Mummy Treat Bag

Check out this Mummy Treat Bag from the Crochet Dude!Don't know how to crochet, but still need your treats?Learn it! Beginning crochet

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Heat Treat Steel?

After i pound a peice of metal into shape at a bright cherry to full orange color how exactly do i quench my steel and temper it? Right now when i quench my steel with a straight plunge into room temp water it doesnt become brittle??? I use old fence post material as a base steel. Can any1 give me a more accurate instruction. Thank you! P.S. I do clean off the galvanization before heating

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Aspies should not be treated as inferier

    Not everything that steps out of line, and thus "abnormal", must necessarily be "inferior". Hans Asperger (1938) I step out of line ALL the time when people that I know to know better, treat me as inferior!  Peter, (2010)  

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Motion sensor treat dispenser.

I would like to build a dispenser to give my dog a treat automatically when she drops a toy in a box. I have a treat dispenser that moves easily and can be attached to a pulley. I don't have the electronic know-how to make the rest. I am thinking a motion sensor light or driveway warning unit that sends a signal when a beam is broken could be used, but don't know how to connect it to a small motor that will only run for a couple of seconds and then stop. Any thoughts on how to do this and where I might get the equipment?

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Dog treats for mother dog? Answered

Hi, people! My dog, Dale (named after Dale Evans) has had a litter of puppies in a cat/dog house! There is a sad part: All but one died because of the cold winter. That one that survived was the runt of the litter. That runt is now a chunk, because she has all the milk to her self, and she is a little bundle of cuteness! We named her Bailey..... anywho, moving right along, does anybody have a recipie for dog treats-for a nursing mother dog? I can't give them to Bailey because she is only 3 weeks old today (March 6, 2012, Born Feb. 21, 2012) and not weaned. Thanks! I might put a picture of them together.

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Gluten and Dairy Free Treats

I am new here but would love to see if anyone has fun foods for a gluten/dairy free household! We are so much happier without that in our house and would love to see other posts on this topic.  Especially lunch ideas for high school lunches.

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CONTEST: Valentine's Cupcakes and Sweet Treats, part of is hosting a Valentine's Cupcakes and Sweet Treats Contest where you could win a $500 Williams-Sonoma gift card!If you have a cute confection to share, snap a pic of it and enter. They even include great tips on how to take a great photo. You can also check out the sample recipes and pictures they've compiled with step-by-step instructions so you can make your own.Need some inspiration? Check out evrenuzer's Ladybug cakesmsimon3's 3-D Dino Cake (not cutesy maybe, but an inspiring work of bakery!)and MH850's Bunny Cake

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Does wicker need to be weather treated?

I bought a wicker basket to put on my bike, but I'm not 100% sure if I need to treat it with something for the rain/snow/whatever else Ontario weather plans to throw at me.

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New Holiday Treats Speed Contest

Whoa! It's a new speed contest! We were talking about all of our favorite holiday treats and we were getting pretty excited about the weeks to come. So excited that we decided to put up a new speed contest and give away laser-etched rolling pins.Our cool new Epilog laser cutter has a rotary attachment so we can etch cylindrical objects now. What better way to break it in than to etch in custom messages for those that win a rolling pin?So make something sweet and put up some tasty pics in an Instructable! Holiday Treats contest

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Good pranks to play while trick or treating?

I need one within three days so I can plan it need some ASAP

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Halloween Bash – A Community Arcade

A mashup of Halloween and makers, celebrating community-made arcade games, with free trick-or-treating and a food drive. Part of the Bay Area Science Festival – it’s the perfect mix of technology, creativity and Halloween celebration. Community Maker Groups with large arcade games throughout the Center. Cardboard Challenge + Community Arcade game -making Station: You make the games, we provide the prizes! Saturday, October 25, 2014 noon – 4pm Bon Air Center Just off Hwy 101 on Sir Francis Drake Blvd in Greenbrae, CA

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How can I make a food puzzle for my dog?

I want to make something similar to nina ottosson's interactive dog toys.  Something that requires my pup to work a little to find the reward. 

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recipe for individual rice krispy treats in small mug/bowl featured item on Instructables. can't find recipe- Help

Recipe for individual Rice Crispy Treats in small mug/bowl featured item on Instructables. Can't find recipe-Please Help!! THX!! :O

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Looking for safe cat treats for my Sgt. Sassie Meowstein

My question is: I am looking for safe cat treats for my Sgt. Sassie Meowstein.  She loves tuna. Not a big fan of any other meat.  I have been using whiskas - tuna flavor.  It has chicken & rice in it with tuna.  She will pull out the tuna treats & leave the other treats there.  Can you please help me?  Tigerooma By the way love your website.  I found so many things to do for my endless projects.

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It is safe to use treated lumber to build a compost box? Answered

I would like to build a compost box but I want this box to withstand termites, carpenter ants, rotting and weather. I am thinking about using treated lumber but I worry about preserving chemicals leaking to the compost pile and effecting the decomposition process of composting.

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The Frozen Treats Contest is starting Monday, 7/8!

There may be few ways to escape the heat this summer, but at least you can cope with it by eating yummy frozen treats. All you need to do to enter is to throw some (edible) concoctions together and stick them in the freezer. That's right! The freezer can be used as more than just a tool for standing in front of. Your freezer can also be used to make ice cream, gelato, frozen yogurt, ice pops, smoothies, and other icy forms of goodness. Break free of the hegemony of the Hagaan-Daz-Industrial-Complex, and combat this sweltering summer with your own frigidly frozen snacks. By sharing the delicious ways you keep cool, you are entering to win an ice cream maker, waffle cone maker, and loads of other fun prizes. Simply post a Step-By-Step, Photo or Video Instructable that explains to us how you made your frozen treat. We look forward to seeing (and trying!) all of your amazing entries (because this heat is killing us). Check out the contest page to see all the details.

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How did everyone get these patches from fungus amungus? (Besides the cookie) Answered

Ive seen users with tons of donuts, cakes and treats from fungus amungus. How did they get them? (Besides the regular chocolate chip cookie...)

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krispie cakes yummmmm (recipie)

How to make 20 Krispie Cakes Ingredients: 145 grams of butter 40 grams of cocoa 115 grams of sugar (white granulated) 200 grams of syrup (golden) 285 grams of rice krispies Method: 1. melt the butter, coacoa, sugar and syrup in a mediam saucepan 2. bring to the boil but soons as it starts boiling remove it from the hob immediatley (turn of gas but leave it on the hob so you can keep on stiring) 3. then squash it into a lightly greased tin (prefrebly a 2cm thick, rectangular one) 4. cool for half an hour and mark 3 lines down from the smallest side and 4 from the longest and then cool for another 30 mins. 5. THEN SERVE YUMM YUMM. PLEASE COMMENT AND MAKE IT POSITIVE OR ILL JUST DELET IT AND REPORT YOU IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO DOWNLOAD THE RECIPIE AND SAVE INK WHEN PRINTING ASK ME TO EMAIL IT U VIA COMMENT JUSTLEAVE NAME AND EMAIL 360XXXKNEX OUT!!!

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In need of a answer

DO the treats have to be food,i have an awsome instructable i can do,but you cant eat it.Though it can still be a treat to some one special to you.

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Auto-Lacing Shoes, Rice Krispie Treat Watermelon, Bicycle Sidecar

Auto-Lacing Shoes Rice Krispie Treat Watermelon Bicycle Sidecar Applying Henna Touchless Lamp Book Light USB Bike Generator Photography for Dummies USB Mystic Light Paper USB Connector Wide-Angle Webcam Croquette Fix a Flashlight Earbud Volume Control Solar Funnel Cooker

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What are you going to be for Halloween?

So what are you going to be for Halloween (as in what costume are you wearing.) Also what are you going to do for Halloween, are you going to stay at you house and give out candy, scare little kids, or go trick or treat with your friends?I am going to go trick or treating with my friendsI have also come up with a costume design which is a transformer costume that actually transforms! Unlike the costly imitation costumes at the store. Here are some pictures of it but it is not quite done yet.Also i was wondering if anyone would like to see an instructable on how to make this kind of costume?Its kind of like this but not as good: Please comment!!!

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Your Halloween Plans?

So, what are your Halloween plans? Are you going to a party? Going trick or treating, or just going to stay home and watch Demons 2? This year, I'm not going to do much. Just paint my face white, and put on black lipstick and eyeliner while walking around the neighborhood. (Okay, I may go to some houses for candy =P)

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Any ideas for homemade pet toys or treats that cost under $10.00 are welcome Here are a few examples: Hamster hammock,dog bed,cat castle,dog treats,cat teaser. Or anything else you can think of !!!

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Happy Halloween!!!

Happy Halloween!!! Its Halloween! YAY! Go get lots of candy!

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High carbon steal annealing/tempering

First off, I'm not entirely where to post this nor if it has been posted elsewhere (i did do a quick check but i didn't spend too much time on that endeavor). So if this is not the correct/best place to post this i will move it and if it is elsewhere then i will delete it. This topic starts with a question from something I just recently did. I got a high carbon steel marking knife (its a Hock tool) and when i got it, it was bent and i heated it up to a nice red color, let it cool, tried bending it, and broke the tip off so i sharpened it back to a point and heated it up until it was no longer magnetic and heated it at 450F for about an hour. After doing this and checking some charts I was expecting a golden/brown color but instead got a blue color throughout most of it. So do i need to redo this or is it harder than i would expect from a blue colored steel? So I'm sure there are plenty of resources out there for figuring all this out but i was hoping this could be a centralized area for anyone to get all the information they need on this topic. what are some tips/tricks on annealing/heat treating/tempering iron, steel, and high carbon steels? is there a difference between the three  (annealing, heat treating, and temper)? what is the difference (if there is one)? what should someone expect from doing something like this? what would each color be useful for (which would be best for a drill bit or which would be best for woodworking tools etc.)? any tricks of the trade? any personal tricks that you wont find anywhere else? anything else to add? ANYTHING that is relevant would be helpful, im sure there are many people that could benefit from a list of tips from those who actually do these things. if i remember to do so i will post this blue marking knife that i'm talking about.

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What products do you recommend for treating/ cleaning and preserving leather car seats?

I live in Oklahoma and gets pretty hot in the summertime what products do you recommend to preserve leather seats, also what would be good to clean them.

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How to treat acetate (transparency film) to avoid ink from chipping

Hey y'all! I've got an odd issue with some transparency film that I'm sure one of you will be able to help me solve! I have a book of prints which I've been inkjet printing on to acetate. It's a lovely book, but the issue I keep running into is that the ink will rub off should someone or something happen to scratch the "wet" side of any of the prints. The prints also gather dust on this side, which after a while makes for a very dusty book! Does anyone have any idea of a treatment method (maybe a spray or a varnish) that would seal in the ink, protecting the prints from dust and scratches? I realize I could just print it on another type of photo paper and probably not have this issue, but I'd like the prints to be translucent (it creates a layering effect that's important to the finished book). Any suggestions gladly welcomed! Best, M

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Permanent fabric pictures?

How can I make fabric copies from my printer permanent? Do I need to treat the fabric before I print or can I treat it after?? What do I need to use to keep the fabric pictures from washing out? Help - I need this information as soon as possible.

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How to stuff a kong?

I want something simple no peanut butter or anything like that.  Would a few medium sized milkbones be a challenge for a dog in a XL Kong or do i need a bigger size? Please help  regular dog food does packed in is not a challange my dog learned to turn the kong upside down to drain out the food..

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Want to make my own dog camera that shoots our dog treats

I want it to be similar to the furbo dog camera that is cheaper and is google assistant/amazon echo compatible. But I have no idea how to make it. Could anyone give me tips how I could make one?

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Bug- I am treated like I am logged out on one of my instructables.

On my OSSR ible, It says that I am logged out, and I need to login. However, once I leave the page, I am logged back in, and this problem doesnt seem to happen on other instructables.I am running the latest version of firefox on windows vista, if that helps.

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Now that there are "Go PRO!" stuff does that mean that i will be treated like an unregistered member?

(quote begins here)Pro Features IncludePDF DownloadsAllsteps PreferenceRich Media VersionPro BadgeDigital PatchesLess AdvertisingPrivate ProjectsMembers-only ForumsFavorites List(Quote ends here)I remember that before i registered i had to register to see all steps on one page and(i think) PDF download of Instructables out there So i registered Here And Loved it.But Now, Pro?Does that mean that just members will be treated by the system like an unregistered member by not having all steps on one page and such?this is really dissapointing, More ads Everywhere and now You have to pay?This is looking like on of those sick websites that have questions that you have to register to see the answers, And then you have to pay to your registered account to really see answers.

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Building a 25 foot set of stairs?

I would like to know how to build a one run set of stairs (25 foot) to be used as access to river.

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How to keep injet fabric printing permanent?

Does anyone have the answer to how you can treat the fabric that you have printed from an injet printer so it won't fade?

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How toxic is smoking food with wine barrel wood which are all treated with linseed oil ?

I was told that its toxic to smoke food with wine barrel wood because its treated with linseed oil to make them waterproof and to keep contamination from going thru the wood. Ive searched all over the internet but cant find any info on the health effects of the smoke. I see many people selling this wood and I have tried it for smoking food but don't want to sell something that's harmful to eat. Any for sure info as it could be a legal problem for me. Chow. Lance

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what did you get for christmas?

Title says it...what did you get for christmas? i got a new mountain bike-specialized hardrock sport disc 2006

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Have a heart and help Abigail heal.

Long-time Instructables member supersoftdrink and her family have been through a lot the past six years: her daughter has had four open heart surgeries and her husband suffers from anxiety & depression. A GiveForward campaign has been set up to help them get back on track and we hope that you consider donating.  If you'd like to learn more about congenital heart defects and how they are treated, visit her Instructable on how doctors treat a hypoplastic heart. 

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Harvesting hazelnuts? Answered

After many fruitless years, our hazel tree is suddenly bearing nuts. What I want to know is when/how to harvest them, and how do we treat/store the nuts afterwards?

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How to? timed latch release

I want to make a box with seperate compartments with doors that will open to release a dog toy, treat etc. at timed intervals. I don't know how to use a timer to unlatch a door. Ideas? thanks - SpleenMa

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Can you use frozen soda, or flavor ice as ice, in an Electric snow cone maker?

The exact product is the Hamilton Beach Icy Treats Maker, if you need to know.

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Treatment of mouth rot in neon tetras?

Hello, my neon tetras are suffering with white blisters round their mouths, I treated them with No 8 Interpet three time in the last month but there has been no change - what should I do? Alice

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hi,i wanna make the algal microbial fuel cell.which would be the efficient for the treating of waste water ?

Hi..i am new to this area...i wanna make the assemble of the microbial fuel cell which is much help full in the removing of the nitrates from the waste water...i just wanna know that using algae as the inoculum & the substrate is waste water,,by this is it possible to remove the this assemble...

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OBD-II Anyone?

 So.... I'd like to interface my XP laptop with my 94 Buick's OBD-II. They seem to run about $150. I dont wanna pay that unless I have to. Any suggestions, advice? A treat for clicking :D

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Star Trek

Star Trek is awesome. Star trek isn't only for geeks. It's a great TV show. Actually, shows. If you like Star Trek, I have a question, what star trek doctor would you want to treat you?

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Perfectly Plaid Serving Platter

Four frisky snowmen all decked out for fun are a merry middle on this pleasing plate, sized to hold tons of treats. An amusing way to add holiday magic to everything you eat! Porcelain.[url=;=37715]Click here[/url]

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Is there any way to make a file into a folder under Windows?

I know you're thinking I could just rename it to .tar and untar it, but is there any way to rename the file, change the registry or ownership to make Windows treat it as a folder? And would changing it back work the same way?

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what do you what me to do next ?

Do you want me to do craft , cooking and pets craft - rainbow loom -making stuff for dolls and things cooking -cakes , cupcakes ,biscuit or anything else sweet -pizza , pasta , or anything else savory pets -treats -toys

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[Contest]Post your Favorite Spooky Halloween Food and Win a Tray – RUVAcards

Nothing beats a haunted moonlit night on All Hallows Eve…. And on this fatal night, at this witching time, the starless sky laments black and unmoving. The somber hues of an ominous, dark forest are suddenly illuminated under the emerging face of the full moon. So, what would you want, "Trick or Treat"? Well, it's simple. All you have to do is tell us your favorite 'Spooky Halloween Food' and you could win a customized Halloween tray to serve that delicious 'All Hallows Eve' food. You show us your trick and we treat you! For more details about Spooky Halloween Food visit:

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