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AVR Tutorial?

So I built a nice little programmer, and now I want to learn to program my AVR microcontrollers. WHERE DO I FIND A TUTORIAL?! I've been looking for hours, and all I can find is information on building a programmer for AVR microcontrollers. I already did that! I can't find a single tutorial on how the programming language for AVRs work. Does anybody know where I can find a tutorial on the programming language for AVRs, or the AVR assembly lnaguage? This is the only thing that there seems to be nothing about on the internet.

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Flash Tutorials

So...Theres not too many flash tutorials on this site, so i figured i'd make some. I think there should be alot more, it's a great thing. [http://My flash tutorial]. Join my group, post some tutorials, and help some newbies at flash out.

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Tutorial on costumes.

I saw a few tutorials on making masks and such but my work wasn't included. How come?jhttp://www.RaptorArts.comI have a tutorial on how I made a Predator costume like the one from AVP :)

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guitar tutorials? Answered

Would you guys out there in where ever want me to start posting guitar tutorials or somethin

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DESIGN tutorials!

I've been looking around, and it seems like generally instructables users are not web/graphics designers. There needs to be a section for the design tutorials!!! Anyways when my schedule frees up in the future, I'll add some flash and dreamweaver tutorials... otherwise there is a major lacking of web DIY instructables! what you guys think? Dont you guys wanna learn how to DIY (design it yourself)? I am talkin about design here, not art.

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OpenGL Video Tutorials

Hey guys. Found a site with video tutorials for programming in OpenGL. They say you should already be familiar with C++ before going there, but I've completed up to lesson 6 with only a bit of C background.They're quite good starter material, IMHO.Pass it on. (I have no affiliation with the site)Royal

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Ongoing Tutorial Giveaway

I'm giving away a free tutorial for this necklace, Boracay Palms Necklace! To get the free tute all you have to do is to put up my shop banner for on your website, leave a comment at my blog with the url of your site with your email ad and I will send the tutorial.   Here is the code which you can paste it at your website:  and here is the blog post where you leave your comment, url and email: Hope to see you guys there! Cheers!  Jane 

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Custom Widget tutorial.

Can anyone out there point me to a good tutorial on making a custom widget for a website.

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100 Photosop tutorials!!!!!

Just found this on Plime.100 Wonderftul photoshop effect Tutorials!Need I say More???

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PCI Device Tutorial

I can't seem to find any tutorials for creating a PCI card.I was thinking of something like a simpler version of this.Anyone here made an PCI devices? Or any links?Thanks.

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tutorials no longer downloadable...

Hey all, for the last few days I haven't been able to download any of the PDF's for any of the new tutorials.  Does anyone know whats been going on on the servers?  Am I doing something wrong? has anyone else been having this problem?  Does anyone know when this is supposed to be fixed?

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Feedback on glove tutorial?

I made this instructable on how to make gloves the other day and I was hoping for some feedback from some fresh eyes. It's a pretty advanced topic, but I'd like to see if people without sewing experience can glean something from it too. Do the diagrams make sense? Is the pace okay? Any concrit is appreciated. Instructable is here:

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looking around for tutorials

I am suggesting tutorials on the following. All passive components and prefereably vacuum tubes can be used to build the following circuits.   Analog computers that are programmable and hopefully intellegent. with these you should process many signals at the same time. and instead of displaying results on an oscillscope, make a monitor and a gui.   I have a theory for a power supply. I think it works im not technically able to build the entire circuit yet. It's all passive. its a passive AM radio that sends a 60 hz sine wave. then on the other end you have many many antennas attatched to a passive receiver circuit. because each antenna will induce an electric field from the air, you should be able to get lots more power out of the circuit than you put in. and because its antennas, its compact and light weight.   And if you can figure it out, you can build plasma rockets too. I need some more information on how plasmas travel through an electric field.   but you know if you want to, you can build cars, boats planes, houses, cookware, sensors, surveilance, recording studios, 3d printers etcetera in passive electronics and post tutorials on it.   I am getting somewhat close to growing carbon based electronic components on a tree. I have some(a few) molecules in mind and I am starting to research and make progress on sequencing DNA.   If you want this information it is simply yours. but I need analog flight simulators, spaceflight simulators, weather simulators that use chemistry and math to predict the weather, ocean simulators that simulate all of the bathymetry of the ocean to predict surf and erosion.   aircraft designers. I have a motor that i am designing like the following. It only uses permanent magnets at the moment and it works similar to an alternator. If you can figure it out, you can build it too.   I have an alternate way to make bearings by using cylindrical magnets(the kind with the hole in the middle) and one is attracting and one is repelling. this should be able to make it so that the magnets levitate and spin freely.   Again if you want this information it is yours. YOu can also make analog computers compatable with software that exists today like linux. it is possible. it just takes some time and some thought.   ANyhow anything you want make it wireless make it programmable and make it and post tutorials on it.   I want EVERYTHING to be wireless from the computers to the recording studios to the rockets.   ANyhow thanks and have fun and stuff and it might be fun and it would help everyone and would help your compnay to produce these tutorial but you know wireless guitars, wireless amps, wireless record players wireless cnc machines, wireless laser cutters wireless induction cooktops etcetera. you can even make a record player that instead of using that metal thing to vibrate, you can use like sonar. You know this is just some cool stuff to consider developing. The radio based power supply will work, it just needs some fine tuning and same with the motor, but yeah have fun and be easy with this stuff itll take a while. but you know if you build rockets, spin the rockets to create a strong electric field, but you know i could use tutorials on how plasmas move and accellerate through an electric field etcetera. and for god sake, build EVERYTHING!  

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The TwisterRoo Card Trick Tutorial


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Link to tutorial on my blog

I have a tutorial on my blog, and I'm wondering if I can just put a photo of the finished project and brief description on instructables with a link to my blog, or do i have to download the whole tutorial to instructables

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More vector Illustration tutorials?

Anyone interested in reading some more? :)

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Mobile phone html tutorial? Answered

When you browse the internet on you phone, what is the name of the code used to create it? is it similar to HTML? and where is a good tutorial?

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A Tutorial for making an Arduino Shield.

Hi Folks, I've put together a tutorial on how to make an Arduino shield using EAGLE. It can be found here:

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Request for "Casting in Bondo" Tutorial

I've been trying to find a thorough and detailed introduction to casting in Bondo for a while but have found nothing definitive. Could someone make a beginners guide for using Bondo to make replicas and casts w/ Pictures?

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NPN trasistor tutorial help

I was going to try to make a transistor tester for npn's and I wanted to know a little more about them. Please give me information about this. Whoever helps me on this I give a big thanks to. Also list some projects you made with it. I'm always looking for good ideas. If you have any comment on my question or leave a comment on one of my instructables. Thanks!!!! project_builder

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windows 7 super basics tutorial

Hey everyone my dad and i have bought my mom a laptop computer for mothers day to help with her book that she is writing and i need help because i need a completely basic guide to computing by mothers day the reason i say this is because my mom knows virtually nothing about computers but i pray that in time she can learn so please help me out here people the laptop runs windows 7 btw thanks fidgety2

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Tutorial: LCD Thermometer with optional Alarm

I created this Arduino tutorial. I hope somebody finds it helpful! Feel free to post any comments or suggestions.

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A VERY simple Arduino Servo Tutorial?

I'm pretty much new to the arduino stuff and I was planning on making a biped robot. But first before all of that I need to know how to use servos. :P Is there someone out there that can maybe post a very easy to understand tutorial of how servos work? I've read ladyada's tutorial on the arduino. So basically I understand all of that but I'd like to know how to control servos and how to program them.

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I need a game coding tutorial. Answered

I have tasked myself,though I am still unsure how it came to be, to create a half-decent (hopefully) online game for some friends and i was wondering if you, the community, would tell me some good, free programs and tutorials on how to code, design, and create a computer game. I understand it takes work and practice, but i still need your help. Thank you.

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need a tutorial on fly robot fly

Respecte sirs, i saw a image for fly robot fly i want to develop a same size robot can any one help me to develop this i will be thankful to him

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Tutorial/ible on making soybean crayons?

Looking to make soybean crayons or other eco friendly non toxic crayons. Can't seem to find anything here or on google. Any links/tutorials/etc. would be greatly appreciated. I am not looking to make the crayon rocks, as one of my children is young enough that they would be a choking hazard.

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Tutorial downloaded PDF has no images

I just upgraded my account so i would be able to download PDF versions of the instructables i like and want to try. I just downloaded my first instructable ( ) and found that the images are not included in the downloaded version. Is this correct? If this is the case the instructables would become very hard to follow indeed and defeats the point of me having upgrading my account. C an someone tell me if this is correct and the pictures as displayed on each instructables page are not actually included on their PDF downloads? If this is the case how do i go about getting my money back as this was not made clear and i feel it is somewhat misleading.

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C++ (attiny/mega) programming language tutorial? Answered

Where can i find one? one thats for absolute beginners, and with examples on how to use the code. i recently started using these, but ive just used codes from others, and i'd like to get onto writing code myself.

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where can i find non-HTML vbscript tutorials?

I have been hunting for a vbs tutorial and cant find one that follows up with anything can anyone help?

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could someone...?

Is there anyone out there who could make a really good tutorial/instructable of a photoshop digital illustration WITHOUT the use of a wacom tablet.  (asking too much lol)  Or rather, does anyone know where I can find some really mindblowing ones?  I'm killing myself trying to find some good ones.  Everything I see is using the wacom, and that's definately not in my budget.  Thanks guys!

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Getting started with arduino?

So I'm going to purchase an arduino Uno soon to make some robots. I already know how to program so that shouldn't be a worry, but I'm not exactly sure what motors and motor controllers work together. I want to get a geared motor for higher torque. Can someone point me in the right direction for motors and motor controllers. Also wheels to fit on those motors would be good too. With the arduino and all I would like to keep this under $100 and I only really need 2 motors.

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In search of LED 101

First of all, let me apologize if the questions to follow seem stupid in any way, and that those stupid questions have been covered somewhere else. I am trying to learn a few basics in the LED world, and to most people here, I would be classified in the "uber-uneducated" category. My first question is about timers. I have seen many topics covering "flash rate this" and "blinking sequence that". Are timers (555? PIC? etc) pre-programmed pieces, so that when you install (correctly), they go about their merry functions, or is there something I need to know otherwise? I have seen tuts about POV which I believe is something that needs programming (obviously for designs), but where/how do I obtain the knowledge and/or equipment to perform such tasks (PC program, the little thing to hook it up to PC, etc)? I have seen consumer items with "variable" blink/flash patterns, like 5, 3, 2, 4, then it repeats. Is this the same, or....? (perfect example would be those like flashing LED police/fire/ems lights) Can flashing/blining be obtained by adding simple transistors (is that the piece im describing?) in the sequence? Another question I have is about the LED specifications in general. When I see LED's offered for sale in places like eBay, or where ever, I see listings for XXX mcd. Am I correct in assuming that this is the so called "brightness" of the item? I want to build projects that have high visibility, but not at the cost of an arm for some of the items I have seen for the higher rated XX,XXX mcd. These are just a couple of many questions I have, and there are so many great projects here, any help in LED 101 would be greatly appreciated. I have learned alot already, I just need a few basic pointers. Thank you for letting me waste your time :)

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My Red Crystal Star Pendant, with tutorial to share too!

Hi All,I just finished drawing out the tutorial for this beaded red crystalstar pendant - sort of using the beaded bead beading technique.See the free tutorial at:Pendant Tutorialthe finished photo of my pendant:PhotoThanks for looking!

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hammer editor?

Hey i was wondering if any would be interested in seeing some hammer editor tutorials on this site as i would be able to make them.if enough people are interested ill post a hammer editor tutorial.

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how to get screenshots of minecraft into this website!?! Answered

Ive been wanting to make some type of minecraft tutorials but theres one problem, i dont know how! please try and help me with this issue!    you will be very happy if you can help me with this issue.

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When there are 3 tricks and the how to enter this contest entries in the window there only stands there is 1 entrie just curious what is it? Dunnos

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I am a complete and total noob, help me understand microcontrollers? Answered

I am a complete and total noob, like, im an idiot when it comes to microcontrollers. I have no Idea what those 3 or 4 letters/labels on each of  the 12 to however many pins they have, and I need to know what they mean and how to use them in a circuit, and finally how you would program them to work with a circuit? Here is what I know so far: There are a few different types of microcontrollers, well okay a lot. And that's about it =) Thanks in advance, Wes

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Questions about Homemade stickers

Hello fellow craftsmen! I have a few questions I'd like to get some clarification on if anyone has tried the Instructable by SirBrittanicvs for Homemade stickers. 1. Can this instructable be applied to pencil/pen drawings without distorting the image? Or must the stickers be printed out by the printer? I'm just worried that the pictures will get smudged do to the mixture of glue and vinegar. 2.) After appliying the adhesive to the paper how long can the stickers be stored before the adhesive is ineffective? There was another question I wanted to ask, but I cannot remember it at the moment. But I appreciate any further assistance with this Instructable before I begin and mess something up, haha. Happy New Year everyone!

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Is there a tutorial for making iphone apps with flash cs5?

I can make a very basic app and add it to my iphone but i'm searching a tutorial that could help me to make, in the future, a real game.

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Beaded 3D Halloween Witch Charm with tutorial!

Hi all,I'm already beading ahead for Halloween and also just completed this 3D Beaded Halloween Witch Charm Tutorial to share.I made this witch charm last Halloween but just managed to find time to draw out the tutorial now.I have hung it on my phone, bag and pouch as a charm.It is basicly created with the right angle weave beading technique but combines a little knowledge on jewelry making as you will need to know how to curl eyepins to put the piece together.Here's the free tutorial link: more of my Halloween creations at: for looking!

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Beaded 3D Kitten Cat Charm with tutorial!

Beaded 3D Kitten Cat Charm with tutorial!Hi all, I just made these cute little beaded kitten cats few weeks ago and the good news is I also just completed the free tutorial for it at: to share with those who is interested to make one or a few for yourself.I used the smallest beads I have which is size 11/0 and one size smaller for the tiny paws, so the little cats are each standing at only 1 cm tall, they are so tiny that I'm thinking of making a kitten charm bracelet with some of them.I used typically the right angle weave technique but usually more than four beads weaves.I used various color combinations to make eight of them, each of different colors, here's more colors of my litter of beaded kitten cats: for looking!

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Cottuy pants sewing tutorial or pattern? anyone!?

Cottuy pants, usually associated with pirates.... I'm dying to try and make a pair of this kind of pants, but every time I've tried they haven't come out quite right. Should be a fun project for anyone who is willing to take up the challenge. Enlarge Picture

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Beaded 3D Kitten Cat Charm with tutorial!

Hi all, I just made these cute little beaded kitten cats few weeks ago and the good news is I also just completed the free tutorial for it at: to share with those who is interested to make one or a few for yourself.I used the smallest beads I have which is size 11/0 and one size smaller for the tiny paws, so the little cats are each standing at only 1 cm tall, they are so tiny that I'm thinking of making a kitten charm bracelet with some of them.I used typically the right angle weave technique but usually more than four beads weaves.I used various color combinations to make eight of them, each of different colors, here's more colors of my litter of beaded kitten cats: for looking!

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Beaded 3D Kitten Cat Charm with tutorial!

Hi all, I just made these cute little beaded kitten cats few weeks ago and the good news is I also just completed the free tutorial for it at: to share with those who is interested to make one or a few for yourself.I used the smallest beads I have which is size 11/0 and one size smaller for the tiny paws, so the little cats are each standing at only 1 cm tall, they are so tiny that I'm thinking of making a kitten charm bracelet with some of them.I used typically the right angle weave technique but usually more than four beads weaves.I used various color combinations to make eight of them, each of different colors, here's more colors of my litter of beaded kitten cats: for looking!

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An Intro to Photoshop: My Tutorial List and Suggestions

Edit: I have moved this from photography to Tech because you have to have a computer, which is tech, and Photoshop or Gimp (not tech, but software). If you think I've put this in the wrong catagory, please suggest the correct one in the comments. I would put this under a software tab if there were any. Would any one be interested if I made photoshop tutorials based on ideas given in the comments? Ex: Make a retro background for (insert college of choice). Ex: Make a B&W; poster for an upcoming event, grungy I would then (possibly, depending on feedback) make a tutorial of how I made your suggestion as well as post a high resolution finished product. I'm self taught in the art of photoshop so I am by no means a professional. I've added a few of my recent works just to give you an idea (I got the second idea from a tutorial...) Also, if you feel you have or know of a good photoshop/gimp instructable, feel free to suggest it and I may add a link to it in the main thread. CURRENT INSTRUCTABLE TUTORIALS -Photoshop 101: What You Need to Know! (goes over the basics of Photoshop, includes the use and description of many tools) -Photoshop Basics: A Building Banner (goes over the basics of photo manipulation and techniques, includes detailed instructions on how to use more complicated tools)

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Android App Design with App Inventor Tutorial Paint App 1 of 3

Https:// This is my first tutorial on instrucables~and will include 3 tutorials! Click on the link and enjoy, comment, and favorite!!

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Elegant Pearl White Bridal Necklace Tutorial

I have included this necklace on my DIY Beading Club Membership Package for the Third Month Lesson Plan along with a bunch of tutorials. We've created this necklace to match the Elegant Pearl White Bracelet. We'll also  be including it on our Lesson Plans for future months. If you're a member you'll exclusively receive 5 tutorials every month. For your first month of membership you'll receive 10 tutorials.  Visit here to join. You can also check out what we have for members on the first, second and third month. 

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Is there a tutorial for a piston valve or a quick exhaust valve? Answered

 Does anybody have or know a tutorial to make a piston or quick exhaust valve for a pneumatic device

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