Upside Down Planters

This tutorial over on design*sponge shows you how to make some upside down planters for cheap, using supplies from around the house. I've seen some conflicting reports (mostly negative) about hanging plants upside down, but for such an easy and low-cost project it's certainly worth an experiment. Has anyone tried upside-down gardening? If so, how did it go? diy project: recycled upside down planters

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With the upside down tomatoes in bucket does it need full sun?

 With the upside down tomatoes in bucket, does it need to be in full sun ? Wanted to hang buckets on porch, it would get the morning sun only.

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Discrimination is rampant

I saw this article in the paper the other day and it really ticked me off. it seems we've worked so hard to battle discrimination that now we discriminate only against atheists and white people.why is it that every religion in the world is safe from discrimination by law but if your an atheist you fair game? you can wear a turban instead of a hard hat at work, you can't wear a hat in school....unless your jewish or Muslim...... if its in your religion to wear a certain kinda pants or get your uniform altered....... but you were shorts instead of pants when its 100 degrees out you get written can openly wear religious apparel or pray in public places but if I wear a T-shirt that says I pray to the temple of labatt blue I get kicked out of the mall?we strive for equality, my question is how unequal in the opposite direction does it have to get before everyone ELSE is happy?

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Firing a Gun Upside-Down?

I was wondering about the kickback from a gun, i know that fired normally a gun kicks up but i thought what if you hold it upside down? will it kick upwards like usual or will it kick towards the ground? Thanks in advance for your answers. O and is the effect the same with handguns and pistols?

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Upside Down Heart Earrings

Hey guys! Just like to share something new I learned :) Obviously, it's a heart shape earring but what's interesting is how to create it and how to slide in the bead at the center of the heart. I had fun creating this cute thing from watching the video by Ross Barbera. I can't share the steps here as it's not my own, but if you like to find out how to do it you can watch it HERE. Cheers!

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how do i get my lighter to work upside down? Answered

Ive got a lighter and i need to light stuff so i have to turn it upside down but it doesnt work

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how good is the upside-down tomato planter?

I would like to know if anyone has tried the upside-down tomato planter (I know that's not the name of it).

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Updating an upsidedown planter and had some ideas, the only problem is that I know nothing about gardening. please help.

K, so I've been trying to make an instructable for about a year now, but I always pick projects that are apparently too ambitious for me as I never finish them... But I just had an idea as I will not be home this sumer so I won't have the joy of attempting to grow peppers this year... which means I'll have to try over the winter months. So I saw this instructable and thought it seemed like a perfect idea And then I started getting ideas of how to update it and make it better... however, I know a sum total of about nothing when it comes to plants... Last year i just bought a pepper plant from the local greenhouse, fed it fertilizer sticks once every other week, shoved it on my shed roof and hoped for the best... It succeeded, but I'm not yet willing to say it was skill on my part. So My first plot for an update came from this instructable Since the pot will be hanging upside down and all that, checking the soil will be hasslesome, so a self watering system seems like a good idea, but this just seems complicated to me... So I've seen these things ( on tv from time to time and was wondering how they work? Like could I just cut off the base of a wine bottle and shove the neck into the soil and then just fill the wine bottle as needed (or some other kind of glass bottle... i can cut glass easy enough)? My next though was when the instructable told me to cover the hole with plastic wrap so nothing leaks out onto the floor... But then I was thinking if a cork could also do the same task... I was thinking of drilling a hole through it and then cutting it into 4 pieces and re-assembling it around the stem and corking the bottle from the inside... Since I made the cuts I figure the plant would just move the cork out of the way as it grew and would eventually be big enough to just take the place of the cork... but again i don't know enough about plants to know if this would actually work. My last question is more of a what type of plant should i put in my bottle... I personally like peppers but the last time i grew them was on the roof of my shed and I'm wondering if they need more sun then they would getting sitting inside and upside down through the winter... and if not, what kind of plat could I plant in an upside down planter designed for indoor winter use? Also, is it true that used coffee grounds make for good fertilizer?

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how do i make a upside down tomato planter?

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How do I make an upside down tomato planter?


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Every picture I post uploads upside down no matter what I do HEELLLPP!

HELP! Everytime I try to upload a photo it posts upside down!? Why? I cannot fix it. I tried rotating it before I uploaded it and it still is up side down. What should I do. thanks!

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Can uploaded photo's be turned? They are all upside down, and on my PC they are looking fine.? Answered

I did take lots of pictures with my iPhone 4 and they seem to be upside down in some programs/sites. But on windows explorer and picasa they seem to be ok. I want to use them to create an instructable about woodturning, but all uploaded images are upside down. Can they be turned around on this site? Thanks!

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my XBOX 360 only reads games upside down does anyone now how to fix it?

It wont play any games regular it only plays them upside down and mcrosoft wants to charge me 99.99$ so i need some help

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Could i mount a jigsaw upside down and use it Like a fretsaw ?? Answered

Could i mount a jigsaw upside down and use it Like a fretsaw ?? because my fretsaw is nackered and before i buy a new one if i can improvise by making it in a vice and Building a metal support etc Itwill be perfect

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What type of scooter battery is this?

Sorry about upside down pic

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Is it possible to build an "Inversion Table" at home? (CHEAPLY)?

Inversion tables are used to stretch the spine by hanging upside down by your ankles

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is it possible to make an "inversion table" at home, cheaply?

An "inversion table" is one that you can lay on and tip yourself upside down to let your spine stretch.

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Instructables mention in New York Times

Everyone's getting into the garden this summer (and you should too - by entering our Garden Contest!), and nothing's hotter than growing things upside-down.  Cutworms ravaging your tomato plants?  Take a tip from Instructables and the New York Times, and grow them from hanging pots.  You don't have to be an apartment dweller to take advantage of these low-profile planters that are cheap and easy to DIY. Check out our mention in the Garden section of the New York Times this week.  They know a good thing when they see one!

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is wax a good fuel???[in vapour state]?

 i burnt wax by keeping it on a spoon on a flame.... after some time it caught fire. then when i turned th spoon upside down large flames were there as if flame shower. so is it a good fuel?  

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Inverted Drill Press?

Hi..for those of you who may own a drill you think it would  be possible(On the smaller lighter versions maybe)  to invert it and use the press upside down to drill though 8" thick wood and land spot on ?..Cheers

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plans for under cabinet drawer or spice storage?

I am in need for some plans or ideas of storage under my kitchen cabinets that are mounted on the wall.depth is not critical. something like a spice rack or a knife rack, I will need it to act like a upside down drawer

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who knows how to make a booby trap?

Just wondering how to hang someone upside down. I want to extort some money. I have already made an instructable on it but I want to know how it's really done.

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does having a tuba on its bell for long periods of time flatten the bell? Answered

I was wondering because the 7 tuba players at our school are pretty lazy(i included) so after the class we usally just leave them upside down on the bells for the next class.

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how do i make an lcd screen (the ones that have the 8 things not the computer screen) say a word like go ou or hello? Answered

I mean by real circuits not typing somthing like 458472 and turning it upside down.

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Sand and water pictures?

I am trying to find instructions for making sand and water pictures where a mixture of sand water and air are trapped between two pieces of glass. By turning the picture upside down the sand, restricted by the air bubbles will produce a unique "landscape" on each occasion. Any help would be much appreciated.

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Booklet Making Software?

Does anyone out there know of good (preferably free) software for laying out the pages of a booklet on a letter size or legal size sheet of paper? It would have to be able to assemble the pages of the booklet (some upside down, others on the back of the sheet) that is then folded, stapled and cut to make a booklet.

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plans for Converting a Portable Circular Saw Into a Table Saw?

I'm needing to use a table saw but only have a craftsman circular. I can't afford to buy a true table saw, but I've seen some people make a table and place the circular upside down, using bolts to attach it to the underside of the work surface on these home built tables.

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What's the best way to attach fabric to the inside of a plastic milk crate?

I want to make my own ottoman out of a plastic milk crate, turned upside down, with a small pillow on top, that's completely covered with fabric. But I'm not sure how to attach the fabric to the inside of the milk crate so it stays put. Any ideas or tips?

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How to roll a building

If you want to move a building a little over to the side and, oh, upside-down, then it looks like all you have to do is set off explosives on just one side. That's what it looks like what happened in this video in Turkey, anyway. Wish it also included what led up to this amazing building barrel roll.

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Puppy names!

Guess who got not one, but two puppies? :D And guess who has absolutely no clue as to what to name them? Yeah, that'd be me. So what do you think are some good puppy names? Here's a picture of them, one has an ear that sticks straight up and the other has an upside down white triangle on his forehead. Oh yeah, they're both boys.

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How to stuff a kong?

I want something simple no peanut butter or anything like that.  Would a few medium sized milkbones be a challenge for a dog in a XL Kong or do i need a bigger size? Please help  regular dog food does packed in is not a challange my dog learned to turn the kong upside down to drain out the food..

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How to cut precise disk out of aluminium or gfk?

Hi, I'ld like to make a kind of spool. For that I need a two discs (80mm diameter) and a ring. The material is 3mm gfk or alu. By now my idea is to mount a jigsaw upside down and rotate the gfk around its center, so that the saw cuts tangential. Any better ideas are welcome. cheers Michael

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Use computer ball mouse as a tethered power controller? Answered

Making a "vibrabot" w 2 cellphone motors. I want to use a ball mouse as a tethered power controller 4 the motors. ie. More juice 2 one motor 2 make it turn. Like to use the buttons & perhaps the roller ball. Holding the mouse upside down so I can thumb roll the ball. Whaddya' think?

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photos uploading sideways?

I have uploaded my photos to my 'ible, "10 minute tutu" but some of the photos come in sideways, some upside-down. I cannot figure out how to rotate them once uploaded. I have reuploaded them and found the same problem. They are all rotated the correctly on my desktop and iPhoto. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Cheers Sarah

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Fun in an Orb

Rolling down a hill in a tire just got a tech upgrade. The buzzball, described as a "hamster ball for humans" is the new creation from Evento, a New Zealand company that creates, well, interesting forms of kinetic entertainment. The Buzzball recreates the feeling of being on an upside-down roller coaster in all its nausea-inducing glory. However, unlike the other products from Evento, the Buzzball does not come in the shape of a bathroom item.via Geekdad

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How to build one of these electro magnets?

Ive seen plans to build electro magnets where a metallic object is dangled upside down. this company inverts it so the metallic object is propelled upwards. from some of the pictures ive found it looks to be four magnets working together. any one have any info on building one from scratch? the first site below have videos of it in action.

Question by autoflow 7 years ago

Don't you hate it when..... make something and forget to document it because you're so engrossed. I made a night light for my daughter. It is inside a coffee jar usually but for getting a good picture of the tree I took it out. It has a tilt switch for on and off. Upside down is off. It's also got.... A lithium battery Wireless charging Magnet wire construction I'm posting this because I don't know if I'll make another.

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How do you get all the lotion or soap out of a pump dispenser?

I don't know how much soap and lotion I've wasted because it doesn't all come out the pump. Sure you can turn it upside down, then take the lid off when you want to use it, but have you ever tried it? It gets messy - and how do you put the lid back on while holding the stuff???

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weights to keep pedals with clips/straps upright?

I just made some foot straps out of old seat belt material, they work great but they of course always flip upside down when my feet aren't in them. anyone got any ideas for weighting the pedals so they stay upright? preferably pretty minimalist so i can actually still use the bottom side in a pinch and not slip off or whatever.

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What is this item?

A friend gave this to me, wanted me to find out what it is. I have no idea, she was a bit creeped out by it. It's small, as you can see, sitting on counter in front of coffee pot. When it sits right side up, it looks like a goats head, and upside down it looks like an old man with beard. Someone suggested to me that it could be an end to a samurai sword, however I think that is incorrect. What do you guys think?

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magic town

I visited the sculpters shop in manitou springs colorado micheal gorman there is an unbelievable display called magic town, in the model building have scenes within the building which change between two scenes there appears to be a glass panel, at 45 degrees some of the objects in the scene are attached upside down and when the scene changes they appear in the next scene there are small light bulbs which go on and off as the scene changes his is not a good description but can anyone explain to me how this is done its driving me crazy

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Photography contest?

Ermm I've noticed a real nuisance with the photography contest, so far the majority of what I've seen is 'how to take a professional photo' the problem is everyone's suddenly become a professional photographer overnight... I don't mean to offend those that are by the way... My big gripe is the fact that there's not as much variation on these, like the pocket contest varied far and wide but everyone has seemingly made the same instructable... On the upside there will no longer be any really bad photos about the place. I just want to see some more variations...

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Does anyone want a really enjoyable Maths problem I've been thinking about for days?

Here is it: Prove that (Xn): (any) n Xn=1+1/1!+1/2!+1/3!.....+1/n! converges and lim(Xn)=lim(Yn), where                     n Yn=(1+1/n) ( (any) is upside down A, n in the end is power) I know asking homework-based questions is unethical, but I've been doing it for 2 weeks and my teacher tells me it is very enjoyable... Any ideas?

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Bloody hell, I just made it to 20 years old!

Well it's my birthday and I'm 20... Sadly marred by my favourite drinking buddy, my brother jack not being able to drink, because we got in an argument and now has a broken jaw... On the upside it's the new wingman line "It's my birthday" -  "It's his birthday and he broke my jaw", ensuring free pints... Oh and yes, I'm childish anough to post a topic about my birthday, though excuses for myself are running thin, getting older has a downside. 

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BBC Four did an Instructable: How to make a camera obscura

I wonder if they know that they did?For some reason the video-embed says the video is no longer available. It is, I just watched it.The link is But, if that doesn't work either:An Italian photographer takes over a room in a Venetian palace. They cover all the windows in opaque black plastic sheets. They wait a moment to let their eyes get used to the dark, then cut a hole in the plastic, about 3 inches square.An image of the view outside appears "magically" on the wall opposite - upside down, but perfect in every colourful detail.

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ARMY Helicopter Film Shoot

COMING SOON My latest film project is a Helicopter crash/ Behind Enemy Lines sort of ordeal I do not want to give away too much, BUT I will bee posting how I built the Military helicopter rig I used to flip my actors upside down in the crash scene. So I will be building a 6ft x 5ft x 6ft interior of an Army military helicopter within the next few weeks, just give you guys something to look forward in seeing, since I've only posted one instructable a long while back. ~Miranda Pechon

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iPhone Pirates!

From Wired:"The iPhone's App Store is becoming an increasingly juicy target for pirates, who have illegally cracked 20 percent of paid applications for free distribution.Apple's App Store offers about 25,000 paid apps, and iPhone analytics company Medialets estimates at least 5,000 have been pirated. The company also said it has tracked dozens of apps with as high as a 100-to-1 pirated-to-paid ratio."That's one fifth of Apple's applications for the iphone! LinkWhat do you guys think? Do any of you use the pirated apps? Most of us have heard all the downsides to pirating, are there upsides to pirating? Opinions welcome; discuss!

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Reduce Inbox Spam with Mailinator

I have been using this site for quite a while, and I have decided to share it with those that have not yet found it out.It is called mailinator and whenever you sign up for something that requires an email address, you can choose any name along with the mailinator domain. The upside is that you do not have to make an account with mailinator, and whenever you sign up with the mailinator domain, you just have to go to the mailinator site and type in the name you chose.One downfall is that anyone can use the same name, but all emails are deleted after a few hours (according to their FAQ).All in all, it is great for any temporary use for when you don't want emails going to your main email domain.mailinator

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