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trail counter Help

Ok I need some help. I am a trail steward on a local mountain bike trail. We want to make a counter so we can find out how many folks are using the trail. I thouhgt I had a good idea, but can't seem to make it work. I have access to a bunch of garge door photo sensors(neighbors a garage door tech), and a bunch of thoes pocket pedometers(got them from a manager of a Mcdonalds when they stopped giving them out). I have figured out how to make the pocket counters work as just plain counters thanks to another instructable (remove hammer, wire across with a switch or relay...). What I have not been able to figure out is how to use the garage door sensors to make the circuit work. All I need is for the circuit to make a relay close to act as the switch for the counter. I was able to do it with an LED emmiter and detector and it's circuit, but for soome reason I guess the garage door sensors have something inside their glued box that won't let it work with the circuit. Any ideas?

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How to Make an Invisible Trail?

I am trying to make a hidden trail that can only be followed with a black light. This will essentially be done by following a series of "bread crumbs" that are only visible in the UV spectrum. I've had some success with a highlighter; the bark soaks up the ink, making it invisible to the naked eye. It's lasted a few rainy days, but I am not certain it will last for (at least) several months. I was wondering if there is another way to do this, one that is a little more weatherproof.

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Motion Detector Trail Camera

Motion Detector Trail Camera motion, detector, detection, surveillance, security, trail, camera, webcam, webcamera, wildlife, IR, arduino, cheap, inexpensive, spy, cam Hello everyone. I'm planning on building a motion detector triggered "trail" camera, as inexpensively as possible.  I want to use a cheap IC (integrated circuit), if possible, not a $45 Arduino.  I've learned that the most expensive component of this project seems like it will in all likelihood be the digital camera module (the lens and CCD, which is a pixelated digital sensor for the brightness and color of light).  However, I have an old webcam from which I could salvage the camera module out of, if reasonably convenient.  And this is the primary thing I think I'll need help with. Beyond that, my plan is to get a cheap IC, plug the camera module into it on a breadboard, find (hopefully find and not have to delve into learning how to program this) some programming code for the IC to capture the image data and turn into some kind of conventional image file, and then capture the digital camera files on an SD card via SD card shield plugged into the IC via the breadboard.  After the initial project is finished, I'm thinking of taking it a step further by transferring the image files directly to a computer, and upload them immediately to the web but that will come later. And of course write some code to signal the camera to shoot when the motion detector detects motion.  And do some research about which kind of motion detector I want and get it.  But this part seems relatively pretty easy.  Oh, and also get some kind of battery; probably a Li-Ion cellphone type battery with a shield or 'holder' for it.  Haven't yet researched about the shield / 'holder' part for that, but seems like it should be easy. Questions: 1) What kind of programming would I need for the IC to capture the image data from camera and turn it into conventional image file?  Where would I get it?  ...or what?  I just want pictures, not video. 2) How do I salvage the 'camera module' from a web camera for this?  Or rather, perhaps I should ask, once I salvage it, how exactly do I plug it into the IC to send the image data to the IC...? 3) What is a cheap but effective IC for this? Anyways, thank you; cheers. Jack Oh, also wanted to note that I indeed have been looking through many tutorials about this stuff.  I guess I'm at that point where I feel like it would be worth it to write down where I'm at and ask for further directions.  Lol.  Thanks again.

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google earth trail to GARMIN Edge705?

I've used Google Earth to plot a nice trail - how do I get that trail transfered into my Garmin Edge 705 so it can guide me as we go?

Question by lefties  

6v-9v trip wire for trail?

Layout of trip wires for 3 trail alarm with lights. About 250' range from panel no noise just lights on trip to panel.     Thanks Alan

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ATV Riding - ATV Trail Riding

Hello fellow ATV riders. There is nothing like being out on the trails, riding the ATV, out with nature and the animals.The scenery is breath taking  too.  Tell your riding stories, the scenery, the animals, and let every know about your ride here. There are people who ride an ATV, then there are those who ride Side x Side units. Of course there are motorcycles also. So let's get together on here and see what other's have to say about their rides.

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Do some spiders leave a scent trail ? Answered

 I didn't think so but a colleague told me of his recent experience; He was in the living room watching TV and a huge spider came in along the floor. He is scared of spiders and sat there transfixed. He said it was the biggest spider that  he had ever seen.  He and his partner squashed it, ( stupid humans), and threw it in the bin. The next day he was in the same place and a big, (but not as big ), spider came along and did the exact same route through the room. He said that it was a very unusual route to take but he knew that it was identical because he had studied both of them with absolute fear-based attention. So apart from making him feel guilty about killing the first one he wondered if spiders leave a scent. I can't find any answer on google so I'm asking anyone who may have knowledge of spiders? Thank you. I can't seem to find a suitable channel so I've chosen camping in the hope that some outdoor type will know.

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I found people hate this.

I found people hate it when you are passing someone and barreling down the road straight at them really fast and turn off at the last moment. oh yea, i dont have school tomorrow, lol im listening to... Sublime - Santeria sucks about bradley though

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Is it posssible to change the regular flash on a game trail camera to infrared? Answered

I have several older game trail cameras that have a bright flash. The newer cameras have infrared flash and do not scare animals like the regular flash.

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I have some wildlife around my property and am not allways there to get photos. Would love a way to take photos without having to be around. I thought it would be cool if a homemade solar panel could recharge the battery for long lasting photo taking abilities. Any suggestions or ideas would be much appreciated. I am no to savy so help is needed.

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Does anyone know of a combination photocell & timer controller for a low voltage outdoor lighting project?

Looking for a combi photocell & timer light controller for use in solar powered outdoor trail lighting project that can turn on set of lights at dusk and off after 2-3 hours to conserve battery life. Preferably the switch/controller would be cheap, durable, and weatherproof.  Thanks for any info, Jake

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How do I rip sounds from older games? Answered

I'm attempting to create a content pack for a Minecraft mod, and need old gun sounds. Anyway, I remembered an older game (not DOS era) game, Oregon Trail, and thought I could rip the sounds out of it, since it had some nice gun sounds from the hunting sections. Anyway, usually this wouldn't be a problem, but that's only if the sound files are either .wav or .raw (which I can expand using audacity), but ... well... as you can see, I don't have anything to work with here. If someone can point me to the proper file, I can probably extract the sounds from there (I have another windows PC I can use if necessary)  Note that the folder labeled "CD" is a direct copy of the game CD. Cheers! ~Alt

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back packing sauna problem. i want to make a portable heat and steam source for a small 2 man tent sized sauna?

I am trying to design a lightweight portable steamer for a back packing sauna. i do not want to use hot rocks as this is time consuming an the rocks are not always available. idealy the heat source would be outside of the sauna and the steam piped in. i am not sure how much water it is going to take, which means i may have to have some way keeping the boiler etc topped up from a plastic container. i have considered using a conventional wood burning stove with a coil of copper pipe within but cannot get my head around how this would work with out a  kettle type reservoir to hear the water, if the water was just heated in the copper pipe coil fed from a lightweight water container i would imagine i would then need much less heat, help please.

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Wheelchair mountain bike

Hi guys, I have an idea for a go anywhere buggy that I can use on mountain bike trails instead of my wheelchair. I have a very basic design of my idea and need advice on where to go from here. I have a very rough sketch of my idea. But I have no idea of how to use AutoCAD or do anything else with this fantastic little device. So I thought I would ask all of you guys for your input. In the attached sketch. The pink represents a rigid frame. The green is suspension. The black is bicycle tires appropriate for your needs. The blue is an adjustable net seating. And the gray is batteries and motors. However my son informs me that it is possible to put the motor in the hub of the wheel. Which sounds like an excellent idea to me! My idea is to hang the frame from the suspension above the wheels.  And balance the weight of the occupant(s) and the batteries. I think that this has potential for many other applications, but I just want to go play in the woods and the beach again!

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How do I make a nice fireball effect (that can move around with a trail) in Adobe After Effects 6.5 Educational Version?

I only have Educational Version. It has all of the pro features (except Cycore, and that sucks). I want to make a fireball that burns with ash shooting up. I also want to be able to manipulate a trail whenever it moves. I really need some help.

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Missing Episode of Spy-force?

Hello :D i am trying to find a episode of the television series Spy-force- Episode 41 ( i think), named "the trail" (or something similar) if anyone knows where i can find this or can give me a link,etc, please post thanks AAG

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Funding for projects?

Has anyone ever gotten outside funding for a project you were building? I have an idea for a device to make our local greenway trail safer but my investment in it would be at least a couple hundred dollars. I'm looking for ideas to gather outside funding for the project because it will benefit everyone who uses those trails. Because i am an individual and not an organization, my chances of getting grant money (even a mere $200) are slim.

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Winter Olympics and Instructables Robot ?

Does anyone see a resemblance between the Vancouver Olympics symbol (Inuit trail cairn) and the Instructables Robot?  Just curious.

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Lost Gps Signal

I want to map out a mountain bike trail with lots of trees and valleys. I can't get a signal with my GPS. Any suggestions to boost the range?

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a good video convertor?

 that can convert AVI to RMVB and dosent have any water marks and no price or trail

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Getting the right battery for what i have?

Recently brought a RC4WD Trail Finder 2 with Novak Eiger Crawling ESC/Rock Star Brushed Motor Crawler System (45T). I wanted to see if anyone can help me get the best battery setup for what I have. What i plan to do with the truck is do some light to moderate crawling and some trails. Need a battery that I can run the longest between charges. LiFe, or A123. price is no issue. thanks in advance.

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we want to make a picnic table out of downed trees- anyone know how? Answered

We are making picnic tables for a nature trail and want to use natural resources- need to know how

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Will a 700x38 bike tire fit on a wheel that is currently a 700x28?

My wife and I recently started bicycle touring. She is not too comfortable on certain trails/roads with a narrower tire on her bike.

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Cavity mold for aircraft wing

I am using Alibre Pro. I want to make a cavity mold for a airplane wing. The leading edge is straight to a point then curves to the tip. The trailing edge is curved but is not the same as the leading edge. Does anyone have an idea how to do this.

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From Anime to Reality

Someone was such a fan of Akira that they recreated Kaneda's bike from the manga and the movie. The bike is actually street legal and I'm looking forward to reports of it tearing it up in Neo Tokyo in vicious street gang battles. Extra bonus points if it manages to create light trails. Link

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An Idea for a future contest? (Updated)

Come the season, how about a snowman contest?Good entries should include construction techniques, but should also show some skill, imagination, humour and possibly topicality.Source of the ideaActually, why not make it a native materials sculpting contest?Such in Grizedale Park Sculpture Trail

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swarm bots...

I was watching the discovery channel a while ago and on a show abbout robots, the spoke of small robots called swarm bots. the seem to sense distance from each other and are able to trail each other single file, or (i'm sure) other formations. i would like to know if anyone could help me replicate this effect, but on a slightly larger scale.

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KITEMAN has died...

RANDOFO has exhaustion, NACHO has drowned, and GMJHOWE has dysentery (and measles. And cholera. Idk why it has a hate on for him, but it sure does...)>_<When I first saw that Nacho and Kiteman had died, I started to freak, then remembered it was just a cruddy little simulation.I gotta stop naming my trail buddies after people I know. It's too traumatic.You remember the ORIGINAL Oregon Trail, yes? Not the sissy versions with their fancy-pants "gui"s and "icons" - I mean the Real Gamer's OT. It's baaack! You can play it online and relive all those wonderful memories! Linky You probably already know about this one, but I'm sharing it anyway! :DWhether you name your people after enemies and drive them to the brink (as cameron says - Tiny meals, Grueling pace, and NO REST. MAN UP.), or name them after friends and loved ones and pamper them, there's just something about playing Oregon Trail...Which way do you play? Bataan death march, or 4 month exclusive get-away mobile spa for pioneers?There are a couple things I don't get about the game, however. Like what's with the "peperony and cheese"? And how come all the names are in all caps? You clicked on 992 lbs of this forum topic, but can only carry 100 lbs back to the wagon.

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why isn't atv offroad fury running correctly? Answered

I ripped the iso of atv offroad fury to my computer and put it in the iso folder in the root of my memory stick. then I tried to play it, but it stays on the "atv offroad fury blazin trails" screen. no matter what I do.

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Ice Alaska Venue

The World Ice Art Championships are held in the Ice Park in Fairbanks, Alaska. In 2009 the venue may move to North Pole, Alaska. Each team is provided with a site on a looping trail through the park. The sites are surrounded by small black spruce are double as R.V. parking in the summer. In 1999 I rented chainsaws from the blue bus for the competition.

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Scholarship Roomba Create Idea: Mouse Trap

My idea is for the robot to be a mouse hunter. I know this sounds far fetched, but all you have to do is load it with peanut butter. To describe the trap: You attach a capacitor, and leave the circuit open. The robot remains unmoving, and waits for the mouse to go for the peanut butter. When the mouse steps on the two separated plates, attached to the Create, the mouse closes the circuit, releasing the charge in the capacitor, killing it instantly. (A disposable camera works great for this, it has capacitor and voltage needed to kill a mouse.) The Create would search for either movement via IR, or, if possible, UV reflections from the ground. Mice leave trails of urine that reflect UV light. These trails give the Create an excellent place to set the trap. Once the charge of the capacitor is released, the Create will sound an alarm and flash an LED. Perhaps scooping the mouse into it's undercarriage and moving on to find another ideal trap site.

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What can i make a frame for a dune buggy out of?

I am 17 and i am building a 2 seater dune buggy meant for offroad. Not for heavy offroading likes jumps but able to keep up with regular trails. I have acess to a decent amount of tools like a mig welder. How ever i dont have a tubing bender and i do not know enough to build my own frame from scratch. Does anyone know what i can build a dune buggy based off? So far ive heard using a golf cart frame and an old volkswagon beetle type 1 frame are the best. I am trying to keep costs low so i cant afford to order a kit. Any ideas?

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The Sliding Rocks of the Racetrack Playa Mystery

"One of the most interesting mysteries of Death Valley National Park is the sliding rocks at Racetrack Playa (a playa is a dry lake bed). These rocks can be found on the floor of the playa with long trails behind them. Somehow these rocks slide across the playa, cutting a furrow in the sediment as they move. "The Question remains: "How do they move?"LINK

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Motion sensor distance? Answered

What is a motion sensor detection range? (I need 500'+) aware that it is less so my question becomes how or can I extend its minimum to the range I need or farther which would be best for my need(s) I was thinking adding a magnifying lens? is that plausible? / is there other thechnology that could be used to detect an animal in your yard or path while hiking in dangerous trails

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Has anyone made a rabbit-run inside their house?

I have a rabbit in a large cage in the garage. I would like to give it more room for exercise, but don't want to have it loose chewing everything up. I'm thinking of making a rabbit run to other parts of the garage or house. Like a long and very skinny cage with a larger cage at either end, or hubs with trails in-between.

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How to make a cheap remote control Igniter?

Does anyone know how to make a remote igniter for pyrotechnics? Don't worry I'm not a terrorist, I just need one for an upcoming RC Air Show, we're doing WWII dogfights and we need smoke trails. I was thinking of using a shock collar for training dogs, but at +40 dollars, it's a bit expensive.  Thanks  

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blinking LEDs

I'm planning a sort of a Halloween Scavenger hunt. I'm planning to hide boxes along a wooded trail, each with a blinking red LED on top, which is what seekers would look for. I suppose that this is a super-simple question, but I've got no real experience in electronics. But I do work well with instructions. I would like to do about ten of these, so I would appreciate any advice on how to cheaply create a bunch of blinking LED beacons. THANKS!!!!

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Bizzare Google Earth images of my home town.

I was fiddling around with google earth the other day when I realized that I've never looked at the area around my home town in Nebraska. I dialed in the coordinates and pulled up the satellite images, and what I found was so profoundly strange that I felt compelled to share it. What you are seeing here are topographical images of prairie land and cows. The land consists of small rolling hills of dry grassland, and as you can see, the only landmarks to speak of are the cattle stock tanks. These tanks are essentially circular, large, metal, outdoor swimming pools, some as wide as 30 feet across. The tanks are placed on some of the higher hills with a windmill powered pump to keep the tank full of fresh water. Cattle are then let loose on the land to graze on grass and drink from the tanks. Over time the cattle wear down paths in the grass leaving only dusty trails concentrated around the tanks. I am speculating here a bit, but my theory is that rainfall then follows these trails down the hills and creates the strange, vein like lines through the grass. I don't know how long the area has been used for keeping cattle, but my father grew up here and will be able to tell me more later. The final image is of the developed farm land a little closer to civilization. Most people don't know this, but Nebraskans are really into pie charts. Ok, that may be just me, these are are the patterns left by automatic springler systems. They are literally "crop circles" as corn and sugar beets are only planted within the area that the center pivot sprinkler can reach. PS: These stock tanks are ripe with salamanders, but I still have yet to learn how they got in tanks in the first place? It's too dry to walk to the tanks, and they are pretty far from natural water anyway. There is a massive aquifer underneath all of this, maybe they get pumped up into the tanks? Can salamanders live in aquifers?

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How can i transfer only schematics (layout) on PCB? Answered

Hi everyone and sorry for my english. I have a inkjet and a deskjet printer. I dont want to spent anymore on printers... I want to transfer only schematics (layout) on pcb, because i have a pcb marker to make the trail, or how it`s call. the UV method i dont know if i can do it, because in every tutorial they say about toner printer and special plastic sheet (i think). if anyone have an idea about how to. please help !!

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Using an LED to write or draw onto paper?

Last night i went to a bar in brixton after seeing massive attack. In the bar there were frames on the walls with white paper inside and we were given LED torches similar to these LED Torch. When the torch is on you can use it to write or draw onto the frame and it leaves a glowing trail which slowly fades. I really want to know how its done, as it was very entertaining and quite trippy and i want to make one myself. If anyone has any ideas please reply.Cheers

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What should I bring to eat on a camping trip when I just got braces?

I go lightweight camping/hiking, and usually just bring granola or trail mix to eat, since it's dry and doesn't need refrigeration. Unfortunately, I just got my braces and now I can barely chew anything solid, and to make matters worse, the codes in my area make it so I can't use a stove or make a fire or anything like that. Any suggestions on what to bring for food?

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today at school

I was pushed down the stairs, and it hurt, so i told the principal, and then i went to class and got in trouble cause i didnt have a note, isnt that messed up? oh yeah, i put a little diy amp i found in my shed on my bike with 4" 10watt pioneer speakers, it sounds really good, not the best but when you cant hear people going around you on the bike trail, it scares the hell out of me when they zoom past, still its pretty kool and has pretty good bass

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Solar powered wireless webcam

Hello, I would like to make a bird box that has a wireless webcam attached and transmits to a nearby android tablet.  My problem is how to power the webcam because I cannot have electrical leads trailing around the garden.  Has anyone ever tried to connect a webcam to a solar panel.  What type of panel would be needed?  how would they connect? Is it even possible? I'm more used to building the actual bird boxes. I haven't a clue about webcams and solar panels, so any advice would be really welcome. Thanks.

Topic by artworkmonkey  

Help me fix my wheel? Answered

 Okay, so awhile ago I slid my bike on a wet bike trail... (Thats what I get for turning fast after it rained...) And ever since, the back wheel wobbles and rubs against my brake so that I can't ride it... The wheel didn't get moved when I crashed, the nuts are still tight on the axle, and the brake is aligned right. How do I fix this?? Oh also since it wobbles the chain slips too... I would prefer not to buy a new wheel.

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Rapid Pulse LED Program

Hi there! I have successfully been making some LED hula-hoops but my ultimate challenge lies before me: I want to program colour-changing LEDs so that they pulse ultra-fast and appear 'white' when at standstill but leave rainbow trails when they move. I believe it to be an optical illusion caused by the pulsing... I assume this requires a PIC program but I have no idea where to start or even if I am on the right track - does anyone out there know how I might achieve this? thanking you in advance, Amelia

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An Odd Walk

Me, my brother, my dad, and my uncle are going to Alaska in my uncle's RV. We stopped at an RV park today that has some trails nearby. They're really just dirt ATV tracks, and I'm not sure how far the RV park people meant for them to go, but I followed them quite a ways (a mile? two miles?) to a recently paved path four or five feet wide. It looked like something fairly major, so I followed it a couple miles. It had benches along it and must have taken a lot of effort to make, so I was surprised that I never saw anyone else on it. Eventually I saw something off behind a hill that looked like well (if that's what you call it) for a uranium mine. As I got closer I saw two sheds, a picnic table, some things that looked like small sandbags hanging from metal frames, something big and wood on the side of hill that vaguely made me think of a catapult without it's throwing arm, and some other stuff I didn't get close enough to describe because a hawk started to look very annoyed with me. I walked back to camp, wondering the whole time what in the world all that stuff was. I never actually saw either end of the paved trail, although I saw that it did continue past all the stuff. I also never saw anyone else on it. ??? What the heck is all that?

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remote control light

I'm working on a sort of a scavenger hunt thing. Night time on an outdoor trail. For one station I would like to have a set-up where a seeker would press a button (like a doorbell) which would light an LED, telling them where to look. I know that I could connect a battery, a button, and some sort of a light using actual wire, but it would be great if I could do this wirelessly. It would only have to work over a short distance (a few dozen feet at most) and only for one evening. I'm not especially electronics-savvy, but I work well with instructions. I'd appreciate any leads!!!

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strange motor driver (early stepper?) what do you think?

Hello everybody, i got this motor out a damaged cine cam.playing about attaching power to the trailing wires from the board i get 2 speeds. orange -0v green +6v high speed brown +6v low speed motor makes a nice thrumming noise as it runs.looking forward to using it in something. putting power direct to the motor wires is quite unresponsive. going to try a pot between the 2 +ves that, work maybe getting variable speed. (puting the +ves together got the same high speed as just the green wire) anybody recognize this system? know how it works? thanks

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How do I construct a Pneumatic Cylinder?

I would like to know if anyone has made a Pneumatic cylinder out of an old Coleman Lantern green gas tank. Or What about making out of PVC? I'm making a halloween prop that it using a door closure as a piston. It needs about 60 to 70 pounds of pressure per use and will be fired about 10 times. It uses up about 5 pds of pressure on each firing. Any ideas on making a cheap regulator for this would be helpful too. The prop will be outside in the woods for a haunted trail. So having it self contained would be nice. I didn't want to run an air hose 150' to make it operate. Thanks.

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