Meet the Twins.


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A moment of silence

Enough said.

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Installing twin air horns on motorcycle HELP!!!!

Hi  I own a Kawasaki ER5 and I am finding it difficult to have both horns working. I have used the original horn wiring 2 wires to a connector block with 4 wires coming out to each horn. Is this wrong? if so please give me some instructions (that I would understand) how to install correctly please  Thank you Darren

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Twin blade ceiling fan

Hello, I fell in love with the twin-blade ceiling fan pictured at the link below (for some reason the uploader doesn't work in either form for me) , but at over $800 I hate the price tag.  I would like to try and DIY something like this for my new house, but I do not have the electrical knowledge to do it alone.  I figure that if I can find two second-hand desk fans and wire them into a nice light fixture I could get the look I want without the price, but I need to know how to do so safely.  I wouldn't want an electrical fire to burn down my new home! If anyone knows how to get these things all wired right it would be a great help! Joelle

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Who bombed the twin towers?

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Twin-blade ceiling fan (Steampunk-esque)

Hi, I tried posting this already but then couldn't find it so I hope I am not posting twice... I fell in love with this ceiling fan ( which I can't attach properly to show the image because the uploader doesn't work (either of them) on my computer. Problem is that the fan is over $800! I'd like to combine a bunch of pieces and make something like this out of old desk fans and a nice light fixture (or something I can turn into a nice light fixture) to both save money and spare our landfill.  Thing is, although I get lamps and they are very easy, once you add moving parts I am scared sh!tle$$!   I figure there has to be someone out there who knows if it is even possible to recreate this at home. Thanks Joelle

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Twins Separated At Birth Met And Married

Http://;_ylt=AoZvBFiQ44VpuITp2zqX9sWs0NUEI know it's not really what iBles is about... but I couldn't resist posting it.Here is the article from Yahoo! News:Fri Jan 11, 2:33 PM ETA couple discovered after they had married that they were twins who had been split up at birth and adopted by separate families, according to a member of Britain's House of Lords.British peer David Alton recounted the story to parliament last month to support his argument that artificially conceived children should be told who their biological parents are.Alton said he had heard the story of the separated twins from a High Court judge who had dealt with the case."This did not involve in vitro fertilization: It involved the normal birth of twins who were separated at birth and adopted by separate parents," said Alton, an independent member of the Lords. "They were never told that they were twins.""They met later in life and felt an inevitable attraction, and the judge had to deal with the consequences of the marriage that they entered into and all the issues of their separation," he said."I suspect that it will be a matter of litigation in the future if we do not make information of this kind available to children who have been donor-conceived," he said.Alton could not immediately be reached for comment and no further information was available about the twins or where they were from."I think it's a very tragic story for the people involved," said Pam Hodgkins, head of a group that helps adults affected by adoption."It is a lesson that we need to learn and apply to the situation of donor-conceived children," she told Sky News."Whilst ... nowadays it would be most unusual for siblings to be separated ... the risk of secrecy affecting the lives of people born as a result of egg and sperm donation is exactly the same as the risks that have affected adopted people in the past," she said.

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when a woman is pregnant with twins is there two umbilical cords? Answered

My mom is pregnant with twins and my youngest brother asked me if she has two umbilical cords. 

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My crushes brother kissed me ( faturnal twins) what should i do??!!

My ctushes twin has deep deep blue eyes and is beautiful but my crush is the ugly one who is sweet and funny and is very nice first i was talking to my crushs twin then out of nowhere he kissed me and im not sure what i should do!!!

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what should I make from 2 twin inflatable mattresses?

 I found WAYYYY back in the storage closet - 2 never opened flocked on top twin blow up mattresses.  Got any ideas?

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Is it possible to convert an old twin lens camera into a digital camera?

Would it be possible to take an old twin-lens reflex into a digital camera? My idea would be to take an old TLR and gut it then take a pocket sized digital camera and stick it inside. I would probably take apart the digital camera so I can position the LCD where the view finder would be. Anymore ideas?  I really like the look of the older TLRs and wish there were digital ones. There's a 5mp miniature one, but that's not the same "/. And I know the second lens wouldn't be used, but I still like the look.

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Model Railroad Twin-T OCCUPANCY DETECTOR? I need the instructions and parts list for the TWIN-T OCCUPANCY DETECTOR?

Every link I find does not provide the information and the magazine articles(issues) cannot be located. I can find pre-built BOD's but want to build my own. Thanks, AB

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Twin Shot Semi Automatic Knex Gun?

I've been working on this gun for about 3 days now, and im woundering if it is "unique" enough to put on Instructables. Please comment.

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Café Twin Arts and Science Community Advisory

Http:// Cafe Twin Community TV Show__ A Bridge to Music and Science with conversation and project development on a community level and via community twining as demonstrated post World War II in Europe with leadership from France and Germany Twitter ID: waldenthreenet

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Where can I find the metal fittings of the Twin Carbo System well of the Mozilla Factory?

This office is constructed by using common products such as corner modules or plastic pallets, exploring the concept of “Open Source Furniture.” ... and I'm searching for the metal fittings of the Twin Carbo System: blob: Can I buy it somewhere?

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Onegai/please teacher/twins fans help me!

Somebody, can you please send me a link to a site where i can download the new Onegai/please friends audio drama!

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how to modify a twin window fan for easy cleaning

Hi, I was given a twin window fan which works just fine but is dirty (dirt and a fair number of ex-gnats).  The manual is no help as it says to wipe the exterior with a damp cloth.  I thought it would be a simple job to just take out the 12 screws holding the two halves together but unfortunately the off-high-low levers (one on each side) are preventing me from separating the two halves.  I can't see any screws holding the lever mechanism in.  I tried rotating one side 90 degrees to see if I could slide the lever out through it's slot but it's too fat. I've had other twin window fans with the same set up and never could get them opened up.  It annoys me that the manufacturers make it so difficult to clean these fans.  I think a fair number of people have this problem and just give up as the local thrift store gets these fans in all the time.  I'm thinking of using my dremel with the cutting wheel and somehow slice off the lever knob.  It would mean we would have a shorter lever on one side but we can live with that.  The lever is kind of wobbly and I'm trying to figure out how to hold it steady without having my fingers so close to the cutting wheel. I know this is a really small problem but it really bugs me that something that should be so easy is difficult.. I'd appreciate any suggestions. 

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Model Train Track detector Updated twin-t model train track detector circuit parts list?

Model Train Track detector Does anyone know what the parts are for this updated twin-t model train track detector circuit? See Fig. 5-5 in "Easy to build Electronics Projects for Model Railroaders"I checked twice with the publisher for the missing parts list in the article but never got a reply. C1 - ?? , C2 -??, D1-D6 - ??, D7 - ?? Q1,Q2 - TIP 142 R1 - ??, R2 - ??,R3 - ?? Thanks, AB

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Im Looking for a twin bed with a sleeping trundle? Any good websites?

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Water Rocket Launcher- High PSI twin rocket racers.

Ever wanted to know how to build a twin water rocket launcher? Have some expert advice on hand? Feel free to comment and help build a full metal, high PSI twin launcher. I am looking for assistance/advice you may wish to input. I was hoping to build a substantial base for launching multiple water rockets. It has a quad manifold so further expansion is possible. As you can see from the parts, it is very simple. I still need to add a isolating valve to stop water back flow into my pump (which will be located at the end cap, after the gate valve. The release mech has yet to be designed also. Australian gardena hose quick connects are the base for this rockets release system. I hope that is not too confusing. If it is, ask and I will clarify my babblings. Thanks for the assitance

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How to make privacy tent/curtain for twin sized bed?

I'm on the Disney College Program and I have 5 flatmates and I'm sharing a room with 2 other girls. I need some privacy. The girl who got the bottom bunk was able to put up blankets around to make her own little place and the girl on the top bunk is pretty hidden away. My bed is the twin sized bed next to the window in the corner. The bed is in the corner with the head of the bed against one wall and the left side against the other wall. I can usually figure out a lot of DIY's but this one is tricky. I can't put any holes in the walls. At. All. So no screws, nothing that is going to leave permanent marks or mess up the paint. I looked in to those prop up bed tent tings but the ones geared for dorm rooms are $120. Nope. Not happening. I even thought about getting one of the pop up bed tents for kids. I don't care about the design so long as there was a way I could have some privacy. I get mixed reviews on whether someone of about 5'2" could sleep in one. I was thinking I could put the huge command hooks (already looked into it, these are approved by housing) in sideways on the two walls, add some type of dowel/rod to the bottom right of the bed. From there I could put some type of cord, or dowel, in between and hand hang some type of dark fabric from it. Thoughts????

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My dad is having trouble at work with a cnc machine, can you help?

My dad works with cnc machines and needs to record the encoder data directly from the machine in real time. Is there something for various encoders/machines.

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I want to capture photograph from two cameras how to create a manual twin camera click triger???

I want to capture photograph from two cameras how to create a manual twin camera click triger??? In short two cameras should capture at same moment. from only one switch..... {Its used to capture 3D photographs known as analglyph imageg} Please explain completely.....

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Why do I need 2 3V batteries (to power 2 LEDs) and how come 3V coin type batteries come in so many different sizes?

I'm following some instructions and the materials list says I need 2 3V batteries and a twin battery holder. I can't find a twin battery holder so I'm just wondering why I need 2 batteries and also why there are several different sizes.

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Writer Support Group in your area?

Has anyone been part of a support group for writers? What has been your successes? What would you like to see improved? Do you go often? I started a support group for writers that meet in the Twin Cities (Minnesota). Calendar can be found at

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entertain a toddler? Answered

 I want to make a gift for my twin nephews that are coming down for the holidays.They are approx. a yr. and a 1/2 old twin boys of parents that are obsessed with health and DIY. I have a small budget..... like 10 dollars is on the expensive side.However I have a lot of things and art supplies to use and recycle.I need to know about what  their age group likes, and where they are mentally. Any project ideas knowledge or advice?I was thinking something like a game that brings the family together to play.

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Any Unique and Personalized Valentine's Day Gift Ideas out there?

I'm looking for a unique gift idea for my kids (twin girls age 7) to make for valentines day. Any ideas?

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Where can I buy the upright twin rails and brackets to build shelves for a pantry?

I can't find a source for the rails and the brackets on line. All I can find are ready made units. Home Depot prices are so high I can't afford them. My old unit hase 10 shelves,and they are is bad shape. which means I would need 20 brackets, at $6.00 each, $120.00 is too much money. The shelves themselves are OK, its just the single slot rails and brackets that need replaces, they are so flimsey I'm afraid all my food is going to end up on the floow.

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Rc airplane.

I am starting to design the rc airplane I will build for my senior project. I need help on wing loading and how wide I should make the wing (not wingspan) here's what I have so far: 1. at least a five foot wingspan 2. Twin engine (electric) 3. The estimated weight of the electronics is two kilograms. 4. The estimated weight of the fiberglass for the whole plane should be around four kilograms. 5. Plane will have twin rudders as well and most likely be a belly landed. I also need help on props, engine power, and wing diameter. if I need to specify anything please ask. many thanks    Zach

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Human Mirror (Improv Everywhere)

Improv Everywhere sets up a human mirror in a NYC subway car with eight sets of identical twins. The reaction shots are only so-so for this one, but the setup is still pretty sweet. Link

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Can you put a 13b Wankel Rotary in a Corolla or Camry? Answered

13b wankel rotary engine. 89 Corolla 87 Camry.

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How to make a blanket out of flat sheets.?

I have made a queen size blanket out of flat sheets and used a flannel blanket for the inside. It is very heavy. I am wanting to make a twin size but not with the flannel blanket. What suggestions do you have?

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Stirling engine merry go round from meccano

This is a master piece :D Not mine unfortunately, but the builder has created a model merry go round that is powered by a twin cylinder Stirling engine. Very well built.

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how do i build my own engine chamber?

I want to fabricate a new set of alluminium engine chambers for my vintage motorcycle and also i want to build a twin royal enfield, i have managed all the spares except for the engine chamber

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Looking for ideas. What could you do with the springs from a old mattres?

I got a few old twin mattresses that I'm about to rip up and I hate to just pitch the steel springs when they could be used for something else.  Any ideas out there? 

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The Evil Instructables!!!

"Inscrutable" means "impossible to understand". We wage a daily battle against the opposite of instructables, the ugly, evil twin, "INSCRUTABLES"! Inscrutables just demands to have all the knowledge and not explain it to anyone. Inscrutables, the world's biggest show-don't-tell, or a sink of information, which takes all information and obscures it forever!!! D-I-Nothing!!! Faker culture!!

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truck problem? Answered

I have a 1994 ford truck with twin gas tank. The truck has had a new starter, gas relay, and battery, along with the usual oil change, spark plugs, and basic tune up. Now the truck will not start i know that it might need wiring. i need a schematic of this truck so then i can find out

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would this be possible

If you have seen superman returns you will know what i mean would it be possible to piggyback some sort of shuttle on aircraft such as a modified  boeing 777 with a  twin tail config to a sutable launch possation so that the shuttle could ignite its engines and climb into orbit under its own thrust just a thought

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What size foam would be put into a soft side cal king water bed instead of the bladders?

I want to buy a plushtop soft side cal king waterbed.  I want to substitute the bladders for foam.  Does anyone know the dimensions or if a queen or two twins would fit inside.  Thanks

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Girls bed tent. I would like to make a simple tent for my DD. The prob is no bed frame to attach anything to. Answered

She  has a standard size twin box spring and  mattress set.  Something girly and fun, but with minimal hardware.  Thank you for any creative ideas.?

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Peanut Butter Cups, Welding, R2D2 Lamps

  Peanut Butter Cups Welding R2D2 Lamp Alarm Clocks Tree Speakers Aluminum Can Craft Weight-Sensitive Backpack Floppy Disk Percussion Drain Barrels Paracord Can Koozie Make Your Twin WIFI Projects Create a 3D Layered Drawing Paracord Belt Balloon Tying Jig

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How to make an Lm324n guitar amp?

My idea is to make a twin amp and the lm324n has 4 amps packed inside however i can't find any schematics for it, I'm new to stereo amps and i was thinking if it would work if i stack two of the Lm324n's amps and connect it to a speaker would this work?

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I am in Australia and I wish to wire in an exhaust fan to my fluro light operated by the one switch. Answered

The switch has a red wire and a white wire leading to the fluro light. The fluro has twin and earth (red, black and green) leading from a previous light in another room and another exiting to the next light in the house. The fan has two wires, a brown and a blue. I attempted to parallel the wiring by connecting the blue to red and brown to white. Once the fuse was turned on, the fan operated automatically and the light flickered without the switch being turned on. I reversed the wiring (brown to red and blue to white) with the same result. Logic failed me. Given that it is two wires on the fan (pos and neg I assume) I figure I am better parelleling to one of the twin and earths, but which one? Electricians charge a minimum of $240 per hour here, with a minimum of 1 hour charge, regardless of it being a 2 minute job. All connections are 240V. Wire joins will be completed using BP connectors.

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Gear design

Hello there, I was wondering if you could help me: I need a simple program to design a basic gear, a pair of twin wheels. I need to set the number of cogs and the diameter of the wheels; this mechanism has to be as tight as possible. The idea is to print the wheels on paper and then cut a metal sheet accordingly; can you tell me a way to transfer the image directly on the metal? That would be of great help... Thanks.

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can an automatic washing machine be made into a manual one.?

I would like to be able to run an automatic washing machine the same as one does  TWIN TUB washing machine. like adding the water myself via a bucket instead of the machine connected to a tap. as i intend to live out in the bush with only generator power and no water pump on the tank. can an automatic washing machine be made to operate as a manual one.?? thanks everyone.!!

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Need help small LED project

Hi write here in hope of some help to make a small LED project, What I want: A LED that blinks for 24 hours once a week. Battery driven. Cheap.  Only need 1 LED. must be able to choose day in some way or programe an IC. Even better would be if I could make the thing weather proof. Noob in this area so any kind of help is welcome. Thx.

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What is the right and the best Electric TRANSFORMER for this water pump specifications?

Im a beginner in electric circuits so can anyone give me the right 220v ac -12v dc transformer for this pump (Amp, watt) hose tails Twin core wire Current Draw: 1.7 Amp (max. 2.7 Amp) Can anyone send me a link of the Transformer ?? Thanks community !! 

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sketch for arduino obstacle robot using seed motor shield v2.0?

Hi everybody, im barely started writing sletch so i need help, i build a obstacle robot and i used  arduino uno r3 seeed motor shield v2.0 one servo tamiya twin motor gear box hc-sr04 sensor  so i dont really know how to start writind the sketch.....

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