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Arduino Guitar Tuner

Hi everybody, I'm creating a simple guitar tuner for a project at university. The purpose is just to create a step-by-step guide to it's creation to demonstrate some processes in how they work. Obviously it's going to be more expensive to make than to buy one (unless you happen to own a Taiwanese factory) but it's more about demonstrating some basic electronic principles and providing a basic design and seeing if it evolves with user input. So this is just a general enquiry into community interest. Comments and ideas welcomed. Cheers

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tv tuner and videolan

I try to setup a computer to record tv broadcasts (from tv tuner card) to file. the computer runs videolan and windows xp sp2if i open videoln and go to file - open device or run this from the runc:\vlc\vlc.exe dshow:// :dshow-vdev="Conexant BtPCI Capture" :dshow-adev="RealtekAC97 Audio" :dshow-size="640X480"it shows the video and sound ok (without record)if i run thisc:\vlc\vlc.exe dshow:// :dshow-vdev="Conexant BtPCI Capture" :dshow-adev="RealtekAC97 Audio" :dshow-size="640X480" --sout file/avi:temp.aviif its something short (up to 1 min) the saved file is ok in the beginning and then sound is distortedif its longer videolan crashes and saves nothingif i run something likec:\vlc\vlc.exe dshow:// :dshow-vdev="Conexant BtPCI Capture" :dshow-adev="RealtekAC97 Audio" :dshow-size="640X480" --sout "#transcode{vcodec=mp1v,vb=800,scale=1,acodec=mp3,ab=256,channels=2}:duplicate{dst=std{access=file,mux=ts,dst=temp.mpg}}"it shows the video and sound (as in the 1st example) but does not make any filehow can i save with vlc in good quality (suitable for movies) and good quality (bu not one that fills up the hard drive for one movie) codec like mpeg4 etc ?

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monitor and tv-tuner

Is there a way to connect an old 21 inch monitor with 5 rgb+hv bnc connectors and an external tv-tuner to watch television with?

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how to build your own set top Atsc and QAM tuner?

I am looking to build a set top ATSC/QAM stand alone tv tuner without the need for a pc interface

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Are there any good uses for a black and white TV tuner from an old minitv?

Specific model is XINFA TDQ-4D. I've already scavenged most of the parts from this old minitv, and the tuner is one of the few left that I can find no use for. Any ideas?

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Will ukulele tuners work for a guitar?

Im making a cigar box guitar, and i have this old set of ukulele tuners i was planning on using, but im a little hesitant. would they be strong enough to take the tension from longer strings? i dont want to accidentally damage my guitar by finding out the hard way... 

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Using the TV Tuner card.

When ever i click my tv tuner EX View. The system goes off and i have to start the pc again and afterwards if i click the tv tuner card it works. Then i get a message as follows The system has recovered from a serious error. BCCode : 1000008e BCP1 : C0000005 BCP2 : F734C731 BCP3 : F1C3FACC BCP4 : 00000000 OSVer : 5_1_2600 SP : 2_0 Product : 256_1 C:\DOCUME~1\TVBALA~1\LOCALS~1\Temp\WER5d3b.dir00\Mini070407-02.dmp C:\DOCUME~1\TVBALA~1\LOCALS~1\Temp\WER5d3b.dir00\sysdata.xml Kindly advice

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How to connect CRT screen Tv Tuner card to a laptop if possible?

I Have Intex IT-160 model. this is a VGA screen tv tuner card. I want to connect this tv tuner card to my Dell Inspiron 1564 laptop. Can i do connnect this CRT screen tv tuner card to my laptop. If yes , please help me with step by step procedure to be followed. thank you...

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How much of an engineer do you have to be to repurpose the tuner from a broken lcd tv to work as a dtv converter?

Can you rewire and connect the tuner part of a broken flat panel tv to a power supply and encase it to use it as a converter box as it can do ota as well as clear qam receiving? This would be a great instructable if I knew about electronics and could solder!

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I need a small FM radio tuner that can be set up for presets?

I need a small form factor FM frequency radio with tuner that can be set up for presets and to a plug in power supply To be used on a exercise machine. It also needs a headphone jack.

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How to record tv shows on my pc without a tv tuner card? Answered

I want to record my favorite tv shows on the computer.Tv tuner card is unavailable in my country.Could you recommend me any wires , cables  that send  video and audio data from the Tv to the computer and softwares to record it.

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Help with (streaming) radio, please...

Hello, everyone. I am trying to get live radio stations streamed on my laptop... so far I haven't found anything, and I don't even know if something like this exists. It would be helpful if someone could possibly help me find a program that could stream radio stations. If I need to buy a radio tuner for my laptop or something, I will, but if there is software for streaming it, I would like that better. Thanks to all the Instructables users for all of the help.

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the knob on the guitar tuner key fell off what can i use to fix it?

I dont have the money and i love this acoustic guitar what can i use to fix it?

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A guitar question: The Turny thing on my guitars tuner fell off. Answered

The actual tuner is still there, but i cant use it to tune only to hold the string.  Im wondering if theres a way i could get the part back on or build another part. Ive thought about sodering but i didnt think that would be enough to hold it. I found the thing that you turn ,but, sadly lost it again cleaning up for a party. I really like this guitar but do not want to spend the $$$ to buy new tuners. If it makes a difference its a carvar les paul style guitar.

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Replacing the Grover Tuners on my Les Paul with PLanet Wave auto trims.

Yes I am replacing my grover tuners with planet wave auto trims on my epiphone les paul custom silverburst and the holes on the head stock dont seem to allow the new tuning machines to go through, is this because the hole is tapered from the grovers or do I need to bore the hole out. how do I do this?

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I have a Nano & a Belkin FM tuner When I tune it in to my std Audi unit it plays for a few secs then dies & just beeps.

Can anyone suggest how I can lock on to the frequency? Many thanks

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on the tunecast fm tuner mod, do you need to install a switch in step 6 ? or can the be done by jumping points a and b?

Im not sure of the need for the sw or the resistor . Can a "permanantly on" state be acheived by just jumping point a and b with a wire.?

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How can I identify re-used electronic components? I need help with a guitar amplifier circuit as well. Answered

Hi, I want to make an amplifier based on the schematic in this instructable I wanted to add a power input jack so I left a comment on the instructable and the 'ibler replied and told me how to do that. Now I am considering more possibilities, firstly, could I incorporate an led tuner? If so would it be best to just take a tuner apart and use that, could it share the same battery and mono guitar input jack? Recently I took apart a cd player and salvaged two nice speakers, but they don't say how many watts they are they just say "QS" then "8Ω" and "5V". I don't think they will be suitable for this project anyway because they are 5v and I'm sure this circuit requires lower output voltages than that but i just thought i'd check. A label on the cd player said the power consumption for the device was 15W, can you work out the power of one of the speakers from any of this? Bearing in mind there were two speakers in total. Another question, if I want to reuse resistors I know how to figure out their resistance using the colour bands and a resistance calculator etc. But is there a way of identifying what is a 1/4 watt resistor and what is a 1/2 watt resistor.

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New card

I have this new Ati all in wonder card right? And it has two tuners built into it, one is supposed to be for TV which is what I have it hooked up to right now, and the other for FM radio which I haven't tried yet. But is there a good chance that they are both regular tuners and I could use them for dual recording?

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How to I make an AM Antenna?

I was recently given a "Tuner" set up ( one of those boxes that you plug TV, DVD, speakers, CD, and VCR, into and has a built in FM /AM tuners)The Tuner has ports in the back to plug in wires for FM antenna and AM Antenna. ( 2 wire accepting ports per band ) How do I make antennas to plug in to the back of a radio tuner with just wires? Do I need to put in other components? What other components might I need, where do I find them, and how EXACTLY do I incorporate them?I tried to follow the Instructable I ran the two wires into the back of the Tuner instead of a "polyvaricon" (plastic insulated variable tuning capacitor) because the Instructable, as it is written, does not provide for plugging the Antenna into anything.I Used a 12ft length of CAT5 ethernet cable to create 8 loops of insulated wire as described in the Instructable but still can not get very good signal on local AM Stations that are less than 20 Miles away.

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Will PCIe x1 cards work in PCIe x16 slots?

I am getting the asus p6t deluxe v2, and i have a pcie x1 tv tuner card and a pcie x1 sound card, the first pcie x16 slot is taken up by my dual slot graphics card, will the tuner and sound card work in the other pcie x16 slots?

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Whats wrong with the computer?!!

The television on the computer does not work anymore. Its a HP Slimline with Vista. Any fixes?! Thanks!!

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how to make an audio system out of a old radio?

For my birthday i once got a radio kit to make your own radio. It's very basic. It consists out of batteries, speaker, amplifier, preamplifier (series of risistors and stuff), detector, am tuner and fm tuner. It also has an volume control integrated. (see pictures) As I am only 16 years old and not very familiar with electronics I need some help for the next thing. I am very interested in everything that has to do with technical stuff. So I was wondering if I could elimate the fm and am tuner out of this circuit and turn it into a mp3-player speaker. Is this possible? If so, could anyone tell me how?

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I am not able to connect my setop box with tv tuner card

Hi, I am a retired person and my main passtime to surf and do something with the computer.I have connected with EZ view TV Tuner card. I have connected my cable to view the tv shows. I wanted see some pay channels. So i got a setop box. The setop box has got RCA output. That means two audio cable and one video cable. I connected the output cables to the tv tuner card. But no channels are coming. I have made a request to Mercury .com who is the authorised site for EZ View. The model is 5801T. I have not received any reply. Can you help me to solve my problem. I am not a computer expert. regards. I am afrom India.

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Which Guitar Should I get?/

I'm getting a guitar as my Christmas gift from my parents, and i'm a beginner, so i have no idea what is good or bad. I need some one to tell what brands are good, and what I should get. I just want this guitar for fun, I'm not like starting a band. Also, I'm kinda short.

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Remotely control my remote control-

Off the bat- I have a hauppage tuner that has the ir blaster but I've never used it and I don't care about running my tuner card .  I'm wondering if there is software that could learn codes and use it to control my receiver when away from home. Along the same line. I'm looking for a way to phisically press buttons (RF) I'm also open to a ir programible box I could just set somwhere . ps I'm unemployed so money is an issue. 

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Setting the intonation on a Les Paul? Answered

How come, when all strings are in tune (using two different tuners to check) and the intonation at fret 12 is right on, strings 1,2,3,4 are fairly sharp when fretted on frets 1,2,3,4 then start to get back in tune?  Sharp enough that the guitar is unplayable.

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No, not the mythTV variety, but the real deal. I've been messing with uCLinux on various chip, which led to a vague daydream that I sketched out on the train today. These are my notes on a personal DVR. I say personal because its design for MY needs, and not the typical user. It also happens that no commercial DVR will meet these specs without being mired in lawsuits (see replayTV). Why an embedded solution and not MythTV? I've had mythtv boxes, they can be a lot of fun, and a lot of frustration. Mostly, I don't have room for a second computer, I don't want to use a ton of energy to record a few programs, and no matter where it ends up in my apartment, I will be able to hear it at night. MyDVR: I already watch all my TV on the computer. Either by TV tuner or Xvid. I don't need a Tivo style DVR that will play back content on a TV with a nice menu display. I need a mass storage device that records TV shows. I want Xvid. MPEG2 is huge. Its also kinda ugly. I really really like the look of the XVID codec. It takes a reasonable amount of space for a decent encode (~178 meg per ~20 minutes HDTV). I want multiple tuners...I mean, what if there are two (or five) programs to record simultaneously? Basic design: A motherboard with 32 bit CPU running uClinux (probably a chip from Freescale). These usually have USB and an ethernet MAC (but no PHY). USB 2.0 mass storage device emulation on the USB port. This way the unit can be hooked up to a PC for easy video extraction. This might also have some configuration abilities, but that would require a custom mass storage controller driver - YUCK! Ethernet with HTTP server for show scheduling. IDE interface to a big hard drive. The tuners and encoders would be on add-in cards. The add-in cards would have: 1. A tv tuner. 2. A DSP with xvid encoding. 3. Probably a small uC to control the DSP and tuner. Whats already in my knowledge domain (stuff that I already know about -or- could I really do it?): 1. I've been messing with uClinux for a while. What fun. 2. USB mass storage controller implementations are numerous. check. 3. Embedded HTTP server - check. But I have not routed a PCB using an external PHY. This looks messy. Perhaps a ENC28J60 instead? 4. I've been reading up on some XVID DSP implementations. There are also some commercial MP4 chips, but I bet they're pricey! 5. I picked up a bare PAL tuner at the surplus shop. Time to play. There are a few things that make this project easier than a Tivo clone. There is no video output. No need to do fancy display overlays synced to the incoming/decoding video stream. This is encode only - no need to load, decode, and display the XVID. I'm kinda testing the waters on this project. I'm going to get some DSPs and try to do real-time XVID compression. Also, I need to figure out the tuner card. Any suggestions within the scope of this project would be awesome! Especially if you've worked with uClinux and have a processor recommendation.

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Video issue

I have a tape run Sony video camera. Meaning it still uses cassette tapes. Is there any A/V to Usb cables out on the market. I know I can use a tuner card but they are too expensive. I need to convert an A/V input to a digital format. Anyone??? HELLO!!!!

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Possible to view two TV stations on one PCI TV card

I'm wondering if a TV tuner card in a computer can view two stations at once because I don't really want to have a server with a TV card that is inadequate for the network...

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Why does my LM386N-1 amplifier chip get hot when using mp3 player as input, but is fine when guitar is the input source? Answered

I made the amplifier in this instructable and it is currently in breadboard stage. I had a few problems after adapting the circuit to have a switched dc input jack as well as battery. But after some trouble shooting i fixed these errors. I ran it off battery and dc input (9v) wall adapter (a universal 500mA regulated ac/dc transformer set to 9V) with a guitar as the input and it worked fine (as far as i know). Then as it said in the instructable that you could use it with and ipod or mp3 input too, i thought i'd try it and see what it was like. I used the dc input adapter when i did this and plugged in my mp3 into the input jack using a 3.5mm to 1/4" adapter. Then when i swithced on the circuit i didn't hear my music through the speaker, just a bit of hum and then i smelled a slight electrical burny smell so i turned off the power as quickly as i could. Then i felt around and it was the lm386n-1 chip that was getting hot. Firstly can anybody diagnose the problem? Secondly, is it likely to have permanently damaged my chip? Thirdly, do you think it will be because of the power source not being a battery? I don't think so, it worked fine with both with guitar input. But i suppose it could be related to that

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replacing grover tuning machines with planet waves? Answered

Has anyone replaced the grover tuning machines on an epiphone les paul with the planet waves auto trim tuners and had a problem with them fitting the holes in the headstock from the grovers? If so how do I solve this problem? thanks

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house stereo equipment hook up? how to wire extra components?

I have a reverberator, a dynamic expander, and a amp that has a eqaulizer and echo. what I am trying to do is hook up these into a home system, which consists of tuner, amp and a cass tape deck. Which plugs to use input in to which output, etc.?  Thanks in advance, Bullfrog

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Air Traffic Control on PC

Air Traffic control broadcasts from 108 - 138 MHz. ( couple of months ago I bought a Realistic Jetstream radio. It was used. I saw it there before. I finally bought it. I thought it was just an FM/AM radio. It said AM/VHF. I thought that was odd. After I bought it I realized that it wasn't an FM radio, it was an Air Traffic Control scanner! That was even better. It comes apart just like the radio Kipkay used in the hack. It was already an ATC radio though. My question is there any way to get Air Traffic Control on your computer? I tried an old tv tuner card. I set the frequency to 122.8MHz. That is the frequency for the local airport in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004: A Centruy of Flight. It is also what my radio picks up. The antenna won't pick it up on the tuner. FM radio works though. I hope all this makes sense.

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Floyd Rose locking nut on an acoustic guitar? Answered

 Would anything go wrong if you put a Floyd Rose locking nut on an acoustic? I'm refinishing/getting better parts for an acoustic guitar for a 4 year old, I'm trying to find someway of keeping the guitar in tune longer than it would if a kid were playing around with the tuners.

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Computer as composite display device

Hi, Okay, here is my problem: I found in my garage a small video camera (not with tape, recording or anything, it just plugs directly into the tv to watch the area) which I had got some years ago, now I would like to start using it again, however I don't think the only tv in the house is a good monitor (it doesn't provide any recording and it already has all rca inputs in use). What I would like to do is connect it to my pc and view the video (and listen to audio) on my computer, then like this I can also record video to the HDD if necessary. The camera has a composite video output and a mono audio output. Thanks, All help is appreciated. P.S. The problem with TV tuner cards is that I already have one, but it is not with me so I can not use it, on the other hand since I do already HAVE one I am not going to buy another one. Damn it when I thought that tuner card was not going to be useful and decided not to take it with me.

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LCD loosing backlight.

My backlights fail only when I input a viveo source of any kind. If I power up in RGB with a composite video source pluged in its fine until I switch the source to composite(video1). this is true for any source. they include S-video, RGB, composite, VGA and tuner. its run on 12V, pretty much Identical to a computer monitor except more inputs. thinking maybe the inverter, any other ideas will be helpful???

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How to get rid of radio signal coming from my stereo? Answered

My stereo (sony micro hi fi component system cmt-ep707) consistently plays radio signals.  I get the radio signals when I am any setting other than the fm/am tuner. How could i get rid of the radio signals?  Is it something to do with the transistors? or the speaker cable being slightly exposed or something?

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Nanotube Radio

Nanotube Radio: Supplementary materialsK. Jensen, J. Weldon, H. Garcia, and A. ZettlDepartment of Physics, University of California at BerkeleyCenter of Integrated Nanomechanical Systems, University of California at BerkeleyMaterials Sciences Division, Lawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryBerkeley, CA 94720, U.S.A.We have constructed a fully functional, fully integrated radio receiver, orders-of-magnitude smaller than any previous radio, from a single carbon nanotube. The single nanotube serves, at once, as all major components of a radio: antenna, tuner, amplifier, and demodulator. Moreover, the antenna and tuner are implemented in a radically different manner than traditional radios, receiving signals via high frequency mechanical vibrations of the nanotube rather than through traditional electrical means. We have already used the nanotube radio to receive and play music from FM radio transmissions such as Layla by Eric Clapton (Derek and the Dominos) and the Beach Boy's Good Vibrations. The nanotube radio's extremely small size could enable radical new applications such as radio controlled devices small enough to exist in the human bloodstream, or simply smaller, cheaper, and more efficient wireless devices such as cellular phones....This is the site of the original article

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LCD tv to computer monitor?

I have a Lenox brand 7" wide TFT LCD color TV model TFT730, it's not much good to me as all of our TV signals are now digital and this unit has an analog tuner. Would it be possible to convert this to a computer monitor? I'm pretty good with a soldering iron, I just need some help with connections and if required, some sort of interface circuit? Any assistance would be appreciated 

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am antenna connection problem?

My tuner has seperate places to connect am and fm antennas.  The am connection is intended for 2 wires. I just bought an am antenna and discovered that it  has a plug end, not a bare wire end. Is there some sort of adapter/connector I can use?   I don't want to strip the wire. I think I need the equivalent of a reverse banana plug - instead of wire in, plug out - I need plug in, wires out. Any help / suggestions appreciated.

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Please help I have a problem with a Sony stereo LBT_XGR99AV keeps turning off?

When I plug the unit in it automatically goes on to demo mode (lights up with display) But when I switch to cd player, tape deck or tuner the unit shuts down and wont turn back on again. I have checked google possibly a problem with amplifier shorting? I would appreciate any comments which can help Thanks

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Phone Gong Ringers

I've been wondering, does anyone happen to know if the gong ringers inside old phones (those loud and annoying bell ringers) have been standardized over the years? And if so, what note are they tuned to? Right now, all of the one's I have lying around sound about the same. I've been thinking about searching for my old guitar tuner and trying to figure out a more exact tuning with that, but I'd figure I would ask first. This seems like the pointless sort of knowledge someone here must posess.

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How do I attach a Yagi FM antenna to my cellphone?

Say, I take any cell phone which requires me to attach headphones for the purpose of an antenna to make use of the FM radio. A project that I am doing involves connecting the cellphone with the digital FM tuner to a Yagi antenna for input and to the soundcard of a computer to give the output. Although I've easily figured out the output part, how I connect the external antenna to my cellphone? Do I join the wire to the headphone itself?

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custom computer build problems with PCI expansion slots? help please!

My build is: ASrock z77 extreme4 mobo Intel core i5 3570K CPU GEIL 8GB (4x2) dual channel DDR3 ram old Samsung HDD (i plan to change this out soon) Ubuntu 12.10 64 bit (and 12.04 32 bit on dvd) old d-link WDA-1320 PCI WiFi card TV/FM winTV-HVR-1600 (also PCI) whenever i plug the WiFi card or TV tuner into the PC slot, the motherboard does not recognize it. (system browser inside the BIOS) this it getting annoying since i don't have WiFi and don't like using my old usb adapter  not to mention the TV (however i think the tuner is shot, not working, it only crashes Ubuntu when it is installed.) i don't know if this something misconfigured or something wrong with the mobo. i recently have been have problems with what i think is my HDD going bad, where Ubuntu crashes and need a fresh install i do have a 1 year extended warenty i bought from newegg to go along with the mobo. i don't have anything to plug into the other slots so i cant test them to see if they are working.

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Three random questions on this piece of radio guts! (ID-ing parts and the mysterious wax) Answered

So i opened this old Crown Japan stereo and found somethings i've seen before, but never had the initiative to ask their raison d'être (why are they there?). 1 - What is the blocky component with a colored screwdriver notch on them? 2 - Why do they always use this specifics pots for the tuners of radios? 3 - Why do they apply wax (often in generous amounts) over some components? (i know all 3 sound pretty noob, but i had to ask someone)

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How to safely open up hifi separates?

Hi there, I'm currently using a raspberry pi and LCD as a jukebox with Volumio. I was hoping to tidy it up in a nice enclosure and have found a broken digital tuner which I hope to recycle. The casing does display a warning of electric shocks so thought I'd ask for your advice! I've never really fiddled around with mains powered devices before, so are there any things I should watch out for, safety-wise? I'm only intending to remove the non-working electronics inside, not to make any adjustments to them. Thanks in advance

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