photos not uploading

I am trying to enter into the newest contest and not all of my photos are uploading. They are all the same size and I am mot getting any error messages it just takes me back to the upload page after I selected the photo I need uploaded. I am on a samsung galaxy tablet so it wont allow me to use the new uploader I have to use the old version for some reason. Any suggestions? Thank you in advance!

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Uploading images Answered

When you post a comment and you choose images from your library, is it possible to get images from the internet or do you have do upload from your computer?

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Pictures not uploading!

I cannot seem to get my pictures to upload succesfully! i need help. anyone kno whats going on? They dont even show up in my library!

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Uploading Videos

Hey guys...i dont know if anyone else has a similar problem with upoading videos...i find it so time consuming...i heard of a new software called !SMACK! it is meant to be really says it uploads to youtube and myspace 100x faster...does anyone use this it any good?? thanks

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Upload Help

Hi Everyone, I'm kinda new here at Instructables, and am trying to put up my first Instructable, but I have been encountering a problem with uploading pictures. I add all the pictures I need from my computer, so that they're in a list above the upload button, so then I click the upload button and nothing happens. I thought that maybe the website had somehow uploaded them without me knowing, but whenever I come back to my Library they aren't there. Yes, I've tried tagging them, and even uploading them to photobucket so I could use the internet upload function to see if that worked and it still didn't. I have a feeling there might be something simple that I'm not seeing or getting. Can anyone help? Thanks!

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Flickr uploader

We have one now. It's in your upload page: Read more about it here on the blog.

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Uploading pictures

Hi, I seem unable to upload pictures for a step by step instructive. IPad 2

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Uploading videos

I tried uploading an .avi file for my instructable and it didn't seem to work. Anyone have any suggestions?

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Uploading Files

Just a quick question, I'm using Firefox. can i set a few files uploading for my 'able, then go to a new tab and do stuff there? what if i set files uploading in I.E and use Firefox to browse? anyone know? Thanks. Fudge.

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Trouble with the uploader?

So, I'm trying to start on a new instructable, thing is i've got a LOT of images to upload for it, and the new uploader isnt working for me. yesterday it would let me 6 or so images at a time, any more and it would give me a server error message. today any attempt at all with the new uploader gives me the same server error message. the old uploader works, but it's going ot be a long long painfull process to upload sll the images if i have to go though and select them one at a time. anyone have any ideas?

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Uploaded photos?

How do you put the photo's that were up loaded in "your library"  the Order that I want?

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Upload Problems

Hi Everybody, I'm getting the following message all the time when trying to upload. There's been a problem updating your Instructable parsererror SyntaxError: JSON.parse: bad control character in string literal Thanks for your help. Bob Walsh

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Upload Fault

I can not upload excel files to my instructible. I have tried 20 or more times, closed the browser and repeated, tried another browser, renamed the files but nothing seems to work. I have had this problem before and sometimes after about 2 hours of frustration, the files suddenly upload correctly. This is extremely annoying. Can anything be done to fix this fault ?

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unable to upload

Newbie I tried many times last night to upload pictures to my library and had no luck. Watched a youtube video on the subject, but still no luck. Are there an instructable to show me what I am doing wrong? I am using a newer Mac. Are the pictures in the wrong format I was able to choose files . when I hit upload, nothing seemed to happen and the library was empty. The text I entered vanished into the unknown.

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Uploading Problems

Im trying to upload a new build but once I click save it begins to update and never stops! I left it over night and it never stopped :/ can anyone help?

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Uploading Files?

When making my step-by-step "Homemade Hedbanz Game" Instructable, I tried uploading my Microsoft Word files the same way I uploaded my pictures. They would say they downloaded 100% but I could never find them in my uploaded gallery, nor in my Instructable (I checked the "add to this step" box). I can't figure out how to do it, and I am scared my contest entries won't win because of it (I entered it into the Craft Contest and the Toy Contest). Please help!!

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Uploading video?

I was trying to uplaod a video for instructables and it asked me for embedded video code. What is that, and how do i get it?

Question by smool 

can't upload!!

I loaded everything... and I clicked under my youtube video on "share", copied the link url from youtube, pasted it in the proper box,  clicked "publish"... the system keeps telling me that I need an imbed code!!!  What am I doing wrong??

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Trouble uploading files

Having difficulty uploading files.  I've selected the files and pressed the upload button.  The percentage uploaded increases to 100% but the files stay on the upload list with a status of 100%.  Files are not attached to the step nor do they appear under "your library".  I'm using Firefox 14.0.1.  I've also tried it on Chrome 20.0.1132.57.  Had this problem this morning (Pacific time) and this evening.  This morning I was on a different local network than this evening - so not a network problem.

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Is there something wrong in the Uploading of Instructables?

Whenever I try to upload a Photo It fails, and ERROR 10 shows up. I do not have any problem with uploading Photo in Face Book, or Google then why the problem on this site?

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100% uploaded picture is no seen

I found this problem during a step by step Instructables: I uploaded all pictures in one batch. When I got to step 1 of the Instructables, I found one of pictures was not in the library. I clicked on "upload" tab, it showed 100% uploaded but it didn't show up in the library or the instructables, nor the specific step. I refreshed browser. It didn't help.  I tried "select files", "upload" a few times, it didn't help. I logged out my account, logged in and tried the above tricks, still didn't work. What's problem? How to fix it? How to add that picture to the step?  

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how do I upload pictures?

How do I upload and install pix and sync the pix with my instruction steps?

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I need help with uploading a Video!

I'm trying to publish a video about something I made, but when I put the embed code, and after i save it, it disappears, and I put it again and I press publish instead, and it still doesn't work, can someone explain to me why it wont work?

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How do I upload videos to my instructables? Answered

I dont know how to upload pictures to my instructables and my dad, and mom dont know how,and they wont help me!!

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New and having trouble uploading pics for my first instructable...

Everytime I click upload, it uploads the pic and then crashes.  When I re-log back in, there's no pics whatsoever!  :(  This is my first instructable so I could use a hand with this problem please. Shy Silver Leaf

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How do I upload web pages I have written?

My next instructable is set up and ready to go except all the steps are written and illustrated in web page form. I can't seem to upload these darn things. The closest I have come is to take some pitiful photos of my wife's pitiful computer monitor...ick! Signed, Help

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Can't add images to forum comments

I know there is a post about someone being unable to post pics in ible comments, but I am also having the same problem on the forum. I thought I'd start a new thread with specific problems I am having and what I have tried. If I click the add images button I get a box that says Add Images and Files from your Library, but does not show the images already in my library. Under that, I have three options 1)upload, 2) your library and 3)flickr import. 1)If I choose the upload button, I get a button that says Choose Files. When I choose a file it does upload and appears in the box and when I preview my comment, I can see the text and the picture yet when I hit post comment, the forum topic reloads without my comment. (I had thought it might be a delay thing, but my original attempt was made almost a week ago and still hasn’t appeared) If I choose the old uploader from the upload option, I get the file loading image spinning for a few seconds, then it just disappears but without the image being uploaded. – Actually it does upload the image but just does not display it on this page. When I go to my library from the me page, I find countless copies of the same image that I was trying to add. 2)your library – if I choose this option nothing changes. There are no images displayed even though I do have images in my library. 3) flickr import. Again nothing changes when I select this option. I thought that maybe the problem was with Firefox –(I have the latest Firefox running on Windows Vista) so I tried using Internet Explorer. Using IE, when I click add images, I get the image loading graphic and it says loading your library, but nothing else happens, the graphic just spins and spins and spins!

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We couldn't reach the mother ship. Please try again.

When I try to publish my instructable, I get this on my screen. what to do?

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Adding photos to an instructable

I am trying to create my first instructable but I can't get my photos to load. The image numbers,such as P1010199.JPG show up at the bottom of the edit screen, but no pictures appear. What am I doing wrong?

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I have a computer and it keeps uploading something to the internet and I have no idea what it is uploading?

I just set up a small network, and the computer that is connected to the internet that supplies the internet to the other computers keeps uploading something and I have no idea what it is uploading. There is nothing running on the computer that should be accessing the internet so I am confused. It's not causing any big problems to the network, except if I leave the computer connected to the internet, my internet  usage will slowly get used up. If anyone has any ideas, it would be appreciated

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Why won't my video upload from youtube? Answered

I still can not upload my videos from youtube. I gave up trying some months ago and decided to come back and see if the problem had been fixed but still no joy. Anybody have the same problem? I have used the embed code from the 'Share' function (both options) and the long link in the address bar, which I have now placed in the details on my 'instructable'. I have used both Mozilla and Internet Explorer to deliver the code but stil nothing. Any ideas? Regards Pavlovafowl aka Sue

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why is my instructable tacking so long to show up? Answered

I uploaded a tutorial with a few 16mp photos on it and its not showing up in instructables or in recent. is it jus taking a while to upload?

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Uploading a remixed song? Answered

Hi guys.      Recently I remixed a song using garageband, well technically it's not a remix. I just combined the original song with the remixed song. And I was wondering if it is illegal to post it on youtube or something like that.

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New picture uploader

New uploader does not do anything. (using safari)

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Can't upload video

I am currently trying to upload a video to my library but it won't upload. I do not want to make a youtube account, therefor I just want to upload the video for download. I was able to upload one video, but it just sits there saying it is when it isn't. please help.

Topic by gimmelotsarobots 

image upload unavailable

I have been trying to upload photos since yesterday. It just says unable, due to server maintenance.

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problems uploading images?

It looks like image uploads are broken for me, is anyone else having problems? when i attempt to upload a new image it doesn't show up in my library, an old image (previously uploaded) is put in the preview area instead of the new one although it reports that the upload was successful.

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Image Upload Problem

Is any one else having the problem with uploading Images. I can't upload anything, my internet is fine and I have broadband 5mb/sec

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The uploader is killing me!

Both the old and new uploader was working great for me a while ago. Until recently, the old uploader dose now work for me anymore and the new uploader starts posting tiny pictures. Now every time I try use the new uploader, firefox crashes, and the old uploader looks different, but still does not work!I am trying to use flicker to bypass instructables's uploaders, but I am finding impossible to use! :-( I cannot post any instructables without picture and I have two project ideas for the LED contest, what can I do? Please help me...

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Photo upload help?

I uploaded about ten photos, all turned out great except one. I tried re-uploading it, and it still looks pixelated. all of the pictures are from the same camera, and all look good on my computers photo viewer, just not on instructables.

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Uploading Video Trouble? Answered

I've been trying to upload a video to my instructable ( but every time, it uploads completely then says http error and doesnt post the video. Any ideas on how to fix this?? Thanks!

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Help with uploading images?

I need help with uploading images to Instructables -- the wheel just keeps on spinning forever. I've had this problem on SuSE and Ubuntu... Can anyone help? Please?

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Usability - uploading images

Hey Been a while since I made an Instructable. I browsed, picked several images to upload. Decided I wasn't going to add tags. I couldn't figure out how to actually upload the images. Finally I noticed the "upload" button next to the tags, which I think I'd thought was to save the tags (yes even though it says Upload). I realize you're testing a new uploader so maybe this is moot but I think moving the Upload button to the far right might help. Or maybe I'm the only one having this problem!

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Fuzzy Picture Uploads?

When I try to upload a nice crisp image to ibles, I find that it invariably becomes irritatingly fuzzy. What can I do about this?

Topic by threecheersfornick   |  last reply

instructables help uploading

I am not sure what is happening but when I tried to upload a photo for my first instructables it woud not upload I wait about half a hour but it still wont, help!!!!!!!!!

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what is wrong with the uploader?! ?

I've been trying for 3 days to upload a simple jpg so i can get my instructable published, and using the old uploader it just sits there with the spinning thing (i let it run for an hour at one point), and the new uploader says "server (io) error". i'm using ie7, have no problems with any other websites, and am running on T1 connection. help!?

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Can't upload pictures

Anyone else unable to load pictures into a Photo-Ible today ? Save doesn't work either.

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Bug in Upload button

The upload button is simply not doing anything for me. Quite simply, that's all i have to say.

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photos uploading sideways?

I have uploaded my photos to my 'ible, "10 minute tutu" but some of the photos come in sideways, some upside-down. I cannot figure out how to rotate them once uploaded. I have reuploaded them and found the same problem. They are all rotated the correctly on my desktop and iPhoto. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Cheers Sarah

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