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Every user has a name on a computer. not the user names that show when youre on the login screen, but other names (usually the same names) that show in command prompt and in my computer and as the computer's users name. Mine is currently set to my mother's name (she registered the computer I guess, or something like that) What I would like to know is, how can I change this name? I'd like it to display my name. If you dont know what Im talking about, open command prompt. it will say something like C:\windows:users:(yourname) the (yourname) is what I want to change.

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change username

I want to change my username how do I do that

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username change? it possible?

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Your Username

How did y'all go about coming up with your username? There are (quite) a few out here that just confuse me. Also, if it isn't too much trouble, could y'all give a rebus or some way so we know how to pronounce your names (zachninme)? I got mine from back in 6th grade - my nickname was "Double Stuffed Oreo" (because I am a bit hefty), but everyone who doesn't know me just calls me "Redneck", so I combined the two. I've been using it ever since. So, how about y'all?

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My old user name used to be Macky D, but I wanted to change it. I entered my new username on my iPod as ~•smart•~, but it showed up as ~â₵smarâ₵t~, and it is almost impossible to enter it on a computer because • isn't on the normal computer keyboard, so i have to enter the symbol on Word, copy it, then paste it into the login! I would like to be able to change my username one more tome to ~smart~.  Thank you.

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Facebook Usernames

So who is actually staying up until 12:01 to try to get a facebook username? I'm pretty confident my actual name won't be taken (it's not a very common name), but I am debating going for something funny. My top choices: 1. index.php 2. 3. my best friend's name

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Username avatar

Here it is.......... The User Name authentic autographed avatar!

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how to change username?

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Username Search Gone

Where did the username search go? For a while, you could search someone's username and get to their profile page, but it's gone now. I added my username to my business card with the expectation that someone could search my username and find my projects, but that isn't the case now. Not only does my name not come up on the drop-down of the search, but my projects don't come up either. My group's entry in the Makerspace Contest and someone else's instructable in which they mention me are all that come up in a search for Brooklyntonia. This is very disappointing. 

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Risks in Changing Username

I was considering changing my username. I just wanted to know ahead of time if there can be ANY adverse affects from changing my username. (i.e such as data loss, loss of management options for groups, that sort of thing)

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Username Still Changeable?

I Changed my name to my current one to reflect on how much i enjoyed playing my ps3 but i went pc and i want my name changed but i used up my name change,anyway that i can have my name changed now? any help on this would be appreciated

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Can't find or reset username? Procedure for password OK, but not username.?

Procedure for forgotten password or username starts out the same, but doesn't appear to separate into a username path? I keep getting returned to password change

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Where is link to change username?

Why is it so hard to find a way to change your username? When I renewed it must have changed automatically? Can someone give me a email or link to this option? I appreciate it! hb

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How to change my username?

Hello, i want to change my Instructables username, but i can't find the option (if they have it)...

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My username changed by itself ????

Hey, I don't know if my computer is haunted or something but my user name has changed without me doing anything. I've been a member since 2008 and my user name always been the same. Last week or so, a friend of mine told me about a post he made on instructables called ballistic bubble. I searched the topic, looked at it and logged off. This week, I can not log into my account, after asking for a password reset I noticed that the user name associated to my account had been changed to ballistic bubble... how in heaven is that possible lol , I thought we were not able to change our user name. Anyone had that problem? Ballistic bubble Aka meagain

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About "Ynze" as my username...

Hi all, I'm curious about how my username is conceived by the crowd on Instructables, because my guess is that it must be hard to pronounce and remember by non-dutch visitors (a bit over 99% of Instructables' population). I chose ynze as a username because I couldn't come up with something better. Ynze is also my first name, and even for a lot of native dutch speakers, it's hard to pronounce. So, I'm just curious about the way you experience my username. Your comments will be appreciated! ---------------- UPDATE, July 22nd: I will not change my username. It turns out the name can be interpreted in many different ways, and just that is enough for me to keep it! Thanks a lot to the commenters! Y. ---------------- Best, Y.

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Changed username - UTF8 troubles

I've changed my username  and I had used a version with a polish diacritic character. But inside the control panel and in your profile link* "Dźwiedziu" is converted to "Dźwiedziu". Even if you get to view your comments trough it (in example if you have commented on your own Orangeboard ) Nowhere else this bug appears. So, is this a bug or technical limitations? Do I get a refund on my one-time name change? :P * which can be shown asźwiedziu/ in the browser.

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Username breaks some links

I have discovered that our username breaks certain links on the site although it presumably passed input validation when we set it up. First locate any use of the username such as on the Instructable here: The link has been encoded as which is not being processed correctly resulting in the 400 error This has been tested on Firefox on Mac, Chrome on Mac, Firefox on Windows.  I know it is not a browser problem but I thought I would do a bit of testing.

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how do i post a picture next to my username? Answered

                                                                  o              o                                                                           o                                                               --------------------

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How to change my instructables username ?

Can i change my instructables username ? Please help me to do it, if it's possible 

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Username truncated if user has followers.

   Example over THERE ------> I have been truncated to 'AndyGadge' in the Info box because the Followers box has displaced my name and the date published to the right.  (FireFox 4.0.1 on Win7) Personally, I am totally against the prominence the Followers feature has been given and would like to see it revert back to the old Subscribers with a less 'in your face' appearance.

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What was your username before you changed it

Just enter your username before it was changed

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How do I change my Minecraft username?

After a while im beging to hate my minecraft username how do i change it

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How can I change my Username on Instructables? Answered

I just thought that my username was a bit to personnel and I would like to change it with out loosing my data.

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weird comment bug for people who change their username..........

I asked eric to change my username today. so did another guy. I went to CorruptedPpl's profile (formerly Chicken 2209), and he has 4 comments. i went to check my profile, and i have 45 comments at time of this post (actually, i have 3000+). we both got our usernames changed, so apparently our comment counters were reset or something.................... can this be fixed? thank you,

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Login with email

Can we have the option to sign in with the email address associated with our account, instead of our username? I'm constantly forgetting my username since the few sites that I use that don't allow signing in with an email address have different restrictions on usernames and special characters, so I don't have a go-to username.

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Rename User

Is there a way to change your account username? I don't want to have to remake my one instructable that i made! Thank you, Tyler

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what is the user name and password for the xbox version of xUbuntu?

I have a live CD of xubuntu, xbox version but i cant find the login, any help will be apriciated, thanks in advance :P

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What does your instructables username mean?

I'd like to know what your instructables usernames mean. I think most of us have unique ones that others are dying to know what they really mean. I guess I'll start with mine, splazem. To me, it means a brain freeze. It's not a real word, but one that my family uses. So c'mon, post what your instructables username means, it will take a minute, and I'm sure someone out there is curious.

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How can I change my username?

Long story short, I set up this account 4 years ago when I was 12. It was originally attached to my Facebook, but I deleted my Facebook recently out of privacy concerns. I thought my old account would be deleted, so I could simply create a new one not tied to my old account, but it appears that it kept my old username, profile picture (which I just changed today), images, and even a draft for a Instructable group I didn't finish when I was 12. I checked the official page for changing usernames here on the forums, but it must be inactive as I was unable to comment on it. I was also unable to find the button under that allows you can change it, which I'm suspecting has to do with the CSS changes over the years. Where can I go to have my username changed to something a bit more mature, and age appropriate? The username I want to change it to is Takutanuva.

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how do i change my username?

I don't realy want to be Nerfer anymore. how do i cange it?

Question by nerfer    |  last reply

How do i change my username? Answered

Do we have a certain time we can change our usernames? Or can we change our usernames whenever we want? I really want to change my username. Any answer would be helpful.

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how can i change my username? Answered

My user sucks on instructables and i cant create another acount. what can i do?

Question by muskogee    |  last reply

Striked out names...

OK, I've decided to ask: does it mean anything? Or is because the users included the text formatting symbols in their username? :-/

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All my favorites are gone

I recently changed my username, and immediately afterwards all my favorites disappeared! This was the case on both my computer and the android app. Is there anyway to retrieve them? Thanks!

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Log in fixes

So I was just trying to log in after being automatically logged in for a long time, and was not succeeding. I guess it was because I didn't read "username" next to the box, but I was trying to use my email instead of my username. I kept thinking that it was because i was entering my password incorrectly (when actually my password was correct), so I tried about 6 times. Finally resulting to "forgot my password." This process could be a lot more dummy proof. So, a "dummy proofing suggestions": Make the log in box accept both Username and Email (if programming it is not possible for some reason, perhaps just have a friendly dialog box that would pop up after a filed attempt that says "use your Username, not your Email") Thanks for reading and keep up the good work

Topic by KentaNolin  

I haven't been able to Log In for a LONG time

I haven't able to log in for a LONG time.  I couldn't post a topic on here because I couldn't log in.  My username was right, my password was right, but everytime I clicked to log in, it would just bring me back to the home page, and my username wouldn't pop up in the top right!  It was very frustrating.  At first I thought it was just a glitch that would go away, but it wasn't.  I was just now able to log in, by unclicking the button "keep me signed on" or whatever it is called, and it finally let me log on. I hope no one else is having this problem, because I've avoided this site, because I couldn't log on, couldn't ask a question, and couldn't find an answer. I hope this post helps someone else that can't get into their account too! :-)

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Well, I think its safe to say.....

That chooseausername is dead. On ibles at least. His last posted comment was october 30, 2008, and he has done nothing since. He was a noble friend and all around cool guy (in a weird way). I like to congratulate him on how much he protected his privacy too. we only know he lives in Europe. we hope you come back, or if not, have a nice life. - DJ radio.

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What does Splazem mean?

In my family, we say splazem instead of brain freeze. It's similar to the word spasm, but we added a couple of letters to it and made it a new term for a brain freeze. Recently, I looked it up. In addition to my things that I have done, I see it used in a different language. I have tried looking it up on a translator, but I get nothing. Because I know instructables is world wide, I thought I could ask it here. Thanks!

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please help,my friend used to be a member of instructables but she forgot her username, Answered

Her email is babeeli@hotmail.comand she made a instructable on how to make paintablls,i have searched but with no luck,maybe someoen can help?

Question by sharlston    |  last reply

Will you sign your username and scan it and post it here...for a super cool avatar? Please?

Hey guys, will everyone who sees this thread sign their username (NOT your real name!) on a sheet of paper and then scan it and save it as a jpg and post it here? I plan to take all the signatures I receive and put them all in one picture. People can use it as an avatar, instructables can use it if they want to for some reason...etc. Please? EDIT: Yay! I have 6 so far. Thanks, everybody! Keep em comin! :D EDIT: 10 signatures counting my own! Including a genuine ibles celebrity's! EDIT: 12 siggies! EDIT: 14! EDIT: 15! EDIT: 18 and counting!! EDIT: 20 including ewilhelm and canida's!!!! EDIT: 24! Can somebody help me get the transparent versions of signatures that have dark backgrounds? ll.13 did his, which helped, but I need help with some of the others. I think you just have to patiently erase all the background away. Right, ll.13? EDIT: 27 at last count, I'm sure it's well over 30 now, they're coming in faster than I can make new ones. So I'll just wait for a bit to make a new version. And of course volunteers who work on the backgrounds are very much appreciated! Thank you very much guys!

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My xbox ftp username is stuck to "None". I can't give it a username and as a direct result, I can't FTP?

How, if at all possible, can I fix this?  I have a flash drive, but it only transfers at 640 KBs per second, as apposed to 3000+ KBs for a network cable.  It takes forever to transfer my games to my new hard drive and I am about to go crazy.

Question by furrysalamander  

How do I delete my account? Answered

 lol please dont fear im not leaving instructables but m username is stupid so i was wondering how i can delete my account so that i can start annew.

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I may have selected a username that not only represents me as a poor speller, but also someone who is unfamiliar with the relative intelligence of the gnu. It's certainly no raven, magpie, or blackbird. (Though cartoons have taught me that laboratory mice and platypi are unusually bright as well.) Warning: this video contains graphic cuteness and an unsurprising ending.

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User Name Problem, Please Help ASAP

Hi.. I joined today using username while joining I got user anem as it was written in Gmail, ie, "mChakraborty" In Profile section I see I can change my user name to something else, and its one time changeable only. I change my user name 'mchakraborty' to "SunShine®" YES! I exactly wriiten that. But after updating the name looks like "SunShine®" Now that's not what I want as a user name, I m a active elite member in H33T.COM and in several other site, if the username didn't back to its original shape i.e "SunShine®" then I cant guide my followers, friends and others to this site nor I can tag, even bad, they will not recognize me even they are here! Please change / edit the user name as soon as possible! I can't upload any of my case mod pictures using this user name. NB: "SunShine®" ---> I want this as my user name! it was available at the time when I searched.. thanks & regards : Me :)

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Multiple accounts

What is the deal with somebody having multiple accounts? In itself this is okay, but what about using one of these accounts to ask unintelligible questions, and then using another persona or two to answer the question/start a discussion, and awarding oneself with "best answer" for an equally unintelligible reply? A waste of everyone's time, or just mine? Can anything be done? Should I just ignore him? Does this happen often and I haven't noticed? I've foolishly entered into a "discussion" with this person.

Topic by caarntedd    |  last reply

What is the duration of Instructibles login sessions

Hello, I visit the Instructables website about 2-3 times per month (every 10 days or so), and it seems like EVERY time I do I need to login again. Even "Amazon" - and they're a commercial site - is better at "remembering me than Instructables. This is not actually a technical problem, but more of a question about Instructables policy (and also, it's a site complaint). (I can almost guarantee someone's going to misread my question so I'll say again... NOT a request for help. Yes I have cookies and JS on, and yes I'm using a good browser, Chrome.) It seems like I have to login every 4-7 days, possibly sooner, which is fracking annoying. If  there a better place to post site feedback, please be gentle, I did not find it before posting.  Thanks. (And despite my complaint, I love love love this website, it's in my top 5 favorites).

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What happened to being able to search members?

Just wondering, used to I was able to use the instructables search engine to search members. I often used it to see what usernames were already taken when I first started creating my account. I also used it later on to find people that might want to join a group I'd created. Does anybody know what happened to that feature? Or if it's still available and I just can't find it? 

Topic by LoneWolf    |  last reply

How do I login to the Instructables iOS app if I used my Facebook ID to create my original account?

There's no Facebook login option in the mobile app.  And when I try to enter my Instructables user name and my Facebook password to login, it just says "Sorry, we can't find that account, or your password didn't match.  Please try again!" What am I doing wrong?

Question by Gracias Aubs    |  last reply

Login unrecognized to allow comment

Good day! I wanted to leave a comment for one of the instructables, but when I place my cursor in the comment field, the login screen pops up. I entered my username and password which appears to work, as the page reloads, but when I scroll back down to the comment box and click to place my cursor, the same action occurs (the login popup appears). Thinking it may have been an incorrect password, I requested a password reset, followed instructions and was successful in changing the password. Back to the 'ible and lo and behold the same action occurs. I tried Safari and FireFox (current version) on Mac (10.9.1) to no avail. Help! Julie

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