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knex trailer.

Hey guys, im am not a huge fan of knex, but i decided to use my collection for this build i'm doing.  I am working on a Logging trailer for my RC car.  I have the knex hock up for the car itself and it is very strong.  I didnt even have to glue it or anything (I was pretty proud, haha) anyway, I build a strong frame for the trailer, but when too much force is applied the stick pieces come apart from the connector pieces.  I had idea to inertwine sting in between all of the pieces to keep its shape, but I wanted to know if anyone else had any other ideas. Thanks  P.S.= if it is needed to get a better idea, I can try and post pictures of the trailer.  

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Wood trailer

Hi Joined this interesting website today When the spring comes, a trailer made off wood will be built. So far, a cheap small trailer from 1977 is bought and will be modified The Sketchy drawing program is used to plan how it will look A picture of the original trailer and two screenshots from the program are attached Pictures will be taken during building and will be included in a new instructable later

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Bicycle Trailer

Hi everyone I am going to start buildin a cycle (bike) trailer but is there a law what says it can't be bigger then.......? Please? Thank you  :-)  From Kris in England 

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Bicycle trailer bed?

Has any one seen a Bicycle trailer that turns in to a sleeping trailer. and yes I have looked on the web I'm looking to build one.

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Camper Trailer DIY

My husband has this obsession with building his own camper trailer. Does anyone know the proper way to go about this, or have any suggestions?

Topic by jkw0322  

Trailer for RC truck

Hey guys, I am not much of a knex guy, but I made a strong trailer for my RC truck to pull around at the campsite to collect firewood (just sticks haha) anyway I made a knex "adaptor" for the car, but I cant figure out a way to make a strong connection between the car and the trailer.  Can someone help me out???

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compact car trailer

I drive a small car and was wondering how i could get a good sized trailer.  One day i was looking at old vw ads on youtube and i came across this;=related i was wanting to see what other people thought about this system and how to build it 

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jogger to bike trailer?

I have the Baby trends expedition double jogging stroller with the fixed wheel. I just want to attach it to my bike. Is it possible?

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Bike trailer coupling device

Hello,            Have just made a bike trailer and used two  suspension forks  from the front wheel of a scrap bike to mount two 20 inch bmx wheels.Now the frame of the trailer is betweeen 5 and 10 cm below the level of the bike rack on the rear of my bike . Any suggestions as to how to couple the trailer to the bike? If needed I can provide photos if that would help

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tapping into trailer electrical adapter

Because I am an OCD nerd I am already looking forward to next Christmas... and wondering if I can hang a wreath on my spare tire -- and light it using my jeep's trailer electrical hookup. Thanks for any info!!

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The Brickster 2 SLDS Trailer

Well I was bored one day and I just discovered I had windows movie maker on my computer so I made this. My next step, get a facebook and youtube account (or at least google video). LMAO!

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Pop Up Camp Trailer

I would like to paint my trailer to look like a gypsy wagon. I would like it to look like wood and bricks any suggestion on what type of paint to use I want to paint it by hand. Should I sand it first. Any suggestion would be help full. Thank you.

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Voltage regulator for trailer brakes

Im planning on building a motorized trailer dolly for my travel trailer, however i want to make a dead mans switch for the trailer brakes.  I was wondering if I took apart an old cordless drill if I could use the trigger as a voltage regulator to regulate the voltage to the trailer brake system.  Without getting into specifics of how it will connect to the regulator, I figure I would have like a bike brake handle that while applied the trailer brakes would be off, but if released that the trailer brakes would be applied incase the trailer started to roll away from you. Any suggestions other than "Go buy a trailer brake controller" would be appreciated! :)

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Is it illegal to use bicycle trailers?

Right, so I want to build a bicycle trailer that will carry a kayak and also is used for something else, but that's for an iBle, and not the point. As we all know, bicycles are considered vehicles in all 50 states. But, trailers that are pulled by motor vehicles have to have registration and tags. Is it so with bicycles? I don't want to break any laws, so if anyone has an answer, I'd appreciate it!

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Collapsible bike camper trailer

A friend of mine once told me about a camper that his grandfather had built for his truck. It was about 8x4 and folded out to hold a kitchen, a living space, a batheroom, 2 single bunks, a hammock, and a queen sized air mattress. It was made on a wooden base with canvas for the expansion. I don't really understand the details, but it and stumbleupon gave me a marvelous idea (see picture below for stumbleupon's imput). I would like to design a bike trailer that uses two bike wheels and is about 3' tall by 4' long  by 2' wide when collapsed, excluding tires and tire attachments. It would fold out with a tent material for walls, and be about 6' by 8' by 4', respectively. I don't know a whole lot about how to support it, but i was thinking something that would slide out on rails, or collapsible poles which would have poles that could come down to an adjustable length at all the corners, then lock as to provide added stability. A problem i foresee is the tires getting in the way of folding out, so i might want it to be 4' wide to start with and then not have to deal with expanding that way, and just have a method to extend it lengthwise. I'll be posting an instructable on it when i finish, but i would like some community input on the project as i'm working on it. Flaws in my plan, materials that would be useful, experience in sewing materials, things to consider are all welcome. I'll also upload pictures of my designs as i go through them. Thanks for reading, and i hope you comment. Unless you just read the end. Then you're lame.

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Anyone got an idea how to make a garden tralier with an acutator on it?

Im planning on making a garden trailer to tow behind the mower im wondering if any one has plans how to make them with a electric acuator on it.

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Where can I find something like this or similar thaat could work ?

Hello,  My CCM trailer front wheel pin is broken and I can't find anywhere this part or something similar.  Can somebody tell me where I can find a part like this or something that could work? Thank you.  daniela 

Question by DanielaA43    |  last reply

Power a trailer with a generator connected to the axle? Answered

I just rewired the family's "camping trailer" and the next project that I have to tackle is power. Don't ask why we need a bunch of power when camping, it makes stuff more fun. Anyhow two of the ideas my dad and I have are theoretically easy. The first one is something that is really simple, just some solar cells. However my initial  thought is that it may not be enough to power the car/marine batteries on the trailer in a manageable amount of time (with a small budget). The second idea is to connect a generator head(s) to the axle of the trailer, so whenever we are driving the trailer (often for about an hour on the highway) the batteries are charging My questions are, what type of generator heads (if that is what I want) should I use? What type of gearing would I need? Could this be worked on a humble budget? Would this be practical for charging car/marine batteries? Thanks, Jake J

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Trailers From Hell - weekend watching

This site has a large number of movie trailers with commentaries. See Galaxy of Terror for a good one. (it won't embed as it's JWPlayer) I'm away for the weekend, bye!

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New post: Teardrop Trailer Plans

Hi everyone, I just wanted to post my newest instructable--now that Spring is here, you should check out how to build a teardrop trailer and paint it with crazy murals. Here is the link.

Topic by MakeItWithJason  

Trailer (from old truck) Differential can Seize?

Do i recall correctly? Can the wheels seize up because of an issue with the differential?

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I would like to get instructions how to build a detachable bicycle trailer for a canoe?

The trailer must be light yet strong enough to carry a 16 ft canoe. The trailer must be detachable in order to fit in the canoe along with the mountain bike. I would like the trailer to be pulled from under the seat instead of the side rear axle area.

Question by cdncycler    |  last reply

1000 watt inverter to power treadmill motor and controller?

I was planning to use a treadmill motor and controller that I found in the trash on a bicycle trailer to power it,geared down for slow speed with sprockets,since the motor is rated at 130 volts dc there was no way I was going to put that many batteries in for fun I hooked it up to a 1000 w inverter and a single 12 v battery and it runs great. does anybody see any unforeseen disasters,not including a long visit to the hospital. has anybody tried this yet and not failed miserably ? ? I'm also curious on run time under load and with about 200 amp hrs @ 12v. any other nut jobs out there ? 

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How do you back up a trailer?

I absolutely can not back up a trailer.  We use trailers all of the time, from hauling rocks after rock hunting to setting up for a craft show.  I'm doing great going forward.  However, I can not back up on my own.  Sometimes it is impossible to "pre-plan" my path so that it includes no backing up. Gloflyer

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Roland Big Boy ball trailer hitch?

I have one of the above trailers, the ball hitch should be secured to the cycle saddle clamp, however I am unable to re sucure the clamp tight enough to stop the saddle rotating and the saddle dropping down. I have seen a clamp which secures to the actual seat post and the ball hitch is secured to that, i am unable to locate such a clamp, I am sure someone will know or can help me find this item. I am having to use my trailer as a hand cart at present for going to the allotment each day. Please help if you can. Thank you Joanna

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Knex Commando C-7 V1 Trailer

This is my single shot sniper rifle version of DJ Radio's Ar-4 V3. Hope you enjoy.

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Leds on trailer still on even if the car is off

So, I changed tail light on my trailer for new led ones the problem is the car outputs 12v at all time (which is normal) 12v then splits to 6v. But when 6v is comming to led light its slightly light up (the lights are 12v 0,5w). when i switch on lights, 12v is comming to led lights and they work how they should. So I need a way to light up the leds only at 12v any ideas ?

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need help with design/placement of actuator or similar to raise and lower trailer gate.

My dad lost his leg but walks with a prosthesis he also only has use of 1 arm. What we are trying to do is make it so he can raise and lower his trailers gate using one simple control. He uses the trailer to transport his scooter which he rides when he cant walk long distances. Right now i have a hand powered boat winch going from the fender to the gate but its difficult to operate. What id like to do is use an actuator or something similar and have it powered by his wiring harness or even a battery on the trailer with a solar charger. I cant wrap my head around the design and placement atm so im asking for help. this is basically the same trailer model

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Can I build a bicycle cargo trailer using a Hitchhiker child's seat attachment as the base?

I'm trying to build a bicycle cargo trailer. I was talking with a guy at my local hardware store about what I could use for a wheel base. He found a used Hitchhiker child's bicycle seat attachment frame and sold it to me for cheap. He said it was a child carrier, but on closer inspection I've found that it's just an attachment that adds an extra seat to your bike for a child to sit on. From looking at it I can't tell how I could fit the components of a cargo trailer on it and I can't find instructions for how to use it on Instructables.  Any ideas? Thanks a lot!

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is there a way to covert house trailer axle hub to a 5 or 6 lug hub?

I have a flat bed trailer with house trailer axles. I want convert just the hubs to today's convential type hubs.

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Need Recommendations for cheap frame materials

I have a scheme to build a kid carrier that is sort of a combination of a rickshaw, a stroller and a bike trailer. I'm thinking about using PVC for the frame, but wanted other ideas from you clever, creative people. Here are the requirements: - cost effective: titanium molded rebar may be nice, but I don't have that kind of money. - fairly strong: I'm hoping to fit 4 kids in this thing, and as such I need something that will be strong enough to hold them. - light weight: I'll be pulling this by hand, possibly over uneven terrain, so it can't weigh a ton. - easy: I have no skills or equipment for welding, so I need something that will be fairly easy to cut and assemble. - available: It needs to be something that can be procured fairly easily from a hardware store, online store, junkyard, etc.So far, the best ideas I've come up with are: - pvc - fits all the above criteria, with the possible exception of structural integrity. Anyone ever used this for framing stuff? - angle iron - could get a little heavy if I'm not careful, and I'd have to cover it to prevent injuries. - bamboo - strong and light-weight, and reasonably easy to work with, but not very readily available.Any other recommendations?

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Im wanting to attach a trailer to my mountain bike. Answered

Id like to set it up as if it was on car trailer hitch.Centered on the rear of the bike.Id like to have it supported on both sides of the frame.Anyone have any suggestions? I dont have any welding skills or equipment.

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I want to make a tent trailer for a bicycle that can be pulled behind the bicycle. How can I make one?

The bike tent trailer must be easy and light to pull yet be able to carry camping gear ontop of the tent while it collapsed.

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Wallace & Gromit/ Saw 3 Trailer Mash-Up

This is... concerning.

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What is the CHEAPEST way to fix a BAD roof on a trailer?

The roof on our trailer (mobile home) is dying a gruesome death....any helpful tips would be MOST appreciated! _Sincerely, tamarack1pines

Topic by tamarack1pines    |  last reply

Can you Help Me Build a Bike Trailer in NYC?

Hi there!  I am looking for someone in New York City/Brooklyn that can help me build a bike trailer. I volunteer with an organization called Rescuing Leftover Cuisine and we deliver food that would otherwise be wasted, to local homeless shelter and soup kitchens. We are expanding from Manhattan into Brooklyn and will need to use a bike trailer!  If you know how to build a cheap, sturdy, light bike trailer--- please let me know!  THANKS!  Cate and RLC Team

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What type of lighting would you suggest for a trailer? Answered

My father recently bought an enclosed trailer to haul his tools in.  With daylight being so scarce in the Fall I thought it would be nice if it had a light source (or multiple) to illuminate it so he doesn't have to bring a flashlight with him to see inside.  I'd need it to be something that runs on 12 volts or less which I can take from the trailer hookup.  I was thinking maybe some led strips like the ones all over eBay but I thought I'd check here and see if anyone had any suggestions. 

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Help with getting a car on a trailer (More difficult then it sounds)? Answered

I recently purchased another car to restore, a 1962 Ford Fairlane, for $200.  Its in great shape, however, the brakes have locked up and none of the wheels turn, other then that I would drive it the 300km to my home.  However, I can't drive out there continually to work on it until it is road worthy, and because snow is coming I planned on hauling it home on a trailer.  The problem lies in getting the car on the trailer.  We tried winching it up the ramps onto the Low-boy trailer, however, because the wheels don't turn, it pulled the trailer and my friends 1 ton truck around.  So my question is; How can I get the car onto the trailer, which are both on a level surface (The trailer is about a foot off the ground) using a winch?  It does have to be readily and cheaply available fix, but anything will do (Jacks, winches, anything!  If you can think of a way to get it on there with dog sh1t then I will use dog sh1t!) I need a good, solid, well though out/engineered plan preferably by the end of the week!  And I thank everyone ahead of time for anything you may post, because it may not be the solution, but it may pave the road to a solution! ***I have included a very detailed sketch of the situation, done by a professional artist, and the scene is very accurate to the circumstances.  Level ground, accurate representation of the type of trailer I am using and the car I intend to put on the trailer.***

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How can I manufacture a bike trailer coupler to replicate this one? Answered

We recently bought a secondhand InStep brand bike trailer to haul the kids around in.  It came with one coupler.  I'd like another one that I can attach to a second bike so we can easily move the trailer from one to the other. The couplers are available online for around $10, but for various reasons I prefer not to buy that way.  I'd rather try to make something that will work, buying materials locally.  I've looked at several trailer coupler Instructables, but none of them seem like they'd work with this trailer"s tongue, and I don't want to modify it, since it works just fine with the existing coupler. Any suggestions for a way to make a good, strong, secure coupler?

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Help loading a wide load onto a narrow trailer?

I'm looking for some ideas on how to get a small 1940's AC Combine (farm machinery) onto a trailer without having to dismantle it.  It weighs about 3000# so not too heavy but the 2 wheels are about 104" apart (wide) so they won't fir onto a normal deckover style trailer (96" wide).  Once I can get it on the trailer, I plan to set it down on blocks and chain it down.  The problem - how to get it ONTO the trailer. Seems I have 2 options - 1) rig up something to make the ramps and trailer wider (just for loading) OR 2) rig up something with wheels that will bolt to the axle BUT be narrow enough to fit onto the trailer ..... sort of like a dolly.  Option 2 presents a bit of a problem in making sure the "dolly wheels" clear the combine's axle since they'll be underneath it. Thanks for your advice/ideas.

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Modern Warfare 2 Trailer... WHAT DID IT MEAN?!?!

If you have seen the Modern warfare 2 trailer you are probably as puzzled as I am , Come on lets figure this mystery outhere is the link

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bicycle, bicycle trailer, pram and fortunate events...yay...

I will try and get some photos but alas, I have only a web camera. We had a German guy live with us for a 14 months and he left me his bicycle, and for NZ$50 which was great it has 30 gears, he left us 2 months ago. I picked up a pram and a little thing like a hamper trolley with no basket on it from a rubbish pile during an inorganic rubbish collection and the pram had single hooked handles. I picked up some galvanized tubing from a rubbish bin...I asked the worksite foreman could I look through the rubbish bin 9 moonths ago...I think thieves dump stuff in worksite rubbish, I came to Instructibles after browsing computer forums for 4 years...yay, I am here...and I saw the articles about the bicycle trailers and realized I had a bicycle. I can add so put 2 and 2 together and came up with 1 1/2 so went to work and built a bicycle trailer. It took me 2 hours maybe 3 and it works great. I am so pleased, I have an idea to offer computer and computer peripherial cleaning as a local service and the bicycle trailer may come in hady for pickups and deliverys and I have already practiced using the trailer to transport repaired LCD monitors to the PostShop after I repaired them, and how lucky I was for to get them repaired, phew...I am so happy...and...Jesus loves me...or from what I remember of Him he loves me...

Topic by NickEloFun_1  

Insane Wario Destroys Youtube Aka the New Best Website Besides Instructables

This may seem like an ordinary trailer but watch till the end. It seems so normal but gets crazy! Note: It's a youtube video. Watch Now

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How do you fool a vehicle in to thinking it has a trailer with electric brakes attached? Answered

I am working on a vehicle and trailer testing box. I would like to have a circuit built in to it that makes a truck think there is a trailer attached and will send out voltage on the wire for the electric brakes. This is so I can have a volt meter measuring how much voltage the truck is sending and make sure it is linear. Would hooking up two 6ohm load resistors in parallel to the blue (brake) and white (ground) wires off of a pigtail plugged in to the 7way plug on the truck make it think there is a trailer connected and therefor send voltage, or does the truck sense a trailer hook up a different way?

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How much angle or curve needed for bike trailer tow-bar?

I want to make a trailer for my bike, but am confused about all the various types/styles of D.I.Y. tow-bars I see being made/ does the curve/bend of the tow-bar affect whether the trailer will track correctly behind the bike? If the trailer does not track correctly behind the bike then the tires will be ruined over time, and it will cause more 'drag' (harder to pull). I understand that the tow-bar needs to be able to clear the bike's back tire when turning, but if I put the wrong angle or curve in the tow-bar will it cause issues with keeping the trailer straight behind the bike and tracking properly?So how does someone determine the correct angle/curve of the tow-bar, besides trial and error and possibly wasted materials? Thank you for your time and assistance.

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