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Cheap Compact tripod Answered

Ok, so I have asked a question like this before, but I never did get a compact tripod, and i am going on a trip in a few weeks and could really use the tripod. So I'm going to ask this again, but a little differently I need a tripod, preferably; Less then 16" when folded. I'd very much like 14" or even 12" if possible Extends to 50" minimum. Preferably >52" Costs less then $50, around $35 Weight is not really an issue, but lightness helps :) I am going to be sticking it in like the waterbottle holder on a bag- maybe a clip or something so i could hook it to the strap Stability is not a huge issue, as I am only putting an FZ100 on it (19.9 oz), so it doesnt need to support a DSLR, just a heavier P&S-; I do plan on some longer exposure shots however I think thats it... I do feel kind of sorry asking this question, but I really dont have the time or resources to find this completely on my own, and I am asking for a pretty strict set of rules. Thank you all so much in advance- Sincerely, A907

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Good travel tripod? Answered

Looking for a good travel tripod for cheap, i cant find very many in my specifications If i would get one it would hopefully be less than 12 inches when folded Can extend to a pretty high range (about waist height, or at least 4-5 feet) And preferably can clip to a backpack or other thing (optional) Weight is not a huge deal, so any weight is fine and be cheap :) less than 50 bucks most likely i dont care if it is a name brand one or not, it just needs to hold a camera stability doesnt have to be great also, i could probably clip some wight onto it if needed camera i will be using is over a pound, but just by 3 or 4 ounces- not a DSLR either so there is no added lens weight if i go telephoto Thanks!! I really appreciate it :)

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Tightening the joints of a flexible tripod

I have a Targus Grypton - the small, original version. It's basically a Gorillapod Original clone. It worked great before, but now the head joints have loosened to the point that the tripod is virtually useless. Anyone know of a way to increase the friction so it works again?

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DIY Tripod Carry bag

Hi. Does any of you knows of a way to how to make a sturdy tripod carry bag ? I tried to look to buy one, but either it's way too expensive, too small for the tripod or it's not sturdy enough (padding and/or stitching). Any ideas, recommendations or suggestions ? Thanks to answer

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quick release tripod plates

So for a few years now i've been using a small speaker setup strapped onto the tail of a longboard skateboard to provide music at skate meets and fun bike rides etc, and it's worked well enough, however at 13kg on the highest point of the board it has a tendancy to flop into corners and mess with the handling. Recently the amplifier broke so i want to use this opportunity to redesign the whole setup... for a start im hoping to reduce the weight by about 5kg i found this video ( on youtube of a skateboard sidecar for a child which i intend to modify for the speakers but i don't want it permanently attached to my board, would 1 or 2 quick release tripod plates have the strength to keep the mechanism attached to the board until i wished to remove it? i know you can get plates to support some particularly heavy cameras so would there be one that would be up to my task?

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iPod touch mount for tripod?

 Looking to mount a new Apple touch on a camera mounting bracket. So ... no gooseneck extention -just a sinple right angle bracket of some sort. I might be over-thinking this - but thanks for your assistance!

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Looking for ways to build a motorized tripod

Hi all- I'm looking for a way to construct a tripod that can be set to rotate, tracking an object (basically would want it to be able to remain facing a certain object as it moves back and forth.  I basically need to have a camcorder that can be recording, and remained aimed at the subject without a cameraman).  Any ideas?

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From minute to large portable tripod

Hey, could someone please make an instrucable which enables your average person to make a tripod which can fit in ones pocket but expand to full standard tripod height when pulled out? Large tripods are too bulky to carry around, but small tripods aren't very practical for taking pictures from the right height.

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Need a tripod for stop motion animation?

For my photography class we have to create a stop motion project.  I decided to use a white board to do my stop motion animation.  So, I need a tripod or something to hold the camera steady above the white board. My camera is going to be my phone (don't have my own digital camera).  I was going to try to make something out of K'NEX probably cause they're easy to work with and I've seen some people make tripods out of them.  But does anyone have a design for such a tripod already? It doesn't have to be made out of K'NEX, it could be anything, I just have K'NEX ready to use.  So, any suggestions?

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How to build remote controlled camera tripod?

I want to build a camera tripod that has motors to move the camera up/down and left/right. it will need to be mobile, battery powered, wireless remote controlled with no computer control. any suggestions?

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How to make a quick release tripod plate?

Me again. I have several tripods I've picked up from Goodwill, and guess what, they don't have the plates that screw onto the camera and clip on the tripod head. Anyone have ideas about a very sturdy alternative? Replacement parts are ridiculously expensive. I'm fooling around with hardware, and any input will be much appreciated. These need to support old-school VHS camcorders. Thanks.

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what can i make a 1 foot tripod out of easily?

Need a 1 foot tripod!

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Tripod greenhouse - cheap, easy, high volume Currently in Paris to start an urban farming collective around this, details on that blog. Thoughts?

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Unexpected log off?

My subscription was just  renewed.  when I tried to download "Binocular parallelogram mount" I get logged off .  I am unable to download this project.  How come?  Thanks.

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A question of quick-release plates? Answered

Do they make quick release plates for tripods that do not have them? such as a screw-on plate that goes on a 1/4in tripod mount and has a quick release section on top of that with another 1/4 in mount? Thx

Question by astroboy907    |  last reply

What should I do with this tripod I found? Answered

So a couple weeks ago, I found a camera tripod with telescoping legs in somebody's garbage. It doesn't fit my camera, but there is essentially nothing wrong with it. So basically I need some ideas for what I should use said tripod for.

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Could I stiffen a pvc pipe by putting a foam piece down the center of it. Foam would probably be just bigger than ID. Answered

I plan on making this tripod telescoping so I will have multiple sizes of pvc, and will need a stiff piece of either round foam, or square foam that is pliable enough at the corners to be stuffed into a tube.

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Video camera pedestal

I want to know how these camera pedestals work, see example here: Has anyone tried to build something similar? What I would like to achieve, is simply a tripod system where the camera can stay level at the height I choose, and it should be easy to change the height without loking the center column. Is this a very hard thing to do?

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How can a choose a spotting scope for my husband when I don't know anything about them.?

I am thinking about getting it for a father's day gift. He would be using it to look out into the fields around our farm spotting wildlife as well as our livestock. I want him to be able to sit and look at the fields using a scope on a tripod. What do I need to know? How do I choose one?

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how to shoot in this style anyone?

Http:// anyone know how to replicate this style of photo at home without proffesional equipment? its just for fun, i have a digital canon ixus, photoshop and a white wall!

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machine gun

Ok i have this book its the Military small arms encyclopedia for 1900-2000 of military small arm guns. In this book i was looking at the machine gun section and looked at one its a Skoda M1909 belt fed machine gun mounted on a tripod, and has a frontal shield protecting the operator. Im working on a design for it right now, although i am quite short of pieces because i need to make the cooling canister and the body, then the tripod. Then ill need a shitload of pieces for the belt

Topic by ClemensY290  

Best way to make a remote controlled device that goes up and down like a car antenna? Answered

Just wondering, what's the best way about making a device that is sort of like a tripod, without the pan and tilt or left and right? just need the pole type device to go up and down like a car antenna? Is it possible to control this via remote from like 100 - 200 feet away? and possible to control height of the poles? (i'm guessing a switch)  i was thinking poles will probably be PVC pipes or is there anything better to use?  thanks for your advice!

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Anyone know how best to adapt Logitech QuickCam Connect E 2500 so that it mounts onto a camera tripod

May be somewhat similar to posted file for "Tripod Meets Logitech Webcam" ?. It seems more difficult to remove the two parts of the casing with the E2500 than for the posted QuickCam Messenger?

Question by wjames1    |  last reply

Build automatic elevating platform?

Hey, didn't know if anyone could help with this: I need to build a motorized platform for my tripod, that would automatically raise and lower itself, so I can get different vantage points as the motorized tripod head will pan or tilt. What's the easiest way for me to do this? Thanks for the help in advance!

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Hi people just discovered this forum the other week and im stuck and need help with something.   any kind people know what the actual name of those octopus bubble tripod camera stands are ?   you know the ones which pop and click together and can grasp hold of things.   i know there called octopus bubble something or other but that's the name of the tripod , cant seem to find the name of the actual legs.   anyone help or even know what in talking about ?

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Any quick and easy set ups for cooking over a campfire?

Thinking particularly about a tripod set up.... or just what works best for you rustic campers out there. Please and thank you...

Question by beegirl70    |  last reply

Anyone know a good Camcorder?

I'm looking for a decent HD camcorder, for mostly tripod use. I want something I can put in my bag though. I'm not particularly interested in 'flip' camcorders though. Thanks! P.S. if anyone's selling, let me know

Question by MrSalvador    |  last reply

Where would I find wire that's strong enough to support a tablet?

I want to use recycled wire to build a wrap around stand/hanger for a 1 .5 pound android device, and I think I need about a meter of it.

Question by Nat2020    |  last reply

Best k'nex gun parts like handle etc.

Hi ! In this we can discuss the best barrels, handles, sights, triggers, bipods, tripods, and any other part of a k'nex gun from different instructables and even see these probably combined.

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Is this illigal?

Would making homemade shotguns and handguns be considered to be illigal? I've made one, it was awsome. I took an old computer moniter and shot it. It went all the way through.Of course, when trying it the fist time, i mounted it to a tripod and pulled the trigger using string just to make sure the pipes were not going to blow up on my face!

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Is there a way to bypass saving camera images to a pc rather than the memory card?

I have a Samsung NX1000 camera that has to take 1000s of images and its annoying having to take it off the tripod to take the card out when it reaches its max 9,999 image to transfer then put back in to continue (telecine hence many images!).I'd like to get something like attached images which I can use to have the sd card hang out of the camera for ease of access without removing camera off tripod but ideally can save directly to a usb hard drive or to a pc (that I guess would need to emulate being an sd card)? This would save a lot of time transferring images. Using wifi cards are far too slow and a bit a bit buggy.Thanks for any thoughts.

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My favorites from the week of 2006-12-04

Ski BikeI'm a real sucker for winter weather contraptions, and this looks like a ton of fun.Pocket TripodI carry around one of those mini tripods on my camera bag, but this looks more useful because of the ability to wrap its legs around objects. I'm sure to make one.Typewriter Computer KeyboardAs someone who takes his keyboard and pointing devices perhaps a little too seriously, this makes me smile.Use firefox drag and drop extension to upload imagesThis will save you so much time and mouse clicks both on and off Instructables.Free Yacht Chapter 7: Get an Even Better One and Fabulize it.Who can get enough of the Free Yacht saga anyway? If you're in the Bay Area, come out for sail with us!

Topic by ewilhelm  

What do ya think??

I finally went out and bought some pins today, push pins, for the wall of course. When I figure out how to steady a tripod on top of a matress, and I find the rest of my junker parts (these are just old parts or stuff needing repair), I'll bring more pics.

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Yep a free patch. But to save time click on my profile and go to my questions and you will see the contest in my questions. Comment and post your ideas there. This is to promote my question. So click on my profile and GO

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Very slow rotation (1rotation/hr) electric motor? Answered

I am  looking to build an electronically controlled time lapse pan device for my camera. I want to be able to rotate the camera for a specifically timed time lapse (e.g 90 degrees every 20 minutes of shooting). My problem is finding an electric motor that is slow enough RPM to create this slow of a motion... Right now I would need a motor capable of going down to about 1 rotation in 6 hours... at the very least 1 rotation/hr.  So, do those motors even exist? Right now I am thinking the best solution would be to have a stepper motor, connected to a gearbox (right now that would be the inside of a kitchen timer, somehow), that would allow a very slow rotation of 1 axis. However, as this is a mobile build, power constraints are really an issue. I would like to be able to shoot for 6 hours max continually, and I dont know if that could be done without a very low power motor.... If I did the stepper motor connected to a gearbox, do you think that would affect the linearity of the time lapses? E.g would the stepping motion of the motor create a choppy vid?  I have looked into the kitchen timer timelapse but have yet to find a timer that can hold up my relatively light Panasonic FZ-100 without locking up...

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The REAL Challenge. (K'NEX)

Okay. This is the only thing I think is impossible with K'NEX. An H&K; GMG. Yeah.REQUIREMENTS@Range of OVER 10 feet. Okay, whatever. As long as it shoots.@Must use true grenades, they must explode. OR, you could have it sling balls of K'NEX. Or K'NEX balls.@Non-disintegrating belt.@4 RPS.@Must look like one.@Must have a tripod.@Fully-automatic.That's about it.

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Can I use a simple, older, digital camera w/out a tripod to take pictures of small objects like jewelry in a light box? Answered

I am not familiar with photography other than the "point and click" action.  My extended family is starting to do craft items and we would like to know how to take pictures of our work to put on our website.  I have researched the various light boxes etc but can't find out much about which camera to use.  I have the only camera which is  the Kodak EasyShare C653.  (Probably a dinosaur).  My daughters and granddaughters have usual iphones, android (types) etc and they take pictures with them.  Even my Great Grandson (2years old) takes pics accidentally (I think it's by accident but who knows. :)

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What is that thing ?

Hello ! So, here is a series of pictures that my brother took about two weeks ago (2007/08/29, at 23:00 french local time). He was going to sleep in his van when he saw a weird blinking/moving light at the horizon. He put his digitalcamera (Fujifilm Finepix S5600) on his tripod, quickly configured it, extended the zoom to the maximum (optical + digital zoom) and took two series of photos with the burst mode. Then, he tried to quickly reconfigure his camera and to take one more manualy. Facts : His tripod seems quite stable : stars don't move from a picture to an other. As we can see thanks to the last picture (a photo of an other part of the sky took with the same parameters), the stars of the two series seems not to be "dead" pixels of the CCD sensor. Known parameters : ISO 400 shutter speed : 1/2.5s. He says he doesn't know what it is. With my other brother, we tried to find an explanation, but so far, we failed. What do you think about this "UFO" ??

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Help converting a plug timer to a panning motor

Hi there everyone, I want to get started with timelapse photography, but buying expensive gear is not an option - an DIY'ing is fun :) I want to use my TI-89 calculator to help out with the intervalometer job, and I've ordered a fitting cable, and will be programming the stuff when it arrives. So far, so good. In addition to that I want to add some panning action. For the purpose of automating that part I found a plug timer (correct term?) lying around. I disassembled it, wanting to find a way to mount my tripod head or some other camera mount (like a 1/4" 20 thread). Anyways - the middle part with the Philips-logo is not moving while in action, while the spinning clockface around it is very thin. The size, though, fits my Manfrotto tripod head perfect, even though it's heavy as shit - and with a camera on, it's even worse :) Well - I need some tips for constructing this bad boy - how to go about it, what to do, and what not to do :) Anything is welcome. Attached is a hell of lot of pictures. Oh - and any suggestions for coping with morning dew, if the camera has to stay outside for 3-4 hours during timelapse? :) Thanks a bunch, F

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How to publish a new instructable?

My new instructable shows as a "Draft." I do not know how to check if it is published. It never say, "published." Subject: Tripod for Camera, Disposable for World Travelers I am in Togo, West Africa, and American sites often shut me off, I am from Orland, Indiana, and even tried using teamviewer to publish from a USA IP. How do I check it is published? Or, what am I doing wrong? Thanks Andy Graham of Hobo Traveler com in Kara, Togo, West Africa frusted.

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Contest banner missing in some accepted entries

I have two different contest entries that have been accepted and they show up on their respective contest pages, but the voting banner is not displaying inside the instructables. appears to be a sporadic issue since two other contest entries that were submitted around the same time in different contests have the voting banner displaying properly.

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Diy LED strip light powered from a solar powered battery bank (for painting/drawing at night)

I like to paint nightscapes and so far headlamps are not working so well for me. I used a portable light bar one night that worked well (on loan) but it was too heavy. I've been through stores looking for the right thing...and harbor freight came close. But I need something lighter weight and less expensive.  Two or three led lights don't cast enough light and 30 led storebought lights are too much light. I have a solar powered phone charger with battery bank (with usb connections) that I now plan to use as the portable power source. I plan to use a pringles potato chip tube as the light housing that can be attached by clips to my pochade (really a mod'd cigar box) on top of a camera tripod. I guess my main concern is weight on the box, so I thought running a cable off a power source hanging from the tripod would be more secure and less likely to fall in my palette (as has already happened). I need help figuring out the circuit board; and also choosing the right white led for color purposes. Any thoughts?

Topic by sreudianflip  

Name this thingamajig

Hi I'm trying to locate or build something I don't know the name of and searching around hasn't proved helpful, perhaps somebody here could put a name to it so I at least know what I'm searching for?  It's a mount which allows something to rotate  horizontally a full 360 degrees  continuously (similar to the column rotation on a tripod) however the object to be rotated needs cables passed to it through the mount unhindering the rotation - some sort of contact connection?  Ideally I want the mount to have a powered rotation but putting a name to this would get me on the right track. Thanks in advance. Garrett

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boke with small digital cameras?

I assume the answer is no, because I can't find any examples of it, but my question is - is it possible to get the boke effects such as stars and hearts using a small lensed digital camera? I've tried a scaled down version to the lens cap cut-outs used on SLRs but no luck; even with a big star or a very, very small star. I put the camera on a tripod and use the candle light setting and manual focus or macro to get the blur but no stars. I just want to know if it is physically possible before I waste any more time on it. The lens is the size of a penny. Thank you.

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Clever, inexpensive shelves and storage built under attic sloping roofs?

I have my office in an attic, with long sloping ceilings. The space under the slope is wasted, and ends up being a catch-all for junk. I'd like a clever and inexpensive way to built custom shelves that make the best use of the triangular space (drawers on the bottom that use the full length to the edge, for tripods, boompoles, etc.) I'd love something that includes a concealed pegboard for cables. It could be a mixture of cupboards, and drawers and recessed spaces. Does anyone have a good solution or IKEA hack idea? Thank you!

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I'm leaving!

I'll be gone from this Sunday to the next, away from all civilization and technology (at least it feels that way) in the small town of Salina, Kansas, home of wheat. I'm leaving to celebrate my grandpa's 100th birthday! I will have no access to computers, so don't expect anything coming from me during that time (not that you expected anything anyway....) I'm bringing my camera and tripod, as I did last year. Does anyone have any cool photographic ideas or other things I can do out in a wheat farm or on an airplane? Any iBle ideas? Thanks, and bye, Bran.

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Using a laser pointer to display secret shapes?

Hey, all, I'm working on a puzzle for an escape room right now and am wondering if there's any way that I can use a laser pointer to display a number. My hope is that the number is not on the lens of the pointer, but rather is discovered after the laser pointer is shined through a specific spot on a piece of plexiglass. The players are asked to set up a tripod in a specific spot with a specific angle, mount the laser point to the top of it and then move the point around the room. Ideally, as the point is traveling around the room, it will shine directly on a small part of a plexiglass display and then refract a number on the wall behind it. Any ideas on how or if this is possible? Any and all thoughts are welcome. Thanks!

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Building a FireTub - A charcoal burner from an old washing machine drum

About two years ago a friend of mine told me that you could use washing machine drums as charcoal burners. Generally they would be placed on bricks, filled with charcoal and because of the holes in the sides they put out a lot of heat. It just so happened that we had recently had a good marquee blow down and I'd kept the tubing because I'm a bit of a womble (it drives my wife nuts). Anyway I set about building a tripod frame to hold the washing machine drum off the ground. Step by step construction instructions can be found here..:

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How can I construct my own flexible clamps for macro photography?

I am trying to figure out how to construct my own Wimberly clamp style flexible clamp for macro photography and for holding reflectors etc. The US McClamp range look great but I can't afford the shipping fees! I can get hold of individual A clamps but need to get flexible stuff to connect them so I can clamp one end to a table or tripod leg and the other to hold a plant stem or reflector in place.  It needs to be be sturdy enough to use outside in a breeze. Any tips for where to get stuff and how I can put clamps together (I'm UK based)?

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Simple revolving floor plate for a human to stand on and... rotate like a microwave plate? Answered

I'm making a short film where I will be wearing some machines I have designed and I really wanted to get a shot of myself rotating 360 degrees whilst the camera is static on a tripod. I'm trying to think of something that would be, I hope effortlessly simple to bash together, can be turned either by hand (out of shot) or on a piece of string? I've worked at auto shows in the past and seen just how complex they can be when done rite... I was thinking a bicycle crank and chain setup but even that is too complex for such a small shot? Ideas appreciated... James :-)

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