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Tweeter Wattage?

Question by Delta1Dan    |  last reply

Tweeters in DIY project

Hello everybody of the instructable community, I am currently doing a DIY project including speakers but I was wondering if there was anyway I could use only a tweeter as a speaker and was wondering how to wire it and I am new to speakers but good at wiring, soldering, and understanding diagrams. If you guys can help plz reply. -TECHNOMAN888

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HELP PLZZZ....Why do i keep blowing my tweeters and horns?

Hello everyone i am kinda knew and would like to know what is going on with my setup. i got a pair of dual 18" speakers, each box has 4 tweeters and 1 horn and 2 18" speakers. when i first got these speakers none of the tweeters worked. i changed them and they popped again. These speakers are being pushed by an ep-4000 amp and they are bridged. Please help me with my problem. i don't want to change the tweeters and horn again and for them to pop. i am open to any suggestion. the speakers sounded beautifully until they all left one by one lol. Am i connecting something wrong? should i connect something to them? please help meeeee......................UPDATE:>>>>>.thanks to everyone for the responses....i believe that these speakers don't have a crossover in them..... but i put filters on each tweeter hoping that would solve my problem but that's when i was wrong and found out the hard way...........those are the speakers at the bottom........if i need a crossover what kind do i need???? what type of tweeters and horns do i need??? Filters??? capacitors??...what you guys recommend?? i want this to last a long time without blowing......Please guide me as i am a noob in this field...... thanks again *********************************************UPDATE 7-14-11************************************ so ive been messing around for a while and i havent had time to post anything up but i finally manged to make some is what i have done.....i went out and got myself two crossover for the tweeters on the top......i believe they were some eminence cross over rated at 3.5k and i got myself some selenium tweeters (4 to be exact) 2 on each the selenium tweeters are connected to the crossover (ONLY THE SELENIUM TWEETERS ARE CONNECTED.....SOUNDS REALLY LOUD WITH ONLY TWO SO OTHER TWEETERS AND HORN ARE DISCONNECTED) and the crossover is receiving the power from the same connection as the sub...but the sub woofers are just connected straight to the amp...........i was in a party and they were pumping beautifully :-) for a good 2 hrs.....then the fuse just blew away.....i dont know if it was because of the frequencies going in them from my drops.......i didnt even wanna use a mic so i wont blow them and they still of now i purchased the frequency controller i forgot the name.....but i can adjust the volume of the tweeters through there.....only thing is ive noticed that even while i have the volume on zero for the tweeters i still see the fuses lighting up like Christmas lights so im afraid their going to pop again.........if they do i was wondering if i can use those other fuse(GOLD FUSE) which is rated at 80amp a way higher rating power then those fuse that come with the crossover(DOUBLE SILVER FUSES CAME WITH THE EMINENCE CROSSOVER)......

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Set of dome tweeters (Too high wattage)

I have a set of dome tweeters that ran grwat on an old amp i had, thing blew out a few years ago, and just barely runs through another amp with the crossover and woofer. there is some jumpers in the crossover that say Tweeter attenuation -4dB stock setting --- -2dB 0dB Just as i put it right there. I want to know what attenuation means and how i can use the same amount of power into the tweeter, but make it louder. (It's pretty quiet.) Right now it is set at -2dB. Except the dB and numbers are lined up.

Topic by Yerboogieman  

Another Question (Sigh)

Does anyone know why a tweeter in "my" speaker would cut out at high volume? It's a problem with my left speaker where when I turn it up past -16db the tweeter cuts off randomly, while the rest of the speaker is still keeping up, I know it's not the stereo. Is the tweeter pouched or is one of the caps on the filter board inside screwed? -Punk

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How to Build an amplifier for cheap?

I am a 17 year old teen with little pocket money and a beginner. I want to make an amplifier which can amplify an 8 inch subwoofer, two 8 inch speakers and 2 tweeters.

Question by adarshnarsaria    |  last reply

i have a receiver that reads at 120W is that enough to drive 2 speakers a tweeter and an external subwoofer ?

I have a receiver that reads at 120W is that enough to drive 2 speakers a tweeter and an external subwoofer the receiver says on the back 120V 120W 60Hz 170VA  so im guessing it runs at 120W per channnel at 8 ohms so would i risk blowing the amp or speakers if i plug an external subwoofer to the speakers and tweeters the recever does not have a sdubwoofer channel so would i damage anything at all with it in the channel as well by external subwoofer i mean it has its own power source its own crossover its own amp it has an rca in put or you can use the terminal plate it has as well this is the JVC RX 212

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4 way spekaers - is the xover schematic correct?

My supplies A Tweeter with a frequency response of 20 KHz ~ 40 KHz, 8Ohms, 75Watts RMS/3000Watts Max, and Sensitivity of 105dB. A 4” Subwoofer with frequency response of 25Hz ~ 160Hz, 4Ohms and 25 Watts RMS Two 4” Full Range Speakers of 4Ohms and 5 Watt RMS Is the schematic mentioned in the pic is a suitable xover for my system please clear the nearest values to me Thanks in Advance

Question by adarshnarsaria    |  last reply

Help with my supplies? Answered

I have 2 units of 4" woofers of 4 Ohms and 25 watt RMS with a frequency response of 40Hz ~ 170Hz 2 Units of 3'' loudspeakers  4 Ohms and 10 Watts RMS with a frequency response of 160Hz ~ 20Khz and these tweeters  Can I make a 3way Speakers with these supplies and if yes please send me the crossover and L Pad schematics. Thanks In Advance

Question by adarshnarsaria    |  last reply

4 way spekaers. is the xover schematic correct?

My supplies A Tweeter with a frequency response of 20 KHz ~ 40 KHz, 8Ohms, 75Watts RMS/3000Watts Max, and Sensitivity of 105dB. A 4” Subwoofer with frequency response of 25Hz ~ 160Hz, 4Ohms and 25 Watts RMS Two 4” Full Range Speakers of 4Ohms and 5 Watt RMS Is the schematic mentioned in the pic is a suitable xover for my system please clear the nearest values to me

Question by subhamsingh236    |  last reply

Any help with my speaker building questions?

I'm not sure you'll be able to answer this. I was hoping to put one massive woofer (15") and send all low frequencies to it, and then put in two tweeters, hoping that it would somehow overcome the most likely overpowering bass. Is this a viable setup? Ideally, I plan on building these speakers for parties, where I just throw this in the car, drive there, and we're ready to go, don't need to deal with tiny crap speakers anymore. So, ideally, I want to create stereo sound on my tweeters, but just let it go for the woofer, since bass would obviously have no need for stereo. Would I need two crossovers, or just one? In my head, I imagine that I only need one crossover, followed by a stereo amp for the tweeters and a mono amp for the sub. I'm not 100% sure on that circuit though.I plan on using these parts:woofer:;=296-24635-1-NDwoofer amp:;=296-24635-1-NDtweeter amp:;=296-18033-5-NDSo, with that in mind, I'd love your help. Other Miscellaneous Curiosities:1) If you have any links as to where I can figure out the most audio efficient layout in order to achieve the best sound with this, that'd be a help too.2) Do I need a mid to help beat the woofer?3) In order to figure out the required power from the supply, I just need to add the max possible wattage from all the drivers, right?Thank you, Instructibles community.

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about crossover?

I decided to start my own project  ---"a portable 2 way speaker with Bluetooth"--- but i have some doubts, if my woofer hit from 60hz to 10 kHz and my tweeter hit from 3.5 kHz to 20 kHz, what do you guys think my crossover should do its magic ? at 3.5 kHz or at 10 kHz ?? Or maybe any point from 3.5 kHz and 10 kHz is ok?   or im wasting the woofer capabilities if i cut around 3.5khz when it can reach 10khz thanks beforehand

Question by javierj9    |  last reply

How would I go about building a portable battery power boom box with 2 tweeters and one large woofer.

Over the Christmas holiday I would like to utilize two tweeters that I obtained from computer speakers and a subwoofer that I obtained from a surround sound system to use in a portable battery powered boom box.  The goal is to makee the whole setup rechargeable (thought about solar panels also, but baby steps) with a usb slot (power only) to charge ipods/iphones and a single aux cable.  I have been experimenting with each of the speakers and I have an idea of what size of box I am going to have to produce the best sound, tips on this would be welcomed as well.  Strong deep bass is a major goal of the boom box as well.  Physical volume controls are not need.  The only button I assume would be for the power. Any tips or suggestions are welcomed.

Question by ckrupala    |  last reply

Datasheet of speaker

I recently got to take apart a set of speakers and got a nice subwoofer and tweeter out of it. The only problem, though, is that the speakers, for some reason, did not include a crossover. To calculate the values that I need for a crossover for the tweeter and subwoofer, I need the datasheet of both, or at least that is what I think. When I researched the writing on the back of the speaker, I could not find any information. How can I do this? is there another way to calculate the values of the components for a crossover? I Don't generally care what kind of crossover it is, as long as it works.I do have a cheap LCR meter, if that makes anything easier

Question by Cheesey125    |  last reply

i have prodject and i need help on it?

I want to build a lamp that you can plug an mp3 player and/or an ipod in it and also have music play from two tweeters and the lights flashing with the music

Question by jeremy_b    |  last reply

How personalizations censor information on the Web

Some sites use software to analyze the information that we search for. A downside to this personalization is the amount of information that it is left out. Any opinions?

Topic by blkhawk    |  last reply

Amplifier Schematics? Answered

Can anybody get me a an amplifier schematic which can drive an 8" sub-woofer, two  8" Speakers and two tweeters? Actually my neighbor built an amplifier which is driving the same mentioned above . He resides in the nearby apartment still when he uses that amplifier i can feel the bass hear the treble and get the music to my ears sitting in my apartments. When i asked him the schematics he laughed at me and said that I am a noob of drove me out of his house, ARROGANT MAN. So please guys help me out in this regard. Thanks in Advance  

Question by adarshnarsaria    |  last reply

Is a sealed environment always better for speaker enclosures?

Specifically when dealing with smaller, less powerful speaker. I am aware that certain sub woofers require venting, but I don't know how important sealed boxes are for midrange and tweeter.

Question by Andale_The_Great    |  last reply

Help Wiring my AMP for Homemade Speakers?!

Hi guys, please take a look at the image below and try to answer these questions for me please, it will be greatly appreciated and you will be mentioned in the credits of my final instructable when its made. 1. How many Watts Per Channel is it? 2. What does it mean by A+B? ie. Does it mean connecting 4 speakers? 3. Could I wire a Subwoofer crossing over the Right + to Left - Terminals? Finally, I'm going to have a 10" Sub with two tweeters wired up. Should I wire each tweeter to Left and right? Im also going to wire in an L-Pad for the Sub. Thanks a lot guys!

Topic by wizzywoo    |  last reply

Determining the correct specifications of my subwoofer?

I have purchased a local brand sub-woofer which does not comes with any specifications except the following: Impedance: 4 Ohms Output RMS:20 Watts Frequency Response: 40Hz~170Hz Effective Cone Diameter(D): 4" However i wanted to know the following Equivalent Volume(Vas) Free Air Resonance (Fs) Total Q (Qts) Actual System Q (Qtc) Resonance Frequency (Fb) Is there is any way to determine these Thanks in Advance....

Question by adarshnarsaria    |  last reply

Vintage Headphone repair, help needed

I have some vintage Superex Stereophones, model Pro B-VI (with a google search only find an ad in a paper dated 1973 referencing them). They have both a tweeter and a woofer in each ear, and I believe the resistors in the crossovers have gone bad. The high end drops out now and then to pop back in after a short while or after a minor volume adjustment - other than that the volume is crystal clear. Am I right in assuming the resistors could be the issue? The other components in the crossovers are just inductor coils, which are know are for the low pass, so it can't be those. I know instructables isn't a electronics repair forum, but I wasn't too sure of where else I could ask and find knowledgeable people. I love this site. :) I.W.

Topic by incredibleweirdo    |  last reply

how can i remove epoxied/glued on metal mesh from plastic speaker grilles?

How can i remove the little disk of metal mesh from the center of my plastic speaker grilles without splitting or badly damaging the plastic? I have component speakers for my project as thats all i could source, but for lack of space i want to effectively convert them back to coaxial by removing the mesh disk and mounting the tweeters in the resulting hole. EDIT: finally got to a computer where i could add images. In the meantime i decided the best way to solve my dilemma was attacking it with a dremel (clearly the safest option... ¬¬), against all odds this has appeared to have worked though...

Question by ambientvoid    |  last reply

Whats this weird looking Component?(pic included)?

And yes,Tell me what it does. I have never seen such a thing,It came from some speaker box that had knobs to controll the tweeter and woofer(it was in the trash) Edit:Also The woofer and mid speakers where blown I could have taken the speaker,for its coil but i did not.

Question by ReCreate    |  last reply

I need help identifying a part Answered

Somebody gave me a box full of speakers mids, highs, woofers, and tweeters... In that box also came 2 of these small circuit boards with 2 knobs attached to them... Don't know what they are, and what they use for. Any help will be appreciated

Question by Kingsup310    |  last reply

I have a bunch of speakers what can i do with them? Answered

My car has enough speakers. My room has enough speakers. My wallet has enough speakers. And I don't know what to do with all these speakers. I have 10 mid range speakers, 2 tweeters, 2 sub-woofers, and 14 headphone speakers. Now I'm not really concerned with the headphone speakers because they're cheap and if they just sit in a bag for a while I'm fine with that but I'd like to put the nicer speakers to work. I don't want a surround sound system for my living room and I already have speakers there (not surround sound). I made the credit card speaker instructable. I'd like to do something with the speakers but at this point I'm thinking about just scraping them for their neodymium magnets because I can't think of what else to do with them.

Question by cdubnbird    |  last reply

Two 4" Drivers in one enclosure?

I want  a very deep Bass as i am getting in my logitech z103...(image attached) I am plannin' to build a sealed 10" cube outta 0.5" thick Plywood and put in em two 4" subwoofer drivers. will i be getting the thing i want???? if not what should be the dimensions???? THnaks in advance!!!

Question by adarshnarsaria    |  last reply

Question about how-to video

I made a video in the spring, how to ice a cake and posted it on our business FB page. There is a *discreet* website at the end as well as 'find us on Tweeter and FB'. I'm wondering if I could/should upload this same video for a cake decorating Instructable, or will people consider it  spammy?  I can go in and edit it out, but that would take 10 minutes away from my next potential Instructable, lol! Would love some opinions... :) Thanks!

Topic by jessandstavro    |  last reply

car amp speaker question- what speaker to get for setup.

Hello kind people, need some advice. have got a juice 2400w car amplifier and 2 12" jbl gt41000w subs and want to make a home sound system as i have seen people do here before. thing is I want to add 2 more tweeters for better sound. but the amp only has 2 outputs for the subs. how would I do this? thanks in advance :)?

Question by demonfox  

Podra funcionar sin dañarse el amplificador o los bafles?

Es cierto lo que dicen que se puede instalar un bafle de 130 w con un amplificador de 90 w o 140 w, sin dañar los bafles o el amplificador?¿Cuál es la mejor instalación de bocinas (woofer, medio, tweeter), para una buena claridad y limpieza del sonido?Bafles se construye de acuerdo a si se usara para musica clasica o musica rock ?Al aire libre

Question by jtrujilloc  

How to make a battery powered 5.1 speaker system?

Hi, I was wondering how I would be able to make reasonably powerful MP3 speaker system which is battery operated has 5 speakers( two tweeters, two mid range and one sub)? What sort of amp, circuitry and parts would I need? I was thinking about using amps like these...;=46809&doy;=24m7Thanks.

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What amp would fit these speakers?

I'm looking to buy an amp to hook some speakers up to but I don't know the specifics of what I should be looking for. I'd like to get it from a store and know what to get ahead of time. The speakers are two combo woofers/tweeters and rated at 200w peak power and 4ohms. How many watts should the amp be? The amp needs to take bare red/black water, have a 3.5mm line in, and plug into the wall. This isn't going to be part of a big home theater system, just a little unit so what would be a good cost of a low end amp? Thanks for the help.

Topic by Ronmarru  

What amp would fit these speakers?

I'm looking to buy an amp to hook some speakers up to but I don't know the specifics of what I should be looking for. I'd like to get it from a store and know what to get ahead of time. The speakers are two combo woofers/tweeters and rated at 200w peak power and 4ohms. How many watts should the amp be? The amp needs to take bare red/black water, have a 3.5mm line in, and plug into the wall. This isn't going to be part of a big home theater system, just a little unit so what would be a good cost of a low end amp? Thanks for the help.

Topic by Ronmarru  

Mp3 Module

Hi  I am new on here, and am looking into making a bluetooth speaker/ radio/usb sd reader. i have attached a picture of the module i would like to use. I am wondering if any one has used this product or similar and if the have any help or advice it would be greatly appreciated. The board will be run off a 12v dc battery, and i am hoping to connect it to 2 mid range drivers and 2 tweeters.  I have tried to find a simple wiring diagram with no luck. Just after any advice on what i would need to purchase alongside the board with regards to electrical connectors, cross overs, capacitors, a separate amplifier board perhaps? Many thanks in advance. Jon

Topic by wiseboy5    |  last reply

Can this unit “Pioneer mvh-s219bt” drive two of this “Pioneer TS-R6951S 3 Way Coaxial Speakers” without any external amplifiers?

I am trying to replace my factory head unit and two speakers system in my car, with the above system, i am poor so if this works then please dont suggest any other options or better company names, just tell me whether my new system works fine or do i need an amp to just power those two speakers? i am not planing to have woofers tweeters or any other speakers, only these two coaxial speakers on two front doors, will this work? thank you for the help :)

Topic by sreessxp    |  last reply

How a passive radiator works ?

Hi, I already made a topic for a speaker so everything for now is going forward, but now there is a thing that I don't understand. How a passive radiator works ? I bought these : But I don't know how I have to power them and connect them to my full range/tweeters speakers with my amplifier.

Question by EgeK2    |  last reply

How can my soundbar be rated at 300W-peak/150W-RMS, amp IC only goes 78W, 5 drivers total 60W?!?

Pyle PSBV200BT. Audio amp IC is STA540. Speakers and marked ratings: Two tweeters @ 10W, 4 Ohm; two midrange @ 5W , 8 Ohm; and one sub-woofer @ 30W, 8 Ohms. PS is 18VAC@2.5A. Am I missing something. The numbers seem so wrong that I must be overlooking something significant, not just overseas marketing greed. The Pyle sounds ok, but my 17-year-old 100W Creative 5.1 PC speakers blow it away.

Question by MarioL111  

Should I put sound deadening/dampening material in my car?

I've just spend a little over a grand and blown the majority of my budget on new speakers amp wiring and a headunit for my car. I haven't bought any subwoofers. I'm happy to go over this budget if sound deadening will make a large difference. Anyway, I was just wondering- road noise and all of that aside, will sound deadening make my stereo sound noticeably better? As in, sound quality alone Should point out that the speakers are 300 watts rms all up. 6.5" "woofer" 4" midrange and a tweeter that's under an inch each side. Thanks heaps!

Question by pete54321    |  last reply

Finding speaker specs based on case design

I know there are a handful of Thiel/Small calculators to build a box, but what I am looking for is a way to find which speaker specs would fit into a particular dimension of a design. What is that ONE thing that really determines the size of the casing. Is it Vas, Qts or something else. So for example, I want to build a small portable bluetooth stereo speaker with dimensions of length - 6inch, height-3inch, depth-2inch. So if I am looking at speaker datasheets(suppose full range), can I get a rough idea that I can use it in such a type of casing. Mind you there would be two of those speakers. And as a sidenote, what about if there are tweeters, woofers, etc.

Topic by arjunmenon    |  last reply

Speaker and Amplifier Wiring Please Help!

As you can see I have a car amp and some speakers, can anyone with speaker or amp knowledge please tell me (or even better draw a diagram :D) of the best (most efficient / loudest) way to wire all these up, the specs are as follows… AMP 2/1 channel amplifier Max power – 400 watt 4 ohm stereo – 2 x 75 watts RMS 2 ohm stereo – 2 x 100 watts RMS ROUND SPEAKERS (midwoofers) 4 ohm 25 watt RECTANGE SPEAKERS (tweeters) 4 ohm 4 watt Thanks for your help! (P.S my plan is to build a portable sound system powered by a car battery)

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Custom Computer Build?

Hello again everone. I am building a custom acrylic computer system and I have everything up and running just fine, all but the sound system. What I did was, I found two different speaker units and removed the speakers and accessories from the cases to make the cp system have just to speaker units installed in it. Ok here I go!. I removed a speaker and two tweeters from one unit and I removed the two speakers and the power amp from the other unit. How do I connect the all three speakers to the power amp and onto the audio card connected to the motherboard on the pc. I took some pictures for you to look at and see what I am up against. Need your help. so I am thanking you in advance for information about this . Eljero.

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I'm building a stand-alone speaker from a pair of car speakers. Do I need an extra power source? Answered

I bought a pair of car speakers from a thrift store because they were different than any I've ever seen. Where the dome should be, there was a tweeter sticking out. I already have a box I would like to put them in, but I need to know if they will be driven by the sound or if an extra power sources needs to be connected. I would like to have an option to use wires like a normal speaker or through an aux. There will be two in a box and I want to connect them. I would also like them to both use the same power source if needed. That is the model, but one of the ends is cut off of one, and the other is nearly unusable anyways. Other than that, they are perfectly fine.

Question by metalshiflet    |  last reply

100 watt sub woofer amp

I'm looking for or to make a 100 watt amp, I can't seem to find any. If you know where i can find one online or a schematic to build one please let me know! Also is it possible to resist or lower the amps from an amplifier or will I have to specifically get a 30 watt amp for the mid range speaker. I am attempting an "led music box on steroids" project hahaha.... basically what I am going to do is make a clear plastic box and put leds and speakers and a 6" sub in it. Kinda bored and looking for a fun project and this came to mind. I'm open to any suggestions to make it better or ideas on how to power the speakers. Thank you in advance! The sub woofer I'm looking to power and the mid range speaker Might think about putting a tweeter in too

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How to choose speaker for DIY iPhone speaker system Answered

Hi guys I'm a bit of a tinkerer, but new to audio.  I'm designing an ipod speaker dock from a Gigaware 40-303.  Got the thing apart, but the left speaker is making a bad buzzing sound.  I want to replace the speaker, but I'm unsure of what to look for.  The specs for the system I got the circuit from are as follows: output: 15 W x 2 Driver size: 3.0" x 2 signal to noise: greater than or equal to 65 dB freq response: 80Hz-20KHz rated load impedence: 4 ohms power rating: 100-240V -50/6-hz, 1 amp So I need to look for a 3" 15 watt 4 ohm speaker?  I don't want to underload the circuit and draw too much power.   What about range?  Mid, tweeter etc?  Does that matter? The original speaker is pictured below.  The sticker on the back is the only identifying info.  Thanks for any help you can provide.

Question by DirtMcGurt    |  last reply

my guitar makes thes static sound when i play any note or make any sound what is causeing this and how do i fix it?

My guitar makes thes staticy sound when i play any note or make any sound what is causeing this and how do i fix it? also the sound stops compleatly if my chord is in a certain way or if the base of the chord has force pushing it  (both chord do the samething) there are a few things it may be it could be the jack on the guitar but i recntly replaced it about 4 or 5 months ago it could be a homeade splitter i made. its case is a CD/DVD case it has 1 input and four outputs so i can play on 3 amps to simpulate a studio monitor speaker (one with tweeter, mid and sub) all 3 amps make the noise at the same time it could be that i have 2 dead chords it may be something i dont even know about

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Can Anybody Help me with Audio Terms?

I am on my way to build 3 way speaker system and this my first time. I heard that i have to make crossover into the speakers which will drive the low frequencies to the woofer and mid ranger whereas the low pitch to the woofer. I went to a site that calculates schematics for any sort of crossovers. But they ask me the several things out of them i understood some of them while others made my mind disrupted. so please state the meaning of the following: High Xover Frequency ( fh ) Low Xover Frequency ( fl ) Frequency Spread ( fh/fl )   here there were 2 options I.E, 8:3 octaves and 10:3.4 octaves Bandpass Gain ( g ) Crossover Type In the last one there were several options: 1st Order normal polarity 2nd order reverse polarity 3rd order reverse polarity 3rd order normal polarity 4th order normal polarity What are the differences between these crossovers? Which one is the best and why? If nothing is best so what is the difference? Sorry I am a novice. So guys please be easy on me....  Thanks In Advance :-)

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best mosfet config for a powerful flyback driver? would a capacitor across the flyback windings improve preformance?

Well i have an instructable on my singing arc project, i tried the simple 555 driving a power mosfet, but they kept burning out. even the IRF840!!! rated for 500V!!! what am i doing wrong? i tryed using a neon lamp with a series resistor of 4.6K ohms (i think) but it didnt help at all, in fact, it wouldn't even light, yet i got a nasty shock and 2mm spark from the 555 timer, i was amazed that it survived, but not for long, anyways. so i moved on to try a fast diode across the primary, but backwards, to absorb the back-EMF. but it just cut away at the output significantly (from an 2 cm to less than 5mm). it got quite warm in the process too, for the few seconds it was on. i havent tried it yet, but would a diode in series with the power supply, mosfet, flyback, and ground work better? and give a place for the electricity to go? what would a capacitor across the primary do? i heard people doing this and increasing the output, but will it impair an audio signal?

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Jobmate cordless screwdriver

Hey guys!!! Long time no see, I have been busy doing other things in my life and coming to check on here completely slipped my mind, I feel so bad now after seeing how many comments I've missed out on replying on. Also, I noticed some people around here have a PRO beside their name, what is that about? Anyways I have a question I wanted to ask. I bought this handy little cordless screwdriver at a yard sale yesturday, and got it home, plugged it in to charge, and it seemed to be holding a good charge, I used it to change some tweeters in my tower speakers, it has good torque, and good speed. Overall, for $1 I was happy with my find while out on my little adventures. Well, I went to use it this afternoon, and it was dead :( Apparently the Ni-Cads are toast. The problem here is, theres only one screw in the side of the unit, and it only lets me pry half of it open, I can't get the top off of it, there seems to be two metal tubes holding the top on. Does anyone have any idea how I'd pop this thing open?? I want to see about replacing the two cells inside with some rechargeable energizer AA's I have, would I not be able to charge them with the built in charger?? They are NiMh however..

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Birding Challenge - my first official act

Oh, looky looky! It's great what sort of things you can get up to when you're in the same room as the people who sign the cheques*! Actually, to be honest, this was Noah's idea, but he wanted somebody that cared about the subject to do the donkey work. So, announcing my first actual official Instructables Challenge! Autumn is the bird-spotters’ peak season, and the time that garden birders prepare their garden for the next seasons’ bird activity, so to launch our new Birding Channel, we’ve put together some awesome prizes to reward your birding-related projects, be they equipment you make or modify, projects for the back-garden birder, or you’re passing on the essential skills and insider tips of birding. It would also be interesting to see what software tools or apps you could create to use in the field. As a guide, I'm after something a little bit beyond a bird feeder.  Feel free to enter those, but I'd like folk to stretch themselves a bit. For instance, I am, personally, very tone deaf (and I know a few older birders that are losing their hearing altogether) - can you create an app that would help me identify birds by their calls? Or is there something cool that you've done to your birding kit, and other birders try and copy? Or maybe you have a particular way of ensuring great photographs of birds in the open? There are hundreds of dollars' worth of birding equipment at stake here. Oh, and I'd appreciate those bloggers and tweeters out there to highlight the challenge as well - the more entries we get, the bigger the prizes get. (Look how excited I got - I used bigger font all the way through!) *Ha, that upset this American spell-checker!

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help building a mobile juke box

Hi it would be cool to get some help and ideas with my project to build a mobile juke box, the main part of this idea is that it needs to be low powered as a lot of the time there will be no electric supply, we like to have partys in fields and on the beach  so im thinking it will be better to have a 12 volt system that can run of leisure battery's ive got two 120amp leisure battery's in my t4 van  and when thats not going to be available to use i have a spare 120 amp leisure battery that i could put in the bottom of the jukebox but i have no idea at the moment of how long that would run the system. im thinking the system would comprise of car speakers one 12 inch sub one 10 inch sub two or four 6 by 9 speakers two or for 6 inch speakers two tweeters an amp or two to run everything raspberry pi b+ about a 10 to 15 inch screen some funky led lighting i would love to have some juke box software for the retroness and it would make this easy for some of the less techy not sure if that possible on the raspberry pi? one of the ideas ive had is, as well as having some basic controls (i dont want a full keyboard)  having some 'genre panic buttons'  basically when everyones had enough of putting tunes on (too drunk!) you can hit a genre panic button and the juke box will play on its own, so far the only way i can think to do this is to have a harddrive with several partitions on with music pre installed into the own genres that the jukebox will shuffle and play when one of the buttons is hit, but i have no idea how to get the partition to play by hitting a button though. any input or ideas to help me get my head around this would be fantastic :) thanks

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I just found 4 speakers and want to make a speaker box. Can anyone help me?

 I found 4 speakers (2 subs about 5 inches diameter each and 2 tweets about 2 in diameter) in a TV that was left on the side of the road.  I would like to make a speaker box for them, or a mini-amp for my electric cello.  In either case, I have very little technical knowledge in this area, and will need some very clear instructions as to what I need. I took from the TV: 4 speakers (see above) Each speaker has a red and a black wire coming out the back of it (power cables presumably). The smaller speakers are connected to the larger ones by similar cables.  There are also two more cables similar to the others, but one is white and black, the other green and black.  These connected the larger subs to the main power of the TV I think. I also took the power chord from the TV.  It has a connector that was joined to a plug inside the TV. The speakers say on the back: ZM   YD150-B1-20W-8*     for the larger speakers and ZM   YDG70-A1-10W-8*    for the smaller speakers * means the sign for ohms (my rather dusty chemistry knowledge from high school tells me this, I could be wrong, it's the omega sign from the Greek alphabet anyway) That's all I think.  I would like to know what I will need to make these speakers work, and if it is worth my while and not too expensive, and whether or not I will kill myself in the process.  I have never done this kind of project, but have always fancied the notion.  If anyone can help out, or even start me in the right direction, I would greatly appreciate it.  Is there anything else I should take from the TV while it is there still? Like the line-in plugs etc?

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