upcoming contest

Maybe somebody else pointed this out before, but when I click on the "upcoming contest" link, it send me just to the current one…is it normal?

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upcoming project

I just got an ipod touch for christmas, and I'm going to be making an accessory for it that's like a laptop, and I'll call it an iTop or something like that. Anyways It's a tiny bit bigger than the ipod touch, the ipod touch will fold up and be the screen, here what the features of the bottom part will be (The ipod plugs in via the dock connector. High quality audio output Video output mini usb for easy syncing a speaker with an amp and a lion battery to power it a little lion charger a switch to wheather you want output audio or from the speaker I/O ports* *There will be a picmicro in it, and I'm going to make it so that if you output different frequencies (maybe some programmer could helpme) the pic will do different things. I posted on make a while ago how cool it would be to have an open source ipod, and this is the closest you can get. There might be anywhere from 4 to 20 I/O ports, and it'll be controlled by the ipod. Can any of you think of anything else to add before I buy stuff?

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So what are you working on?

What upcoming projects are you working on? I'm busy making more instruments/recording-related equipment. My next three upcoming Instructables are an audio converter, something called an "Electric Kickamastick" and a guitar effects pedal (and have been amassing supplies for a few more projects).

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What are the upcoming instructibles contests? Answered

It used to be that under the 'contests' tab it would show you not only the current contests, but contests coming soon. Where can I see the upcoming contests? Thanks! -nepheron @ http://makerweekend.com/

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Upcoming Beauty Contest

Next week we'll be launching our first ever Instructables Beauty Speed Contest!  We want to know your secrets for making your inner beauty glow.  Whether you've got a recipe for skin cream, a special technique for liquid eyeliner, or great tricks for voluminous hair, this is the time to share your knowledge.  Home facials? Dye your hair with Kool-Aid?  Show us how! The contest will only run for two weeks, so don't be shy - get ready to share your Va Va Voom!

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Upcoming contest query

Can anybody tell me what are the upcoming instructables contests? The last time the webpage about this topic was updated on 11/7/18. Any new info after that?

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Teaser for an upcoming project

The design is near final and it should be ready in mid January.  It's not 100%, but it is close enough to put together a video with - I did three; Teaser 1: Teaser 2: Teaser 3: Anyone guess what it is?

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Upcoming Pizza Contest

That's right, Instructables is finally having a pizza contest.  But this is no ordinary, run-of-the-mill pizza contest, this contest is to benefit the Instructables Restaurant, and the winning entries will actually be served up during PICNIC in Amsterdam this September! We want your signature recipes for homemade crust, sauce, cheese and toppings.  Made your own wood-fired pizza oven?  Show us!  Discovered the perfect combination of ingredients?  Share!  Anything to do with pizza, we want to see it. Will there be great prizes in addition to fame and international recognition?  You know there will. So get ready, cause pizza party is 'bout to drop! Special thanks to target022 for taking my favorite picture of pizza so far that I can't resist using over and over!

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Upcoming Site Changes!

Hey folks, You may have noticed the new look on our homepage and header - I just want to let you know there are more exciting changes coming! We try to do small site updates about every two weeks, and now that the development team is a bit bigger we'll be able to stick closer to that target schedule. The one constant in a healthy website is change, and our philosophy is to test and modify based on actual results: it's incremental, hypothesis-driven website design of both function and aesthetics.  Lots of small, frequent changes help us evolve the site at a comfortable pace. So stay tuned for new features, design updates, bug fixes, and other good stuff coming your way!  We'll keep working to make Instructables a better place to visit. Christy (and the rest of the Instructables team)

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Upcoming contest for teachers

Remember how there's a new channel for explicitly educational content? That's not all we're doing for teachers. We will also be running a contest specifically for educators*, so fire up those school-provided laptops and start thinking about some awesome projects you might be able to share with the Instructables community. If you'd like to win a MacBook Air, a class set of Instructables pro memberships, and other unnamed secret prizes, you just need to enter an academic Instructable or guide. We'd love to have anything academic, from elementary school art projects like construction paper masks to a university-level electrophoresis demonstration.  In this contest, we will also be accepting guides for the first time along with the usual step-by-step, photo, and video fare. Curate a collection of teaching projects by subject, age level, or some other unifying trait. (Kind of like https://www.instructables.com/id/Made-in-Your-Mind-Instructables-The-Childrens-/) Hold off on posting until... Contest starts December 4th.  *Just because you don't have a .edu email address doesn't mean you won't have something to contribute. If you can teach something (factoring, researching a thesis, throwing a pot, or modifying shutter speeds for low-light situations, whatever), we want you to share it.

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Upcoming K'nex Challenge!

Hey K’nexers, Some of you may have noticed various Weekly Challenges that have been occurring over the last few months. These quick-fire challenges are aimed at challenging the community to complete a task based around a specific theme, like headphones or nachos, now it's your turn... In previous contests the K'nex community has been ignored...nay, abandoned! It's time to show everyone how you guys roll! I will be hosting 2 K’nex Challenges: K’nex Guns K’nex Projects ( no rubber bands/guns) Ball machines / roller coasters / cranes / cars / armour, etc. No rubber bands or k'nex guns in any of the pictures or even mentioned in the description. Seriously. You can enter both contests, but absolutely no guns allowed in the 'K'nex Projects' challenge. Challenge yourself to meet either of these 2 contest criteria. The projects that are going to win the top prizes are ones that are original, creative and have amazing pictures. Since making awesome K'nex projects takes time each of these Weekly Play Challenge will be 2 weeks, this forum posting is to give you guys a heads-up. Both contests start next week. I want the K'nex crew to smash the previous Weekly Challenges, break 100+ projects and be the first to win top prize for these quick-fire challenges. Please wait until the contest launches to post your entries. K'nex challenges start next week, good luck! Both Challenges are now LIVE! K'nex Challenge is now over. Good luck!

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If anybody know the upcoming contest PLEASE COMMENT BELOW!

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In the Pipeline

I have some parts on order and will be adding two more instructables in the near future. 1. Cascading multiple squibs with adjustable delay. 2. A miniature trigger module with increased sensitivity.

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Upcoming Contests- Any Predictions?

Hey everyone... curious Maker has just one burning question for the Instructable Old-timers: Besides Halloween, are there any other Annual Contests that we can reliably look forward to?

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your new or upcoming machines

Pics videos or whatever you want just post something about your new machine

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Upcoming Contest: ThinkGeek Hacks

A new contest is going to be starting up next week: the ThinkGeek Hacks Contest. Modify any product from ThinkGeek and you could win a $250 gift certificate to ThinkGeek. Multiple entries can be submitted as always and while only users from a specific list of countries can enter, the list is pretty huge.Check out the contest page for more information. ThinkGeek Hacks Contest

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Upcoming wood working contest!

We've teamed up with Popular Mechanics to bring you a woodworking contest! Any form of woodworking is eligible. You can use classic hand tools, power tools or even your granddad's whittlin knife to build something tiny or the size of a house. Share your woodworking project, and explain why and how you made it so others can learn from your experience, and marvel at your awesomeness.  Contest details soon!

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Upcoming Sugru Contest Giveaways

*************************************************** We have no more Sugru to give out. Thank you everyone who requested some I'm looking forward to seeing all of your projects! *************************************************** We've been spending some time recently chatting with the great people over at Sugru, trying to figure out a good contest to run.  However, in talking it over with them, we have come to realize that if we launch a Sugru contest, everyone would have to buy Sugru in order to enter it.  No one was fans of this idea, and so we came up with am alternate plan. Before running the contest, they would ship us a box full of Sugru Smart Hacks Super Packs for us to send out to selected authors. We've already given out these packs to a number of authors as a way of saying thank you for the amazing projects they've submitted, but we still have some left.  So, here's where you come in!  We want to offer these to anyone who wants to create a project using this awesome material! This is first come, first serve.  We have under thirty packs to give out, so they might go quick.  I'll update this post if and when supplies start running out or are gone. Our only request of you is that you use what we send you to make something awesome and enter that something awesome into the Sugru contest when it finally does launch.  Of course, entering the contest will also make you eligible for a number of other prizes. So let me know in the comments if you would like one, and I'll send you a prize notification that you'll need to fill out.  Best of luck, and happy creating! Current Count: 000

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Upcoming: Horny Toad Invent-a-Sport Contest

Next week we'll be launching the Horny Toad Invent-a-Sport Contest! To enter it you need to create a new sport and tell us how to play it. If there are any custom pieces that it needs, tell us how to make those, too!Your sport can be a variation of an existing sport, but it does need to be original. Show us something awesome and win hundreds of dollars worth of clothes from Horny Toad. You'll be able to play and live and work in style!More information coming next week when the contest launches.

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Instructazine - "Know of any upcoming events?"

Do anybody know of any upcoming events that should be added to the instructazine's calendar?

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Upcoming Contest List Page Bug?

When I click the link to view upcoming contests, the page doesn't load. Is this just a "me" problem or are others experiencing this as well? 

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Help us decide upcoming contests!

EDIT THIS FORM IS NOW CLOSED - THANK YOU TO ALL WHO PARTICIPATED!For contest suggestion, check out this thread:https://www.instructables.com/topics/What-kinds-of-contests-do-YOU-want-to-see-on-Instr/ We can’t wait to see what you make in 2018!@audreyObscuraInstructables Community Manager

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Upcoming Summer Sewing Contest with Singer

It's getting hot in herre! So sew some summer clothes*! It's time for another sweet contest with our friends from Singer!  You know what that means - you show off your mad talents and we give you awesome prizes. So start planning your new summer projects, and get ready to hit the ground sewing! *projects need not be limited to items of clothing.  clothing was referenced merely for cheap Nelly tie-in.

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Site updates, upcoming changes and developments

As it seems the support team is still working hard to improve this ection I would like to take the opportunity to provide a base for everyone.Users can post bugs they find, feedback or suggestions for features they would like to see or have here.The support team could be so nice to keep us updated about what is planned and when to expect some problems or hick ups.Maybe even a list of things already in the planning for us.There is already a quite long list of requests that grew over the years, so maybe the support team could start the conversation with some infos? ;)

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Nottinghack, upcoming Hackerspace in the middle of the UK

After the recent Makers Faire, I added both Mitch Altman, and Jimmie Rodgers to my Twitter follow list, I noticed they had been doing rounds of various Hackerspaces in the UK. My first thought was 'Wow, I did not realise there were hackerspaces over here', I knew of Noisebridge over in San Francisco, and a few others. Both Mitch Altman, and our very own Rachel were both founding members of Noisebridge. It sounds like a cool place to be involved with. My second thought 'I had better google, and see if there are any near me!'. I googled, and eventually found one near to me, in Nottingham, called Nottinghack. It would seem Nottinghack is very new, and has only had one preliminary meeting so far. The first proper meet up is this Wednesday 24th March. I am hoping to go along! As the group is fairly young, I thought I should put a topic up, incase anyone nearby could also make it. From the Nottinghack website, What is Nottinghack? A Nottingham based group for hackers, makers and crafty creatives! What Hacking isn't! NOT to be confused with network hacking, identity theft and computer virus' spreading etc.... Nottinghack does not condone anything illegal... Hardware Hacking is a creative, educational hobby! Who is it for? You'll probably be interested in electronics, robotics, DIY, hardware hacking, photography, computing, reverse engineering, prototyping, film making, animation, building RC vehicles and other creative challenges and projects. You'll be looking for a group who can share tools, techniques and time... pool resources for bigger projects, get funding, discounts on kits and components and start classes... maybe rent a space for you to use! Where? Meeting at a Nottingham City Centre venue with WiFi and plenty of space... initial meetings for planning. Get in touch now and be one of the founders! Nottinghack's Meet-up page Nottinghack on Twitter

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I need your suggestions for my upcoming iBle!!!

I was deciding on whether to let y'all know what I'm working on, and since I don't know much in the area I'm working in, I decided it would be best.I am working on an amphibious bicycle that can operate efficiently on land and water. There are just a few on the Interweb, and they are for sell at high prices ($500 bucks at least.)I am trying to do this with as little cost and as much recycled materials as possible.So far, I've decided that:My propulsion mechanism either has to be a prop like your average boat, or a paddlewheel. Both would be powered by my back wheel.I am considering wooden pontoons filled with 2 liter bottles or gallon milk jugs, reminiscent of this iBle.I want to stay as high as possible, but I want to be able to go straight from land to water and vice versa. Basically, no assembly required to change terrain.If anybody has any ideas at all, please let me know!Thanks much,Bran!

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Suggestions for upcoming 1-week speed contests?

We're going to be running more of these 1-week speed contests. So far we've done DIY wallets, fridge magnets, and office supplies; what would you like to see next? List your suggestions here, and argue pros and cons. We're listening!

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Can i delete an upcoming pro membership? Answered

I have a 1 year pro membership and a 3 month one which i have already redeemed . but none of them have started yet. Is there any way i can rid of the 3 month one so i can use it as a prize in a contest? Thanks.

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Time to get cooking! Upcoming Food Contests

Colder weather is the perfect excuse to spend more time in the kitchen.  Cold nights beg for hearty stews sat simmering all day.  Weekends call for baked goods filling the house with sweet smells of sugar and spice.  And oh, did I mention the themes of our upcoming contests? That’s right - in the next two weeks we’ll be kicking off a Soups & Stews contest, followed closely by a Cookies contest!  It’s been awhile since we’ve done a Soup Contest, and I’m super excited to be giving away some very desirable stoneware from le Creuset as prizes.  Of course, I’m also looking forward to the rich, tempting soup, stew and chili recipes you’ll all come up with, even if it’s not winter where you are!  I love a good cold gazpacho as much as much as a hearty bisque.  And the holiday season just isn’t the same without a cookie exchange.  So what better time to run our cookie contest?  Last year’s Cookie Contest entries proved that our authors are just as creative with their decorating skills as they are with their recipes, so this year, we’re offering a top prize for each!  While you’re busy brainstorming your entries for these upcoming contests, don’t forget you still have time to get in your entries for the Bread Contest.  And while you’re there, don’t forget to vote for your favorite entries!

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Upcoming Lion Brand Summer Yarns Contest

Summer isn't typically the time we think about taking up needles and wool, but the availability of light-weight and gossamer yarns these days, it's the perfect time to whip up some new projects. We're teaming up with our friends from Lion Brand to bring you the Summer Yarns Contest! Show off your lace techniques, craft up new totebags, make some summer shawls or sundresses. Think beach, bbq, and long, hot days, and get your needles, hooks and looms ready to go.  We'll be launching this one soon!

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Concerning the upcoming Maker's Faire in Queens, NY....

Unless some sort of miracle happens  (something I really doubt at this point), I will be unable to attend the Maker Faire in Queens NY this year which is only 6 day away ! I was really hoping to be able to arrange for a way up and a way to stay, but due to circumstances beyone my control (more on that later), I will not have the way nor the way to stay;  so sadly it will be a no show for me.   Next year, if I survive until then, I WILL be there unless I have lost everything here (I am wondering about that prospect too due to the very same "circumstance" I mentioned before).  Those that are able to go, I want to see all kinds of pictures (please).  Thanks !

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Upcoming: Klutz Rubber Band-Powered Contest

Coming soon, a new contest where every entry is powered by rubber bands, it's the Klutz Rubber Band-Powered Contest! The rubber bands can be twisted or stretched, alone or in combination. Just remember that no weapons are allowed. We're doing this to have fun, not hurt others so let's see the creativity fly!We mean that flying part literally. There are prizes for any type of creation, but there will also be a special prize for the best flying contraption. To encourage more people to enter, and to make the entries more easily reproducible, we want to see Instructables that use materials that are cheap and easy to find and have the whole thing be something that can be done in an afternoon or an evening.More details will be coming soon, but that should be enough to get you going for now. So get your rubber bands ready!

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List of Upcoming Contests (updated 9/10/19)

Hello everyone! Below is a partial list of the 2019 contest calendar. Keep in mind that this list is subject to change and contests will continue to be added throughout the year. The contests below are already in planning, and I've left off ones that we're still trying to decide on. The months indicate when the contests will be launching. All contests will launch near the beginning of each month. Keep in mind that the list below is not set in stone. All contests and dates are subject to change!AugustFlying ChallengeIf your project flies, we want to see itSpicy ChallengeFeeling hot, hot, hot... when it comes to these recipesClassroom Organization ChallengeShow us your favorite solutions to tame the craft and work supply madnessMetal ContestUse metal in your project - head banging optionalIndoor Lighting ContestWe love lampTeacher ContestTeach us your ways, oh educators!SeptemberMaps ChallengeMake cartography great againMake it Move ContestIf it moves, it's eligible!Kitchen Skills ChallengeShare your kitchen knowledgeCNC ContestBuild a project using a CNCArt Skills ChallengeDrawing, painting, sculpting, animation and moreSkateboarding ContestBuild a board, share tricks, wax every ledgeHalloween ContestCostumes, props, decorations, food and moreOctoberMultidiscipline ContestOpen to projects that combine two or more disciplines, like woodworking AND sewingAfter School ChallengeAfter school projects and activities Book Character Costume ChallengeLet your imagination run wild and bring your favorite book characters to lifeCandy ChallengeSugar and spice and everything niceMade with Math ContestCombine math with makingRobots ContestMake yourself a robotic friendNovemberMeal Prep ChallengeGet a gold star in being an adult and teach us how to meal prepFashion ContestIt's called fashion sweetie, look it upInvention ContestSolve everyday problems by creating something newAssistive Tech ContestUse technology to make life easierHome Decor ContestRefresh and restyle the DIY wayReuse ContestWork with what you've got instead of buying newDecemberPCB Badge ChallengeCreate custom PCB badges using EagleCrazy 4 Coding ChallengeShare fun coding projectsCookies ChallengeC is for cookie, and cookie is for meFiber Arts ChallengeThe challenge for all textile arts: weaving, crochet, embroidery, sewing, etc.Instrument ContestMake some noiseMad Science Fair ContestOpen to all science fair projects and experimentsShelving ContestGet creative with shelvingMake it Glow ContestAdd LEDs to all the things! *All contests and dates are subject to change. Please leave suggestions for prizes here. You can also leave suggestions about contests here. Have a contest question? Check the Contest FAQ!

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 can someone repost the link for the upcoming contests please . Thanks you

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I need to make a display for my artwork for an upcoming show.

I need to make a display for a 10 X 10 space for an art show the last weekend in June. Have been contemplating buying one but believe it would be cheaper to make. Being an artist I do not have oddles of money. I  want to make something that would hold  artwork on both sides. A friend sugguested I use lattice spread across a wood frame but did not really help me with how it would stand.

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Event Calendar

Hate to ask...but is there a Instructable calendar somewhere with upcoming Instructable events...and if so, where is it? Thanks

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Where's the Sugar Contest?

It's on the upcoming contest list, it's date is set on Dec 11, 2017 and it's not up yet.

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Upcoming Welding, Mechanical Sculpture, Woodturning, Glass Classes etc at The Crucible

Want to expand your repertoire of Instructable skills so you can weld, make fun kinetic sculptures with your creations or re-use old stuff, make jewelry, glass etc? If you're in the SF Bay Area, check out the upcoming classes at The Crucible, a non-profit in West Oakland, CA. It's easy to get there off of 880 or by BART.Some classes have "family packs" where 2 people can get a discount when you take a class together, which could make for an interesting Father's Day or graduation gift. You can see all the classes and start dates on these postings:http://sfbay.craigslist.org/search/cls/eby?query=crucible&neighborhood;=Or browse around on The Crucible site - http://www.thecrucible.orgHave fun!

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What should I use as a substitute for milk in my upcoming prop?

I'm planning on making a prop of Lon Lon Milk, from the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. The one problem I'm having is what I should use as a substitute for the milk? I want to use something that has the appearance of milk, but won't go bad/spoil. I'm also hoping to find something that is thick, and won't move around as much. My first thought is to use wax of some sort, but I don't know how well that would turn out. Does anybody else have any suggestions?

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Aluminum Extrusions?

Does one of you guys know the best place i can buy aluminum extrusions? I need some for an upcoming project.

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Where can i find some pictures of mepains sergant gumdrops? Answered

I need some pictures of it for my upcoming gun.

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Where can I find a digital potentiometer?

I need a digital potentiometer for an upcoming arduino project. does anyone know where I could salvage one?

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what is the most powerful semi-automatic knex mechanism that doesnt involve the slingshot action? Answered

I need a good mechanism for my upcomeing knex gun,please help

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What do you want to see in OS X Snow Leopard?

Please share your predictions for the upcoming mac Operating System

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All these Mate1 ads...

I've noticed that banner ads often coincide with current or upcoming contests... What can we expect, with all the Mate1 dating site ads all over the place?

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Know any ongoing contests?

Does anyone know any ongoing or even upcoming (free to enter) (technology related) contests p.s. besides the ones on instructables.com p.p.s. it can be about anything related to technology (even photography)

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Can maynard shell work with raspbian wheezy or is it a different OS?

From what I understand it will be a OS, or will it be a add-on for other operating systems?     http://www.raspberrypi.org/preview-the-upcoming-maynard-desktop/

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what air soft gun out of these pics would you buy?? Answered

i am shopping for air soft guns for an upcoming war i got the pics from images

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I got an ad...

I came home today and went on instructables, and I got an ad for a dremel on the home page. Is this a in house ad, like for an upcoming dremel contest? I'm not complaining, I just thought I'd let you know.  Pic below:

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