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transformerless ac to dc power supply conversion?

Input of AC supply is 24v  output wanted from in DC of 2.5amp Without using transformer. please help.

Question by snehap22    |  last reply

is it possible to use lm78xx to regulate electricity from the mains?

What if i use capacitors to lower the voltage from the mains, then rectify it. Is it possible to use any member of lm78xx IC family to regulate it?

Question by codestroy7    |  last reply

smallest way to convert AC mains to DC 12v? Is it safe to go transformerless? Answered

When you're space restricted (like behind power boards) what would be the best way to step down ac mains (220v 50Hz for me) to say 12v????? Also, Is it safe to make a transformerless power supply? Well, its not isolated from the mains, so........... Im not so confident..

Question by pro2xy    |  last reply

ransformerless Power Supply circuits

Pls Suggest some IC name for transformerless Power Supply circuits of 12VDC

Topic by tsihabudheen    |  last reply

11w soldering gun connected to a 110/220 inverter what would be the total electric use.?

11w soldering gun connected to a 110/220 inverter that is a transformerless kind for inductive loads, 3x4 inches,rated for2000w, I think there is only a single component in it,  what would be the total electric use.? after connecting this 110v 11w soldering gun to 220v ? thanks you in advance, my opinion inverter eats up some watt as well. Cheer Al Boz

Question by celalboz    |  last reply