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Transparent concrete!

OK, maybe not properly transparent, but an inclusion of fibre-optics makes it light transmitting. It's a German product, and, from their website: LUCCON translucent concrete is manufactured in large volume top layer concrete blocks with embedded webbed fiber optic cables, making the stone appear comparably massive as well as transparent. By cutting the blocks elements of variable size and thickness are obtained. Upon request LUCCON is available in special colors, dimensions or surface treatments, just ask us! . I'd love to see what our members could make with this stuff, or see them replicate the idea with their own techniques. Concrete lampshades?  Concrete windows?  Transparent concrete canoes? Video from YouTube will not embed. Luccon website via NOTCOT

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Transparent LCD's

Do all digital picture frames (eg have transparent LCD's? Like if you take it apart, could the LCD still work but it is transparent? So you could turn it into a projector with a very powerful light?Thanks!

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Transparent cement?

I would love to inquire more information about transparent cement. I am doing this research and I would appreciate it if someone could help me to find articles related to this topic. I would also like to know if some students are able to apply this idea and how could they manage to make this material. I read about i-light cement, but I wonder how, if possible, could this be made. I would appreciate your help!

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Retrospective transparency entries?

I hope retrospective entries are acceptable for Carleyy's challenge?

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bistable transparent lcd

Dose any one know ware I can get a single pixel bistable lcd display that is about 1inx2in

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transparent laptop case

I want to build a laptop from scratch with a clear acrylic transparent case, I'm having an extremely hard time finding a case, and i know they are out there somewhere. Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you,  Spaz

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Transparent plastic hemisphere? Answered

I've an idea for a project which will need a transparent plastic hemisphere, around 3" to 4" diameter, to house it. Any ideas where I could find something suitable? What would do the job is one of the clear balls from arcade crane grab machines, but I'm looking for something less down to skill, judgement and how much they've rigged the machine.

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Transparent Conductive Film or Resign

Hi, I am looking for a transparent yet conductive material similar to what older touch screens use. It can be film, sheet, paint or resign. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks

Topic by Switch  

Transparent Electrical Insulator Film

For a project of mine I need to apply a <1um thick film that is electrically insulating, but transparent to UVC & UVB (and preferably up to visible). Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Building a Transparent Dispay Monitor

I'm currently in the process of building a peppers ghost inspired computer monitor. I will be going through this DIY step by step and updating each time I progress. During this build I will be taking peoples suggestions from each previous step and applying it to the build. So this will be built by my and inspired by the community. First issue: I am using Lexan as the display and as you can see in the picture, I have already stumbled upon my first issue. Everything is backwards! So, first round of suggestions will be how to fix this. Note: Windows OS has built in capabilities to do screen ROTATIONS but not FLIP/MIRROR. I cannot stress enough how many people assume rotating, flipping, and mirroring are the same thing. In Microsoft's built in display panel they list: Landscape, Portrait, Landscape(Flipped), Portrait(Flipped). However the two flipped settings are merely rotations.

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How to make Minecraft transparent glass?

Recently I've been making some textures for a Minecraft resource pack of mine, but I have a problem. Whenever I try to make a glass texture, It always ends up white in-game. I tried to make it clear with the Transperency option, but it still didn't work. Can anyone show me how to make a glass texture that is clear? I am using Adobe PhotoDeluxe Home Edition.

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Transparent LCD - Alpha Channel Monitor

I'm working on a project for my MFA, and am trying to figure out how to hack some LCD's. The idea being that I need a screen that will simply display black or transparent, no colors, but it should be able to accept video input of some type. Hacking a tv or iPad seems the most likely route. The remaining image should show the ambient background through the screen with certain areas shaded according to the luminance or darkness of the video input. While I understand that with all of the polarizing filters applied, light transmission is less than 5% in some lcds, I don't know what happens if you remove the polarizing filters? I remember the old 'Tiger' lcd games that were quite transparent and high contrast, but they definitely didn't play any video! If anyone has any experience with LCD's and the polarizing filters, I'd love to hear your input. Alternately, if anyone has ideas on a video capable b&w; display... They all seem to be for medical purposes and are quite expensive! Thanks!

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Transparant PNG creates strange artifacts

If a transparant PNG image is uploaded, it creates strange artifacts after the instructable website changes it's size. A nice platter of weird colors in the Transparent areas. Strangely enough if a ridiculous high resolution is chosen while uploading, 1024px wide or more it creates a correct image. (my best guest is that the image converter crokes on the image size, and does the conversion in the background later on).

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Fabricating a 1"-2" transparent dome?

I need to create a small, transparent dome (out of some sort of plastic or resin) that will be able to be glued to a flat surface. What materials are out there to make something like this (that I will be able to do as smoothly and evenly as possible)? It will need to be able to magnify an image underneath it. Sorry if I don't have enough details on what I am trying to do, I have never made something like this before so any help will be very much appreciated. Thank you for your time.

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How do I transparent touch screen?

I'm looking into a new project. I want to make a touch-pad ( a multitouch one like the ones on macbook pros) except i want to make it transparent. I also want it to be flat ( kind of like the keypad on the LG crystal). If anyone could give me a link with useful advice about how to make this I would really appreciate it.            THANK YOU!!

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Is plasti-kote enamel brush on paint transparent? Answered

I have some plasti-kote enamel brush on paint and I was wondering if it's transparent? I want to paint it on some bottles, but I want it to look like stained glass and not a huge block of paint, if that makes sense. I have tried the tinting trick with the mod podge, water and food coloring, but after i baked it, it still peeled off and I need something that will be a little more durable for the project I have in mind. I had these and found them when I was cleaning up my crafting area and though why not try them, but I don't want to waste a bottle since i sort of need all of them for the project I'm working on.  Any help on this would be great.

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how to make a see through/ transparent keyboard for a pc?

I want to make a see through keyboard for my pc. i want it to be just a sheer piece of glass or plastic with maybe a bar at the top or side to hold the hardware. it probably has to be a touchscreen. with fibre optics as well? i dont really know. the 'keys' would be great if they could be lit up but i don't know how that would be possible without showing wires. it would also be an added bonus if it was wireless. i was thinking of something looking like the keypad of the lg crystal. i need some help as i don't really have an idea of how to make it. anyone have any ideas? thanks in advance.

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anyone knows how are these fish specimens made?

 Hi member kowitz from flickr posted some pictures from the tokyo make meeting of what appear to be transparent colored fish specimens inside glass bottles. Anyone knows the name or how a re they made? I can't find anything anywhere... thanks _l

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Can I make my win7 icons transparent?? Answered

I have Windows 7, and I have a very dark wallpaper that is full of details. Is there any way I can make the shortcuts on the desktop transparent, or maybe get a program to hide them?

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Where can I buy transparent touch switches? Answered

Basically I need a thin, transparent, pressure switch which can be glued, or otherwise bound to a glass surface, and determine when something is resting on it. It only needs to be an electrical switch, and does not have to report the coordinates of the contact. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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Recommend a transparent adhesive for large PVC sheet with glass?

To decorate a shop window, I have a colorful large foamed PVC sheet (1.5 x 6 meters) want to stick with the shop window, color side of the PVC sheet face out. Please recommend a cost effective transparent adhesive. (similar as attached image without frame)

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how do i fix linux window transparency?

How do i fix Linux kolourpaint it is now all messed up. the window is semi transparent. anything in the window that is dark, the more transparent it is. i changed all my settings (anywhere i could find transparency) to opaque and nothing works i found out those change gnome. some programs are  KDE, but i cant find settings for them. my problem with this is that i cant read the top menu (File Edit View) when i try to fill in everything black, is just turns completely transparent to whatever is under that window. things that are whiter are less transparent. its not the type of translucency that turns all the window clear. just the darker stuff. look at the picture for a better understanding. my desktop background is the Macintosh northern lights aurora. you can see the squares i painted. one is black, red, cyan, and gray. they are all transparent. especially the black one. it seems a few other windows are the same, so it's not kolourpaint thats the problem. update, it seems that particular KDE based windows are transparent as i describe.(koulorpaint and konqueror ) I'm running gnome (although i have ran KDE on the same mint OS,  under menu>administration>login screen )

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How do i load transparency sheets to a printer?

My transparentcy sheet is attached to a white sheet. Do i remove the white sheet? If not, which way do i install it white sheet facing up or down?

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How do I make a transparent light box?

I want to get some of this thick transparent plastic from a lowes and make a cube frame and put led lights inside so the box will glow. Im not too much of a diy person so I wanted to see if anyones done this before. Welding it is not an option, I want it looking clean cut and professional. 4 feet high by 3 and 3 feet. Im going to put a led light panel inside so I can change the mood lighting. I have a somewhat blurry picture which I saw of someone elses.

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What transparent spray-on material darkens it's background?

Im looking for a way to evenly darken an area of a wall, while keeping the 'background' visible. The effect Im aiming at is that of a shadow cast on the wall, sharply distinguished from the lighter surroundings but still showing the texture and perhaps images underneath. I am specifically looking for a material that can be sprayed, for example with a air pump spray but a spray can would perhaps even be better. I bought a transparent lacquer in a spray can, but it turned out to be too transparent. Another option could perhaps be to dilute black paint? A few conderations: I prefer to spray it (fast and evenly) Background to 'paint' on will be brick and wood Preferably non drip (or not too much at least) I want to cover a small area several times and will use a stencil template. How would you go about doing this? Do you know of ready made materials in spray cans that do the trick? If you know of a specific liquid, where could I buy it? Many thanks in advance!

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Any good Transparent &amp; IR through (not reflect it) Cheap Material?

Hello. I am trying to make a setup with using Kinect to see through the transparent projection screen. For cheap material, I used a transparent plastic vinyl (Greenhouse Covering) But the Kinect won't see through much of the transparent screen. Also I think the plastic screen reflects some IR light from Kinect. BTW, the screen is quite big. 10ft wide, 6ft high I tried with small solid plastic (CD case), and it worked perfectly, see through IR and no reflection. I don't know why this transparent vinyl sheet won't work... Is there any cheaper material that is applicable for IR through and less reflective? Or should I add extra bigger IR illuminator? Please help.

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How do I paint something but still keep it transparent? Answered

I've got one of those clear plastic balls used for making Christmas ornaments. I need to make it pink but it still needs to be see-through, like a bubble. Is there a certain sort of paint I should use or is their just a trick with regular ole acrylic paint that'll do the trick?

Question by Numbuh1Nerd    |  last reply

Best to polish clear cast resin? Answered

My mum's in the process of making a lot of clear cast jewellery and is having trouble sanding imperfections down and then getting them back up to a good shine, as they're transparent it does need to be a good clear finish...

Question by killerjackalope    |  last reply

Can I use a sharpee pen for my stencil on transparancy paper?

I want to screen print a black and white image, but my copier wont copy transparancy paper. Can I use a sharpee pen to trace the image on the transparancy paper instead?

Question by ziolette    |  last reply

can i make a transparent cellphone case by myself ? can i ?

I want to make a transarent cell phone case me!

Question by SaraS61    |  last reply

How to treat acetate (transparency film) to avoid ink from chipping

Hey y'all! I've got an odd issue with some transparency film that I'm sure one of you will be able to help me solve! I have a book of prints which I've been inkjet printing on to acetate. It's a lovely book, but the issue I keep running into is that the ink will rub off should someone or something happen to scratch the "wet" side of any of the prints. The prints also gather dust on this side, which after a while makes for a very dusty book! Does anyone have any idea of a treatment method (maybe a spray or a varnish) that would seal in the ink, protecting the prints from dust and scratches? I realize I could just print it on another type of photo paper and probably not have this issue, but I'd like the prints to be translucent (it creates a layering effect that's important to the finished book). Any suggestions gladly welcomed! Best, M

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Where can I recover transparant plastic plates like polycarbonate from?

I want to make a condo for rats out of an old closet. But because it is quite dark in the closet (even with the door removed), I want to replace the wooden side panels with something transparant like plexiglas or polycarbonate. But as a student I do not have much money so I want to keep is as cheap as possible. It has to be strong enough to support some shelves. I know I can always take away as much wood as I can from the sides and then cover it with al metal gauze but I find the idea with the transparant plastic more beautiful.

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how do i transfer my printed design onto a transparent paper?

I really don't know how people who does screen printing transfer their designed onto that transparent paper already, its like every tutorial I watch is they skip this step:[ and i'm new in this kind of hobby.

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What's the best method of creating a transparent, protective coating for custom aluminum coasters?

I have 4x4 inch metal coasters (for placing drinks on) which are made of aluminum and I don't want them to get scratched.  What's the best type of protective coating I can place on top of the metal to prevent scratching?  The coating would preferably be less than 2mm thick, be smooth, and dry very hard.

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Do actual holograms that pop out and seem like a transparent object exist?

I've heard in some places that they do, but other places say they don't exist.

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I need a material semi transparent like gelo ,but time resistant.How can create it?

I need a material semi transparent like gel ,but time resistant. How can create it? I need this material for a ship model and the gel painted blue mast representing the sea

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Best way to glue Acyrlic and Delrin?

I got some semi-transparent acrylic laser cut by ponoko and I want to adhere it to a backing made of Delrin.  Since the acrylic is semi-transparent, I'd like to use a glue which dries clear.  I've scoured the interwebs, but most of the glues I found are non-transparent.  Any ideas? The piece will just hang on a wall - it doesn't need to withstand significant stresses or anything.  Thanks!

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Is it possible to make a big acrylic block (as big as 40" * 40" * 40") with resin casting?

I wanna make a big transparent block . It should be really transparent. Can resin casting help in this case? if not, what is the best way to do it?

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STARK? Answered


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how do i embed an object in a large transparent block (think jeff koons or damien hirst)?

Hi there, if i want to embed an object (say a pair of sneakers or a football) in a square transparent block using a material that i could pour into a mold as a liquid and which would cure relatively slowly as to let a bottom layer begin to dry as one puts the object in so that it won't sink to the bottom, what would be the best option for doing this AND the most cost effective if i wanted to do larger projects? originally, i assumed that fiberglass resin was the only option, but it's VERY expensive ($60+ per cubic foot... or so) and i'm hoping that there may be a more cost effective, easy to use material. thanks in advance, Jeremiah

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How to polish/buff polycarbonate (lexan) on roughly cut edge? Answered

I'm not talking about minor scratches. I would like to polish 1/2" thick cube that I cut out with table saw, it's not transparent at all on the edges (due to rough cut), but I'd like it to be :)  Can I do it with some kind of Dremel attachment?

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Clear LCD

Is there anywhere I can get a working transparent LCD screen? Graphical would be nice, but not vital. It doesn't need fancy colors or anything.

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Alpha Channels In Photoshop

How do I make a transparency (alpha channel) in photoshop that I can upload into a program called Second Life?

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Duct-Tape Wallet Ideas?

A few things I thought could make better duct tape wallets. 1: Buss-Pass/ I.D. Pocket, Perhaps a pocket made out of clear packing tape that covers the whole card could be used for I.D. or a Buss-Pass. 2: Coin Purse, A Sideways-facing pocket can be made to fold-out sideways from the wallet, when the pocket is folded-in, It acts like an envelope and keeps the coins in. 3: Dividing Page, A properly sized page taped on the inside "spine" of the wallet could be added to allow for more compartments. 4: Transparent/ Clear Carcass, The Carcass of the wallet could be made with clear packing tape or transparent duct-tape 5: Sports-Grade Grip-Tape/ Hockey Tape Parts, Parts of the wallet could be made from Grip-Tape or Hockey Tape, These products can be found in black, colors or transparent. Please Respond to this inquiry.

Topic by Sliderkk  

Screen Printing Help!

Hey everyone, I did some screen printing in school, but for some reason I don't remember the processes used, and now I want to screenprint again, and I am looking up all these ways to DIY silkscreen at home on the internet and everythings cool, but I got a question, might be stupid, but hey. Every process involves using a transparency sheet to burn you image into the screen (if you are doing photorealistic images, which I plan to...) but where can I get my image on a transparency larger than letter size? For example, I have a screen that can hole an image larger than 24 x 36, that I would like to make, huge, large prints with, but I could hardly fathom a transparency that large, or how much it would cost to have one there a website for that kind of thing? Thanks a bunch...

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Picture format (png) and sizing

Just done an instruction, my pictures are PNG format, some have a transparent background.They look OK in the editor, but when published, what should be a transparent background is black.Is this an issue of the site?Do I have to remake the pictures in an other format?While on the subject of pictures, I would prefer some to be shown smaller than they are shown.Is it possible to set the size of pictures in an instruction?I have searched for this info, the results about PNG where 8 years old and gave the impression it was being fixed.

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Video projection on glass?

Hi I was doing some resources on how to achieve a rear projection on transparent surfaces like glass, but without of much success (there are projects on this site, but all are using a black projection material). I would like to do it on a shop window using a projector. I have found out that I need some special foil to get this working, but most of them are black and not transparen and there are a lots of brands. I am wondering if there would be a DIY solution, maybe a frosted white sticker cut to the size would work, to still keep a level of transparency on of the window. Suggestions are welcomed! Thanks!

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