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shower tray?

I have a space of 2000mm by a max of 900mm. The floor is uneven, what is the best tray?

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Adjustable Keyboard Tray

Trying to figure out how to make an adjustable Keyboard/Mouse tray for ergonomic purposes. Seems like it might be relatively easy with some kind of flexible tubing e.g. flex eletrical conduit. and piece of wood for the tray. Very surprised to find near 0 content on the web with this, especially since these trays aren't exactly cheap.

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[Contest]Post your Favorite Spooky Halloween Food and Win a Tray – RUVAcards

Nothing beats a haunted moonlit night on All Hallows Eve…. And on this fatal night, at this witching time, the starless sky laments black and unmoving. The somber hues of an ominous, dark forest are suddenly illuminated under the emerging face of the full moon. So, what would you want, "Trick or Treat"? Well, it's simple. All you have to do is tell us your favorite 'Spooky Halloween Food' and you could win a customized Halloween tray to serve that delicious 'All Hallows Eve' food. You show us your trick and we treat you! For more details about Spooky Halloween Food visit:

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How to seal photos on wood? Answered

Can anyone recommend a sealant suitable for sealing photos stuck to wood? I want it to be durable and wipable (it's for a food tray). It wouldn't have to seal the wood around the photo, just on top of an A3 photo. I *would* go down to the local DIY superstore and ask there, but a lot of their staff are monkeys, I'm sure you guys could give me a better answer :p

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CD/DVD Tray for Canon IP6600D?

How do I make a CD/DVD Tray for Canon Pixma IP6600D Printer

Question by Mike Toone  

What is the best use for flat foam containers that meat comes on?

I am always baffled about what to do with them and I collect them and have used them for painting, bead holders, to cut little people out of and to make funky beads but I wonder what others out there do with them. Please don't tell me you throw them away without reusing them.

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Transforming coffee table - NEED HELP?

Anyone have or seen an instructable or tutorial on how to make this??? It's basically a normal coffee table where the sides can swivel up and become TV trays. desperately want! your help and ingenuity is greatly appreciated!

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How to make custom dental tray?

Greetings, There is an instructable on how to make a cast of teeth. I would like to know how to make dental trays from the casting to use for teeth whitening instead of the generic trays that come in whitening kits. Thanks

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Teach a cat to use a litter tray? Answered

I have two kittens that were using the litter tray, but for some reason they have now decided that the cold tiles under the toilet are a better place to relieve themselves. I am not enjoying cleaning up the mess. Does anyone know how I can stop them from using the floor and continue to encourage them in using their trays........

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CD Tray For Canon IP6600D Printer?

I have a Canon Pixma IP6600D Printer and I need to print directly onto CD/DVD?

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Hinged tray for kid's mobility scooter?

I want to add a tray with a lip on it to a kid's mobility scooter so that he can get his own lunch from teh cafeteria. Also needs to fold down to be out of the way after lunch. Any geniuses out there willing to help come up with a design? Thanks!

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fix xbox 360 open tray error?

My xbox 360 recently got back from being fixed by microsoft i dropped it and broke the warrenty the shell popped off, two months later my xbox has this problem where it says open tray when i try to play a game how do i fix this

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Cup warmer plate/tray to install in cupboard

My house is rather cold in the winter, and when I make coffee in the morning I have to manually heat my espresso cups by filling them with warm water. A lot of automatic espresso machines have cup warmer trays. I don't want to buy a new coffee machine. I am thinking it would be possible to place some kind of warming mat under my cups in the cupboard, somewhat similar to heated mattresses / heating blankets. I haven't found any existing products that fit the description. Any input on this? :)

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is there an easy way to manually operate a cd tray?

Im in the middle of automating my trash can (i know i can just buy one, but what's the fun in that?) and i got the proximity sensor part to work, but i cant think of a way to turn a short burst (in the sensor test circuit i had the led on the output blinked once when my hand got close yay!) into a signal that would power an old cd motor until it opened, pushing the trash can lid open, wait about 10sec or so, then apply reverse polarity for 2sec or so until it closed. i might be able to use a microcontroller to do this, but im just getting into that and i don't want to use one for this unless there isn't another way. if it's relevant im using a 555 to generate a 38khz pulse to an ir led picked up by rpm7138. any ideas?

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How to repair a hole in a refrigerator curved plastic ice tray?

Our refrigerator ice tray has a 3 inch hole in the bottom. The hole is in the curved part of the floor of the tray. Is there a flexible plastic/acrylic I can use to repair the hole?

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Why has the button tray only been viewed once? Weird.?

I can't figure out why my button tray has only been viewed once. I posted it yesterday and one hit?

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i bought 3 microwave glass trays / plates at a yard sale, how do you determine what models they go to?

I bought 3 microwave glass trays / plates at a yard sale, how do you determine what models they go to? i tried typing in what information there is on the glass plates but it didn't reall help, what do you think?

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What can I do with a DVD player with a broken tray?

The disc draw just opens and closes. Any suggestions for cool DIY stuff with the parts?

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How do you remove paint from an ice-cube tray so that you can use the ice-cube tray for making ice again? Answered

So I have this ice-cube tray, made of white plastic. My little sister used it for a paint palette and she didn't wash it. You can still see the green paint and I'm not sure what type of paint she used. We've tried using detergent and toothpaste. It removed most of the paint, but there's still a bit left. I'm also not sure whether it will be safe to use at all.  Any ideas?

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how do i fix the open tray problem on a philips benq on a 360?

I have been having problems with my 360 reading disks. When ever i put a game in it say reading then it say open tray. I have to hit the top of the 360 in order for it to read it . Anyone know how to fix this problem?

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How to make a GIANT rotating tray (lady susan) for 3Dscanning people?

What materials do I need?Can I do this with a trucks's bearing ?what thing do I use to make it rotate, strong enough to sustain a person?what Things do I have to take precaution on?

Question by DIAGONALLIS  

Force a comand prompt program to run in the system tray? Answered

Ok, basically, i made a online multiplayer server for sta sa mp, and i was wondering if i could make it run in the system tray so i wouldnt have to worry about accidentally clicking it or something like that.. PLEASE HELP ME! i am running windows xp sp3. THANKZ!!!!!!!!!

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Need ideas for repurposing frozen dinner plastic trays

I have tons of the plastic trays from frozen dinners and want to find ways to repurpose them into some kind of craft that can be made by kids in an afterschool setting. Any ideas?

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Got a Lego Ice Brick Tray and was wondering if I could make Lego shaped cookies? Answered

Would this work, and if so does anyone have any recommendation recipes that would work in a mold?

Question by LegoBrickMaster7    |  last reply

epoxy resin over photos on wooden tray, if i use high gloss photo paper do i need to seal it first. ?

Also, i sprayed the cheap decorative tray with flat black paint, do i need to sand and/or seal it before i add the photos and resin?  if i add about 1/8" of resin, does anyone know how heavy that might be, since i want to make sure it won't give out on the bottom. thanks  

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Looking for micro pump for steampunk liquid-cooled laptop tray

Anyone with an aluminum powerbook knows how scary-hot the get during a dvd rip. My solution is a steampunk liquid cooling tray. It would have a copper plate with a thin liquid reservoir just under the centre, where the processor is, with brazed copper tubes emanating outward under the tray. But to keep the tray thin, I can't take advantage of the natural upward flow of the hot liquid and I want to avoid radiators hanging out the back or sides. I figure I need a wee pump to push the liquid out to the outer edges to cool. Running off the USB of course! I've seen the one made from a phone vibrator, a pen and some tubing. That'd work, i suppose. Does anyone have any suggestions on where to find a low voltage micro/nano pump? As for the USB, I found a mini voltage converter here. I can handle the design, it's the technical (esp. electrical) aspects that make me stumble. Any help would be so appreciated.

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I have a food saver model " 3485 it keeps saying my tray is full  it wont do nothing

Question by robert.creazzo    |  last reply

How to make a GIANT rotating tray (lady susan) for 3Dscanning people?

What materials do I need?Can I do this with a trucks's bearing ?what thing Should I use to make it rotate, strong enough to sustain a person?What Things do I have to take precaution on?

Topic by DIAGONALLIS    |  last reply

How do you fix the disk drive on a sony Playstation 3. Game is stuck wont play.?

I just got a Playstation 3 and the disk tray has a game stuck in it. I cannot get the game out and dont know where to find another disk tray. Please help if you know anything about it.

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Wiring a salvaged CD drive eject tray mechanism and motor into a car?

Hi everyone. I'm making a custom back-up camera monitor mount for my brother's car. He doesn't live in a great neighborhood, so we want it to be hidden when not in use. We were just going to conceal it in an unused cubbyhole drawer under the radio, and he could pull it out and push it back in as needed. But as I was sitting at my PC, I bumped the DVD eject button and it occurred to me that we could spend a little more effort and have it be powered using a salvaged CD drive. I'm not an electronics guy, but I've pulled apart an old CD drive and the motor and gearing system seem fairly straight forward. The car is 12v DC, obviously, and the eject tray motor is also DC, but the spec. sticker on the motor is unreadable, so I don't know the voltage.  There's an obvious limiter switch in the mount that flips when the tray is fully extended, and what looks to be another one on the circuit board that flips when it's closed. Can anyone help me with wiring on this? I'd like to have it so he either presses a concealed switch to open and close the drawer, or possibly have it tie into the switch that activates the back-up lights. Thanks!

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On a knex ball machine how do you make a big tray for your balls to fall in from all directions?

I don't know how to make something like a track that can be connected to all ball tracks. I've seen a few on youtube but I still don't have a good picture. Oh and I know it's not a funnel.

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After puncture in the freezer, the cylinder on the back underneath water tray is hot

I was deicing freezer in the refrigerator and accidentally puncture. Gas went out for a few seconds. The refrigerator has topped working. When I cleaned the back and trowed away accumulating water, the cylinder beneath is still hot. Any possibilities or repair?

Question by Sharing Fun with WiSH & EmmaS    |  last reply

How to make / source storage clipboard for Ipad. Help?

How do I (as an ER doc) make a storage clipboard that will hold my ipad and a few other tools. I need it about 5cm deep. Nothing available to buy that Ive found.  Help?  was tried but I want a tray (with foam to hold in position) and tray below for ipad ( so inside a deep holder with a clip on the front.

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I've been thinking of building my own cantilever toolbox? Answered

The toolbox is of the type where the  trays are stacked on top of each other when the toolbox is closed, and while opening the trays slide parallel to each other, like "".and "" But I can't find the measurements for the length of the cantilevers and where they should be placed etc.. Can the toolbox be made out of wood or would metal be better?

Question by rammstein2    |  last reply

CD Changer?

Is there a cheap to make device to grab a cd place it on one pile remove a cd from another pile inject it into a standard cd tray and then signal the computer to press a button?

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I just submit my newspaper tray instructable today and the system says could not enter the contest. Why? I want to participate in the Epilog contest. Please answer

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Capacitor replacement help needed: high pitch noise with new cap and dvd tray wont open?

I just wrote this question and i pressed cancel to cancel upload images and it deleted the entire question!!!! i will rewrite this breifly. i replaced cap in dvd player and new one makes high pitch noise and dvd tray can't open. new cap was from old electronics, is it bad too? written from ipod touch

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Why is my xbox not reading any discs? Answered

You insert a disk and it just says open tray like there is no disk anyone know what the problem is?

Question by DBMods    |  last reply

Can you freeze dry food at home?

I would like to know how to freeze dry food. Could some create an Instructable How-To,... Can someone build a machine that freeze dry food? There are essentially three categories of freeze-dryers: the manifold freeze-dryer, the rotary freeze-dryer and the tray style freeze-dryer. Two components are common to all types of freeze-dryers: a vacuum pump to reduce the ambient gas pressure in a vessel containing the substance to be dried and a condenser to remove the moisture by condensation on a surface cooled to -40 to -80 C (-40 to -112 F). The manifold, rotary and tray type freeze-dryers differ in the method by which the dried substance is interfaced with a condenser. In manifold freeze-dryers a short usually circular tube is used to connect multiple containers with the dried product to a condenser. The rotary and tray freeze-dryers have a single large reservoir for the dried substance. Thank You

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Is there a durable, waterproof UHF HT that will accept AA batteries?

By waterproof, I of course mean "weather-resistant." I'm looking for an UHF HT that will be just fine if it gets dropped into a lake or falls off an ATV. It doesn't need to float; I can attach a floating keychain to it if necessary. It should also have a AA battery tray that is available from the manufacturer, and still be waterproof with the AA tray. Ideally it would have a keypad. Do you have personal experience with a HT that meets these requirements?

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i just installed a philips disk drive in my xbox to replace the thompson drive. now it seems to act in reverse. why?

Now when the drive closes with a disk, the light around the eject button keeps flashing red/green as if the tray is still out & doesnt load the game. also when i power off the xbox, the disk tray ejects and stay open. i hooked everything on the drive correctly when i installed it. is the philips drive defective, or does it need to be flashed or something?

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What Apps/Utilities Do You Use Often/What's In Your System Tray?

My, system tray, in no particular order:Internet Call Director - I have dial-up so when someone calls me it disconnects the computer from the internets and reroutes the call to the phone.[ Pidgin] - Awesome instant-messaging client. Compatible with about 15 different networks (MSN, AIM, ICQ etc.).My Dial-up internets connection icon.[ Opera] - Opera web browser.Volume ControlAvira Antivir Personal Edition Classic - My antivirus program.Sound Volume Hotkeys - Use winkey + up/down arrow keys to change volume, handy when there's no volume dial (ie. headphones).WinRoll - Rolls up windows to their title bar, transparency, minimize any window to the system tray, stuff like that.[ System Lock] - Click to password protect system. Hides everything on the desktop.What's in yours?

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Peeponics doggy urine nutrient cycle system

Hi, I have a dog at home who uses a litter tray. It's basically a large plastic water run off tray with some AstroTurf. Currently, I have a pump that draws off liquids and deposits them into an empty soda bottle, which I flush down the toilet. But I was wondering if there is an easy way to convert the urine into nitrates which I could use in an aquaponics, or peeponics, system? Possibly using an attractive under water garden in a 25 gallon fish tank?

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Any tips on winterizing a boon-docking travel trailer with no electricity?

We've bubble wrapped our windows, covered vents, need a trailer skirt, but what else to keep warm?

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