If i hav a published instructable how to i get it to show up on a group?

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Merry ... uh....

Please accept with no obligation, implied or implicit, my best wishes for an environmentally conscious, socially responsible, low-stress, non-addictive, gender-neutral celebration of the winter solstice holiday, practi[c|s]ed within the most enjoyable traditions of the religious persuasion of your choice, or secular practices of your choice, with respect for the religious/secular persuasion and/or traditions of others, or their choice not to practice religious or secular traditions at all. I also wish you a fiscally successful, personally fulfilling and medically uncomplicated recognition of the onset of the generally accepted calendar year 2008, but not without due respect for the calendars of choice of other cultures whose contributions to society have helped make America great. Not to imply that America is necessarily greater than any other country nor the only America in the western Hemisphere . Also, this wish is made without regard to the race, creed, col[o|ou]r, age, physical ability, religious faith or sexual preference of the wishee.

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Um, uh, OK.....

Uh, what? Look at billy is alive, The time?

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...... wow..... uh.... wow.......

15678 members? wow. i never realized Instructables was that big..... wow....

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uh oh, Steam's broken?

 Look! There's obviously something wrong, soo meh. I've restarted numerous times, deleted blob files multiple times, Then restarted, logged in and out, multiple times, but nothing seems to be helping. Ill eventually reinstall, but I just wanted to know if there was something wrong.......

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The closest thing to a real grenade in K'Nex!

I saw this on YouTube, and it's the closest thing to an actual grenade in K'Nex.

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Cant see pictures

What the crap instructables???? I cant see frieking pictures on stuff!  It shows the thumbnail but its blank when you click on it!!! FIX IT SOON!!!! Fellow instructable members, Reply if you have the same problem, maybe then instructables will notic somthing wrong.

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how to make an inductor?and how much it (uH)? Answered

I want to make a flyback driver, i need inductor 200 uH

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Just a quick show of hands...uh, keyboards...uh, oh screw it, who has a NXT MINDSTORMS kit (can be 1 or 2)? please tell me what version you have please respond soon.

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Halloween costume help!?

For my halloween costume that I am wearing to a dance at my school I will be a robber.(I am a boy, and yes costumes are manditory) I need a weapon to be part of my costume or other thing that helps show that I am a robber.

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where can I get 50-300 uH adjustable coils?

I'm trying to build my friend a Theremin for Christmas (obviously wont be finished by then), and I can't seem to find a few parts for it. Its a design that comes from Popular Electronics November 1967 Issue (http://bit.ly/gNaQVH). It calls for 50-300 uH adjustable coils and I can't find 'em anywhere. I have found adjustable coils/variable inductors but I haven't been able to find any with this inductance rating. Aside from building my own, I'm at a loss here.

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Can light collide with light? Answered

If two electromagnetic waves intersect, what happens? Is light 'immaterial' or without density, is light weightless? The photograph below is not related to this question in any way.

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Quick please Wifi Antenna Info

 Will someone  please tell me what is the best Uh...easiest ...Uh and cheapest  wireless wifi antenna I can make? And what kind of cables do I need (thier names) and where can I buy them the cheapest? I'm desperate and confused please help? The best and fastest answer will get a patch no problem. Thank You

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PVC gun?

I'm lookin to make an air powered pvc cannon/gun/bomb. I want an explosion!!! I just need uh... "guidance" (if thats a word) on how to make one. I don't need a 50lb, 10 ft long nuclear warhead. I'm lookin for small, simple, cheap, and all at the same time HIGH POWERED AND well... uh... slightly illegal, or something...

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New grenade

I made this grenade in about uh 10 minutes ( about 5 of those minutes were looking for the pieces ) , anyway this grenade has a pin that you pull in order to work and it will only fire when it hits the ground or you hit the trigger by accident.

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typo in burning answers contest

Uh i wasnt exactly sure how to get this to instructables but in the burning answers contest page it says judging starts on feb. something them ends on jan. 13. Im sure they meant to put feb. 13

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BucketHead = Awesome. (not you, Gorillazmiko)

BucketHead - Jordan = Awesome!Check out 1:30!Also, for those of you who don't know - his name's Brian CarrollSo, uh...I dunno..tlak bout buckets and heads and bucketheads

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Would you be a Jedi or a Sith?

If you lived in the Star Wars universe, would you be a Jedi Knight or a Sith Lord. I would obviously be a Sith Lor-uh, i mean a Jedi, yeah Jedi....thats what i meant.....yeah

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Unable to start topics

Member nutsandbolts_64 reports: Uh, I know it's off topic, but I can't post anything BUT comments here. Yes, I am overemphasizing because I can't post a question or forum topic (and the like) so I have no other choice but to post a comment somewhere on the bugs section.

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Why are there few or no clouds in the stratosphere? Answered

        The stratosphere (STRAT  uh sfihr) lies above the troposphere. It extends from about 11km to 50km above the earth. In the lower part of the stratosphere, the temperature does not change with height. But, in the upper part , temperature increases with height.  At 50km, the temperature is about 7o/c.          Air in the stratosphere is dry and thin, and there are very few or no clouds.

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A Few Random Crossbows

I was bored so I made a few small crossbows, the ones with rails are more like indoor toys...they shoot everything and tend to keep it in one piece (most of the time) xD That little crossbow without rails still packs a punch, so don't try and shoot it at someone o.o' And uh that also counts for the other 'little' crossbow.

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Cigarette Butts into Clothing

Uh. . . Yes. Chilean designer Alexandra Guerrero has topped my gross chart (and my hero chart too, I think) with her upcycled cigarette butt fashion. Started as a thesis project, Guerrero's goal was to transform the massive amounts of cigarette butts littering the beaches Chile into clean, useable material.Hear her story and see the process at TreeHugger.

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Who Here Has A Cat?!

I do. and post ONLY IF YOU DO have a cat! anyways, he is a, uh, well I don't know what breed he is, but we know he is an american something, anyways, he is almost 7 years old, he will be 7 next month, VERY fat, weighing in at 25 lbs, and his name is oliver. but, enough about my kitty, what about yours?

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Contest Entry

Uh, Hello. I tried to enter my instructable into the game life contest and it has been pending moderator approval for about 2 weeks now. I also entered it into Make It Real contest and it was entered the next day. Why is it taking so long?  P.S. The first time I tried to enter, it didn't work for some reason. I tried re-entering and it had been under approval for 2 weeks.

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My New Knex Slide Ation Oodammo Pistol

So this is my new slide action oodammo pistol that i made today, i made it in about a hour or two, so uh tell me what you think of it and i might post it if you guys want. I havent tested thew ranges out yet but im guessing around 35-40 ft flat.=)

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DragonflY Assault Crossbow

Pictures have been taken, Instructable will have the Y-shaped bow and a normal shaped one. Stock and scope will be optional. And uh...yes these things actually hurt...I shot a few arrows into my own leg..just so I could feel how much it would hurt xD Instructable will up soon, need to find some time to write it.

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Got a new idea today, but i really didn't know how to make it. Thats why i'm posting it here. The usbbq, an USB powerd BBQ (Fancy name uh?) So, small BBQ (altoids tin). Heated by a piece of Nichrome?. On/Off button. And vóila: Something that makes everyone at the office so jellous that they die. Good for popping popcorn (like five a time) or heating a marchmallow. if anyone has some good tips, i would love them

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Remove PSU rails?

This may sound like a stupid question but uh... How does the different rails of a computer power supply work? Could the other rails of a computer power supply be removed? So, suppose you have a computer power supply with 12v, 5v, 3.3v, and -12v, but you only want 12v without having the other voltage circuits operating. Is there a way to remove or disable the other circuits so you only get 12v without having other rails wasting energy not doing anything?

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3-month pro membership coupon

I've got a 3-month pro membership coupon to give away. I paid for 2 years, so I don't need it right now. So - make your pitches. Offer concluded at the weekend: Uh, I got another, so I made a 0.5s snap-decision, and gave it to Michel. ?! I didn't care what the reasoning was, but remember that I'm old and have a warped-sense of humour. L

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SD card directly to SSD, is this possible?

I'm shooting real high bitrates with my dslr and will like to use my SD card as a connector to my SSD.  How do I do this. A SanDisk Extreme Pro 64 GB SDXC Class 10 UHS-1 Flash Memory Card 95MB/s, which is the only card that can handle my high bitrates is 152.00.  Not only that, as far as work flow, the SSD would make it a lot easier. Thanks...........

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halloween contest prize

So... we took second place on the halloween food contest ... and was just curious as to how long it would take to recieve the prize? so i emailed service@instructsbles.com like i am supposed to... and this is what i got in return Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:      service@instructsbles.com Technical details of permanent failure: DNS Error: Domain name not found so... UH... really? anyone got any update on this or know of who i should be asking besides a random cry in the forum? thank you much

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This is hilarious...

Sing to the tune of sexy back.I'm bringing pastry back.Yeah.When I transport it I like to wear a hat.Why?I not to sure, but it don't look wack.word.Where we going to hide this to protect from attack?hmmm.take it to the fridge.cos' this pastry.uh huh.will make the casing of a tasty piea haa.I let you have some if you let me bake.ok.because I can't read this recipe.you suck!Look out for the walrus!Now. Watch this.http://www.weebls-stuff.com/wab/pastry/

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Gift Ideas

Gift ideas? My little brother loves Nintendo any craft I can make for him? My sisters birthdays is coming up (its on NewYears Eve) And my boyfriend...uh I'm clueless about, I just know not to get him anything pink or easter purple..or hello kitty (or Halo Kitty)  Idea exchange? I Got my sister a mist machine for christmas I thought it would be great for their parties and great in general (10 bucks at Family Dollar)  And I just got Photo Frames for my parents :| Any better ideas?  Thanks!

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Audio Equipment Question: What is this Jack/Port called?

My friend and I are the only two members on our school's "Tech Team". We handle the audio during events in the auditorium. Well, the audio equipment is pretty old, and not very well taken care of. We came back from summer vacation and only have 4 working mics. Uh-oh. We have a bunch of dead cords, dead mics, an audio snake (is there a "proper" name for this?) with more than half the ports dead, and missing cables. Long story short, we have the task of getting new equipment (yay!). But first I need to know what this plug is called :/ So help me out? Anyone know this thing's official name?

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How can I set up a dental tool as a high speed hobby engraver? Answered

I have this:  http://www.dickblick.com/products/iwata-sprint-jet-studio-compressor/#itemspecs  Compressor and I know it can't run it with something like this:  http://www.treelineusa.com/power-carving/pneumatic-tools/nks-presto-handpiece.html or can I? What I don't know is can it run a dental tool. Something like this:  http://www.ebay.com/itm/Portable-Dental-Air-Turbine-Unit-4-Holes-2-High-Speed-Push-Button-Handpiece-/251980511734?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash;=item3aab3579f6 Though that thing says / w compressor... I don't think that thing is a compressor.  Can anyone shed some light on this for me? I would love to be able to carve into wood or eggs or do calligraphy with one of these tools

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Increasing Testosterone

As we age changes happen in our bodies. One of these changes is a decrease in the production of some hormones, one of which is important to men, namely: testosterone. It affects muscle mass, physical and mental energy, and sexual function. Selenium is found in Brazil nuts, and it is important in the production of testosterone. If you are showing any signs of low testosterone, try eating three or four raw Brazil nuts each day. Some suggest a person should not eat too many Brazil nuts. (Of course, I am not mentioning this because I had the problem. I am speaking for a friend. Uh huh. Yeah, that is it. Wink, wink.) Anyway, my "friend" began to notice improvements within a week. You can get Brazil nuts in bulk at many grocery stores, and they may be a simple and inexpensive aid to low testosterone problems. Other things that help low testosterone problems are reducing body weight by ten percent and regular exercise. 

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I, Skunkbait, am a Moron!

Ok, I'm not really a big "chat guy". Occasionally I have to look up acronyms to know what you kids are saying. I know LOL, WTF, STFU, and IMHO, but a few others just go over my head. So today I looked up FTW. You have to understand, that even though I am a pretty conservative Christian, I'm hardly "sheltered". Basically, I come from a biker background, and amoung us folks FTW means.... Well, you know. ANyway, When I saw Adrian Monk (usually such a good girl) use the acronym FTW the other day, I was dissapointed with her. I thought she needed her mouth....uh keyboard washed out with soap! ANyway, I looked it up and now I know better. Sorry I ever doubted your squeaky clean image Adrian!

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an Humorous note on Email Scams

 Well I posted my motorbike on Craigslist, and I got this nice email from a chap in Canada: Hello, I'm James John, I hail from Canada in Ottawa city, I came across your advert and am Highly Interested in purchasing you (motorcycle) which you offer for sale at craigslist.com. I Due to the fact that its been a long time have been searching for it, Please Kindly get back to me as soon as possible with the necessary answers to the Question in mind. Are you the first owner? The present condition? Your final asking price? Why Do You want to sell It?  And I will also like you to send me Pictures to enable me to view what I intend to purchase and i will like you to know that my form of payment is through a Certified Check or USPS Money Order .. I await your urgent response so that we can Proceed further. Regards Jms =============================================================================== So uh, how many monkeys y'reckon the Great Scam Conspirists keep locked up to come up with these aye?

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Fabulous Instructable, lousy result...

Recently, I baked a cake that I had long awaited making. Just the right time. Just the right pan. Just the right season for pecans. It was a sure hit. Everything was beautiful, everything fell into place. The pictures were fabulous. The cake was gorgeous. This was going to be made in many homes. My tutorial was divine and thorough. So came the time to cut the cake. My parents, my son, daughter-in-law and husband were present. I was so proud! Everyone took a slice and began chewing. And chewing. They each had that 'Uh, yeah, it's, uhh, yeah." look on their faces. My son said "Oh, it's not that bad, after you chew it for a while." This was an epic disaster. This cake was so dry, I could have gagged. There were suggestions of soaking it in coffee. Covering it with whipped topping. I could have died. Needless to say, after tasting the crime that was this cake, there was no way it was going up on Instructables. What a waste of time and food product. Thank goodness the chickens loved it. Has anyone else ever experience such when trying a new recipe? Sign me, NOT serving this cake anytime soon.

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Cyclist attacks again...

Uh this is annoying after last year when there were attacks on cyclists made by motorists I've been thinking it better not happen again this year, well my fears turn out to be well founded, just as our bike month kicks off so does the war on cyclists...Coming down the hill towards work, going well over the posted speed limit of 30mph a boy racer in a vauxhall corsa boxed me in and tried to run me in to parked cars, i managed to get in front of him and out from behind the parked cars, he then went on the wrong side of the road and overtook me, only to try and brake check me, I was absolutely incensed he was looking me right in the eye through the rear view mirror, He got away at the junction at the bottom of the hill because the light was green and he was going straight on, I was going to take out his wingmirror but nay he didn't stop, next time I see the car I'll get his liscence plate numbers, then report his car as stolen... because he'd get off scott free for attacking me like that, despite having endangered my life and broken the speed limit by a lot more than I did...

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Meat Free Mondays

San Francisco joins communities across the world in observing Meat-Free Mondays.  Too bad no one told us. Apparently back in April the Board of Supervisors unanimously approved legislation declaring the first day of the week meat-free Mondays, now known as Vegetarian Day or Veg Day. Supposedly, the legislation urges “all restaurants, grocery stores and schools to offer a greater variety of plant-based options to improve the health of San Francisco residents and visitors and to increase the awareness of the impact a green diet would be on our planet.” Consider awareness. . . unaffected. This seems like something that would be plastered all over San Francisco buses, sign posts, and veg-friendly shops.  Did I miss the flier at the co-op?  Probably.  Nonetheless, just as banning plastic bags took hold (uh, sort of), I'm sure the wave of Meat-Free Monday observers is sure to swell and sweep the city by storm.  I'll let you know when the falafel shop steals all the Monday business from the burger shop downstairs.  Actually. . .  it's the same shop.  So maybe they are onto something after all. via: the sf examiner  

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TheDunkis's M4 Carbine

Ok well I really wanted to make my own to show my friends and even my dad for self satisfaction but I decided seeing that we don't have an M4 that both looks good and works great that I'd show you guys too. Uh let's see I'll just make my pros and cons list for a basic run down of my gun then I'll explain in better detail below that. Pros -30 white rod rounds med-cap magazine may become detacheable with simple mods (it's set up to be I just fixed in there for more support) -Cocking handle set up on firing pin to reset the pin then slide back automatically so pin is not in your way -4 sided rail system can have many features attached to it -true trigger Cons -Stock is only decently strong as I'm working on making it adjustable -Trigger guard area may be small for bigger hands but easily modable (it's a little tight for me and I have very small hands :( ) -Back sight need's to be secured in it's position while front sight may spin out of place. I'm working on this -Hard to muzzle load anything other that a grey rod and this still requires a tad bit of work -Near mid magazine it might jam if you fill it with ammo to that point -Uh I can't remember anything else but I'll be sure to list any more that I find. OK for details It uses another curved magazine (yes I like curved magazines) although it only uses joints and no bendies. 30 rounds like I said although if you fill it up to a certain point you may potentially jam it unless you watch carefully. It has the potential to become detacheable on how I made it but for now I just added a couple pieces to make sure it wont just fall out or wabble. It uses a basic but strong firing pin with a cocking handle system that is rigged to pull back the firing pin but then slide back into position so that you may rest your cheek to aim without the firing pin in your way. It uses a basic true trigger mechanism that I don't know who invented I just remember seeing it somewhere then I modified it to work in my gun. It uses a pretty simple idea for making a 4 sided rail system. I swear I did not take this idea from any other guns although I've seen one just recently that uses a similar system. For the sights I made a small peep hole for the back and then I just use one of those orange "handle" connectors or whatever you want to call them for the front blade. I'm trying to make the stock adjustable but for now I just have it fixed. Hopefully I get a picture up soon. Hmm either the spell check isn't working or I typed a perfect paragraph! By the way I really want to make another video soon so I might use this gun for a video. I'll most likely only get videos of guns with either a lot of features or ones with a new mechanism.

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Sugru Build Night at Makers Local 256!

Hey Makers and Breakers, Tinkerers and... uh, Thinkerers! Tyler here, from the Makers Local 256 hackerspace in Huntsville, Alabama! I just wanted to share some of the projects and ideas we toyed around with on our monthly build night for July. Our theme was Sugru, thanks to some kind gifts from Carley and the rest of the folks at Instructables; you guys rock! We had a few different projects that were worked on, so I'll start with the ones with Instructables attached first! My project was to modify an AppleTV remote so that it would stop sliding between the cushions of the couch, but decided to allow it to stand up on its own as well. The mod was quick and simple and is described in my Instructable here. Another member grabbed a couple of those spinny whirlygig handcopter toys and set out to combine them into a single, more powerful, machine! Those of you who knit know the annoyance of losing stitches when transporting your works in progress. DeathRogue decided that enough was enough and fashioned some knitting needle endcaps out of Sugru! We also had other little projects, including adding a Sugru kickstand to a Galaxy Note 2 for watching Netflix, building a wooden spindle using Sugru for the kickwheel, creating rubber Sugru feet for a Raspberry Pi case, and even practicing the ancient Japanese art of breaking and mending pottery pieces: Kintsugi! Check out our pictures of the event, and if you're ever in the North Alabama region, come check us out!

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Expanding Thought Process, the Mind, and General Creativity

I believe that, for the utmost of simplicity, I should begin this topic with the fact that I am a teenager who is quiet passionate about electronics, engineering, and teaching others in general. I have run several websites (each generating a plus of 200 unique visitors/day), created many circuits for school applications (projects), and many similar forms of expressing oneself such as writing. Being just about 15 today, my mind is far from creative, though. Less then three years ago, I was at, what is at this point, my "creative prime". I was publishing quality articles daily for my website, and greatly grew in the ranks of superiority among other websites in my niche. At ages 12 and 13, I was pushing content out - in addition to designing many webpages through core-coding languages - on a daily basis, requiring a load on my creativity to be pulled. Nonetheless, I always managed to tap into my inner-creativity and pull out great ideas. The Point of This Thread Less then two years later, though, I'm stuck in a bit of a muddy puddle. I cannot tune into my own creativity, for the well that it is is now very much dried up. I'm looking to somehow expand my mind and thought process. Are there any activities (keep it legal, guys(;   ) that can help? It'd be a huge inspiration. I can come up with the ideas for circuits and execute them, but from there, all of my creations fall short - they don't end up how I pictured them. The visual aspect of my brain is, uh, malfunctioning. Thanks(:

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Pets I didn't know I had.

I was doing a little Spring cleaning around the lab, er.. basement, recently, when I discovered this specimen on the floor, in between some cardboard boxes, in what was formerly a really big pile of junk-filled cardboard boxes. It's a dead mouse.  In the picture you can see its skull, a hind leg, its spine curving, and trailing away into a long mousy tail, and, uh... it kinda looks like it's been dead for a while now.  Likely a year, or more. It's been a while since I've been this deep into the big ol' pile o' boxes.  Amazingly, there's no blood, no flesh, and no strong smell either. This mouse is just bones and dust now. Along with the mouse I found a whole bunch of little capsule-like objects. I think these are discarded puparia, left over from when the maggots graduated into their adult, fly, stage. The one I'm picking up with the tweezers, the one I wanted my camera to focus on, is out of focus, but the others, on the rug, are sharp and easy to see. These various creatures lived out their lives in a not-often-visited corner of my house, without me really being aware they were there, and it made me think that the distinction between the inside of my house, where I live, and the outside of the house, where nature and wild animals live... well, it's kind of an artificial distinction, because clearly there are wild animals living in my basement! Anyway, probably the sane way to look at this is not as a nature documentary, but as a warning not to let too much junk pile up inside your house. XD

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Looking for some suggestions to repair an guitarist anime figurine, Alters Azusa Nakano is her name. Answered

I have an anime figurine made by alter. She is a Azusa Nakano with a cool guitar. A very cute figurine I must say.Anyway uh, she took a little tumble and her guitar got slightly damaged, specifically the tuning knobs up top did, four were lost and one was damaged a little. So I am trying to figure out how to make new knobs, how doable is this? They are roughly 1.6ish mm in diameter pearly white discs that have slightly sloped edges, so they are circles but rounded on the corners instead of perfectly flat. Oh and they are super thin.there is a little stick attached to the disc which connects to the guitar. So in short I am trying to figure out how to make little white plastic lollipops. I can paint some parts if I have to, or use a little metal if it is safe. Any suggestions? Sorry for bothering you all. I am a noob, i know, and I bow to your greatnesses. :P? Oh the included picture is her with her guitar intact. It is one someone else took, not of my figurine but rather the same make, so I am not claiming credit for the awesome photography, but what I am looking to make are the white things up top. I ordered a set of jewelers drill bits and some steel wire which I think might help out a lot. Also my dad is a model railroader and I was thinking his skills may help me where I fall short. Anyways thanks in advance.

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What could be wrong with my Kinroad Runmaster Sahara 250cc dune buggy?

I bought a Kinroad dunebuggy from a guy in Queen Creek, AZ for $1000. It is a yellow 2-seater with a 250cc engine and unifilter. It ran perfect when we tested it, but it has been downhill from there. I drove it around at home on the street for about ten minutes, then- uh oh. I was driving along, relatively slowly, when the gas pedal quit working. As in, it wouldn't make the cart move. When I pressed the gas pedal, it made the engine rev very loud, then stopped when I released. By now the cart was at a full halt. I pressed down on the brake pedal, then let go. That seemed to do it. It happened again in less than 30 seconds, but quickly subsided. I don't know if it was the braking that did it, or if that was just a coincidence. So that didn't happen again. I drove it around for a few more minutes, then shut it off. I came back to it less than an hour later. It started, I put in forward, and then when I pressed the gas- it died. No go. I tried again. No go. Finally, i started it, then revved it once for about 5 seconds in neutral. Then, when I put it in forward and gassed it, it went. It rode fine for a little while. I shut it off. When I came back and started it up- same as before. Whenever I gassed it, it quit. Finally, for whatever reason, it went. That lasted for about ten seconds. Then it quit. It hasn't started since, after maybe 20 more tries. So- any guesses as to the problem? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Funny Joke

Ok here's a pretty good joke I heard earlier ... .... .... Ok so there were three rugby players ... one from australia (yeh) one from south africa (eh) and one from NZ (ooh!) so the go down to uh one of the certain countries where alcahol is band (???) they end up having a party and well start to drink some beer and all that ... then a local police officer comes to see whats going on ... he finds out what they've been up to and starts to whip the three ... but "Hey South Africa, I heard you played well in the world cups, so I am going to grant you a wish before I give you your 30! lashes" (officer) "Ok, I wish for one pillow strapped to my back please." (SA) So the cop lashes him 1,3,5,and ten times.  But the pillow disintegrates and the player carries 20 lashes "Hey, it's australia ... I  saw you played really well durig the games!! I'll grant you one wish before I give you your 30 lashes."  (officer) "Ok I wish for 2 pillows strapped to my back!" (aussie) he gets whipped 20 times and his 2 pillows fade away too so he recieves 10 lashes. "Wow it's NEW ZEALAND !!! I seen you play REAL well in the games I 'm happy to grant you 2 wishes" "Ok for my first wish I want 50 lashes" NZ  "ohh someones trying to be the tough guy hahaha" (cop) "and for my second wish i want that AUSSIE strapped to my back instead!" NZ Ok that was it please comment!

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So, EMF blocking Stickers, Pendants or Death-Crystals? Answered

Uh, how to start with this one... Local health store started carrying the latest line of emf blocking stickers and pendants. At first I thought good grief, if people are that gullible as to not look into the science behind they perhaps deserve to have there money parted from them. Several weeks later though, a symposium was booked in the local convention hall. I was surprised to learn how many people actually went to this, and were indeed parted with a fair chunk of change. If you look into to it there are numerous if not hundreds of these anti-emf scams abound on the internet all claiming only theirs works... That alone would send my spidey senses tingling. I really don't want to get in to the science behind why this is a scam, and would appreciate answers from people who know what they are talking about rather then those have been duped. Moving on... I am afraid the owner of the health store is going to get slammed on this one eventually. Normally I would say the owner of the store has a good head on her shoulders with an excellent BS sensor. Not so much, this time around. Guess my question would be how to inform her of why its a scam with out her eyes rolling into the back of her head. "Had a friend go the symposium for kicks, "she has a doctorate in bio-engineering, health science and is pursing her latest degree in occupation health sciences." To her shock and delight it was simple for her to see through the scam, but she had to admit his did provide a technical sounding argument, mixing truth with techno babble, that perhaps someone with an understanding of only layman’s terms could be persuaded by. Oh, what to do...

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comments to Answers forum topic disappear

Several times over the past few days, I have tried to reply to a particular question on the Answers forum, specifically the question linked here: https://www.instructables.com/answers/Any-decent-good-hot-glue-guns-for-beginners/ I write a comment in the little editor-box-thing.  Then when I click the "Make comment" button,  and the text of the comment I just wrote disappears.  Voop! It's gone!  Then my disappeared comment does not become posted to this topic. Where did the text I just wrote go to?  Did it go somewhere?  Or is really and truly gone from this universe?  That is assuming I did not save a copy of it to a clipboard, or text editor first.  Yeah.  Big mystery, right? I kind of suspect there is something wrong with just this particular topic: https://www.instructables.com/answers/Any-decent-good-hot-glue-guns-for-beginners/ Just ask yourself why an easy question like this, is somehow 4 days old, with zero answers (and zero comments total) so far.  Is no one, besides me,  trying to comment on, or answer, this easy question?  Please feel free to try to post a comment there yourself, just to see what happens. Possibly the topic is activating your filters, because it has a bad word in it:  Three letters.  Starts with "g".  I have heard rumors you all are running some crazy filters to try to protect users here from reading bad words, and perhaps from  writing bad words too! Also because you always strongly suspect the problem is with my computer (and maybe it is)  I must tell you the browser I am trying to do this with is: Firefox 51.0.1 (32-bit)  and that is Mozilla Firefox for Ubuntu. and, uh, it looks like I am running it under: Ubuntu 12.04 (precise) I thank you for your attention to this matter, and I applaud your efforts to make Instructables less buggy.

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