Transmission swap?

Will the manual transmission off of a 4 cylinder s10 easily replace an automatic transmission on a V6 s10 of the same year?

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FM transmission in Canada

Anyone know what Canadian FM transmission laws are like? How powerful of a transmitter can one use? On what stations can one broadcast? Are there any other things that are important to keep in mind up there?

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Infinitely Variable Transmission?

Ok, so I have been looking at this thing called the D-drive and it inspired me to come up with my own IVT design which was solid gears for max torque handling and still could change speed and direction easily and smoothly. This is what I came up with and I would like to hear your opinions on it.  It starts with input to a differential, one side of which is inverted and the other isn't before returning to a second reverse powered differential.  The two sides are slowed using a fluid braking system which has a rotor powered by the side's drive-line, and a flow limiting valve to apply resistance.  As one side slows the other accelerates.  When there is no brake power on either side you have reached a powered neutral, and when the second side is braked the direction changes and accelerates. So, will it work? How practical is it? Are you going to say it sucks, then steal my idea?

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Wireless Power Transmission

Nikola Tesla's grandest vision was the transmission of large amounts of power without wires. His work in this area was abandoned by his contemporaries, and there is still much debate over if it could or could not work. I would like to hear your opinions on this. Do you think it is possible? Would it require only one transmitter, or several, spread across the globe? Would it be safe? Would it be worthwhile? Could Tesla's original spark gap circuit been sufficient to drive it? Or would it be better to use vacuum tubes or solid state setups? Would the operating frequency be very high or very low? Pictured below is how I think Tesla may have done it, based on the information I've seen. It's a bit over-simplified, but to the best of my knowledge, it covers most of what is needed. Please note that, although the transmitter terminals would be at a much higher elevation than pictured, the receiving terminals could stay at a relatively low elevation. This link is to a YouTube video of someone using a small Solid-State Tesla Coil for wireless power transmission: Edit: I had orriginally imagined that the system would work by capacitive coupling between the Ionosphere and the coils. Afterwards I realized that electrostatic capacitive coupling will decouple after seperation between two plates is greater than 1/2 the wavelength (or, at least in theory), so I personally abandoned the idea. The only problem is that I can't imagine how power would be sent to airplanes. Also, this is a very good read on the subject, from a very interesting site:

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Sonic data transmission?

This is just an idle thought, but I was reading a couple of ROV builds, and the one thing they all have in common is a tether - it's a fact of the world that very little in the way of radio signal can penetrate water. So... Could you send control signals to an ROV via sound or ultrasound?  Could beeps and clicks carry enough data, far enough, and clearly enough, to control an ROV? Even more fun, how much data could come back? Sensor readings? Images? Just throwing it out there for you to toy with, but it would be fun to have genuinely-remote control for this class of robot.

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video Transmission wirelessly

Hello, I wonder if someone can help. I need to transfer video wirelessly using basic 433 MHz RF. My problem is the data is more than 5 Mbps and I don't want to use WiFi because of high power consumption and health safety. let me explain it more: 1. The input data is the digital video (5 Mbps) >> compressed using video encoder >> transferred wirelessly. 2. Receive the data >> decompressed using video decoder >> display on tiny uLED screen 91X91 pixel. any one have an idea? Thanks Regards Nabeel  

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98 mazda protege tranny will not engage

1998 mazda protege. manual tranny. 1.5 motor. i can push in the clutch, put the shifter into any gear, let out the clutch, and go nowhere???? also, with either the clutch pushed in or let out, i can move the shifter in and out of all the gears and nothing happens. what would be your guess on the problem? thx, ray

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I need a gearbox

Hello all; I figure if anybody could help me with this, it would be here. I need a simple gearbox to connect a 8hp horizontal shaft gas engine to a propeller shaft, for installation in an 18ft crabbing skiff. I dont think I need any step down or up gears, just forward, neutral and reverse. Again, simplicity is the key. Any lawn tractor or riding mower I have looked at typically have the geabox/trans incorporated into the rear axle, and I don't want all those belts running around my bare feet. Any body got any ideas? Thanks-

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Force an automatic transmission into a gear?

Is it possible in the technological day and age to force a computer controlled automatic transmission to start in a higher gear like second.  About 90% of people will never need this, however out on the farm in a big diesel truck with 800lbs of torque you need it.  By starting in a higher gear it allows us to get through snow much better and this becomes extremely difficult with an automatic transmission.  Sure we can set the highest gear it will go into, but we can't lug through the snow and mud like we would like to.  Do any of you know of a chip out there already, or one you can make that will let you pick and chose your lowest gear.

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Transmission fluid on my cat

Well our van must have a leak or something, because the fur on one of my cat's backs is all spiky, and my dad says it smells like transmission fluid. He must have walked under where it was leaking. My dad says it's not dangerous as long as it doesn't touch his skin, but we're going so have to get it of somehow. Should we cut some of the hair off his back? Try to wash it off?

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Inductive power transmission for electrograf

Hi Guys and Gals,I'm a great fan of both the Electrograf and magnetic fridge lights instructables.Anybody have any idea as to the feasibility of building something similar, but where power was supplied inductively?Something like a large flat coil embedded just below the surface to which the leds are applied, and an AC current driving it? The leds would need careful preparation a la "magnetic fridge lights", but with a more substancial coil.I'm asking as I have no idea how large a voltage/current would be needed in practice in the primary coil to drive the 25mA or so at ~4V for the blue/white leds with what would probably be woeful power transmission.What would be nice is that the coil could be hidden and there be no wear-and-tear on a grid(which can't be varnished etc because it needs to stay electrically conductive).Also placement/orientation of leds could be arbitrary (subject to design of coil).

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Will a 49MHz transmission work underwater?

I'm building a small device that needs to go to a depth of only a few feet in swimming pool water (I'd say three feet at the most) working on an arduino. I wanted to make it radio controlled and was planning on using a standard 49Mhz RC car circuit connected to the arduino. I don't want to keep the antenna above the water line and was wondering if a 49 MHz would work underwater.  I know higher frequencies like those in Bluetooth don't work underwater.Preview Topic

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Will a 49MHz transmission work underwater? Answered

I'm building a small device that needs to go to a depth of only a few feet in swimming pool water (I'd say three feet at the most) working on an arduino. I wanted to make it radio controlled and was planning on using a standard 49Mhz RC car circuit connected to the arduino. I don't want to keep the antenna above the water line and was wondering if a 49 MHz would work underwater. Any help would be appreciated. :) I know higher frequencies like those in Bluetooth don't work underwater.

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Basic RF control transmission

My goal is to press a button on my transmitter side and have the receiver flip a relay - that's all.  It's probably the simplest possible use of RF technology...  and it's almost impossible to work out on google.  I am trying to transmit and receive just a simple control signal about a range of 300m, so dismantling 27Mhz toy cars is not an option.   Has anyone successfully made a simple RF circuit before? I can buy a 433Mhz transmitter with this range, but they take FSK or ASK modulated signals.  From what i can tell, there is nothing simpler than the 'OOK' version of ASK modulation for transmitting signals.  If I'm wrong, please correct me.  Otherwise, if I'm stuck with FSK or ASK.  I found one site (bottom of PDF: providing a simple circuit to produce FSK.  I was hoping for something simpler, but if you think this is the easiest way, i'll give it a shot. Can someone guide me towards the correct ICs and circuits to create this project? Thanks in advance for your help

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Why has my 2001 toyota manual transmission become hard to shift into 3rd and 4th?

It is a 5 speed. 1st, 2nd, and 5th shift normally. It feels like 3rd and 4th are going into gear shallow; some times they will pop out imediately after engaging. This condition just started.

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where on a 1998 Honda Accord will i find the pressure test port on my transmission ?

I am looking for the pressure test port on my 1998 honda accord transmission so i can do a pressure test to assure that there is enough pressure .  The problem that i am having is that its jerking /shifting harshly when going in any gear thanks

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dose any one know any thing about the SPICER 5652B TRANSMISSION?

I just got one because the guy was going to scrap it. all I know about it is it is a 5 ton 5 speed, and I have found the gear ratios. if you know anything at all please let me know.

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Convert a washing machine transmission to a gear reduction drive? Answered

I just completely disassembled an old washing machine. I noticed that if I could pop the transmission open and stop it from agitating it should work as a gear reduction drive that I could use for another project I'm working on. Before I get too far into this I figured I'd ask and see if what I want to do is even possible? As I understand it inside the transmission there is a gear with a rod attached kind of like the drive wheel on an old steam locomotive. It seems by either removing that entirely or maybe modifying it I should be able to get it to rotate in a single direction. Anyone with any experience know if this is even plausible?

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How to put an automatic car in neutral with a broken transmission? Answered

I have a van that has a broken transmission. I want to take it to the scrap yard to get it out of here. In order to do that I need it to be in neutral so I can move it. When I put the key in and shift it into neutral or any other gear, it doesn't do anything, It shifts smoothly.... not like a normal car. So my question is: How can I shift it into neutral without using the shift lever? Under the hood? It's a chrysler 1999 van

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F-N-R transmission from old ford Tranny

Okay I'm making a 2F1R (2 forward 1 rear) trike from and old 550 GSX Susuki. I have seen many builds for electric reverse drives. I want a Mechanical Drive F-N-R gearbox. I have never opened an transmission "YET" but Im about to. I have a Ford AOD Automatic Overdrive out of a F-150. Does anyone know how to get to the Planetary gears? Once I get them out I want to make a metal case to mount between the Engine and Rear Swingarm so that I can use the engine to power the reverse. Here n Georgia there are some very steep driveways and parking spots. I'll need the power from the 550cc engine to back out. Thats noping also I dont just spin the tire off doing it LOL

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Does anyone have tried to use a bicycle transmission for a multi-speed mechoui ?

I have an AC motor at 4RPM and I do not want to change the sprockets manually each time to change the speed. I would like to have a mechoui (bbq) which allows to have the following speeds: 4, 6, and 8 RPM. I think modifying a transmission of a bicycle: to change the speed I would just have to actuate the handle. What do you think ?

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Automatic transmission "lever" broke off ('03 Ford Explorer).. Help?

Okay, so here's the rundown. I drive an old '03 Ford Explorer. Seeing as I'm 16 and yet live in the humble abode of my parents, I get the chance to share a driveway (and oh what an experience!). One day, I park behind my mother's vehicle, and she needed to get out. I was out with a friend at the time, so she decides to attempt to move it herself -- without the keys. She attempts to jam the car into neutral to roll it out, and lo and behold, the lever for the transmission breaks! I'm in absence of the ability to tow, nor have I had time to call a local mechanic for an estimate. Albeit it's an older car, but I'd love to have it repaired. The lever itself is hanging from a couple cords, and I do have a spare wheel that I can have installed, so I decided to come here with my question. Does anybody have a clue on what I should do, and if possible, a bottom-line price that they could shoot over? Anything will help.. Thanks! (Images will be added VERY soon.)

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I need a manual transmission drive unit - that works like an egg beater or butter churn

I design micro - and slightly bigger - biodiesel units.  I want to mix the methoxide with a non-electric mixer.  Slow and steady is all that is needed.   I have the idea of using a mixer that works like an egg beater or butter churn.   The mixing container will be of 100-200 litre capacity with a closed lid to avoid chemical fumes. Can anyone directly me to where I can source something like this?  I have been to a couple of companies in the food processing industry - to no avail (yet) - as most equipment is electric. I work from Centurion, Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa  -  so local will be lekker (excellent) !!

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Is it really OK to shift into neutral when coasting downhill? Answered

I drive a 92' Dodge Dynasty with an automatic 4 speed transmission. I've read in almost every "fuel saving" instuctable that if you shift into neutral while going downhill, it'll save gas. I told my dad this, excited at the prospect of getting better mileage, and he said that when in neutral, the transmission fluid doesn't circulate in the transmission and it's like the worst possible thing to do. Dad's worked on cars forever, but he learned to work on older ones. I think maybe what he's saying applies to older transmissions or something. Basically, I figure that if it really will cause damage, someone else would have spoken up by now in comments or something. So, please, settle my nerves. I love my car and don't wanna damage it, but I also want better mileage. Is my dad right or is it safe to shift into neutral?

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1994 toyota 4x4 5speed v6 how do i get to the shifting forks.

1994 toyota 4x4 5speed v6  how do i get to the shifting forks. some times i only have 2nd and sometimes i only have 3rd 4th 5th and reverse and some times it gets stuck between gears. im sure i have to pull the transmission apart  just want  to make sure

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Transmission hologram turned into volumetric image ?

Hello ! I am new here..but hopefuly someone could help me, or at least give an opinion. Here we the next few weeks I'll receive a transmission hologram from someone (already recorded).Now the problem is that I have to project it, and since it is a simple transmission hologram I would like some ideas of ways to project it. I've been thinking to turn it into a volumetric hologram(2d or 3d) with some parabolic mirrors. However..I am not really prepared for something too spectacular since I am just a highschool student...Thanks in advance&I am sorry for any wrong terminology used. Waiting for ideas..

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2003 Tacoma Manual Transmission Problem

I have a 2003 Tacoma 4x4 manual transmission with a shifting problem.  With the clutch depressed it will not go into any gear...if I let up on the clutch, and press/release the brake, it will go into gear.  Other times, when in gear and approaching a stop sign, depressing the clutch will not allow me to slow/stop and it lurches ahead; the same is true when backing up...can't stop.  Either way it is disturbing....any ideas?

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1980 fiat spyder transmission dimensions?

Does anyone have or know where to find dimensioned drawings of the engine mount on a 80 fiat spyder? I'm converting it to electric and a good accurate adapter plate would really help Thanks

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Tv cable transmission through wifi Answered

I would like to transmit digital tv cable through wifi just by using resisters to bring the cable voltage down first. Then connect that to the correct polarity of  TX  on ethernet. Finally connect the RX of a bridge's ethernet cable to a cable amplifier finally to tv. Can I transmit digital cable tv this easily through wifi? 

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Is it possible to do a transmission swap auto to manual on Lexus is250?

I have a 2007 Lexus is250 and was wanting to do a transmission swap to make it a manual it is rear wheel drive car and just figured it would be fun to make maunal

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how do car clutch work?

How does the car or automobile mechanisms work? How does a Car or automobile clutch work in motion?

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Can i use 4.7uF Electrolytic capacitor instead of 4.7uF Ceramic? Answered

I want to build a vhf tv transmitter circuit but accidentally I bought a 4.7uF electrolytic capacitor instead of 4.7uF Ceramic.Can I use the electrolytic capacitor instead of that ceramic capacitor. Please help!

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On a manual transmission will the clutch slip if there is not enough oil in it? Or at least act like its slipping?

I have a 1999 Nissan Maxima with a manual transmission and has 120,000 miles. Within the past few weeks, I have noticed that I am able to get into all gears while driving but when I step on the gas the rpms go higher than normal- then come back down. Just wondering if this could be a symptom of not enough gear oil in the transmission?

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Can speaker wires be used for power transmission?

I am making my own bicycle light and I decided to use 18 gauge speaker wire.  Speaker wire works well because positive and negative are glued together in the insulation.  It makes for a cleaner wiring job.  I am using the RCA plugs as well.  The light runs at 4.2 volts and 1.5 amps.  Speaker wire is not designed for power transmission but I can use it for that purpose can't I?  Do RCA jacks have a significant amount of resistance?  

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Fixing '98 Electronic GM Automatic Transmission 4L60 setting code 1870?

 I have a '98 Blazer with a 4L60 Automatic Transmission that shifts rough after it warms up  into second gear and sometimes third when leaving a red light or stop sign. After I stop the vechicle for 10 minutes or so, it shifts smooth until it warms up again.  I was told not enough transmission fuild was flowing threw a checkball inside the trans? I was hoping to fix it without rebuilding it or a high price tag. Anyone have any knowledge on this issue?

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Use of Ethernet cable for 100m power and RS485 transmission is OK?

Hello Friends, I want to use Ethernet CAT 5e cable for Power transmission and RS485 transmission. But I am not sure this suits to my application or not. I have 5 different load which requires 20mA normally and 1A instantaneous current. I need to transmit 5V via Ethernet Cable as load accepts 5V.  If not possible to transmit then I may use 12V. Distance I need is 100meter. Ethernet Cable is ok for RS485 transmission over this range with 5v/12v power? CAT 5e seems better solution for this case or not?

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Geting wheels of a axle?

I have a 2345 peerless transmission that i need to get the wheels off of.. ive removed the lock ring and washer but it wont budge, it does have a keyway but i wouldnt think that would be my issue.. here is a complete guide on how to take the tranny apart but not too much help (the transmission i have starts on page 81) and heres a blown apart picture and shows my type of axle it says 47 and 48 but i think i have 47b and 48b because of the key and the image is of the end of the axle with washer and lock ring off

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How can i cheaply transmit RS232 data Wirelessly?

I have a device in a go kart that uses a Serial RS232 cable to connect to a computer to relay information about how well it is performing, however now that we know that it works we would like to have the data wirelessly transmitted back to the pit. I am looking for a cheap (less than around $250) way to transmit the data over a range of at least 300 meters. The device says the serial transmits data at 9600bps, with 8 data bits, no parity, and 1 stop bit, little-endian format (I dont know what most of that means). I was thinking about using X-Bees but i didnt know if they could just act as a serial cord. Thanks for any help -Dillon

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i have a dodge caravan with transmission code po715. turbine sensor A circuit. does anyone have a trans sensor schematic

There are several trans sensors. no time to guess which circuit is A. thanxs

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I want to build a Transmission Line/ T-Line Subwoofer Enclosure

 I have been wanting to build a Transmission Line subwoofer enclosure to house 2 10 inch subwoofers. I'm not exactly sure what subwoofers I will be using yet, or the specifications on them yet either. The only thing that I am worried about while constructing this box, is the calculations. I am good in math, and geometry and all of that stuff, but I don't know where to start. If someone could take a moment and explain to me what the calculations and the steps that would be needed to construct such an enclosure, it would be much appreciated. Thank you. 

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