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Where U At?

I know that the USA, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, UK, Australia, and New Zealand are all represented on Instructables. What other countries are represented? Are we in all seven continents? (give or take Antarctica, since only scientists and penguins live there). How many of the states of the USA are here? What's our membership by country? Is our membership only limited to earthbound beings, or do we have any astronauts or other in the ranks? Are all of our members even human? You have answers, post 'em. Just put something like "Texas, USA, here", or "Gusev Crater, Mars, here".That way we know where we're at After that, plot your location on the membership map.

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What is this item? Answered

The item is made of metal. I assume that is a 'Stand' of some type, but I could be totally wrong. The bottom half of the 'Stand' can be freely rotated. The circular 'Stand' has three equally spaced holes, which I assume could be used to screw the stand on to something. The u-shape, at the top, has a rubber sleeve on each side, which can be easily removed. There is no text anywhere on the item.

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ww2 knex rifles

I have tried to make a British ww1- ww2 rifle the lee enfield 303 I set a small challenge to anybody that thinks they can make a lee enfield, and I tried to make one my self I couldnt do it I'm not so good at making knex weapons. the gun doesn't have to shoot but if you want it to you can, so thank you for your time if you have read this topic and happy inventing

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Recommendations for good "watch the election" Web sites?

I currently have a browser tab open to CNN's election Web site, just because it was convenient. Do you all have recommendations for good Web sites to keep track of the U.S. election results (both Presidential and California in particular)? Update 4 Nov 2008 23:39 PSTThanks to y'all for the recommendations! I stuck with CCN for dynamical updating, and I'm going to check the CA State Web site tomorrow morning for the props.

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What are u going to be for Halloween

What are u going to be for Halloween.

Topic by Fin the human    |  last reply

do u like purple?

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how do u be cheese??? Answered

Mmmmm cheese

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/how to u post a contest? Answered

Howw i need to now in like tooo days

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how do u join

Plz may someone tell me how to join this group

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U can talk underwater!

You heard it right,bro.Here is how I did it in ascii art: | Pool SurfaceV~ o Me --> XD

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How to construct a U.F.O?

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Switzerland Is Greenest Country; U.S., 39th

Click here for full story.Looks like the U.S. has some work to do.

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To all newly approved people's, sorry for the long wait. No, i wasn't doing it nerfhaven style, my account is broken and i just found out that it works on my phone.

Topic by vanpaun  

Help me!!!!!! need help wit pvc armour

Hey guys someone talk to me lol im doin this chian mail thing wit pvc a thing i got off of here just wonder if anyone esle was doin it

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how do u fix iphone 3g if u drop it in water?

Sooo i went fishing and i stuck my iphone in my shirt pocket so i looked down and my iphone fell out! my friend said to turn it off ASAP and i did but i wiped it a lil then 5 minutes later i turned it on and it shoed the apple sign then crash. now i dried it and air compresser it and it wuldnt turn on. if anyone kno how to fix it hit me up with a comment.

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When u say u sad in between coats, how long do u wait for the paint to dry? Answered

I jaut want to know how long in between each coat I should let it dry befor Sanding the frame?

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HELP!!! Led buying blunder. any ideas?

I've just purchased 100 leds for ten pounds. Woo. Just about to heat up my soldering iron, and BUGGER. I realised that instead of buying 100 ultra bright white leds, I've bought 100 ultra bright U.V. leds. (No wonder they were so bloody cheap!) I need ideas for a project. I suppose I could just make a big assed black light and rave the night away while getting a healthy dose of arc eye, but where's the fun in that...?

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Which RF filter do I need for Tesla coil line protection? Answered

How do I determine what voltage and amp rating my RF line filter should be? I'm building a modest Tesla coil, powered by an automobile ignition coil  and must buy an RF line filter for my house mains, but there are so many differently rated filters for sale. I suspect that I can get by with a 120 volt, 10 amp rated filter for my U.S. house current, but all the ones online are rated for 240 volts. Can I still use 240v, and what amp rating?

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Project U (Knex Ball Machine)

This is the second ball machine I made. I did not post my first one because it was 2 feet tall and had only one path. I am still pretty much a beginner at making ball machines. I am not going to post this because pretty much everthing is from from Darth Trainman's instructables How To Make A Ball Machine and The Ultimate Guide to K'nex Ball Machine Elements. I have made a video and posted it on photobucket and YouTube.

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can u mod a ps3 controller?

Question by asa.goldsmith    |  last reply

can u get free robux?

Question by kkiilllleerr    |  last reply

how do u post an instructable Answered

How to u post a good instructable without having problems. if anyone finds the awnser privete mesege me .

Question by Sean_Voodoo    |  last reply

How do u chipmunk a song ??? Answered

I tried to use a program this website told me i forgot the name but it does not work is says 10 days are up and now if u want to use it u have to pay and i dont want to pay someone helP!!!!!!!!!!

Question by EmmettCullenrocks    |  last reply

guitar chords for cater 2 u?

I need to know how to play cater 2 u by passion on the guitar please if you can help do.

Question by maliyah    |  last reply

How do u make a slideshow? Answered

I don't know how

Question by mattiscool114    |  last reply

why cant i quit u?

Why am i so addicted to instructables?

Question by nevarxxxraven    |  last reply

How do u use audicity? Answered

I can chipmunk any song but its not working for me

Question by EmmettCullenrocks    |  last reply

how do u delete a myspace?

I need to delete a myspace because cant log in it

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can u iron money straight Answered

Okay in the movie "Get Rich or Die Trying" it shows 50 ironing some money. is it possible to iron bills straight if so on what level(cotton,ETC)?

Question by pancho del rancho    |  last reply

Are u new to Paper airplane builders?

If you are new, read this. New members will need to wait for their role because we need to see your profile and then put him/her on a role or make a new one an put him/her to be it. If you had not been put as role yet, then the research is long. If you are unsure, send a message to wat. to know what role your doing.  

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Solve this logic puzzle if u can!

Here the puzzle:[img][/img]Questions: Imagine that you have the layouts of 4 coloured cubes(ABOVE), named A, B, C and D. When the cubes are placed in (alphabetical) order in a straight line, and it is viewed from any horizontal or vertical position (front, back, top, bottom, left, right), there are always four different colours seen.Given that when I pick a corner of A, the 3 sides connected to it read "653", find the same orientation of B, C and D as 1 string of numbers. For example, "152421563".

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is there a led that can change colour? Answered

And if so how does it work?....and if so would it be a feasible idea to make clothing out of some form of fibre optic fabric  that could change colour based on this led?  

Question by afridave    |  last reply


Hi! this is kgb showing you my highly addaptable artillery unit version one! it can fire: rifle ammo, crossbow arrow, and cannon ammo. It gets about 200 feet should I post?

Topic by Knex_Gun_Builder    |  last reply

Does anyone have a gun where for the mag u have cartridges u clip in?? Answered

I want a gun where u have a cartridge. Then u clip it in (and it has ammo in) Then u can fire rods when its used u take it out and put another one in get the idea!

Question by MegaMetal8    |  last reply

coming soon knex pac sniper rifle

This gun is good looking and works great! it will be on this weak end! yes february 9th or 10th! you know something this gun has a new system it has a breach like mepains sniper rifle but the breach goes into a mag that holds 5 bullets! so there is a new system now for every one to copy off of. YaY new pics! 6.the gun 7.fp (first person) 8.this is how the mag works

Topic by the_burrito_master    |  last reply

Rings of Light: Bending u-channel stock

Hello! I'm trying to make rings of brass with a channel/groove on the inside to fit LED strips into. I want the LEDs lining the inside of the brass rings to illuminate the center, but I want them hidden from view for aesthetic reasons. I'm trying to get 7 different rings, varying in diameter from about 7" to 2'. I can't figure out the best way to do this though. Here are some possibilities I've come up with, and I would love your thoughts on their feasibility, how I might tweak them for better effectiveness, or if you all have other ideas that might work better! 1) Bend U-channel stock in a tube bender. Would this deform the u-channel, though, and can rectangular stock go through a bender? 2) Mill a small trench shallower than a standard u-channel into bar stock, then bend it. See concerns in #1. 3) Somehow mill a channel into bar stock once it's already bent..? 4) Bend hollow tubing into a ring, then use a cutting disc or bit on a dremel to cut an opening on the inside, and snake the LED strip through the tubing. 5) Bend hollow tubing into a ring, then drill out holes at the interval of the LED lights, and snake the LED strip through the tubing. Thanks so much for your thoughts, feedback and help! :)

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Have u ever tried chicken besar?

Have u ever tried chicken besar?do u want to try the recipe?

Question by secret designer    |  last reply

how do u get aluminium powder

How do u get aluminium powder? do u just grind aluminium into a fine powder or what??

Topic by 10wellsmit    |  last reply

if u were to recomend a instructable what would it be?

If u were to recomend a instructable what would it be?

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how do u make collections on instructables Answered

How do u make collections on instructables  

Question by Fin the human    |  last reply

where can u buy plexiglass from??

Question by bam21    |  last reply

how do u make a long bord? ?

Question by jojoe123    |  last reply