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spektrum transmiters? Answered

 which transmiter is better for robots DX5E or DX6I OR other 2.4 ghz transmiter from anthor brand

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transmiter and reciever help

I am trying to build a reciever and transmiter, that when a button is pressed on the transmiter a switch will open on the reciever. ~100ft range. Maybe FM? any good websites

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Transmit & receive 4ch audio

I am looking for a cheap solution to transmit and receive 4 channels of audio.Transmitter may be bulky, but the receiver must be small. (it is for an interactive installation)Audio The 4 channels will be converted to 2 channels stereo, so in total 2 stereo signals of audio need to be transmitted and received (within ~10 meters). Note that achieving the best audio quality is not of top priority.Technique Should I be looking at FM / AM of Bluetooth methods? I've looked at:, but it would be nice if there is also a paired receiver board.It would be nice if the proposed solution is scalable to 6 channels (3 channels stereo).

Question by LudoP4  

Fm transmiter coding help

I need a little help determining a code that is used to run a Fm transmitter program through a Fm module and the AVR Butterfly. Here is the original article of the transmitter but there is no code that went with it and I tried to look for the file online, but I was unable to find it. There is this code that's on AVR Freaks, however, I do not know if that is the code for the transmitter (and I do not know what the code is suppose to look like because I barely know programming). I have all the parts ready to build it, I just need to know the code to make it run. Any help would be appreciated.

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RF transmitted power Legality / Codes. Answered

I'd like to power some LED devices "remotely" using transmitted power. I've seen there are Instructables related to this I'd like to create a power source that could energize a small LED circuit at a maximum distance of ~3 meters.  Even better, build an adaptive control, ensuring additional circuits are adequately powered, but design-limited to a safety max. My concern is to ensure the power source conforms to applicable United States regulations / codes.  I have a background in physics, but no experience in electrical engineering or contracting.  So I really don't know where to begin translating theory into device.  Can anyone suggest advice / guidance / starting references : What is the legality in the United states? Are there any codes that apply / regulate transmitted power? Pro tips? Muchas gracias for guidance and suggestions! CarLoz

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Transmitting video over Wi-Fi

Hey Instructables community! I'm trying to build a system that will transmit video feed from a camera attached to an RC car to a computer over wifi for a project me and my daughter are working on. I've looked through several solutions, such as wireless KVM, but wanted to know what you guys thought would work best. I'm looking to have to put as little electronics as possible on the RC car, to minimize weight. Thanks!

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How to wirelessly transmit information to an Arduino?

So basically I am creating a movement based remote control. The movement is being handled by a MPU-6050 (3-axis accelerometer and 3-axis gyroscope). The idea is to transmit the data to an Arduino that is off the controller on its own hub. The best I've found are these transceivers:;=1∣=A3GQ2RR1HCHKCZ  The problem with these is that they require an Arduino on both the transmitting and the receiving end. This project is very space limited and I doubt i could even fit an Arduino nano inside. Is there any method of acheiving this that would make use of the space more efficiently or should I just focus on making the casing larger and finding room for every component? Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

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FM Transmitted Music: iPod --> Receiver

I'm working on a total customization of my bicycle, and just had to have some speakers. My iPod's earphones are a bit finicky when it comes to moving around with them, and really constricts my hearing of cars, causing me to not be the safest rider. Now, I've tried hooking larger speakers up to my iPod (a few topics on that), but the iPod simply couldn't power them, causing me to need an amp, etc., etc. I'm hoping I've found what I need with this subject. Could I build an FM radio transmitter, to be hooked up to my iPod, and receive my music with a sports radio I have? Would my music be louder, since my radio plays loud? I'm sure I could build the circuit, but it is the technicalities I'm worried about. Thanks!

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RF Transmitting Shock Alarm Clock

I thought of an idea awhile back but I lack the "know how" to pull it off. I've been trying to teach myself some basic electrical and computer engineering but i'm still not learning what i need to know in order to finish my project. as stated in the Title, i'm trying to build an alarm clock that wakes up its subject with a jolt of electricity rather then noise, vibrations or anything else. the concept is to incorporate a miniaturized TENS unit (Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) into an arm band or ankle bracelet sort of thing but comfortable. then when it is time to wake up the alarm clock then sends a signal to the arm/ankle band thus making it active. then to turn it off you would hit the off switch on the alarm clock not the band.  that is the extent of my crude invention, however i am having trouble with the transmitting part. what would i need to make this happen?? i was thinking of using an old car remote for some of the parts and using the overall idea of it in my alarm clock except i need a transmitter and receiver and i have NO idea how any of that works. thoughts? ideas? please let me know

Question by fireball9919    |  last reply

How do I transmit over all FM stations in my house?

I know that I can transmit a FM station 50 feet without having any problem with laws (at lest what I have been told). But how can I transmit over all stations in that field?

Question by nfarrow    |  last reply

How would I go about making a universal IR remote for different items?

Basically I have got to many remotes in my house for turning on and off different things like lights, radios, etc and I would like to have just one remote to control all of this, I looked around the website to try and find a resource that could help me create some device that I could capture IR codes with and then transmit them but had no luck and was just wondering if any of use could help me? Thanks

Question by Kierankelly    |  last reply

Way to send a signal from one android to the other?

I am trying to find a way to be able to send a signal (Will be one letter sent) from a main Arduino to a secondary mini unit. I was looking at wifi to do it but they don't work with the mini board and also they cost a lot. I tried Bluetooth but the distance is to far for it to work. I am looking at about 60ft max through 2 walls. Is there anything that would work for doing this. 

Question by mspearin    |  last reply

Is there any way you could transmit the image from a webcam through a cell phone?

I know this is probably a silly question, but I was just wondering if it would be possible.

Question by ajrc    |  last reply

Using headphones for listening to tv.?

My panasonic tv does not have bluetooth. I have new Marley headphones. Theywork well but not when the channel says Dolby or no good with Netflix as they appear to all transmit in Dolby. I purchased both a digital to analogue converter and bluetooth transmitter as advised but still cannot get Netflix audio or those channels using Dolby. Is it because bluetooth will not transmit analogue??

Question by BarryN16    |  last reply

Where can I get a small radio receiver that I can implement on a circuit board?

I was planning on making a top secret circuit board. One of the thing this circuit board needs to be able to do is to receive a radio signal (I think radio would be the best for this because its simple, and can be transmitted easily through walls, but tell me otherwise). The radio transmitter would only have to send two different things, such as on and off or I and 2 for example. Because of this, I wouldn't think I would need anything hefty to receive/send. I'm not 100% sure if I can easily translate either of these two signals into a circuit board so that I can easily say: if signal = 1 then function 1 else if signal = 2 then function 2 would I need another part to do this? As in if I receive signal 1 then it activates wire 1 and etc. I'm mostly looking for a part that I can purchase for the receiver and transmitter (the transmitter does not have to fit on a circuit board), but would be happy with some DIY goodness as well.  :) Thank you for your help

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Transmit Video over a Local Area Network? Answered

I need  to send video from a webcam from a computer running Windows XP through my router and to another computer connected to the network. NOTE: There is no internet connected to the router! Thanks, joespicnictables... =D

Question by joespicnictables    |  last reply

An Transmitted RF-powered LED WARNING light?

The Situation: I am a disabled Veteran with too much time to fill.  So, I volunteer at the Sheriff's Office doing light clerical work and a little target shooting, but my first love is HAM radio.  It is a GREAT hobby!  It is not without its hazards, though.  My main transmitting antenna is a ground-mounted vertical in the back yard.  We have six children with four still at home and while my kids know to NEVER touch my antennas due to the danger of electrical shock and nasty RF burns, their friends in the neighborhood may not fully comprehend the hazard. The Challenge (if you choose to accept it): So, what I'd like to do is to have a circuit out on the post supporting the antenna that would light LEDs, (preferably, four), whenever I key the mike - AND - have the entire circuit use the power from my own transmission... no power supply or batteries!   It would also simply be a cool thing to have! The Specs: This is a vertical for the HF bands, from 7MHz to 30MHz and I typically transmit at 100 watts.  The circuit would be at a distance of no more than six inches from the active element.  I have seen crystal radio circuits in the past that used received RF to power a LED but don't remember where.

Topic by Bama-Bull    |  last reply

Create door opening wireless notifier? Reed switches? Answered

Hi, I have a Vellerman K8055 USB experimental board that I have hooked up to one of my machines. Yesterday, I took our wireless doorbell apart and with a multimeter found the signal that sparks the 'ding-dong' sound when the remote bell is pressed. I wired that into the K8055 and then to cut a long story short, when the bell is pressed, it pops up on my TV and tells me that someone has pressed the bell (using MythTVOSD multicast if anyone is interested). A link to the card:⟨=en&id;=351346 What I'd like to do is to extend this mechanism to my doors. When a door is opened in the house, then I need a signal to be sent to a receiver device also wired into the K8055 so that I can capture that event in my program. I have thought about using magnetic reed switches on each door with hacked wireless doorbells (around 3-5 GBP on ebay from China). One problem I have is that I can only find 'normally open' reed switches, meaning that when the door is closed so will the reed switch contacts - this in turn means that I will be constantly notified (should I be able to make this work) that the door is closed. If I could find 'normally closed' reed switches, I could have one of each on each door, What is the cheapest/most elegant solution to this problem? Is using hacked wireless doorbells the way to go, or is there a better way. I'm a relative novice with electronics - I'm a dot net developer by day with experience of data capture cards, and have toyed with the Arduino, Lm386s, 555s, 4017s etc... some with instructions from this site, so whilst not a complete beginner, I am what I would call, "an enthusiastic amateur'.

Question by dchurch24    |  last reply

how can i transmit analog video signal?

For some application i need to transmit an analog video signal without cables, maybe through sound? or light/laser? is there some way that i can do it? i saw this instructable doing a similar thing: is the circuit capable of doing it with analog video signals? also, i know that when i transmit it in its analog form, losses will be significant. is it possible to transmit it in digital form and convert it back to analog? how?

Question by codestroy7  

Is it possible to transmit an analog-videosignal with a mobilephone(instead of audio)?

Hi I wanted to ask if its possible to transmit an analog-videosignal with a mobile phone(instead of audio)? Because I want to transfer a video signal over a distance more than 1km and (in Austria) if you got an wireless camera its only allowed to transfer with 1mW and so you got a Max distance of 100m.   Thanks for help  

Question by just_watching    |  last reply

is it possible to transmit live video via bluetooth and how?

I have a web cam and I was thinking about how I could use it as a cctv (security camera) it has a short cable but I was thinking I could stream  video using bluetooth but of course it also needs power ,please help.

Question by 0151n    |  last reply

Is it possible if a pc read data from ethernet shield directly? Answered

I want to transmit the data via internet connection. I use ethernet shield to transmit the data and receives the data, like i use ethernet shield as a web server. And i want to display the data on PC. Is it possible if  a pc read data from ethernet shield directly? how is it possible? Thanks

Question by ftreska    |  last reply

How to transmit video from Raspberry Pi to an analogue television set.

Hi, I am working on a project that transmits video from the Raspberry Pi to an analogue television set. I am wanting it to use no USB transmitters or any other USB dongles (just a single wire from a GPIO pin). I have looked around on the internet on how analogue tv sets work and what they receive, apparently the video is transmitted on the AM band, and the audio is transmitted on the FM band. If anyone has any information on how to do this or knows about an article on this subject(or even know if this is possible:) ) please let me know. Thanks

Question by Jacoby Yarrow    |  last reply

water capsule with a gps camera

Im trying to build a water capsule that would have a gps and a camera in it. i need it to transmit the picture and the location back to my computer. everything would recharge with solar panels. our goal is for it to go around the world. does anyone have any recommendations or advice or maybe even some ideas for stuff we can add on?

Topic by DELETED_kclv1988    |  last reply

A couple of GPS location questions.

I need a lightweight way to locate an object that has dropped from altitude and could be 30+ miles from my position. I was hoping that there i a simple, relatively cheap GPS transmitter/receiver system I could attach to the object. All it needs to do is transmit its coordinates at a regular interval, 5 to 15 min and have a range up to around 50 miles. Can anybody point me in the right direction? I have an old cell phone with a GPS in it. Is there a way for me to utilize this possibly? Either taking out the GPS unit or making use of the phone as-is. Or if you have an alternative means for locating an object at distance feel free to post that as well.

Question by bwrussell    |  last reply

How do I build a device that connects to a computer and broadcasts music to radios?

I want to build a device that will connect to a computer via USB or Serial and broadcast music sent to it to radios. How would I go about this? Is there any software to send music to USB or serial that would work for this?

Question by Win7Maniac    |  last reply

Looking for a radio transmitter and cheap receiver?

So, to simplify things, I want to power a heap of LEDs that run off exactly 5v of power when I press a button (and stop when I release) from 300+ meters. I'm looking for a radio transmitter that has around 300+ (bigger the better) range that can communicate with a large heap of receivers. I'd prefer if the receivers are fairly cheap because I'll be using them in large quantities, but I'm happy to spend under $100 with the transmitter. On use, I want the receivers to output 5v of power into the LEDs. The transmitter doesn't need to transmit anything special, just a signal at all will suffice, with an easy on/off switch on it. I'd be happy to lower my range to around 200 if necessary, but its not really ideal. The receivers need to be fairly small. Thanks a lot for any help/suggestions :). My electronics knowledge in this area is fairly limited. Thank you again

Question by HarryA3    |  last reply

Signal Indicator?

I'm trying to make a simple transmitter/receiver setup to use in airsoft to keep track of the distance (not worried about direction right now) between me and whatever the transmitter is planted on. The transmitter can send out a steady signal or pulses, and the only problem I have is how it will show the distance. I have a line of LEDs that I want to set up so that more light up the closer I get to the transmitter, but I don't know how to rig the setup so that it displays signal strength (I would think that the closer you are the stronger the signal). Does anyone have any idea how I can do this or perhaps better alternatives that accomplish the same thing?

Question by pyrorower    |  last reply

How can you transmit audio using a Bluetooth Dongle?

Hey Everyone,I'm just a beginner with Arduino and what I'm trying to do is take an incoming audio signal and then transmitted through a Bluetooth dongle. I am using a USB Host shield that is connected to a Sennheiser BTD 800 USB Bluetooth Network Card. I've currently just been messing about with this SPP sketch from the USB Host shield library 2.0. What I'm wanting to do is to display the incoming audio signal in the plotter window. Pictures of the sketch are down below. If anyone has any ideas on how to program it to do this, it would be much appreciated.

Question by MCsugar43  

LEDs - Is there a way to transmit an LED light wireless to another location?

Is there a way to transmit an LED light wireless to another location without having to attach to the original LED itself?  In other words, the transmitting device would capture the LED light when it turns on via a fiber optical cable or other light capturing device and then transmit the light to the receiver.  Actually, the light does not have to be duplicated, just some sort of signal sent to the receiver to indicate when the LED is illuminated, but again without having to solder the original LED.  

Topic by tmal123    |  last reply

Best way to transmit audio in real time without latency

Hi, I'm working on a project with esp 32 and I would like to know what is the best way to transmit audio (streaming) in real time without latency. Reading, I think the best option is Bluetooth with APTX, but I would like to know if there are modules to do this better than with bluetooth. Thanks you.

Question by RicardoC233  

How can i cheaply transmit RS232 data Wirelessly?

I have a device in a go kart that uses a Serial RS232 cable to connect to a computer to relay information about how well it is performing, however now that we know that it works we would like to have the data wirelessly transmitted back to the pit. I am looking for a cheap (less than around $250) way to transmit the data over a range of at least 300 meters. The device says the serial transmits data at 9600bps, with 8 data bits, no parity, and 1 stop bit, little-endian format (I dont know what most of that means). I was thinking about using X-Bees but i didnt know if they could just act as a serial cord. Thanks for any help -Dillon

Question by flybye22    |  last reply

alternatives to concrete? for project similar to DIY Light transmitting concrete

Hi I recently came across this instructable   Search for " DIY light transmitting concrete" and I was wondering how I could make something similar but in the shape of a ball, or a light bulb, So I can have a LED inside it and have it shine and spin freely.  Perhaps filling a tennis ball and drilling holes for light?  Im ind of stumped on this one. any ideas???

Topic by scotteyre    |  last reply

is it possible to transmit audio via micro controllers? (preferably arduino) Answered

Hello, i want to connect all the stereo systems in my house (between the different rooms) so that music playing from one room can also be played in several others, maybe even more than one room to be transmitting at a time (room1>room2,room3. room4>room5 etc) i would like to have the same type of controller in each room (a box with maybe 4 inputs switchable using a 4 pos switch (like the input selection for amps), an output for the amp in that room and then some kind of digital system that selects witch room to receive audio from and then sends it to the amp via the red and white audio leads (forgot their name)) i would also like there to be maybe an lcd on the box to show where it is receiving the music from and also who is listing to the music coming from that room) originally i was just going to run speaker wire everywhere but that would have been extremely expensive.i guess the question im trying to ask is: is it possible to send reasonably high quality sound from one arduino or other type of micro controller to the other?any info at all would be great and i would be so grateful.thanks in advance - luke?is i

Question by ljarrald    |  last reply

Transmit color from my Laptop or Desktop Computer to my television?

Transmit color from my Laptop or Desktop Computer to my television?

Question by evgomes    |  last reply

How well will an RC radio signal transmit through an underground tunnel?

I want to take one of those overbuilt monster truck RC cars from WalMart and stick a camera and a bunch of lights on it, then drive it down drainage tunnels to see where they go. Why? I'm nuts, that's why. My question is this: how will being in an underground tunnel effect the RC transmission? In a cement tunnel it seems to me that it would have increased range because the signal would bounce down the tube without getting lost in the air or degraded by other signals, resulting in improved signal range. Is this hypothesis true? I would be thrilled if I could get 100 feet of signal range in a tunnel. Any ideas?

Topic by ilpug    |  last reply

Help finding lost transponders that transmit at 433.92 MHz and receive either at 307

Hello, I'd like to know if there is a tool finding a small tag transponders that transmit at 433.92 MHz and receive either at 307 kHz? We have a pocket tag reader but it is only good when the tag is within 12inch distance. We have an idea where the tag maybe but finding it is another thing. is there a tool to maybe triangulate the signal and locate that tag that is missing? Thank you for your help!

Topic by batman000    |  last reply

Example schematic / code for transmitting infrared signal (ie TV remote control)?

I am trying to send a infrared signal (ie TV remote control) from my PC. I have a usb connection to a PIC18F4550. The USB connection works fine but I cant get the IR LED to work properly. Does anyone have a example schematic / code that will do this?

Question by Robertx68    |  last reply

FPV Video Transmition with Raspberry pi 3 B V1.2 + OpenCV + MAVLink

Hello, everyone!I would like to conceive a system for image recognition for my drone using raspberry pi 3 B. I see this system as an alternative to the one I was trying to use with the receiver RC832, the transmitter TS832 and an USB Grabber Easycap, because I had a lot of trouble trying make it work. The problem was that I couldn't at all stream the video with opencv using this.So, I was guessing if there is a way of using the transmitter and receiver TS832 and RC832 with the raspberry pi in order to send the video for my laptop. This video has to be integrated with my programs of autonomous flight using MAVLink.

Question by Livia000    |  last reply

Is it possible to hack an AM transmitter that transmits at about 1500KHZ to be used as a cellphone jammer?

I know that the band for cell phones is between about 800-1990MHZ and I was wondering if it would be possible to hack an AM transmitter or for that matter an FM ipod type transmitter into the cell phone range like KipKay did in his instructable with a reciever so that if you transmit noise it would disrupt the cell phone call and make them hang up. This is just an idea I had that would be the alternative to creating a jammer like the Wave Bubble made by Lady Ada that would be a lot easier and cheaper. This is not intended for bad purposes, its just for fun. I might not even make it but I am still wondering if it would work.

Question by beak90    |  last reply

Can i make a cheap CCTV wireless camera to transmit longer distance?

I want to built a strong video transmitter and receiver. So i am planning to use a CCTV wireless camera.  Does anyone have any idea of how to upgrade a wireless camera transmission or receiving? Or can i build it from each electronic components? Like from sketch? 

Question by jgryill    |  last reply

Can you piggyback RF communications on cellular transmit/receive frequency bands ?

My question is purely hypothetical and there is no immediate plans for any such application. But I was just curious is it possible to make use of the cellular frequency bands (as set out by a country's regulations and by the cellular providers) for some sort of covert type communication other than for voice, data or text types of cellular communications ? Would it be too difficult and complex to develop such an application that uses cellular radio frequencies or could it be done without too much concern for potential interference or the sharing of channels of nearby normal cellular transmissions ? Could such an application be developed without having to cross over many hurdles ? If this covert communications is possible would the cell frequencies used not reach the base stations of the wireless carriers as noise or can a peer to peer communications be possible by passing the base stations ?

Topic by victor43    |  last reply

How can I transmit music from my PC to my stereo How can I wirelessly transmit music from my PC to my stereo?

I'd love to see someone who has ideas or who has done this with skill or without spending a fortune. I have a wireless router, and I'm on the cheap... Thanks!!!

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I want to generate 2.4GHz frequency

I want to generate 2.4GHz frequency and transmit as well as received in liquid Which probe can use for transmit and receive?

Question by vivekbarage    |  last reply

How does one make a simple radio with a transmiter and a receiver? Can someone better explain a passive RFID tag?

I use a fm transmitter and a fm receiver to connect my tv to my computer speakers. The device is not very cost effective and I tried to make my own transmiter and receiver that had one frequency. I then learned about passive RFID tags and wondered how it could both transmit and receive a radio wave. And it only uses a memory source with an antenna in the form of an inductor. I began to wonder if I could make a tranmiter and receiver like an RFID tag. There is so much about radios in general that I still can't comprehend.

Question by mcguyverzboss    |  last reply

How can I use xbee to transmit the data from a cat 5 cable? Answered

I want to wirelessly system link me and my friends Xbox.  I believe since it is Xbox I would only need four wires from the cable, the data1 - and +, and data2 - and +.  Is this true?  If so how many xbees would I need?  If not, how could I do this?

Question by furrysalamander    |  last reply