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Urgent problems!!

I can't upload images, I can't submit bugs ! Details available if it's not trivial to reproduce.

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Can gsm send mms? how to do it? what are the coding?

I need urgent help. I am doing my final year project.I want a camera capture image then save inside SD card breakout board. Then i want to send the image using gsm. Can i do it? then how? If can no, then how can i do something like this? what type of camera should i used? P.S sorry for bad english.

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I need to get the Source code for Hardware Implementaton of Software defined radio by CCS with Simulink Interfacing?

May be give me some useful links so that i can sort out the project

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What is the maximum data of an mms that gsm can send?

I used SIM900A GSM/GPRS Module to send mms in my project. I want to know what is the maximum data that this gsm can send? And is there any other way to send more than the maximum data?

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I write c code for lcd and ketpad interface but when i run simulation it detect value from keypad but not show detected value here is code! /* * my_kp.c * * Created: 1/19/2014 5:23:42 PM *  Author: ALEES GEE! */ #include #include #include "IncLcd.h" #define KEY_PRT PORTC #define KEY_DDR DDRC #define KEY_PIN PINC void delay_ms() { _delay_ms(20); } unsigned char keypad[4][4] ={ '0','1','2','3','4','5','6','7','8','9','A','B','C','D','E','F'}; int main(void) { unsigned char collloc, rowloc, data; DDRA = 0xff; DDRB = 0x0ff; KEY_DDR = 0XF0; KEY_PRT = 0XFF; while(1) {   do   {    KEY_PRT &= 0x0F;    collloc = (KEY_PIN & 0x0F);   } while (collloc != 0x0F);   do   {    do    {     delay_ms();     collloc = (KEY_PIN & 0x0F);    } while (collloc == 0x0F);       delay_ms();    collloc = (KEY_PIN & 0x0F);   } while (collloc == 0x0F);   while (1)   {    KEY_PRT = 0xEF;    collloc = (KEY_PIN & 0x0F);    if (collloc != 0x0F)    {     rowloc = 0;     break;    }    KEY_PRT = 0xDF;    collloc = (KEY_PIN & 0x0F);       if (collloc != 0x0F)    {     rowloc = 1;     break;    }    KEY_PRT = 0xBF;    collloc = (KEY_PIN & 0x0F);    if (collloc != 0x0F)    {     rowloc = 2;     break;    }    KEY_PRT = 0x7F;    collloc = (KEY_PIN & 0x0F);    rowloc = 3;    break;   }   if (collloc == 0x0E)   {    data = (keypad[rowloc][0]);    LCD_init();    set2();    LCD_SendData(data);     // write first lcd line    wrcomm();   }    else if(collloc == 0x0D)   {    data = (keypad[rowloc][1]);    LCD_init();    set2();    LCD_SendData(data);     // write first lcd line    wrcomm();   }    else if(collloc == 0x0B)   { data = (keypad[rowloc][2]);    LCD_init();    set2();    LCD_SendData(data);     // write first lcd line    wrcomm();   }    else    data = (keypad[rowloc][3]);    LCD_init();    set2();    LCD_SendData(data);     // write first lcd line    wrcomm();   } return 0; } and here is lcd .h code /* * IncLcd.h * * Created: 1/5/2014 4:23:30 PM *  Author: ALEES GEE! */ #include #ifndef INCLCD_H_ #define INCLCD_H_ #include #include #define dataport PORTA              //define port B ATMEGA16 as dataport #define commport PORTB            //define port D ATMEGA16 as communication / control port #define rs PB0                  //define Pin D4 (Pin no.18) ATMEGA16 as RS control #define wr PB1                  //define Pin D5 (Pin no.19) ATMEGA16 as WR control #define en PB2 ////LCD Initialization/// int LCD_init() { dataport=0x38;    // initialize lcd 2 lines, 5x7 matrix wrcomm();        // right the command byte to a command register dataport = 0x01; // clear the lcd wrcomm();         // right the command byte to a command register dataport = 0x0E;  //display the blinking cursor wrcomm();         // right the command byte to a command register dataport = 0x80;  // cursor at line 1, position 1 wrcomm();         // right the command byte to a command register dataport=0x1C;    //shift entire display to right wrcomm();         // right the command byte to a command register return 1; } //setting1 void set1() { dataport = 0xC0; } //setting2 void set2() { dataport = 0x01; } /////sending data to lcd display//// int LCD_SendData(unsigned char s) { //unsigned char *j=s;   dataport=s;   wrdata(); return 1; } ///righting the command byte to command register/// int wrcomm(void) { commport &=~(1 << rs); //setting rs=0; selecting comand register//0 for command commport &=~(1 << wr); //setting wr=0; selecting comand register//0 for write the data to lcd commport |=(1 << en); // EN = 1 lcd access enabling commport &=~(1 < _delay_ms(20); dataport = 0x01; return 1; } ///righting the databyte to data register/// int wrdata(void) { commport |=(1 << rs); //setting rs=1; selecting command register commport &=~(1 << wr); //setting wr=0; selecting command register commport |=(1 << en); // EN = 1 commport &=~(1 < _delay_ms(300); return 1; } #endif /* INCLCD_H_ */

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NEED to get pictures off nonworking phone

Okay, my old phone is an LG GR500. It has pictures on it that urgently need to get off the old phone and onto the new phone. It has no cell service. PLEASE HELP! I do have a USB cable, but my phone seems to have no pictures on it, but it does. I don't even know how to get the pics to the memory.

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All the wires in my stepper motor are connected to each other, is that possible?

Hey guys, I just bought a stepper motor, and when I was checking to see which wire is connected to what I found that all the six wires are connected to each other, is this even possible? Is it probably because I left the filament end of each wire be connected to each other? Because I just left the wires together thinking that there was nothing wrong with that. Please help me out, this is urgent!! 

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Australians! Urgent help needed!

Hi everyone! I don't really know what category this should be put under, if anyone think it's in the wrong place feel free to move it. I am a guy from Sweden who are backpacking around the world and I am currently in Perth, Western Australia. I'm going abroad to Laos tomorrow and I will stay in south east Asia for about a month and then come back. My problem right now is that I have some luggage (extra clothes and camping gear) that I need to store somewhere during that time. I called a self storage company a couple of days ago from Coral Bay and booked a locker at their facility, however they forgot to mention that I needed to be there before five p.m. when the office closes even though I explicitly asked if I could come by later since I would arrive with the Greyhound bus. Does anyone know any fairly cheap (the lockers in the airport cost 8$ a day, and that is a bit too much) place  that is open at this time, or even someone in the area who could could spare some space for about 1/2 cubic meter of luggage until I come back? If so, please contact me asap either here or on 0405682652.

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Single remote control button for grandma

Hello,I am trying to turn a remote controlled socket remote control (which comes with 4 on and an off buttons) into a single button remote, so that when pressing the button the light would go (on/off/on/off etc.) I am putting this together for a friend with limited mobility who is having issues pressing the on and the off button independently and was wondering if anyone could help? My knowledge of this is incredible limited, so apologies if this is a super simple solve. The current remote (seen in the picture) has a frequency of 433.92MHzThank you!!!

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I am desperately searching for a DURAMAX XP 10 000 E GENERATOR, Carburator

Our Generator Broke down in the middle of the 4 day THANKSGIVING SNOW STORM of the north east. Our Repairman helped us get it going, but stated, he was unable to find a Garburator. I believe he called all his professional contacts. I wanted to try to see if any of the tinkerers  , and geniuses, had any ideas whom to ask, and would be so kind to share this information with me? Thank you so much in advance for your kindness SparkySolar/Rima

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Do I have a Tetnus Infection? Read the Description

Today while using an exacto knife to cut some excess material on a shelf, I used too much force and the knife slid off and poked my palm. About an inch below my thumb. Now the exacto knife I was using wasn't in particulary good shape, some rust, and white out on the tip. This was an old tool I was using for not so clean projects. Well I managed to poke myself and I was wondering if I have a Tetnus Infection. The symtoms are muscle spasms, stiffness, and lockjaw. I read symtoms never occur on the first day, but now it's been 2 hours since I was cut and my right lower bach is starting to ache, maybe I'm just paranoid and it's because of my poor posture when I sit and I'm focusing on it. I washed the wound with soap and water twice, put a band aid on it, took it off when I read it needed oxygen to kill the germs, now I'm typing this. The last time I hade my dTap was probly maybe 6-7 years, or 1-2 years I cannot remember. I can't go the doctors because of reason I can't explain right now. If it gets urgent I'll call a paramedics or something. Should I be worried? Should I get to the doctors to get a booster? Should I go cry in the corner while the effects of Tetnus slowly overwhelm me to the point where the muscle spasms reach my back and I start to spas out unitl I die?

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can we use same arduino programmed sketch for different motor drivers ?

I am expecting to build a bluetooth controlled 2WD robot using arduino. i need to use a pulolu dual VNH motor driver to run the two motors. i have a programmed arduino sketch that made for L293D Motor Shield .can i use that programmed sketch on my new robot that using pulolu motor driver without making any changes to code? if i need changes, what are they.? your help will make my project possible >> L293D MotorShield >> pulolu VNH driver

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Annoying cursor movement when formatting is used

This bug has probably been documented thoroughly, and nearly every single person who writes an instructable must know it by now. When you use italics or bold (I'm sure there's more) when writing, the moment you backspace it goes to the (most previously written) italicized font and backspaces it instead. When you're still writing the word (or phrase) it goes to the back of the word. For someone who is in the middle of writing a massive instructable documenting nearly everything I know in Microsoft's shell scripting, it's very annoying every time I use italics to distinguish between normal writing and code, only to have to rewrite it after backspacing one of my typos. You can recreate this (assuming it happens for more people than just me) by adding a comment, licking on the rich editor, writing some stuff, write in italics and then backspace. I'm using Google Chrome, and I don't think screenshots would help here. Thanks.

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Epilog Laser Contest - Urgent

I have my Instructable here: and I tried to enter it into the contest, but it doesn't show up under recent entries, and when I go to the contest page itself and click "How to Enter" it says "Your Instructables that are already entered in this contest pending moderator approval."  How long does it normally take to get approved? Am I missing something here? I really want to enter this, and with the deadline less than 4 days away, I need help :-) Thanks, GoDoggie

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Natty Narwhal Help (Urgent)?

Tried to upgrade to Natty Narwhal last night, but it looked like it ruined my computer. Its an old laptop Dell Inspiron 86000. It seems to install fine, but when it boots the words are blurry to the point where it is unreadable and the desktop flickers constantly. The bar at the top doesn't even load. The icons jump around the screen. Its impossible to use. PLEASE HELP. I know this is more a thing for the Ubuntu forums, but I don't have an account yet. Also I booted with a Live version of Ubuntu 10.10 to try and recover my files, but it looks like I can't get at them because it is in a password protected folder. HELP.

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How to delete a video from the inernet URGENT

My ex boyfriend but an inappropriate video of me in the internet on a bad site, it wont let me remove it. i need help urgently.. does anyone know how to hack into such sites?

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Establish instructables for respiratory and other essential equipment to fight COVID 19 (corona virus)

Hey all, I urge the makers/instructables community to push to make as easy as possible instructables to make essential and missing equipment in the hospitals (respirators,..) with easily accessible materials. Let's do it!

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HELP ME ::: want to interface ps/2 mouse using uno to pc

Hi friends, i am new to arduino board. Trying to make a arduino uno based PS/2 mouse by using ps2dev.h... From the example from that the mouse move diagonally only. how to set that in other direction left,right,top,bottom.. // move the mouse diagonally     delta_x = 1;     delta_y = 1;     write_packet() Anyone guide me, how to move right or left or up or down...plz help me #include "ps2dev.h" PS2dev mouse(3,2); // 2 data 3clock char buttons[3] = {0,0,0}; int delta_x = 0; int delta_y = 0; //we start off not enabled int enabled =0; //ack a host command void ack() {   while(mouse.write(0xFA)); } void write_packet() {   char overflowx =0;   char overflowy =0;   char data[3];   int x,y;     if (delta_x > 255) {     overflowx =1;     x=255;   }   if (delta_x < -255) {     overflowx = 1;     x=-255;   }    if (delta_y > 255) {     overflowy =1;     y=255;   }   if (delta_y < -255) {     overflowy = 1;     y=-255;   }     data[0] = ((overflowy & 1) << 7) |     ( (overflowx & 1) << 6) |     ( (((delta_y &0x100)>>8) & 1) << 5) |     ( ( ((delta_x &0x100)>>8)& 1) << 4) |     ( ( 1) << 3) |     ( ( buttons[1] & 1) << 2) |     ( ( buttons[2] & 1) << 1) |     ( ( buttons[0] & 1) << 0) ;       data[1] = delta_x & 0xff;   data[2] = delta_y & 0xff;     mouse.write(data[0]);   mouse.write(data[1]);   mouse.write(data[2]);   delta_x = 0;   delta_y = 0; } int mousecommand(int command) {   unsigned char val;   //This implements enough mouse commands to get by, most of them are   //just acked without really doing anything   switch (command) {   case 0xFF: //reset     ack();     //the while loop lets us wait for the host to be ready     while(mouse.write(0xAA)!=0);      while(mouse.write(0x00)!=0);       break;   case 0xFE: //resend     ack();     break;   case 0xF6: //set defaults     //enter stream mode       ack();     break;   case 0xF5:  //disable data reporting     //FM     ack();     break;   case 0xF4: //enable data reporting     //FM     enabled = 1;     ack();     break;   case 0xF3: //set sample rate     ack();;); // for now drop the new rate on the floor     //      Serial.println(val,HEX);     ack();     break;   case 0xF2: //get device id     ack();     mouse.write(00);     break;   case 0xF0: //set remote mode     ack();      break;   case 0xEE: //set wrap mode     ack();     break;   case 0xEC: //reset wrap mode     ack();     break;   case 0xEB: //read data     ack();     write_packet();     break;   case 0xEA: //set stream mode     ack();     break;   case 0xE9: //status request     ack();     //      send_status();     break;   case 0xE8: //set resolution     ack();;);     //    Serial.println(val,HEX);     ack();     break;   case 0xE7: //set scaling 2:1     ack();     break;   case 0xE6: //set scaling 1:1     ack();     break;   }   } int xcenter ; int ycenter; int xsum = 0; int ysum = 0; void setup() {   unsigned char val;   // send the mouse start up   while(mouse.write(0xAA)!=0);    while(mouse.write(0x00)!=0); } void loop() {   unsigned char  c;   if( (digitalRead(3)==LOW) || (digitalRead(2) == LOW)) {     while(;)) ;     mousecommand(c);   } if (enabled) {     // move the mouse diagonally     delta_x = 1;     delta_y = 1;     write_packet()    }   delay(50); }

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If you make a collaboration do you both get the views? Answered

I'm making a collaboration with someone but im not sure if we both  get the views and comments.

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HELP! An engraver bit is stuck in my dremel! Answered

I just got a dremel on Monday. I've been testing it out with the different bits I got with it. I just used the No. 107 engraver bit to practice engraving on some scrap wood. I used the right collet (3/32) and didn't tighten it too hard. I have a dremel 4000. I wanted to use the multipurpose cutter bit so I unscrewed the the collet nut and expected to be able to slip the bit out, but I couldn't . I couldn't even get it out with pliers. PLEASE HELP ME! 

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Help me make portal speakers and also a rechargable battery speaker

Sorry if this is the wrong section i am new this is my first post ok i have an old samsung tv and its to expensive to repair my parents are throwing it out i love opening and fixing electronics and i want to know how to make a portable speaker that plugs into headphone jack for pick 1 and a speaker that can be plugged into wall and a battery charges so when i unplug from wall it still plays until battery dies and i need to charge again.? there is a black and a red wire on all the speakers attached are pics or speakers small are obviously going to be the portable ones and the big square one is the wall charging rechargeable battery one. i want the be able to play music through a jack or iphone/ipod connector? also if anyone has any ideas of what i can do with the rest of the tv let me know

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My computer crashes any time I load 3d stuff, can anyone please help??? (I have an intel graphics card) Answered

Okay, so I want to play minecraft again, and no matter what I do, I can't get it to work without crashing my computer.  I think the problem is graphics card related.  I used to be able to play minecraft on this computer.  One day, I was updating the graphics card drivers then minecraft quit working.  Now, the obvious solution would be to roll back the drivers, however since then I have started with a clean windows install and I just can't get it working again.  I would think the problem would be driver related, but I can't find a driver that works anywhere.  When I start minecraft I can login, open up a world, then in less than two seconds, my computer's screen goes black, then my computer reboots, followed by giving me the Windows has recovered from a serious error.  I Really need some help because this happens with a bunch of my games, and mc edit.  :P  I would love to be able to play minecraft again. System info: Windows XP SP3 fresh install Intel Q965/963 Express Chipset Family PLEASE PLEASE HELP!!! Pro if you can get it working!

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URGENT QUICKLY!!! it is about my dog.? Answered

My dog just swallowed a big mutton bone that i gave him. the bone is about 7cm by 2cm by 1cm. can his body digest the bone. i am very worried

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Urgent Technical Assistance Needed please!

Hello! Everybody. Please I need your urgent response. I'm trying to make the 3d CNC milling machine displayed on the home page, but I mustn't be shy to say it on the roof for that I need technical assistance. All I understand is how to put up the physical components, pls I need assistance on the electrical aspect of it, the programme that will be controlling it and how to command it to mill a particular Job. Thanks

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Need some urgent help in Hydraulics!! Answered

I want to participate in a Robowar tournament in IIT, India. For the weapon I am planning to use Hydraulic claw just like Razor from Robotwars. Could someone please tell me what are parts needed for the hydraulics?    

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KinectV2 stops working with KinectFusion (URGENT!)

I asked someone  and he said:"If I'm not mistaken, the Kinect scanner has a fairly low maximum polygon limit. Maybe you're running out and it's stalling?" so how can I get the polygon count higher? everyone seems to do it easily, but mine stops working after the initial scan.

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URGENT!!!sketch for arduino robot with ping?

I am making an arduino obstacle avoiding robot for my science project.. But i am not getting a suitable sketch for a ping to use with it. I am only getting that of sharp ir sensor. Please help me out with a sketch..its urgent..below i have linked the site where there is the sketch and the project dat i want to make.....

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Plz Advise Me, it's urgent :(

Hello, there. We had to play a song or two for our school music festival. We play cover of songs(only instrumental). e.g, for My heart will go on, we play half rock and half classic. We wanna play songs in that version. Now, i've chose -21 guns, -Apologize by Timbaland, -Numb by Linkin Park, -I'm Yous by Jason Mraz Which song will be the best for us (suit with our instruments) Plz tell me if there's any matched song with our instruments?? There are 2 guitars, one pipe flute, one violin and one keyboard player. Thank U xoo xoooo Much ^^

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Need urgent help in H-bridge!! Answered

Hi,      I am building a H-bridge to drive my robot's motors. I am using the circuit from the following link     (Figure 12). For the mosfets I have used IRF540 and IRF9540. The moment I connect this circuit to my 12v power supply, the IRF9540, heats up very quickly although I have not connected it to any load !  For logic input, I am using the Arduino. Please help me with this H-Bridge circuit. Thanks in advance.

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Urgent! Please "donate" some pictures!!

I've done a photo instructable on some tips on photography and now I have a new idea for another photo instructable. I'm planning to do one on lighting, exposure, sharpness, and possibly composition. The problem is I don't have that many pictures to use for this. I'm looking for people to "donate" some pictures, preferably of food but almost anything works, for me to edit and possibly critique it as well. Don't worry I will credit anyone willing to donate and I won't be too harsh if I were to critique it  :) :) Please help! I know it's late notice but I would love some by the end of tomorrow! Any "donations" will be greatly appreciated!! Please leave the photo in the comments or a link to it otherwise. Thank you!

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Urgent help regarding arduino duemilanove

I Have a arduino duemilanove board with the shield given on this link my surprise there are four pins instead of three to connect the sensor ... so i thought to connect my SHARP IR sensor NOT on the shield but on the board i bent the analog 0 pin so that it may not enter the shield.I gave the sensor by taking 5v parallel from the shield and connected it to the bent analog pin no. 0But when i took itz reading on serial monitor they arent coming as per the sensor senses...But after removing the shield and connecting the sensor in the same way , the sensor gives perfecly right valuesSo can u please help me and tell me what is the problem here..?

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Urgent! Please "donate" some pictures!!? Answered

I've done a photo instructable on some tips on photography and now I have a new idea for another photo instructable. I'm planning to do one on lighting, exposure, sharpness, and possibly composition. The problem is I don't have that many pictures to use for this. I'm looking for people to "donate" some pictures, preferably of food but almost anything works, for me to edit and possibly critique it as well. Don't worry I will credit anyone willing to donate and I won't be too harsh if I were to critique it :) :) Please help! I know it's late notice but I would love some by the end of tomorrow! Any "donations" will be greatly appreciated!! Please leave the photo in the comments or a link to it otherwise. Thank you! (I've posted this in the forums as well, am I coming off as spam? Sorry! :)

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Need Help With 123d Catch (urgent)

I want to enter this contest and after hundreds of pictures and lots of trials, i can't get the right model would someone like to help me fix this mess --- (the statue is on a small hill and is a little bit broken) if interested, here is the link to download the files of my best attempts ---- video orbital has a messed up back/tail and  head (has full legs -- can be used for base), 3rd draft has messed up tail and a hollowed head (has great details -- can be used for texture), 1st full image has everything perfect but blurry (it can be used as a platform) UPDATE: My last attempted file is this one (this one has the sharpest details) ---

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Need Geometry Help!!!!!! VERY Urgent!

My school thought it would be a good idea to give me 3 massive projects all due in teh same date (2 days) I finished an enlgish project that involved a table with 300 words and theire meanings and stuff.Now I'm down to a geometry project, using the Pythagorean theorem (did I spell that right?). The problem is such:In the triangle ABC, rectangle in C (C=90 o). a=15 units and c=17 units. Unit=1/2 centimeterUse the theorem to find the third side.Well, Im a bit stumped, could anyone help me here? At least how to start it. (As far as i know, the Pythagorean theorem states that a2 = b2 + c2)help!

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my computer had been infected with a virus what should i do? plz help!!! Answered

My computer had been infected with a virus that tends to bind to window files and when i try to open antivirus programs, the virus shut it off, what should i do?????? plzzz help me, i cant even delete it with avira?

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My laptop's power supply fan just quit, what happened?

It was working earlier today about 3 hours ago. But just a few minutes ago, it died, just stopped working all together. Just the fan though. What can I do to fix it w/out buying a new one for $70. The laptop model is: Gateway M350WVN. The power supply is a Gateway Model #: FSP150-1ADE11. Please help.

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Help I wan't to add knexsuperbulderfreak to my group but it just reads "error on page" please help!

Topic by Pumpkin$  

(urgent) Need help uploading from 123d?

I am trying to upload a file to to the gallery from 123d beta (for the contest) but i keep getting publication error  what do i do

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URGENT - Storing lithium after it's begun smoking/sparking

Call me stupid, because I am, but I was extracting lithium from an old phone battery when it begun sparking and smoking a lot, I dumped it in some vegetable oil seconds after it started but it's vessel is still warm, and I'm worried it'll ignite, help me?

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HELP! What can you use to decorate cakes. urgent! Its my homework? Answered

I cannot think of anything, i need 9 more things. I'm aiming for a high level so help!

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Does some one have the code for salted sha1?

I need the c code for salted sha1. pls urgent or any program that can encrypt in sha1 salted format

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LEDs : Require urgent HELP about LEDs. Answered

Could somebody please answer me that using an array of 135pcs of 5mm LEDs that produce 12000mcd each be better than using 3pcs of Cree MC-E for a motorcycle headlight. will the 5mm LEDs produce more light (lumens) than the MC-Es. If yes then will the distance of the beam of light produced by the 5mm LEDs be the same as the distance of the beam produced by the Cree MC-E?  By the distance of the beam I mean how much far can the beam produced by an array of LED light up the road. Please answer somebody answer me quickly I need urgent help. I will be very greatful to youll

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How do I build a reflecting telescope? URGENT!!!?

I need to build a reflecting telescope for a project. Please explain ang give any ideas Also i need to know where i can find a mirror for it

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Needed urgent help of expert in electronics please...?

I was looking for electronic mosquito repellent circuit, I just google it and wow.... there are hundred of schematics. Any one can tell me which one can work perfectly and.... If I setup 555 timer IC circuit for 10KHz and add a 8 ohm speaker between 3rd pin and battery positive will the speaker give the sound of 10KHz??? Please answer. Thank you in advance.

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Please read: An urgent appeal from Instructables member The Ideanator

I’m an I'bler. Like the thousands of others who write and publish Ibles, I have tons of fun doing so, and I can tell you, I wasn't expecting to get this big. I am finally adding more Ibles and other things to my profile, to build a resume, and to develop my semi-technical writing skills. Since I've joined, I've had over 37,100 total views, my goal is to top 40,000 by new years. Instructables, in all its glory has produced some incredible view totals. It’s a stretch, It would take about 500 views per day overall to get there. Please help me get to that 40k total, its as easy as peeking through my I'bles. The Ideanator Instructables member. To get you started: Mounting an LCD screen on the wall in your shop/lab The ever-popular geek bling A DIY magazine holder A large number of photos I took at the Maker Faire here in Detroit, some pretty good photos. A clothing "organizer" of my own design

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[URGENT] Unable to Connect Ethernet Shield With Ubuntu:? Answered

[URGENT] Unable to Connect Ethernet Shield With Ubuntu: I have Arduino Uno R3 compatible Microcontroller and Ethernet Shield v1.1 I tried a lot But the ethernet Shield isn't responding Online need help. Details are below My Ubuntu IP: Mask: Gateway: Demo Arduino Sketch: #include #include #include Servo myservo; // create servo object to control a servo byte mac[] = { 0xDE, 0xAD, 0xBE, 0xEF, 0xFE, 0xED }; //physical mac address byte ip[] = { 192, 168, 1, 177 }; // fixed IP addr in LAN byte gateway[] = { 192, 168, 1, 17 }; // internet access via router byte subnet[] = { 255, 255, 255, 0 }; //subnet mask EthernetServer server(80); //server port String readString; void setup(){ pinMode(6, OUTPUT); //pin selected to control LED //start Ethernet Ethernet.begin(mac, ip, gateway, subnet); server.begin(); //the pin for the servo co //enable serial data print Serial.begin(9600); Serial.println("server LED test"); // so I can keep track } void loop(){ // Create a client connection EthernetClient client = server.available(); if (client) { while (client.connected()) { if (client.available()) { char c =; //read char by char HTTP request if (readString.length() < 100) { //store characters to string readString += c; //Serial.print(c); } //if HTTP request has ended if (c == '\n') { Serial.println(readString); //print to serial monitor for debuging client.println("HTTP/1.1 200 OK"); //send new page client.println("Content-Type: text/html"); client.println(); client.println(""); client.println(""); client.println("Home Automation"); client.println(""); client.println(""); client.println("Home Automation"); client.println(""); client.println(""); client.println("Turn On Light"); client.println("Turn Off Light"); client.println(""); client.println(""); delay(1); //stopping client client.stop(); // control arduino pin if(readString.indexOf("?lighton") >0)//checks for on { digitalWrite(6, HIGH); // set pin 6 high Serial.println("LED On"); } else{ if(readString.indexOf("?lightoff") >0)//checks for off { digitalWrite(6, LOW); // set pin 6 low Serial.println("LED Off"); }} readString=""; //clearing string for next read }}}}}

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URGENT!!!Reply fast!!!BC 547 switching? Answered

My school exhibition's tomorrow and I need to do something urgent.There's a 7 VDC supply which is converted to 5 VDC by a voltage regulator(both have a common negative terminal).I need a BC 547 to act as a switch and complete the circuit of a device connected to the 7 volt circuit when the 5 volts is used as a signal and sent to the transistor.To put it in another way-The device needs to run on 7 volts when a 5 volt signal is sent to the BC547.I've got about 4 hours of time before I go to sleep(actually forced to!)and the exhibition's tomorrow morning!!!

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Wanted: Urgently need $10 Adafruit Gift Card (Topic Closed)

I'm short of 10$ from buying some stuff from Adafruit. If anyone could give me, I'll give them back when I can redeem one. Need that stuff urgently to complete my project otherwise, I would have waited till I could redeem one Please help I'll surely give back the money

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I need to change my instructable URL urgently

URGENT: How can I get the URL of my instructable changed? It got shortened to first I thought the ending was just annoyingly funny. But ironically I am a teacher, and the school server blocks it, because it says "Meth"! Hilarious and not at all funny. : <I've tried changing the instructable name, but the URL is apparently already set and indexed, so it requires someone official to change it. Pleeeze!

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