 4 THEN END ' Note: For brevity, no error checks on user inputs PRINT PRINT "Use negative numbers for directions opposite to those shown." PRINT DegIn "Observer's latitude (degrees North)", LT DegIn "Observer's longitude (degrees East)", LG INPUT "Time Zone (+/- hours from GMT/UT)"; TZN INPUT "Time (HH,MM) (24-hr format)"; HR, MIN INPUT "Date (M#,D#)"; Mth%, Day% PRINT CL = PY / 2 - LT ' co-latitude D = INT(30.6 * ((Mth% + 9) MOD 12) + 58.5 + Day%) MOD 365 ' day of year (D = 0 on Jan 1) A = W * D + SN ' orbit angle since solstice at mean speed B = A + E2 * SIN(A - SP) ' angle with correction for eccentricity C = (A - ATN(TAN(B) / CT)) / PY SL = PY * (C - INT(C + .5))' solar longitude relative to mean position C = ST * COS(B) DC = ATN(C / SQR(1 - C * C)) ' solar declination (latitude) ' arcsine of C. ASN not directly available in QBasic LD = (HR - TZN + MIN / 60) * WR + SL + LG ' longitude difference CALL P2C(LD, DC, sX, sY, sZ) ' polar axis (perpend'r to azimuth plane) CALL C2P(sY, sZ, sX, sAZ, sEL) ' horizontal axis CALL P2C(sAZ - CL, sEL, sY, sZ, sX) ' rotate by co-latitude IF sZ < 0 THEN BEEP PRINT "Sun Below Horizon" PRINT GOTO NewCalc END IF IF S% <> 2 THEN ' calculate and display sun's position CALL C2P(sX, sY, sZ, sAZ, sEL) ' vertical axis DegOut "Sun's azimuth: ", sAZ DegOut "Sun's elevation: ", sEL PRINT END IF IF S% > 1 THEN ' calculate and display mirror orientation PRINT "For target direction of light reflected from mirror:" DegIn "Azimuth of target direction (degrees)", tAZ DegIn "Elevation of target direction (degrees)", tEL PRINT CALL P2C(tAZ, tEL, tX, tY, tZ) ' target vector X,Y,Z CALL C2P(sX + tX, sY + tY, sZ + tZ, mAZ, mEL) ' angle bisection by vector addition PRINT "Mirror aim direction (perpendicular to surface):" DegOut "Azimuth: ", mAZ DegOut "Elevation: ", mEL PRINT END IF NewCalc: PRINT PRINT "New Calculation" PRINT GOTO Menu FUNCTION Ang (X, Y) ' calculates angle from positive X axis to vector to (X,Y) SELECT CASE SGN(X) CASE 1: Ang = ATN(Y / X) CASE -1: Ang = ATN(Y / X) + PY CASE ELSE: Ang = SGN(Y) * PY / 2 END SELECT END FUNCTION SUB C2P (X, Y, Z, AZ, EL) ' Cartesian to Polar. Convert from X,Y,Z to AZ,EL EL = Ang(SQR(X * X + Y * Y), Z) A = Ang(Y, X) IF A < PY THEN AZ = A + PY ELSE AZ = A - PY END SUB SUB DegIn (P$, X) ' Input angle in degrees and convert to radians PRINT P$; INPUT N X = N / DR END SUB SUB DegOut (P$, X) ' converts radians to degrees, rounds to nearest 0.1, and prints S$ = LTRIM$(STR$(INT(10 * ABS(X * DR) + .5))) IF S$ = "3600" THEN S$ = "0" IF LEN(S$) = 1 THEN S$ = "0" + S$ IF X < 0 THEN IF VAL(S$) THEN S$ = "-" + S$ PRINT P$; LEFT$(S$, LEN(S$) - 1); "."; RIGHT$(S$, 1); " degrees" END SUB SUB P2C (AZ, EL, X, Y, Z) ' Polar to Cartesian. Convert from AZ,EL to X,Y,Z Z = SIN(EL) C = -COS(EL) X = C * SIN(AZ) Y = C * COS(AZ) END SUB 100 REM SunAlign.BAS (Generic BASIC version) 110 REM Calculates position of sun in sky, as azimuth (compass bearing 120 REM measured clockwise from True North) and angle of elevation, as 130 REM seen from any place on earth, on any date and any time. 140 REM Also calculates alignment of a heliostat mirror. 150 REM David Williams 160 REM P.O. Box 48512 170 REM 3605 Lakeshore Blvd. West 180 REM Toronto, Ontario. M8W 4Y6 190 REM Canada 200 REM Original date 2007 Jul 07. This version 2007 Oct 07 210 REM Note: For brevity, no error checks on user inputs 220 CLS 230 PRINT "Use negative numbers for opposite directions." 240 INPUT "Observer's latitude (degrees North)"; LT 250 INPUT "Observer's longitude (degrees East)"; LG 260 INPUT "Date (M#,D#)"; Mth, Day 270 INPUT "Time (HH,MM) (24-hr format)"; HR, MIN 280 INPUT "Time Zone (+/- hours from GMT/UT)"; TZN 290 PY = 4 * ATN(1): REM "PI" not assignable in some BASICs 300 DR = 180 / PY: REM degree/radian factor 310 W = 2 * PY / 365: REM earth's mean orbital speed in radians/day 320 C = -23.45 / DR: REM reverse angle of axial tilt in radians 330 ST = SIN(C): REM sine of reverse tilt 340 CT = COS(C): REM cosine of reverse tilt 350 E2 = 2 * .0167: REM twice earth's orbital eccentricity 360 SP = 12 * W: REM 12 days from December solstice to perihelion 370 D = INT(30.6 * ((Mth + 9) MOD 12) + 58.5 + Day) MOD 365 380 A = W * (D + 10): REM Solstice 10 days before Jan 1 390 B = A + E2 * SIN(A - SP) 400 C = (A - ATN(TAN(B) / CT)) / PY 410 ET = 720 * (C - INT(C + .5)): REM equation of time 420 REM in 720 minutes, earth rotates PI radians relative to sun 430 C = ST * COS(B) 440 EL = ATN(C / SQR(1 - C * C)) * DR: REM solar declination 450 AZ = 15 * (HR - TZN) + (MIN + ET) / 4 + LG: REM longitude diff 460 GOSUB 800 470 R = SQR(Y * Y + Z * Z) 480 AX = Y: AY = Z: GOSUB 710 490 A = AA + (90 - LT) / DR 500 Y = R * COS(A) 510 Z = R * SIN(A) 520 GOSUB 740 530 PRINT : REM AZ & EL are now sun's azimuth & elevation in degrees 540 IF EL < 0 THEN PRINT "Sun Below Horizon": END 550 R = AZ: GOSUB 870: PRINT "Sun's azimuth: "; R; " degrees" 560 R = EL: GOSUB 870: PRINT "Sun's elevation: "; R; " degrees" 570 PRINT 580 INPUT "Calculate heliostat mirror alignment (y/n)"; K$ 590 IF K$ = "N" OR K$ = "n" THEN END 600 SX = X: SY = Y: SZ = Z 610 PRINT 620 INPUT "Azimuth of target direction (degrees)"; AZ 630 INPUT "Elevation of target direction (degrees)"; EL 640 GOSUB 800 650 X = X + SX: Y = Y + SY: Z = Z + SZ: GOSUB 740 660 PRINT : REM AZ & EL are now aim azimuth & elevation in degrees 670 PRINT "Mirror aim direction (perpendicular to surface):" 680 R = AZ: GOSUB 870: PRINT "Azimuth: "; R; " degrees" 690 R = EL: GOSUB 870: PRINT "Elevation: "; R; " degrees" 700 END 710 IF AX = 0 THEN AA = SGN(AY) * PY / 2: RETURN 720 AA = ATN(AY / AX): IF AX < 0 THEN AA = AA + PY 730 RETURN 740 AX = SQR(X * X + Y * Y): AY = Z: GOSUB 710 750 EL = AA * DR 760 AX = Y: AY = X: GOSUB 710 770 AZ = AA * DR 780 IF AZ < 180 THEN AZ = AZ + 180 ELSE AZ = AZ - 180 790 RETURN 800 E = EL / DR 810 A = AZ / DR 820 Z = SIN(E) 830 C = 0 - COS(E): REM Won't work without "0" in Liberty Basic 840 X = C * SIN(A) 850 Y = C * COS(A) 860 RETURN 870 R = INT(10 * R + .5): IF R = 3600 THEN R = 0 880 R = R / 10 890 RETURN

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How do you lower the center of gravity in a car?

I got a geo tracker (sort of) and they are really prone to fliping due to its high center of gravity. How would I lower it?

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Help!! "This or that" How to stop notifications...

Ok, made the mistake of posting in the "this or that" topic.. Now i'm getting all the notification... obviously. I can only find and option to turn all notification off. Is there anyway to stop the emails without blocking comment tracker? Thanks

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my subscribtion tracker doesn't work

I wasn't sure how to post a bug, so, here it is in a forum topic, please help me. The stuff that the people I subscribed to post doesn't get updated on my "you" page.

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how does a gps tracker work? Answered

Hi, Recently ive come to really enjoy and appreciate my first car i ought a while ago, and like everything good in my life, its going to disappear pretty soon, or be destroyed and/or rendered unuseable. Asuming its the former, i want to be able to track it down when its stolen, i know for a fact one way or another it will be, everything good in my life always is, or is broken or compromised in some way. I am aware of HOW a gps tracker works, thats simple signal timing and triangulation ect, dont really care. What i want to know is, namely with this particular tracker, is how will the tracking service work? The  seller couldnt do anything more than email me a copy of the item description so im not finding out from them. Once i buy such a gps tracker, how exactly will i be able to track it? will i have to pay for some expensive tracking service? or is it free, in which case i would do something like check its coordinates on some website. I really dont know. does anyone have any idea how the tracking service operates? free or otherwise. Thanks

Question by oldmanbeefjerky   |  last reply

Antenna Tracker Pointer using GPS

I want to build a systems that can point a directional antenna to a known set of GPS coordinates, because if the base unit with the antenna knows it GPS location and then can have the know data of another directional antenna's GPS coordinated either via Google Earth File or a spread sheet or long/lat's or via another method....also I would like this system to be able to track a UAV or R/C plane/copter as the DIY antenna trackers do as I have seen on R/C forums and You-tube. the initial request is what I desire first....I want to go out into a field and set up this tripod mounted Pan/tilt mechanism with mounted directional antenna(s) and point it to the closest fix antenna of known coordinates, automatically.

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All weather enclosure for a dual axis solar tracker

I am looking for ideas on how to modify the attached solar tracker, that it fits into an all weather container/box. also it needs  to be easily dismount/mounted during the summer month.

Topic by Deanv1 

Needed single Photovolteic Panel Tracker, either freon or made from a automobile wiper motor aparatus?

I need a tracker so my panel will track the sun all day. Please email. Sunlantia

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In need if some direction for GPS tracker and app builder

I am looking for someone to give me a little bit of direction or reference as to where and or how I can find someone who can create a GPS tracker or tell me how to buy them in bulk..... Also I am looking for someone who can design or create an APP for smartphones. 

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A tracker to find your lost item or keys

Hi guys, i want to make a tracker device which can track keys or items, but i have no idea what sensors do i use to work in a small parameter, any help? 

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BLE Beacon finder, how to ?

Hi everyone,I am mechanical engineering student and haven't expertise in difficult circuits, so I am here to ask for your helps guys!I am working on a personal project in which i want to create the smallest BLE Bluetooth device possible which could be charged by induction. What i want is just to connect this device to my smartphone.I did some research and i came up with the following components : Qunqi-HM-11-Bluetooth BLE (1.7 V to 3.6 V) Rechargeable Lithium Battery (3V or 3.7 V ) TP4056 Lithium Battery Charger (5V, With micro USB) Wireless Charging Module 5V/300mA (SKU:DFR0363 Brand:DFRobot)So my questions are : Is the TP4056 required to charge with the wirless charging module ? Are those compnents can work together ? Is it possible to make all those components in one PCB by designing it ?Thank you very much,Nabil

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Solar tracker and concentrator: lots of things getting finished.

I'm kind of entering the home stretch on my year long (so far) solar energy prototype, getting the various components finished off and thought yall might be interested. Things such as: Parabolic troughs! Rather efficient water wheels! Low friction worm drive gearings! World's simplest (probably) heat engine! And much more. All made mostly from scrap. I'm posting updates and media to my blog:

Topic by SolarFlower_org 

Sorry for the crosspost, but got my solar thing working, posted it on Green.

Just in case you guys don't hang out in Green.If you're lazy:

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Detecting several different signals within a certain distance?

Hi guys,  I essentially need a device that emits a signal, while simultaneously tracking whether another device emitting the same signal enters a certain distance. If another device enters said distance then it will alert the wearer. I think this is possible, but haven't quite got the knowledge on whether it is possible. I thought about using GPS to relay wearers position to a server, which can calculate whether another device is in the vicinity and to send a reply back to the wearer, but to send data would be a continuous cost, something I'm trying to eliminate.  Radio frequencies may be another avenue to go down, but again, not sure.  In my mind I would have say 10 devices attached to different people in a rural area, and each person would be able to tell if there was another person (and device) in say 100m.  Anyone got any ideas?

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Finally finished my solar collector prototype.

This has been an ongoing saga for the last six months or so, but with a lot of help from many of you here the Sunflower prototype is finished. And it works! It still needs perfecting, but the principle is sound.This unit cost me less than $20, is almost entirely recycled and salvaged materials, was ridiculously easy to make (tho since I've thought of a way to make it much simpler) and seems to work fairly well. With a larger collector and light pipe in place this unit alone could collect up to a kilowatt of power, maybe more. Now I need to start working on the Mk II perfected design, and some applications for electricity generation and water purification.This will be an ongoing open source project. Once I've got a design which is nice I'll get a website up and be traveling round working with local community groups, inventors and NGOs.If you have any desire whatsoever to take a crack at making this yourself please please do so. The video is a little light on the finer details, so if there are any questions just ask.And thanks again for all those who helped out.

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Total Views Tracker - 16/12/2010

Here's this week's stack of total views. Congratulations to Canida, who passed 4 MILLION views this week and to Zieak who reached 1 million! I finally fixed the bug that meant new members that were on the second page of the membership page didn't get included in the count, so those who were left out before should see a gain starting from when I run it next week. And lastly, and explanation of what this forum topic is about, since it caused some confusion last week, I hadn't been including a link and description since I figured everyone already knew what it was.... This forum topic is a printout of the results of a Perl script I run weekly. To be included in it, join this  group. The Perl script visits the profile page of each member of the group and extracts their Total Views then saves them to a file that can be opened by me in Excel. I then post the last 3 columns so everyone can compare their weekly gain with their friends. While you can easily see this data for you on the You page, this script allows people to compare their success/gain with their friends. I hand out patches as achievements when members of the group reach 50k, 100k, 250k, 500k and 1m views. Instructabler 09/12/2010 16/12/2010 Gain canida 3,979,254 4,016,751 37,497 scoochmaroo 3,330,104 3,396,097 65,993 Honus 2,460,240 2,472,615 12,375 Kiteman 1,724,099 1,733,654 9,555 Plasmana 1,594,582 1,603,873 9,291 Tool Using Animal 1,559,798 1,565,973 6,175 zieak 993,460 1,006,130 12,670 killerjackalope 950,877 956,702 5,825 gmjhowe 946,357 952,161 5,804 SaskView 822,739 827,172 4,433 lemonie 772,378 777,977 5,599 ChrysN 562,253 575,263 13,010 mikey77 556,915 567,052 10,137 jeff-o 519,495 525,555 6,060 PKM 516,020 519,124 3,104 laxap 443,825 458,068 14,243 belsey 379,268 386,587 7,319 depotdevoid 365,139 368,485 3,346 Jayefuu 341,528 344,693 3,165 ModMischief 324,050 325,951 1,901 scraptopower   290,296   Spl1nt3rC3ll 276,980 277,916 936 KentsOkay 242,393 243,351 958 Doctor What 211,800 215,596 3,796 AngryRedhead 203,135 206,707 3,572 rimar2000   170,374   Ninzerbean 162,169 163,897 1,728 comodore 153,848 154,701 853 BrittLiv 141,781 151,895 10,114 Lithium Rain 146,681 148,100 1,419 Kaelessin 138,844 140,385 1,541 yokozuna 135,592 136,331 739 Lynne Bruning 130,442 131,330 888 Hiyadudez 128,615 130,115 1,500 bertus52x11 122,128 123,686 1,558 The Jamalam 119,966 120,388 422 thermoelectric 100,255 101,427 1,172 RavingMadStudios 98,148 100,547 2,399 uniqueutopia   97,394   Goodhart 89,168 89,846 678 DJ Radio 87,178 88,004 826 janw 78,601 79,364 763 MichelMoermans 60,457 61,419 962 Killer%7ESafeCracker 58,153 58,893 740 jen7714 56,308 57,733 1,425 TNEN 45,783 46,104 321 Shadowman39 44,853 45,771 918 kelseymh 45,092 45,354 262 Sunkicked 43,493 43,805 312 40,359 40,844 485 Berkin 37,259 37,659 400 The Ideanator 35,410 36,036 626 knuckel 31,421 32,043 622 nickodemus 27,532 27,906 374 artificialintelligence 24,334 26,396 2,062 MotaBoi 24,393 24,657 264 TSC 23,912 24,535 623 peguiono 23,565 23,772 207 m6233555m 23,521 23,626 105 Knex_Gun_Builder 21,493 21,624 131 jwystup 20,949 21,387 438 lilyfrancis 20,446 20,950 504 kcls 19,655 20,841 1,186 plane phanatic 20,107 20,283 176 Derin 19,992 20,190 198 CrayfishYAY 19,844 20,126 282 WARLOCK76 18,428 19,349 921 steveastrouk 18,818 19,237 419 possum888 18,346 18,499 153 tombuckey 16,813 17,016 203 zascecs 16,612 16,698 86 ynze 15,233 15,664 431 Tornado96   15,654   knexsuperbulderfreak 13,501 13,562 61 floris2burn 13,043 13,243 200 Jimmy Proton   12,837   Legofanatic 12,082 12,363 281 uberdum05 12,186 12,300 114 qazwsx755 11,008 11,244 236 NachoMahma 10,580 10,655 75 masterochicken 10,232 10,540 308 FrozenStar 10,154 10,242 88 acidbass 8,976 9,115 139 lizzyastro 7,582 7,738 156 Kryptonite 6,469 6,568 99 cherishcherub 5,614 5,701 87 Sorunome   5,690   zero.gx 4,794 4,847 53 moocowdog 4,655 4,773 118 jamesdude 3,952 3,983 31 slithien 3,461 3,535 74 megametal8 3,074 3,150 76 RNB 2,698 2,858 160 wareneutron   2,513   tbcross 2,404 2,513 109 cj81499 2,456 2,464 8 solarblade90 2,046 2,109 63 Jag56   1,871   shadon 1,068 1,100 32 Randomguy65   941   dombeef 719 739 20 AwesomeSwordGuy 451 532 81 Flannel UK   413   i like cheese   50  

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Total Views Tracker - 06/01/2011

Here's this week's run of total views. Sorry I missed the last two runs over Christmas, was too busy having fun and didn't have the script with me where I was. We have LOTS of new members since the last time I ran it, about 40 more I think! And lots more in the high totals, Fungus Amungus  and Randofo have joined the group so next week we'll be able to see if they're gaining on Canida and whether Fungus is getting enough weekly views to stay ahead of Scoochmaroo. Instructabler 09/12/2010 06/01/2011              Gain canida 4,016,751 4,133,770 117,019 fungus amungus   3,810,955   scoochmaroo 3,396,097 3,566,430 170,333 randofo   2,737,169   Honus 2,472,615 2,503,181 30,566 Kiteman 1,733,654 1,760,269 26,615 Plasmana 1,603,873 1,631,315 27,442 Tool Using Animal 1,565,973 1,586,400 20,427 T3h_Muffinator   1,080,291   zieak 1,006,130 1,036,709 30,579 killerjackalope 956,702 989,201 32,499 gmjhowe 952,161 975,903 23,742 drinkmorecoffee   909,894   Weissensteinburg   851,790   SaskView 827,172 840,127 12,955 lemonie 777,977 793,879 15,902 Brennn10   679,755   ChrysN 575,263 593,019 17,756 mikey77 567,052 582,631 15,579 jeff-o 525,555 540,726 15,171 PKM 519,124 527,697 8,573 laxap 458,068 478,370 20,302 mikeasaurus   440,136   aeray   402,540   belsey 386,587 400,703 14,116 depotdevoid 368,485 377,391 8,906 Jayefuu 344,693 351,698 7,005 ModMischief 325,951 330,818 4,867 scraptopower 290,296 317,326 27,030 Spl1nt3rC3ll 277,916 280,333 2,417 KentsOkay 243,351 245,855 2,504 nmcclana   236,457   AngryRedhead 206,707 219,817 13,110 Doctor What 215,596 219,715 4,119 rimar2000 170,374 182,030 11,656 BrittLiv 151,895 170,049 18,154 Ninzerbean 163,897 168,016 4,119 comodore 154,701 156,851 2,150 Lithium Rain 148,100 151,967 3,867 yokozuna 136,331 145,008 8,677 Kaelessin 140,385 144,778 4,393 Hiyadudez 130,115 134,884 4,769 Lynne Bruning 131,330 133,761 2,431 bertus52x11 123,686 127,354 3,668 The Jamalam 120,388 121,719 1,331 RavingMadStudios 100,547 105,709 5,162 thermoelectric 101,427 104,441 3,014 uniqueutopia 97,394 100,581 3,187 JamesRPatrick   94,541   Goodhart 89,846 92,295 2,449 DJ Radio 88,004 90,497 2,493 janw 79,364 87,283 7,919 jen7714 57,733 64,459 6,726 jen7714 57,733 64,459 6,726 MichelMoermans 61,419 63,651 2,232 Killer%7ESafeCracker 58,893 61,050 2,157 nelson8815   55,564   Re-design   54,114   Shadowman39 45,771 48,570 2,799 TNEN 46,104 46,832 728 kelseymh 45,354 46,203 849 Sunkicked 43,805 44,695 890 40,844 42,220 1,376 ynze 15,664 41,336 25,672 The Ideanator 36,036 39,299 3,263 Berkin 37,659 38,822 1,163 wizgirl   38,030   mman1506   37,123   EmmettO   35,441   Biggsy   34,344   knuckel 32,043 33,935 1,892 artificialintelligence 26,396 30,363 3,967 nickodemus 27,906 28,827 921 TSC 24,535 26,906 2,371 MotaBoi 24,657 25,633 976 jwystup 21,387 25,524 4,137 KoffeeKommando   25,191   cbm104   24,882   peguiono 23,772 24,316 544 m6233555m 23,626 23,965 339 Jimmy Proton 12,837 23,398 10,561 kcls 20,841 22,929 2,088 lilyfrancis 20,950 22,689 1,739 Knex_Gun_Builder 21,624 22,063 439 WARLOCK76 19,349 21,330 1,981 plane phanatic 20,283 20,945 662 CrayfishYAY 20,126 20,756 630 Derin 20,190 20,698 508 steveastrouk 19,237 19,998 761 possum888 18,499 19,233 734 tombuckey 17,016 17,723 707 zascecs 16,698 16,888 190 Tornado96 15,654 16,755 1,101 knexsuperbulderfreak 13,562 14,010 448 floris2burn 13,243 13,799 556 Legofanatic 12,363 13,127 764 uberdum05 12,300 12,626 326 qazwsx755 11,244 11,926 682   10,949   NachoMahma 10,655 10,771 116 masterochicken 10,540 10,758 218 FrozenStar 10,242 10,474 232 acidbass 9,115 9,478 363 cdawisconsin   9,295   zurichko   8,744   lizzyastro 7,738 8,309 571 Kryptonite 6,568 6,769 201 Sorunome 5,690 6,596 906 cherishcherub 5,701 5,942 241 moocowdog 4,773 5,115 342 zero.gx 4,847 4,991 144 drpepper1234   4,595   jamesdude 3,983 4,070 87 slithien 3,535 3,789 254 RNB 2,858 3,369 511 MegaMetal8   3,319   wareneutron 2,513 2,802 289 tbcross 2,513 2,748 235 cj81499 2,464 2,508 44 solarblade90 2,109 2,310 201 Jag56 1,871 1,988 117 Flannel UK 413 1,311 898 shadon 1,100 1,210 110 Randomguy65 941 1,099 158 dombeef 739 788 49 AwesomeSwordGuy 532 727 195 Fr-Pa-Co   191   i like cheese 50 66 16 LivStoleYourPie   56   megametal8 3,150   -3,150 This forum topic is a printout of the results of a Perl script I run weekly. To be included in it, join this group. The Perl script visits the profile page of each member of the group and extracts their Total Views then saves them to a file that can be opened by me in Excel. I then post the last 3 columns so everyone can compare their weekly gain with their friends. While you can easily see this data for you on the You page, this script allows people to compare their success/gain with their friends. I hand out patches as achievements when members of the group reach 50k, 100k, 250k, 500k and 1m views.

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Total Views Tracker - 13/01/2011

Here's this week's tally! The group's now got over 150 members, 50 of which joined since mid December! I didn't get around to making the changes to the script I promised last week, I hope to add links to the list and automatic patch giving soon; I just haven't had time recently! This forum topic is a printout of the results of a Perl script I run weekly. To be included in it, join this  group. The Perl script visits the profile page of each member of the group and extracts their Total Views then saves them to a file that can be opened by me in Excel. I then post the last 3 columns so everyone can compare their weekly gain with their friends. While you can easily see this data for you on the You page, this script allows people to compare their success/gain with their friends. I hand out patches as achievements when members of the group reach 50k, 100k, 250k, 500k and 1m views. Member Last Week This Week Gain canida 4,133,770 4,161,996 28,226 fungus amungus 3,810,955 3,834,653 23,698 scoochmaroo 3,566,430 3,615,447 49,017 randofo 2,737,169 2,773,785 36,616 Honus 2,503,181 2,513,524 10,343 Kiteman 1,760,269 1,770,772 10,503 Plasmana 1,631,315 1,641,765 10,450 Tool Using Animal 1,586,400 1,594,537 8,137 T3h_Muffinator 1,080,291 1,086,285 5,994 zieak 1,036,709 1,042,266 5,557 killerjackalope 989,201 998,201 9,000 gmjhowe 975,903 982,225 6,322 drinkmorecoffee 909,894 919,482 9,588 Weissensteinburg 851,790 860,080 8,290 Creativeman   851,365 - SaskView 840,127 845,603 5,476 lemonie 793,879 799,282 5,403 seamster   701,378 - Brennn10 679,755 682,737 2,982 chr   622,118 - ChrysN 593,019 607,855 14,836 mikey77 582,631 588,893 6,262 jeff-o 540,726 546,106 5,380 PKM 527,697 530,654 2,957 laxap 478,370 483,278 4,908 mikeasaurus 440,136 442,923 2,787 belsey 400,703 411,442 10,739 aeray 402,540 408,894 6,354 depotdevoid 377,391 380,966 3,575 Jayefuu 351,698 354,518 2,820 ModMischief 330,818 343,813 12,995 scraptopower 317,326 324,968 7,642 Spl1nt3rC3ll 280,333 281,312 979 KentsOkay 245,855 246,842 987 AngryRedhead 219,817 239,391 19,574 nmcclana 236,457 239,135 2,678 Doctor What 219,715 220,867 1,152 starshipminivan   216,040 - rimar2000 182,030 196,206 14,176 dark sponge   180,981 - BrittLiv 170,049 176,371 6,322 Ninzerbean 168,016 169,824 1,808 comodore 156,851 157,584 733 Lithium Rain 151,967 153,355 1,388 yokozuna 145,008 147,602 2,594 Kaelessin 144,778 146,698 1,920 Hiyadudez 134,884 136,759 1,875 Lynne Bruning 133,761 134,699 938 Dr.Paj   134,359 - bertus52x11 127,354 128,890 1,536 The Jamalam 121,719 122,145 426 RavingMadStudios 105,709 107,171 1,462 thermoelectric 104,441 105,660 1,219 uniqueutopia 100,581 101,649 1,068 JamesRPatrick 94,541 95,640 1,099 Goodhart 92,295 92,918 623 DJ Radio 90,497 91,220 723 janw 87,283 88,480 1,197 jen7714 64,459 71,279 6,820 jen7714 64,459 71,279 6,820 MichelMoermans 63,651 64,427 776 Killer%7ESafeCracker 61,050 61,535 485 nelson8815 55,564 58,953 3,389 Re-design 54,114 54,553 439 Shadowman39 48,570 49,472 902 wizgirl 38,030 49,204 11,174 TNEN 46,832 47,144 312 kelseymh 46,203 46,458 255 Sunkicked 44,695 45,079 384 ynze 41,336 44,679 3,343 42,220 42,586 366 The Ideanator 39,299 40,032 733 Berkin 38,822 39,195 373 mman1506 37,123 37,320 197 EmmettO 35,441 35,967 526 Biggsy 34,344 35,704 1,360 knuckel 33,935 34,444 509 artificialintelligence 30,363 31,235 872 nickodemus 28,827 29,150 323 TSC 26,906 27,545 639 jwystup 25,524 26,326 802 MotaBoi 25,633 25,940 307 KoffeeKommando 25,191 25,900 709 Jimmy Proton 23,398 25,682 2,284 cbm104 24,882 25,275 393 peguiono 24,316 24,510 194 m6233555m 23,965 24,082 117 kcls 22,929 23,523 594 lilyfrancis 22,689 23,386 697 Knex_Gun_Builder 22,063 22,175 112 WARLOCK76 21,330 21,860 530 plane phanatic 20,945 21,201 256 Derin 20,698 20,918 220 CrayfishYAY 20,756 20,881 125 steveastrouk 19,998 20,270 272 possum888 19,233 19,449 216 tombuckey 17,723 17,873 150 Tornado96 16,755 17,025 270 zascecs 16,888 16,964 76 knexsuperbulderfreak 14,010 14,088 78 floris2burn 13,799 13,990 191 Legofanatic 13,127 13,424 297 uberdum05 12,626 12,747 121 qazwsx755 11,926 12,193 267 10,949 11,746 797 nutsandbolts_64   11,497 - masterochicken 10,758 10,845 87 NachoMahma 10,771 10,827 56 FrozenStar 10,474 10,703 229 cdawisconsin 9,295 10,285 990 acidbass 9,478 9,613 135 zurichko 8,744 8,976 232 lizzyastro 8,309 8,528 219 Sorunome 6,596 6,929 333 Kryptonite 6,769 6,849 80 cherishcherub 5,942 6,021 79 moocowdog 5,115 5,226 111 zero.gx 4,991 5,040 49 Dr Pepper   4,842 - jamesdude 4,070 4,091 21 slithien 3,789 3,838 49 RNB 3,369 3,527 158 MegaMetal8 3,319 3,382 63 wareneutron 2,802 2,903 101 tbcross 2,748 2,824 76 mg0930mg   2,800 - cj81499 2,508 2,515 7 solarblade90 2,310 2,396 86 Jag56 1,988 2,029 41 Flannel UK 1,311 1,430 119 shadon 1,210 1,246 36 Randomguy65 1,099 1,153 54 dombeef 788 803 15 AwesomeSwordGuy 727 783 56 LivStoleYourPie 56 365 309 Fr-Pa-Co 191 196 5 i like cheese 66 74 8

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Solar Panel Sun Tracker, Kite Boat, Homemade Wind Turbine

Solar Panel Sun Tracker Kite Boat Homemade Wind Turbine Solar Lawn Mower Breath-Powered USB Charger The California Cooler   DIY Solar Setup Solar Thermal Water Heater Truly Insulate Your Home 440 Watt Bicycle Generator Vertical Wind Turbine USB Bike Charger Solar Heater Algae Bioreactor Air Duct Turbine  

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Comment Problem

Ok so I noticed that my comment tracker disagrees with my instructables card thingy. Help?

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Two bugs actually #1 view all steps at once doesn't work anymore #2...where did the bug tracker go?

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Knex Question

I was thinking about making a GPS tracker shooter. You could use it to shoot a GPS tracker onto the back of, say, a Truck in front of you that was driving really bad. I got cut off by a semi one time that didn't have a "How well am I driving" sign on the back. I think they were running drugs. Anyways, I'm not really familiar with all the different KNEX guns, as to which is most reliable and accurate and easy to build, etc. Can you recommend one that might be able to shoot a small GPS tracker from one car to another about 30 feet away? Thanks much, Royal

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I want to make a line follower using arduino mega, motor shield, 2pcs of tracker sensor (3pins) and 2pcs of dc motor but i do not know how to code with this motor shield. Can anyone help me?

I want to make a line follower using arduino mega, motor shield, 2pcs of tracker sensor (3pins) and 2pcs of dc motor but i do not know how to code with this motor shield. Can anyone help me?

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design for a battery charging circuit using solar panel?

I am using a 10-w solar panel for charging battery- 4v, 6ah(3 nos 4V, 2ah battery in parallel). This is used for a GPS tracker mounted on a roof top of loco wagon . usage is 24x7x365 . i have found that gps tracker is consuming about 150ma, 4v. But after 1 to 1.5 days of usage the battery discharges and tracker stops working. one more thing the sunshine availability is approx-2-3 hrs /day. the loco wagon is standing in bright sunshine for atleast 2-3 hrs in bright sunshine everyday. where i am wrong? thanks in advace

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What's the coolest application for an Autovent?

Autovents are elegant, amazing wax filled pistons that expand when they get warm and contract when they get cold. They are used to automatically open greenhouse windows when they get too hot. I think they could be used in something like a solar tracker or a kinetic sculpture but I've never seen any innovative applications for them. Have you?

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Need DIY plans for a "auto sun tracker" for my solar projects. Once saw one using a bottle of propane. Does anybody else remember this?

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Antenna tracker or pointer....calling GPS robotics, UAV and R/C guys...

I want to build a system that can point a directional antenna to a known set of GPS coordinates, because if the base unit with the antenna knows it GPS location and then can have the know data of another directional antenna's GPS coordinated either via Google Earth File or a spread sheet or long/lat's or via another method....also I would like this system to be able to track a UAV or R/C plane/copter as the DIY antenna trackers do as I have seen on R/C forums and You-tube. the initial request is what I desire first....I want to go out into a field and set up this tripod mounted Pan/tilt mechanism with mounted directional antenna(s) and point it to the closest fix antenna of known coordinates, automatically. here is a you tube link for something along the line of what the base unit is and would look like: and and

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How do I recieve a private message? Answered

Does it come to my inbox or comment tracker.

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