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What is the best fuel for an ultralight acohol stove? Answered

OK so I have seen many Instructables on making an ultralight alcohol can stove, but not of them compare fuels. I have heard of many types of fuel being used, all the way from denatured alcohol to everclear drinking alcohol. I want to know which type is easiest to obtain and produces the least amount of soot on pots. Thanks in advance, Junits15

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Ultralight Portable Greenhouse

I have always wanted to grow a dwarf fruit tree or tropical tree (10-15 ft tall), but living in a townhouse I don't have room to winter a tree indoors. I was wondering if anyone has ever heard of this being done for a single tree? Kind of like a "tree phonebooth" for winter, potentially with a heater run from my outdoor electrical outlet. Any thoughts on where to start? If we can get a theory together I will build it and post it.

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How do you make jellied alcohol? Answered

You know sterno?Its jellied alcohol.How do you turn regular alcohol into jellied alcohol?

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Wick Pepsi Can Stove

I made a regular can stove recently, that runs off of denatured alcohol. If you don't already know how it works, search wikipedia: "can stove". Anyway, I also took two can bottoms about 3/4" high each, cut two slits in one, and pressed it inside another. Then, I cut a hole in the middle of the top, about 3/8" wide. I then put a few 1" lengths of 1/4" pure cotton rope in that, for a wick. To fill it up, I dripped denatured alcohol in the bowl shape with the wick, and into the cans. Once I felt that there was enough, I stopped. I lit it, and it worked great, but after a while, I saw flame leaks around the seal of the cans, and heard the alcohol boiling. Then I thought, what if I poked holes around the can top, and let that relieve the pressure, while also providing a great flame.I haven't tried this yet, but if I do, I want to know whether to take pictures, and make it into an instructable. Below is the .gif animation I did in Inkscape demonstrating my idea.

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Wood burning stoves

Can anyone help me find a place or outlet for a mechanical  device that will open and close a flap on a wood burning stove for letting in  solid fuel into the burner ,this to be operated by a electrical or clockwork timer.Or a idea to make myself,

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i have made a small hiking pot out of a can i have but it is painted on the outside, can i burn off the paint?

I have made a small hiking pot out of a can i have but it is painted on the outside, can i burn off the paint with a heat gun or a blowtorch and if i can burn it off will it come off cleanly? thanks!!! cm

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Why isn't 91% isopropyl alcohol working in any can/survival stove except mine ?

Every time I try to make a can stove, the 91 % alcohol isn't working in any. It only works in my stove. can you help

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Wood Stove Ashes?

We have a wood stove, it produces ashes. Some of the ashes contain nails, so puting them on the driveway is not an option. We get 3 to 4 feet of snow. We know water and ashes make lie, so would not want to ruin any of our flowers or garden. How can we get rid of ashes in a green way

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Can I use Naphtha fuel in a penny stove?

It is labled as 'camp stove fuel' but I'm not sure if it's appropriate for this.

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how to remove aluminum foilfrom my new glass stove top?

I got a piece of aluminum foil on the bottom of a pan and when I turned the stove on,the aluminum foil  stuck to my new glass stove top.I have scraped and scrubed but haven't removed it. Does anyone know how I can remove the aluminum foil? Jerri

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Can a cook top stove be made out of an old regular stove

I was wondering if one could just remove the stove part from a regular model and maybe reuse the top as a cook top surface (gas of course)

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We need plans for a small pellet fired stove for use with a lab model Stirling engine.

We would like to build a model Stirling engine coupled to a pellet fired stove as part of a project for our students.Plans for Stirling engine are available with us.We shall appreciate if some one can provide us plans for a small pellet fired stove.The unit will be used for demonstration purpose in our college.

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Who can help me to make hho burner stove?

Aslam alecom  Im Mohamed from Egypt and this frist time i ask here  b4 im make dry cel hydrogen genertor and i get 1 liter per 50 second from 21  staliss sell plates 304  and i try  to make my own  stove and try to rune it by hho stove but it blow up beacos im not use flash back rresttor my qestion now how i make hho burner to my stove ? Where i can find company can i sell from here hho burner b4 i sent masseg for company in usa to sell from them but now one answer me my be cose thy know im arabic muslim  now i ask ahelp from u f u know any company can make to me hho burner please tell me if u know how to make hho burner nd u can gude me to do it tell me  if u have any photos and videio for hho stove plse sent it here all this photo to me when i try to make hho stove  but last photo not to me thanks

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I know the subject of backpacking as a sub-topic has been broached, however...

I don't, 'camp.' I backpack. There's a clearly distinguishing difference between what most people call camping and what I do. What many do. Most people who camp don't bother to build stuff from cans and twigs and bottle caps to shave grams. Most people who camp don't seek out a murky pond as a possible water source. Most people don't have to dig a cat hole. Most people don't have to hump in gear. For those of us that do, we tend to have a knack for ingenuity, craft, innovation; and style, if it happens. Backpacking is a philosophy -- the study of the art and science of living as comfortably as possible, with as little as is reasonable and as often as possible, in a place that wants to kill you. Camping is a vacation. I recently posted an instructable for an ultralight backpacking kitchen. I posted it for the sake of people who do what I do, not someone who sleeps in an Eddie Bauer sleeping bag on a Coleman double-wide air mattress. Not that there's anything wrong with that... It just ain't my bag of pool balls. It should follow that 'backpacking' be a sub-category of 'camping.'

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Coleman dual fuel conversion for old stove?

Hi everyone, can anyone tell me the difference between dual fuel Coleman camp stoves, and the stoves for Coleman fuel only? Can I convert single fuel, older stove, to use unleaded gasoline? Coleman fuel in my area is about $7 a gallon. Thanks! uncle jack

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Can I use 70% rubbing alcohol in a mini stove? Answered

I'm trying to build a mini camping stove (!/to be specific) but the only alcohol I have is 70% isopropyl rubbing alcohol. Would it be possible to use this instead of heet? And if isn't, can someone point me towards a site that tells you how to (with only stuff that is lying around the house)?(Note: I dont really care how efficiant the stove is, I just need it to work. Also, instead of using fiberglass inside of my stove, I'm planning on using perlite. Is this a good idea?)

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can i fly a very light aircraft with a small lawn mower engine?

I am trying to build an enclosed ultralight aircraft similar to the Cri-Cri made by michael colomban. I think i can make it around 100 or 150 pounds. I have an engine that is somewhere between five and ten horse power. i could possibly get another one of relatively the same amount of power. i have read about the DA-11 made by leeon davis that ran on an 18 hp engine, but is there a way to calculate weight vs. hp so i can be sure it will fly? (;  

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Wood Stove feeding radiators

Hi, I'm hear again with a completely different question. Again, any help is greatly appreciated :) I installed a wood stove last year, and I'd like to install a coil to heat water and circulate it through my existing radiator loop. I was wondering if I could do it as in the image, I would install a new pump to circulate the water. I have a combination boiler, but I'm sure that doesn't really matter. The green circles in the diagram are to illustrate taps, that way I can close off the boiler when I have the stove on and vice versa.

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I built a stove that burns alchohol.But it burns to fast.How can I prevent this?

I made a stove that burns napkins soaked in 50% alchol.When I lit it it burned fast for a minute.Then it went out.The napkins were still slightly wet.But when I tried to light it again it would not light.Is it my percentage of achohol?

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Stove fan problem - suggestions?

Hey guys I hope this is the right place to ask about this but apologies if not! I've got a home made stove fan powered by a TEC/Peltier module, and it worked ok for a long time but was pretty weak so I built a new bigger one to get a better result. This one uses 4x TEC modules (I think the code on them is 12706), with two series pairs connected in parallel (to double the voltage output, AND the current output).  So two pairs, with each pair in series for higher voltage, then the two pairs together in parallel. It works, but after a while it slows down & stops.  I think the reason is the top half heatsink is getting too hot from the stove where it needs to be kept cool. Problem is that i need these wide heatsinks both top and bottom in order to cover all 4 modules, so I'm not sure quite how to get round this problem? Can anyone give any good suggestions on this please? Many thanks! Jim

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What to salvage from oven

We're getting rid of our electric oven/ range today because 3 out of the 4 burners don't work. I  figured that in that whole oven, there must be some useful materials, So what should I pull from it, and if you have any ideas, what could I do with it? As you can imagine, search results were very broad when I looked for "Oven" and "Stove". Any suggestions are welcome.

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Old oil heaters? Answered

Just wondering if anybody knows of any links or anything for the cleaning, maintenance, and lighting of the old free standing oil heaters? Not the kind with blowers and ignitors, just the basic ones that people used to use to heat their houses and such. I have one in my garage from an old railway caboose and would like to use it on occasion in the winter, but the only info I can find on the net is for oil burning furnaces... A totally different animal. Thanks in advance!

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Which K'Nex Guns Can I Build?

Christy gave me the 400 piece Value Tub of K'Nex. I've built the ultralight, and it wasn't particularly rewarding. So, which guns can I build with the pieces I have? I took a picture of the parts list so you can see what I have to work with.

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the broiler on my kenmore stove doesn't work

How can I verify if it's the broiler or something more serious?

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I have a science project. my partner and i want to make a mini stove out of magnets. how do we get it hot without fire?

I have a science project. my partner and i want to make a mini stove out of magnets. We have a bunch of magnets and we put electrical tape on them. how do we get it to heat up without using fire?  Can we use a battary and wire to heat it up? We want to heat food. Is there any Safty tips. Would we be able to eat the food we make?  The magnets taped together a 3 by 2 inches, and is about a cm thick. plz help soon!!!

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Is it possible to extract alcohol from hand sanitizer? Answered

OK, so the main ingredient in instant hand sanitizer is ethyl alcohol, which is a perfect fuel for a soda can stove.  I have tried using the sanitizer straight but it leaves to much goo behind.  When stalt is added to the hand sanitizer it turns it to liquid and leaves white floaty things in the liquid(glycerol?).  These can be filtered out with a coffee filter.  This leaves a more concentrated solution (which still dosnt burn well)  and it has salt in it. What I want to know is how I can extract the alcohol to at least 80% concentration.  I don't have a still (and dont want to make one).  Any ideas?      

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does anyone know what material is used to line steel glass cleaner cans?

I have sprayaway glass cleaner cans which i was hoping to turn into a backpacking stove like the penny stove. using alcohol as the fuel...but they turn out to be lined with some sort of material on the inside. i was wondering what that material is? does it need to be removed to make the stove? and if there an easy and safe way to do so?

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Is anything a "must save" off a junked electric stove? Answered

Replacing my old coiltop electric range (might be repairable, but I'd rather put the money into something I'll like better).  The old one's just going to be hauled away. A friend has requested the oven racks, and the new range comes with its own power cord, so the 220V cord is of dubious value and likely to just take up space... is there anything else that might actually be worth the effort of removing? (I suppose I could save the control panel and see if I can get its relays set up to control something else, but that requires figuring out what voltage it actually requires and I'm not sure it's worth the effort. Especially since the controls are what failed. Probably just a stuck relay, but...)

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Can you make an ultralight, foldable outdoor toilet seat from metal?

I’m planning a three-month kayaking trip, and my old rickety knees ain't what they used to be, so I'm hoping to find an ultralight, compact, foldable toilet seat with legs, preferably a lightweight metal, if that's possible. I need for it to be lightweight because I will have to carry all my gear around dams, and I need for it to be compact so it will fit in the hatch of a kayak with the rest of my gear. Space is very limited.Can anyone here make something like that? And if so, what is the cost? I'm suspecting it's going to be cost prohibitive, but it doesn't hurt to ask. I’ve seen children’s portable potty seats that quarter-fold, so I'm wondering if it would be possible to make something similar that could handle adult weight. Is there such a thing as a lightweight metal? Potential Specs: U-shaped. Small. Not full sized. Half-fold or quarter-fold. It can have gaps to avoid pinching. Sturdy legs that won’t splay out with heavy weight. Legs about 8 inches long. Somewhat contoured for comfort, if possible.Idea for legs:

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My pepsi can stove won't light... Possible solutions?

I used a design with 24 holes-top burner and an inside wall with 3 notches for the denatured alcohol to drain in between walls i used several measures of lighting zippo, match, and a combo of zippo and alcohol all useless. I noticed a small crack on upper half I thought about using JB weld but I thought that I would first ask if I would have to remake the top PS I used Arizona cans PPS My tools are: Exacto knife, Dremel 100 series with starter attachments, scissors, templates from zen stoves,and stuff that is basically a given standard tools hammer, nails, screwdriver,etc.

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How to cool an outboard motor without using water?

I am wanting to build a personal ultralight helicopter. First issue here is to find a suitable engine. Outboard motors have the 40+ horsepower I need and can be found pretty cheaply on places like craigslist. One thing I know about these engines is that they use a water pump to suck up water and cool the engine. It is important that this water is present and can the engine can be wrecked if it is run without water for more than a minute or two. Short of including a water tank on this helicopter, do any of you have any practical solutions to keep an engine like this cool? (Just so you know, an "ultralight" helicopter must weigh under 249 pounds without the passenger. In the US, you can fly ultralights without a pilots' license. 40hp outboard motors weigh around 160lbs so I don't have a lot of room for heavy water.)

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Can you use hydrogen gas for cooking

Can you use hydrogen gas for cooking ( Stoves ) What modifications would i need to do.? Conversion from Gas to Hydrogen

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What is the best location for jets on an alcohol stove? Answered

What is the best location for the jets?  The stove is a pressurized jet stove, but i dont know where I sould put the jets. I have seen them on the side, on the top ridge, on the top and even on the insode of the ridge pointing in.  I have a pot stand I just would like to know which location is most efficant.

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Still looking for a way to convert old coleman stove to dual fuel?

I was wondering if anyone can tell me the difference between the older coleman stoaves and the new dual fuel stoves. What do I have to change to use unleaded fuel in an older stove. Thanks jack

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Replacing a propane stove with a wood stove --HELP NEEDED

I need to remove a propane heating stove and install a woodstove that I already own. I'd like to install the woodstove in the same spot as where the propane stove sat and I'd llke to use the same venting pipe if possible. The problem that I see is that the propane stove uses a 4.5" vent pipe off the back of the stove and it continues to be 4.5" pipe as far up the chimney as I can see (only a foot or two) also, the propane vent pipe is thin, flexible aluminum pipe that goes up the inside of the chimney, while the woodstove connecting pipe is 6". I don't know if the woodstove can be used with 4.5" flex vent pipe from the propane stove or if it needs bigger, steel pipe for wood fires. Does anyone know? Thanks. Peter Norwell, MA

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Does PC cooler's(FAN's) heatsink conducts electricity and heat?


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What are easy recipes that can be prepared in seven steps; without a stove or microwave?

It's for a class project where I have to teach a "how-to" in japanese. It has to be at least seven steps. It would be easier if the recipe is simple and doesn't involved a stove, microwave, or anything that is hard to carry to school.

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Mini heather-stove-combustion chamber for diesel fuel droplet

Hi word! I like to find if there is a project, or  it is made already, a mini  stove, gravity filled diesel fuel, droplet, which burn with blue flame. Not bigger than a alcohol stove made out from pepsi - bier can. Appreciated any answer about this topic. Kresimir Pregernik

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Can a 30 gal steel drum barrel stove inside a 55 gal drum heat chamber be integrated into existing HVAC?

I want to make a wood burning stove in my basement using a 30 gal steel drum for the burn chamber. Now the interesting part: The 30 gal drum will be inside a 55 gal drum, which will be the heat chamber. Will I be able to use this setup to partially or fully heat the 2000 sq ft upstairs? I was thinking of using a below grade through the wall stovepipe kit with integrated cold air return hooked to the 30 gal barrel, and then attaching the 55 gal heat chamber into the existing HVAC ducting. I would create the burn chamber with one of the many barrel stove kits like those available from US Stove. Bonus question: if this is possible, can I double the fun with a tandem setup (side-by-side or stacked) connecting the outer 55 gal heat chambers with a duct?

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Homebuilding of experimental aircraft?

Hello Instructables I am a professional aerospace engineer who homebuilds aircraft in my garage when not doing so for work.  I live and work at the Mojave Airport which is a hotbed for aircraft homebuilding stretching all the way back to the 80's.  The experimental aircraft community does not have anything like what you all are doing on this website.  When I found your site the first thought was that I had finally found the place to talk about buillding airplanes.  But I see no such topics on the site.  While fundamentally I assume the problem is only that the channel has not yet been created or there is a liability problem, I wonder if there isn't more to it.  Is the thought of designing and building and flying your own airplane not as awesome for others as it is for those of us who live in Mojave?  Is there something that can be done to make this exciting world more exciting to people (like yourselves) who take such pride and make such investments in doing cool stuff in your garages? Elliot Seguin Wasabi Air Racing Nemesis Air Racing Scaled Composites

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How to repair the auger and drive on a pellet heater stove?

A neighbor got a used pellet stove partly dissasembed. He was told that the auger quit working. Now I need to know how to reassemble it and locate the reason the auger stopped working. The only label we can find simply says Eclipse. Thank you

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Calcium Chloride Corrosive Effects

I know that calcium chloride can corrode metal, but does it require direct contact or can it generate fumes that could corrode?   Here's the issue:  I have a wood stove and I place a container of Damp Rid inside over the summer to absorb moisture.  It looks like the Damp Rid plastic container had a small crack, so moisture passed through the calcium chloride and through the container and through the back of the stove After a while I noticed a pool of water behind the stove.  I traced the problem back to the Damp Rid container, cleaned up the moisture inside and outside the stove, and replaced the Damp Rid.  At the same time I noticed areas all over the exterior of the stove where the finish was coming off, areas that were not in contact with the water.  In fact, at least one section of the stove that had direct contact shows no sign of  a problem. I'm trying to discover if the calcium chloride caused the problem, or if it's something else causing the damage.

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please help with terra cotta smoker Answered

Instead of using a hot plate for a heat source for a terra cotta smoke rwould it work to use a large diameter electric stove burner instead. i realize the stove burner is 220 volt but would it work hooked up to 110 i can get free stoves it's expensive to buy a good hot plate to take apart

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How do I hook my gas water heater to a wood stove safely?

I heat my house with a barrel stove(w/plenum surround) that is in my basement. My propane water heater is 3 feet away and I wonder if I can add a coil of sometype and connect to the water heater and be able to control the water temp. Are there any plans out ther? Thanks for your help, David

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How to make Chimney Auto Start?

Hi All, I would to make automation for Stove chimney. My goal is , as I start my gas stove for cooking my chimney should start immediately. Please give me some idea to achieve this goal. My Idea is it can be achieved using heat sensor near gas stove with a relay switch. If my idea is correct please help me to design circuit. Let me know if further info required. Thanks Vinit

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