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arduino uno

Good morning I am getting the arduino uno with the monitor. Want to have 5 booton and clicking individually to my display a MESSAGE on the screen when the potato and when let off. these be in the second row while the first shows to permanently temperature from someone sensor someone can help. thanks

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arduino uno?

Do i have to push the reset button before uploading a another file 

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Arduino UNO R3

I want to make projects on Arduino UNO R3 . In fact i made one that is 3x3x3 LED Cube. But facing some problem.  I don't want to use Arduino all time. Please any one tell me the alternative for this. I want to do like this picture but i don't know the connections for this. PLEASE HELP ME

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arduino uno programe

I am new to arduino programing and have below query. i am getting below content in abc and wanted to parse and compare with current time. char abc[128] = Fajr5,04:40 Sunrise6,06:03 Dhuhr13,12:39 Asr17,17:16 Sunset19,19:15 Maghrib19,19:15 Isha21,20:37 ; how do we parse and get something     String time[] = 04:40 06:03 12:39 17:16 19:15 20:37 ; and then split and compare with current time. i am getting time from ds3231, hh=hour and mm=minute then compare like below     int h = time.Split(' ')[0].Split(':')[0]; // this is 04     int m = time.Split(' ')[0].Split(':')[1]; //this is 40     if(hh== h && mm==m)     {         Serial.print("Fajr");     }

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arduino uno programming?

I want a code in which as there is a change in resistance for sone millisecinds, arduino turns on led for a specific period of tie

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arduino uno detection

Hello evry one i've got a weird issue :( i have an arduino uno R3 and it was working fine. now my computer doesn't detect it (i can't find even the com port or non identified devices in the device manager) that was when i was trying a GSM shieled with 9V 2Amp power like the datasheet says the weird thing that when i plug my arduino to the USB 3.0, the light "ON" on the board turn on, but when i plug it to USB 2.0, nothing happen. what i did: i remove evry other connection from the arduino i tried with another cable i tried other devises on my USB 2 and 3, they works fine i tried to use my arduino on another computer, same problem (i dont have another arduino to know what's making this problem) i tried to reset (with button and with jumper) -> the led L does not blink what i think the problem is: probably the problem is in the arduino not the computer maybe when i plugged the power 9V 2Amp and plug to the computer in the same time (and i dnt think it can be a problem) maybe there is a problem with the bootloader please help me, at least how can i know what it the problem, did i harm something or evrything

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How to RESET an Arduino UNO?

Guys!            Can some one tell me how to RESET the Arduino UNO using a software code. The reason for this question would be that I am planning to place the Arduino inside a small box once my project is completed and working. However, I will need to RESET the board quite often. I am aware that there is a RESET button, but it will not be accessible. I want to put another push button outside and somehow manage to connect it to the Reset line on the board. Any help on this will be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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When i connect an Arduino Uno board it shows nothing.

Hey. I just bought an Arduino Uno board and it shows nothing at all. Changed cables but nothing is happening. Im using Windows 8.1. The 1st time i connected it, it just turned on some lights now theres nothing.

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How to connect phone with arduino uno &make it call through arduino code?

Hello......I have an arduino uno and i want to use it to connect cell phone when signal from specified point is on the phone call or send sms . I also need to know the code thanx alot

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Hi,    iam using the arduino uno in my project.The project is to display the temperature and humidity in lcd and ethernet and stored in the sd card in every 1 minute ,using the dht 22 sensor.But the lcd display is not working simultaneously with the sd .Hereby i am attaching the code.pls hlp me to trobleshoot the problem.

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problem with arduino?

I have some questions about Arduino Uno. I connect my board and within 5 minutes (no code is running or anything), the chip becomes hot. Plus, none of the IDE is recognizing my board. I'm always getting the error "avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00". Can someone help me with these issues? 

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arduino help

Im needing some help with a project that im working on. Im needing info on what parts I would need to use arduino uno to power a hair drier and small fans on a 12v dc power?  and I need some help wrighting the code if any one can help that would be sweet ? im using windows 7. thank you for your time.

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Burning Arduino Uno Bootloader

I am planning to burn a bootloader onto an Arduino Uno using a Uno as an ISP. The instructions here:  say to put a 10 mf capacitor between reset and ground. But they to not say which Uno to put the capacitor on. Am I correct that it should be on the Uno to be programmed and not the programmer?

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Arduino uno &Gsm modem

Can any body tell me that is there any difference btwn. Arduino gsm-shild  and normal gsm modem .?Do i have to code Arduino differently to send data when i'm using normal gsm modem ..?? and how can i connect Arduino-Uno to normal gsm modem..???

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ARDUINO UNO nested loops

Hi there. i'm using arduino uno and i found that the code below does not work. Seems like "if" do not work inside "if" statements. how do i solve this problem dear community. if(ButtonStateAUTO==HIGH) { while(1) { Serial.println("auto"); delay(1); if(ButtonStateON1==HIGH) //while(1) { Serial.println("autoON1"); delay(1);} } } else if(ButtonStateMAN==HIGH) { //lcd.clear(); while(1) { Serial.println("man"); delay(1); if(ButtonStateON2==HIGH) Serial.println("manuALon2"); delay(1); } }

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Intel Galileo will not communicate with Uno?

Hello, I want to communicate with my arduino uno via serial on pins 0 and 1 of the Galieo and SoftwareSerial on Uno pins 10 and 11. I have checked the baud rate and all i get when i read the SoftwareSerial port is garbage. Does anybody know why this is happening? Thanks

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GSM900A and Arduino uno programimg?

Hi, I'm using arduino uno and gsm900a for sending sms and making call upto 10 numbers, i'm not able to send for all ten numbers one or three numbers only received,others? Please answer. thank you/.

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Arduino UNO Code Problem

I want to get arduino code to sync computer time... Please Help Me...

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2,4tft lcd to arduino uno

Hello guys , I'm making a gaming console for my school project with 2,4 TFT touchscreen and arduino UNO , i bought arduino uno and touchscreen LCD but without a shield , i searched on web how to connect them but i cant find a circut diagram for lcd without shield , can someone who know how to connect it make me a circuit diagram for it or just write which pin goes in which port on arduino , thanks , I'll attach picture of my LCD touchscreen

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Arduino Uno Relay circuit

I am currently involved in a project that requires me to run a fan heater through coding in an arduino. I have decided to use a relay to act as a switch, to maintain the time period of heater running. I am using a DOAT 5V 20mA relay. I was wondering if anyone could help me with the circuit needed using a n-p-n transistor to power it while maintaining switch function. I know a circuit similar to the one below is needed, but im not sure about the capacitor and resistance values needed for a 5v, 20mA relay.

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how to control small dc motors with arduino uno r3 with the connection of homade moter controller

How to control small dc motors by motor controller on arduino r3  and what is the better motor controller chip and how many small dc motors can u connect on an arduino uno r3

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Multiple Arduino Uno I/O ports driving relay Answered

Understand that the Arduino Uno can output a maximum of 40mA each from its IO port. I used 2 IO ports each (4 in total for switching) to drive a 80mA relay. In this case, the Arduino Uno is powered by USB, which draws up to 500mA. It worked and it was left to switch for a few minutes on pulsed 10 seconds interval. However, the Uno board heats up to around 50-55 degrees centigrade. Will this damage the board?

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Which arduino borad to buy?

Http:// Hello! And i am interested in starting arduino! But i am not familiar with the hardware spec of arduino boards. I have some electronics and programming bg as an physics student. I read the above tutorial, the led matrix looks like a easy/cool starter project. However, i have a question, For 4 by 4 matrix, it need 4 outputs and 4 grounds. With 14 i/o pins on an arduino uno (0to13), is 7 by 7 the maximum for upscaling this design without multiplexing? Or if i can get a "shield" that add more pins to the uno? Should i just get a arduino mega with 54 I/O pins? Since it is not that expensive, Is the tutorial compatible with a mega? Actually my target build is two 15 by 15 matrix displaying identical image. Can i rig up two identical led matrix, connect both in parallel to the same board? Thank you in advance! for your replies!!

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How to sense motion in sleep using accelerometer and Arduino Duemilanove ? Answered

I want to make an alarm clock that will monitor the motion of a person in sleep, and will trigger when the person is in motion. i have the code but i need the hardware and schematic.... the code is as follows:

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Arduino programming help: Do two things at once!

So I'm making a new project but I ran up into a little problem with the code. So this is what I want: Arduino check to see if A0 is HIGH, If so, turn on LED for 5 minutes. If, during any period within the 5 minutes, if pin A0 goes HIGH again, then start the 5 minutes all over again.  So basically every time pin A0 is HIGH no matter when always start a new 5 min timer. This is what I had. . . void loop() {     pirstate = digitalRead(pir);     if (pirstate == HIGH)   {     digitalWrite(LED, HIGH);     digitalWrite(relay, HIGH);     delay(pulse);   }    else   {     digitalWrite(LED, LOW);     digitalWrite(relay, LOW);   }   } The only problem with the above code is that it doesn't do anything while waiting the 'pulse' time. I need it to be able to within 'pulse' time check again to see if the pin is HIGH, and if it is, start all over again with 'pulse' seconds. Thanks guys! Your help is invaluable!

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Using Arduino Uno with mCar Program? Answered

Makeblock is a software packaged developed around the Me Orion, which is a board that is based off of Arduino, and according to their website, is cross compatible. However, they lack any information on pinouts between the two. I'd like to make the mCar project, but don't want to purchase the Me Orion. I have everything needed, including the stepper motors, stepper motor drivers, and an Arduino Uno. However, the car_robot firmware doesn't give pin numbers- instead, it has Port1 and Port2 listed under the included pins. How do these correlate to the Arduino Uno without having a shield? Which pins do I use on the Arduino? From what I have found, the connection that the first stepper driver would connect to on the Orion consists of 10, 11, GND, V-M,SDA, and SCL. What are the last three on an Arduino Uno? Same goes for the second, except 9 and 3 is listed. And for the lifting servo, is it really just pin2? Or another way of looking at it, is how would I figure out what pins are tied to Port1 and Port2 in the script?

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What is wrong with my Uno r3?

Please help.  I have 5 UNO R3 clones and I can't install them on my computer. When I plug them in two red LEDs light and the board comes up under Other Devices as a USB V2 device. I've tried every driver I can find, but none are recognized as suitable. I've tried 5 different boards, two computers Win 8.1 and Win 7. I've swapped cables and still nothing. I have a feeling it could be a lack of a bootloader on all the boards. How would I check if this is the case and how would I fix it? I have managed (easily) to install an Arduino Mega with no problems and I've managed to install many other devices so it's not a case of too dumb. Just a little dumb :-) Any help would be very much appreciated.      Stu

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what are the arduino pins on the uno microprocessor?

Ok, i just finnished making and was wondering, what pins on the microprocessor match to which pins on the arduino? i was also wondering, how would you make a driver out of the processing sketch on the ible above marked N64_Controller? i want it to be a driver, not a program. any ideas?

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Simple Quadcopter using Arduino Uno?

Hello guys I am making a quadcopter using Arduino uno. My first simple aim is to lift and hover the quadcopter.  To achieve this aim  I have connected the signal Wire of all the ESC's to arduino Pin 9 and giving throttle via node server using bluetooth module and johnny five library.  My quadcopter lifts from 2 sides (flips) and sometimes little bit from 3rd side also.  Can anyone suggest me anything ? The thing which I am doing giving equal throttle to all motor, Is it right ? or  should I give more throttle to clockwise and little less throttle to counter clock wise motors. I will be very thankful, if you guys help me to lift my quadcopter

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Arduino Uno Solar Battery Charger ?

Hello everyone. Newbie here.  My project is to make an environmental monitoring system that will be battery powered and charged using solar energy, when the system is not in use. The components I am using are listed below for reference.  Parts List: 1. Solar Panel  2. Rechargeable 9V Battery 3. Uno Rev 3 4. SD Module 5. Grove Dust Sensor 6. Grove Temp & Humidity Sensor 7. Grove Light Sensor 8. ESP8266 Transceiver 9. Grove Air Quality Sensor All the components operate at 5v with the exception of the ESP8266 which is 3.3v. I have been looking at different methods of powering the system and noticed people using LiPo batteries. I'm aware that you shouldn't let there voltage drop too low and something about voltage regulators and boost converters that might be needed.  Based on my system can anyone recommend the best method of powering everything using batteries and charging it through solar energy.   I'm fairly new to the Arduino Eco system and this kind of work in general, so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advanced. 

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Arduino (uno r3) not in sync, help? Answered

So I'm pretty new to arduino. Got myself an Uno rev3, and all was well for a couple of weeks. Now however, whenever I try to upload a sketch I get an error message telling me this: avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00 Googling this has not solved anything. I don't think there's anything messed up with the IDE, as I get this in both arduino 1.0.1 and 1.0.2, as well as Visual micro. I tried everything I could think of. Resetting the board did nothing, neither did re-installing drivers or rebooting. The serial bounce test showed no errors, and the Rx LED blinks when I try to upload.  (If you are unaware, the bounce test means connecting Rx to Tx and opening a serial monitor. Everything you send should then be bounced back.) I'm currently thinking bootloader issues, since resetting the board does not make the pin 13 LED blink.  So, does anyone know what to do here? ------------------------------------------------------ UPDATE: I am an idiot. This whole time, I had the atmega328 plugged in backwards. It works now.

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Ardunio Uno Keypad Pin Memory

Hello everyone, I am having trouble making an Arduino code using an Ardunio Uno, and a 4x4 keypad. Quick background, I just started working at a school to help them out with CAD drawings, and they are working on a project.  The students have to make a "cabinet" that has doors or drawers or whatever they wanted.  the door has to lock with a solenoid, and be opened with a pin from a keypad.  The reason is the students will store Ipads in there to charge and so that nothing gets taken. They want the students to put their Ipad into one part of the cabinet, then close the door, lock the door, and put in a pin for that door.  then they want the student to be ale to put in their pin and their door opens.  This would allow each student to put in their own pin, They don't want pre programmed pins as the students that use the room changes over a lot. The biggest trouble so far is none of the teachers know how to make the Ardunio save a pin to memory, and then check the memory when a pin is put in.  So if anyone could help point me in the direction of how to do that, or help with the code hat would be great. Thanks, P.S. I'm a mechanical engineering tech student helping with CAD simply because I know it well enough.  and I don't know much programming.

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Looking for someone in the UK to assemble Arduino UNOs and Nanos to my design.

Looking for someone in the UK to assemble Arduino UNOs and Nanos to my design.All relatively simple but my eyes are not as good as they used to be.I can program them OK I just need them assembled. Happy to pay if we can agree a sensible price.

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Arduino Boards Which is the best?

Arduino (uno <> duemilanove)  my focus will be on robotics projects as well as LED 

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Arduino and DHT11

I am trying to make my ArduCAM work with my DHT11 sensor.I have done it successfully with Arduino UNO and want to do the same with ArduCAM. So far it is not working. Can't retrieve the temperature nor the humidity. The thing is that I thought as ArduCAM is based on UNO R3 it would work. Is it possible? Thanks

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Will this stuff work with the new Arduino?

Hello guys! I already have the Arduino Rev3 but I want to know if all these components I want to buy will work with the new one. They are in a kit for the old board, but I hope they work with the new one. Please tell me if they will work or not. Thanks!

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Which Arduino should I buy?

Hello community, I had a question- which Arduino is the best? I want get get an Arduino with my birthday money and I want to know which board I can get the most bang for the buck.  If somebody could point out which Arduino board is best that would be awesome! Thanks, Oh, BTW, my budget is around 75 dollars

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HELP - Arduino - "Expected constructor, destructor, or type conversion before '(' token"

I have only just received this Arduino UNO and am trying to teach myself the language. I thought it wouldn't be that bad as I am already familiar with python, however, I was getting loads of errors (most of which I have managed to solve from searching through forums) and have landed on this one. I get this error - "exit status 1 - expected constructor, destructor, or type conversion before '(' token"This is my ledPin = 0; //declares all different pins for different segments of displayint ledPin1 = 1; int ledPin2 = 2; int ledPin3 = 3; int ledPin4 = 4; int ledPin5 = 5; int ledPin6 = 6; int ledPin7 = 7;int inPin = 5; //declares analogRead pinint alphaValue = analogRead(inPin); map(alphaValue, 1, 1023, 1, 4) //maps 1-1023 to 1-4void setup() { // put your setup code here, to run once: pinMode(0, OUTPUT); //declares pin types pinMode(1, OUTPUT); pinMode(2, OUTPUT); pinMode(3, OUTPUT); pinMode(4, OUTPUT); pinMode(5, OUTPUT); pinMode(6, OUTPUT); pinMode(7, OUTPUT); pinMode(5, INPUT); #define low digitalWrite(ledPin, LOW); //defines 'low' digitalWrite(ledPin1, LOW); digitalWrite(ledPin2, LOW); digitalWrite(ledPin3, LOW); digitalWrite(ledPin4, LOW); digitalWrite(ledPin5, LOW); digitalWrite(ledPin6, LOW); digitalWrite(ledPin7, LOW); }void loop() { // put your main code here, to run repeatedly: if(alphaValue == 1){ low digitalWrite(ledPin, HIGH); digitalWrite(ledPin1, HIGH); digitalWrite(ledPin7, HIGH); digitalWrite(ledPin2, HIGH); digitalWrite(ledPin5, HIGH); digitalWrite(ledPin6, HIGH); } if (alphaValue == 2){ low digitalWrite(ledPin1, HIGH); digitalWrite(ledPin5, HIGH); digitalWrite(ledPin4, HIGH); digitalWrite(ledPin6, HIGH); digitalWrite(ledPin2, HIGH); } if(alphaValue == 3){ low digitalWrite(ledPin, HIGH); digitalWrite(ledPin1, HIGH); digitalWrite(ledPin5, HIGH); digitalWrite(ledPin4, HIGH); } if(alphaValue == 4){ low digitalWrite(ledPin, HIGH); digitalWrite(ledPin1, HIGH); digitalWrite(ledPin5, HIGH); digitalWrite(ledPin4, HIGH); digitalWrite(ledPin6, HIGH); digitalWrite(ledPin7, HIGH); digitalWrite(ledPin3, HIGH); } }

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Need help with Arduino. Xbees won't connect when I upload my code?

I am working on a RC Gripper lifter that works with 2 Servos and 2 DC motors. For wireless control I am using a Series 1 configured Xbee. Now the problem is that the Xbees don't connect when I upload the code. They do connect if I upload some other small code. Here's the Sender Code int potGripper = 1;   int potLifter = 2;   //int oldGripper = 0;   int newGripper = 0;   //int oldLifter = 0;   int newLifter = 0;   int midPin = 2;   int leftPin = 3;   int newGear =0;   int oldGear=1; void setup() {   Serial.begin(9600); pinMode(midPin, INPUT); pinMode(leftPin, INPUT); pinMode(potGripper, INPUT); pinMode(potLifter, INPUT); } void loop() {   if ( digitalRead(midPin) == LOW)   {      oldGear = 1;   }   else if ( digitalRead(leftPin) == LOW)   {       oldGear = 2;   }     int oldGripper = analogRead(potGripper);   int oldLifter = analogRead(potLifter);   int Grippervalue = map(oldGripper,0,1023,0,9);   int Liftervalue = map(oldLifter,0,1023,0,9);   if(newGripper != Grippervalue)   {     Serial.println('!');     Serial.println(Grippervalue);     Serial.println('#');     newGripper = Grippervalue;   }   else if(newLifter != Liftervalue)   {     Serial.println('@');     Serial.println(Liftervalue);     Serial.println('#');     newLifter = Liftervalue;   }   else if( newGear != oldGear)   {     Serial.println(';');     Serial.println(oldGear);     Serial.println('#');     newGear = oldGear;   }   delay(500); } And here's the receiver code- #include //If serial dsn't work as expected, add  while(Serial.available()>0); at end of each loop! int gripperPin = 9; int lifterPin = 10; int rpmData = 0; int motorLeft, motorRight, gripperData, lifterData, angle, flag; Servo myGripper; Servo myLifter; void setup() {   Serial.begin(9600);   myGripper.attach(gripperPin);   myLifter.attach(lifterPin);   delay(500); } void loop() {   while( Serial.available() == 0);   int data = - '0'; if (data >=0)   {     if(data == ';') // For setting the motor RPM     {       rpmData= - '0';       if (rpmData == 0)       {        motorLeft= 300;        motorRight= 250;       }       else if (rpmData == 1)       {         motorLeft= 200;         motorRight= 150;       }     }     if (data == '!') // For the Gripper     {       gripperData = - '0';       angle= map(gripperData, 0, 9, 0, 80);       myGripper.write(angle);      }     if (data == '@') // For the Lifter     {       lifterData = - '0';       angle= map(lifterData, 0, 9, 0, 160);       myLifter.write(angle);     }     //if (data == '%') // For the Buttons      if (data == '#') // For marking end of Serial Data      {       flag = 0;      }      }     } My main aim is to send a value between 0-9 from one arduino to another so that I can map it on the other arduino from 0-160 and 0-80 (I am using 2 servos). I have used a symbol to differentiate the values from each other so that the correct value reaches the desired servo/motor. Please help me figure out my mistake..

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CH340G and Standalone UNO R3 Got ERROR "avrdude.exe: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00?"

I bough the CH340G USB-TTL with 6 pin (GND, CTS, VCC, TX, RX, DTR). The CH340 driver already installed, the arduino bootloader also already burn to ATmega328P-PU. When upload the sketch using FTDI or PL2303 or ATmega16U2 is okey and no error found. But if Ia using CH340 and connecteed below pin: Arduino VCC ==> VCC CH340 Arduino GND ==> GND CH340 Arduino RX ==> TX CH340 Arduino TX ==> RX CH340 Arduino RESET ==> DTR CH340 The error always appear as "avrdude.exe: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00?" event the speed on the port setting already change at 9600; 19200 or 115200. Iam also trying with IDE 1.6.0, 1.0.5 and 022 the error message are same. May be someone can help me please?

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Getting my comp to see my arduino uno clone ? The same ol windows route shown everywhere aint werkin'!!?

XP pro -sp3 -  ...I've tried installing the official USB2.0 driver, I've  tried the Virtual com port and the FTDI  drivers from the official sites...NOTHIN'!! I keep getting FOUND NEW HARDWARE -USB2.0-SERIAL...I go through all the steps found everywhere on how to "normally" get the comp and UNO to show up in sys' properties and hardware profiles etc etc....problem is I dont get any of the results nor devices these how-tos are showing. I know my way around a comp and windows...I'm just not getting past the NEW HARDWARE USB2.0  issue..let alone even seeing UNO as a device. The virtual port drivers dont do anything at more ports show up, no option to create one.... I've installed the arduino drivers incl. USB and the UNO love either I've uninstalled and installed in the root dir. luck.. I even changed the ATmega from the 8A it came with to a ATm328 w/ bootloader and blink sketch already installed on  my Arduino as well. ANYONE have this issue that has found a solution?.... other than throwing my comp out the window and using the UNOs as fancy paper weights?

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Im interested in working with arduino. i made plans for many projects with arduino. i cant buy an arduino because its too costly. When i searched about arduino i got results about low cost arduino duemilanove  clone made in india called induino. When i searched i found that induino has more features when compared to arduino like inbuilt IR LED, TSOP, LDR etc. I dont know induino can be used for all arduino uno projects. I want to know   can induino x be used in place of arduino uno in various projects?

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Power for 2 motors

Hello everyone, my question is regarding power supply for an Arduino UNO with an Adafruit Motor Shield. I want to use 2 motors that are 12V(link below). I know that the power supply needed should be about 1v more than that of the motor, bu if I want to use 2 motors, do I need to double the voltage of the battery? motor:

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how to install arduino on windows 8.1?

I tired to install arduino 1.0.5 r2 on my pc but the serial port is greyed out what should i do ?  

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aurduino slow response why? Answered

I finally figured out my new seeed relay shield for my aurduino uno i went to make a simple program to turn a relay on and off corresponding with a button. when i pressed the button the relay would activate. when i released the button the relay would stay on for about 10 more seconds and start randomly turning on and off. i decided to take the shield off and run the serialRead digital example to see if it was just the shield that has issues... apparently not the serial read box would be something like this (button not pressed) 0000000000000000000000000100000000100000000000000101100000000000 (button pressed)1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 (button released)111111111111111111111111111011111111011111111111111111111111111111 (10-20 more seconds after button is released)0001111110000010111000011110111010100111111000000101010000000010100000

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How do I start my Arduino going?

Hey guys I just got my Arduino Uno and I'm not exactly sure how to power it up using the jack. I now know that I can run it off of the USB cable but how do I hook a battery to it? I've heard that your supposed to use 5 volts, but I don't see how I can get 5 volts. I only use AA and 3v and 9v batteries. So, also, since it can run off a USB port, I'm assuming I can use my phone charger to hook up the USB to it? Isn't it all 5.1 v? Well, please help me out and tell me if how many volts mA the board needs, which is too much and which is to low.  Thanks guys!!! ~electricloser

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arduiono without an computer

Hey, i just got an arduiono uno and for now i made some testing (leds blinking and servo control and stuff like that) so im very new at it, But i have this idea i wanna make, i set an potentionmeter or i cant remember the name (you know one of the thing you turn and it gives you more or less power like when you control your sound) BUT i sat the turn thing on a servo so i can control it, and then i set it on a garabage collecter (a long arm i think the name is, you know for folk in wheelchairs that cant reach the floor use i to grab stuff) so i made a electric garabage collecter.  But i have a very big problem: it have to be plugged into the usb from the computer to work. So my question is, i see there are 2 places for putting in power and im wondering, if i upload the code first, then take usb out and plug the phone charger alike wire in, will it then work? and i do have loads of loads of batteries but i dont know how much power or anything the arduiono needs. So please help me. and sorry for my bad english. Markus

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Rotary potentiometer to pulse output.

Hello everyone, I'm having a challenge!I'm working on a code for my Arduino UNO.In this project, I will be using a rotary potentiometer to emit a keyboard signal for a simulation. when the potentiometer is being rotated I want to change the speed in the simulation, this normally works with a single keypress. So when it is rotated, the output I want is only ONE press when rotated a certain value. I want the Arduino to give a single pulse when the variable of the analog input has a certain change in value.Example: If the value changes from 0 to 1, I want to have ONE signal pulse to use as a keyboard signal.Example: if the value changes from 7 to 6, I want to have ONE signal pulse to use as a keyboard signal.I hope you can help me with this :)This is the code i use to separate the value into 30 units instead of 1023:const int analogInPin = A0; // Analog input pin that the potentiometer is attached toint sensorValue = 0; // value read from the pot int outputValue = 0; // value outputvoid setup() { // initialize serial communications at 9600 bps: Serial.begin(9600); }void loop() {// read the analog in value: sensorValue = analogRead(analogInPin); // map it to the range of the analog out: outputValue = map(sensorValue, 0, 1023, 0, 30); // change the analog out value:// print the results to the Serial Monitor: Serial.print("sensor = "); Serial.print(sensorValue); Serial.print("\t output = "); Serial.println(outputValue);delay(2); }

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