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double barreled turret

I made a doulbe barreled turret i dont have a pic because SD card readers broke sorry :3 it shoots 2 rods(most sizes) an then after it shoots those 2 u push the rotator pin forward and turn the drum and push the pin back

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K'nex Turret Bow

Okay, this is my turret bow. Images: Video:

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Tiny turret design

This is an itty-bitty turret that I thought of. IF YOU WANT TO USE IT, ASK ME FIRST. PleaseThe only downsides I can think of are:-Only 4 shots-Sorta difficult to make a gun for it.

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Knex Auto-Turret? Answered

I need help making a knex auto-turret (a turret  that can lock-on to targets and fire at them) with a single cyberknex set because i dont have another $60. Does anyone have any ideas on how to make it lock-on and follow something? That is all i need help with.

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Turreted Logic Bow

Just an update for all of you guys, I have posted the mods to the Logic Bow to make it turreted. Mods can be found on step 6. If you haven't built it yet BUILD IT NOW!

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Ten round turret

Hi, I was screwing around with my knex and I made a ten round turret it is really cool looking and I was wondering if someone can make a working gun out of it. If you do make a gun with it I will give a free sub to anyone who makes it, if I have already subbed you I will five any two instructables of your choice. `=~,Smilee,~=`

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Knex Turret Bow

Hello everyone, this is my newest gun. This is a turret bow, obviously. And I know that I will get comments about it, but yes I acknowledge that it looks like Zak's turret bow from 2009. Although it looks like his, I couldn't really get figure out the internals so I made my own(which work very well). I would like to post internals of this gun for people to build but wasn't sure if I should because of its similarity. Comment your questions, comments or anything else below regarding this.

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I'm trying to build the HAWC bow by fred the penguin. Can someone tell me how to make the turret??????

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loosewire made the first turret!!!!

Here is a link of loosewire knex gun it used a turret system and was published on the 11-09-08

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8 Barreled Turreted Shotgun


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Failed KNEX turret pistol

Hello everybody I have not posted a KNEX gun for a while and have not made anything that worked that good but this is something I made a month ago that failed but I kind of liked how it looked and some other aspects of it.  I know this isn't innovative or anything but it looked kind of cool and I have not seen something just like this before. Now what made this a failure was first the turret was held on by a rubber band.  This could have been fixed if I just put a longer rod in but then that would look weird. Also this has a slide trigger that I came up with but I did not take the time to fix it so that it worked right and it was mounted wrong so it rubbed on my hand when I held the gun.

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Turret based knex guns

It seems that out of the blue there are like 5 new turret based guns here and or on KI. Does anyone know why? I know turret based guns are reliable and powerful, but other than that I don't see why everyone is suddenly so interested.

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Quick question about turrets

I planning on maybe building a turret gun and I was just wondering if the White rod mini pins on the tr-8 are essential for good ranges from a turret, as, if it is viable, I would quite like to build a turret without the mini pins. thanks, I.E.

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How to make a BB gun turret? Answered

Hey guys! Basically, i want to make a kick-ass BB gun turret. I have 2 big guns that look like the M16 (automatic) I want to make a turret that will scan for people/objects and shoot them when i say so (so i don't kill my cat). I have money, skill (I have made my own electric tricycle) and time. I was thinking that a combination of the Mindstorm NXT, a webcam and an RC car would do the trick. Here's some details why i think so: Mindstorm: Detects motion and can turn the turret 360 degrees when i say so. RC car: can pull trigger and also turn the turret 360 degrees Webcam: I wanna be able to film/see the person i shoot. Any thoughts on this? If you know a way that will allow me to exclude the NXT that would be great. Also: I'm 14, i live in China, Servos are harder/impossible to get by, and my parents are supposed to know i'm making this (i'm making this for a "client"...) Edit: Won't be needing the NXT... Still: anyone have any good ideas?

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Knex hammer action turret rifle

A Knex hammer action turret rifle. The gun shoots inconsistently, anywhere from one foot to 18 feet. Sometimes the bullet wont even come out of the barrel. It was made purely for looks over mechanism, but it still functions.

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Simple Paper Fighter Jet (TURRETS!)

Check my first instructable out!

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Ned help wth plans for a turret

I'm creating a remote controlled coil gun turret that autoloads, and is able to adjust aim in any direction using the remote control. I can figure out the spin aspect of the turret pretty well, but I'm having issues incorporating the vertical aspect to the barrel (to adjust the angle of fire), the only ideas I have for this seems too elaborate, I was wondering what people that had approached the idea previously had attempted. I'm ignorant to the working of turrets in general, this includes any terms associated with them, but I do have the rest of the gun figured out for the most part, I'm researching the turret before any construction begins, so I can put it together correctly. I'm 15 years old, and willing to learn, so any help is appreciated.

Topic by silly_world  

How do I make a turret winder? Answered

I saw the video of The Foofinator's handle pump TR-8, and I noticed that he wound up the turret with a wheel on the end of the turret. When he turned the wheel to wind the turret, the turret didn't move. How does it work, and are there instructions for the turret winder?

Question by ~KnexBuild~    |  last reply


Can someone PLZ make a lego portal turret wit simple common peices!

Topic by stupidninja    |  last reply

why are turret guns more powerful than regular pin guns?

Surely there is more friction in the barrel and turret of a turret gun, like the tr18 or knexsayer?

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Arduino controlled turret (using NES controller)

I got the two servos I ordered in the mail today, and I decided to control them with the NES controller I bought a few days ago. And this is my idea:An NES controller airsoft turret. I already have everything set, I just need to make hardware to move an airsoft gun with the servos, anyone know how?Here's the video of my accomplishment so far (sorry if I mumbled...): here's what I made the buttons do:Direction buttons move servosA ShootsB Toggles a laser pointer on and offStart brings the servos to center positionSelect toggles Automatic and SemiAutomatic fire

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Problem with compressed air, ping pong turret

Hello all, I am in the process of making a ping pong ball turret powered by an air compressor, I’m using a solenoid valve to trigger the air electronically.i have had some exact diameter steel pipe milled out which is 250mm, so the diameter of the balls are 40mm and the diameter of the pipe is roughly 40.5-41mm. And I’ve sealed off one end with a tapped out hole for a nozzle fitting. My compressor goes up to 7 bar -around 100,psi -. Do finally to the topic 0f my question, i have tested the firing of the balls by firing 7 bar through an compressor gun, and to my surprise it didn’t fire across the garage like I expected, instead it made a very high pitched noise and the ball vibrated inside the tube, eventually the ball would rise up the tube and eventually speed up towards the end of the tube but still only launched at most 1 meter. Any help on how to fix this problem would be excellent. As I expect 100psi through an exact diameter tube would fire the ping pong ball very far. Feel free to ask any questions if I haven’t been detailed enough. Cheers

Question by bashmore00  

can some one make me a br18 turret?

i want a br18turret but i dont have the pecies if some one would make me one and send it to me ?i will pay

Question by knex man123456    |  last reply

Automated arduino Water gun

Hi, Im looking for some advice on a current project.. The idea is to build an arduino controlled water turret that sprays water at cats in my back garden. The basis of the idea is a few PIRs to cover 360 degrees, a stepper motor and possibly a windscreen washer kit to spray the water. I want the project to be portable so dont particually want to have a mains water feed. My main issue is the method of spraying the water, Im considering a 12v pump kit but thinking there could be an issue with how far one of these pumps would actually spray the water. I have an ardunio uno and a couple PIRs and dont want to be spending a great amount of money on the project although if i can find a decent method of firing the water then i could increase the budget slightly.  Any ideas or similar projects out there where i might get some inspiration?  Any help would be appriciated

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Can somebody help me write a simple arduino program involving a motion sensor?

I have been working on a motion activated version of the mini portal turret from think geek. I am new to arduino, and have no idea where to start when it comes to programming! I have designed the circuit so that the led for the eye and the microcontroller that controls the voice are separate. My goal is to have a PIR detect the presence of a person, the turret to speak a single phrase, and the led to fade in and out. It will then wait 5 seconds, and if motion is detected, repeat the previous cycle. If no motion is detected, the led will fade out and stay off.  If somebody could just get me started in the right direction, I would be very grateful!

Question by meanbean    |  last reply

I need a program for a sentry gun Answered

I need a program that is like the one featured on this site it will have to run out of a USB port, preferably no driver circuit, (i can use on though) and will use a motor to fire it. 3v motor, will use a webcam, I am running windows vista, any more info, I will be glad to give

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Mepain's Shotgun Video

YO 8 barrel shotgun turret up in this.

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Still using the same old TR8 turret? Tired of tearing apart your hands trying to replace a broken mini pin? this turret is both sturdy and easy to access the pins for easier than ever replacement the last thing you need during a war is to spend time repairing your gun with this mod not only is your turret as solid as it can be but it is also as easy to access and replace parts as necessary! i understand it uses a lot of blue clip connectors so this mod may not be for everyone but i would highly recommend this turret and use it as my standard TR8 turret

Topic by Knex Lego Maniac    |  last reply

Perfect War Gun

Well, The Dunkis asked for a perfect war gun, so i made one. This thing is packed with innovation (not really), it's got a new way to hold shells, a different way to put a turret,  and a thingy for the ratchet that i put on my ASCB. It is complete with: A slingshot a turret  a pump action gun A trigger that activates the slingshot and the turret a separate trigger for the bottom A turret that doesn't use the tube sort of whatever The only feature this doesn't have is a mag for the pump action part Yes, the on the last picture you can actually see the face that has brought the world happiness :)

Topic by Seleziona    |  last reply

problems installing blobDetection Library in Processing to make an Auto Turret? Answered

I'm trying to install blobDetection in processing to make an Auto Turret.  I downloaded the Library from this link and followed the provided instructions, but I wasn't able to get it to work. I got an error saying Access was denied. Can someone help me get the library to work? I'm using windows 7. Thanks!

Question by Chowmix12    |  last reply

I've a question

Hey, I was wondering if there is a 18 turret ratchet system, just as the one like the tr8, you know, the one where you have to turn a wheel in the front instead of turn the turret. I'm not sure if that is possible with a tr18, because it's attached to an outside way of the snowflakes, you you cannot turn it. So can you attach the rod with the turret on it in a tr-body where it can turn?? 

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K'nex Idea request

I was searching for a knex turret on youtube, and I found this lego one. Would this be possible with K'nex? I would be grateful if anyone were to try.

Topic by The Jamalam    |  last reply

would a non-light working motion sensor be worth making? Answered

For my year nine project ( i am currently Year Eight (yes i am english, years rather than grades) ) in DT we will be making ping pong ball launchers. my idea to add a bit of uniqueness to it was to make an automated turret. i did think of making a normal light  detecting one but wanted to investigate this instead. my idea is to use a 555 timer chip to create an ossilating signal braodcatsing a few metres then a sensor tuned to the same frequency. then if a body was to enter within the signal range the signal would change and the sensor could detect this change and through an arduino could fire the turret. i just wanted your opinions on weather or not it would work.

Question by MadScientist101    |  last reply

K'nexsayer 2.0

So i've been in a building slump now and days and haven't been building much, so i got my knex the other day and started building, the base of this gun is off Adamsdead's shotgun, but i modded the trigger mech a bit added a turret and improved somethings. Basically  this is something that functions the same as the knexsayer but uses way less parts, so builders with not that many pieces might be able to build this. So the gun is still in the works but i'll try to get some pics up as soon as a can.

Topic by bigdylan91  

Can the WASP semi-auto knex gun support an eight-shot turret without mods?

The WASP knex gun made by ooda. Can it use and 8-shot turret? Instructions of KI.

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TR-8 Aftermarket kit, TR-36 "Overkill"

I know this works for cars, so I decided to put an extreme spin on KILLERK recent TR-8. The majority of the body is based of the TR-8, but as you can see I added a little different styling to the handle which is also used to support the heavy turret. I added a bit more of a stock to the original but kept the mechanics the way they were. (can't mess with perfection) The turret itself has a ratchet, similar to the TR-8 which allows the turret to only "wind up" in the correct direction. The turret is also attached the same way as the TR-8 with a socket joint in the grip of the gun. I threw some tactical rails on the sides of the gun to try to hint at capability with attachment but the turret is kind of blocking any attachment you would put there. Overall the TR-36 Overkill feel awesome (heavy) and with that phenomenal power and range you would expect from any turret gun. Tell me if you're interested in an ible' and I'll start working on making one.  Thanks for looking! JonnyBGood

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Trying to make a turret with stepper motors, limit switches, and a joystick. I would like some help if possible

Making a turret that runs on four stepper motors to turn it 360 degrees. than one stepper to tilt the gun up and down, which has 2 limit switches and has a door lock actuator to fire the gun. all of this ruins on a 4 position joys-tic with a button to fire. trying to have this run on an Arduino Uno if possible. would need help coding and figuring out the wiring

Topic by Sweetcorn_18  

(newsletter) Auto-Aiming Missile Turret, Batman Light, Pirate Raid...

Aug 14, 2008 Sign-up for this newsletter: function openSubscribePopUp(src){ var emailValidate = /\w{1,}[@][\w\-]{1,}([.]([\w\-]{1,})){1,3}$/ if(emailValidate.test(src.value) == false){ alert("Please enter correct email"); return; }"/newsletter/newslettersignup?email=" + src.value,"newslettersignup1","status=yes,scrollbars=yes,resizable=yes,width=420,height=250"); } Welcome back! The Horny Toad Invent-a-Sport Contest has closed for entries, and is now in the judging phase. Vote for your favorites now!Everyone loves pie! Enter our Pie Contest, share your favorite recipe by August 17, and win an excellent pie cookbook to help you get your just desserts.Upcoming...Two cool new contests will be coming soon: a Faberge egg contest to show off your decorating talents and a craft skills contest to further the knowledge of the crafting ways! Start planning now, and we'll give you the full details next week. USB Auto-aiming autoturret by toelle Tennis Ball Chair by wholman How to Start a Business by ewilhelm Fabric bend sensor by Plusea Worm bin bag for indoor composting by amyoungs Floppy Disk Bag: Install Disk 2 by imanalchemist Banana Chocolate Pudding Pie by joshf Pirate Plunder! Plan a Costumed Raid by lamedust Nintendo Lunchbox by fluctifragus Glamorous Fallen Angel Wings by fairywingsandthings Grow Propagating Peppers! by thenear1send Tube Screamer clone by jonboytang Vote now! 10 great Instructables for the home Coming soon DIY USB "Hard Drive" by gmgfarrand Techno-geek Roulette by AndyGadget Stovetop Apple Pie by trebuchet03 USB Batman Spotlight by KaptinScarlet Now go make something awesome, and I'll see you next week! - Eric Sign-up for this newsletter: function openSubscribePopUp(src){ var emailValidate = /\w{1,}[@][\w\-]{1,}([.]([\w\-]{1,})){1,3}$/ if(emailValidate.test(src.value) == false){ alert("Please enter correct email"); return; }"/newsletter/newslettersignup?email=" + src.value,"newslettersignup2","status=yes,scrollbars=yes,resizable=yes,width=420,height=250"); }

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Play Individual audio files with arduino?

Hi! Im am starting work on building an interactive Portal/ Portal 2 Sentry turret. Im will use an Arduino for the programming, and would like it to play different sounds when being interacted with in different ways. I have 8 wav files, but I can convert them. I need to be able to program it so that each file is played at the right time. Thanks! Nicapizza

Question by Nicapizza    |  last reply

New k’nex gun concept that could potentially be better than a TR-8

I’ve come up with a magazine system based on the TR-18’s turret system. I’m trying to incorporate it into a TR-8 2018 body currently. It needs to hold the shells in while still letting the ammunition stick out the front. I’m also trying to avoid cut/broken parts unless absolutely necessary. Here are two possible shell designs I’ve come up with so far:

Topic by PotatoDemon  

New K'nex Idea

So i was on KI chat and ooda and mepain and stuff were talking about making a gun called the fustercluck and with a drill on it and he was talking about rotatiing turrrets and then i had an idea to making 2 turrets on a swivel so when the first turret is empty the second one will tweist wround and start working. The gun is a tr by the way. here is a shitty pic: i has bad grammar at half 11.

Topic by Millawi Legend    |  last reply

Old hobbies die hard... some TRs

I had a lot of old pics to work off of so the building experience was a lot like what I remember loving about knex, without the frustration. This blaster (:>) has a pretty solid mech. The slide, anchored by the gray connectors on the naked black rods (hehe), requires the full motion to prime, resulting in the longest pin draw possible using this draw/anchor method. The pin I have on this has a rubber washer of sorts that I had laying around, so far working wonders. No broken pieces were required, though I slid a broken black rod that was conveniently the perfect length into the barrel construction. As I mentioned in the title, I built this just yesterday and I expect that it'll be further modified -- the grip was something I had lying around and could essentially just throw on, the stock was rushed. I was planning on building another and I'd be happy to make instructions if there's any demand, though these pics alone may be enough for the few of you. (8/24/15) Link to better quality pictures, really unimpressed by what got uploaded here... Credit to KILLERK for the TR of course. I just gave it a new body. Update 8/25/15: 3D printed a piece for the front of the barrel. Update 8/27/15: Small changes all over. I'm okay with the front grip. There's some mole skin on the handle. Changed the below pictures to reflect what I currently have, clearer pics in the imgur album. Update 8/31/15 Finally got around to classing up the stock, quite happy with how it turned out. A few other changes as well, updated the pictures once more. Should be able to build from these pics!

Topic by Knarez    |  last reply

What is the newest TR trigger?

The title says it all. =D

Question by ~KnexBuild~    |  last reply

Merry Knexmas!

Merry Knexmas! From Hiyadudez! It's almost here, Christmas, one of the happiest times of the year. Lets start of by singing a song, made by Logic boy :-) Rudolph, the red-turreted knexsayer had a very shiny turret.  And if you ever saw it,  you would even say it was awsome.  All of the other knex guns  used to laugh and call it names.  They never let poor Rudolph  join in any knex wars.  Then one foggy Christmas Eve  Mepain came to say:  "Rudolph with your Turret so bright,  won't you be my primary tonight?"  Then all the knex guns loved him  as they shot out with glee,  Rudolph the red-turreted knexsayer,  you'll go down in history!     Well, that was completely random... but I bet you are singing it in your head right at this very moment though! Hehe :-) Anyway, I only made this because I was bored, cya!

Topic by Hiyadudez    |  last reply

Greatest K'nex Gun Ever?

Almost. Here is a prototype turreted NAR.  Discuss.

Topic by MotaBoi    |  last reply

How best to move a servo to music?

Hi All! I have a quick question, I want to move a servo in time with music and was wondering how best to do that with an arduino. I found someone on Instructables who made a talking skeleton open its mouth when the volume of the music rose above a certain point but just remapping the analog in signal from my wave shield is not moving the servo as smoothly as I would like, it just sort of jitters around. I guess this makes sense as the voltage changes quite a bit to create an audio wave form. I have a wire from R7 on my wave shield plugged into an analog port. Would the MSGEQ7 chip be the best way to accomplish my goal or is there another way? If anyone is curious I am attempting to move the arms of a portal turret in time to the turret opera. Thanks for your time, -ookid

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Knex semi auto pistol.

This is oodalumps new semi auto gun. it fires about 25ft max and has a 8 round turret. you can also put an 18 round turret on aswell. i built it in metalics because it looks cooler. i also slightly modefied it. let me know what you think! (i give oodalumps 100% credit)

Topic by ~KGB~    |  last reply

Mods Mods Mods

MAKE THIS believe me u will like it...hopefully lol long story short it is designed to b as good as i can get it the new mods allow for interchangeable grips a slide can easily be attached w/out any body changes the firing pin is stronger than ever w/ less friction than ever which equals more power try out the mods for yourself and as always be safe and have fun! thanks guys Zak inspired trigger mod is the final is a must have mod! -thanks Zak

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